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Flesh Is Weak

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Shepard lay on her bed, her green eyes half-closed as she languidly stroked her erection. Ever since her bizarre dalliance with Kasumi, she’d at least been able to pleasure herself without the crushing shame that had stopped her before, and though the encounter hadn’t repeated itself, that was definitely something to be thankful for.

As the commander ran her hand up and down the swollen shaft, her mind drifted, trying to find something that would get her over the hump. Her first thought was of Kasumi, and she tried to focus on that, on the way that the thief’s tongue had lapped around the crown of her cock even she’d pumped Shepard’s erection with her hand. The commander felt a spike of desire at the memory, but even as her climax started to build, the recollection blurred, other dreams unexpectedly joining in. Now Liara was there as well, sitting on her face so that Shepard could taste her delicious azure even as Kasumi kept pleasuring her.

She began to speed up her strokes, eager to release the building pressure in her cock, but before she could get very far, she was unexpectedly yanked back to the present. Her door chime sounded and the commander leapt off of her bed, stuffing her quivering erection inside her sweat pants as best she could. Dashing across the room while pulling her tank top back down over her breasts, she blurted out, “Who’s there?”, hoping she didn’t sound as ragged as she felt. It had been days since she’d had a chance to do this, and the interruption tonight couldn’t have come at a worse time.

"It’s me, Shepard.”

Taking a deep breath, Shepard tried to push her irritation aside. Tali had always been a faithful friend to her and especially now, on this Cerberus ship, her presence was a great comfort to the commander. Besides, she had no way of knowing how lousy her timing was.

"Come on in.”

The door slid open, revealing the quarian engineer. Her moods were hard to read behind her mask, but as Tali walked into the cabin, Shepard could have sworn that there was something tentative about her walk.

"Is everything all right, Tali?”, she asked as the two of them sat down on her couch. “You haven’t had any more trouble with the Admiralty Board have you? Because if you need me to, I’ll be happy to go back there and yell at them until they see reason.”

"No, it’s nothing like that.” She tilted her helmet away from the commander, clearly nervous. “You’ve done more than enough for me. I was actually hoping that maybe I’d be able to repay you for that.”

There was something odd about the way she made the offer and Shepard raised an eyebrow as she inquired, “What do you mean?”

"Just that, um, you’re under a lot of pressure from, you know, commanding a suicide mission, and if there was something I could do to help with that, I’d be happy to do it.”

Shepard’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. She’d been right. Something wasn’t usual here. “That’s sweet of you, Tali, but death-defying missions are nothing new for us. What makes you think I need some special help?”

Tali was exceptionally glad for her mask just then, preventing as it did Shepard from seeing what she was sure must be an embarrassing blush. Still, she realized that her pathetic attempt at subterfuge had clearly failed. Time to fess up.

"IswearIdidn’tmeantospyonyou,” she blurted out, the phrase coming out as one long word. “It just happened. Remember when you asked me to shut down those Cerberus cameras? Well, I did, but then some of my stuff went missing, and I thought it was Kasumi who took it, so I turned them back on to follow her, and…”

Shepard cut her off, afraid that her friend might pass out if she didn’t take a breath. “And you saw what happened between the two of us. It’s okay.” A part of her felt embarrassed, but it wasn’t the kind of paralyzing shame she might have once felt. Kasumi hadn’t freaked out at the sight of her new appendage, and clearly neither had Tali, so maybe she didn’t need to worry quite so much. “Listen Tali,” she told her, “You’re my friend, not my concubine. You don’t have to get me off just because I helped you with the Admirals.”

Tali’s reply was quiet but clear. “But I want to,” she protested. “Shepard, I, I know shouldn’t have, but I kept watching that tape. I think I’ve always had a crush, but seeing you with Kasumi… I want to do more than just look.”

Shepard hesitated before replying and the silence broke Tali’s confidence. “Never mind,” she said sadly, getting up from the sofa. “I guess you’re not interested. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“Wait.” Shepard got up too, putting a hand on her friend’s shoulder. In truth, it was good to be wanted like this. She’d spent so much time feeling like a freak, and though Kasumi had helped with the frustration, she hadn’t exactly made things normal either. “That’s not what I meant,” she told the quarian. “I just want to be sure this is what you really want. Especially with your suit, is this a good idea?”

