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love amongst the boys

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Chris has had a long day. Or month really. The last bit of filming for Endgame took a lot out of him, physically and emotionally. Saying bye to his friends, especially his fuck buddies, was taxing. He’ll miss fucking Evans into submission, but alas he’s home. And what he wants more than anything is to see his brother.

He’d thought to surprise Liam, but since his flight got delayed due to thunderstorms, he’s just arriving to the house in the middle of the night. The two had agreed to stay at their parents’ house for a little bit, as they wanted some time alone with the family.

So, Chris isn’t surprised upon entering that no one’s awake. He sets down some of his things in the kitchen, then lets his driver go. It smells the same.

He carries his things upstairs and sets them down inside his guest room. Instead of going to sleep, though, he walks across the hall to Liam’s. He feels butterflies in his stomach as he turns the doorknob.

He smiles softly as his eyes meet his sleeping brother. Liam is sprawled out in bed, shirtless. The TV is still on, quietly playing Ragnarok. Chris’s heart melts. He walks to the bed and sat on the mattress, then took his shoes and socks off.

Gently, Chris caresses Liam’s face with his knuckles. His beard is neatly groomed. Chris looks to the TV while he runs his fingers through Liam’s hair. The movie’s almost over. He watches as Surtur destroys Hela and Asgard.

He gets up from the bed and walks into the bathroom to wash his face. The water drips from his beard and off his nose before he pats his face dry with a washcloth. He then looks at himself in the mirror and feels an overwhelming wave of nostalgia. He hasn’t gotten to be himself in months. Acting is a part of him that he loves, but looking at himself in the mirror, he realizes he’s missing out on what he loved more.

Slowly, he removes his shirt. His chest is always smooth and toned. Well, more than toned, he admits to himself. He loves the way his body looks. He then drops his jeans so he’s standing in just his boxer briefs. His bulge is prominent, despite not having an erection. He also loves that about himself.

After taking a leak, Chris walks back to the bed. The TV is still the only thing illuminating Liam. Chris slides in next to him and, seemingly instinctively, Liam grabs onto him to cuddle. Chris closes his eyes and exhales satisfied. He is home.

He wraps his arms around Liam after turning to face him. He slides his hands lower and realizes Liam is completely naked under the covers. Chris feels a twitch in his underwear.

His hands drop lower around Liam’s ass and spread his cheeks, moving his fingers in to caress his hole.

Chris’s breath hitches as if he were just crying. “I’ve missed you so much,” he whispers and kisses Liam on the head.

He presses his fingers in more and gets his fingertip in, but his brother is tight and Chris’s fingers are big.

“Has it really been that long?” he asks.

He pulls his hands back and slowly moves Liam off him, careful not to wake him. Liam whines in his sleep and Chris’s heart only melts more.

“I’m not going anywhere, sweetheart. Just wanna get a better look at you.”

Chris gets off the bed and slowly pulls the covers off his brother, revealing his nude body. Chris covers his mouth in awe.

“I’ll never leave you for that long again. I promise.”

Liam’s penis is about the same thickness as Chris’s, but just a couple inches shorter, which Chris often teases makes him the bigger brother in every way.

Though Liam is soft, Chris is hard in seconds, tenting in his underwear until it’s too painful to keep them on. He slides them off and throws them into the bathroom. He looks around for more clothes and sees Liam’s on the floor at the end of the bed. He picks the clothes up and puts them in the bathroom and closes the door. Then he makes sure the bedroom door is wide open. He knows he’s an exhibitionist, but he doesn’t care. He wants it so that even if he and Liam need clothes in case they’re about to get caught, they won’t be able to find any. He doesn’t care. He wants to be caught. And he wants to be caught completely naked with his brother. He wants people to know that Liam is his.

He tosses all the blankets and covers off the bed. They’ll be sleeping naked for everyone to see tonight. He can’t help when he gets like this; Liam makes him think of the most twisted things.

Chris doesn’t know if Luke is home yet, as he agreed to come back as well. However, he does know his parents are home. And that excites him. He wants them to see what two of their boys do to each other.

He strokes his cock a couple of times, running his fingers to stretch the foreskin, then returns to the bed. He positions himself over Liam, who is now on his back, and kisses his lips, shoving his tongue between them. His hands ravage Liam’s body, playing with his nipples, stroking his cock, caressing his balls, and trying to finger him again.

Liam stirs in his sleep.

“Not yet,” Chris whispers, moving himself off his brother. “Don’t wake up yet.”

After Liam settles, Chris gently moves him so he’s on his stomach. He spreads Liam’s legs and kneels between them.

The TV illuminates the room with its bright white scene. Chris pulls Liam’s ass cheeks apart and looks at his hole.

“My god, that’s beautiful,” he says, still whispering.

He suddenly gets up once more and grabs his phone from his pants in the bathroom. He opens the camera, kneels back down on the bed, and starts rimming his brother while recording a video.

“You taste heavenly,” he says to the camera. “Sound asleep. No idea your big brother is doing this to you.” His tongue inches its way deeper and deeper inside Liam with each lick. “Told myself I wasn’t gonna fuck you because I don’t have your consent, but…” He dives back in and spits inside Liam’s ass. “I know you want it,” he pants.

“Look at that,” he says to the camera. He uses the flash as he spreads Liam’s cheeks and records a close up of Liam’s wet hole. “That’s mine. I get to taste and fuck that whenever I want. It’s gorgeous.” He records Liam’s hole for several more moments, watching in awe the way it twitches as he breathes. “So fucking beautiful.” He leans back in and soaks the hole in spit. “Easily one of my favorite parts about him.” He spits more. “He takes me so well, ever since we were kids.” After burying his face in Liam’s saliva-soaked ass, Chris pulls back and flips the camera on himself, smiling and panting as his own spit drips off his beard. Again, he stares at Liam’s shining hole, before getting up.

He grabs lube from the nightstand quickly and pours some in his hands, then rubs his cock with it and presses the tip to Liam’s hole.

“I hope you don’t wake up right now.” He’s no longer whispering. “Want you to find out in the morning what I did to you. Gonna post this video everywhere.” He slides inside with some resistance. “Instagram, Twitter. Want you to find out after the rest of the world finds out.” His voice grows dark and heavy. “You’re mine. And only mine.”

He starts pushing in more and Liam’s breath hitches as he gasps awake. Chris stops recording and pushes in all the way. Liam yelps and starts to panic in confusion. Chris drops his body on top of Liam and starts fucking him.

“Hush, baby. It’s just me, sweetheart,” Chris coos, nipping at Liam’s ear as he thrusts quickly. “It’s just your big brother.”

Liam opens his mouth to yell, but Chris covers it.

“Baby, listen. It’s me. It’s Chris. Your big brother. I got you baby. Just wanted to surprise you. It’s just me. Didn’t think you’d wake up,” Chris whispers. He licks Liam’s ear. His hips snap faster and faster as he pants.

Liam pulls Chris’s hands off his mouth.

“Chris, stop,” he says sternly.

Chris obeys without hesitation and pulls out, eliciting a moan from Liam.

“What’s wrong, baby? Did I hurt you?” Chris says, flipping Liam over to face him.

“No, I just…” Liam begins. He looks into Chris’s eyes and puts his hands on the sides of his face. “Wow. I just…” His voice starts choking up. “I just missed you so much.” Tears fall down his cheeks as he struggles to find the words.

Chris pulls him in to hold him. They lie on their sides, embracing each other as the butterflies in their stomachs stir wildly.

“Baby, don’t cry. I’m here. Not going anywhere. For a long time. And when I do leave, you’re coming with me. Don’t worry,” Chris assures him.

Liam sobs into Chris’s shoulder. “It’s been so hard, Chris.”

Chris hushes him and pets his hair. “I know. I know, angel. For me too. Every day without you hurts.”

Liam digs his nails into Chris’s back. “Not letting you go ever again.”

“Never gonna make you, sweetheart.”

Liam pulls away from Chris and looks him in the eyes. “How long have you been here?”

“Not long. Got home and was about to go to sleep, but thought that was a stupid idea to sleep alone when the love of my life was in here waiting for me,” Chris smiles.

Liam smiles back. “That would’ve been stupid. Slept naked for you.”

Chris’s smile grows and his cock twitches again. “Don’t say things like that to me unless you want me inside you.”

Liam wipes his face clean of tears. “Actually, I was thinking.” He feels a chill and reaches for some blankets, but is surprised to not find them.

“They’re on the floor, love,” Chris says.

“What, why?” Liam asks.

“Same reason the door is open and I put our clothes in the bathroom.” He’s fully hard again and pressing into Liam’s legs.

“Chris, oh, my god!” Liam shouts. He gets up and closes the door quickly, locking it. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m sorry, baby. You know how I get.” Chris grabs Liam and pulls him back onto the bed.

“Stop,” Liam says, half meaning it.

“You bring out the devil in me,” Chris says, bringing Liam in for a kiss.

“I know, but… maybe in public, but with Mum and Dad here?” Liam says, reaching down and grabbing the covers.

Though they do like to take risks, they both are very careful. One misstep could be catastrophic. They’re frequently seen holding hands together, because they both refuse to give that up. However, people only seem to think it’s cute, not weird. Apart from that, no one suspects a thing.

“Listen,” Chris says, growing serious. “I’ve been thinking.”

Liam pulls him closer under the covers. “About what?”

“I want us to come out as a couple,” Chris states simply.

Liam sighs. “Not this again.”

“Come on, Liam,” Chris says. Liam hates when Chris calls him that. It means he’s annoyed.

“Come on, what? We’re brothers. It’s not allowed,” Liam says, pulling away. Chris grabs him and pulls him in again.

“Incest is legal here in Australia. You know it is,” Chris states.

“That’s not the problem, and you know that. Our family would hate us. We don’t know that they’d ever talk to us again. Our careers would be over. We’d have nothing.”

“That’s not true. We’d have each other,” Chris corrects. “I know I’ve been hesitant about this in the past, but I’m willing to give up my career to be with you, if that’s what coming out meant. We have enough money to last forever. Don’t you want people to know? Don’t you want to be able to kiss in public without worrying?”

“Of course I do and you know that. This was originally my idea, remember? And what about my career?” Liam rolls his eyes.

“Don’t be mean. I just want to show everyone you’re mine,” Chris smiles softly.

“That I’m yours?” Liam spits.

Chris furrows his brow. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“What about Evans. Or Sebastian, or every other guy you fuck on set,” Liam says, clenching his jaw.

“That’s not fair,” Chris says, now visibly annoyed. “It’s hard without you. You don’t want to come with me ever. I have needs. You do too! We agreed that fucking other people was okay when we’re apart.”

“I haven’t had sex with anyone but you,” Liam states.


“I never wanted that. I just agreed because you clearly did.”

“Are you serious? I would’ve given that up if I knew that!” Chris yells. He sits up on the bed and faces away from his brother.

“No. You wouldn’t have.”

“That’s what this is about,” Chris scoffs.

“Don’t be an asshole about this,” Liam states.

“God, Liam. Why didn’t you just tell me? We could’ve worked something out. We could’ve visited more often. Or, I don’t know, phone sex or something. Not you being miserable, while I was fucking people just to feel something.”

Liam is about to speak, but sighs. “I’m sorry. I should’ve said something.”

“I feel awful. I feel like I cheated on you,” Chris says, putting his face in his hands.

“No. Please don’t feel like that,” Liam says, wrapping his arms around Chris. “That’s not what this is about. It’s a combination of things. The distance has just been hard. And the thought of you sleeping with other people and not me has really fucked with me. More than I thought it would.”

Chris turns towards him. “You know I only love you. You are the love of my life. My soulmate. You’re my world.”

Liam closes his eyes and exhales in relief.

“Do I not say that enough?” Chris asks.

“Not lately,” Liam says. “Endgame really took you away from me. In every sense.”


“And then I woke up to you fucking me and I just thought—”

“It was only about sex for me,” Chris finishes his thought.

Liam nods.

“You never have to worry about my feelings for you. They only get stronger every day.” He pauses then laughs. “Why do you think I want to come out as a couple, then?”

Liam shakes his head. “See, the distance fucked me up. I can’t think straight without you here.”

Chris takes Liam’s face in his hands. “Please tell me you haven’t been completely miserable without me.”

“No. I’ve been okay. It’s been hard, but I’ve been okay,” Liam assures.

“Good. And don’t think it was easy at all for me,” Chris nods.

“Okay,” Liam nods back.

They hug for several moments and fall back into the bed. After a while, they start kissing. Their hands find their way around each other’s bodies. This time, Liam’s hands spread Chris’s cheeks and his fingers play with his hole.

Chris smiles into the kiss. “Easy there.”

Liam holds on tight to Chris and rolls to the side so Chris is on top.

“Wanna finger you,” Liam whispers.

Chris sighs, pretending to be dramatic. “Fine.”

Liam brings his fingers to Chris’s mouth and pushes them in. Chris closes his eyes and moans as he sucks on his brother’s fingers. Liam pushes them all the way in and Chris gets them nice and wet.

They kiss again as Liam pushes a couple fingers inside Chris.

Chris breaks the kiss and gasps at the intrusion.

“Sorry. Been a while.”

“None of the guys fucked you on set?” Liam asks.

“What? ‘Course not,” Chris says. Liam knows Chris comes off as a manly man, and while he doesn’t have any toxic masculinity going on, he still doesn’t like the idea of bottoming or having anything up his ass really. He’s such a tease sometimes though. The paparazzi photos and Instagram posts and stories Chris posts of himself in so clearly bottom positions drives Liam wild. So, Liam pushes his fingers in more, turned on by the idea of his brother being submissive for once.

Liam pulls his fingers out as Chris sits upright, placing his ass right on top of Liam’s throbbing cock. Such a fucking tease, Liam thinks.

Chris inches forward and Liam scoots back and props himself against the headboard. Chris’s cock is at his lips. Without blinking, Liam swallows him down.

“Oh, yeah. That’s what I’ve missed,” Chris says, throwing his head back. “Nobody does it like you, angel.”

Liam bobs up and down, basking in the praise. Since Chris is now kneeling vertically, Liam brings his fingers back to his ass and once again pushes them in. He looks up and Chris doesn’t even seem to notice.

Chris grabs the back of Liam’s head and shoves him far down along his cock. Liam starts gagging, but Chris ignores him.

“Come on. Don’t tell me you haven’t been practicing,” Chris smirks.

Determined to please his brother, Liam swallows and keeps trying to take all of his brother’s cock.

“Haven’t you been practicing with the dildo I had made for you?” Chris asks. “I thought you’d like one that was made to resemble my cock exactly.”

Liam continued sucking, not answering. Of course he has been using that dildo. And whoever made it did a damn good job because it does resemble Chris’s cock exactly.

“Or maybe not,” Chris says as Liam pulls off, overwhelmed. “Maybe you haven’t been using it. Maybe you just need the real thing.”

“Yes, baby, I do,” Liam nods. Chris smirks and pushes almost all the way down Liam’s throat.

“I know, baby,” he replies. He grasps Liam’s nose and holds it shut as he pushes farther and farther.

Liam begins choking again as he reaches Chris’s hairy pubes. He swats Chris’s hand away and immediately inhales deeply. Liam loves when Chris is dirty and sweaty. He can tell his brother hasn’t showered upon getting home.

“‘Course I didn’t shower, baby,” Chris says, as if reading Liam’s mind. “I know how much you like that musky smell of mine. Know how much you like me dirty.”

Liam gags again and pulls off. He immediately goes to Chris’s pubes and begins licking and inhaling them.

“So proud of you, babe. You took it all, just like old times. Knew you could,” Chris whispers, his head back again in pleasure.

Liam then suddenly flips them around so they’re in the reverse positions.

“Wanna see you take all of me now,” Liam says.

