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definitions of indefinable things

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Tony let out a loud moan, arching his back off the bed. For a moment, he tried to simultaneously move away and grind up against the heat at the same time. He swallowed, soundly, gasping as he stretched his hands up above his head, an attempt to find some type of purchase by gripping onto the headboard. 


Stephen smirked. And Tony definitely feels it against the sensitive flesh of his inner thigh. The hot mouth slowly kissing and sucking at the delicate patches of skin as it traveled upward, leisurely but purposefully. 


God, what a way it was to wake up like this. The silk sheets cool against his skin, warm morning sun easing in from the large windows, the sound of the roaring waves seeping in from the cracked doorway to the terrace.


Tony was completely naked, stretched out on his back with Stephen, on his stomach, languidly laying near his lower half. The doctor’s face was settled somewhere between his slightly parted legs, mouthing and teasing at various areas around but always avoiding the hard erection. The trembling hands firmly planted on Tony’s upper thighs, stilling them as Stephen had his way.


Tony almost couldn’t believe this was real. It must be one of his many wet dreams that involved his fiancé. How funny it was that he had Stephen in his arms almost every night… and yet when Tony slept, he couldn’t help all his dreams and fantasy to be ones of further wanting, further craving. As if he didn’t already have the other man, as if it wasn’t enough to just simply have him in the long hours he spent awake. 


And the answer was no, it wasn’t enough. Truthfully, if asked, Tony would never say he had enough of Stephen Strange. He would always crave more.


The sorcerer nipped at the area where the right leg met the groin, chuckling as he felt Tony’s subtle buckling helplessly. He pressed a palm against the other’s hips, with enough pressure to prevent any more movement. Then, once he felt Tony relax a bit, trailed his hands gently upwards to the stomach, feeling the tight muscles convulsing underneath his fingers. 


Eventually, Stephen shifts his gaze upward, meeting Tony’s glassy stare. The tip of his tongue unconsciously darted out, swiping across his bottom lips. And as he continued to peer into the large doe eyes, those dark fluttering lashes, the sorcerer felt the urge to claim, to devour every inch of the brunette currently in his grasp.




And finally the begging. 


Stephen was beginning to get a little concerned if he lost his touch from how long Tony held out this time. But perhaps it was the nature of today. They had the time to indulge and maybe Tony simply enjoying the slow pace.




Oh, how he loved his own name spoken in that tone, falling from those pretty lips with pure desperate need, honeyed with reverence and affection.


Stephen placed a final kiss to the soft skin of the other’s inner thigh. Making a show of it as he held Tony’s gaze. A sly smirk stretching across his lips as he angled his face just right, in a way the light would accentuate the high cheekbones. And slowly, Stephen lifted himself to his knees, watching as the billionaire’s expressive eyes followed him without fail, the pupils impossibly dark.


He soon draped himself over the smaller frame, settling between the spread legs. And as Stephen leaned forward, parting Tony’s knees further in the process, he definitely sees the excited expectance in the other. 


“Oh I’m not going to fuck you, Tony,” he said in the smooth baritone. “Not this time. …Touch yourself, darling. I want to see you pleasure yourself-”


Stephen smiled as he can visibly see the wheels turning in the genius’s pretty little head. Tony bit back a string of curses as he continued to stare at his lover’s very smug expression.


“Stephen-“ he started again with a frown. One of his hands reached for sorcerer’s upper arm, fingernails digging in, clawing in the desperation, the need he currently felt. “Come on- just-“


But soon Stephen’s own hand was over Tony’s, drawing it away from the arm and leading it towards the brunette’s cock. Tony gasped loudly at the contact, couldn’t help to thrust into his own hands before the embarrassment set it. 


Their eyes were still fixed on one another, the intensity of it preventing either of them from straying. 


“Get yourself off…” Stephen was leaning in, his tone drawn to a whisper as his lips grazed Tony’s left ear. “You know how much I like a good show.”


And with that, he leaned back, sitting on his heels. He suppressed the urge to laugh at the battle of emotions being displayed by his lover. Arousal, annoyance, desperation, frustration… the temptation.


But after another second or two, Tony wrapped his fingers around his shaft, giving it quick pumps up and down, biting at his lower lips to prevent the moans from escaping. It was firm, efficient stokes, a quick chase towards his orgasm.


Stephen’s icy gaze raked over the other’s body, noting all the twitch and spazzing of muscles before focusing once more on the moving hand. “Not in the mood anymore to savor this?”


Tony let out a shallow gasp as he trailed his thumb over the head of his cock. He all but ignores the sorcerer other than briefly fixing him with a glare. Then shortly after, turns his head away.


Stephen lightly tracing Tony’s now flushed cheeks with the pad of his thumb, a soft hum flowing from his lips.


The engineer grudgingly admits to himself he’s grateful his fiancé is not having one of those days where he is in a damn mood… all but insisting the billionaire to keep his eyes on him. Tony is unsure if he can do it at the moment without dying of embarrassment. Although there was something about this situation that was getting to him, making him flushed from the inside. The fact that he’s sprawled out, being on such open display, touching himself like some horny teenager, just for his lover’s amusement… Unconsciously, a sudden shot of trill went up his spine that he quickly curses at.


A series of open panting filled the air as Tony built up his rhythm, his free hand fisting up the soft sheets. He let his eyes fall closed, not wanting to think about the scrutinizing gaze of the sorcerer but…


“I love how you indulge me, honey…”


Tony buckled at the sheer roughness of those words, at that bottomless tone which held so much unrestrained hunger along with a hint of danger.


“Oh, do you like it too?” Stephen traced his hands down to the other’s calf then slowly back up, giving a possessive squeeze once he reached the hips. “Do you enjoy going against that pride of yours? Putting on such vulgar display, of this beautiful body… just because I asked? Just because I want to see you being indecent?”


