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          Seishirou quickly carried Subaru back to their room. The way Subaru had been acting at breakfast scared him a bit.  It was so unlike him. Subaru was always calm, shy and not assertive.  He assumed it had to be the dragon that Fuuma had mentioned.  He could on feel a bit of his own dragon and it seemed very satisfied with the current events.  Subaru was trembling in his arms and nuzzling his neck.  It was a bit of the trick to get the door open, but he managed.  Once inside he lowered Subaru to the bed. 


          “Don’t leave me,” Subaru whined.


          “Seishirou sat next to him.  “I’m not, love.”  He stroked Subaru’s face.  Subaru sat up, wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed Seishirou.


          “I need you so much!  I … I… need something I can’t explain,” Subaru sounded desperate.


          “Shh… let me make love to you,” Seishirou licked his lover’s ear and rubbed the inside of his thigh.


          “We need to do something first, I want to bond with you,” Subaru’s eyes glowed as he said this. 


          “Bond?  I thought we had that already.” He ran his thumbs over Subaru’s hands causing the brands to light up.


          “This is a human bond, we need something much deeper, although… you should have these too.”  Subaru grabbed his lover’s hands, traced his pentacle on them and then kissed each hand, just as Seishirou had done to him as child.  He felt a combination of his own magic and that of the Sakurazuka pass through him and brand his lover.  Seishirou grunted at the burning sensation in his hands.  “I should have done that a long time ago.”


          “How else do you want to bond?”


          “The dragon is telling me what to do.  It’ll hurt, worse than what I just did.  I’m not sure if I even want to do it, but what I’m feeling won’t go away until I do.  Will you bond with me?”


          “I would do anything for you.  Tell me what I need to do.”


          “We need a bowl, my knife, some bandages and some… you know…ummm…” Subaru blushed scarlet. 


          “Some what?” Seishirou wasn’t sure what else he wanted, but if it made Subaru blush, then it probably involved sex.  He smiled.


          Subaru pulled Seishirou’s head down and whispered in his ear, “Lube.”


          “Of course, we couldn’t do without that.” Subaru turned redder.  “I’ll go find a bowl.  You get your knife and we’ll do this.”


          Seishirou left him for few minutes to look for a bowl.  Subaru felt under his pillow and pulled out his ceremonial dagger.  As he held it, he remembered how he had last used it; to kill himself.   He shuddered as he remembered the feeling of dieing, then set the dagger on his pillow.  He stood and began to strip.  Once he was naked he crawled back into bed and waited for his lover to return.  He hugged his knees to his chest and shivered again.  The voice inside him kept whispering; telling him how much he wanted Seishirou, his mate.  The voice scared him a bit, it was demanding and whispered of things he wouldn’t dream of doing.  It whispered of erotic things it wanted to do with Seishirou and how it wanted to roll in blood.  He wanted to shove that voice right out of him.


          “Will this do?”  Seishirou stepped into the room and held up a large ceramic bowl with several boxes of gauze bandages in it.




          “How about this?”  He held up a tube of lube and laughed as Subaru turned a brilliant shade of red.  He sat on the edge of the bed and held Subaru’s hand.  He gently kissed it, causing the brands to flare.  “Subaru, you’re twenty-five years old, and not a virgin, but I do love it when you blush so.  You shouldn’t be embarrassed by your desires.  They’re as beautiful as you are.”


          “Thank you, I guess”


          “Would like me to join you?”


          “Yes, I would.”


          Seishirou slowly stripped out of his robe and pajamas that he’d worn to breakfast.  He smiled as Subaru stole a few glances at him.  He then slipped under the sheets next to his already naked partner.  He pulled Subaru towards him and gently kissed him.


          “How do we do this bonding?”


          “We have to spill blood in order bond.  It will open our psyches so we can form a deeper bond.”  Subaru faced his lover and pulled them together, practically sitting in Seishirou’s lap.  They kissed and thrust against each other.  As they rubbed their erections together the two men moaned. 


          “Not yet… we have to do the bonding first,” Subaru said breathlessly.  He reached over and grabbed the bowl placing it between them, then took his knife. 