“Been dying for it. You know I have, angel,” Chris says, running his fingers up and down his brother’s body. “Want you so bad.”

Liam shoves his cock inside his brother’s mouth and begins thrusting. Though he hadn’t had sex with anyone while Chris was away, he watched a lot of porn. And learned a lot.

He fucks his brother’s mouth and Chris thinks how lucky he is to have a brother that could feel and taste so good.

“Come on, babe. Want you to take it all. Want you to feel how much I’ve missed you,” Liam says seductively. He reaches back and strokes Chris’s cock quickly. “I know I said I was upset you fucked so many people, but deep down, I’m so turned on by it, baby. The thought of this big cock fucking every man on set. Evans, especially. So hot. Thought about them fucking you, too.”

Liam pauses and looks down to see Chris’s reaction. He doesn’t seem to care and keeps sucking, now getting to the base of Liam’s cock.

“Thought about you being a slut for them,” Liam says. This time. Chris moans. Liam smirks and jerks his brother’s cock even faster.

“You like that, baby?” Liam asks. “You like the idea of being a slut? People owning you?”

Chris nods vigorously.

“Well, there’s only one person who’s allowed to own you. Your little brother. You’re my slut. You’re mine,” Liam grins.

Chris’s cock twitches as he squirms underneath his brother. He moves rapidly, pulling off Liam, grabbing his head and shoving him around his cock.

Chris pushes Liam all the way down and shoots rope after rope after rope of hot cum into his brother’s mouth.
“Fucking hell, Liam,” Chris shouts. This time Chris doesn’t use his name in an angry way at all. Chris fucks upwards into Liam’s mouth as he keeps cumming. “You dirty boy.”

While still swallowing all of his brother’s seed, Liam reaches over and shoves his fingers into Chris’s mouth for him to suck on. He bites down gently on Liam’s fingers as he shoots the last spurts of cum down Liam’s throat.

Liam pulls off and quickly shifts himself to make out with Chris, this time with much more passion than earlier. Their bodies move and grind together as they nip at and lick each other.

“I’m glad you woke up earlier,” Chris pants in between kisses. “I recorded myself fucking you in your sleep and was so close to posting it online.”

“Jesus, Chris. You need to learn self-control,” Liam replies. He isn’t too interested in the conversation and returns to kissing his brother.

“Come on, get me hard again,” Chris whispers as Liam licked his beard. “I wanna cum in you.”

“Actually,” Liam says, licking from Chris’s mustache, up his beard to his ear. “I wanna cum in you.”

“Oh,” Chris pants.

“I know you’ve made me stop the few times we tried it,” he continues, still licking all over his brother’s facial hair, “but I’ve been watching a lot of porn. Been practicing a lot. I can make you feel good, babe.”

“Yeah?” Chris asks.

“Yeah,” Liam replies, lifting Chris’s arms and diving in to lick his armpits. Chris moans loudly and pulls Liam’s hair.

“Okay, fuck me, babe. Do whatever you want with me. I’m yours,” Chris proclaims.

Liam takes his time to bite and suck on Chris’s armpit hairs before pulling back and saying, “Good. Let me just clean the other one first.”

Chris lifts his other arm and Liam does the same, licking the sweaty hairs and tasting and smelling his brother’s dirty musk.

Then he flips his brother over. Liam scoots down and spreads Chris’s ass.

“Wait,” Chris says.


“Never mind. Was gonna say I’m sweaty and dirty down there, but forgot who I was talking to.”

Liam laughs and dives in to his brother’s ass, kissing it much the same way the two made out earlier.

Chris buries his face in the pillows and moans loudly, arching his ass upwards. Liam puts his arm underneath his brother and pulled up. Chris is already throbbing and leaking precum again. Neither of them are surprised. The two pride themselves on how many rounds they can go together.

“God, Liam,” Chris gasps as Liam makes love to his hole.

Liam likes this new way his name sounds.

“I know, baby,” Liam pants, coming up for air. “I know. I know how much you want this. Know how much you’ve always wanted this but been too afraid to ask. Too afraid I won’t think of you as my alpha anymore once I take your virginity. And I mean really take it.” He licked Chris’s hole more. “Not like those few times where you made me stop after a couple thrusts.”

“God! Fuck me!” Chris yells.

“Shush, baby,” Liam says, not doing anything to stop Chris’s loud moans and pleas. “Gonna fuck you soon, but wanna make you wait a little longer. Gonna tease my boy some more. Love how sweaty and delicious you taste.”

He kisses Chris’s raw hole a few more times, then lubes up his fingers. He pushes two in at once and Chris lurches forwards.

“Hey, it’s okay. Gonna take care of you and make you feel good. Not gonna hurt you. Ever. You know that,” Liam assures.

Chris relaxes as Liam fucks him with his fingers. He pushes them in an out and stretches his brother’s hole before adding another one.

Chris groans.

“How are you doing, love?” Liam asks.

“Feels good, but also weird,” Chris replies.

“Want me to stop?”

“God, no.”

Liam smirks and adds another finger. “Gonna make you feel as good as you always make me feel.”

“Please,” Chris whines.

Liam pushes his four fingers all the way in at once and Chris yelps.

“I want to hear how often you’ve thought about this,” Liam demands.

“Please,” Chris whines again.

“Tell me. Or you won’t get my cock.”

“God, Liam. It’s been so hard not to tell you,” Chris confesses. “I can’t even make this up. I don’t want you to see me as less of…”

“A man?” Liam asks.

“No. Less of someone that’s gonna take care of you,” Chris states.

“Oh. Is that really what’s been holding you back?” Liam asks, taking his fingers out.

“I just want you to know that I will always take care of you. In every way. I want to make you feel good,” Chris concludes.

“Chris, I— I know you’ll always be here for me. Please don’t ever worry about that. You always make me feel good. And besides, seeing you so submissive and begging to bottom is really making me feel good. I want to make you feel good too,” Liam smirks.

“Great. Now please,” Chris snaps, impatiently.

“Such a needy bottom,” Liam laughs.

He lubes up his cock and places the tip at Chris’s hole.

“Hold your cheeks apart, babe,” Liam says. Chris complies quickly.

“I promise it will feel better after a bit,” Liam assures as he pushes in.

Chris grunts. His brother’s cock is much bigger than his fingers and it feels weird.

“Just relax, Chris.”

Now in doggy-style position, Chris tries to un-tense his body as his brother slowly pushes in.

“Gonna fill you up.”

The TV has since gone back to the movie selection page. The previews for various movies play in silence as the two brothers make love. It illuminates their bodies and Liam almost cums from the sight alone.

His muscly, hunk brother is in such a submissive state and position. It’s a sight that will send chills through his body and to his cock every time they fuck. He looks down as he finishes pushing all the way in. His hairy pubes and very base of his cock are the only things not inside Chris now. Precum leaks from his cock as he thinks of all the ways he could fill Chris up now.

“Good?” Liam asks.

“Kind of,” Chris replies.

“We don’t have to do this,” Liam says.

“I want it so fucking bad.”

Liam grins and starts his thrusts.

Chris starts whining and moaning in ways Liam has never heard before. It feels incredible. He picks up his pace.

“Oh, Li,” Chris breathes.

Liam snaps his hips faster and holds on to Chris’s broad shoulders.

“Love seeing you like this,” Liam pants. “Love seeing you like my bitch.”

Chris shoves his face into the pillows once more and keeps moaning. Liam only fucks him faster.

“I’m taking your virginity now, you know that right?” Liam says and slaps Chris’s ass. “You took mine all those years ago and now I’m taking yours.”

“Way it should be,” Chris barely gets out in response.

“Way it should be,” Liam repeats.

“Love you so much, Liam,” Chris says.

“Love you so much, too, angel. Gonna cum soon, too. Show you how much I love you by filling you all the way up, yeah?”

“Yes. God, yes. Please,” Chris begs.

“Anything for you. You know that.”

“Wait. Wait. Liam,” Chris says. Liam shows no signs of slowing down.

“Please. Open the door. Wide open. Want you to cum in me with the door all the way open. Please do this for me,” Chris cries.

“Anything for you,” Liam repeats. He pulls out of his brother, who cries in frustration at the lack of warmth. Liam strokes himself all the while opening the door and turning on the light. “Wanna see you. Wanna see you arch that back.”

Soon enough, he’s back in his brother and fucking faster, pushing Chris’s back downwards with his fist. He then swings his right leg around and puts it on Chris’s head, pushing him hard into the pillows.

The sight is truly animalistic. Though they’re the same height, Chris is more muscly. But now, with Liam’s leg overtop Chris’s body and his foot pushing his face into the bed, Chris looks small. With only Chris’s ass in the air, Liam looks much bigger as he fucks him.

“So close,” Liam slurs.

“Please, need it now. Please, Liam,” Chris drunkenly mumbles into the bed.

With that, Liam thrusts a few more times and breeds his brother. His cock spasms in an irregular rhythm. All the way inside Chris, Liam cums less like rope after rope and more like a hose. His balls clench and unclench as they unload all the cum Liam has been saving for his brother.

They both yell and moan loudly, now wanting to be heard. Liam moves his leg off Chris’s face and collapses on his back as he continues to breed him.

“I love how that feels inside me,” Chris pants, sweat dripping from his face.

Liam moves his head to lick up Chris’s sweat. “Feels so good to breed you.”

As his stream slowly dies off, Liam’s cock starts to soften. He pulls out, much to Chris’s dismay.

“Need more,” Chris begs. “I’m still so hard.” He turns onto his back and his cock springs up, fully hard.

“Okay, just give me a minute, dude,” Liam says.

Chris frowns at that response and leans in to start sucking Liam’s cock.

“Jesus,” Liam says. “I’m dating an animal.”

“You love it,” Chris responds, playing with Liam’s flaccid cock.

“Let me catch my breath, mate,” he smiles, breathing heavily.

“Want you back in me as soon as possible.” Chris still has a crazed look in his eyes. Liam sees and needs to satisfy his man.

He hopes this night will never end.

Chapter Text

The wind blows Evans’s hair as he watches from the side of the set as the crew members set up what would be his last day filming. The quantum tunnel always takes some time to get set up, since it’s not entirely done on a green screen. He looks out at the river and watches the mindless waves flowing away from him. After months of shooting this movie, and years working with Marvel, he’s not sure he’ll ever be around these people again. Mackie and Sebastian stand to the side laughing about something Chris knows is probably dumb. He smiles softy.

Chris had to pull every string and call in every favor he had in his pocket. The Russo brothers were hesitant at first, but after months of negotiating, they finally caved. Because this ending is not the one where he stays in the past for a lifetime with Peggy. Instead, Chris convinced the Russo brothers that they needed to do an alternate ending, which is set to be included in the bonus features once the DVD comes out.

In this ending, Steve is not going to stay in the past at all. He is going to choose Bucky instead.

Though it took all of Chris’s energy to convince the Russos that this is needed and a good idea—which Chris has ranted to himself on numerous occasions is ridiculous that he has to convince anyone that queer people need representation—it wasn’t hard to get Sebastian on board. In fact, he was so neutral about it that it bothered Chris. Their conversation went something like:

Chris: Hey, Seb, can I talk to you for a sec?

Sebastian: Yeah, what’s up, buddy?

Chris: So… I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Marvel has always been behind in representation and diversity and I thought of something that could help speed up that process. I talked to Joe and Tony and got them on board. So, what we’ve agreed is that… well, we wanted to film an alternate ending in which Steve realizes he’s moved on from Peggy and not in love with her anymore and doesn’t want to live in the past. And then instead, he chooses to be with… Bucky.

Sebastian: Oh.

He took a moment to process Chris’s monologue.

Sebastian: Yeah, I’m down with that.

Chris: Oh. Cool.

They didn’t talk for much longer as Sebastian got called back to the scene. Chris was all hot and bothered. On one hand, he was going to get what he wanted, to be with Sebastian for a bit. On the other hand, it wasn’t Sebastian, but Bucky and Sebastian didn’t seem all that interested.

Chris’s crush on Sebastian is something he’s been repressing, or failing to repress, for, well, years. His mind gets foggy and his ability to focus sometimes fades away when he’s with Sebastian. He’s borderline obsessed, he’d say. So, to get such an uninterested response was… disheartening.

But now, the scene’s been written and all that’s left is to film it. Easy, Chris thought. There’s a kiss involved and Chris already has butterflies.

Before he’s ready or finished taking in the moment, he’s called to set. Mackie and Sebastian take their places and Chris hates himself as he walks over, repeating in his mind that this is a mistake.

He tunes out all background noise and tries to convince himself he doesn’t need to be this nervous to shoot a scene with one of his best friends, someone who he’s done entire movies with before.

Just one scene, he thinks to himself as he steps onto the quantum tunnel. The Russos are saying words that he doesn’t care to hear.

The clapperboard snaps upon someone yelling ‘action!’ and Chris snaps into Steve.

“You know, if you want… I can come with you,” Sam says.

Steve replies, “You’re a good man, Sam. This one’s on me, though. Don’t do anything stupid till I get back.”

“How can I?” Sam retorts. “You’re taking all the stupid with you.”

Steve nods and laughs halfheartedly.

Bucky’s voice then breaks through. “Gonna miss you, buddy.”

Chris’s heart sinks and his breath hitches. He can’t bring himself to look up. His lines cease to exist and nothing comes out of his mouth. Mjolnir rests sturdily against one of the tunnel’s posts.

Stop being a child, he thinks to himself. This is a professional scene. Don’t treat it like anything else.

Mackie and Sebastian look at each other and then the staff for a moment. Chris looks up.

“It’s gonna be okay, Buck,” Steve says, surely.

“Is it?” Bucky asks.

Steve hesitates and looks longingly at Bucky. “I-I don’t know, Buck.”

“You don’t have to do this alone,” Bucky says softly.

Steve hesitates some more and the longing looks are no longer just part of his character.

“Okay,” Steve says, matching Bucky’s tone.

“Okay.” Bucky nods and slowly steps onto the tunnel next to Steve.

Chris’s heart races.

“Alright. Going quantum in three… two…” Sam begins.

“Wait,” Steve clears his throat and interjects. He turns towards Bucky. “Bucky, I gotta say something.”

Bucky stays silent, but grows confused.

Steve looks into the eyes of the person that has become more than a friend.

“I love you,” he says.

“What?” Bucky responds, stunned.

“I love you. I’ve loved you for a long time.”

“Steve,” Bucky says, confused and ever so slightly annoyed, “How? You’ve been looking at that picture you keep of Peggy for weeks now. And when you got the infinity stones, you told me you saw her in the past and—”

“The past, Buck. I’ve spent so much time thinking that I would never move on from her. But lately, all this talk of the past and moving on and with everything that’s happened… when I saw her through that glass, it felt like a memory. And I was at peace with that. The only thing I wanted to do was get the infinity stone and get you back,” Steve professes.

“Steve,” Bucky says, shaking his head as it metaphorically spins.

He never finishes because Steve’s big moment arrives and he leans in. One moment they’re apart and the next Chris is finally getting what he wanted.

The two kiss and Bucky puts on a surprised face, before it softens and he kisses back. Chris knows how cheesy this scene already is, so he doesn’t feel bad thinking that the world has stopped in this moment.

Chris brings his hands to the sides of Sebastian’s face and deepens their kiss, sure there will never be another one. The wind blows and Chris never knew a kiss could taste so bittersweet.

As they separate and smile at each, Bucky breaks the silence. “I love you, too. Always have.”

They smile bigger, and in classic comic relief fashion, Sam clears his throat to alleviate some of the awkwardness he’s feeling.

“I’d say it’s about time, but we’re way past that,” he says.

Steve and Bucky laugh and turn to face him, now holding hands.

“You two better come back,” Sam says.

They look at each other, smiling.

Steve replies, “We’re not going anywhere.”