Tony’s breathing hitched, his sights snapping to Stephen in an instant. There was a moment, a moment in which he feels himself at the edge, about to fall… But then there was a sharp squeeze the base of his cock, stopping him from cumming altogether.


“FUCK!” Tony screamed loudly, thrashing against the hold.


But Stephen moved with him, holding his grip till he was sure Tony’s orgasm faded away. A smirk as Tony shoots him a betrayed look.


And he simply went on, ignoring what had just happened. “…Humiliating yourself for my pleasure?” The sorcerer let out a small huff of laughter before shifting his weight. Diving in to capture the other’s lips and dragging the bottom lips in a playful bite before letting go. “You were always such a giver, Tony…”


“S-stephen…” Tony was trembling now, his whole body shaking with want. “I… I need-“


The doctor placed a second kiss, more passionate than the first, swallowing up the sweet pleading from Tony’s tongue, savoring it.


Gradually, Stephen’s planted his weight more firmly against Tony’s. His hips grinding down in a steading circle, their cocks rubbing together at a steady pace as they moved together instinctively.


Tony doesn’t think he can cum from simply this, no matter how pleasant the friction felt, but…


“I love it, you know… How willing you are to meet my wants, my simple whims. It’s unsavory… just how much I enjoy that you simply yield when it comes to me… even against yourself. It makes me feel powerful… more so than any magic-“


The sorcerer’s trembling hands stilled on Tony’s hips, gripping tight enough to bruise.


The next second they both come undone with a sharp cry, buckling their hips against one another through the aftershock.


It takes another minute or so for them to simply calm down, catching their breath.


Stephen, eventually feeling the strain in his arms, carefully rolled himself over, all but collapsing next to Tony. When their eyes meet, they couldn’t help the soft laughter that resonated.


“Damn… ok…” Tony muttered, as if still reminiscing. “Where the hell did that come from-?“


“Ah well-“ Stephen smiled onto Tony’s shoulder, his arms wrapping around the other’s middle. “I may have heard you… last night. When you were… playing with yourself-“


He felt Tony freezing for half a second. But then the brunette shifts slightly towards him, a bit wide-eyed. “…oh…”


“I definitely don’t mind you needing time to yourself if you are in that mood but…” The sorcerer pulls Tony closer, nuzzling the crook of the brunette’s neck with a half-hearted smirk. “I definitely won’t complain to watching-“


“I thought you were asleep… didn’t want to wake you just because I got horny-“


Stephen let out a short laugh. “And here I thought I was being polite and pretending not to notice.”


A light scoff, shaking of head and Tony stared at the other still with a definite fondness.


“Okay well… what now? …Breakfast? I might go tinker with some things afterward though.” He then craned his neck towards the large floor-to-ceiling window. Watching for a moment as the waves crashed against the rocks in a steady sequence.


Hearing that, Stephen groaned, further burying his face onto the smaller man’s shoulders. “…five minutes.”


“Really, babe? You were definitely enthusiastically up just a minute ago.”


“We have time, do we not?”


Yes, yes they did. They had all the time in the world.


There were no missions to be running off to, no meetings scheduled, no interruptions from a compound filled with people. Perhaps not forever but they did have time at the moment. At least today. At least tomorrow. At least till they decide to return to New York ready to face once more the reality of their life.


Tony languidly ran a finger against Stephen’s hand that was placed over his stomach, “I should at least give Pepper a call… see how Peter and Harley are doing…”


“They are fine. They are not helpless… they can handle us being away for a couple of days.”


“Yeah but-“


“Tony, we’ve just got here yesterday evening. We haven’t even been away for more than sixteen hours.”


The genius appeared for a moment as if he was going to argue. But then, let out a half-hearted sigh before a soft smile formed on his lips. “You’re right. And this… this is our vacation. Away from all the craziness. Just you, me… and the beach, the sun… some peace and quiet…”


Tony leaned in for a quick kiss, cherishing the rare, genuine, carefree smile that was left in its wake. “As much sex as we want without being interrupted…”


Stephen gave a sarcastic, “oh?” Giving a clear exaggerated guise of deep consideration. “Then we should definitely take advantage of this.”


“Yeah, we should get on that right away,” Tony replied without missing a beat. Just as seriously and just as sarcastic.


“Okay…” Without breaking eye contact, Stephen leaned further onto the bed. A smirk played on his lips. Suggestive, but there was no room for doubt. “So get on-”


A matching grin formed on Tony as he almost immediately jumped on top of the other, saddling him. Easy laughter filled the air, swallowed up occasionally by playful kisses.


It always amazed Tony just how much stamina Stephen had. Even with the notorious Playboy title, Tony had trouble keeping up with the man even years back. He wasn’t complaining, of course. The billionaire often benefited from Stephen’s insatiability. The sex was incredible. And the doctor was quite creative, very passionate when he just wanted it.


But lately, he had been thinking…



Tony had been working nonstop for much of the late morning. Stephen, not wanting to be of distraction, went for a walk on the trail that overlooked the oceans.


It had been quite a while since they returned to California. The pair hadn’t had much time for it. Tony even considered selling the land all together after the destruction of the first mansion during the crazy Killian debacle. It wasn’t as if they spent much time away from New York at that point anyway.


However, Stephen seemed rather attached to the property. Although no exact reason was ever given, the billionaire was half-convinced it might have something to do with the fact that it was where they spent their first night together. The doctor had always been incredibly sentimental behind that cold front.


But no matter. All it took was one half-hearted objection on the sell and Tony was already drawing up new plans for the rebuilding of the estate. Though, even after it’s completion, they had come to visit it only once… before…


Tony sat up straight, stretching his neck from side to side.


God, he really was feeling his age these days. There was once a time where days of hard work would barely faze him.


With a heavy sigh, his eyes roamed around the room absentmindedly. Not focusing on anything in particular till…


Then he saw it, his eyes landing on the shiny surface of the large cabinets nearby.


