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Flesh Is Weak

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Shepard couldn’t take it anymore. For weeks, she’d been trying to fight back the urges, but after the Normandy’s latest trip to Ilium, they’d become too much to bear. Seeing Liara again had been the last straw. The commander couldn’t bring herself to tell the asari what Cerberus had done to her, but after seeing her old lover, she needed some kind of relief or else she worried that she might explode.

Unfortunately, every time she’d tried to touch herself since her resurrection, her disgust had gotten in the way. After she’d pull off her pants, the reminder of the way Cerberus was trying to use her had left the Spectre unable to make more than a few half-hearted strokes before giving up in growing frustration.

Hence the liquor. As she slammed down her third shot of whisky, the commander could feel a pleasant warmth spreading through her limbs and she hoped that it would take the edge off enough for her to do what she had to.

Setting down the empty shot glass, she stripped off her clothes, her shirt, bra, pants, and underwear forming a small pile on the floor of her cabin and from beneath them, her cock popped up, already semi-hard with anticipation. That was hardly a surprise. These days, it felt like she always had at least half an erection, the pent-up frustration making it harder and harder for her to do her job.

Settling into the mattress, the Spectre started running her hands over her breasts, tweaking the nipples towards hardness. She hoped that easing into things with a familiar pleasure would help, but when she wrapped her hand around the hot flesh of her shaft, a twinge of disgust ran through her. The thing between her legs was so insistent that touching it only served to remind her of how helpless it made her feel.

Deciding she’d be better off not looking at what she was doing, Shepard closed her eyes, trying to think of better times. The first thing that came to mind was Liara. Shepard throbbed as she remembered the way the asari had looked the night after the Battle of the Citadel, writhing in pleasure as the commander ate her out, crying out her name, and she felt her heart skip a beat at the memory.

She pushed it aside. There was too much emotion there, too many unresolved feelings for it be what she needed right now, and she wracked her brain for something else to focus on. Jessica Duvall. That had been a good night. She’d met the slim blonde on shore leave in London, and by the next evening, she’d had her pressed up against the mirror in a motel room, squealing happily as Shepard’s fingers thrust into her from behind. God, the woman had been adorable when she was coming and at the memory, a groan slipped out of her mouth, her body starting to enjoy the pleasure she was giving it without concentrating on the unsavory details of the present.


Kasumi’s eyes were wide as she watched the commander jerking herself off. The thief had been sure something was wrong with Shepard. The tension in her bearings, the way she would sometimes stare at the female crew and then turn away guiltily, the awkward exchange she’d had with Liara on Ilium: all of it pointed to something being off, but never in million years would Kasumi have guessed what it was.

Not that she was disappointed with her discovery. If there were two things Kasumi loved, they were a good secret and being able to watch. Looking at the powerful Spectre as she played with herself, able to run her eyes over every inch of Shepard’s fantastic body without her being aware of it was enough to make the thief’s clit throb, and she slipped a hand between her legs, petting her clothed sex lazily.

She exhaled softly at the contact, but she kept her strokes slow, focusing on watching Shepard instead of giving herself a quick orgasm. The commander’s motions by contrast were tentative, her hand moving uneasily up and down her shaft, and Kasumi found herself wondering how much experience she had with what she was doing.


Shepard could feel herself getting close, a pressure building in her shaft that she was desperate to release. A part of her wanted that, needed it even, but just as she was approaching the point of no return, her brain managed to spoil things once more. She let her eyes slip open for an instant, and the sight of her cock, harder than it had even been, pulsing in front of her, yanked her out of the moment, and she felt her climax slipping away from her. With a scream, she grabbed her shot glass and flung it against the wall, the glass raining down on her dresser as she clutched her forehead angrily. Panting with frustration, she was about to descend into a stew of self-pity, but before she could, she nearly jumped out of her skin instead. In front of her, a tell-tale heat shimmer appeared and a second later, the familiar form of Kasumi Goto materialized.

“Hey there, Shep,” the thief said casually, as if appearing in the middle of your commanding officer’s failure to masturbate was the most normal thing in the galaxy.

“Kasumi!”, she yelled as she covered her crotch with her hands, anger temporarily overcoming her shame. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Figured you had a secret,” Kasumi replied. “I was curious what it was.”

Shepard’s head felt like it was about to burst. Between rage and frustration, shock and confusion, she couldn’t figure out what to say next, finally settling on, “You can’t fucking do that! Hiding in people’s rooms and spying on them isn’t okay!”

The thief seemed unperturbed. “It seems perfectly normal to me. I never understood why more people don’t do it.”

