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Preemptive Boredom

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Sayu grins widely to herself as she walks back to light with a spring in her step; she hadn’t even stopped screaming before a group had rounded on the man causing him to run away, pursued of course by the group of people, she was pretty sure she’d heard people calling the police but hadn’t stuck around she’d slipped away with Ryuk’s help the instant she saw the man retreat.

Light’s standing outside the job watching the chaos in the distance with a raised eyebrow; he noticeable relaxes when he sees Sayu as she just brightly waves at her brother.

He glances back between her and the chaos in the distance “…do I want to know?”

She just gives him a Cheshire cat like grin.



Ray Penber doesn’t stop running until he enters the hotel leaning against the wall taking deep breaths and trying to compose himself.

That little brat.

He grins his teeth and tries to calm down, because of that brat there’s no way he can be around that area again not with that commotion, getting away had been hard but he couldn’t have risked getting caught after all he has no idea how to explain the FBI’s presence here.

Naomi smiles at him as he enters the room before her expression morphs into suspension and concern “what happened? Ray are you o”

“Nothing happened” he snaps at her cutting off her search and making her freeze mid step towards him “I’m fine”

“but” she begins but he doesn’t let her continue.

“You’re not an agent anymore it doesn’t concern you!” he said firmly and watched as she flinched back mouth closing and hands twitching.

He brushed past her and into the bathroom glaring at his reflection.

What was he going to do He couldn’t tell his Boss what happened! He couldn’t.

An idea hit him and he grabbed his phone dialling a fellow agent’s number.

“Ray hey why are you calling I thought we were meant to have radio silence” his fellow agent answered.

“Charles I need you to switch assignments with me” He says curtly.

The other is silent for a moment “what? Why?”

He grit his teeth “it doesn’t matter, look I just need you to take iver my surveillance details and I’ll take over yours” he paused before adding “off the record of course”

“Ray I don’t”

“You owe me one for New York Charles” he warned and heard the other mans breath stop for a moment “I covered for you do you really”

“FINE” the other snapped “…I’ll trade with you off the record the boss won’t find out” he agreed.

Ray breathed a sigh of relief “good”


No one would ever know.



“Ok send me your files and I’ll send you mine, which families do you have again?”

Everything would be fine.



“Geez Kira sucks at keeping a secret” Sayu commented with a raised eyebrow as they looked at the suicide notes displayed on screen.

Light smiled lightly “not really I mean Shinigmai love apples, I don’t think anyone will get that really” he paused glancing at the screen “L will probably just think he’s taunting him…and of course because they’re not Kira’s ego will just get another boost”

Ryuk scoffed from behind them “not like they need one” the kids nodded at that.

“Still mentioning Shinigami that’s pretty bold for someone who would want to keep the whole source of their powers thing secret” she complained.

“ Kira is defiantly over confident” Light agreed before smirking “ but that should mean they’re more likely to slip up”

Sayu didn’t respond instead looking at the pictures on screen “…what are they doing all this for though”

Light’s smile dropped and he looked seriously at the screen before answering “most likely…because their planning to do something about the FBI agents”

She turned back to her brother frowning while Ryuk laughed “ Please” the Shinigami said dismissively “even with using the death note creatively I don’t see how they could deal with all those agents” he shrugged at the twin looks he got “I’m a Shinigami and I don’t know how they’d do it so what hope does a human have”



About a week later when they read the report about the 12 FBI agents deaths Ryuk doesn’t make eye contact with either of them.

“What do you think your boyfriend will do now” Sayu asks that night as they read the reports “I don’t think anyone on the taskforce will be happy with him…I know I’m still not too happy with him” she adds “future brother in law or not”

Light blushes brightly “…Sayu can you not” she gives a flat look and Light groans in defeat before continuing “well…he’ll probably up security measures…I think a lot of police will quit after that”

Sayu shrugged “obviously I don’t blame them” she pauses before asking “do you think dad will y’know?” it’s Light’s turn to give her a flat look and she snorts out a laugh “right right dumb question”



The 2 aren’t that surprised when their dad’s home the next evening and calls a ‘family meting’, mum doesn’t look surprised either and just takes a drink of her tea as they all sit at the table.