“Mhm.” Sam shakes his head. “Okay. If we’re all set, then… Going quantum in three… two… one.”

Of course, nothing actually happens. Instead, the directors yell, “That’s a wrap!” The scene will end on a shot of Steve and Bucky as Sam counts down and from there it will cut to black.

Sebastian smiles widely as the crew claps. Chris is still in a trance, thinking about how the moment he’s wanted for so many years began and ended in the time it would take to live a lifetime with Sebastian in the quantum realm.

Sebastian starts to walk off the platform as the crew chats. Chris opens his mouth to speak, but nothing comes out.

Chris stands alone, lost in his thoughts as the world and people around him enjoy the moment and the opportunities they’ve had with Marvel. It’s not that he’s ungrateful, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Without Marvel, Chris wouldn’t have met the man he believes is the love of his life. He’s just… nostalgic for something that only happened a minute ago. 

Sebastian chats with Mackie and the two laugh. Chris puts his head down and starts to walk off the tunnel in the opposite direction.

“Evans,” Sebastian calls. “Where you going?”

Chris turns around and smiles halfheartedly. “I was gonna go back to my trailer.”

Sebastian looks confused then half jogs half walks over to him. “What’s going on, buddy? You’re usually the first to celebrate the endings.”

Chris sighs. “I don’t know. I guess I’m just sad it’s all over.”

Sebastian looks back and sees Mackie is now laughing with the crew. He looks to Chris and says, “Come on. Let’s take a walk.”

He puts his arm on Chris’s back and Chris melts a little.

They walk into the cluster of trees that sits next to the tunnel, out of view from anyone on set.

“Tell me what’s going on,” Sebastian softly commands.


Sebastian cuts him off and says, “And none of that nostalgia crap. I know you better than that.”

“Can’t I be nostalgic?” Chris says, feeling a little better remembering how well Sebastian knows him.

“Of course you can. But this is different.”

Chris isn’t sure how he knows, but he’s right. He contemplates his options. He could lie and say he’s truly upset about the fact that it’s all ending, which actually isn’t necessarily a lie. Or, he could tell the truth and say that he’s afraid they won’t keep in touch and they’ll drift. He’s afraid that Sebastian is the one and he’s missing his opportunity to be truly happy. He’s afraid that Sebastian doesn’t love him back and this has all been for nothing. No, Chris is not obsessed like he thought. He’s just in love.

“I love you,” Chris blurts out. “I am in love with you. I’ve felt this way for years and I keep saying it will go away, but then we work together and all the time I spent trying to move on turns out to be pointless. And now it’s really over. The thought of not having you in my life makes this feeling unbearable.”

Tears threaten to spill over Sebastian’s eyelids. His voice shakes as he speaks, with hints of pain and anger. “Why the hell would I not be in your life after this?”

Chris is taken aback at Sebastian’s emotional tone.

“I don’t know, I’m just worried that—”

Once again, Sebastian cuts him off, but this time, instead of words, it’s with a kiss. The passionate kind of kiss where Sebastian holds Chris on the sides of his face and inhales as he pushes Chris against a tree for support. The kind of kiss where Sebastian’s eyes were never open and Chris’s eyes are wide until he realizes what’s happening and closes them, putting his arms around Sebastian’s back and holding tight enough to never let go.

The only reason Chris wants to break the kiss is for answers, but that seems like a stupid idea when Sebastian has never been so passionate about anything else in his life. They kiss and nip at each other’s lips and bit down and smoothly taste each other’s tongues.

Sebastian whines in a way Chris never thought he’d hear. It’s somewhat high-pitched and almost like a puppy asking for a treat. Sebastian’s hands pull Chris’s hair and Chris slides his arms under Sebastian’s shirt. He claws down Sebastian’s back and Sebastian grinds his hips and crotch into Chris’s. He feels heat and hardness.

Sebastian’s hands slide back down Chris’s face and mess up his beard. He somewhat growls, still nipping at Chris’s lips and still keeping his eyes closed. Chris bucks back, hard too, and the two start grinding and moaning.

Open mouthed, Sebastian’s tone drops deeper, breathes Chris’s name, and Chris’s eyes snap open. Chris slides his hands to Sebastian’s ass and pushes their clothed dicks together.

“Fuck, Chris!” Sebastian yells, finally breaking their kiss.

Chris kisses his cheek then licks across his beard to his ear. He whispers, “Love you” before biting his earlobe. He picks Sebastian up, who then instinctively wraps his legs around Chris’s waist. Chris flips their positions and pins Sebastian against the tree.

Chris grinds again and Sebastian throws his head, gently, against the tree. He leans forward to take his shirt off. Chris sees and drops him back on his feet so he can lean in and kiss all over Sebastian’s chest, leaving hickies from his abs to his pecs to his shoulders to his neck.

Sebastian pulls Chris back in to kiss again, running his hands down Chris’s body to take off his shirt. Forgetting that Chris is still in his Captain America suit, it takes some fumbling, unzipping, and wiggling until Chris is out of the torso portion. Sebastian takes a moment to ogle Chris’s hairy chest, loving that Chris no longer allows people to tell him to shave his chest for movies or anything else. He runs his fingers through the hair and looks up and Chris and smiles, exhaling.

He leans down and sucks on one of Chris’s nipples, swirling his tongue around and tasting the sweaty hair. Once the nipple is hard, Sebastian licks and bites his way through the hair on Chris’s pecs to the other one and does the same.

Sebastian pulls back as Chris lifts his right arm over his head. He places his left hand on the back of Sebastian’s head and pushes him towards his armpit. Hesitant at first, Sebastian soon dives in after realizing how tantalizing it is.

It’s sweaty. Really sweaty. Like Sebastian didn’t know Chris sweats this much. There’s beads of sweat on every hair and Sebastian licks them up happily. The musky smell has Sebastian’s dick aching to get out of his pants. He waits until each hair is clean, wet, and neatly lying as if Chris just showered before moving to the other pit and doing the same.

“Oh, yeah,” Chris moans before Sebastian comes back up to kiss him. Much more playful with their tongues now, Chris tastes his own sweat on Sebastian.

They fumble to get their pants off and separate to take their shoes and socks off, before coming back together. Now, just in their underwear, their cocks leak precum and stain the fabric.

Sebastian slides his hands down Chris’s back and into his underwear to squeeze that ass. It’s not America’s ass, Sebastian thinks. It’s his ass.

Chris breaks away from the kiss. “Wait,” he says.

“What’s wrong?” Sebastian asks.

“We’re doing this out of order. We should be going on a date first or something,” Chris contemplates.

“Are you serious?” Sebastian says. “The last 10 years weren’t dates?” 


Sebastian cuts him off once again with a kiss. He spreads Chris’s cheeks and runs his fingers over the area and feels how sweaty that overly hairy ass is. He moans again and slides Chris’s underwear down.

Chris shivers and blushes.

“Nothing to be embarrassed or afraid of, baby,” Sebastian smiles.

“Baby,” Chris repeats, in heaven.

“Yeah, you’re mine,” Sebastian growls and bites Chris’s neck and earlobe, leaving a trail of spit.

Chris steps out of his underwear and kicks them aside before pulling Sebastian’s down, who then does the same.

They stand separate and stare at each other’s faces first. Chris pushes his dirty blond hair out of his face. Sebastian loved that they let Chris keep his Infinity War look and was even happier when they said that the Winter Soldier could have a haircut for this last alternate ending scene. Sebastian no longer has a wig and is back to his shorter-haired self.

Chris’s hair falls back in his face. He ignores it and then they both look down. They’re both hard as can be. Sebastian figured Chris had a big dick, but it’s bigger than he thought it would be. Chris feels the same way about Sebastian’s.

While Sebastian’s pubes are somewhat roughly trimmed, Chris’s are wild and bushy. Sebastian can’t wait to find out how they taste. Their cocks throb.

Sebastian looks back up and holds Chris’s face in his hands again. “I love you. I am so in love with you, do you hear me?”

“Yes,” Chris pants, his heartrate skyrocketing.

“Don’t ever not tell me how you feel again, okay?”

Chris nods vigorously and kisses him. They pull their bodies back together and continue grinding their cocks.

“Fuck!” Sebastian yells, pulling back.

He kisses down Chris’s body, covers his abs in shiny spit, then licks down his happy trail and sucks on his pubes. Just as sweaty as his armpits. He drinks down the combined taste and smell.

Chris ruts into Sebastian’s chest and his cock leaks a stream of precum down Sebastian’s body into his pubes. He grabs his cock and moves it across Sebastian’s head, rubbing the precum into his hair. Then he slaps it against his face a couple times before Sebastian opens his mouth and takes the length in.

“Ah,” Chris breathes. “Been waiting for this for so long.”

Sebastian hums in response around Chris’s cock, sucking more and more with each bob. His hands find their way to Chris’s ass and spread his cheeks to rub his fingers up and down the matted hair, caressing his hole.

Chris holds Sebastian’s head in place and starts fucking his mouth. Since neither of them are new to giving blowjobs, taking all of Chris’s cock isn’t necessarily hard, but it isn’t easy either. He gags most of the way to the base, but with his persistence and Chris not letting him go, he eventually gets there. Once again, he inhales Chris’s pubes, moaning and using his tongue to soak the tip of Chris’s cock. Chris snarls and shakes, fucking Sebastian’s mouth as if it were his ass. Sebastian pulls off after a few more thrusts then flips Chris around, wasting no time before diving into his ass.

He licks without hesitation and stuffs his face between Chris’s cheeks. He had no idea his friend was this hairy. He’s in heaven.

Sebastian nips at Chris’s thick ass and shoves his tongue deep into his hole. Chris bends down, his eyes closed and toes curling into the dirt.

Sebastian bites the hairs and sucks on them as if he won’t get this opportunity again. Chris’s ass drips with spit.

Flipping Chris back around, Sebastian stands up and doesn’t miss a beat as he shoves his cock down Chris’s throat. Chris doesn’t hesitate either, attempting to get to the base right off the bat. Sebastian puts his arms behind his head as he thrusts into Chris’s mouth. He tilts his head and starts sniffing and lapping at his armpits as Chris swirls his tongue under the foreskin of Sebastian’s cock. His cock twitches sensitively at the stimulation and Sebastian clenches his jaw as he slams Chris all the way down his cock.

Chris gags and coughs as Sebastian holds him there. “Stay there. You got this,” Sebastian says. “Just wanna see how long you can hold out for.”

Chris only continues to gag in response, thrashing his head as Sebastian holds him firmly.

“No lube out here, so you gotta get it nice and soaked for me, okay?”

Chris gags more, covering Sebastian’s cock in layers of saliva. Sebastian lets him go and he coughs for a few moments, taking in air.

Sebastian turns him around, bends him down and lines up his cock. He pushes inside with resistance.

“Ow,” Chris yelps. He assumed he’d be topping, but that hasn’t been in the cards for him lately. Not that he minds, especially with Sebastian.

Sebastian spits in his hand several times then uses it to lube himself up more. He slides his foreskin forward as he pushes himself in more. Still meeting resistance, he pulls away.

“Kneel and put your ass up for me,” Sebastian says. Chris obeys quickly, getting into doggy-style position on his knees and elbows. Sebastian squats slightly, moving his legs to Chris’s sides and pushes in with much more ease this time. He spreads Chris’s cheeks and spits where his cock is easing inside. After pushing all the way in rather quickly, he only lets Chris adjust once the base of his cock meets his ass.

“God, you’re big,” Chris gasps.

“Bigger than Hemmy?” Sebastian says.

Chris’s stomach drops as Sebastian begins to thrust.

“Not mad at you. Just remember you’re mine now,” he says sternly.

Chris nods vigorously, his elbows shake. Sebastian smiles and grabs his hair and picks up his pace. He pulls Chris’s head back as he bucks and fucks wildly. The sound of skin against skin echoes in the trees. Sebastian lets go of Chris’s hair as he slams home harshly, knocking Chris off his elbows, his face landing in the dirt. Sebastian fucks him faster.

Chris goes to get back up, but Sebastian speaks up. “Don’t,” he says, swinging his right leg around and planting his foot on Chris’s face, never letting up on his pace. “Wanna fuck you into the dirt. I’m close.”

Sebastian pushes his foot firmly. Chris reaches under himself to stroke his own throbbing cock.

“Love how you look like this,” Sebastian pants. “The Chris Evans being fucked into the dirt like a bitch.”

Chris smirks, showing his teeth and breathing heavily.

“Gonna cum,” Chris moans.

Sebastian pounds into him several more times in a few brief seconds before he feels his climax erupting. He presses Chris into the ground harder as he closes his eyes and his face twitches.

“Fuck!” he yells as his balls start pulsating and his cock follows suit. He cums in a flood, filling Chris with ropes and spurts. “Oh, God, Chris,” he yells again as another wave hits him and he keeps breeding his boy.

Chris still vigorously strokes his cock as Sebastian doesn’t seem to be able to stop cumming or moaning.

“I’m cumming,” Chris pants.

Sebastian’s eyes snap open. He moves them both rapidly so that he’s on his back on the ground, while he swings Chris around to ride him and face him.

Sebastian bucks upwards as he shoots again inside Chris. 

“Cum on my face, baby,” Sebastian begs. “All over my face.”

Chris strokes himself again and starts shooting ropes of thick, hot white cum all over Sebastian’s chest, straight up across his face and into his hair. While Sebastian bucks spastically, getting the last few ropes of cum out, Chris plasters his beard, face, and hair in his seed.

Sebastian wipes the cum off his eyelids as Chris’s cock oozes the last few drips. He looks up at Chris’s dirtied face.

“My fucking boy,” he grins.

Chris leans down and kisses Sebastian lovingly.

“You’re an animal,” Chris says.

“Just wanna show you how in love with you I am,” Sebastian smiles.

Chris leans back in bliss, feeling the warmth of Sebastian’s cock now inside him, slowly softening.

“Come on,” Sebastian says, trying to get up. “Wanna take you on a really nice date, okay?”

Chris smiles. “Okay.”

Chris pulls off Sebastian with a whine.

“Keep it in you,” Sebastian says. “Gonna eat it out of you later.”

That sends a chill down Chris’s spine as he clenches his ass tightly.

They get dressed in their character’s outfits and then begin to head back to set, hoping no one notices. However, they don’t bother to wipe the dirt off Chris’s face or to get the dried cum out of Sebastian’s beard or hair. They don’t bother to fix their disheveled hair either.

Instead they walk back to set, oblivious that someone was just recording them.

Chapter Text

Before Chris had gotten home, Liam wanted to look his best for his brother. He groomed his beard and got a haircut. Though, he didn’t bother showering as he knew Chris prefers him a little dirty. His cock had ached with need for release, but he stifled the need. Instead, he watched Ragnarok and felt the same butterflies he always felt when Chris came back to him. Before falling asleep, he stripped and unlocked the door.

Now, Chris strokes Liam’s cock back to life. But Liam has other ideas for how he wants to get off next.

“Come on,” Liam gestures, getting off the bed.

“What are you doing?”

Liam doesn’t answer and walks into the hallway. Chris follows him to the other side of the house.

Liam looks back and nods towards their parent’s bedroom door. Chris isn’t following. Liam leans over and whispers, “I’m gonna fuck you right against their door.”

Chris moans as if on cue and kisses his brother. “You’re wicked.”

“I learned from you,” Liam replies as he gently pushes Chris against the door and makes out with him. Liam reaches down and overlaps the foreskin of their hard cocks, docking them and stroking them as one.

Though they act like they want to be caught, they still remain mostly quiet. The occasional moan escapes as they lick each other’s tongues and kiss.

“Wrap your legs around me,” Liam commands. Chris complies as Liam holds him up against the door. He grasps Chris’s ass and spreads his cheeks.

His cock, undeniably hard again, slips easily back inside his brother since his cum is leaking fluidly out of Chris’s lose hole.

