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Flesh Is Weak

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Shepard groaned as she turned over in bed, starring unhappily at the blank, white walls of her room. After all of the craziness she’d endured in the last few years, rest and easy living should have come as a welcome change, but this was all wrong. The Alpha Relay had been destroyed, the Reaper invasion would be here all too soon, and she was locked up in Alliance detention, physically comfortable but helpless. She was bored, frustrated, and irritatingly horny, which was never a fun combination. She was lonely too; while she enjoyed the occasional card game with the marines stationed on the base, James Vega wasn’t exactly who she wanted to see.

Rolling up out of bed, she retrieved the breakfast tray that was always left outside her room. The food here on Earth was better than what got served ship side, but it was still military chow. Cerberus may be a gang of ruthless terrorists, but at least they fed me well.

Chomping away on some mediocre bacon, she sat down at the terminal the Alliance had provided her with. Unfortunately, it was blocked from accessing the extranet, but it had at least proven useful as a way to pass the time. Flipping through the applications menu, she finally settled on a starfighter simulator. The game was fairly diverting, and Shepard was deeply engaged in pursuing a squadron of turian ships by the time the terminal began blinking with an incoming message.

Presumably just the fucking Alliance, scheduling my next debrief. Her jailers were the only ones who could access this terminal and so she was inclined to ignore the message for a little while. She’d gotten pretty damn tired of being grilled over her Cerberus ties while the brass ignored the far greater threat of the Reapers. Still, the damn screen wouldn’t stop flashing and so she paused her pursuit of the electronic pirates and looked up at the message headers.

Sender: Liara T’Soni

Subject: Open Me Immediately

Her eyes widened in shock and she couldn’t click on the message fast enough, eager to find out what her lover had hacked in to tell her. What happened next was even better than she could have hoped for. When the message was opened, it didn’t display any text, instead triggering the video chat program on her terminal.

“Hello, Commander.” From behind her desk on the Shadow Broker’s ship, Liara gave her a warm smile, and Shepard had to take a deep breath before she responded. There was nothing special about Liara’s appearance; she was just wearing one of her usual white and blue outfits, but after the long months apart, the sight of her was enough to fluster Shepard.

“Liara. How…” She brushed her fingers over the image of her lover’s face, her voice cracking. “How is this even possible? I’m not supposed to be able to get outside calls here.”

Liara cocked her head slightly, mischief playing in those big, blue eyes of hers. “Are you doubting the power of the Shadow Broker, Commander Shepard?”

She smirked back, enjoying the reminder of how capable Liara had become. “I should really know better than to do that, shouldn’t I?”

“Indeed. I did have to pull a few strings to make this happen, but it is more than worth it, especially since…” Liara paused, her expression turning serious. “My love, something has come to my attention. I have a lead on the designs for a Prothean weapon we may be able to use against the Reapers, but I’m going to have to leave my ship to follow up on it. It may be some time before I have another chance to speak with you like this.”

As she spoke, Shepard could hear the confidant persona Liara had been wearing slip, revealing the loneliness beneath. The commander knew she wasn’t the only one who’d been having a hard time with their separation, and she’d be damned if she was going to let this call end without making the absolute most of the little time they had.


Shepard was wearing a simple, grey tank-top and a pair of sweat pants, and her red hair was rumbled, but to Liara, she was still absolutely gorgeous. For months, she’d been dreaming of seeing her lover again, and when she ran her tongue over her full lips, the Shadow Broker swallowed hard.

“That is a shame.” Her commander’s voice had dropped an octave, becoming a low purr that told Liara she had some mischief in mind. “Because before this call is over, I’m going to have you wishing that our next one was very, very soon.”

“Will you now?” Liara was eager to play along, and she raised one of her eyebrow-like facial markings slightly, a gesture that she knew conveyed skepticism to humans. “And how, precisely, do you plan on doing that?”

“Oh, that’s easy. I’ll just tell you what my day is like here in Alliance detention.”

Liara nodded, doing her best to maintain a cool façade, but the boldness of the Spectre’s words already had shivers of anticipation running through her body. Shepard didn’t make boasts she couldn’t back up. “Go ahead, then. Prove it to me.”

Shepard tipped back her desk chair and stretched, her top lifting up far enough to show off the toned muscles of her abdomen, while her breasts strained against the fabric covering them. “So, when I wake up in the morning, I’m usually in these pajamas,” she began, “Which is already enough to start me off on the wrong foot. Because if you were there with me, I wouldn’t be wearing anything at all.”

The words summoned vivid images to Liara’s mind: Waking up next to Shepard in their small bed back on the old Normandy, the smell of the previous night’s lovemaking still hanging in the air, the asari just starring at her love, amazed that someone like that wanted to be with her. Those memories dominated her thoughts as Shepard moved on to the mundane details of her daily routine: the bland breakfast left for her every morning, playing games on her terminal, dressing; but somewhere in the description of her meetings with Alliance interrogators, she got Liara’s undivided attention once more.

“Of course, it’s not easy to listen to their bullshit for hours and after a while, I start daydreaming. I like to imagine that you’re there with me. That they get so distracted droning on that you can just slip under the table without anyone else noticing. You undo my belt, slide my slacks down, and start kissing your way along my legs. The interrogators are still going on about some Cerberus project I’ve never heard of, but I barely notice them. All I can do is try not to make a sound while you pull my panties out of your way.”

Her face was flushing, but Liara did manage a mild protest. “That is not fair, Shepard. That did not actually happen.”

“Well, I spend a lot of my day thinking about it happening,” the Spectre countered. “Why? Did you want me to stop?”

“No,” she admitted, unwilling to give up the story. “I accept your interpretation.”