“Oh.” Tali’s voice audibly brightened at Shepard’s response. She was ready for this question. “That’s not a problem. I took a whole bunch of immuno-boosters before I came here. I’ll probably still have a cold afterwards, but as long as we’re careful with, um, fluids and such, it should be okay.”

“I see. Well then…” Even as Shepard spoke, Tali decided to be bold. In the illicit video, the commander had needed a little encouragement and with the press of a button, she unlocked the seals on her helmet.

As Shepard looked on, the quarian reached up and removed her mask before sliding down her hood. Unlike most non-human species, she had hair, a black shock that she kept short for obvious reasons, but there were still significant differences between her people and homo sapiens. The bright yellow eyes that had been the only visible part of her face beneath her mask were narrow like a cat’s, and though she had ears, they were slim and pointed. The most striking thing about her though was her skin. Tinted a light purple, it was almost shiny, practically glowing in the artificial light of the commander’s cabin.

Shepard starred and Tali blushed, her skin turning a darker shade of purple that the commander found totally adorable. “Keelah,” she said apologetically, “You must think I look so strange.”

“No,” Shepard reassured her, affection filling her voice, “You look wonderful.”

Leaning forward, she caught Tali’s thin lips for a gentle kiss. Her friend’s response was hesitant, the quarian letting Shepard control their embrace, and the commander realized immediately how inexperienced Tali must be. It wasn’t a surprise really, but she hadn’t thought about it until now. “Listen,” she offered, “We don’t have to do this. I’m guessing you haven’t before, and your first time should be special.”

“This is special,” Tali argued, determined not to let what she wanted slip through her fingers. “You’re Commander Shepard, Hero of the Citadel. The dashing hero who saved my life. Even if this isn’t a permanent thing, it’s what I want.”

Shepard took a breath. Tali was an adult, fully capable of making her own decisions, and she shouldn’t treat her otherwise. “Okay then,” she agreed. “If you’re sure, then yes, I’d very much like this too.”

Tali smiled, a pretty sight that revealed two small fangs sticking out from the rest of her white teeth. She touched a control on her suit, and the rest of the garment fell to the ground, the complex series of interlocking pieces sliding easily off of her body. Beneath it, she was entirely naked, no clothing besides the suit being necessary or practical for the quarian.

“You’re so beautiful,” Shepard whispered, leaning in to kiss her friend once more. And she was. Her slim frame was hairless below her neck, leaving nothing but that lovely, gleaming purple skin on display. It was cooler to the touch than the commander had expected, and quite smooth beneath her strong hands. Tali seemed more confidant then with the previous kiss, and as she wrapped her arms around the human’s back, Shepard felt her cock stir once more beneath her sweats. She tried her best to fight back that pounding need for release though. This wasn’t a quick whatever-the-fuck with a kinky thief; this was Tali and her first priority was to make their encounter good for her friend.

Running her hands over the generous swell of the engineer’s hips, Shepard guided the younger woman towards the bed. Tali’s own fingers were starting to explore under Shepard’s tank-top, eager for more contact with the human’s pleasantly warm skin, and as one of them found the swell of Shepard’s breast, the commander let out a sharp sigh.

“Is that good?”, the quarian asked inquisitively. “Should I do it more?”

“Let me show you how good it feels.” Shepard’s voice dropped to a seductive purr and she lay Tali down on the bed before lowering herself next to her friend. Her hand stroked the quarian’s small breast, and the noise Tali let out was considerably louder than Shepard’s sigh had been, a gasp of pleasure that made the commander’s shaft pulse in sympathy.

“My, aren’t you responsive?”, she teased, her thumb rubbing a tight circle over a rock-hard purple nipple.

“My skin doesn’t get touched often,” Tali managed to choke out through her whimpers of pleasure. “That sensitizes it.”

“Interesting.” Shepard bent down, closing her mouth around the little bud, and Tali nearly jumped into her mouth, her body arching off the bed with pleasure. All she could do was grip onto the sheets, her fingers twisting tightly in them as the commander’s hand ran up and down her curves. Tali was a frequent –some might say over-frequent –user of Nerve-Stim Pro, but she was rapidly discovering that the program was a poor substitute for the real thing.