He peered over at the reflection, looking over himself. He ran his fingers through the messy hair, trying to manage it somehow. Then angled his face to each side just a bit, assessing. The billionaire definitely had to try hard to ignore the tugging of insecurity as he notes all the fine lines and wrinkles that adorned his face.


Tony let out a sigh, trying to get a hold of himself. It wasn’t news. He was getting old.


In truth, it often catches him off guard lately just how Stephen… still looked at him with the same heated gaze. Filled with desire, hunger, and so much love. Same gaze identical to the ones from over a decade ago.


Was it though? Was it still the same? Or was Tony just seeing what he wanted to see? Just desperately hoping it was the same…


Tony used to wonder about this. About hitting fifties. He often wondered back then how Stephen would feel about him in the later years to come. Being younger than him by a handful of years and being so so pretty. Always too pretty.


He may have never admitted it out loud but Tony often assumed the successful surgeon would simply leave him. Replace him with a younger, prettier model. Or if he felt obligated to stick around, perhaps dabble in few affairs here or there. Take on some younger sidepiece that could satisfy some craving no longer being met due to being stuck with a much older man.


He shook his head, trying to wave the thought away. It hit a bit too close to home now. No longer seemed like some amusement, some worry for the distant future but one that was right at his doorstep.


He tried to tear his gaze away but couldn’t help but keep glancing back. Hands now fidgeting with a tool with a hint of anxiety.


Tony had briefly heard from Wong about Stephen’s extended life span as the Sorcerer Supreme and therefore slower physical aging. None of them were really sure how to factor in the time-stopping, rewinding, and all that into his age but appearance-wise, Stephen definitely looked no older than forty.


Years back, even before understanding the existence of real magic, if someone had told Tony that Stephen would keep his good looks for decades to come… he would have believed it, easily. Expected it even.


What he did not expect, however, was Stephen’s indifference… or so it seemed… to the fading of his, Tony’s, physical appeal.


Or was he just… hoping…


“Checking yourself out?”


The low baritone snapped him from his thoughts. Gaze snapping up to the reflection once more, just in time to see Stephen standing behind him, easily snaking his arms around his waist. Tony smiled when he felt the soft lips on the nape of his neck.


“What are you thinking so deeply about?”


“I-…” The genius felt his brain short-circuited. He blinked rapidly for a moment, trying to grasp for something, anything. Then settled on not a lie but another train of thought that morning. “I was just thinking… if we go to town we may be a bit too easily recognized. And I just… wanted a quiet day… but out, you know? …fresh air-”


“I can portal us to a remote town?”


He let out a soft laughter. “…I hate to say this, babe, but… I’m Tony Stark.”


“I can cast an illusion spell…”


“Yeah… I guess…?”


There was a soft humming that left the Sorcerer’s lips. “Or… maybe something a little more fun-”


Hearing that, Tony’s expression turned to one of interest.


Stephen placed another quick kiss on the other’s jaw before raising his hand slightly. “May I?”


“…Sure?” The billionaire was certain however if it was anyone else other than Stephen, he would have had many more questions. And even then, he may have not agreed in the end.


Soon, one complicated gesture, muttering of a spell, and Tony watched in fascination, as his own appearance seemed to de-age at a rapid rate.


The brunette blinked quickly, trying to completely comprehend the sight that was reflecting back to him. He took a step closer, running a finger uncertainly along his perfectly smooth skin.


He looked young. Even, sun-kissed complexion, wrinkles gone. Fuller darker hair, clean-shaven, which only accentuated his large, dark lashed eyes. If he had to put a label on it, Tony appeared as he did in his late twenties maybe early thirties, on rare days he shaved completely.


“Well, the goatee was too much of a giveaway paired with your eyes,” Stephen said behind him with a chuckle. “But if it bothers you I can…”


“No… no… I like this…” he replied, almost wistfully. “Temporary right? I mean… fun! …Damn… I almost forgot I looked this good-“


Stephen snorted before stepping closer, kissing him on the cheek. “You always look good.”


And Tony definitely noticed that tone shift. Subtle but one that paired so beautifully with that look the doctor was currently giving him. Oh, he was liking this already.


“No, but this-“ Tony vaguely motioned to his own face, facing the doctor with a smirk. “Come on, you have to admit, like this I can even rival you in terms of prettiness-“


The Sorcerer crossed his arms, letting out an amused huff.


“Maybe with like... glasses and right outfit? I would be hardly recognizable like this… What about you?”


There was a pause in which Stephen seemed to have shifted half his attention to the project Tony had been working on. “I’m not as notoriously recognizable as you. I’m sure out of the… elaborate robes and cloak, the street clothes alone would be a throw off. Maybe I’ll shave. You always said the facial hair made me appear quite different-”


Then motioning to a pair of glasses on the workspace. “…What’s this?”


“Oh! …That- …that is for Peter.”




There was a short pause before Tony cleared his throat. He quickly darting about to save and clear away files on the many monitors.


“…I don’t know… I mean, my time is up, you know? Yours won’t be for a long while considering… how you’ll live for… longer…”


The icy gaze soon locked onto Tony, frowning.


“But these kids… they are the future. And I think the world is in good hands, don’t you think?”


“Tony,” he started slowly. “…So what is this?”


“…Just… something… that may help Peter’s legacy. Stark Industries is Harley’s and Avengers…” Tony swallowed, shoving his hands into the pockets as he paced. “…Peter… is a hero. Born to be. …Better than me. He’s a leader. But without my arrogance, without the ego, the pride. He’s compassionate. After Thanos, people claimed how… Iron Man was… savior of mankind? Earth’s Greatest Defender? Some title of a great hero? And if… that’s the case… Peter… he is… the Iron Man the world deserves.”