          “Hold my hand, please.”  Seishirou grabbed Subaru’s right hand and Subaru clasped him back tightly, trying to reassure himself.  “Now hold it over the over the bowl.”   Subaru was now panting harder as Seishirou moved their hands over the bowl, supporting Subaru’s hand from below.  “I don’t know if I can do this on my own.  Help me.”  Subaru was panting with nervousness.  With his left hand shaking, he held the knife over their clasped hands.  Seishirou wrapped his free hand around Subaru’s and the knife. 


          “Ready Subaru-kun?” Seishirou asked as he tightened his grip.  Subaru nodded.  They both took a deep breath as they drove the knife down through their hands.  Both cried out loudly as the knife pierced their hands.  Subaru felt the knife slip between the bones of his hand and slice his flesh.  Everything was moving in slow motion.  The world felt like it was spinning too fast.  He closed his eyes to avoid a black out. They pushed until he felt the hilt of the touch the back of his hand.  Subaru nearly passed out from the pain.  The little voice inside kept him conscious.  When his eyes finally refocused, he looked up into Seishirou’s eyes and smiled.  Seishirou leaned forward and kissed him.  They kissed while their blood pooled in the bowl.   Subaru let go of the knife still piercing his hand.  “Pull it out,” he gasped breathlessly.  Seishirou grabbed it and pulled.    They both gasped as the knife came out.  The blood gushed into the bowl.  Then they repositioned their hands, palms facing, fingers entwined, and Subaru quickly wrapped both their hands clasped together in bandages, then dipped his finger in the blood.  He drew his pentacle on the side with his hand and began to chant.  Seishirou did the same, dipping his hand into the blood and drawing his inverted pentacle onto the bandages.  They chanted together for several minutes.


          “That will seal our bond physically,” Subaru said.  Now to complete the bond.  He dipped his fingers into the blood again and then touched his bloody fingers to Seishirou’s lips and spoke, “My blood to bind our love. My soul to yours forever.  Join me and I will join you.”  He smeared the blood across Seishirou’s lips with a smile.  Seishirou followed suite and dipped his fingers in the bowl.  “My blood to bind our love. My soul to yours forever.  I will join you, now join me.”  He painted Subaru’s lips in blood.  They set the bowl aside and laid down together. Subaru then wrapped his free arm around Seishirou’s neck and kissed him deeply.  Their psyches melded together.


          Subaru regained a sense of consciousness after what felt like an eternity.  He was dressed in his usual clothes and in a dark barren place.  Far off in the distance he could see the hint of a tree.  He felt drawn to it.  As he started to move he felt something wrapped around him. 


          “Do not fear me, child,” a voice told him.  It was the voice that had been guiding him though the whole affair, the dragon.  He looked down and saw the dragon’s snake like body wrapped around his.  Its body covered in a glittering array of blue, violet and gold scales.  It moved so that its massive, feather adorned head was looking dead on a Subaru.  “Please go find my mate, child.  Follow your bond.”


          Subaru reached out with his heart and knew exactly where to head; towards the Sakura.  “Why do I feel so unnerved by your presence?” Subaru asked as he walked through a rather barren, black landscape. “The others seem perfectly comfortable with their situation.”


          “Are you so sure?” rumbled the dragon.  “You and I have been one for a long time.  You accepted my presence then.  Now you do not fully.  You must trust me in order to end the uncomfortable feeling.  I have your best interests in mind.  I can not survive without you; therefore, I would never hurt you.”


          “If you have been with me all this time, then why … why did all those awful things happen?  Why couldn’t I save my sister?  Why did Seishirou hurt me?  He said he’s loved me all this time.  He has the soul of your mate!  Why hurt us!?”  Subaru was in tears.  Thinking about the past hurt so much.


          “My mate and I conferred little during that time.  I knew your lover held mine.  It was only logical.  You were destined to fall in love with the same person I had; however, I also knew it would be the enemy.  I had always tried to spare you this pain that I’ve known.  By instilling you with hatred, I hope to spare you heartache.  I was wrong, and I am truly sorry, for once my actions sent you down that path there was no stopping until the end,” the dragon’s deep voice was filled with such regret, the same regret that Subaru shared for his actions.  “We are starting over; we should try to move beyond this tragedy.  Accept me and I will help you.”


