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The Raising Project

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When Midoriya received the seemingly tired, gray haired man in his house, he was pretty tired himself. A long shift in the hospital had tired him and he just wanted to sleep, but since the man showed him some very official looking badge and documents, the greenette took him in and the two sat down on the couch to talk. The man presented himself as Yokimuru Mera and starts pulling papers from his bag.


“So, Midoriya-san, am I to understand that you are an omega of premium-rank, is that right?” The man asked, looking at a file with Midoriya’s picture in it.




“Well, I’ll be right to the point. The government is starting a new program for premium omegas due to their high fertility rate. You are one of the omegas that have been selected to participate.”


“Wait, what is that program?”  Midoriya answered, weirded out by that situation.


“Well, it is pretty simple. We will be giving you the profile of some alphas who we believe to have matched with you in personality, with them you will be required to have pups and start a clan. Obviously, you would be the clan leader and the government will give you some extra cash for each pup you are able to produce to the clan, to help raise them.”


Midoriya stared at the man in stunned silence. This unknown government agent wanted him to get a bunch of strange alphas and get pregnant from them. A lot of them. And get money for it. What the hell?


“Ahm… what the… what the hell?”


“Well, I thought it was pretty simple. But okay, let’s go through again, “


“No, not that, just… what kind of plan is that!?” Midoriya started moving his hands wildly. “Am I meant to be passed around like a ball by a bunch of alphas to pop out babies!?”


“Well, I wouldn’t put it like that, but it kinda is.” Mera pointed at, with a tired voice. “Now, look at it this way. Are you not interested in starting a family? Participating in a clan? Our files show that you are associated with no clan at all at the moment.”


“Well, I was planning to find someone and join their clan, like most omegas.”


“Well, now you can skip over that problem. You know how some clans treat omegas, this plan is also a way to empower omegas everywhere in Japan. It will start clans of omegas and kickstart them into making them more powerful by helping their very first generation to get into the best schools, the best colleges and the best jobs, aside from the money you’ll start by getting.” Mera started, his tired voice now full of a confidence that makes it stronger, more convincing. “Would you not like to be the leader of a clan that will help better the way society treats omegas? And create your pups in that clan? You just mentioned you wanted to find someone, does that mean that you want to also start a family eventually?”


Midoriya stared at the man in front of him quietly for a little while. The man dropped a large folder in front of him on the coffee table. “Here is everything you need to know. Contracts, information about the program, the benefits you’ll receive and more importantly, the alphas that have agreed to participate in it and that have been matched with you. We’ll be waiting for an answer from you. Don’t worry, I’ll see myself out, I am leaving my card here with you, call me at any time.”


And before many more questions could be made, Mera was already gone, and Midoriya was alone with a big file in his table listing alphas to fuck him and, now no longer tired and with adrenaline injected in his veins, with a sudden urge to read.


Midoriya took a few deep breaths to calm down, grounding himself and listing the information he knew. For a fact, he knew now that, after half a bottle of wine, half a bottle of whisky and going through half of the files that the compensation for participating in the project was massive, considering that the payment would increase exponentially in relation to the kids he had, and that omega rights and the omegas standing in society could really get better by becoming the heads of bigger families.


The alphas weren’t exactly half bad either, about 7 alphas were combined with him and they were all desirable, able to sustain a family, willing to participate in the clan, etc.


It was after downing one more glass of whisky and scrunching his face that he looked at the card that Mera left on the table, and with the bravery that only a drunk horny mind could muster, he agreed to participate in The Raising Project.

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And so, Midoriya was now the first premium omega in the new raising project. The files of the alphas promised to him laid before him while Mera spouted the agenda that they would have to follow. The first step is to create a bond between the Omega and the potential mates. It did not need to be a mating bond, as they needed to test things such as compatibility between the parties in every level, including between the alphas to make sure hell wouldn't break lose while an Omega was away.