“Yes,” Chris pants rather loudly as Liam slams all the way inside.

Liam shushes him and kisses him to keep from being too loud. Liam resumes the quick pace he had before and is thankful that the door is sturdy and doesn’t wobble or make noise.

“God, I want people to know what we do in private,” says Chris, breaking the kiss.

Not responding, Liam keeps thrusting quicker and bites down on Chris’s neck.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Chris pants over and over as Liam keeps biting down on Chris’s neck and shoulders, leaving hickies everywhere.

“Marked you with my mouth and now gonna mark you with my cock again,” Liam says.

“Yes, please,” Chris groans.

“Say my name.”

“Li—” Chris breathes.

“Say it.”

“Liam!” Chris yells.

Liam suddenly stops thrusting.

“Please, babe. Need it,” Chris whines. “Baby, I need you to keep going.”

“Shush, listen to me. Luke is home, too. He took some sleeping medicine. He’s completely out and you know nothing’s gonna wake him up,” Liam says, shakily.

The wicked look in Chris’s eyes ignites. “Move. Now.”

They run to Luke’s room and Chris opens the door slowly. Liam stands behind him and strokes himself. The hall light now illuminates the room.

Luke lies, unconscious, with a pillow in his arms.

“Want you to ride me, babe,” Liam says, still jerking off.

“Where?” Chris asks. “The floor seems fine.”

Liam looks around the room. “No. The bed.”

Chris turns and looks at him. “Liam…”

“It’s fine, he’s out.”

“I don’t know.”

Liam ignores him and pulls him towards the bed. He lies down next to Luke and gestures for Chris to come. He hesitantly walks over. Liam watches Chris’s hesitant facial expression change from wary to “fuck it.”

He climbs on top of Liam and angles his brother’s dick back into him.

“Fuck,” Chris whispers.

“Be loud,” Liam commands and slaps his ass. “He never wakes up when he takes that shit.”

“God, Liam,” Chris says. “Do you see what you do to me?”

Liam grins as his brother bounces up and down on his cock.

“Love seeing you like this,” Liam says.

Chris continues to ride Liam and bends down to kiss him. Chris bites Liam’s bottom lip and pulls back, causing Liam to arch his back upwards and start thrusting.

Chris then pins Liam’s hands above his head and moves in to lick his armpits, much the same way Liam did for him earlier. He buries his nose in the hair and inhales like it’s his last breath. He savors the sweat, sucking on the hairs, and bathes them with his tongue. He gets halfway through the other pit before Liam interrupts him.

“My beard, babe.”

Chris moves his tongue and mirrors the way Liam’s tongue moved across his own beard earlier in the night. Liam’s kink for armpits and beards has long since rubbed off on Chris. He isn’t sure why he likes it so much, but something about the oddness of licking his brother’s beard makes him close to cumming yet again.

The bed shakes. The brothers whine and kiss. Luke is obliviously asleep.

“Gonna cum in you again. Right next to our brother. Gonna breed you right next to him. Gonna show you how much I love you,” Liam cries.

“Fuck!” Chris yells out. “Marry me.”

Liam stops moving, so Chris picks up the slack, moving up and down while his brother looks at him in awe.

“What did you say?” Liam asks, his hands tightly grasping Chris’s body.

“You heard me. Marry me. Be my husband. Nothing in this world could ever make me happier,” Chris nods.

He leans down again, still riding Liam. “Marry me, Liam. Say yes. Say you’ll marry me.”

“God,” Liam growls. Actually growls. He jolts upright and wraps his arms so tightly around his brother, Chris stops breathing for a moment. Picking up where he left off, only faster, Liam pushes his brother down to missionary position at the end of the bed and fucks him into the mattress like his life depends on it.

“Yeah! That’s my boy!” Chris yells out. “Fuck me like you mean it. You wanna marry me? Then you better fucking earn it.”

Liam keeps fucking. The only things coming out of his mouth are spit and growling. He had gone feral and Chris loves it.

“Breed me, alpha. Want my brother to breed me. Right next to our older brother. My husband is my brother. My brother is my husband,” Chris smiles and lets go of all cares. He laughs and throws his arms off the end of the bed.

Liam dives down and laps at his brother’s pits once more.

“Come on. Cum in me. Wanna feel it already,” Chris grins.

Liam doesn’t move his mouth and instead shoves his fingers between Chris’s lips and Chris moans and starts sucking.

With a few more snaps of his hip, Liam bites down hard against Chris’s neck and cums.

“Yes. Yes!” Chris says, still sucking on his brother’s fingers. He grinds his hips upwards and gasps. Without indication, Chris cums in between their bodies with just the friction of their abs. The two shoot their seed in unison.

Their breathing is erratic and neither can catch their breath. The cum drips from between their bodies and overflows out of Chris’s ass and soaks the bed.

“My boy,” Chris laughs. “I’m never topping again.”

Liam smirks. He gathers some of Chris’s cum and rubs it across Chris’s beard, then in his own. “Gonna let it dry.”

“‘Course you are,” Chris laughs again. Liam smears more and more cum on their beards and faces and then in their hair. “You’re such a kinky fucker.”

“Just wanna mark you,” Liam says softly, as if he weren’t animal-like a few moments before.

Luke snores and the two remember they aren’t alone. Liam pulls out and Chris whines as he does.

“There’s such a huge puddle of cum on the bed,” Liam sighs.

“Just make it look like he had a wet dream,” Chris brushes him off, getting up as well.

“Uh, how would you have me do that?” Liam asks.

“I don’t know. It’s fine, let’s just leave.” He grabs Liam’s hand and kisses it.

Liam wipes some cum off Chris’s abs, moves the covers off Luke and rubs the cum on Luke’s underwear.

“This is so disgusting,” Liam says.

“Babe, stop, oh my god. You just touched his dick,” Chris grumbles.

“It’s not as big as ours,” Liam jokes. He puts the covers back on Luke and kisses Chris again. They close the door on their way out.

“The sun’s rising.” Chris points out the window.

“We could make some food… naked,” Liam smirks.

“Would love that,” Chris smiles. He wraps his arm around Liam and kisses him on the head. “Breakfast with my husband. Well, fiancé for now. Wait, you did mean to say yes, right?”

“I thought cumming inside you was an answer enough.”

They walk down the stairs holding hands. Chris looks at Liam, in love.

“I can’t wait to marry you,” Liam states.

Beaming still, Chris says, “Me too, love.” He searches the cupboards for pancake ingredients as Liam starts to make coffee.

“We’ll just have to find someone who will actually do it,” Liam frowns.

“We don’t have to think about that right now,” Chris says.

Liam shrugs. Chris sets the flour and baking powder on the counter and wraps his arms around Liam from behind.

With his chin on Liam’s shoulder and his dick softening against Liam’s ass, Chris closes his eyes in bliss. “We love each other and that’s the only thing that matters right now.” Liam closes his eyes as well.

They stay like that for a few moments until Chris feels something dripping out of his ass.

“Ah, fuck. Your cum’s leaking out of me,” he says and clenches his hole. “Probably shouldn’t leave a trail,” he laughs.

“I’ll be right back,” Liam says.

He jogs up the stairs and Chris gathers the rest of the ingredients and starts to pour them into a mixing bowl.

Liam eagerly hops back down the stairs and walks up to Chris.

“What’ve you got behind your back?” he says playfully, also grinning.

Liam reveals the dildo modeled after Chris’s cock.

Chris shakes his head and laughs. “I’m gonna fuck myself, then?”

“Since you love bottoming so much now,” Liam laughs.

Chris kisses him and Liam drops to his knees and spins Chris around. He pulls Chris cheeks apart once more and slowly starts pushing the dildo inside.

“You’re gonna make me hard again,” Chris whispers.

“Would love to taste pancakes with your cum in them,” Liam grins and licks his brother’s ass.

A creak from the other side of the house startles them both. They freeze and listen as someone comes down the stairs into the family room. Chris stands behind the center island, with Liam shoving a dildo inside him, and watches as their father searches for something. The two don’t make a sound.

Craig eventually finds the newspaper he’s looking for and then looks up and gasps as he sees Chris staring at him. To him, it just looks as if Chris were alone and solely shirtless.

“You scared me, mate,” Craig says.

“Sorry, I just thought.. I couldn’t sleep and thought I’d make pancakes to surprise everyone,” Chris says, thinking to himself what a great lie that was.

Liam, still silent, resumes pushing the dildo in and Chris gasps quietly.

“Can I help?” Craig asks, not noticing.

“N- Nope, it’s okay, Dad. I want to do this for you all.”

Liam finishes pushing the dildo inside his brother and reaches around to stroke his cock, which is rock hard yet again.

“Well, let me at least give you a hug,” Craig says and begins to walk over.

“Wait!” Chris says, oddly. Craig stops walking. “I’m just really sweaty and gross right now. And besides I think Mum wanted to be the first to see me.” It’s not a lie. Sweat and cum are drying to every part of his body at the moment.

“Uh, okay,” Craig says, warily. “Well, thanks, Chris. I know your mother and brothers will appreciate it.” He leaves with his newspaper and goes back upstairs.

When the coast is clear, Chris turns around and pulls Liam up.

“You fucking shit,” Chris says and kisses him.

Liam, hard too, kisses back and grinds their cocks together.

“I want you to fuck me this time,” Liam says.

Chris smiles and bites his lip. He kisses down Liam’s body and spreads his ass. Much sweatier than earlier when Chris rimmed him while he slept, now Liam is ripe and Chris is grateful that Liam has a harrier ass. He can’t believe how lucky he is to have a fiancé this beautiful.

“I’ll be right back,” Chris says, taking off.

Liam grumbles to himself.

However, after a few moments, Chris returns with his phone and begins recording.

“You all are going to watch me fuck the love of my life, who happens to be my brother,” he grins.

“Chris!” Liam’s face drops.

“Relax, baby it’s not live and we don’t have to post it.”

“Don’t have to?” Liam snaps.

“Babe, calm down. It’s just pretend,” Chris soothes.

“Fucking hell,” Liam says and kisses his brother as Chris records.

“I lubed up, up there too,” Chris says.

“Just fuck me already,” Liam growls.

“Such a needy boy,” Chris says to the camera.

“Didn’t I just fuck you twice in a row?” Liam says, more playfully now.

“That’s true, he did.” He’s good at pretending he’s talking to an audience. “And I loved it. But only bottoming for him.”

“Come on, Chris.”

Chris flips the camera and makes sure to get a shot of how big his cock is. Then he slides in, all the way without stopping.

“Oh, fuck,” Liam yelps.

“There we go,” Chris smirks. “Just like he was made for. His alpha’s mate.”

Liam smiles to himself hearing Chris say that. Though they only become animals sometimes, they’re still mates. For life.

Chris fucks Liam over the kitchen counter and records his cock going in and out of his brother.

“This is what I truly love. And I’m sick of hiding it,” he says.

Liam grabs the phone and stops the video. He places it on the table and shushes Chris, who just chuckles.

“Alright, then.” He pulls Liam up so his back is to Chris’s chest. “I’m already close, angel. Just tell me when you want it.”

“Wanna cum with you,” Liam breathes out, beginning to jerk himself off.

Chris grins wickedly as he drags the pancake mix over to Liam’s cock. “Cum in it, no one will know.”

“God.” Liam’s voice cracks. “Chris. No. That’s—”

He doesn’t finish his thought as Chris slams himself all the way inside him. Chris then holds the bowl up to Liam’s cock as precum drips inside.

Liam moans and presses the tip of his cock into the mix and swirls it around.

“That’s my boy,” Chris coos, nipping at his ear.

“You make the nastiest shit so hot,” Liam scoffs.

“You love it.”


After a few more harsh thrusts, Chris finally cums inside his brother. Upon feeling Chris’s cum, Liam then cums too, shooting a couple spirts inside the bowl, then all over the kitchen counter.

This orgasm consumes them in a way the other two didn’t. Their vision goes fuzzy and they can no longer tell how loud they’re moaning together. They sink down to the floor, and Chris is careful not to pull out as he’s still cumming. They both are.

The air reeks of cum and sweat and neither care. This is the life they want. With each of their last few drips of cum, Liam scoots himself back, farther onto Chris’s cock.

“Never pull out.”

“Can’t promise anything.”

“Don’t wanna feel empty.”

“Here,” Chris says. He slowly pulls the dildo out of his ass and into Liam’s, replacing his cock. 

Liam moans and sighs in relief. “Thank you.” 

They stand back up, their cocks now softening once again, and clean the cum. They put some on each other and actually clean the rest.

“I guess we have to make the pancakes,” Liam suggests.

“Wait, look.” Chris points out the window at the sunrise. “Let’s go enjoy it for a moment.”

They walk out the kitchen doors and onto the private beach their parent’s house is located on. No paparazzi ever get pictures of them here.

They stand for a while as the sun warmed their skin. They hold each other and kiss. 

Chris holds his phone up and nods towards it. They take a couple selfies with the sunrise in the background. A few where you can see their naked bodies and some with just their torsos. And some where they’re kissing.

They then sit down under a tree, behind some bushes and out of view from any room in the house. Liam admires the colorful landscape in front of him.

Chris chooses a photo of him and Liam kissing, where you can only see from their torsos up, to post on Instagram. For the caption, he types out, “This is my truth…”

However, he doesn’t post it as Liam takes his phone and placed it on a rock. The two kiss again and enjoy the view.

“I want this.” Liam speaks up. “Everyday. To live with you and be ourselves. Naked if we want to be. Everyday.”

“Me too.”

“God, imagine not having to worry about getting caught.”

“Well,” Chris clears his throat. “We do have our own houses, where we can be alone.”

“I mean in public, idiot.”

“Oh,” Chris laughs. “Yeah. We’ll get there. Somehow, some way. I promise.”

“Okay,” Liam says and melts into Chris’s arms.

“It is kind of hot to see how far we can push the limits, though,” Chris says.

“Shush, stop talking about sex.”

“Can’t help it. I’ve been so horny waiting to be with you again.”

Liam looks over and sees Chris’s cock, ready to go, somehow yet again.


“I’m telling you, it’s your fault!”

Liam bends down to start sucking. Chris’s cock is raw and sensitive but he doesn’t care.

“This is what I want, too,” Chris says, holding Liam down.

Liam, now impatient to cum again, stands up and pushes Chris onto his cock.

“Getting dominant again, are we?” Chris laughs before sucking his brother.

“Get it nice and wet, brother,” Liam says.

Chris obliges and leaves it dripping with spit. Liam lies behind him and thrusts inside his ass without hesitation or resistance. They’re both loose.

“Oh, fuck,” Chris whispers.

“Be loud,” commands Liam. “Very loud.”

Chris doesn’t need to be told twice and shouts as he gets fucked yet again.

Liam reaches behind himself and starts fucking his own hole with the dildo.

Chris and Liam freeze for a moment as they hear a door open. They peer through the bushes and see their father standing on the balcony.

Liam ignores him and continues fucking his brother.

“Keep moaning,” Liam says.

“Liam, Liam, Liam,” Chris moans over and over, louder and louder.

Craig watches the waves and brushes the noises off as nothing, oblivious to what’s going on behind the bushes.

Liam and Chris watch their father through the leaves. Liam keeps fucking his brother and himself with the dildo. As Chris moans again, Liam wonders how long this will last.

Chapter Text

“So,” Chris says. “I feel weird.”

“About what?” Sebastian laughs.

“Us. Here. Being on a date. Being more than friends.”

The two sit at a booth in a diner on opposite sides of the table. Since leaving the woods, they cleaned themselves up, got changed, and got trapped talking to the cast and crew for a few hours before they eventually reconvened. They were both starving and Chris suggested the closest diner since he knows Sebastian likes them. Something about the atmosphere and the way time stops in them.