The frown deepened as Stephen stepped closer, “Tony-“


But the other continued. His words coming out fast now. “I won’t always be here to protect him in this… path he’s on? We all know what that’s like. There will be times he inevitably would have to go through it alone. But… I just… want to maybe create something that will… at least make it a little easier for him. A little help… in case he needs it…”


There was a moment of silence as Tony refused to meet Stephen’s gaze, the brunette’s eyes determinately fixed onto one of the distant walls. The sorcerer wondered if he should press further but…


He licked his lips, taking in a deep breath to calm his own voice. “…So… what are you naming this?”




Stephen smiled, tried to let out a short laugh to ease the odd tension. “Oh? Oddly normal for you.”


There was a short pause before Tony returned the smile. “Yeah…. Yeah, it is… isn’t it… So where to today?”



They spent much of the day thoroughly enjoying their rare freedom. Freedom from obligation, freedom from the press, freedom from the stress… the stares, the judgments…


Stephen seemed to have been correct in assuming he himself would not be recognized with minimal effort. Wearing dark jeans, a simple shirt, and cardigan, no one seemed to even bother giving the former surgeon a second glance. Other than the couple quick double takes and long stares from admirers.


Tony had been a tad bit concerned since it was not long ago where the footage from the recent fight against the dragons went vital. Number one watched online from what Peter and Harley had told them. The Sorcerer Supreme’s popularity indeed skyrocketed much to perhaps SHIELD’s dismay. For days straight there was not much to note about online discussions regarding the Avengers other than people gushing about the sorcerer.


Certainly, no one would recognize Tony currently, given he appeared about two to three decades younger than the age the public associated with Tony Stark. However, the genius had thought some would be able to pick out Stephen without any real changes to his looks other than attire.


Of course, it may have helped that they had been choosing to roam some of the more eccentric of places… such as the Arts District, Hollywood, Santa Monica - courtesy of simply, easily jumping from one place to another through magical portals. Considering the diversity, the colorfulness of the culture, and the sheer busyness of the areas they visited, hardly anyone gave them extended attention.


And Tony enjoyed every second of it.


They talked, joked, bantered. They wondered the streets they never had the time to leisurely roam, revisited places they once knew pointing out all that had changed. They went into old bookstores, visited the remote popup galleries, grabbed odd flavored ice cream that Tony was certain Stephen liked more than he let on.


It was so… delightful, liberating, being able to move about a crowd without the stares. Do whatever he wanted without the endless amount of eyes scrutinizing his every action. The billionaire even enjoyed being bumped into accidentally by strangers who did not see him in time.


The only attention fully on him at all times seemed to be that of Stephen’s.


And speaking of the sorcerer…


Stephen’s hand never seemed to leave him for long. Roaming his back, leading his arm, soft caresses to his neck, a slip just under his shirt. And as much as he was relishing the affection, Tony’s brain started to wonder if Stephen had ever been so tactile with him out in public.


Well… he supposed the doctor could also be enjoying the rare freedom from unwanted attention. After all, cities such as these, two “normal” men out in public displaying PDA were hardly a cause for alarm. Or…


Or his fiancé was liking this magically de-aged body a bit too much.


Tony contemplated briefly if he should feel annoyed by it all. Sad at the very least. Because this look… the way Stephen was currently staring right now with that stupid grin on his face… This. This was certainly the look Tony was used to seeing decades ago.


Perhaps, he really had been delusional in thinking Stephen did not care about the loss of his partner’s physical appeal.


Tony let out a soft scoff as he tried to turn his attention back to the soothing tune of couple street performers nearby.


Of course, Stephen would care. He was human. Sure, it wasn’t everything but it was natural, normal, to care about physical appearances. Humans were drawn to beauty and youth no matter how much they wished to deny it.


But understanding it, admitting it didn’t make this hurt any less. Or sedate the crawling of anxiety at the pit of his stomach.


“Something wrong?”


A hand pulled him carefully off to the side and away from the moving crowd. Tony followed along without a second thought.


The next moment, Stephen was leaning against the railing at the side of the walkway, drawing the billionaire towards him in an embrace. The doctor’s arms wrapped itself around Tony’s waist and almost instinctively, Tony’s hands fell onto the taller man’s shoulders.    


“What’s on your mind?”


“Nothing important,” Tony replied all too casually. His mind quickly worked to form a decent diversion but seconds later… something else caught the brunette’s attention.


Stephen… with the backdrop of the roaring waves behind, the warm glow from the sunset kissing his skin, couple loose strands of hair moving with the gentle wind. And those piercing eyes. Always drawing Tony in, always too fast, too deep.


He blinked, leaning in a bit without really meaning to. Noticing it, the doctor let out a soft chuckle as he raised a hand, stroking the other’s cheek briefly before absentmindedly playing with the ropes on Tony’s hoodie.


Stephen looked absolutely breathtaking in this view. Physical beauty that rivaled his gorgeous mind, reflected his exquisite charm, matched so well with the graceful elegance. …It made his heart ache.


Tony let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding. “You. I’m thinking about you. …You’re beautiful.“


The sorcerer let out a soft laughter. “Oh, then it’s definitely important-”


“Ugh. Just kiss me-”


And he does, hard. Lips quickly sealing over Tony’s as one trembling hand slipped to the brunette’s hard jawline, then firmly at the back of his neck, guiding. Tony hummed, tasting the sweetness on Stephen’s tongue that lingered from the ice cream they just had.


When they parted for air, a grin was stretched on both of their lips.


“I think I just disappointed the girl that was staring at you," Tony teased, subtly gesturing vaguely to his right.


“Brunette, boots, white blazer?”


Billionaire gave his fiancé a look, the smile completely gone in an instant.


Stephen laughed as he poked lightly at Tony’s nose, breaking the glare. Then, leaned in further, placing a kiss on the jawline before whispering. “I only noticed because her boyfriend… or date... keeps staring at you.”


Tony rolled his eyes.