Not brave enough to admit that it was all part of a drunken mistake, Midoriya decided that he could roll with it, since it was, after all, an unique opportunity. Mera walked him through the alphas that had been selected for him and how they had all already received word of the agreement, and they had already agreed to take part in the next stage of the program, which was to… date.

“Now that sounds oddly normal.” Midoriya joked, looking at the tired face across the desk.

“It was explained in the documents we left you, have you not read it?” Mera asked, squeezing his eyes in which was either an attempt to sneak seconds of sleep into his work day, or a way to warm Midoriya he knew of his stupid decision making process.

“It… was late… must have slipped my mind.” Midoriya tried, unconvincingly.

“Sure.” The man held the silence in the air waiting until the awkwardness arose to continue speaking. “To be frank, we know this sounds pretty dystopian, to a degree. The government telling you who to date and begging you to have babies for the sake of the nation sounds ludicrous and quite scary, but I assure you that this is less creepy than it sounds. Think of it as a state-suggested dating service with extra benefits, and of course, we don't intend to create unhappy families and angry clans, so we also want the couples we're making to be healthy and steady.” Mera spoke, with a matter of factly explanation to this project that it made it sound so alarmingly dystopian and coldly practical, it might have resulted in the exact  opposite reception that the reassuring words tried to reach.

Midoriya took deep breaths. The words made sense. A happy couple may make more babies, stay together longer, create a more powerful and united clan and all of these things would benefit the government. After all, these clans would owe the government their existence, and would support them in the future.

Therefore, he would do the hard work and go on dates and get to know seven Alphas handpicked to breed him.

There is worse ways for a dystopia to go, I suppose.

“Things have moved quickly, so the seven alphas have already answered back, and decided to enter in contact with you. As a sign of respect for your privacy, you will receive their phones and call them to your discretion. Though be sure we'll call you to get weekly updates on how the project is going.” Mera said, giving him a piece of paper with phones and names scribbled in it. “For now, this is all. Have fun with those numbers. Get to know your possible future mates and such.”

“Oh… ok.” Midoriya stared at the paper in his hands. Confused about the next step while leaving Mera’s office and the government building where he was. He stared into the sky for a little while. This was an odd situation indeed.




The day was surprisingly calm in the hospital that day. Everything went by as expected, nobody missed work and more patients were leaving than entering. This of course was not what Midoriya wanted when he came to work. Expecting his usual egregious workload, this left him with more time to feel the weight of the paper with numbers scribbled in his pocket than what he wanted, leading him to leave the number and his phone on his desk when the opportunity came up.

So there was the result. A doctor standing in the middle of the hospital, looking at a soda machine, dazed out of his mind, and freaking out a few patients.

“What is taking so much time of your mind, Deku-kun?” Ochako, an upbeat nurse and his dear friend and confidant from the hospital asked. “Still wondering about the Raising Project?”

“Uhm… yeah…”

“About those numbers you got, I bet.” She mentioned, leaning into the machine to be into her friend’s line of sight. “Poor baby boy. Seven alphas are trying to get to you and you have some government support to create a clan. How sad!” Every one of her words leaked irony.

“Hahaha yeah… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t complain about it. It’s a good opportunity, I just… have no idea what to do now…”

“I know. That is why I stole your phone, added the numbers that you left on your desk, and created a group chat for those guys.” She waited until his eyes expanded in surprise and shock and finally looked at her. “It’s called ‘Eggplant Emoji’. I sent a ‘Hello’ already.”

“YOU-- You Can’t-- my privacy!” He started, gesturing wildly towards her, though those stopped when she threw the phone to him, forcing him to grab it mid air and stare at the fact he had two unread messages.

“You’re welcome! Just be sure to tell them to send dick pics and add me to your clan once it’s established.” She blinked playfully, moving away as another nurse called her to help.

Midoriya stood quietly, attracting stares from passerbies in his awkwardness. He finally decided to start moving. He wouldn’t have anything to do for about 30 minutes, so he might as well take that time to answer the messages and maybe set some ground rules.

The two messages that showed up in his phone were pretty predictable reaction to being added to a strange group by a stranger who, even worse, called said group “Eggplant Emoji”.


