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Preemptive Boredom

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Light is barley 7 when he finds it, laying on the ground outside of his school, he’s apart from all of the other groups of children exactly talking about the weekend.
No one really talks to him, they give him a wide berth and talk about him but never to him.

He trails behind when the small blob of black catches his eye, he walks over and blinks down at a black notebook lying on the ground, he picks it up and is about to turn back and hand it in to school thinks one of his classmates must have dropped in.

But stops when he sees the English words on the front and stops, they’re barley learning English, he knows the most of it out of his class but can only read the second word on the cover NOTE, he opens the book and see’s more words in the front cover all English, he frowns and thinks about putting in back but.

The crack of thunder and dark clouds in the distance make him pause, he doesn’t want the book to get ruined, it seems very intricate the writing in the front cover even seems handwritten, so instead he slips it into his bag and starts to walk home.


He tries to read more of the words but can only make out the, days, time, and other simple words, on closer inspection he realises all the pages are blank and that it hasn’t been used and defiantly doesn’t belong to anyone at his school.

Apart of him wants to ask his mum or dad to read the rest of the words but, dad’s not here, he’s barley ever here and mum is busy at the moment, something about his grandmother but Light’s not sure she’s too busy to talk so it’s just him and Sayu.


“What’s that?” Sayu asks as she wonders up to him starting at the notebook and frowning dramatically at the words.

“a notebook” Light answers and Sayu frowns in a way that is far to dramatic for a 4 year old and Light laughs a little at his sister “the words are in English” he explains

Sayu nods and the plops down next to him “can we draw?”

Light doesn’t see a reason to argue now he’s pretty sure the notebook must have been abandoned so let’s her colour a few pages in with unicorns and birds and flowers.



It happens a few weeks later, Light’s mostly forgotten about the notebook laying in one of his desk draws, mum is out again at grandma’s she seemed worried and left quickly, Sayu and him are watching TV trying to ignore the heavy wind and rain outside when they hear it “so now where is my death note…what the”

The 2 of them turned to see a large hulking monster with big wings and a large toothy smile.

The 3 of them stare at each other for a moment which seems to last forever before he and Sayu scream and lock themselves in one of the cupboards.



They’re in that for about 3 hours, Sayu crying for a lot of it while the big monster, Shinigami it corrects eventually keeps talking “look brat I’ll go I just need my notebook back and for you relinquish ownership”

“Relinquish?” Light asks holding Sayu tightly her screaming has dissolved into small hiccupping sobs as she tries to hides into his chest.

“Ugh give up” the Shinigami groans “honestly how did a brat even pick it up, this is not what I wanted”

The monster keeps rambling and eventually explains about the notebook enough for Light understand what I does.

“I’m not giving it back” Light decides firmly and resolutely as he climbs out of the cupboard half carrying Sayu who has a death grip on him.

“WHAT?” The Shinigami yells and Light is half a second from running back and hiding but.

“That book can hurt people” Light states.

“Of course it’s a death note it kills people and you should just relinquish it now and then forget all about it and do whatever little humans do and I’ll be”

“Then I won’t give it back” Light cuts the monster off standing tall and glaring at the towering monster “I won’t let you hurt people”

The creature stares dumbfounded for a moment before screeching “I’M A SHINIGAMI YOU LITTLE”



They find out very quickly that only they can see the monster when Mum arrives home she just shakes her head dismisses them as watching a scary movie or having bad dreams and then sends them to bed.

Sayu won’t leave his side for a long time and they end up camped out in his room looking at the notebook and trying to decide what to do.

They try to ignore the Shinigami as he screeches at them for “using the tool of death gods as a colouring book!!”


 They stop being scared of the Shinigami, Ryuk he tells them eventually, after only a week or so.

Turns out it’s quite hard to keep being scared of a Shinigami after watching him get excited for apples and videogames and become emotionally invested in some of the shows on TV.

Instead of avoiding him, or trying to at least and in one occasion attempting a home exorcism , which had ended up with Sayu pouring salt over the floor as it just passed through Ryuk, they eventually start talking to him.

It takes them a while to get down how to talk subtly to him, luckily mum and anyone else just dismiss it as them having an imaginary friend, they give up on trying to correct them quickly.

They don’t show anyone else the death note, they were planning on showing dad but…then Ryuk teels them about the thrall.

Well not so much tells them, he just comments on how it’s strange it didn’t work omn them, strange how they’ve never tried it and is wondering out loud if it’s because they’re kids or just because they didn’t know what the boom did.

When they get him to tell them more, every other humans tried a death note out soon after finding it there’s something that makes want to try it at least once, to test it…though it’s rarely ever just once’

They’re not sure why they don’t want to try it, honestly the idea of writing in it terries them but…they agree not to show dad or mum or anyone to not mention it to anyone else.



