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        Watching Subaru sleep had always been one of his favorite pastimes.  As comfortable as he was in his pastime, Seishirou was still confused and a bit unnerved by his situation.  He had awoken in a plainly furnished room that he didn’t recognize.  He was fairly sure it wasn’t a hotel room.  He wasn’t certain how he had gotten here either.  He was never one to get so drunk as to not remember what he’d done the night before.  It was dangerous in his profession.  He was lying next to Subaru and they were both naked.  He didn’t mind being naked in bed with Subaru, he just wished he knew how he’d ended up like this.  Still something felt off.  He tried to focus on this peculiar feeling and got a few quick flashes of memory that only gave him a head ache.  Memories of trying to kill Subaru, raising barriers and fight with him and other people.  He decided to push it all aside for now.  Seishirou reached out with his powers to the tree.  He only touched its consciousness briefly since he didn’t want to listen it complain about its hunger, but this brief touch earned him a shocked response from the tree.

          With his curiosity eating a hole in him he decided that it was time for sleeping prey to wake up.  Perhaps Subaru knew more.  He lay on his side and gently stroked the side of Subaru’s face.  He whimpered slightly and turned his head to the side.  Then Seishirou had a wicked idea.  He slid his hand under the covers, lightly gliding down Subaru’s chest and stomach.   Subaru twitched, his breathing quickened.  Seishirou became even bolder and glided his hand lower to lightly grasp Subaru’s cock.  The unsuspecting young man moaned in his sleep and squirmed more.  Seishirou stroked several times and then leaned in towards Subaru to gently kiss his cheek.  Subaru’s eyes fluttered open.  For a moment, he was calm and enjoyed the sensation, but once he realized who was next to him and touching him THERE, Subaru sat up quickly and moved away in shock.




          Seishirou just laid there smiling like a contented cat.  “My, my, Subaru-kun, with that kind of reaction, I’m a bit disappointed that I even bothered to wake you up.  You were so enjoying yourself in your sleep.”


          Subaru just gasped.  He was shocked, not so much at the fact that Seishirou had been molesting him in his sleep, but at the simple fact that Seishirou was alive.  Subaru so vividly remembered Seishirou’s death on Rainbow Bridge; how he anguished over the loss of the only person besides his sister that he ever loved and how he realized that he was suddenly all alone in the world.  But now there he was lying beside Subaru.  With a gut-wrenching sob, he threw himself into Seishirou’s arms and thoroughly kissed him pouring all his emotions into the kiss.


          Seishirou was shocked.  Subaru was never this passionate before.  He could get used to this.  He gently pushed Subaru on to his back as the kiss continued.  As they broke for air, Seishirou smiled down contentedly at Subaru.  “Perhaps I was mistaken.  It’ seems to be a rather good thing that I woke you up.”


          “You’re alive,” Subaru exclaimed as he stroked the side of Seishirou’s face.


          “Why wouldn’t I be?”


          “I saw you die.  I held you as you slipped away.” Tears were in Subaru’s eyes. He rubbed his hand over Seishirou’s chest, over his heart and looked wistfully at pale sunburst shaped scar there. “On Rainbow Bridge, you tried to kill me, but the spell didn’t work and… and…”


          “I was killed instead,” Seishirou stated flatly. “Your sister was most ingenious in her revenge.”  He was quiet and a bit distant.  Those brief flashes of memory became full sequences.  He remembered fighting on the bridge, falling and dying.  His head and chest throbbed; he had died.  God, he had been stupid. It was like watching a movie where he and Subaru were the stars.  He felt very little, except sadness as he watched Subaru’s pain after his death.  It felt odd being able to look back on it objectively now.  He couldn’t connect to any of the feeling he had back then. He also had a feeling he had made crazy promise to Hokuto, of all people “I’m starting to remember that day, but it seems almost like a dream; as though it wasn’t really me.”


          “I understand the feeling,” he replied.  “I sort of remember my death too.  It’s odd watching it from a distance.  It still hurts.”  Subaru was staring at his own hands.


          Seishirou noticed this and took one of Subaru’s hands.  The young man offered no resistance.  The brands began to glow in the presence of the Sakurazuka Mori.  This normally brought him pride in his handwork, reminding him of his possession but the new marks he saw on Subaru made him feel sad.  He didn’t know how to handle that.  He didn’t normally have emotions.  There was a straight pale scare across each of Subaru’s wrists.  Seishirou brought a hand to his lips and kissed it. 


          “This happened after I was gone, didn’t it?”


          Subaru was crying quietly.  He nodded.  “I couldn’t take it anymore.  I missed you so much and I was such a disgrace.  I couldn’t be the Sakurazuka Mori or the head of the Sumeragi.  I shamed myself even more by doing this.”


          Seishirou pulled Subaru to him and held him.   He was reeling a bit from the emotions he was feeling.  Subaru had always managed to evoke emotions from him.  “It’s over now.  All of this is in the past.  Where ever we are now, we have a second chance.  We’ll do things right this time.  I love you.  I’m sorry it took me so long to realize this.”  He stroked Subaru’s back and held him as the tears quieted.


          “This is my room, at Imonoyama-san’s mansion,” Subaru replied hoarsely.  “Do you think this is real?  I feel like the battle, the judgement, is over.”


          “I think it is.  The dark Kamui and the other Angels feel distant now.  I think we should take advantage of this,” Seishirou replied.


          “We should, no more skirting around how we feel about each other.”


“I agree.”  Seishirou kissed him.


“Then we’ll need to figure out how we’ll make this work,” Subaru replied as he pushed back again Seishirou.


“I’m sure we’ll manage,” was the sly reply.  Subaru gave him a skeptical glance but curled against Seishirou and just sighed contentedly.  It felt so perfect until the bedroom door nearly burst off the hinges with a loud knock.