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Sleep Tight

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You felt your eyelids start to droop as your boyfriend thrusted in and out of you, the sound of your thighs meeting together staying consistent over the multiple rounds that had happened. You didn’t plan on counting on how many times he would edge you and refuse to let you cum, since you thought it would have been over in a few minutes, not lasting for over an hour. Oh, how wrong you were. You felt as if you were already edged endlessly and was only allowed to cum a handful of times, pouting whenever he would slow down his hard thrust or stop completely and initiate a heavy makeout session to try to calm your pleasure. You wrapped your arms around his neck, breathing softly against his collarbone as his thrusts started to slow down for what seemed to be the umpteenth time this night.

“Getting tired again baby?” he cooed out, which you only gave a weak nod to, as your head was rested against his shoulder. “Aww, try to get some sleep then.” if you were fully awake, you would have commented on how his tone sounded more pitying than genuine, but you were just focused on getting some sleep. You nested your head flat against his bicep, closing your eyes as you felt yourself start to finally doze off, letting the fatigue of sleep take over.

He stared down at your resting form, your cheeks still looking soft despite the lewd blush that was just starting to fade. Your long eyelashes now being fully presented to him as you rested peacefully on him. Your pink plush lips partly open as the gentle breaths fanned over his skin. And it was all his. You were his to keep.

How cute.

His hands rested right above your hip bones, his fingers tracing up and down your sides before he thrusted fast and roughly into you, making you awake from your sleep with a soft mewl and tightened up around him in either surprise or pleasure, but he could care less which one it was. He continued to thrust into you, chuckling as you let your mouth part open even more and spit started to spill over your lips and onto his shirtless chest. Your nails dug into his back as you whined, your eyes still remaining closed as he continued to fill you.

“How was your rest darling,” he teased, and you only whined, your mind far too out of it to be able to give a real response. He removed one of his hands from your hips, giving your cheek a light slap. “Alright wake up now, we’re about to play a game,” you opened your eyes and looked up at him, his ruby glare looking down at you in another teasing way.

You pulled back from his chest and forced yourself to sit up straight in front of him, feeling his gaze as he took in your naked figure before he looked back up at you. His hand trailed up from your sides, sliding up your arm and over your collarbone before he cupped your chin, dragging his thumb against your bottom lip, rubbing back and forth as you gave him a tired yet still desperate look. He tugged your lip down softly, opening your mouth more as you stuck out your tongue, so used to being told to do so, which was now just out of habit. He muttered a quick “good girl” under his breath before his hand completely, just letting his fingers ghost over your collarbones and shoulders.

“You ready for this game now?” he asked, and you nodded along, feeling a little more awake than you were a few moments ago. “I want to sleep with you, while you cockwarm me. If you don’t wake me up and we both sleep with my dick still inside you, then I’ll reward you tomorrow. How’s that sound princess?” You nodded along eagerly, but his hand quickly slid up to your throat and gave a testing squeeze, almost as a warning to you. “Say it.” His tone came out dark and smoother than what it was a few seconds ago. “Yes, I want to sleep with your cock inside me, Katsuki.” You agreed as you felt your cheeks start to heat up.

His hand pulled away from your throat and rested on your lower back, pushing you onto his chest as your face nuzzled back into his neck. He ran his fingers through your hair lazily as he traced small circles on your back, the feeling of your chest falling up and down against his and your breath against his neck was starting to become a calming sensation to him. “Go to sleep then love,” he muttered as he felt himself slowly start to become drowsier.

The first thing that had brought him out of his sleeping state was the feeling of something moving along his thighs, the friction now feeling foreign after a few hours of sleep. He let out an aggravated groan while rubbing his eyes, trying to adjust from his sudden wake. Once his eyes and mind started to focus on what was happening, he had just then realized the current situation. You were grinding lazily on him, your fingers tangled within the sheets that you were gripping, soft whines muttering out of you as you continued to try to get some friction between the two of you. He felt a smirk starting to appear, resting his head on top of yours before he started to degrade you.