“What ever should I do?” A spark of mischief lingered in that gaze. “Should I collar you? Property of Stephen Strange. Maybe people will know better then…”


He raised an eyebrow, though his tone was definitely playful. “I don’t know. Are you going to let me collar you?”


Stephen acted as if taken aback, though far from genuine.


“You know me, babe,” Tony went on easily. “Down for anything but I’m all about equality.”


But before Stephen can further tease on the matter there was ringing from the inside of Tony’s pocket.


It doesn’t take long before he fishes out his phone, giving a quick glance at the name before answering with a frown. “Pep, what’s up?”






Stephen loosened his hold, letting Tony turn slightly away. Although it was clear the sorcerer suddenly became a bit tense, frowning as he continued to watch Tony’s expression for some indication.


“I… Ms. Potts… I- ….She thought it would… good if I called you…”


“Harley, what’s going on? Did something happen? Where are you? We can be there in-“


“NO!... No, nothing like that.” Sound of throat clearing.


Tony paused for a moment, his mind spinning fast. “…Harley… Is it the board? Are they giving you a hard time?”


“No. …Well… kinda… but…” There was a loud ugh that Tony was definitely accustomed to hearing from the teen at this point. “It’s… not just them. There’s… a lot of talk. God… I… I also have been screwing up the little things and… I-I’m… I’m sorry…”


Tony frowned. “Why are you sorry? So you made mistakes, not a big deal-”


“I have to-… there are… expectation.”


“Since when the fuck did you care what other people thought? Fuck their expectations-”


There was a brief silence before, “…Your expectation.”


Tony blinked. It suddenly dawned on him… what this was about. He took a glance at Stephen who seemed to have put the pieces together as well. The hand that was still on the brunette’s waist gave a light squeeze as if in support.


“Harley…” He swallowed. His gaze darted about, to the continuous passing crowd, the ocean behind them, the sky that burned red, but without really seeing any of it. A soft sigh and then, “I want you to listen to this very carefully. I am going to tell you what I actually expect of you…”


“…I expect you to be a decent human being. To try to do good for the world and those around you… but in your own way. I expect you to fail, I expect you to stubble. I expect you to make mistakes… a lot of mistakes-”


Tony smiled as he heard Stephen let out an exasperated huff next to him.


“I expect you to make mistakes, make amends. Take a leap, and make a splash. ...I expect you to have great adventures. …And I expect you to unleash holy hell on anyone who ever tries to hold you down. ...From what you could be. What you want to be. …Because you don’t just work at Stark Industries, Harley… You are a Stark.”


There was a long stillness that followed before the teen spoke.




“…Are you crying?”


“NO!…. fuck- I’m going to hang up now-“


He was cold, he was calculating. He never told me he loved me. He never even told me he liked me. 






“…I’m… proud of you. And I love you. Always. No matter what.”


“……love you too… dad.”


Then there was a distinct click.


Tony frowned, huffing loudly as he turned back to Stephen. “…The little shit hung up on me.”


Stephen simply shook his head with a fond smile.



Tony leaned heavily against the railing. Eyes fixed on the distance lights, ears half tuned to the roaring of the waves.


The pair returned back to the estate just a couple minutes ago. After late dinner at a lovely little restaurant, they had noticed during their exploring. It was remote, quiet, intimate… a perfect end to the day. And now, Tony stood on the terrace connected to the master bedroom, nursing a glass of scotch he poured for himself just moment’s prior.


He tilted the cup to his lips, taking a small sip before lowering it just a bit. A distorted reflection stared back at him from the smooth crystal.


He hadn’t asked Stephen to lift the spell yet. The sorcerer dashed off for a shower soon as they returned and didn’t seem to think twice about it. And Tony… he kept his mouth shut on the topic.


If truth be told, it felt good. Passing by a mirror and seeing this young and youthful face being reflected back at him. And it definitely was an ego boost to have caught strangers staring at him a handful of times today, not because they knew who he was, but simply because he was attractive. He was even told multiple times by some random waitress or shopkeepers how beautiful his eyes were. Tony knew he was being a little vain at this point but he could indulge once in a while, right? When else will he get chances like this?


And the billionaire was fairly certain the spell did something far beyond the surface level appearance. He didn’t feel the usual muscle pain or soreness he got accustomed to feeling as he left his twenties. He felt good, lively. There was newfound energy that was almost trilling.


He wasn’t ready to let it all go just yet.


And then… there was a small part of him… very small… maybe more… that liked the attention Stephen had been giving him today.


Everything about this… this younger skin he was wearing… made him feel confident. It felt amazing in ways he had forgotten, in ways he didn’t quite appreciate it when he actually had it decades ago. And Stephen being that enthralled with him today, it was a high like none before. It was delightfully satisfying. He was so ecstatic realizing now just how much Stephen must have been smitten with him during their younger days of dating.


But it was also bittersweet. Knowing he will never be able to draw Stephen in the same way again.


“You alright?”


Taking another large gulp, Tony turned around, seeing Stephen walking towards him in a simple nightshirt and pants, wet hair still, and a towel hanging over one shoulder.


Tony smiled softly the minute his eyes landed on the other. It was an almost involuntary reaction seeing the doctor.


The sorcerer let out a short sigh before closing the distance with a look of concern. “You seemed distracted since we got here… Today wasn’t up to your expectations?”


“No, no… Today was perfect.” He carefully placed the glass onto the ledge before wrapped his arms around Stephen’s neck, pulling them closer. “You make everything perfect.”


The doctor smiled before taking a half step back. “You seemed preoccupied.”


“I…” The corner of his lips twitched upwards for a second. “I mean… just a lot of time right now to think, you know? No threat against the universe completely overwhelming my every thought? No meetings, no agendas, no stupid politics… My mind is finally taking advantage of the chance to wander… about things I put off thinking about…”


“Anything you want to share?”