Togata: Hello :)

Togata: What group is this?

Togata… Togata Mirio. One of the seven alphas that were in the files he received. A very respected member of the Japan’s police force, recently promoted to Sargent. And handsome. Terribly so.


Midoriya: Hi. Uhm. So, I am Midoriya, from the Raising Project. I was the omega assigned to the seven of you. I created this group for communication.

Midoriya: Sorry for the name. My crazy friend created this group for me.


Midoriya changed the name of the group to “Raising Project”


Shinsou changed the name of the group to “Eggplant Emoji”


Shinsou: Don’t change it. I like it.

Shinsou: It’s funny.


Shinsou Hitoshi. Another name Midoriya memorized. A purple haired man working in IT and specialized in security. A lot of information about his work seemed to be classified so that was all the documents had about him.


Midoriya: Oh. Ok. Well, This was just to establish a communications channel between us. I am actually at work right now, so I don’t have that much free time.

Togata: Great! I received an email about you! Nice to finally get to talk to you! I am also still at work right now, taking care of paperwork.

Shinsou: Same.

Midoriya: Ok. Then, tonight we can talk things better.


With that, Midoriya felt a weight off his shoulders and could gladly go back to work with a new sense of relief.

“Doctor Midoriya, please wash the alpha stench off you and get to work!” Uraraka said from the door, laughing as his friend started blushing.




Another hard day at work. Rewarding, even.

And now that he was home, he was ready for a shower and to deal with the messages of alphas that may or may not impregnate him any time soon.



Kirishima: Hey! Nice to finally get to talk to you! I’m Kirishima Eijirou, I’m a manager at a gym in the city!

Kirishima: Heh. Eggplant.

Iida: Hello, my name is Iida Tenya, it is nice to meet you all. I am 27 years old and I work in my family’s company of athletic gear, Iiidaten.

Todoroki: I’m Todoroki. 28. I also work at my family’s company.

Bakugou: Bakugou, firefighter.

Sero: Hey! I’m Sero! Me, Bakubro and Kirishima signed in for this thing together! I’m just a regular office drone.


Oh. So the entire group is here. Everyone is here. Great. Seven dicks to put up his ass. Minimum seven babies.

And that was when Midoriya popped open a glass of wine and started drinking before typing an answer to them.


Midoriya: Ah, so I see everyone is online. That's good. I'm going to be honest, I received no instructions on how to do this part. It's like the awkward first date. Seven times over.

Midoriya: So, well, let me tell you more about myself and see where that goes, since I have tomorrow off either way.

Midoriya: I am a doctor at the city hospital. I have studied in the US up until recently and I am a surgeon.

Midoriya: I'm very into comic books and I collect them whenever I have a chance. The All Might ones are my favorites, but I generally collect all that I can get my hands on.

Bakugou: Nerd.


Bakugou: Just saying.

Midoriya: Anyway, I also tend to watch a lot of action movies and work out a lot.

Kirishima: Awesome, man! What is your usual work out?

Midoriya: Oh, well, mostly jogging and running. I basically do it every morning and get breakfast on the way to the hospital. I usually do weight lifting at the gym.

Kirishima: Cool. I'm up for all kinds of exercise. How about we run together one of these days? We could get to know each other better in it.

Midoriya: Sounds great! I’m free tomorrow!

Kirishima: Great! Tomorrow morning then. At the central park!


Shinsou changed the name of the group to “Muscle Eggplant Emoji”


Shinsou: This might not be my best joke. It seems like I’m talking about a veiny dick.

Kirishima: What’s the problem with that bro? Veiny dicks are great ! ;)

Shinsou: Oh. It seems I have learned a fact about this possible alphan brother. I hope Midoriya enjoys it too.

Kirishima: I’m pretty confident he’ll like what he’ll find!


Oh well, it seems the conversation is getting interesting. Midoriya notices his leg jumping out of sheer excitement on where this conversation might take.


