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Preemptive Boredom

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“For the last time I do NOT have a crush!” Light protested face flushed as the two entered the house.

“Rrriiigghhht!” Sayu drawled smirking up at her brother who just threw his arms up in exasperation.

“I don’t have a crush” he protested again tone beginning to edge towards helpless.

“and the fact you get a dreamy look on your face every time a certain detective with a name between K and M means nothing” Sayu teased smirk growing as her brothers face turned crimson.

“She’s right Lighto” Ryuk called out thoroughly amused “you literal have heart eyes whenever he’s mentioned” Light shot him an irate glare that just made the Shinigami dissolved into laughter.

“I don’t” Light repeated again before taking a deep breath “L is the worlds greatest detective he’s a genius, I respect and admire him but I do not have a crush…it’s just professional respect for an amazing detective”

Sayu giggled smiled widing to the point she looked more like a Cheshire cat than a person “oh my god your pinning!” she squealed “you are so far gone”

“I’M NOT PINING” Light yelled loudly “I DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH!!”

“Who has a crush” Light paled turning to see his mother walk in.

“No one” Light answers far to quickly ignoring how Sayu and Ryuk point at him, even though mum can’t see the shinigami but it’s the principle of the thing.

His mother gives him a long look before walking past him and Light lets out a breath of relief before.

“So what’s his name?” she asks and Light splutters weakly while Sayu dissolves into hysterics.



“Your fathers coming home tonight” their mother says as the 2 of them are setting the table.

Sayu frowns slightly at that “great, the full you should be a young lady talk” she muttered to Light.

Mum had clearly overheard her as she shot a sympathetic look towards her.

Their father had not been a fan of Sayu’s new taste towards dark and gothic clothing, claiming it was not lady like.

“You should wear your leather jacket” Light muttered to her making her snort with laughter and relax into a smile.

“Oh by the way” Sayu said casually  “saw on dad’s files that your boyfriend is looking into names and time of death”

Light’s face turned crimson again before mumbling something unintelligible before walking away.



Dad arrives back much earlier than normal, there’s no real conversation between them, he briefly talks to mum, but he seems on autopilot, the 4 of them sit down the atmosphere so different to when it’s the 3 of them.

When it’s just the 3 of them it’s easy and relaxed they joked and talk freely.

Now it feels tense and rigid.

It kind of reminds Light how things used to feel.

He hates it.

He knows that his dad isn’t bad per say he’s just…uninvolved, basically an absent parent and…he doesn’t know them.

He knows the ideas of what he wants them to be.

He probably knows there test scores more than he knows anything about them.

Light made peace with this a while ago, his father is stuck in his ways and he doesn't think he’ll get unstuck.

“So Light” he blinks up at his father “how did the practice tests go”

He see’s Sayu roll her eyes, because yeah of course that would be the only topic of conversation.

“I was number 1” Light says calmly glancing up at his father who just nods not meeting his gaze.

It becomes quite again.

“Are you enjoying the food” mom begins trying to start any type of conversation.

“Yes dear” dad says “you and Sayu did a wonderful job”

Light cringes, so do Sayu and mum.

Dad is really stuck in his ways.

“I helped to” he says and Dad looks up.

“You should be focusing more on exams Light” he says sternly.

Light has to physically bite his tongue, and he watches the very annoyed look his mum sends towards dad.

“Speaking of” this dad continuers as if a thought just crossed his mind “I don’t want you dating any girl until after the entrance exams”

Sayu next to him chokes on the piece of food she just swallowed, Ryuk lets out a laugh from where he’s been watching the awkwardness, his mother slowly turns her head giving his dad the most unimpressed look he’s ever seen on her face.

“Also Sayu” he turns to her giving her once over and frowning Sayu swallows and leans back meeting his gaze dead on “I think you should discuss with your mother about acting more…appropriately”

Light hears twin cracks of wood and watches as his moms chopsticks splinter.

He’s only 60% sure dinner won’t end in homicide.



In the end dad goes to bed early, stating about his case and that they’ll talk more later. Which means next time he’s home at a reasonable time which could be next month at the earliest.

He’ll be at work before any of them are awake tomorrow.

They’re father has zero concept of work life balance.

As soon as he’s gone mum turned to Sayu smiling “I believe it would be more appropriate for you to wear your hair up with that jacket you can’t see the logo on the back when you wear it down”

Sayu just grins back.



“Huh looks like Kira’s finally using more of the rules” Sayu says looking at the new reports off dad’s computer of the change of times of death.

Light frowned folding his arms deep in thought.

“…Kira has access to police information” Light says slowly.

Sayu looks up at him and Light continues “It’s a response, L and the police suspect it’s a student because of times”

“And the times change” Sayu finished “wow…Kira is super arrogant he just keeps showing his hand”

“Yeah…he’d be terrible at poker” Light teases back.