“Well, they don’t,” she snapped. “Now get out.” Later, she resolved, they would have a lengthier conversation about privacy, but this was hardly the time.           

Kasumi gave her one of those enigmatic looks that Shepard had become very familiar with over the last few weeks. “If you’re really so upset about me being here,” she offered with a shrug, “I could make it up to you.”

The commander was confused. “Make it up to me?”

“Sure. It seems like you’ve got a problem. I could help with it.”

“Help? How exactly would you do that?”, Shepard asked tentatively.

“You worry too much, Shep,” the thief replied, a sly smile covering her half-concealed face. “Just lie back and let me take care of the rest.” While Shepard’s brain tried not to explode at that thought, Kasumi’s voice dropped a sultry octave and she added, “Normally, I prefer watching, but since you seem to have a problem with that, I’ll just have to think of something else fun to do.”

Shepard wasn’t sure this was a good idea. Kasumi seemed half crazy and the commander wasn’t certain where she planned to take things next. And yet, desperate times called for desperate measures and after her latest failure to take care of herself, Shepard really was desperate. Besides, she couldn’t deny that, in spite of her odd behavior, the slinky thief was quite sexy and a part of her not only needed Kasumi to do something for her, it wanted it as well.

As Shepard reclined onto the bed and did her best to relax, Kasumi pulled back her hood. Her face was as lovely as Shepard had imagined: delicate Asian features framing blue eyes, topped by short, dark hair with highlights the same color as the purple stripe on her full lips, lips which the commander couldn’t help but notice Kasumi was running her small tongue over suggestively.

“Move your hands, Commander,” the thief instructed, and Shepard realized she was still covering her groin. Tentatively, she complied, and when she did, she realized that the erection that had flagged earlier was coming back with a vengeance.

Kasumi noticed it too, crawling down onto the bed in front of the commander and inspecting the pulsing organ. “This is incredible,” she observed, cocking her head curiously. “No body mod place I know of could make something like this.”

“It was Cerberus,” Shepard managed to force out. Kasumi was brushing a gloved finger over the shaft, and even the light contact of leather on her sensitive skin was making it hard to form words.

“Hmm, well, they do good work.” Kasumi’s tongue darted out, flicking over the head and picking up a salty little drop of the pre-come gathered there. “Tasty too,” she declared cheerfully, and before Shepard could think of a way to respond to that, the thief sucked the whole tip of her cock in-between her full lips. Shepard shivered with pleasure and without meaning to, she pushed her hips upward, trying to get more of her length inside Kasumi’s wonderful mouth.

Instead, the thief pulled back, letting Shepard slip out from between her lips. “Be patient, Commander,” she laughed. “There’s no need to rush this.”

“Please, Kasumi,” she panted, “Don’t tease me.”

“I’ll do my best,” the thief replied with a little pout, “But you really should try to enjoy yourself.” Her hand returned to Shepard’s cock, this time wrapping tightly around the shaft. She started to stroke the Spectre, the smooth leather of her glove gliding easily up and down over her skin. Shepard groaned and Kasumi’s tongue joined in, starting to lap around the crown of her cock.

Shepard gasped sharply, her hands clutching at the sheets in a desperate effort to fight back the urge to grab Kasumi’s head and simply thrust into her mouth. She couldn’t, however, stop herself from whimpering. She’d been frustrated enough when this all began, but between her failed attempt at masturbation and the thief’s slow pace, she was ready to do almost anything to come.

As Shepard writhed beneath her, Kasumi decided to take pity on her commander. It was delicious to feel her need, but actually driving the woman insane might be a bit too much. Reaching up, she ran her hands over Shepard’s nicely toned abs while her mouth kissed its way up the tip of her commander’s cock. It vibrated beneath her lips and she parted them, swallowing the spit-slicked organ once more.

As Kasumi took her inside, Shepard exhaled. She didn’t have the release she craved yet, but it soothed the ache in her sex just to be engulfed by that warmth, and she tried to relax and trust her benefactor. One of Kasumi’s gloved hands wrapped back around the base of the shaft and as she licked the tip in her mouth, Shepard didn’t know if she could hold out for long.