          “Perhaps, but I need to think about it,” was Subaru’s wistful reply. 


          A few moments later they arrived under the Sakura tree.  From a distance the tree looked to be in a beautiful full bloom.  Glowing brightly in the darkness with beautiful, delicate pink blossoms, but as Subaru neared it, he saw the tree for what it truly was.  The pink blossoms were still there, but corpses hung from the tree.  Some were skeletal and other half rotten with glassy white eyes staring back at him.  The ground was soaked with blood that welled up with each step and it ran down the trunk of the tree.  As a breeze blew, some of the blossoms fluttered down around him and the tree moaned with the voices of those who’d been sacrificed to it.  He always hated this place.  Though others never saw the tree this way, he always did and it made him sick to be here.


          “I’m sorry this had to be here,” Seishirou said as he stepped from behind the tree.  “I believe since it is such a part of my psyche, it couldn’t be helped.”  Like Subaru he had a dragon wrapped around him.  It was much different looking from his own with mostly black scales laced with deep red and gold ones. 


          “My mate,” his dragon said in a voice that seemed like a whisper.  With that he unwound from Subaru and swiftly flew towards Seishirou, whose dragon had also unwound itself.  The two met half way and immediately entwined around each other.  The rubbed against each other as they flew above the tree.


          “I don’t think I want to see that,” Subaru said as he glanced at the sky.


          “Let them enjoy themselves.  I want to enjoy you!” Seishirou said as he pulled Subaru tight against him, then kissed him.  He ran his hands down Subaru’s back, then cupped his ass.  He squeezed and pulled the younger man against him.  “I want you,” he said breathlessly.  “Now.”


          “Not here, I can’t be next to this.”


          Seishirou led Subaru away from the tree.  “We can’t go far, it’s always part of me, but I think you’ll like this better.  Where have you always wanted to do it?”




          “Yes, your ideal fantasy?”


          “I don’t know that I ever thought about it.”


          “Surely you must fantasize about me… about us.”


          “Yeah,” was his shy reply.  “On a bed where I could see the stars, surrounded by candles and pillows.  Where it’s just you and me.


          “Hmmm… like this?”  Suddenly a large tent appeared.


          “Huh… How’d did that get there?”


          “This is my mind, well, our minds.  We can do what we want right?”


          “I suppose.”


          “Let’s not question it.  Enjoy it!” Seishirou dragged Subaru into the tent.


          “This is beautiful.” In the center of the tent was a large four poster bed with sheer drapes and numerous pillows.  The room was lit by the soft glow of candles and a light incense perfumed it.  The top half of the tent was open over the head of the bed.


          “I do aim to please.” Seishirou said smugly.  He tilted Subaru’s face up and kissed him again.  His fingers worked the top button of Subaru’s shirt to expose his neck.  Seishirou whispered in his ear, “I love you,” while nipping at the younger man’s delicate earlobe.  As he worked the rest of the shirt off, he kissed his way down Subaru’s neck, leaving several purple marks in his wake.  His prey moaned wantonly.


          Seishirou guided his lover to the bed and quickly finished stripping him.  Even in his subconscious Subaru was still modest and easily embarrassed.  “You turn such a love shade of pink, my love.”  He started to remove his own clothes.


          Subaru wanted to dive under the covers, but thought that maybe he shouldn’t be so embarrassed.  He slid to the middle of the bed as Seishirou was removing his clothes.  Reclining on pillows, he spread his legs slightly and started to stroke his own cock.  He closed his eyes.  He knew if he looked at his lover, he’d be too embarrassed.  He tried to imagine he was alone and pleasuring himself.  He moaned softly as his erection grew.


          Seishirou was enthralled as he watched his lover pleasure himself.  He gently slid onto the bed.  He couldn’t help himself and leaned over to wrap his hand around Subaru’s and help him stroke himself.  “You’re so beautiful like this.”