There was a moment of pause as they simply stared at one another. Then Tony ran a hand through his windswept hair, ruffling it slightly.


“I just… I guess this wasn’t how I expected things to be... Not today. Again, today was amazing. …Just… life in general.”


Stephen continued to watch him. He didn’t seem irritated or judging, just a bit concerned. “So what did you expect?”


“I don’t know?” Tony glanced away, not sure if he can continue such private thought while looking into the other’s eyes directly. “… Definitely not be marrying… now. When we are this old? I mean… even when I first proposed I was already pushing early forties. I guess I didn’t expect us to take this long in… getting here, having all this.”


A sad smile formed on the sorcerer’s lips as he gently stroked away a loose strand of hair.


“…I wish… I wish I met you earlier…” Tony went on after a brief pause. “Where were you all that time? The time we could have spent together…” His voice trailed off for a moment. Then the whiskey gaze turned back onto him. “You mentioned before… in other universes where we met earlier in life. I want that. I selfishly want… that.”


“Well,” Stephen stated evenly still. “Things would have been different if that were the case… And I love this. What we have now.”


“But we lost… so much time. Stephen, we… It’s not fair-“


And life wasn’t fair. They both knew that. Both of them knew that very well from thorough experience.


But it would be a lie to say Stephen didn’t also contemplate on this very subject every so often.


How the five years after the snap and before the final battle against Thanos… how the sorcerer selfishly wished they had switched places. For the simple reason that five years was nothing to him but for Tony, it was long years apart they will never get back. Every year, every hour, every minute, and every second… seemed so precious now.


“…I’m… I’m fifty-three, Stephen. … We both know… what? With luck and no freak accident… Which is rather unlikely in our line of work… Another… I don’t know? Twenty years if lucky factoring in all the shit I did to my body for years? And a good portion of that I may not be in the best health…”


“Tony…” he said warningly.


“I don’t… want to live long… if that’s the case. To be a burden, to not really be living anyways-“


“Tony.” It came out sharp, harsh. “Stop. Talking.” His hands were tightly gripping the ledge, knuckles turning white.


Noticing it, Tony automatically flinched. As if he could imagine, feel it himself the pain that must be radiating from Stephen’s injured hands.


Swallowing, Tony reached over, carefully taking the hands in his, trying to prevent the doctor from further hurting himself unintentionally.


“…I’m so sorry,” he said eventually, faintly.


Stephen blinked several times trying to register, “What?”


“I’m sorry… I was weak. I should have waited for you. I could make the excuse how… after all you said after the accident… but no…I-”


Stephen let out a heavy sigh. “I broke your heart. No one can blame you for moving on-“


“I should have known you would have come back… to me. If I just… waited then… we could have had…”


It comes to him in flashes. All that Stephen had said about staying away. Trying to give him a chance at happiness with Steve. …If he hadn’t been so weak, hadn’t given in to whatever temptation, didn’t cave into the loneliness… Perhaps he and Stephen could have made it work, salvaged what they had sooner. Perhaps Tony would have kept a clear head during the first Accords mess, with the situation with Barnes. Maybe the whole situation would not have played out the way it did without the unnecessary feelings from both parties.


And if the Avengers stayed together… perhaps when Thanos finally came, they would have won the first time… together.


Then they would not have lost another five years…


Or… maybe it would have all played the same. Or worse.


“Even if it was just another handful of years before… the war, before the snap. …What I wouldn’t give to just get one more second with you. When we were younger…“


A small smile played on Stephen’s lips. He could feel the burst of anger receding. “We weren’t all that young at the time, Tony. Well beyond our prime-“ he tried to say wistfully.


“Well,” The usual easiness was back in the genius’s voice. A grin forming on his lips as he gestured to his current state of self. “You should have seen me younger. I was damn pretty.”


Stephen let out a warm laughter as he placed both his hands on either side of the brunette’s face, leaning in for a kiss. “You are…”


And there it was again, that look Stephen was giving him. The smile faltered slightly from Tony’s face as it really clicked in his head, hit him harshly.


He really had been imagining that Stephen still looked at him in the same way he had in the past. Because this… this look of desperate desire, sheer want, unreserved craving… he doesn’t remember seeing from Stephen in a long while. But here it was. As the sorcerer stared at his fake youthful face.


Damn, he had been an idiot… a delusional idiot.


But it was okay, right? Even if the reason Stephen seemed totally, completely hooked was due to this younger skin he currently wore… it was still a version of himself. Stephen still loved him. That, Tony, was quite certain of. The doctor may not find him as physically attractive as before but Tony could live with that, right…? At least it didn’t seem like the sorcerer was repulsed by his older body… just… not as appealing.


This was all simply an understandable reality. Time passes, beauty fades… At least Stephen still… loved him so… it was… okay.


Tony quickly downed the rest of the amber liquid before placing the cup down once more. Stephen raised an eyebrow but there was no time for words as Tony soon grabbed a hold of his hand, leading him inside to the bedroom, never breaking eye contact.


Never let it be said that Tony wasn’t an opportunist.


So what if he couldn’t enjoy this level of attention anymore, every day? Then he was going to take full advantage of it, right now, while it lasted.


Once at the foot of the bed, Stephen tried to grab a hold of him, reaching out as if trying to take the lead. But the next second, Tony gave a harsh shove onto the other’s chest, the sorcerer falling backward onto the bed unceremoniously.


There was a short second of shock, but amusement clearly written across Stephen’s face as he watched Tony climb on top of him, pushing him down with surprising force.


God, this body was amazing. Tony felt like he could do anything at that moment. The strength, the flexibility. It was adrenaline he hasn’t quite felt since he crossed his forties. And he was definitely going to take full advantage of this.


Stephen tried once more to touch him, draw the other down for a kiss but Tony shoved his shoulder back. Now the doctor peered at him in confusion.


