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definitions of indefinable things

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I know I said I'll never give the false impression of another chapter again (SORRY I really really am)
but wanted to clear this up so I won't waste any more of some people's time in the future / before it gets worse



I apologize but decided not to make another update this weekend and taking a short break from the fanfic world (probably just a week or so honestly but def for rest of this weekend - ahhh so sorry because I promised one more update during this long weekend). Couple things really wore me down more than I thought and I'm not sure I want to deal with continuing the storyline right now. 


But I wanted to take this time to re-iterate: PLEASE respect my creative decisions with this story. I completely understand everyone probably has their own opinion and bias about each character and how they want things to play out, some very strong opinions, etc... but PLEASE try to respect the direction I take with this story and characters as well because well... sorry, it's sort of my fic??

(TO CLARIFY: this is not about like... people taking guesses what might happen or people vaguely saying what they would like to see? I love and have no qualms about people taking guesses how the storyline will pan out. There is a difference between you going "Is this going to happen??", "I wish they get a happy ending", etc. and borderline going into "That's not right because I think this-" like... what do you mean? I may not have the same opinion as you and you just stepped into my world by reading this fic???)

Give my approach to the ideas a chance for the duration of the fic (so to say) if you plan to continue reading it. That's honestly all I am asking :') If my approach bothers you that much, by all means, stop reading because I get it- I don't read some fics that are not my cup of tea either so definitely understand.

If you do have such strong opinions about how things should go, again, I get it, it's your preference. (LOL I'm here taking hours of my life to write this story because I had an exact idea about how I wanted things to play out- so can't throw stones.) But that's the thing, if I'm being completely honest... if you have that much of strong opinion, please consider writing your own fic to include all you wanted because I actually have this whole thing mapped out and chances of me derailing my own ideas/plans to accommodate your preferences are not exactly high;; Btw I don't mean this is like "fuck off" way I'm seriously saying you really should write your own fic because trust me it's kind of cool being able to throw in every one of your ideas into something and making it real (ok not like real-real but you get what I'm getting at).


And lastly, this is not my day job. This is just a hobby that I feel like doing till whenever I feel like stopping I suppose. I'm not getting paid to do this, it's not a commission fic and therefore, I don't believe there is much I should or should not be doing. I did take a lot of time to consider each stylistic choice so I don't think I will be changing that any time soon either. Like all things in life, I have several reasons I do each thing and every detail and believe it's right for me. It may not for you and that's fine. It's not like I'm telling you how to write your stories, I'm just simply saying it's right for me, here, in this fic, for me.

Again, if you believe some things should be written in a certain way for your story, great. Please do. But that doesn't automatically mean it applies to me as well.


Ironically, all my fics always have the underlining idea that good and bad are relative to each person. What's right for you might not be right for someone else. What's wrong to you just may be right for someone else. Just because in your perspective, your mindset, your life something is "correct" it may not be some universal truth that applies to everyone.





* Sorry if this comes out harsh but I think I tried to address it with some before but it just keeps happening LOL and really didn't want to waste any more of people's time letting them believe they can change my opinion nor did I want to continue wasting my time responding to these things when that energy can be spent on updating the story which is what I just want to do :')

At this point, please do what you need to... stop reading, un-subscribe, un-bookmark, etc. because you can't stand how I think or something...
And to those who will still stick around and continue to read this series, many thanks and I appreciate you more than you think ♡