          “Ohh. Seishirou!”


          Seishirou stilled their hands.  “I have something better in mind, my love.”  He quickly and lightly kissed his way down Subaru’s torso.  Laying between his legs, Seishirou gently took his lover’s cock in his mouth.  At first, he sucked gently, but with each increasingly louder moan from Subaru, he increased his pace.


          Subaru gripped the sheets tightly.  Seishirou’s mouth was exquisite. The warm, wet suction increase with each moment.  His body teetered on the edge but he didn’t come just yet.  He wanted his love inside of him.  It had been so long.


          “Please Seishirou-san, I need … I need you.”


          Seishirou gave him a wicked smile.  “But I was enjoying myself.  Perhaps just a bit longer.”  He gave a few more teasing licks.


          Subaru suddenly panicked.  A look of dread and a bit of disappointment washed over his features.  “Please don’t torture me and make me beg.”  He looked up at Seishirou pleadingly.


          “Oh God, no, I won’t.  I’m sorry.”  He cuddled the younger man.  “I was too cruel to you the last time.  I was only teasing a bit.  I promise I won’t ever torture you like that again.”


          Seishirou slipped his hand under the closest pillow and pulled out a tube of lube.  “Please let me make love to you.  I want you to enjoy your fantasy.”


          Subaru opened his teary eyes and gently kissed him.  “Please, I want you so badly.”  They kissed again as Seishirou quickly slicked his fingers.  He pressed one into Subaru.  The younger man moaned and spread his legs wider.  He added another and began to stretch is his lover to accept him.  It had been so long and he didn’t wish to hurt Subaru too badly.


          His Seishirou was being so gentle, even more so than he remembered the first time.  By the third finger, Subaru was beyond reason.  Seishirou had been mercilessly teasing his prostate.  “I think you’re ready, love.”  Seishirou whispered in his ear.  He stared into his lover’s eyes and Subaru nodded. 


          Seishirou quickly slicked his member.  Bringing Subaru’s left leg around his hip, he slowly entered him.  Subaru’s body provided no resistance and greedily accepted Seishirou’s aching erection.  His body bowed under his lover’s larger frame and he moan in sheer ecstasy. 


          “Oh God, Seishirou-san please.  I’m good.  Please take me.  I need you.”  Subaru was panting and breathless.


          “By all means, my Subaru-kun,” Seishirou thrust gently, gauging Subaru’s reaction.  The deep moans and tight grip of his beloved’s leg were good signs.  He quickly kissed his lips and began to thrust harder.


          “Ohhh… yes.. harder please.”  The pace quickened.  Seishirou reveled in the tight grip of his lover’s body.  It was exquisite.  Subaru’s moans were such beautiful music.  He thrust harder and faster.  It wouldn’t be long for him. 


          A litany of pleading and praise spilled from Subaru’s lips.  He needed it harder and faster.  He felt so full and complete.  Every thrust glided across that spot in his body that felt like lightning.  Suddenly the dam broke inside him.  He screamed and came hard; nearly squeezing the life right out of Seishirou’s cock.


          Seishirou slowed his pace as Subaru came.  When the death grip on his cock abated, he thrust frantically for a few more minutes.  His orgasm hit him like a ton of bricks.  He almost blacked out as he pumped his essence into Subaru’s welcoming body.


          Both men lay panting heavily and staring up at the night sky.  In the distance, they heard the roar of the dragons. 


          “I don’t even want to imagine what that just meant,” Seishirou commented dryly.


          “They’re in love as we are.  We are reflections of them and they are reflections of us.  Thank you so much for this Seishirou.  This was perfect and incredible.  I love you.”


          “I want nothing but the best for you, my love.  I want to fulfill every fantasy and desire of yours and make love to you day and night.”


          “Don’t get carried away.  This is beautiful, but all I really need is you.”  Subaru let out a large yawn.  You’ve worn me out.  Please hold me.”


          "Of course, forever.”


          Both men passed out in the tent.  When the dragons came to fetch them, neither noticed.  They were at perfect peace with themselves.  Once re-bonded to their dragons they slipped back into the real world.