Midoriya: I think I might.

Midoriya: How about you show me, alpha?


Shinsou: This chat got the way I like it quick!

Midoriya got nervous quick. A minute passed by and he feared going too quick. pacing around the room, nervous energy overwhelming him as his teeth clacked and he wondered whether he fucked up and lost his place in the Raising Project in a spiral of catastrophizing thoughts.

But in a moment, another message came, and all his nervous energy was aimed towards getting to the couch and to his phone. It was a private chat. Just him and Kirishima.


Kirishima: Hey man. You really wanna see what I’m packing?

Kirishima: I don’t mind showing. Especially because of what we’re going to do anyway.

Kirishima: As long as you’re ok with it.


Midoriya’s phone almost slipped through his fingers as he shaked and tried to type, losing control of his hands. But after three deep breaths, he answered.

Midoriya: Let's do this.

Kirishima: Nice.


The first pic came quickly. The body in the picture was in front of a full body mirror. Sweatpants dropped to the ground and a black gym tank top raised just enough to show off the bottom of those six pack and a red treasure trail towards a jockstrap that was only barely holding the bulge it was supposed to contain. Midoriya could feel his Omega keen when he noticed the muscled the thighs and the size in front of him.

The second photo had Kirishima holding the base of his dick, proudly showing off the long and veiny cock even while still soft. It was big, with a large red head and with the red color spreading from the head all the way to the base.


Midoriya: Fuck.

Midoriya: I want that inside me, Alpha.

Kirishima: Show me, Omega, show me how much you want it.


Midoriya was quick to throw his clothes around the room. Get his pants to his knees and his shirt thrown off before he sat down in the couch again, with open legs and started to finger himself. The photos were all the visual stimuli he needed to get his omegan cock hard and his slick flowing and staining the couch. He got a few pictures of himself, some focusing on his body and other focusing on his ass and the slick coming out of him.


Kirishima: Fuck, Omega you look so good. Can't wait to fuck you. Lick your cunt, get my knot inside of you.


A picture was returned. Kirishima holding, his large cock hard and already leaking the baby batter Midoriya couldn't help but think should be inside of him.

This was good. This was truly great. Six alphas beside that one already so amazing are about to ram him and fill him with pups!

It speaks to something primal to him, something animal eager to serve and get fucked by many alphas and being filled with their seed time and time again. Passed around and used like a ball and otherwise being fucked by two or three or maybe all seven at the same time. Being marked, shared, scented and dominated in a primal level that he can only access in his heats.

Oh god, the heats. Usually an experience he is sick of and avoids due to the lack of an alphan presence he will now be surrounded by scents and knots that will sate his body to the utmost degree.

As he looks at the pictures that Kirishima sent and his fingers reach even deeper inside of him, he is finally able to cum to the thought of being fucked by all those alphas he just met. It’s terribly embarrassing, but he is loving the idea.

Shinsou changed the name of the group to “Midoriya’s Nudes”


Shinsou: You guys weren’t at DM.

Shinsou: I’m not complaining tho.

Shinsou: Nice dick, Kirishima. Nice ass, Midoriya.

Sero: Welp, I thought I would no longer need to see Kirishima’s dick after college, but it seems fate had other plans hahahaha. Still loving the pics tho ;)

Chapter Text

Well, this was… embarrassing. A bunch of strange alphas just saw his dick. Ok, he was sure Sero and Bakugou had already seen his dick many times back in college, so that’s not really a big change there, but there’s at least 4 new guys who knew shape, size and girth of his dick.


Welp, that was not the most amazing way to introduce himself.


But, he supposed that ship had already sailed. And he got to see that he was getting a bangable omega in this project. And he was going to meet him tomorrow.


“Kirishima!” Quickly, his door was kicked open by an angry, blonde fireman. “Why the fuck is your dick on my phone!”


“Think of it like college!” He turned to the door with a shy smile and an insincere laugh. 


“Gross! I don't want to think about that again!” Bakugou called out angrily, huffing loudly.