“I feel like I should tell you all now, I’m sure you’ve heard of this Kira investigation” he has his eyes closed so he doesn’t notice the 3 humans and 1 shinigami all roll their eyes as he says that “well I’m currently in charage of it” their all silent and he continues on “and recently the FBI sent 12 agents to Japan to aid us in catching Kira” Light and Sayu give each other a long look and Ryuk laughs “and all of them died yesterday”

Light and Sayu see their mother’s eyebrows raise and she puts her cup down but doesn’t react outside of that.

“Kira will most likely try to kill anyone who comes after him, he’s crimes more ruthless than anything we’ve ever seen many detectives have already quit” he trails off and there’s no response.

Eventually he glances up looking at each of them as a silence drags on.

“um” he awkwardly clears his throat.

Their mother looks at him “what dear?”

“Well I mean I just…told you that…aren’t you” he fumbles looking very awkward and it’s the first time they’ve ever seen him fumble like this.

After taking another sip of tea their mother turns to him “dear we already knew you working the Kira case” their father gapes in a manner akin to a fish.

“H..How I never” he’s cut off as their mothers raises a hand continuing calmly.

“You said you working on a high profile case that you couldn’t discuss any details of due to the sensitive nature…deat we watch the news we know about Kira we know they’re in Japan in the Kanto region anf the police are investigating it wasn’t hard to figure out”

Light and Sayu are both fighting smiles as their father continues to do a wonderful impression of a fish.

“Also” Sayu adds in because she has never been able to help herself “I thought it was clear that Kira would already kill people investigating him, didn’t the Lind L Taylor incident prove that?” she asks with a fake sweet smile.

Light nods and follows his sisters lead, because he honestly can’t resist “right and it’s not like we’re going to tell you to quit or stop because it’s clear you’ve already made your mind up and will continue no matter what we say”

Their father just gapes looking at the 3 of them and when he meets his mothers eyes she sighs “If you want be to protest and go through the motions of asking you to quit then I will but dear I know you and how stubborn you are so I think we all know you won’t ever quit but if you want me to ask you to I will” she says and their father just mutters something that might have been words before continuing to stare at them in utter befuddlement.

Light and Sayu agree later that’s it’s a show of great restraint that neither of them burst out laughing at that point, especially since the pair could hear Ryuk already doing so right next to them through the entire thing.



“Hey” Sayu says a day or so later “you know how you said L may be tightening up security?”

“Yeah” Light answers suspiciously, he knows the tone Sayu’s using now, it usually ends in embarrassment…for him.

“welllll” she drawls out the word “ do you think that means he’s met them in person?” she asks and watches as Light freezes in place completely she smirks in satisfaction “ are you jeloussss?” she asks in a sing-song tone.

“Nope” Light says far to sharply and quickly for a convincing lie.

“Youurr jealous”

“Shut up”

“Hey think of it this way at least dad’s getting to know his future son in law early”

“Sayu I swear to god!”



At the weekend the 2 are in Light’s room currently scanning more reports of deaths when they hear a knock on the door, the pair freeze and Light locks the computer while Sayu opens the door to see their mother.

“Hey we’re either of you planning on going out today?” she asked entering the room after receiving a nod from Light.

“Um maybe a little later” Sayu says “I was planning on looking at some new stuff in town, how come?”

Their mother holds out a bag “ since your father hasn’t been home in a few days I thought he should be brought a change of clothes” she rolls her eyes “honestly I should have packed him a suitcase last time he was home I knew this was going to happen”

Sayu cringes a bit and is about to answer when Light cuts in “I’ll do it!”

The occupants of the room turn to him as Light grabs the bag and moves to get his coat.

“…you don’t need to go now dear” their mother says slowly but is looking thoughtfully at him.

“No we should get it out of the way now” he says quickly “I’ll do this Sayu can check out what she needs to and then we can finish off what we need to do later no problem” he says smiling.