Tony smirked as he trailed his palms down from the shoulder to the other’s wrists, dragging them up to above Stephen’s head. “Nuh-uh, babe… You want this tonight? My rules.”


Giving another squeeze to the wrist, a soft indication to keep them there, Tony let go. Then the cleaver fingers slipped underneath Stephen’s shirt, pulling them off quickly but not completely, eventually securing the fabric around the sorcerer’s wrists in a tight knot.


“You know I can get out of these,” Stephen said with a smirk.


But it soon faded as Tony leaned down, hovering just centimeters away but never touching. Without a second thought, Stephen impatiently tried to chase those lips but was pressed down again harshly.


“You won’t,” Tony stated simply, “You do that and I stop. And you don’t want that, do you, babe?”


Stephen narrowed his gaze. “What I want,” he replied almost matter-of-factly. “…is to be inside you.”


Oddly enough, Tony didn’t bother snapping back. He simply rolled his eyes before sitting on his heels.


Stephen watched, hardly blinking as Tony removed his own clothes, chucking them aside in leisure pace. He licked his lips, eyes shamelessly appraising over the billionaire’s naked form without reserve. Tony, on the other hand, acted as if he hadn’t noticed, as if he didn’t care. And if it wasn’t for that twitch at the corner of his lips, Stephen may have believed it.


Soon the brunette started to pull at Stephen’s pants. Then, while wrapping his hand around the other’s length, Tony finally met the piercing blue-green gaze. Challenging it with a wicked smirk of his own.


Cursing tumbled from his lips as Stephen buckled into the warm hand. “Tony- I… fuck- I want to touch you-“ It was more of a demand than asking.


In which, Tony merely scoffed at.


Although, it was true the doctor rarely cursed so freely. At this that was something. And the way Stephen’s eyes were fixed on him, that gaze that held so much heat and want… It made him feel… powerful.


Not wasting another second Tony slid his tongue along the underside of the other’s cock, once, before swallowing the whole thing in one go, the head hitting the back of his throat in split second.


Stephen let out a deep moan as he tossed a bit. Although, soon, firm hands were at the doctor’s hips, holding him in pace as Tony started bobbing up and down.


“Tony!” His voice came out rough, sharp. “I want to touch!”


That made the billionaire snap his eyes back up, pulling off with a wet pop. “No.”


Tony savored the look of confusion, impatience, but utter hunger that radiated from the other. He lowered his chin just a tad bit, peering from underneath the dark lashes in a way he definitely knew Stephen loved. The billionaire let out a soft snicker as he felt Stephen’s cock twitch in his hands. Feeling benevolent, he gave a couple of leisure strokes that were received with grateful moans.


But the other hand started rummaging for the lube, soon messily coating his fingers with a good amount. Tony let out an exaggerated groan as he slipped his hand behind him.


Stephen was completely fixated on the scene before him, watching with engrossed attention as Tony started prepping himself. He almost made a move as if to break through the restraint, fingers flexing, but stopped himself just at the last second. Although he let out an undignified huff of irritation after catching his breath. “Tony… let me help-“




“For fucking sake-“


“I said no. You just get to watch.” Then with another smirk. “You like a good show right?”


“Damn you!”


That surprisingly sounded incredibly emotional. The frustration completely genuine.


Tony raised an eyebrow, snickering. “Damn… It’s been a while since you’ve been this riled up-“


Then there was that same insecurity that tugged from the dark corners of his mind… one that seemed to suggest why Stephen might be so into this right now.


But he shook it away hastily, not wanting to ruin the mood.


Tony tried to focus on the matter at hand. He bit back a moan as he shoved another finger inside himself, scissoring and pumping them in and out in an efficient manner. The billionaire definitely notes every hitch of breaths from Stephen, the darkening of his pupils, the raising of pulse as his fiancé simply observed.


“Enough!” Stephen snapped after another several minute. There was a definite growl in that tone, a threat, Tony is all too familiar with.


For a moment, it appeared as if Tony was actually going to listen. Pulling the fingers out from his entrance and reaching for the lube once more. He poured another generous amount onto his hands then spread it on Stephen’s hardened length. Tony’s eyes never left Stephen’s as he repositioned himself over the sorcerer’s hips.


But then, paused.


“Try again, babe.”


The sorcerer gave one haughty glare, jaws locked and cheeks flushed.


Tony smiled as he leaned in, once again pulling away just before Stephen could catch his lips.


“Come on, Stephen…” he said in a low tone, soothing and encouraging. “Ask nicely.”


A second passed, then another. There was complete silence, as Stephen seemed to be working up the words.


Then finally, “Tony… please-“ He swallowed, hard. “I want you. God, I want to feel you-“


Such short phrases, such simple words, but there was gravity to each one in a way that takes Tony aback. The raw emotions behind them almost making his heart stop.


There was a unison groan and curses as Tony lowers himself down, sinking onto Stephen’s cock.


Tony threw his head back, moaning Stephen’s name as the thick length brushes up against his prostate. Then, slowly, he lowered himself till their chests were fully flushed up against one another, finally sealing the other’s lips with his own.


Stephen kisses back eagerly, desperately. All tongue and fervent moans. It felt almost contagious as Tony pulled away, gasping for air.


“So fucking tight…” Stephen muttered under his breath.


Tony huffed before starting to mouth up the sorcerer’s jawline, biting softly here and there. But most of his attention definitely was on Stephen hot inside him, thrusting up with earnest, filling him up in the best of ways.


“Feeling good?” Tony asked breathlessly while circling his hips at a steady pace.


Not long, he feels Stephen matching his movements, every once in awhile deliberately grinding directly onto the sweet spot that shots up electricity up Tony’s spine. They hold each other’s gaze, panting, as they get lost in the maddening pace.


“So good, Tony… I love how you feel around me- shit-…faster, baby-”


Tony steadies for a second before impaling himself onto the cock, fast and hard, biting back a moan and a grin stretching across his lips. “I… ah- …damn… I never thought about it before… but you’re so damn needy-“


He continues the pace but when he feels Stephen twitch inside him, he shoots the doctor a look. “…Don’t come until I tell you to.”