When Light gets a bit older his parents want to enrol him in cram school, everyone gets enrolled in cram school but…

He wouldn’t argue with them normally, but…

But he likes spending time with Sayu and Ryuk, they play together and have fun.

He and Sayu play more after what happened, she sought him out more to play and he did to her to, deciding what to do with the book, figuring out how all the rules worked and getting Ryuk to tell them more.

It’s changed things, they’re not just siblings they’re friends.

And…Light doesn’t really have other friends.

Neither does Sayu really, she’s extroverted and happy but…her tastes have changed after the death note and hearing about the Shinigami realm she became more interested in things like that.

She wears black now and other dark colours and draws dark winged creatures where she drew flowers and horses before, she’s still bright and smiley she’s just found the fun and beauty in places it’s not normally seen.

She adores Ryuk, the 2 of them joke all the time and play games and of course tease Light, because that’s their favourite thing to do.

She’d admitted to Light he’s her favourite ‘person’, Light’s ok with being a close second, she even drew him for a project in school, which very quickly made her that kid.
It’s ok though, they both have each other.

And of course Ryuk.

Ryuk always switches which one of them he follows around each day and when he’s around he’s a constant source of snarky comments and jokes…and also cheating if your Sayu Light’s pretty sure but neither will admit it and he can’t prove anything…yet.


So when he hears mum and dad talking about cram school he tells them no.

He argues that he’s already top of his class they’ll be teaching things he already knows, and if he's home he can watch Sayu so mum can do things and he can tutor Sayu to get her grades up.

His parents talk for a long time before agreeing but only as long as he keeps his spot at the top of his class.

He never has to go to cram school.

Sometimes he wishes he did when he has to try and teach Sayu math.



Mum gets to do the things she wants to as well, she's on the phone thanking her friend the invite but saying she can’t when light softly cuts in and points out he's fine to watch Sayu.

It takes a bit but they eventually convince mum to go out and enjoy herself.

After that it becomes more regular.

They like it because they can talk easily to Ryuk and don’t have to worry about people walking in on floating apples or game controllers.

It’s also nice because Mum becomes less focused on his grades, when he comes in she doesn’t automatically hold out her hands for the test he got back instead she asks how things are.

She teaches them to cook to, at first just how to heat up meals but then, they spend some weekends just cooking and talking.

Actually talking.

It’s nice.

Things are less rigid and stiff it feels much lighter and easy.



When he’s 17, he comes home after picking up Sayu and Ryuk from school, he knows they can get home themselves just fine but those 2 together are the ultimate agents of chaos and he knows that they’re responsible for how the majority of the teachers’ lounge ended up on the roof, he doesn’t know how they did it even with no one being able to see Ryuk they can see what he’s holding so how did he get the goddamn TV on the roof?

“I don’t know what you mean” Sayu protests as they’re making dinner while mum’s out finishing shopping “we had nothing to do with it”

Light gives her a flat look and Syu just beams at him as Ryuk chews on an apple with he lounges on the settee “we’re honestly hurt by these accusations” he says in the most guilty tone possible.

He rolls his eyes and shoos Sayu out, she sticks out her tongue and flops down on the settee next to Ryuk.

He’s only half paying attention when the news comes on, about a hostage situation and Light slowly walks in as the story plays frowning at the TV.

Sayu’s frowning to and glances at Ryuk “…is it going to end soon”

They know what she's asking, she started doing it since he told them about his eyes, Ryuk had done it himself first they'd been a police standoff and Syu had got scared Ryuk had motioned that it would be over soon…the suspect got shot by the police.

Ryuk just shakes his head biting the apple “not unless this stand off goes on for about a month”

Lights about to turn back when he hears Ryuk make a small noise and sat up frowning slightly as he looks at the guys mugshot still on screen.

“Ryu” Sayu begins but is cut off as they watch the hostages run out of the building.

Light states at the TV then Ryuk their all silent as they hear the reporter mention the cause of death.

Heart attack.

Sayu and Light lock eyes, they know the rules they know all the rules even through they’ll never put pen to paper they know them and even all the rules not written down, they know.

“Guess some Shinigami needed years quickly” Ryuk says almost dismissively, Sayu bites her lip and nods but Light just frowns at the TV for a long moment.


The heart attacks start properly not long after.



Kira becomes a thing quickly after that.


He locks eyes with Ryuk and Sayu.

The police can’t catch Kira.

The death notes to powerful.

They also can’t let people find out about the death note.

Not with the thrall.

Anyone else getting the notebook could just make another Kira…maybe even worse.

They have to stop Kira.

They have to make sure no one else uses a death note.

They know what they have to do.