Chris is wearing some timberlands, acid wash jeans, and a gray, faded Patriots hoodie. Sebastian is wearing all black. Black converse, black jeans, and a black jacket. He looks at Chris and admires him. Chris blushes and sips his water through the straw.

“You’re too fucking cute,” Sebastian says.

“Stop,” Chris replies, but doesn’t mean it. He blushes more.

“Am I sleeping over your place or do you wanna come over mine tonight?” Sebastian asks.

Chris smiles and shakes his head. He’s speechless in the best way.

“How ‘bout you come over mine tonight?”

“How do you do that?” Chris asks, still smiling.

“Do what?”

“Be so casual and smooth and so direct about things?”

“I don’t know,” Sebastian shrugs. “I’m just saying how I’m feeling.”

“Right…” Chris twists his mouth.

“What?” Sebastian says, picking up on Chris’s diverted attention.

“You never said anything to me.”

“About my feelings for you?”

Chris nods.

“Well… you didn’t either.”

“I know.” Chris shakes his head. “But, you’re so much more direct than I am. How come you didn’t say anything?”

“I don’t know… Fear?” Sebastian begins. “I got so close so many times. Then I’d chicken out because I got so scared that you wouldn’t feel the same way. And then I’d have to work with you and I didn’t want it to be awkward.”

Chris sighs and smiles halfheartedly.

“But it worked out, yeah?” Sebastian asks, holding out his hand on the table. Chris takes it and smiles genuinely now.


Sebastian smiles back. He squeezes their hands tightly together and interlocks their feet below the table. Rain starts to fall slowly outside.

“All mine,” Sebastian says. “No one else’s.”

Chris sighs again. This time it’s a sigh that sounds like he’s just finished crying.

“You’re welcome by the way,” he states.

“For what?” Sebastian asks.

“For putting that scene together and getting us together.”

“What?” Sebastian says, still confused.

The waitress walks over and they separate their hands.

“Are we all ready to order?” she asks.

Sebastian’s eyes linger on Chris for a few moments before he speaks.

“Yeah, can I get a burger with fries. Medium well, please,” he says, smiling.

“Yup!” she says. “And for you, sir?”

Chris’s eyes linger on Sebastian in the same way. He then looks at the waitress, Debbie. A classic diner waitress name, he thinks. She’s somewhat tall. She’s got light brown eyes that compliment her dark skin and black curly hair. Her eyes glimmer when she smiles. And her smile is infectious.

“Can I get a slice of peperoni and a slice of plain pizza, please,” he says.

“You two are easy,” she smiles. “I’ll be right back with that.”

“Thank you,” Sebastian says as she walks away.

Chris fidgets with his fingers before Sebastian speaks up again.

“You had them shoot that scene so we could kiss?” Sebastian says as more of a statement than a question.

“Yeah, but—”

“Dude,” Sebastian interrupts, “I don’t like that.”

“Seb, stop interrupting me please.”

Sebastian looks into his eyes. “Oh, sorry.”

“I was desperate. I’m sorry if it feels like I manipulated you. That wasn’t my intention,” Chris exhales. “I was scared we’d drift and that idea popped into my head and being so in love with you… it just seemed too perfect to pass up.”

“I wish you just told me,” Sebastian replies.

“I don’t get why you keep saying that,” Chris shoots back. “You could’ve said something too.”

“I know—”

“And you were giving me no signs that you felt the same way, so how was I supposed to know?” Chris asks. “I feel like I was at least dropping hints. I’m always all over you and you’re always so neutral about things.”

Sebastian sighs. “I didn’t pick up on any hints. I just thought that’s how you are with everyone. And seeing you and Hemsworth sneak away sometimes… I thought your feelings were for someone else.”

“Oh,” Chris says, sadly. The noises of the diner flood the silence between them. The muffled shouting in the kitchen, the sounds of spatulas against the grills, the faint sound of other people chatting, the occasional car driving by as its lights illuminate the dark and reflect the increasing raindrops on the diner windows. “It wasn’t easy seeing you sneak off with him either. But I figured since he was just friends with benefits with me, then that’s what I hoped he was for you too.”

Sebastian nods. “He was.” He shakes his head and sighs. “God, I’m sorry. I gotta be more considerate of your feelings. Damn.” He clenches his fist and jaw and looks out the window. Chris can tell he’s angry with himself.

“Not to pour salt on the wound but,” Chris’s voice shakes, “you were a little rough with me in the woods.”

Sebastian’s eyes widen and snap to Chris’s. He’s about to speak but Chris speaks first.

“It’s okay. I enjoyed all of that. A lot. It’s just… not how I pictured our first time,” Chris says.

“Jeez,” Sebastian shakes his head again. “Fuck!” he yells in a whispered tone.

“Hey, stop,” Chris says taking Sebastian’s clenched fist and unclenching his fingers one by one so they can hold hands again. “I would’ve said something if I wanted you to stop or if it was too much.”

“I keep hurting you.”

“Seb, stop,” Chris’s tone gets firmer. “Don’t do that.”

“Do what?” Sebastian asks.

“I’m telling you not to worry about it. I just wanted to express my thoughts because I don’t do that enough. In the woods was very special to me and I loved it. I’m just saying you got a little rough. Not that I don’t like that,” he smiles a little.

Sebastian shakes his head as if he’s shaking the thoughts from his mind. He reciprocates Chris’s smile and holds his hand tighter.

“My boy,” he says.


“I’m letting it go, but I am so sorry, Chris. I’ll be more careful next time,” he states, surely.

Chris nods. “Thank you.”

They both inhale deeply and exhale a few moments later. The rain picks up and lightning flashes in the dark. It’s getting late. Chris yawns.

“Do you know when I realized I was in love with you?” Sebastian asks.

“No.” Chris smiles.

The waitress walks over with their food and this time they don’t let go of each other’s hands. She sets the plates down and smiles.

“Is there anything else I can get for you two right now?” she asks.

“I think we’re all good,” Chris says. “Thank you.”

“Of course,” she replies. “And… would it be weird if I asked for a picture. You guys can totally say no, I’m sure you get that all the time.”

“Of course,” Chris says back to her.

“Ah! Thank you!” she says ecstatically. She pulls out her phone from her pocket and gets them all in the frame. Chris and Sebastian look at their interlocked hands and separate them, then look at the camera and smile. She takes the picture and admires it for a moment. “Thank you so much!” she says again before walking away.

There’s a bit of an awkward silence as they start eating. Chris savors the taste of pizza he’s been denied because of his strict diet and training for the movie. Sebastian swallows his mouthful of burger before speaking.

“When do you wanna come out as a couple?” he asks casually. Chris isn’t sure how it’s so easy for him to just say what he’s thinking or how he feels.

“Whenever you want. Maybe we could let it just happen naturally?” he says.

“Yeah, that’s cool with me,” Sebastian nods.

“Cool,” Chris says, nodding back.

They eat quickly and play footsie with one another, smiling between bites. The rain is heavy now and neither one of them brought an umbrella.

“Can’t wait to cuddle with you tonight,” Sebastian smiles and Chris giggles.

“You make me feel so happy,” Chris says.

“You make me so happy too.”

“Wait!” Chris interjects. “I wanna know all about the moment you realized you were in love with me.”

Sebastian laughs.

“It was Infinity War, right?” Chris asks. “When they finally let me keep my beard? Wait, no. It was when I beat Iron Man up to save you, right? Pretty romantic stuff right there.”

“Nope,” Sebastian says, still laughing. “It wasn’t anything on screen. It was during Civil War, though.”

“Do tell,” Chris says, stuffing another bite of pizza into his mouth.

Sebastian reconnects their hands, interlocking their fingers. “You told me the dumbest joke while waiting for the crew to set up a scene.”

Chris starts laughing and somewhat choking on his pizza. Sebastian laughs back, happy that he can finally share this story with the only person he’s wanted to tell it to.

“What was it?” Chris asks, after gulping down a decent amount of water.

“You said ‘What did the monkey say when his tail got caught in the revolving door?’”

Sebastian looks into Chris’s eyes and he doesn’t need to see his mouth to know he’s smiling.

“It won’t be long now,” they both say at the same time.

Chris shakes his head, still smiling cheek to cheek. “I fucking hate knock-knock jokes.”

“Me too.”

“Was I just trying to annoy you?”

“Oh definitely,” Sebastian laughs. “And then you went to set and I had to get some air because I realized all the time I spent around you wasn’t just because you’re my best friend.”

“It was because you realized you’re in love with me,” Chris brags.

Sebastian nods. “In love with my boyfriend.”

Chris closes his eyes and melts. Thunder rumbles and lightning follows. “Love hearing you call me that.”

“Gonna be calling you that for a while. Until you’re my fiancé. And then fiancé until you’re my husband,” Sebastian says, holding so tightly onto Chris’s hand.

Chris’s watery eyes threaten to turn into tears. Sebastian reaches over and wipes them away.

“Did you just propose?” Chris jokes, sniffling.

“Nope. You’ll know when I propose.”

“God,” Chris shakes his head. “I’m too lucky.”

“Me too.”

The howling wind from outside becomes apparent inside as a few people leave the diner. Lightning cracks again and this time the noise follows it instead.

“Tell me about when you realized you’re in love with me,” Sebastian says.

“I wasn’t actually with you when I realized,” Chris begins after clearing his throat. “I was on the phone with my brother. And I was talking about how Avengers movies aren’t the same as Captain America’s because you’re not in them. He was so bored by the conversation and I couldn’t stop talking. And then I was rambling and I just said it so casually. Scott said, ‘You never stop talking about him.’ And I said, ‘Well, I just love him a lot.’ And then I realized what I said. And I realized I didn’t mean love you like friend. I meant to say, ‘Well, I’m just in love with him.’”

Sebastian closes his eyes and squeezes Chris’s hand once again. “I wanna get out of here and cuddle with you and watch a movie until we fall asleep.” He wipes the tears out of his eyes.

“Me too,” Chris says.

Sebastian leans out the side of the booth and waves to their waitress. Debbie comes over happily.

“We’ll take a check when you get a chance, please,” Sebastian says.

“Got it right here,” she says, taking it out of her apron and leaving it on the table. She starts to take away the plates. “How was everything?”

“Delicious,” Chris says, grabbing the check before Sebastian can get it.

“Glad to hear it,” she replies. She grabs the rest of the dishes then asks, “How long have you two been dating?”

Sebastian looks at her, surprised. He can tell she knows she’s pushing the boundaries by asking this. If it were up to him, he wouldn’t answer. Chris, on the other hand, couldn’t care less.

“That’s a little complicated. This is actually our first date,” he says, sliding his card into the check and handing it to her, “but, let’s just say it’s been a long time coming.”

“Well, I think you two are absolutely adorable and I’m honored you chose here for your first date,” she smiles.

“We’d, uh,” Sebastian speaks up, “appreciate it if you kept that a secret until it gets out.”

“Don’t worry about that.” She winks. “Just thought you guys were cute.” She and Chris smile at each other before she walks away.

Sebastian rolls his eyes. “You’re such a goof.”

“Because I wanna be nice to her?” Chris asks.

“Yes, babe. That’s exactly what I mean,” he says, chuckling.

They look out the window. The raindrops slide down as new ones fall in their place. The pavement has puddles of water that ripple as the drops hit.

“We’re doing this so out of order,” Chris states.

“So you’ve said,” Sebastian replies, raising his eyebrow.

“I don’t know, like, how to do it in this order.”

“What if we just take it one step at a time and not get muddled in plans for the future?”

“Hm. I guess.”

Sebastian rolls his eyes again. “Christopher.”

Chris looks at him. “Sebastian.”

“Don’t worry about the ‘right’ way to do things. Our way is our way,” he says.

Chris nods in agreement. “Yeah, you’re right.”

“I know.”

They laugh.

Debbie returns with their check. “You two have a nice night,” she says.

“Thank you, you too,” Sebastian replies and smiles back.

“Can I do the tip?” he asks Chris once she’s gone. He starts pulling out cash from his wallet.

“Nope,” Chris says.

“Well, I’m gonna.”

“No, you’re not.” Chris signs the check and closes it. “Because it’s done.”

“How much was it?” Sebastian says, getting up from his seat.

Chris does as well. “It was nothing.”

Sebastian scoffs and opens the check. He looks at the total and sees it’s somehow $1,010.25. He then looks above that and sees Chris added a tip of $1,000.

Chris closes the check and Sebastian looks up.

“She deserves it. I don’t know her, but she deserves it.”

Sebastian scoffs again and smiles.

They wave goodbye to her as they walk out the door and then run to Sebastian’s car.

The ride to Sebastian’s place is pretty silent. It’s mostly loving stares and glances at one another and playing with each other’s hands. After filming in so many different locations, they’re both eternally grateful that that last scene was shot just outside New York City. The late night drive back to Sebastian’s apartment isn’t too long since traffic is no longer a problem and the quiet soothes their overworked bodies and minds.

When they do arrive, Sebastian parks in the parking garage and tells Chris to wait. He runs around to the side of the car and opens the door for him.

“What a gentleman,” Chris says.

“Anything for my boy,” Sebastian replies.

They’re in Sebastian’s room moments later. It’s not unfamiliar to Chris, but it’s somehow new. It’s more comfortable now. It’s a space for them both.

Since they showered in their exceedingly posh trailers, neither feels the need or has the energy to do so again. They wash their faces and slide their shoes, socks, and pants off. Sebastian takes off his jacket so he’s just in his t-shirt. Chris leaves his sweatshirt on.

They get into bed and scroll through the long lists of various movies available to them. Chris lies on Sebastian’s chest and Sebastian plays with his hair, as promised.

“Ooh, that one,” Chris says as Sebastian hovers over The Emperor’s New Groove.

Sebastian laughs and clicks on it without hesitation. He kisses Chris’s head and continues to play with his hair. After setting the remote down, he uses his free arm to pull Chris even closer.

“Mine,” he says. “All mine.”

“All yours.”

Chris slides his hands under Sebastian’s shirt and traces the lines of his torso, taking in the warmth.

For a moment, he moves his hands a little too low. He leaves them there upon hearing Sebastian exhale. He runs his fingers just underneath the waistband of Sebastian’s briefs.

“Gonna get me hard if you keep doing that,” Sebastian says, his lips pressed to Chris’s head. His eyes are closed.

“Is that a bad thing?” Chris asks. He slides his fingers lower and plays with the curls of Sebastian’s pubic hair.

“No,” replies Sebastian. “I just didn’t know if that’s what you wanted.”

“I always want this.” Chris grabs Sebastian’s cock and is somewhat surprised that he’s already completely hard. He strokes it inside Sebastian’s underwear. Chris pulls the underwear down and Sebastian lifts his body so Chris can slide them all the way off.

They lie facing each other, holding one another tightly. Sebastian still rests his lips against Chris’s head, eyes closed in bliss. Neither moves very much as Chris strokes Sebastian, who hums against his head.

Chris shifts subtly and Sebastian lets out a slight gasp upon feeling Chris’s lips close around his cock. Sebastian buries his face in the pillows, moaning softly and curling his toes, as Chris bobs back and forth. Chris slides his tongue underneath Sebastian’s foreskin and swirls it around the tip. Sebastian bucks into his mouth in response.

“Don’t do that unless you want me to cum right now,” Sebastian grumbles into the pillow.

Chris does it again.

He takes Sebastian’s length out of his mouth to stroke it several times, squeezing the foreskin over the tip tightly. He pulls it back then sucks on only the tip.

“Don’t stop,” Sebastian moans. And Chris wouldn’t dare.

He licks and sucks on the sensitive top like a lollipop, before taking the whole thing back into his throat. He swallows around it and Sebastian lets out a noise that’s somewhere between a groan and a growl.

“Close,” Sebastian hums.