Stephen let out a huff, a smirk soon following. “Well, you’re bossy.”


Their lips met again in a heated kiss, Tony smiling through it. “And you love it,” he whispered, pulling back just enough for the words to form.


No verbal confirmation, but Tony just as well have as the sorcerer unconsciously buckles.


They continue for another minute or so. Soon neither can do much thinking other than chasing their pleasure. Moans and grunts filled the air as their movements turned more erratic by the second.


Eventually, feeling close, Tony wrapped a hand around his own cock, giving a couple of deliberate strokes. “Stephen… cum for me, babe… cum inside me-“


And he does. Stephen gasped, arches off the bed as he fills the other’s tight passage.


With that, Tony soon feels his own orgasm, crying out as he spills onto their stomachs. He feels his insides constrict, squeeze tightly around his lover’s cock, only milking out more of the hot seed that makes his body shudder.


Tony all but collapses on top of the sorcerer.


A long silence followed as each tried to make sense of up from down.


“We should clean up or we are going to regret it…” He heard Stephen say. The doctor managed to have already slipped out from the confines of his makeshift restraints. “Are you good?”


Tony let out a soft laughter as he tried to pull himself up a little. “Yep. Great-“


He ran a hand across his face then… he felt it. Facial hair that was all too familiar. His head snapped to the right, to the window that vaguely reflected his image.


“When… when did you…”


Stephen only peered at him questioningly.


Tony’s eyes snapped onto him at once. “When did you lift the spell?”


“…When I came to find you on the terrace.”




A questioning frown soon reached Stephen’s expression. “What do you mean why?”


“You… I thought-“ I thought you wanted…


The continued seriousness in Tony’s tone had the sorcerer concerned. He soon lifted himself from the bed to a sitting position, his mind seeking desperately in figuring out why this was suddenly of importance.


But not understanding fully of the situation yet, he simply went on to saying what was on his mind. “…You… looked beautiful lost in thought out there… I just wanted to see you. The real you…”


Tony blinked quickly, trying to figure out an efficient way to convey all that he was feeling, all the questions he had. “…The way- …you were looking at me the whole day… since that spell. You had this look… as if you wanted so much…“


“I always want you,” Stephen stated matter-of-factly. As if it was the end to all arguments.


Tony looked taken aback. The gears turning rapidly. “…You were so… protective-“


That made Stephen laugh. “Since when was I not a bit possessive? I don’t like random people touching you so friendlily… I know better around people we know, people close to you like Pepper…”


But Tony continued to stare at the other, clearly struggling through some personal battle in his head.


It takes another couple more seconds but it soon hit Stephen what Tony was trying to imply. He let out a soft oh, as if in understanding.


“Tony… I-… You were definitely gorgeous when you were younger. I’ve seen pictures from Pepper and James. And I was smitten when we met all those years ago, when we had been both younger…” He reached out stroking the outline of Tony’s face.


“But you are gorgeous now. I love how you look now. You were beautiful ten years ago and you’re definitely breathtaking now. This is the real you. An embodiment of everything we been through together. The years of hardships, the struggles, the good times and the bad… decades of love we… built… together. …Everything pales in comparison…”


“So… how you looked… at me…today… and when we were… just now…”


His brows furrowed a bit, as if in what do you mean? “I always look at you this way.”


And Tony finally saw it.


Because Stephen was staring at him, right now, with that same gaze. That same look from just moments ago, the whole day, same from a decade back and every day since they reconnected. It never stopped.


God, he was such an idiot.


He ruffled his hair in frustration. “…Ok well, I felt so much younger too. So much more energy, you know? Just a minute ago? I thought it was the spell-”


“Maybe you’re not as old as you believe,” the other replied with a smile.


There was a brief pause but then Tony let out a warm laugh, shaking his head a bit. “Yeah… yeah... I guess not.”




It doesn’t take long for them to wash up. Taking a quick shower together, drying off half-heartedly before throwing on fresh clothes.


Stephen definitely noted the bounce in the genius’s steps, less tiredness around the eyes. It seemed that it finally sunk into the other his worry had been an unnecessary one.


It was a good look on him, to say the least. Tony appeared happy, at ease, all carefree laughter and confident touches. And that unreserved affection being displayed so openly in those large doe eyes… that always warmed Stephen’s heart.


At first, the sorcerer really could not really compute how Tony could have even thought of such a thing. Was it not clear just how captivated he still was with everything and anything pertaining to Tony? …But then again, he supposed insecurities were never completely logical or reasonable and he himself could not throw stones.


After all, once upon a time, it was his own insecurities that had him convinced Tony would choose the Captain over him. How Tony no longer loved him. How his life would be better if Stephen chose to stay far away…


In the end, the pair ended up back on the large terrace. Bundled up in thick comforters on one of the large outdoor couches. Tony was convinced it was dignified, had brought out extra pillows saying it was to make them comfortable, sleeping on a couch that was not meant to be a bed. Stephen, however, was quite convinced the whole setup ended up looking for like a glorified nest than anything else.


Tony soon settled, curling up against Stephen’s chest, staring up into the night sky, the roaring of the oceans white noise in the background. The sorcerer continued to run his fingers through Tony’s chestnut hair, watching it slip through the digits.


“What are you thinking about?”


Tony let out a snort as he snuggled closer. “You ask that question a lot, doc.“


“Because I like that you always answer me when I ask.”


There was a brief pause before the answer came. “…Nothing… why would I be thinking about something?”


The sorcerer let out a playful scoff. “Oh please. You’re Tony Stark.”


Soft laughter resonated between them. Then, a peaceful silence.


“…Expectations…” Tony said after a long while. “And how when we let go of them, reality can exceed them.”