Hooking a hand underneath the quarian’s back to brace her, Shepard switched breasts, lavishing the same attention on the other nipple while her hand gradually drifted downward. She took her time, caressing the smooth skin of Tali’s thighs and belly before moving towards her core, but with the way the engineer was bucking under her touch, it was hard to argue that she needed to wait too long.

One hand down slid between Tali’s legs and when the commander’s fingers slid over their junction, she found it slick with a thin, sticky fluid that rapidly coated her digits. As she moved through her friend’s folds, Tali thrashed frantically against her touch but as pleasant as her reactions were, Shepard was having trouble finding what she was looking for.

“Tali,” she asked, stopping her ministrations for a second to give the engineer a chance to answer, “Where is your...” She paused, rephrasing her question and hoping that the translator would handle the word properly, “Do you have a clitoris?”

The quarian looked up from the bed, her voice dripping with need. “It’s inside me,” she panted, her eyes pleading with Shepard for more stimulation, there or anywhere else she could get it.

The commander obliged, her fingers dropping down at once to Tali’s entrance. She was tight, as tight as any woman Shepard had even been with, and even the single digit she slipped inside could enjoy the squeeze of the quarian’s inner walls around her. Curious about Tali’s statement, she probed, loving the gasps her friend let out while the commander looked for her prize. When she found the tight little bundle of nerves on the top wall of her pussy the reaction was immediate, her new lover going rigid as Shepard stroked it.

All Tali managed to get out was a chocked, “Please, more,” before Shepard’s now-confidant movements rendered her speechless. For a quarian, even self-pleasure was a dangerous activity, and this was beyond anything she’d ever felt. One of her long, three-fingered hands wrapped around Shepard’s shoulder, clutching at the tight muscles there, even as her other one rubbed her breast, delighting in the rare contact with her own bare skin.

Her commander bent back down, capturing a breast once more between her lips, and when she started sucking on the stiff nipple at the same time as she rubbed her clit, Tali felt something in her start to break. The climax that was ripping through her was so much more powerful than those her nerve stim program had given her, and as her fluids poured out of her sex to cover Shepard’s hand, she couldn’t even see it, her eyes screwed tight as she gave herself over totally to the feeling.

As Tali shook beneath her, Shepard could only watch in amazement. Her cock was as hard as she could remember, doing its best to rip a hole in her sweat pants at the sight of the lovely quarian coming undone for her, and while her lover panted from her climax, the commander moved to shed her clothes. Her top went first, tossed on the floor after being used to clean off her hand, followed swiftly by her pants. After all, it only seemed fair that she be as naked as her partner.

Through her haze of post-orgasmic bliss, Tali watched with rapt fascination as Shepard stripped for her. Though she had seen the commander naked on the vid-feed, she was finding that much like sex, nudity was quite different up close. Her lover’s body was impressive, her scars from the Lazarus Project mostly healed, her muscles taut and powerful, her head’s red hair matched by the small patch surrounding her considerable erection.

That, Tali couldn’t help but stare at and seeing her cat-like eyes widen, Shepard had a moment of hesitation. As desperately as she wanted to be buried inside the incredible tightness she’d just felt around her finger, she was worried that she might be too large for the quarian. “Listen,” she started, mustering every ounce of self-control she could find, “I’m not sure quite what you wanted to do here…”

“I want you inside me,” Tali insisted. It was true that Shepard’s cock was a bit intimidating, but she’d never felt anything like the pleasure that the commander’s finger had given her and just the thought of being filled by her full length was making her pussy wet once more.

Shepard nodded, lying back down on the bed next to Tali. The engineer reached over, her long fingers starting to explore her commander’s body, and Shepard gave her some time to do just that. Indeed, she was definitely enjoying the sensation of Tali’s long fingers stroking the curves of her breasts, the quarian imitating what she had just learned, but at the time, she was so ridiculously turned on that she didn’t know how long she could wait for more.

Fortunately, she didn’t have to do so for long. After a few minutes of playing with her tits, Tali’s hand dropped down to her cock, and as her hand wrapped around the commander’s length, she groaned with pleasure. The shaft jerked in the quarian’s hand and Shepard grunted, “I think we better get to it. I don’t know how long I can hold out.”

