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          Kakyou always had trouble deciding if he was awake or in a dream.  Being a dream gazer caused the fine line between dreaming and waking to become impossible to decipher.  He sat up in bed and surveyed his surroundings.  This must be a dream, he thought.  He didn’t recognize the room, not that it mattered, what truly surprised him was how he felt.  He no longer felt crippled and tired, but energized.  He could move.  This had to be a dream since he felt as though he could get out of bed and dance around the room.  He gasped as two warm hands encircled his chest and a soft kiss was placed on his bare shoulder. 


          “Don’t get up just yet,” whispered a soft feminine voice.  The women he hadn’t notice he shared a bed with placed her head against his back and hugged him.  “I want to enjoy this a bit longer.”


           Kakyou turned around in surprise and stared at her head on.  “Hokuto!”


          “Of course, silly, who’d you expect?”


          “Then this is a dream?”  He sounded a bit disappointed.


          “I don’t think so.  It doesn’t feel like one.”


          “It can’t be real.  You’re dead and… and … I should be too.”  He panicked.


          “Mmmm…don’t worry,” Hokuto replied as she cuddled up to him.  The silk of her nightgown brushing against him set his skin on fire.  “Something tells me it’s supposed to be like this.  It’s your wish isn’t it?”


          “I’ve always wanted to be with you.  I wanted to join you in death.”


          “Isn’t “in life” so much better though,” she said with a fiendish giggle that held the promise of trouble.   She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him soundly. 


          “Is this truly life?  It feels a bit unreal.”


          “Of course, it might.  Don’t worry Kyo-chan; it’s going to be fine.”  She kissed him again and felt him relax into her embrace.  His wish was coming true.


          “It makes me wonder who’s the one with the gift to see the future here?” he quipped. 


          Hokuto smiled at him.  “I may have a bit of inside knowledge on this but not everything.  The Kamui will explain it soon.  This is a second chance and we should enjoy it.”


          “Do you think everyone got one?”


          “I think so.  You know; we could go pester my brother.  I bet he’s with Sei-chan and I need to remind him of his promise.”


          “Sei-chan?  His promise?”  Kakyou was confused.  “Are talking about Sakurazuka Seishirou?”  The familiar way she talked about the dangerous assassin, kind of scared him almost as much as the man himself.


          “Yup, I made him promise to treat my brother better, back when we were both dead.”


          “You remember the afterlife?” Kakyou was stunned.


          “Yeah, parts of it.  I was dead for a while. It was dull and frustrating ‘cause I couldn’t do anything, just watch.”  She seemed sad for a moment.  “I hated it.”


          Kakyou hugged her.  “Well you’re not dead anymore.”


          “You’re right!”  She swung back to a positive mood so fast Kakyou felt like he’d get whiplash. “Time to make good on that promise.  Come on!”


          She dragged him out bed and made a grab for a robe, strewn across a chair.  He’d nearly forgotten how to walk after being comatose for so long and he stumble, but she caught him.  Handing him a robe, she smiled and threw open the door as he barely got it on.