Sayu smiles back and glances slyly at her brother “how long do you think until your dear detective figures this out?”

Light blushes and doesn’t dignify that with a response.



Light is sitting in school, paying only the smallest bit of attention to the class instead thinking about the Kira case, the case and NOT L! Defiantly not thinking about the detective,nope, not all, that’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

He looks up at Ryuk whose smirking down at him knowingly and quickly looks away.

Damn Shinigami.

The end of day comes as a relief and Light moves as quickly as he can to gather all his things and head out.

He ignores the dark looks at his back.

He’s used to it. When you’re the number 1 student who doesn’t go to cram school or really interact people you get a reputation.

Light is ok with the silent weird genius loner reputation.

He doesn’t get bothered for it, they used to try but then bullies seemed to always trip or be pulled away or have strange things happen to them.

Same thing with Sayu.

Light smirks back at Ryuk who just flies behind him grumbling about not being able to eat apples in public as usual.

He heads straight to Sayu’s school seeing his sister slumped outside the gate waiting for him.

“you ok?” he asks as Sayu falls into step with him.

Sayu rolls her eyes “Just some annoying kids” she says and continues when she feels Ryuk and Light’s eyes on her “ugh it’s just cause there’s this new model or someone with a gothic look and apparently I’m copying her even though I’ve had this look for years” she sighed.

“I’ll be going with you tomorrow” Ryuk says lips curled in dark smile that Sayu mirrors.

Light shakes his head in fond exasperation giving Sayu a one armed hug.

The 2 walk home and it’s only when they’re halfway home Light realises Ryuk has been much quieter than usual basically silent for a long time.

He glances back but Ryuk shakes his head “don’t”

Light turns his head back and keeps walking Sayu looks up realising something’s up “I’m going to go check something” Ryuk says glancing back “I think a humans following you”

Light and Sayu both manage to suppress to hitch in their breaths at that and neither miss a step, Light just nods in understanding and walks towards home, hand reaching down and curling around Sayu’s hand as he does.

Neither relax until they get home.

As soon as they do close the door Light realises a shuddering breath, and the 2 head up to his room.

Ryuk phases in a minute later “your defiantly being followed he confirms and nods an alleyway glancing out the 2 see a figure male standing in the alleyway.

“…what is this?” Sayu asks nervously.

Light frowns deeply before his eyes widen “…I think I may have an idea”



“Ok Light if that’s true then your future boyfriend is a paranoid jerk!”

“I Sayu he’s not I’m not just UGH”



The 2 sit up late wondering what to do “do we just let them…you know survey us?” Sayu asks frowning.


Light shrugs “I don’t know what else we can do anything else would be awkward”

“…are sure he’s from an agency like CIA or FBI or M9 or whatever” Sayu asked “I mean he could just be a creeper”

Light nods at that looking uncomfortable “yeah...your right but I mean they’ll most likely be following me right Ryuk” the Shinigami nodded from his position by the window still watching the human outside with a death glare he glared at the window “if he was following you then yeah no he has to go”

Sayu nodded but stopped smirking “Hey Light” her brother turned to her seriously “I think I have an idea of the creep does follow me”

Light glanced at her warily but sighed smiling fondly “you’ll do it no matter what I say right?”


Sayu smiled brightly but “of course”



The next day Sayu and Light are walking home again when Ryuk pipes up “He’s following you again”

Neither miss a step “Light” Sayu says voice the picture of innocence sickly sweet and so obviously fake “Don’t you need to get some groceries for mum?”

Light gives her a long look before conceding “oh right” he says “do you want to come with?”

“Oh no” Sayu says still smiling “there’s something I want to check out, meet up with you in 10 minutes ok”

Light look up at Ryuk the shinigami holds up his hands “I’m staying with her” Light nods and turns towards the connivance store.

Sayu smiles and keeps walking forward “He still following” she whispers.

“Looking in the window at Lighto” Ryuk says "guess your plans not working"

Sayu curses under her breath, oh well plan B.



Ray Penber, is looking in the maybe suspect Light Yagami the boy is currently looking at random items in the store, he’s the main target but he chances a glance at the younger Yagami sibling and frowns, the girl is glancing around nervously and has her and in her school bag as if holding something.

A part of training instantly locks onto the behaviours and as the girl slips through the crowd he makes the call to follow just to check.



“He took the bait” Ryuk chuckles and Sayu fights back a grin, perfect.

She turns into an alleyway one that could be mistaken for a side street one that most people don’t notice is a dead-end right away and waits.

As soon as she hears footsteps she says out loud “Ah wrong turn I always forget” she turns quickly and makes herself freeze wide eyed as she sees the man standing in the alley blocking her way out. He looks just as shocked and Sayu doesn’t hesitate before she lets out the loudest scream she possibly can.