“How about thinking about the nice Omega that we've been attached to?” Kirishima mentioned, this time shaking the picture of a naked Midoriya on his phone in the face of his roommate. “And with whom I'll meet tomorrow.”


Bakugou started grumbling as his face colored red, analyzing the naked body of the Omega that was being exposed for him.


“Lucky bastard.” He complained, leaving the room, leaving his roommate to gawk at the pictures of the boy he was going to meet soon.


Kirishima started organizing himself right away. He needed to make a good first impression. He checked himself in the mirror to make sure his roots were dyed. He picked the tightest, most muscle-showcasing shirt he had to go to the jogging date, picked a good perfume he kept around for things like weddings and stuff. He was going to make an excellent first impression. This was the omega that would notice how cool and amazing he is.




Easy to say, Midoriya probably doesn’t think he is cool. At all. His date lasted less than half an hour before things went to shit.


Looking back, he probably thinks Kirishima is a moron. 


It took 15 minutes into their jog. Kirishima was managing it, showing off his skills without being cocky, being charming where Midoriya was shy, and trying hard not to oogle the omega’s killer body, and maybe, in a mix of ogling and trying to show off his speed, was what made him hit head first into a lamppost and break his nose.


And it was not a pretty, small nosebleed that just needed a tampon or a napkin to stop, he had a fuck gash in his face across his nose and in a mix of a sudden scare, Midoriya’s surprised reaction and his own shame over such stupidity, his own reaction was a simple “Are we still on a date?”


Midoriya’s reaction was to pick a towel and put it on the bleeding while he called for a cab to take them to a nearby hospital. “We’re going to a hospital, Kirishima, that’s a bad gash! It will need some stitches!”


Oh great. Now he was going to have the pleasure of looking like the literal Scarface when Midoriya says “I’m sorry, you’re just too much of a moron for me”. While his mind was deviating to the worst possible scenario, Midoriya got him to a hospital rather nearby while spouting a bunch of instructions for him that he can’t seem to make sense out of in his head.


Before he realized, he was having his face patched up in a bed by a doctor while Midoriya watched on his side. Now that was uncool.


“Please don’t run in the sidewalk from now on,” the doctor said. “it’s not only dangerous for you, but to other people. You could have hurt someone.” The young woman with dark hair said. She was staring at him as if he was an idiot, which, fair. “You can go home. Get some pain killers and eat more vitamin K for the next few days.”


As the two left the hospital, it was already afternoon, and Midoriya, the angel he was turned to him and said, while Kirishima was ready for a rejection. “Do you want to have lunch?”


Kirishima turned to the boy surprised, with his nose stitched up and swollen, he was apparently still game. “So… the date is still on?” Midoriya awarded him with the sweetest laughter.


“Yeah. Date still on. Let me make you something that will help that nose of yours.”


“Ok. Yeah.” Kirishima thought a bit while the two started walking. “I want some protein!”


“Yeah, I could use some too.” Midoriya smiled.




Midoriya’s apartment was simple. Minimum decoration except for a number of comics, posters and figurines. It was a one bedroom, one bathroom place, with a small kitchen with only the necessary. Kirishima made a few comments about the posters, commenting that he was a big fan of comics, especially the Crimson Riot ones. The two spend a little while standing in the greenette’s living room, talking comics, until there’s a moment where Midoriya is just staring at him for a little bit.


“Is… Is it that bad?” He said, reaching for his nose, touching at the ugly gash.


“Ah… No! Not, it isn’t! Sorry for staring, it’s just…” Midoriya blushed and turned his gaze to the opposite wall of the room. “You smell really good right now… kind of… I don’t know it’s weird.” Midoriya bit at his own bottom lip for a moment before looking at Kirishima again. “I kind of like the smell of an Alpha after a work out.”


Kirishima blushed. That went straight to his dick.


“Nevermind that!” Midoriya fixed his posture in a jiff. He stood up and clearly had moved on from that particular theme, even if he was still red in the face. “You should get a shower, I’ll get started with lunch.”