A sly smile slips over Sayu’s face “oooohhhhh” and Light sends her a sharp glare “yeah no worries mum we’ll go do this now, do you need anything else from town?”

Their mother gives a Light another long look before giving a smirk that is very similar to Sayu’s “oh no that’s fine you 2 have a nice time”

Ryuk gives Sayu a confused look she just smirks at him as she follows Light outside.

They walk in silence for a moment before.

“You do know I don’t think that L’s base of operations will be at the police station”.

Light’s face turns a deep crimson and Ryuk bursts out laughing.

“THAT’S WHY YOU WANTED TO GO?” the shinigami cried out and Light’s face darkened even further.

“…I hate you both”



They enter the police station Sayu and Ryuk either side of Light smirking knowingly at him.

“Please I need to speak to someone from the special investigation taskforce it’s urgent” they hear a woman saying as they enter the building.

“I’m sorry miss I can’t help you as I’ve already told you there is no one at taskforce headquarters right now” the receptionist answers.

Lights shoulders visibly sag and Sayu can’t quite resist the urge to say “told you so” and side steps the shoulder shove Light tries to give her

The 2 approach the desk as they hear the woman “I have information relating to the Kira investigation”

The 2 humans and Shinigami all still and glance over at the woman, Sayu feels a slight flush on her checks as she looks up at the tall dark haired woman who looks like she’s just been pulled out of an action movie, leather jacket and all “so cool” she breaths out the woman glances down at her and Sayu quickly looks away blushing brightly.

Light hands the bag over the receptionist who asks for ID, understandable the 2 of them rarely ever come here and no one really knows them, and gives Sayu a raised eyebrow, she firmly meets his gaze and the man looks away first, she smiles and glances back up at the woman as the man tells her he can’t contact the taskforce.

She looks utterly distraught and Sayu’s mouth is moving before she can think about what she’s saying.

“Um excuse me miss” the woman looks down at her “Hi um our dad’s on the taskforce we can try calling him and letting you talk to him if you want?” she offers smiling.

The woman looks shell-shocked and the man behind the desk stares “ now little girl you can’t just” he doesn’t finish that sentence as Ryuk pushes his cup of coffee directly onto his lap making the man fall of his seat with a cry of pain.

When the siblings and Shinigami leave the building the woman’s walks out alongside them.



The group of 3 walk in a tense silence for a minute or 2 before Sayu can’t take the awkwardness anymore

“So Kira” She says smiling widely and she can hear Light groan next to her.

The woman glances back at them looking rather perplexed before Light sighs and walks in to try to salvage the verbal train wreck Sayu is creating “What she means is Hi” he holds his hands out and smiles softly “I’m Light Yagami and this”

“I’m Sayu, Sayu Yagami his sister but you probably guessed that yeah” she smiled “Hi”

It took great self-control for Light not to face palm and Ryuk couldn’t help chuckling “And you said Light was awkward with his crush”

Sayu shot the shinigami a quick subtly glare, that she really hoped didn’t make her look crazy.

“It’s nice to meet you” the woman says politely “my name is Shoko Maki”

“Huh” it took years of practice for the 2 to not glance back at Ryuk the Shinigami leaning forward eyes fixed above the woman’s head “no it’s not” he says.

Light and Sayu manage to keep his features schooled at that, though just barley.

“Nice to meet you Miss Maki” Light says cordially “Like Sayu said before our fathers on the taskforce we can try calling him for you but I don’t know if he’ll pick up we can still leave a message if that’s ok”

“Yes thank you” she said bowing politely.

“What’s you information on Kira” Sayu asks suddenly, because all the subtly was apparently inherited by Light.

He shot her a sharp look and she shrugged helplessly.

She shifted slightly glancing around “I’d rather not” she trailed off glancing away sadly.

“Ah sorry I didn’t mean to upset you I” Sayu said panicked, the woman glanced at her and her face soften slightly.

“That’s alright just…” she trailed off for a moment glancing back at the 2 before taking a breath “I believe Kira can affect his victims actions but also…kill by means other than a heart attack”

Both Yagami siblings and Shinigami felt their jaws open in disbelief at that.