Chris keeps sucking in response, faster and faster. He jerks the base of the cock off while sucking the rest.

“So close,” Sebastian cries again.

Chris licks the tip again and Sebastian is gone. He thrusts his cock all the way into Chris’s mouth and cums. Chris tries to back off it, but Sebastian’s hand is quickly there to hold him in place.

“Swallow it,” Sebastian commands. “All of it.”

And Chris does. It fills up his mouth and he swallows as fast as he can. It’s hot and salty. He’s glad Sebastian cums so much. It leaks out of his mouth and down his chin as the spurts slowly die down.

With one last thrust to the back of his throat, Sebastian then pulls out and brings Chris up into a kiss, tasting himself. He licks the drips of cum of Chris’s chin and swallows them down.

As they kiss, Chris melts back into Sebastian’s arms, holding onto his steady biceps. Sebastian reaches into Chris’s underwear and strokes his already firm cock.

Chris whines into Sebastian’s mouth as he stars stroking painfully slow. Chris breaks the kiss and rests his head in between Sebastian’s arms, feeling the heat from his chest. Sebastian rests his lips once more on his boyfriend’s head. He strokes faster.

When Chris puts his fingers in the waistband of his underwear to slide them down, Sebastian stops stroking.

“Don’t,” Sebastian whispers. “Want you to cum in your underwear.”

Chris whines again and reinstates his firm grasp on Sebastian’s biceps. Sebastian restarts his thrusts, even faster now.

“Can’t wait to be with you forever,” Sebastian continues to whisper. “You’re gonna be mine forever.”

Chris digs his nails into Sebastian’s arms.

“Say it,” Sebastian kisses his head. “Say you’re mine.”

“Yours,” Chris breathes back instantly. “You know that. I’m only yours.”

“So cum for me,” Sebastian commands. “Cum right now. Get it all over my hand. Soak your underwear, babe. Want you to be dirty for me.”

Chris cries into Sebastian’s chest, his nails now painfully stabbing into Sebastian’s arms. He cums as Sebastian jerks him roughly from base to tip.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Sebastian pants as he feels the first few spurts of cum cover his hand. “That’s what I want.”

Chris whines as his eyes water and the drops get absorbed by Sebastian’s shirt. He shakes as he cums and stains his underwear. Sebastian doesn’t stop stroking him and he continues to cry, cumming rope after rope. It leaks through his underwear and oozes onto the bed. It soaks his pubes and drips down his body.

“That’s my boy,” Sebastian grins. The cum dies down and Sebastian strokes a few more times.

“Ah,” Chris groans, his cock now too sensitive to stimulate.

Sebastian grins and takes his hand out of Chris’s underwear. He brings it to his mouth and licks some of the cum off. Chris eases his grip on Sebastian’s arms, who couldn’t care less how much his nails hurt him. He loves that he’s a rock for Chris to cling to.

Sebastian wipes the remaining cum in his own underwear and slides them back on. The rain is still heavy outside and the only light is from the TV. The movie is at a part where Kuzco still hasn’t gone through much character development.

“Can I get a different pair?” Chris asks after several moments of silence.

“Stay in them,” Sebastian asks.

Chris groans, “It’s not hot anymore.”

“I think it still is,” Sebastian laughs.

“Ugh. Ew.”

Sebastian pulls him closer, kissing his head. They still haven’t moved from their cuddling position. “I lied,” he says.

“What?” Chris asks.

“I don’t want to wait. I want people to know you’re mine as soon as possible.”

Chris chuckles, tiredly. “Let’s talk about this in the morning.

Sebastian squeezes him. “I hope you know how much I love you.” He can feel Chris smile into his chest.

“I’m learning,” Chris says simply.

“I can’t wait to show you every day.”

They cling to each other tighter. Soon after, they’re falling asleep to the sound of the rain. As they doze off, the two of them think how two people have never been this in love.

Chapter Text

Though the two have arguably the highest sex drives of anyone they know, throughout the couple weeks Chris and Liam stayed at their parents’ house, the novelty of risky sex soon wore off. They stopped having sex in other people’s rooms or outside or anywhere they could get caught. It shifted to intimate, equally as passionate sex where the two drowned out the world and solely focused on each other. Their family was oblivious; no one suspected a thing because, why would they? Who would ever think that two brothers would be dating?

They snuck into each other’s rooms at night like teenagers in a forbidden love affair. And while the sneaking around was fun, the novelty of that wore off too. They grew tired of not being able to be with each other openly. So, late night cuddling and sex became their only time to be truly together. The sex eventually slowed down, too. Instead, they started to focus more and more on connecting emotionally and getting their needs met that way.

They’d stayed up all night talking a couple times. They talked about their careers and their relationship and how the distance affected them both more than they thought it did. Chris started to realize that Liam was actually really upset by how Chris would sleep with Evans and Sebastian and the other guys. Leaving it undiscussed for so long, Liam is now jealous. And Chris is not a fan of jealousy.

This morning, they said goodbye to their parents and Luke and loaded their things in the car. To fill the silence as they drove, Chris turned the radio on and Liam turned it off.

Chris turns it back on. Liam gives up.

Chris drives to his place for the two to stay for, well what they discussed would be until they moved in somewhere together. However, a conversation last night left them both giving each other the silent treatment.

Liam looks in the side mirrors. They’re taking back roads so no one is around them.

Chris taps his fingers against the wheel anxiously. Liam rolls his neck and cracks it. Chris starts to speak, but closes his mouth before saying anything.

Liam sighs dramatically.

Again, Chris tries to speak. And again, nothing.

The drive from their parents’ to Chris’s isn’t too long, but taking the back roads stacks on some time. It’s no secret they’re back in Australia and they definitely don’t want people anywhere near them right now.

For a third time, Chris opens his mouth. Before he can fail to make anything come out, Liam interjects. “Just say it,” he says harshly.

Chris rolls his eyes. “I hate when we’re mad at each other. I get such bad anxiety,” he says.

“I just wanna be with you alone and not think about anything or anyone else,” Liam states. “But you keep trying to make us come out as a couple. And I’m trying to get past you sleeping with other people, but the thought of you with anyone else…” He clenches his fists.

“I know. We’ve been through this. You could’ve said something about who I slept with. We’re going in circles. It was meaningless. You know that,” Chris replies.

“I’ve been trying to move past it. I really have. It just makes me feel like shit. The whole situation,” Liam quiets down. “I wish I said something.”

“And showing everyone we’re a couple… I mean, Liam, come on. I know it’s gonna be hard, and probably harder than we think it’s gonna be, but I want it so bad. I want to kiss you in public without caring,” Chris sighs.

“I can’t keep having this conversation,” Liam sighs back.

Chris’s heart sinks. “So…”

“So, what?” Liam asks.

“I don’t know, you just sounded like… I don’t know.”

“Like what?”

Chris doesn’t say anything. The road gets bumpier.

“Like what, Chris?”

“Just sounded like you were about to end it.”

Liam scoffs, disgusted. “I’d never end it. You know I’d never be the one to end it.” He closes his eyes as he rests his head on the headrest.

“What the hell’s that supposed to mean?” Chris says, swerving around a large pothole.

“I’m too in love with you. Even if you did something that warranted us breaking up, I don’t know that I’d be able to do be the one to end it,” Liam says, still resting.

Chris slams on the breaks. They lurch forward.

“What the hell?” Liam asks, throwing his hands up in confusion.

“Liam. If I ever do something that warrants a break-up, you need to end it. That’s not okay. If I hurt you in some way…”

Liam feels sick. He puts his fingers against Chris’s lips and shushes him before Chris can finish that thought. “Don’t say that,” he whispers.

Chris moves Liam’s hand away, interlocking their fingers. “Promise me, you’ll take care of yourself.”

“I shouldn’t have said anything,” Liam says, trying to pull his hand away. Chris doesn’t let him.

“Promise me,” Chris repeats.

“Are you planning on hurting me in any way?” Liam asks, seriously.

“Of course not, but—”

“Okay, great. Then we don’t have anything to worry about.” Liam pouts in his seat, taking his hand back.

“Liam, if you hurt me in some way, I’d break up with you. I of course doubt that would ever happen, but you need to do the same,” Chris states.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Liam’s eyes water. “You were the one that thought I was gonna break up with you.”

“Because losing you would be unbearable. And every time we fight, that’s where my mind goes. But if something were to happen and the relationship becomes toxic. We need to put ourselves first, okay?” Chris asks.

“Yeah, whatever,” Liam whispers, wiping away any tears threatening to spill.

Chris grabs his hand and kisses his fingers until Liam looks at him. “Love of my life.”

Liam softens. “Everyone argues, babe. Doesn’t mean I wanna break up. I just need to have some time and space to think.”

“I know.” Chris closes his eyes. “I’m working on it.”

“I’m working on getting past the stuff with the guys,” Liam says.

“But there’s still coming out,” Chris replies.

“Coming out twice,” Liam corrects. “As gay and an incestuous couple.”

“It wouldn’t be easy at all.”

“Let’s just talk about this later,” Liam shakes his head.

Chris twists his mouth and goes to put the car in drive, but hesitates. He turns back towards Liam. “I will say, that because I hate arguing or disagreeing so much in fear that we’ll break up, I’ve let stuff go when I still feel unresolved about it for the sake of you not being mad at me.”

Liam sighs. “We’re going in circles.”

Someone pulls up behind them. Chris puts the flashers on and the car passes. The two look away in fear of being recognized.

Chris plays with Liam’s fingers as the car drives off.

“We need an outside opinion,” Chris suggests.

“Yeah, okay,” Liam replies sarcastically.

“I know a couple guys who love you and would never judge.” Chris diverts his eyes.

Liam grumbles, “If you’re talking about Evans and Sebastian…”

“I am,” Chris says.

“You wanna tell them we’re dating?” Liam asks.

“They told me they’re dating,” Chris replies.

“They’re dating?”

“Yeah. Finally,” Chris chuckles.

“They told you?”

“Well, yeah.”

“How often do you talk to them?”

“Stop,” Chris says, growing tense. “That’s not healthy. I’m not answering that. I know you get jealous, but they’re my friends.”

Liam shakes his head. “Whatever.”

Chris scoffs, rolls his eyes, and shakes his head too. He looks out the window then turns to Liam again. “Do you wanna have sex with them?”

“What?” Liam asks, surprised, but somehow also uninterested.

“Do you want to have sex with Evans and Seb. Without me there. Would that make you feel better?” Chris asks. He’s serious.

Liam looks down at his fidgeting hands. He contemplates the idea. Of course he wouldn’t mind having sex with them, they’re both gorgeous. However, he’s not sure it would help or that he’d feel right doing it.

“No,” he replies after a few moments. “But, I think it would be a good compromise, as a start, to tell them about us. I trust them and even if they judge and are unaccepting, I don’t think they’d tell, right?”

“They’re not gonna be unaccepting. They’re too relaxed,” Chris assures him.

Another car comes up behind them and slowly passes them. They hide their faces again. Chris puts the car in drive then pulls up the road a little ways. He turns onto a dirt path that leads deeper into the woods they’re driving through. He pulls off to the side and puts the car back in park.

“You’re sure about this?” Chris asks.

Liam nods. “I want to tell people too, you know. I really do. It’s so hard not being ourselves whenever we want.”

Chris grabs his boy’s hand and kisses it some more. “We’re gonna stay in my house and be ourselves, okay? No, our house. You’re gonna sell yours and move in, yeah? Live with your fiancé, yeah? Gonna take it one step at a time, okay?”

Liam closes his eyes and his face softens and his body un-tenses. He rubs his thumb over Chris’s hand. “I’d really love that. To live with you.”

“Me too, angel.” He squeezes his hand. “We can invite Evans and Seb to come down and we can be ourselves in front of them. If you want. I think it might be nice to have people we can kiss in front of.”

“Okay, yeah. That sounds really nice. Just as long as they don’t flirt with you or anything,” Liam says.

“Oh, my God, babe,” Chris shakes his head and laughs, out of energy. “They are so fucking in love with each other it’s ridiculous. I was a placeholder.”

“As in love as I am with you?” Liam smiles, trying to lighten the mood a little bit more.

“Hm, maybe. But definitely not as in love as I am with you,” Chris leans over and kisses him.

“Placeholder makes me feel better, actually,” Liam says, thinking.

“Well, that’s really all I was to them and all they were to me. And, damn, all Chris would talk about is how in love he was with Seb. And Seb would only talk about how he was in love with some random guy I apparently didn’t know. Then I put the pieces together and tried to fix them up one night when we were all drunk. They didn’t remember in the morning and I left that day to come back to you, actually.” Chris looks surprised. “Things work out in the weirdest ways.”

“They do,” Liam agrees.

“So, I’m only loyal to one man. Don’t forget that.”

“I know,” sighs Liam.

“And you know they love you, right? They, like, ask about you a lot.”

“Really?” Liam asks.

Chris nods. “So, they’re just good friends really. Nothing more.”

“I guess I’ve never had a relationship or friendship like that where love and sex were separate. So, that’s probably why I’m having a hard time understanding.”

Chris unhooks Liam’s seatbelt and pulls him into his lap, his long legs crouched on the passenger seat now.

“This is not comfortable,” Liam says. He leans his head against the window.

Chris kisses him tenderly on the lips. “Does it make more sense now?” he asks.

Liam nods.

“Good,” Chris replies. “And I get it more now why you’ve been so upset about it. You’re the only man I love. The only man I’ve ever loved. The only man I will ever love.”

Liam closes his eyes and exhales. “Same here, mister.”

Chris slides his phone out of his pocket and opens up his texts. In his group chat with Evans and Sebastian, he invites them to come stay with him and Liam in his house for as long as they’d like. The longer the better.

He then tosses his phone to the passenger seat, and kisses Liam him some more, holding him tightly. He runs his hands up and down Liam’s body as the kiss intensifies. They suck and bite each other’s tongues and lick each other’s mouths, getting the beard hairs around them soaked. Chris’s hands find their way under Liam’s shirt. He traces the lines of his brother’s body. Liam twists in his uncomfortable position and grabs onto Chris’s neck, pulling them closer together. Chris’s hand twists Liam’s nipples until they’re hard and he slides it south to find the other thing he wants to make hard.

He wiggles his hand underneath Liam’s jeans and finds his brother’s cock is already hardening. Liam writhes in Chris’s lap as Chris grabs the base of his cock and squeezes tightly. Liam digs his claws into the back of Chris’s neck and starts biting and sucking on the side where his head rests sturdily on Chris’s shoulder. Chris whimpers as Liam leaves on him a deep and reddish-purple mark that will no doubt take several days to fade. Then he does it again. And again. And again. And again. Marks all over Chris’s neck and chest, Liam kisses down as Chris strokes his clothed cock. Quickly frustrated with the fabric in both their ways, Liam pulls Chris’s shirt until it rips. He takes no beats to acknowledge or apologize for ruining Chris’s clothing, but instead rips it the rest of the way off, destroying it and exposing his brother’s beautiful torso where he can now leave viciously possessive purple marks all over.

Chris follows Liam’s lead and yanks Liam’s pants and underwear off. Liam bites and claws rabidly all over Chris’s chest, arms, and neck. His skin is raw and soaked in spit. After painstakingly struggling to remove Liam’s pants, he thrusts his hips upwards and grinds his clothed cock into Liam’s free one. As Chris’s fingers are about to find Liam’s hole, Liam bites much too harshly, drawing blood. Chris yelps and grabs Liam by the throat, gently but firmly, and their gazes meet.

Hearts pounding, cocks hard enough to feel their pulses, spit flying with every raging breath. Chris dives in to kiss his fiancé. Liam falls backwards between the front seats in the most bent and uncomfortable position he thinks his body will allow. He wiggles his body to the floor in the back and Chris, like a feral tiger, crawls over Liam’s body.