Midoriya guided him towards the bathroom in his apartment. It was relatively spacious, compared to the rest of the apartment. It had a pretty nice bathtub too. “I really like to soak up after hard days.” Midoriya smiled when explaining. “I’ll try to find some clothes for you. Don't use the hot water, that will be bad for your stitches."


Midoriya then left the alpha alone in his bathroom. Kirishima immediately released a long, tired breath. He had time to collect his thoughts while sitting down on the toilet.


This was all very messy. He had time to look in the mirror. It seemed the doctor did a good work in patching him up, but he’d miss work for a week. Midoriya assured him that he’d not have any scar as long as he organized his diet to add more of certain vitamins and applied a cream to his face for a little while. He now realized the damage looked worse than it was when it happened, when his face looked to have been split open, it now seems that the damage was much more superficial and less of a problem, even if it was a bloody mess at the start. Fuck, his blood was probably still on that lamppost, all crusty and oxidated. 


More to the point, what the fuck was Midoriya thinking about him. Overall, he’d certainly give himself a red grade on that date. No good date has to stop by the hospital to patch up a face. Unless you were into some weird stuff. Midoriya was a kind soul, so maybe all the good clues he received was just being ‘I might as well treat this dumbfuck as a person before I shove him out of my room and my life and proceed to get pregnant with his friends’ children’. 


Maybe that was just catastrophizing, but still.


At least Midoriya liked his sweaty scent. He has been with quite a few omegas that hate it. Kaminari hates it. Kirishima took off his clothes until he was only in his jockstrap. Looking in the mirror, he had a moment to appreciate himself.


He looked good. He looked really good. Maybe he still could turn this around.


He put his clothes atop the toilet and strided with confident steps towards the kitchen entrance. Midoriya has his back turned to him, humming to himself while he chopped some vegetables. Kirishima approached him slowly, but in a moments notice, he pressed his hands on the man’s hips. He yelped but turned his face around. He blushed when noticing the alpha’s lack of clothes.




“Hey, so… I remember you said you liked my smell…” Kirishima swallowed, but his next step was to put his whole body against the other, making sure to press his semi against the omega’s perky ass. “I forgot to tell you that you smell pretty awesome after a work out too.”


“Oh… thanks.” Midoriya blushed, looking to the man’s face supported on his shoulder. “You really do smell good.” He pressed his nose against the other’s temple, following by releasing the knife he was holding to put his arms around the neck of the man behind him.


“You didn’t seem like the type to like that alpha musk.” Kirishima commented, but his eyes rolled up when Midoriya’s face turned and took a deep sniff of his neck.


“Maybe I’m full of surprises.” Midoriya smiled at him, thrusting his hips back and pressing his ass against the man’s now full hard on. “I love that smell of alpha still sweaty from lifting. Makes me wanna be scented by them.”


“Fuck, Midoriya.” Kirishima said, thrusting forward and feeling his cock lodge perfectly in the omega’s ass.


“Holy fuck, Kirishima, you’re bleeding again!” Midoriya stepped back, and that good feeling of his cock against something plush and round was gone. The man hurriedly looked around the kitchen for paper towels, while Kirishima touched his face to notice an unusual amount of blood coming from his nose.


“Fuck…” He whispered to himself, and Midoriya was soon cleaning his nose.


“It’s okay, Kirishima. It’s nothing serious.”


“Fuck, fuck, fuck… Midoriya, I am so sorry for this date. This has to be the worst fucking date ever. I am so fucking sorry.” Midoriya kept patting his upper lip, removing the blood and shoving a wrapped paper towel up his nose. “Like, who the fuck ends up taking their date to a hospital and bleeds all over him when trying to hump him.”


“Kirishima.” Midoriya said, authoritative, and the redhead quieted down. “Yeah, it wasn’t one for the books, but it makes a good story to tell later. And I liked your company. And I liked you.” With Kirishima’s face finally clean, Midoriya held the man’s face in his hands. “And I still would like to have lunch with you. Maybe watch some movies together. If you still want to.”