“Wow she’s good I didn’t think a human could figure it out themselves “Ryuk muttered flying around the woman looking at her considering “I don’t think he’d your boyfriends figured that out Lighto”

“That’s amazing” Sayu gasped startling the woman “How did you figurr” she cut herself off quickly” come to that conclusion I mean that’s a big theory right could totally affect the case” she leaned away with a forced smile.

Light glared at her from the corner of his holding his breath, really hoping that certain slip up wasn’t caught.

The woman started at Sayu and then Light only a for a moment but her eyes were sharp and assessing.

“Sorry Sayu’s just a bit excited” Light quickly cut in and Sayu sent him a thankful look “We’ve sort of been looking into Kira ourselves and well we sort of came to the same conclusion, I mean controlling his victims actions could have easily affected more right”

“Wow you’re a good liar” Ryuk commented and Light could feel his eye twitch slightly, his commentary was not helping.

“Right” The woman agrees looking between them an edge of suspicion still in her eyes “…I…wait how did you two realise that?”

Light is pretty sure both him and Sayu may look like deer’s caught in headlights but he just forces a smile and bullshits “Oh well I mean what’s really the difference between being able to make someone write a suicide note and make them walk into ongoing traffic right”

The woman gasps and walks forward “what do you mean ongoing traffic what do you” she paused when she took in Light’s panicked expression “Sorry I…it’s just my fiancé” she looked away solemnly “he was one of the 12 FBI agents who came to Japan, while working he was involved in a bus-jacking slightly before his death, the bus-jacker had robbed a bank 2 days earlier. During the incident he was put in a situation where he had to relive his identify to someone, the bus-jacker died right afterwards in an ‘accident’” she looked directly at Light “he was hit by a car” she kept their eyes locked “I believe the person he relived his identity to was Kira and that they set up the bus-jacking to bring him into contact with my fiancé so he could obtain information on the other FBI agents so he could get rid of them all”

Light and Sayu defiantly now looked like deer’s in the headlights, and Light wanted to go back and punch his past self for that one stupid random example.

“In fact” she narrowed her eyes “I believe that my Fiancé was investing families connected with the police and your father”

“HOLD UP” Sayu suddenly cried out holding out her arms out between them, eyes wide and panicked “My brother is not Kira!” she said before quickly adding “ I am not Kira either I promise”

“That is not convincing in any way you know” Light hissed at her.

“Yeah I know I…” she trailed off taking a deep breath “Light” the tone she used made Light’s eyes fly open.

“SAYU no we can’t” he cried out looking frantically between his sister and the woman who looked ready to go for the kill.

“We need to we can’t and she could help Light” she grabbed her bothers hand.

Light stared between the two conflicted before sighing in defeat “this could end so badly”

“to be fair that’s true with most our plans” Sayu offered weakly.



Naomi was one second away from bolting, this boy, her head ran through deductions.

He fit Kira’s profile, student, tied to police and that choice of words and he clearly knew more than he was letting on.

She grit her teeth, there were very good chances but…the way he acted maybe, no the evidence pointed to.

But then why hadn’t he killed her, she’d already let him know to much.

He knew she knew.

So if he was Kira why was she still alive.

The siblings hissed back and forth and Naomi let them only because she was trying to think back to her training think of the best course of action.

“Um Miss” The boy began holding his hands out in front of him in surrender “look…we” he glanced up at the sky and grumbled something that sounded like “ok that will just make things worse…I” he sighed again “I can’t believe I’m doing this” he met her eyes again “ Please don’t hit me and please don’t take this the wrong way we are not Kira neither of us…but we” he tensed a bit “ we do have something t show you…Miss Misora” he looked up awkwardly.

She felt her jaw drop open and her heart was beating so fast she thought she may be having a heart attack.

“How?” she stuttered out.

“We can show you” the boy said still holding his hands up eyes wide and sincere “I promise just…trust us please”

Her reasoning screams at her not to but her instincts…the ones that kept her alive during the BB case.

“Tell me everything!”