Excitedly fearful, Liam pulls the handles of both the backseats and they collapse and pulls himself to the trunk. Now, the two have all the space of the backseat and trunk to fuck. Or rather… mate. Chris lurches down and clamps his jaws around Liam’s neck. In turn, Liam makes ridiculous yelping noises, breathy moans, and exasperated growls.

Chris pulls away and spit drools and flies out of his mouth. His teeth marks are imprinted deeply into Liam’s neck. Liam reaches his heads to Chris’s pecs and digs his nails in. The look in Chris’s eyes is no longer human. He abandoned that part of him the second their kiss got too intense to stop. His expression is blank, but at the same time it speaks volumes. His spit lands all over Liam, who digs his nails in deeper and claws down.

Chris rips—literally rips—his sweatpants off. His cock springs free, leaking precum in a stream. He lurches to the passenger seat, opens the glove compartment, and grabs his backup lube in seconds. He squeezes too much onto his cock, some dripping onto the car floor. He throws it to the side, strokes his cock with one hand and flips Liam over with the other.

“You fucking cunt!” Chris roars through his gritted teeth as he shoves his cock between Liam’s cheeks and straight into his hole. His force sends Liam forward and reaching for something to brace.

Liam yells in response. It hurts in an uncomfortable sort of way, but he has no thought or desire to tell Chris to stop. He can’t find anything to grasp in between Chris’s initial plunge and the following rapid thrusts that come mere seconds later. His cock burns between his body and the trunk floor.

“Think you can fucking disrespect me?” Chris shouts. “I’m your alpha. You don’t ever talk to me like that again!” Chris isn’t conscious enough at this point to realize, but this is the closest to foaming out the mouth he’s ever been.

Liam isn’t sure what Chris is referencing, and he’s not sure Chris knows either, but he couldn’t care less. He loves it. Chris getting aggressive and dominant has never felt so good.

Chris fucks and fucks into him like he’s trying to fuck Liam in half. He claws down Liam’s back savagely.

“You’re fucking mine. Anyone that tries to even fucking touch you is dead. I swear to god, Liam. If anyone tries to ever fucking lay a hand on you, I’ll fucking kill them.”

Liam, drunk on his animal and savage instincts, smirks into the floor as Chris yells violent and vicious things. It’s wild and out-of-character. It’s disgusting and inhuman. And Liam couldn’t love it more.

“Fucking cunt,” Chris repeats.

With another thrust, Liam is gone. The friction between his body and the rough seating has him cumming untouched by any of their hands.

“Fuck!” Liam screams. Chris smacks the trunk button and it opens as Liam shoots shot after shot of scalding cum between his body. It shoots and oozes in every direction, indefinitely staining the car. Liam’s body spasms and thrashes as he gasps for air. Chris holds him down.

The trunk fully open, a car speeds by. Chris fucks faster. He’s lucky they turned onto a smaller dirt road, hidden by some shrubbery. He’s luckier that car was driving fast.

“Gonna fucking cum in you and mark you like the bitch you are,” he yells. “Who do you belong to, Liam?”

Liam lies spent and breathing erratically.

“Who do you belong to, Liam?” Chris yells again, slamming all the way inside his mate.

“You, Chris! You! Always fucking you!” Liam screams with his last remaining energy.

Chris leans down and bites his neck as he cums.

It’s much gentler than Liam thought. Though Chris cries into Liam’s shoulder and his cum is copious and forceful and hot, Chris doesn’t yell or say vicious things. He continuously pumps Liam full of his seed, a ridiculous amount even by their standards. Too much so that it leaks out of Liam’s plugged ass, despite Chris still being fully hard and cumming.

Another car goes by, this time at a normal speed. Liam slams the trunk button and it closes efficiently. Chris still cums inside him.

They lie breathless and sweating. Liam takes a deep breath and exhales for a while, unintentionally clenching around Chris’s cock.

Chris bucks again as Liam’s ass overworks Chris’s overly-sensitive cock. The last few drops leak out and Chris sighs.

“That was so fucking hot,” Liam speaks up.

“Was it?” Chris asks, pulling out without thinking. Liam misses the absence.

“God, yes,” Liam says softly.

“But,” Chris shakes his head, “those things I said. Oh, my god. Ew.”

Knowing his brother is about to overthink, Liam grabs Chris in his arms and shushes him. He holds his finger to Chris’s lips.

“I loved it all,” Liam says gently. “That was so wildly hot.”

“But I was so rough with you. And, Jesus, I didn’t mean any of those things. That is so gross,” Chris says, shaking his head.

“Listen to me,” Liam says sternly. “This happened the first time we had sex that was on the rougher side. You got worried, but, Chris, we both know it’s just part of the sex, okay? This is the same. It was rougher than normal, sure, but it was really fucking hot. I loved it.”

“Okay,” Chris sighs. “Yeah, you’re right.” His body relaxes. “Just the thought of hurting you popped into my head and I got so scared. But yeah, that was hot.”

“Thought you were gonna actually get rougher,” Liam laughs.

“How so?” Chris questions.

“I don’t know,” Liam shakes his head, smiling. “But just know I’m down to get as rough as you want.”

“Good to know,” Chris smiles wickedly. “But just keep in mind how important consent is.”

“I know, angel,” Liam says. “We know each other pretty well, but if you wanna check in more often, that’s something we can both do.”

“Yeah, I think I’d really like that,” Chris nods.

“Great,” Liam confirms.

“You are mine, though. Don’t fucking forget that,” Chris says, reaching for his phone.

Liam observes Chris’s body. It’s absolutely covered in love bites. Some are so deep they look like bruises. They cover his arms, neck, and torso. There’s so many that Liam didn’t realize he could bite someone that many times. The sight alone is hot enough to make Liam’s cock twitch. It’s almost nasty looking how many there are. He grins at the sight. “Not ever gonna forget it, trust me,” Liam says, lying back down.

Chris reads through his notifications and smiles upon seeing a text from Evans.

“Evans and Seb are coming to visit, babe,” he says.

Liam’s smile fades. Chris notices and lies down with him.

“Drop that, Liam,” he says, not really meaning it. “You agreed to this. It will be great. We’re gonna have a lot of fun; I’m excited.”

“Okay,” Liam says, exhaling. “Don’t forget you’re mine too.”



“There’s never been any other thought in my head.”

Chapter Text

Sebastian lies on Chris’s bed with his hands behind his head and his eyes closed. He smiles gently as Chris bounces up and down, riding his cock. Both naked, Chris squats with his feet planted in the bed while Sebastian’s toes curl. Sebastian grunts softly. Quick and higher pitched moans fall through Chris’s lips. He’s intently focused on riding his man. His dick is hard and flopping as he bounces. Sebastian opens his eyes

“Getting close,” Sebastian whispers.

Chris’s hair falls in his face. It makes him look rugged and wrecked and that image alone couldn’t turn Sebastian on more. Chris sinks all the way down on his man’s cock, which Sebastian replies to by digging his nails into the bed, grinding upwards viciously, and letting out a very loud moaning exhale. 

“Who do you belong to?” he asks, placing his hands on Chris’s arms.

Chris whines and whimpers. He never pictured himself as this submissive, but he can’t even pretend not to like it.

“I’m my own person,” Chris breathes, smirking.

Sebastian smirks back and shakes his head. In one swift motion, he flips them into missionary position and holds off on thrusting for a moment. He looks into Chris’s eyes intensely. With a serious face he says, “No, you’re not. You’re mine.”

He then thrusts all the way inside his boy and resumes fucking him.

Chris grabs on to Sebastian’s sturdy back and claws up and down harshly. Sebastian growls and lurches down to Chris’s neck, which he bites with the same roughness that Chris digs his nails into him with. He sinks his teeth into Chris’s skin and Chris bucks upwards and grinds his cock into Sebastian’s abs. He does it every time Sebastian bites.

Sebastian no longer takes the time to pull out with care. Instead, he pulls out quickly, then thrusts all the way down to his pubes even faster. Each and every time he does the same. The base of his cock meets Chris’s ass with every thrust.

There’s a puddle of pre-cum on Chris’s stomach. He reaches for his cock and strokes it. Sebastian kisses Chris’s lips then bites his bottom one sharply.

“You can get yourself close, but I want to finish you off. Understand?” he asks.

Chris nods quickly. “Can you cum on my face?” he whispers.

Sebastian smiles wickedly. “Anything for you, you know that.” His body gives out as he thrusts and he falls on top of Chris, burying his face in the pillows right next to Chris’s neck. “Anything for you, baby. Not a fucking thing in this world I wouldn’t do for you.”

He thrusts and thrusts and it gets to be too much for him. His body is twitching and Chris is nipping at his ear and being inside someone has never felt so good.

“I’m sorry,” Sebastian cries. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” His hips shake as he slams all the way inside once more. “I have to cum in you, I’m sorry.” He slides his hands under Chris’s back and squeezes till they both have trouble breathing. He then cums. “Oh, fuck.” His body trembles subtly. He’s worn out since the two have been fucking all day. However, he cums the same amount, if not more. He’s not sure how, but Chris gets more cum out of him than anyone ever has. But, then again, he’s exactly sure how.

His cock erupts deep inside his boy. Chris holds on tightly to his boyfriend’s back. Sebastian cums and cums, adding to the rest of the cum that lingers inside Chris from earlier in the day. His cum is warm and gratifying. They both need that feeling.

Sebastian lets go of Chris and pushes slightly off him, so there’s just enough room that he can stroke Chris’s cock. Chris grinds upwards, clenching his ass and milking the last few spurts from his man’s dick.

They both know it won’t be long.

Sebastian leans in and nips Chris’s ear. “I’m so sorry I came in you, baby. I just needed to breed you. Needed to mark you as mine.” He grips Chris’s cock tightly and strokes.

“Shhh,” Chris exhales, his eyes closed and his heart pounding.

“My boy,” Sebastian grins. “Cum for me. Right now.”

Chris tries to hold it off, but can’t. Sebastian’s words get to him and he can’t stop himself. “God!” he yells. His cock shoots his load. Sebastian licks at Chris’s cheek and beard as Chris shoots his ropes of cum across his stomach, chest, face, and finally hair. It’s hot. In every sense of the word.

Sebastian doesn’t stop jerking him off, despite how sensitive his cock feels. He licks the cum off his face. Chris writhes beneath him. He lifts his body then crashes back down on the bed, spent. Sebastian lets go and pulls out. He turns on his back and both look up at the ceiling.

Panting, their chests rise and fall quickly.

“I’ll cum on your face later, I promise,” Sebastian says.

Chris puts his fingers lazily on Sebastian’s mouth and shushes him again. Sebastian laughs and kisses his hand.

Chris inhales deeply, then exhales for double the amount of time. He sits upright, his back to Sebastian.

“I’m gonna take a shower,” he says.

“Care if I join you?” Sebastian asks, tracing the lines on Chris’s back with his fingertips.

“Uh, I was just gonna play some music and relax by myself,” Chris replies, still looking forward.

“Is everything okay?” Sebastian asks.

Chris doesn’t miss a beat. “Yeah, everything’s fine. I just want to have some me time.” He turns and kisses Sebastian quickly then grabs his phone off the night table and walks into the bathroom, closing the door and locking it.

As he turns the shower on, he scrolls through his music. The water heats up and he stops at The Divine Feminine by Mac Miller. He hits the first song “Congratulations,” and then switches the source to the overhead Bluetooth speakers. He turns the volume up as he walks over to the sink, setting his phone on the counter. A few women speak the intro, announcing the title of the album a few times. He looks in the mirror and sighs.

He slicks his hair back. It’s sweaty. There’s cum in it. He turns the cold water and leans down, splashing and rubbing his face several times. He looks back up at himself, water dripping from his beard. He rubs his eyes firmly until he sees stars.

His eyes fuzz back to normal and he looks over his body. He’s sweaty and covered in cum and the steam from the shower is only adding to the dampness. He touches his pecs and swirls his fingers in his chest hair. He twists his nipples and watches them grow instantly. Rubbing the cum all over his skin, he slides his hands down his body and tangles his fingers in his pubic hair. He pulls on the hairs and moans softly.

He backs a few paces away from the mirror until his dick is completely in his view. He watches himself in the mirror play with his pubic hair. The hairs are a darker brown and overgrown. It smells sweaty, but he can’t say he minds. He brings his hand to his nose and sniffs. It’s a pungent smell that he can’t figure out why he likes so much. He sucks on his fingers.

With the other hand, he strokes his hardening cock back to life. He doesn’t break eye contact with his mirror-self as he sucks on his own fingers and jerks off. After sufficiently soaking his fingers, he slides them behind himself and swirls them around his hole until he pokes the tips in slightly. He pushes more.

He strokes himself faster and pushes his index and middle fingers inside himself until they’re all the way in. His face twitches and he smirks in the dirty voyeuristic truck driver kind of way. His hair is in his face and he can’t help but love how perverted this feels and looks.

He suddenly stops, despite being close, and takes his hands away from himself. He grabs his phone in a haze and opens up the camera. His thumb hovers over the button for a few seconds before pressing it, capturing from his head to just below the tip of his dick. He takes a few more where he’s jerking off, some where he’s fingering himself, some where he lifts his arm up and licks and sucks on his sweaty armpit hairs. He turns around and does his best to get a shot of his muscly back and perfect ass.

Taking nudes is not something he normally does, or ever does actually, but it feels good. He loves his body and it feels good to let himself feel confident and happy.

He faces the mirror again and presses his waist to the counter. He takes another bunch where only from his torso up is visible. The song switches to “Dang!” and he scrolls through the pictures.

He chooses one where he has confident and sexy smirk. He searches for any reflections or any way to tell that he’s naked, but he doesn’t see any. He composes a Tweet with that picture in it.

He writes: I’m never one to post anything like this, so this feels weird. I was appreciating how confident I feel and I wanted to share this picture of me that made me feel good.

Again, his finger hesitates over the post button. He knows he probably shouldn’t do this. He knows he shouldn’t have taken pictures in the first place and how risky it is for a celebrity, especially someone as famous as him, to have intimate pictures that could be so easily leaked. He knows. And yet he presses send anyways.

His cock still throbs. It feels good. He resumes stroking himself and opens up the camera again. As he strokes himself rapidly back to being close, he takes several pictures, getting a good view of his cock. He slides the camera setting to video and hits record. The thought alone is enough to send him over the edge.

With a few more strokes, he aims his cock upwards, makes sure the camera is focusing on his cock, and cums all over the mirror. He looks at himself and smirks dirtily again as his cock pumps his seed all over the glass. The waves of euphoria hit and he throws his head back and moans loudly, the bass of his voice vibrating his chest. He grunts again as his cock spasms and drips out the last spurts of cum.

The cum drips down the mirror. He wipes some off and tastes it. It’s salty.

He aims his phone down at his cock and smacks it lightly with his free hand a couple times. He strokes the length.

“Love how big my cock is,” he whispers. And he’s right. It is big, long and thick. He knows he gives off big dick energy and he loves it. “Love my cock and my body so much.”

Finally, he stops recording and sets the phone down. He shakes his head and exhales deeply. Then he steps into the shower.

It’s a fancy shower. With dual heads and tile floors and a glass door and siding. He’s fucked a lot of men in this shower.

He turns the water down so he can cool off from his jerk off session. The cum is still slowly dripping down the mirror and being washed off his body. Now flaccid, his cock rests. Though it is smaller, he’s by far more of a shower than a grower. The length never changes too drastically, which he likes. However, a lot of the pictures the paparazzi get of his protruding bulge are mostly when he’s not even hard at all.

Aiming his cock for the drain, he relieves himself of the building pressure. His piss splatters into the drain. It’s more yellow than clear and he makes a note to drink more water before and after sex. He’s tried watersports before; it was hot, but those were his more deviant ways. Now that he’s calmed down and gotten into an exclusive relationship, his deviance is met with various other kinky things.