She didn’t think Shepard’s smile could have gotten any more mischievous, but she was wrong. “My clit is as hard as a rock, begging for your mouth. You don’t start with it, though. First, you go inside me, seeing just how wet I am.”

Liara could practically taste the rich flavor on her tongue and her mouth watered. As Shepard continued, the Shadow Broker began unbuttoning her coat, sliding her hand underneath it to cup one of her breasts. She wasn’t the only one the story was affecting either. While she kept talking, Shepard’s skin was flushing and her voice had dropped once more.

“Only then, when I’m going crazy, do you take my clit between your lips and suck on it gently. I want to beg you for more, order you to give it to me, anything to get what I need, but I can’t. I’m stuck listening, waiting for you to take pity on me, and just before I snap, you finally do. Your tongue presses down, and your hands clutch my hips, and I come undone, completely, for you.”

Liara’s other hand had moved downwards by then, undoing her pants and sliding beneath them. Her azure was slick even before she touched it, and she began stroking herself, making slow, languid movements designed to draw out her pleasure while she listened to her lover. Shepard seemed to like what she was seeing, because her green eyes had narrowed, watching Liara’s movements with an intensity that only made the asari’s clit throb harder.

“Even though it’s not real,” the commander continued, “By the time the debrief is over, I can barely find the words to excuse myself, I want you so badly. As fast as I can, I run back to my quarters. My panties are soaked and I need to get them off, to get everything off and jump in the shower.”

At the picture Shepard was painting, Liara’s hips pushed forward unconsciously. She adored the way the commander’s pale skin looked with water running down it, and Shepard took notice of her reaction.

“You really are enjoying this, sweetheart. I’ll bet before I’m done, you’re going to change.”

“I can’t,” Liara protested, so turned on that she could barely form the words to explain. “Not without you here. I need your body nearby to trigger me.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that. I bet if the memories are strong enough, you can do it. And I want you to. That’s what I’m thinking about, Liara, alone and naked in my shower. I’m wishing you were there with me so I could kneel between your legs. So I could lick your clit until your body shifted and that nice, long cock slid out of you.”

“Goddess, Shepard…” Liara was finding it hard to keep up the slow pace of her self-pleasure. Her lover had pulled her top up far enough to reveal those beautiful, firm breasts, and she was running a finger along her nipples. It still wasn’t enough to make Liara shift though, but then Shepard started talking again.

“Once I had you in my hand, I’d lick along the base, nice and slow. Suck on the head. Tease you like you teased me before. Kiss you and stroke you until you were ready to burst. But I wouldn’t let you come. Not yet. Not until I got what I wanted too.”

“And what is that?” Her hips were gyrating again, the familiar pressure somehow coiling in her abdomen. Shepard might not have been in the room with her, but between the sight of her touching herself, along with the images the commander was conjuring up, Liara’s body was starting to lose sight of that distinction.

“For you to fuck me.” As she said the words, Shepard yanked her pajama bottoms off and thrust two fingers inside herself, giving Liara an incredible image to go along with her words. “To press me up against the wall of that shower and take me as hard and deep as you can. To stretch me with every thrust. To let my pussy squeeze you until all you can think about is coming deep inside me.”

With every sentence, Shepard pushed her fingers inside herself again, rocking back and forth on her hand, and it was too much. The pressure overcame Liara and all she could do was pull her own pants down as her cock slid out of her, straining and hard already.

“See,” Shepard panted, close to her own peak, “I knew you could get there.”

“I… the things you do to me, Shepard. I could never have imagined…”

“And what about you, Liara? What would you do to me if you were there in that shower?”

“Everything. I’d give you everything I had.” Dirty talk wasn’t the easiest thing for Liara, but now, inspired by her lover, she found the courage to try again. Her fist wrapped around her cock as she began, pumping the hard length even while Shepard ground the heal of her hand against her clit.

“I would… I would wrap my arms around your waist, so I could thrust as deep inside you as possible. I would bury my face in your hair. Kiss your back, your neck, your lips. I would make it last, because I never want to give you up. And when I couldn’t take it any more, just before you finally made me burst, I’d join with you. Let you feel how incredible your pussy was around me, and how perfect it felt when I filled you.”

Her final words did the trick. Shepard’s body arched and her head tilted back, a low moan forced out of her throat as she came. She never stopped looking at Liara, though, and lust in those green eyes made the Shadow Broker come undone as well. She whimpered, and her cock pulsed hard, covering her hand and belly in thick spurts of her come. She couldn’t touch her lover, couldn’t share the bliss of the meld with her, but this was still so much better, so much more intimate, than being alone with her fantasies, and Liara just kept pumping herself until her cock was sore and spent.

On the other side of the screen, Shepard was panting too, and it took some time before either of them could manage to say anything else. Even when the commander finally spoke, her voice trembled. “God, l love you, Liara. That was…”

“Everything you promised,” she agreed, using her already-wet underwear to clean up the mess she had made. “Even if you did bend the rules slightly.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I needed this, Liara.” Shepard exhaled, running a hand through the mess of her hair. “I wasn’t making that stuff up, you know. Sometimes, thinking about you is all that gets me through the day.”

That thought did nothing to diminish the smile currently plastered across Liara face. “I needed it too. I love you, Shepard, and no matter what, I will find a way to see you again.”

Shepard laughed, a happy, unburdened sound that made Liara’s heart swell. “Well, you did figure out how to sneak through this call, so I’m going to go ahead and give you the benefit of the doubt, oh wise and powerful Shadow Broker.”

With her clothes half off and her skin still flushed, it was hard for Liara to look the part, but she did her best to seem cool and confidant when she replied, “And I shall not let you down.”