“Heh, are you really that needy for my cock that you just had to force yourself to grind against me in the middle of the fucking night,” he teased in a humiliating tone, but was only met with the same silence as before. “So you’re just going to use me for your own fucking pleasure and not even respond back,” he tilted his head back to get a better look at you as you laid your head against his chest, starting to reach for your hair to give it a tug before he realized your eyes were still closed. His paused his movements, watching you as you were still sleeping and grinding against him.

“Holy fuck,” was the only thing he could mumble before he let out a short chuckle, his hands trailing back down to your hips like previously. He gave your face one last look, he couldn’t wait to ruin your sleep with the feeling of his thrusts. He pulled back his hips, angling himself so he was able to full you in the deepest way he could. Both of his hands were rested on top of your waist before he pounded into you with a powerful thrust.

The movement of his constant rough thrusts made you stir awake, a whine instantly coming out of your mouth as your body bounced against his. You were still in a confused state on what was currently happening to you, but all you could do was tighten up around him and clench the sheets tighter into your hands. Once you were able to focus on what was happening, you moaned at the feeling of him filling you up once again, the movement very different from when you were just cockwarming him.

“Finally, awake princess? It’s kinda pathetic that you’re just that desperate for my cock, even in your sleep. Couldn’t wait till morning, huh?” He muttered near your ear, his humiliation only making you wetter. Quickly, his fingers found their way into your hair and gave it a yank, forcing you to pull back enough to be able to look him in the face. “Answer me.”

“Yes, it’s pathetic!” You mewled out louder than you expected, you were tired of being teased and edged, you just wanted to be able to release already. “Good girl. Now that your awake, show me how desperate you are,” he suggested as he placed his hands behind him, his thrusts now completely stopping, meaning you were going have to use him to fuck yourself with.

You placed your hands on his bare chest, readjusting yourself on his lap before you started to lift up, feeling his veins glide against your walls before you sank back down onto his lap, a whine coming out as your eyes closed shut. You started to bounce up on down on him, your fingernails starting to rake down his chest and abs, small red lines starting to appear across him. His fingers came up to grope your breast, teasing and rolling the nipple between his digits, making the feeling of the sudden groping and his twitching dick even better. You felt yourself starting to get closer, your riding becoming slower and sloppier as you were about to reach your end. His hands wrapped their way around your waist, picking you up only to push you back onto the bed, him now on top of you as you were spread out in front of him.

He took a minute to admire the view of you. Your arms were rested at your side, your legs spread out for him, your tits still bouncing from being thrown down on the bed and your chest heaved up and down as you tried to catch your breath. Your lips parted open as your cheeks were starting to get red, your skin glowing in the moonlight from the sweat that had started from the steamy sessions, a sight he would never be able to get over. You looked so inviting to him, only for him. Nobody else would see you in this position, and he absolutely loved that. He grabbed your legs, pulling them apart further before he thrusted back into you, making you give out a small yelp of surprise from the feeling. His grip on your legs started to tighten as his thrusts became faster, filling you up deeper than what you were used to. You started to feel your stomach tighten up, you both knew you were close and was about to cum at any moment. He removed his hand only so he could start rubbing your clit in a counterclockwise motion, making you moan his name out as your back started to arch in pleasure.

“Just cum already, you know you want to babygirl,” he muttered to you through his clenched teeth, groans of his own escaping every now and then. You took your opportunity and let your pleasure go, your orgasm taking over as your back arched even more, your toes curling as you moaned out in pleasure.

He came soon after, relentlessly pounding into you throughout his own orgasm, his thick warm seed coating the inside of your walls, the sensation making you shiver as your nipples started to stiffen up even more. He stayed inside you for a few more seconds before he pulled out, the cum sliding out and onto your inner thighs. He stared as it drizzled out for a few more moments before he gave a smirk, glancing back up to your breathless form. He grabbed a blanket and placed it over you, which you quickly accepted and cuddled up with. He climbed in bed beside you, sliding into the blankets and pulled you closer to him, pressing kisses into your neck and shoulders.

“Get some sleep babe, you’re going to need it for tomorrow's punishment.”