Kasumi seemed uninterested in helping her to do so. Her hand started pumping the shaft and the combination of sensations was too good. Unlike when she had been touching herself, Shepard couldn’t think of anything else, just the pleasure she was being given. The thief looked up at her, a coy expression in her light eyes, and when she gave a hard little suck on the tip of her commander’s cock, that was it. The climax that had been pent up inside her for so long exploded out, and her cock strained as it released what felt like an endless amount of come into Kasumi’s mouth. At first, the thief seemed happy to swallow it down, continuing to suck on the increasingly sensitive head, but at last the flood was too much for her. She pulled back, and further splashes painted her lips and cheek while still more spilled down onto her gloved hand, a sight that Shepard found sexier than she would have imagined.

“That was quite the back-up you had there commander,” Kasumi laughed, looking down as a final few drops ran off of Shepard’s shaft and into the small patch of red hair at its base.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” the commander sighed happily. “I did make a bit of a mess.”

“No problem,” Kasumi replied, brushing the sticky fluid off of her face before peeling off her gloves. “Just so long as we’re even, I’m fine.” Suddenly, though, she looked down and her brows furrowed with surprise.   “Shep, you don’t seem to be going soft.”

Shepard’s eyes followed Kasumi’s. “Jesus,” she groaned as she realized the thief was right, “Just what did they do to me?”

Kasumi shrugged. “I don’t know but I guess it’ll take a bit more work to fix it.”

A flush of shame returned to the commander’s face. “I can’t ask you to do that again.”

“I wasn’t offering to. You’ll have to finish yourself up.” Kasumi winked at her. “I could stick around to watch though.”

“Why would I want that?”, Shepard asked once again unable to fathom what the other woman was thinking.

“Because if you do, I’ll give you a little visual aid.” Normally, the thief found it more fun if the people she was watching didn’t know she was there, but sometimes you had to give a little something back in order to get what you wanted. “Fair’s fair, right?”

Taking Shepard’s widening eyes as a “Yes,” Kasumi pulled the zipper of her jumpsuit down nearly to her navel, exposing a considerable amount of the bare skin underneath. The thief started to run a slim finger over the inner curve of her breast and Shepard could feel a pull of fresh need in her cock at the sight. Strange though she might be, Kasumi had a hell of a body, and as the Spectre wrapped her fist around her still slippery cock, the sight of the sexy thief touching herself proved more inspiring than any mere memory.

As Shepard started pumping her erection, Kasumi could feel heat spreading through her nether regions. She’d enjoyed toying with the Spectre, but now, the sight in front of her was putting her in dire need of some release of her own. One hand snaked down beneath the tight fabric of her suit and as she let out a small moan, she could hear Shepard’s breath hitch in response. With a practiced touch, she dipped two fingers inside her needy pussy, gathering up the wetness there and running it over the shaft of her clit.

At the sight of Kasumi fingering herself, Shepard could feel another climax building. Her cock was more sensitive than ever after her first release, and having this show to look at kept her out of her own head while she stroked herself, letting her focus instead on the gorgeous woman in front of her. Kasumi had pulled her suit all the way down by then and pushed aside her silky purple underwear, giving Shepard an incredible view as one hand rubbed circles on her hard clit while the other toyed with an erect nipple.

The Spectre bit her lip, trying to stifle a cry, and Kasumi grinned devilishly. “Enjoying yourself, Shep?”, she asked, her voice superficially playful but filled with need.

“God, yes,” she admitted, stroking herself faster. “You look fucking hot like that. Those tits, that body, I…” She didn’t manage to finish her thought. With a groan of pleasure, she fell over the edge. Her first climax had taken the edge off of her need, but the feeling of relief was still incredible, pulse after pulse of pleasure running through her cock as she came once more.

Watching Shepard’s eyes stay locked on her body even as she spilled out all over her own hand, the thief let go as well. Her hips bucked, pressing her clit hard against her fingers, her fluids dripping out onto her panties and inner thighs as she came along with the commander. The sound of Kasumi crying out softly and the way her body arched as she peaked only prolonged Shepard’s orgasm, and by the time the redhead felt like she was finally empty, her hand and the nearby sheets were soaked with her release.

From across the cabin, Kasumi kept smiling that coy little smile of hers, and after giving her nipple a final pinch, she pulled up her suit back up, picked up her gloves, and replaced her hood over her face. “So long, Shep,” she grinned, “It’s been fun,” and while the Spectre was still trying to find her breath, she disappeared, becoming nothing more than a heat shimmer moving towards the door of her cabin.

Wiping her hand clean on the sheet, Shepard slumped back on her bed, unsure of quite what to feel. That had been maybe the weirdest sexual experience of her life, but as she looked down at her softening dick, she couldn’t deny that Kasumi had been a great help to her. She had found release without the world ending and she felt confidant that in the future, she could now at least take care of herself if she had to. For the time being, that was enough.