Tali smiled at the desire she was inspiring, and as she released Shepard, the Spectre reached back down to her lover’s sex, trying this time to insert a second finger. It was a tight fit to be sure, but Tali spread her legs, eager for the penetration, and after a minute of tentative probing, Shepard was able to fit both of them inside.   The engineer was as wet as before, and it didn’t take more than a few thrusts before she was whimpering, pleading with Shepard for more.

Her body shivering with anticipation, the commander withdrew, pulling back her hand as she worked to line up her cockhead with the entrance to her lover’s pussy. The task wasn’t much different than when she’d worn a strap-on in the past, but the sensation as she started to move inside certainly was. Just the feeling of the ring of muscle at Tali’s entrance squeezing the head of her needy dick was enough to bring her to the edge of climax and it took everything she had not to try and bury herself all the way inside with a single stroke. Still, it was an experience worth savoring. Each new inch felt amazing as she got it inside, and the look on Tali’s face was almost as good, her eyes scrunched tight, her mouth gapping open with pleasure as she was stretched.

When at last the commander succeeded in sheathing herself to the hilt inside Tali, she stopped temporarily, wanting to give Tali a chance to adjust as well as being afraid that if she moved, she’d come right then and there. It wasn’t long though before the quarian’s hips starting pushing against her, desiring more, and it was a request she was hardly inclined to refuse. Still, she kept her thrusts slow at first. This kind of pleasure was still foreign to her, and holding back wasn’t easy. Each time she pulled back, the quarian’s pussy clamped down, reluctant to let her go, and when she plunged back inside, the wetness engulfing her threatened anew to make her explode.

To distract herself from the pleasure she was feeling, Shepard tried to find with her dick the spot her fingers had located before, dragging her shaft along Tali’s upper wall with each thrust.

“Keelah,” the quarian gasped, having trouble stringing words together. “That’s so… Ancestors, you’re so deep…”

Her words were cut off when Shepard found her clit, and Tali let out a high-pitched scream. The sound drove the Spectre harder, and she started to speed up, her hands cupping Tali’s ample ass to give her better control over her thrusts. “You feel so good,” she muttered, “My beautiful engineer.”

Her other hand ran through Tali’s short, dark hair, and the quarian tilted her head, pressing her lips against Shepard’s warm flesh. She’d never felt so full or so alive. Being filled with her commander, the woman’s weight moving on top of her when normally she couldn’t even touch anyone else was intoxicating and Tali was torn between her need to come again and her desire to prolong this pleasure for as long as she could.

Shepard was skating dangerously close to the brink, but even through the haze of pleasure, she was determined that Tali was going to precede her. Gripping her lover’s hips tightly, she angled her cock upwards, hitting that special spot once more, and it didn’t take too many more strong strokes before she got her wish. Impossibly, the quarian pulled even tighter around her and threw back her head, a fresh flood of her release spilling out from between her legs, and at the sexy sight, the commander couldn’t take it any more.

“Tali,” she groaned, “I’m gonna…”

The quarian didn’t respond, too lost in her ecstasy, but fortunately for her, Shepard remembered in the nick of time what she needed to do. With a supreme effort, she forced herself to pull out, and even as she was falling into her climax, she wrapped her hand around her cock, providing herself with a little stimulation to replace the warm wetness she’d just lost. A single stroke was enough to release the immense orgasm she’d been building towards. Shot after shot of her clear fluids flew out, streaking across Tali’s belly, her chest, and her lovely breasts, with a few powerful spurts even reaching her pretty face. The sight of her sticky come on her friend’s beautiful purple skin was intensely arousing, the erotic vision drawing out Shepard’s climax, inspiring the Spectre to keep pumping her cock until it felt as if her whole body was bone dry.

With a final satisfied gasp, she collapsed down on the bed next to Tali As the fog of lust cleared from her brain, she was a bit embarrassed at the mess she’d made, leaving the quarian thoroughly covered in her release, but when she looked over at Tali, her lover’s face bore a goofy smile

“Well now,” the engineer said cheerfully as she ran a finger through the sticky trails on her chest, “That definitely was worth all the fuss,” and really, who was Shepard to argue with her?