Kirishima got lost in green eyes and hair and freckles for a moment, eyes wide from surprise that this worst date he’s ever been to was still going and that he wasn’t being kicked out of the apartment and the Raising Project.


“Now go take a shower. Again, no hot water. It’s gonna help you calm down that standing ovation down there too.” Midoriya jokes, looking down where Kirishima’s jockstrap was barely containing his erection.


Kirishima smiled shyly but went happily to the bathroom, soaking letting cold water run on him. He came out of that bath refreshed and with a new hope for this date, and with some oversized clothes Midoriya left for him, which were seemingly stuff he used as pajamas, and had Midoriya’s strong smell of tea and lemon.


And then, against all odds, the date was fine. Midoriya’s pork chops with veggies and rice were delicious, and the two proceeded to have a fine evening of watching TV together and getting to know each other.


Midoriya had let him know that this date didn’t even rank in his top 5 worst dates, citing the time were someone fled from the bathroom, leaving Midoriya to pay for the restaurant bill alone as the 5th, and promising he would only tell more if Kirishima went on more dates with him.


It was after two or three crappy action movies and the sun starting to set that it was time to leave. Midoriya gave him further instructions on how to treat his own face for the next few days, and saying goodbye to him by kissing his face many times. “I’ll kiss it better.” He joked.


And so, Kirishima went home a man in love.




Midoriya’s Nudes


Kirishima: Hey, Midoriya! It was a great date today after all. I’m sorry for those inconveniences. Let me make up to you by taking you on another! This time without lampposts.


Shinsou: Kinky. I’d like that.


Bakugou: Hey, eyebags, I’m fucking next.


Todoroki: I don’t remember us deciding that order. 

Todoroki: I’d like to be next.


Bakugou: Fuck you! I’m next! 


Mirio: Ok, calm down, let’s settle this with a game.


Shinsou:  Yeah, let’s see who has the biggest dick and that one will be next.


Sero: I’m game. I’m pretty confident in that!


Bakugou: I am NOT sending my fucking dick pics to a bunch of strange alphas!


Sero: Does it makes it better knowing that Kiri and I already saw that? So like, it’s only 4 new alphas.




Sero: My dick is longer than Kiri’s so I’m sure I have at least an advantage. It’s less girthy tho.


Mirio: Does girth count? How does it factor in the competition?


Kirishima: Girth counts. It should count!


Todoroki: I don’t think I am that girthy, but I’m confident in size.


Kirishima: Hey bro, it’s not the size of the hammer, it’s how you hit a nail.


Bakugou: Why are you guys fucking horny creeps?


Sero: Hey, look at the situation: if all comes to pass, we’ll be sharing much more than dick pics. Like, what is the difference between doing it now and when we share an omega in heat?


Kirishima: Also, common, bro, you have a great dick.


Sero: It is a really good looking dick. Like, an aesthetically pleasing cock.


Shinsou: Shit, are we really doing this? Ok, put something on the side of the pic, like a Red Bull can, so we can compare.

Shinsou: Also, girth counts. And knot size.


Bakugou: You’re in my zone now bitch!


Midoriya: What the hell did this group chat diverge into?

Midoriya: I was just heating up some porridge. And I come back to a literal dick measuring contest.

Midoriya: Also, Iida is next.


Bakugou: Why!? Just because Mr. Fancy Pants wasn’t in the middle of the Dick Debacle?


Shinsou: The Cock Contest!


Kirishima:  The Eggplant Event!


Sero: The Measuring Marathon!


Iida: I called him earlier this evening and asked if he was free for a trip to the museum tomorrow. And then maybe the movies. He said yes.


Mirio: Calling him! I should have tried that!


Todoroki: It seems so obvious when you look back. 


Kirishima changed the name of the group to “Eggplant Event”


Midoriya: So, tomorrow I am going with Iida to the museum and a movie. And then we can decide what we do next.


Sero: With the Eggplant Event?

Midoriya: No eggplants!