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Blupjeans 30 Kisses Challenge

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Barry trudged down the hall towards the room he shared with Lup. He’d had a long day; they were only the first month into this cycle, and Magnus had made him spend the day training. Everything ached, and his feet hurt, and all he wanted was to curl up with Lup on their too-small bed.

But as he placed his hand on the door, he frowned. He could feel some sort of beat, some rhythm, pulsing through the metal.

He should have known better than to expect a quiet evening with Lup of all people.

The door slid open, and the sound washed over him like a wave. Music. A constant across every inhabited plane they visited. A little staticky, but unmistakable.

This particular song was upbeat and predictable, with a high-pitched singer and electronic rifts. And Lup danced in the center of it all, shaking her hips with her back turned to him. He doubted she even knew he’d came in.

She twirled around and froze, her face lighting up as she saw Barry standing in the entranceway. “Babe! C’mere! Look what Koko and I found in town!”

She grabbed his hands and pulled him into the room, the door sliding shut automatically behind them. “It’s called a cassette player,” Lup continued. She kept dancing, lifting Barry’s hands to try and get him to dance with her. “Taako and I each bought one, and a shit ton of these little cassette tapes that have music on them.”

Barry laughed and shook his head. Even though it was just him at Lup, he still felt too awkward to shake his hips along with her. “Why? We’ve already got CDs and record players.”

“Yeah, but I wanted this plane’s music, too,” Lup pouted. “Adding to the collection, y’know?”

Barry had no intention of arguing with Lup ever, especially over something so small that made her so happy. He chuckled. “Yeah, I get it.”

“You’re not dancing,” Lup frowned. “Dance with me.”

Barry felt himself blush, and he pulled a hand away to rub the back of his neck. “This, uh, isn’t exactly my style, Lup.”

Lup narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips. Then her face lit up. “I’ve got it. One sec.”

She pulled away and hurried over to the cassette player, a little silver machine perched on their desk. With the press of a button, the music stopped and a compartment popped open. Lup slipped out a black rectangle and dropped it into a pile. She sifted through her new collection until she found what she was looking for and triumphantly placed it in the machine.

She hit play before crossing their small room and picking up his hands again. “This should be more your speed.”

The lilting sounds of an orchestra filled the room, growing slowly. Lup started by just rocking back and forth on her heels. Barry’s hands fit themselves comfortably on her waist, and he pulled her closer to him. She leaned against him with a content hum, resting her forehead against his.

“This is more like it,” Barry mumbled. His exhaustion from the day had faded, replaced by the warmth of his overwhelming love for this woman.

“Mhm.” Lup wrapped her arms loosely around his neck. They were dancing properly, now; moving in sync to the music’s melody.

“I take it back. This was a good purchase.”

Lup flashed him a goofy grin. “Yeah, I know.”

She tilted her chin until their lips pressed together. They kissed, long and slow and deep, with their hips still swaying to the music.

And Barry couldn’t imagine a more perfect end to his day.