As his stream dies off, he cleans himself. He lathers himself in body wash, making sure to finger himself a couple times. He rubs it into his sweaty pits and musky pubes, down his legs and back. As the water washes that off him, he shampoos. After rinsing it out, he turns the water hotter.

Then, he massages in his conditioner. While that sets, he rinses his hands and then pumps his prescription facewash a couple times before rubbing it gently into his face. He scrubs it throughout his beard, which he thinks might need a slight trim soon. Then, he washes everything out and exhales, feeling clean. “Skin” now comes to a close.

Open up your legs and go straight for your heart, Mac sings.

One more time, Chris thinks.

Grabbing the body wash, he sits with his knees up and legs spread, feet planted on the shower floor. He squeezes some body wash onto his fingers and wastes no time putting them all the way up his hole.

“Oh yeah,” he groans. His cock is spent, but he doesn’t seem to care. It grows harder as he fucks himself with his fingers. Moans fall from his lips like leaves in the wind. Touching himself has never felt so good. The song changes to “Cinderella.”

He adds a third finger and his toes curl as his ass clenches. He grinds into his hand and thrusts back and forth.

Thinking about what he did just a few moments ago, his hand strokes faster. The rush of watching himself, confidently sexualizing his own body for pleasure, posting his picture. He wishes he chose a more revealing image. One where his pubes were just barely visible, but enough for people to know he was naked.

His breath hitches and he’s letting himself be loud. He rests his head against the glass thinking he should post a full nude. The thought of people sexualizing him and looking at him sends a shock to his dick.

“Fuck,” he moans out loudly, filling the room like steam.

As he stands up, he holds his cock tightly. After the pressure builds enough, he aims at the glass wall and releases his grip. Moaning again even louder, spurt after spurt of cum paints the glass. And it’s a lot of cum. A while ago, he came to the conclusion that the higher the amount of times he cums per day, the more cum he shoots. It’s hot. It’s godlike, he thinks.

The cum drips down the glass just as it did with the mirror. Another wave hits and he moans again. His seed is a solid white and it covers the surface area. Grunting, his hips thrust slightly as he shoots more and more.

“Planet God Damn” is now playing. His cum dies down and he pants.

Hating the feeling of cum mixing with water in the shower, he steps away from the drain. He grabs the body wash and uses it to wash the cum off his hands. He slicks his hair back before turning the water off and getting out.

Stepping onto the mat, he grabs one of the plushy towels hanging the door’s metal bar. After drying himself off, he wraps the towel around his waist. He looks at himself once more in the mirror and smirks, finally feeling clean.

His mind now clearer than before, he goes through his nudes and opts to hide them on his phone. After switching the audio source back to his phone and turning the volume down, he returns to the bedroom and finds Sebastian on the bed with a pizza box on his nightstand.

“I think you’re annoyed with me and I’m not entirely sure why, but I figured I should do something nice,” Sebastian says.

Chris smiles, “You’re the best, babe.” He walks over to his drawers and rummages for a pair of underwear.

Sebastian’s face softens in relief. “So, you’re not mad or anything?”

“No,” Chris shakes his head as he slides on a pair of gray briefs. The towel falls to the ground.

“Okay,” Sebastian exhales.

Chris puts on a light pink hoodie before getting onto the bed. Sebastian opens the pizza box and grabs the paper plates on top of the box. He hands one to Chris with a slice of pepperoni on it.

“Thanks,” he smiles and Sebastian can see it in his eyes.

Sebastian smiles back and sighs. “God, I was so worried I upset you.”

“Oh,” Chris says. “No, you’re good.”

Sebastian gets his pizza and the two sit against the headboard and eat. He looks over Chris as he eats and smiles. He takes a bite.

“Well,” Chris pensively says. His phone buzzes and he picks it up. A text from Hemsworth pops up. “Oh, shoot,” Chris says excitedly as he reads.

“What’s up?” Sebastian asks.

“Hemmy wants us to come visit,” he smiles.

“Oh, yeah? When?” Sebastian asks.

“I think now. Like, as soon as we can.”

“Oh, cool,” Sebastian replies, taking a bite.

“That sounds so cute; we should go!”

“Yeah, I’m down.”

“Cool,” Chris says. He sends quick text back saying they’ll be on their way soon. “We can pack and then head out soon.”

“We’re you gonna say something?” Sebastian asks.

“Huh? When?” Chris asks, putting his phone back down.

“Before you got the text, you were about to say something.” Sebastian is calm, but Chris can tell he’s still worried he upset him.

Chris sighs. “Yeah. I was.” He pauses and Sebastian doesn’t say anything. “Uh, well. I like when you get possessive when we’re having sex and stuff, but now it’s too much, I guess. Like, I like when there’s no weight behind it and it’s just to turn us on. But, like, I don’t know. I don’t know.”

“You do know, Chris. Just say it. Please,” Sebastian says, only kindness in his voice.

Again, Chris sighs. “I’m just a very independent person. I don’t like the idea of belonging to someone or not being my own person. I’m of course yours, but I’m not yours,” he laughs. “If that makes sense.”

“Of course it does,” Sebastian says. “And I can work on that.”

“Hmm,” Chris mumbles, surprised.

Sebastian laughs. “Didn’t think it would be that easy to say how you feel?”

Chris smiles and looks down. “Yup.”

“Chris, I want you to tell me when there’s something on your mind. Whatever it is, because I can’t do this without you trusting you can tell me things. And then it just gets frustrating when I know something’s wrong but you won’t tell me.”

Chris nods. “Okay. I can work on that.”

“Good. See how communication fixes things?”

Chris nods again. “Whatever,” he says jokingly.

Sebastian laughs, “Okay, let’s eat and then pack so we can go see the Aussies.”

After they finish eating, they waste no time to start getting ready. “My Favorite Part” plays as they pack. Chris sings along and, obviously, can’t help but think how applicable the lyrics are to Sebastian.

I could make some time for something so divine, Ariana sings.

Since the two have been inseparable since their declarations of love, they both have a good amount of clothes at each other’s homes. So, packing for Sebastian is no hassle at all.

Arrangements are made for Chris’s private jet. They grab all the toiletries, clothes, electronics, and things they think they’ll need and are soon after getting driven to the airport hangar.

“I want people to know,” Sebastian says as they walk towards the stairs of the jet.

“What?” Chris asks.

“That we’re dating. You said we could talk about it in the morning but that never happened.”

“I don’t know. What if it just happens whenever it happens,” Chris shrugs.

Sebastian hesitates at the bottom of the stairs. Chris stops too.

“So, what if it were to happen right now?” Sebastian asks.

“What? I don’t know,” Chris scoffs playfully. “Then it happens now. I don’t know what—”

Before Chris can finish, Sebastian is on him.

With one arm tightly around Chris’s back and the other hand on Chris’s ass, Sebastian kisses him for everyone to see.

Chapter Text

It’s hot. Unusually hot for this time of year in Byron Bay. Though Australia has a reputation for being overly hot all the time, it’s not entirely true. Inland is mainly where the heat increases, but on the coast, temperatures remain warm, but mostly not too unbearable. Today is not one of those days. It’s hot.

Chris floats on a clear, inflatable raft in his pool. The occasional breeze blows him across the water, but when there’s no breeze, he bakes in the heat with his eyes closed. He’s wearing a pair of gray boxer briefs that hug every inch of his dick. The water has made the briefs transparent enough that some parts of his skin are visible through the fabric. He’s not hard and yet his bulge is massive enough to give the illusion. The rest of his body is on display.

Liam steps into the water somewhat silently as the wind blows Chris away from him. He’s also naked apart from his very small speedo that fails to contain his dick and balls. Liam’s not hard either but, since he’s a shower like his brother, his cock shows a visible bulge lying on an upwards slant under the waistband. His hairy balls poke out the bottom. His ass hangs out the back.

He sinks underwater without a sound and swims in broad strokes along the floor until he comes up for air a few feet away from Chris. He hushes his breathing. Moving as quietly as he can, he swims over to Chris’s raft. He hesitates for a little too long.

“Don’t even think about it,” Chris says.

Liam places his hands on the raft and shakes it. Chris’s eyes are still closed, but he grumbles.

“I was so close,” Liam says. His hands creep onto Chris’s body.

“I heard you when you came out of the house,” Chris replies.

“Next time,” Liam states. His hands slide up Chris’s thighs and grab his dick. Chris doesn’t open his eyes.

“What’re you doing, babe?” Chris asks.

“Nothin’” Liam says back. He palms Chris’s through the thin fabric and rubs the length.

“Boy,” Chris breathes. “How many loads did I put in you today already?”

“Three,” Liam states, smiling. “And then you came on my face once, too.”

“Right,” Chris responds. “And you still want more?”

Liam grabs the waistband of the briefs and slides them down. Chris hesitates and grumbles some more as Liam finally gets them off with some struggle. He tosses them to the side of the pool. Chris’s cock hardens slowly. His eyes stay closed.

“Do you wanna know what I’m wearing?” Liam asks.

“Nothing I hope.”

“Almost,” Liam laughs. “Just that speedo you got me when we first started dating.”

Chris raises his eyebrows. Liam’s got his attention now.

“You still fit in those?” Chris asks.

“Nope,” Liam smirks.

Chris’s eyes finally open. Liam’s smirk grows into a grin and he flips the raft over. Chris flops into the pool, underwater. Liam watches as Chris swims towards him. He starts swimming away, but Chris grabs his feet and pulls him down. While Chris fights to hold on to him, Liam fights to push him away.

After some struggle, Liam breaks free and swims up to the surface. Chris follows and the two open their eyes.

Chris shakes his head and pulls Liam in for a quick kiss. “Get out of the pool and show me how you look in those.”

Liam grins again and climbs out of the pool, making sure to use the side to pull himself out in order to give Chris the best view of his ass. Chris bites his lip.

He stands dripping wet in front of his fiancé. His cock, now completely hard, pokes out the waistband and his balls have fallen out to the side. He does nothing to fix it. Chris bites his lip harder.

Liam turns around a couple times to flaunt his ass. Chris strokes himself underwater.

“You know you’re about to get fucked, right?” Chris says.

Liam groans and grinds his cock into his palm. “Get out of the pool.”

Chris climbs out in the same way that Liam did. His fully hard cock flops around as he drips in the sun.

“I’m gonna fuck you right here for anyone who’s watching to see,” Chris says lowly.

Liam’s face reacts neutrally. “I was thinking we could go inside and be more intimate.”

“When are we not intimate?” Chris asks, rubbing his cock. “Just wanna show people.”

“Such a kinky fucker,” Liam shakes his head.


“Fine. I hope people are watching,” Liam says. “I hope they see what a fucking slut you are.”

Chris is on Liam’s lips in less than a second. He bites Liam’s bottom lip and pulls back.

“I’m gonna fuck you,” Liam states. “Out here. I want people to see who you fucking belong to.”

“Please, Liam,” Chris whines. Liam breathes out a laugh at how easy it’s become for Chris to give up topping.

Liam pushes Chris to the edge of the pool area where a short, clear glass fence prevents them from falling down the hill that the house sits on. Liam turns Chris around and pushes him up against the glass. It barely comes up to Chris’s waist and his cock presses against it as it drips precum.

Lube sits not-so-coincidentally on the table next to them. Liam grabs it and pours some into his hand. He rubs it over his cock then uses the rest on Chris’s hole.

“Slut,” Liam grunts. He pushes in carelessly.

Chris puts his left leg on top of the glass fence. It digs into his skin, but he doesn’t pay it any mind; he’s more focused on his brother’s cock filling him up.

Liam pushes in quickly and roughly. He wants to be all the way inside as soon as possible. And, sooner rather than later, he is. His pubes touch Chris’s ass and he begins fucking his brother.

As Liam’s balls slap against Chris’s ass, Chris’s cock slaps against the glass. It slides against it, creating friction and Chris didn’t know it could feel that good. He closes his eyes in lust, hoping people see. He could pass out from the heat, but he doesn’t care. He needs cum in his ass, even if he’s out cold.

“Fuck me in my sleep tonight,” Chris pants, not thinking of what he’s saying.

“Yeah?” Liam pants. That’s not something he thought he’d ever hear Chris say. But he’s intrigued. “Anything for you.” He assures.

“What are you gonna do?” Chris grins.

“Gonna do what you did to me when you got to Mum and Dad’s. Gonna strip you, take pictures and videos of me eating you out and fingering you,” Liam whines. “I bet you’d even like it if I sent them to Luke and Dad.”

Chris starts whimpering as if he were a dog. His cock drips pre-cum down the glass.

“I know you’ve thought about it with them, don’t even try to lie.” Liam fucks him harder and harder. His tone grows angrier. “Do you think about getting fucked by Daddy and Luke?”

Chris whines and cries and can’t get a word out. His knuckles are white from holding on to the glass so tightly. He really hopes paparazzi are recording this.

“Answer me,” Liam growls, slapping Chris’s ass.

“Yes,” Chris spits out. “I’ve thought about it. Wanted Luke to wake up when you fucked me next to him. Wanted Dad to join us in the kitchen and hear us on the beach.” His cheeks are bright red and he’s dripping sweat.

“God, you’re a filthy slut,” Liam scoffs. “Can never get enough, can you? Need your brothers and your daddy to satisfy you.”

“Yes,” Chris cries. “I’m a slut. Always need more.”

Liam closes his eyes and clenches his jaw. He leans in and presses himself to Chris’s back, fucking him relentlessly. “I love you so much.”

“Love you.”

“Getting close.”

“Want your cum in me.”

“Can’t wait to marry you,” Liam smiles. He’s dripping sweat and pounding his brother’s ass harshly. Chris moans loudly as he pushes all the way in.

“Promise me you’ll fuck me in my sleep tonight,” Chris whines.

Liam shushes him. “Fuck! I’m cumming.” Liam slams his cock ever so slightly deeper than before, his sweaty pubes meeting Chris’s sweaty ass, and cums.

He can feel his balls pulsating as his cock twitches and shoots spurt after spurt. Chris drops his head and moans a couple times.

Liam breathes heavily and his voice cracks as he groans. He laughs in pleasure as his cock doesn’t let up its stream.

He moans loudly again as he feels another wave of pleasure and his cock shoots some more. His toes curl.

Chris sighs, sweat dripping off his face. Liam pulls out, cum leaks everywhere. Chris sits on the ground facing Liam. He unclenches and lets the cum leak out from his hole onto the ground. It becomes a puddle quickly.

He strokes himself as Liam exhales deeply.

“Post a video of me like this,” Chris says, furiously jerking off.

“What? No. Absolutely not,” Liam replies.

“Do something, Liam. Please. I need something.”

“What?” Liam asks.

“I don’t know, but something. Humiliate me. Piss on me. I don’t know. Please. I’m so horny,” Chris cries, his eyes closed.

“Stop whining, slut,” Liam says, getting the hint. He slaps Chris across the face slightly harder than he thinks he should’ve. It doesn’t matter. Chris loves it. Too much.

“Fuck!” Chris roars. His cock starts shooting moments later.

Liam raises his eyebrows, thinking how easy that was. Chris’s cock erupts in several spurts. It’s not as much as Liam expects.

Chris’s fingers find his hole and he shoves them in vigorously as he cums. He paints his chest and leans against the glass wall.

His cum dies off quickly. He closes his eyes.

“I’m gonna go shower,” Liam says.

Chris doesn’t reply and basks in his filth.

The wind blows and relieves some of the heat. Chris can feel himself getting tan. Liam walks inside and Chris grabs his phone off the same table the lube has dripped on.

He scrolls through his social media. First Instagram and then Twitter. Nothing usually catches his eye. However, he sees a post from Evans that does. He’s shirtless, hairy chest and all. Chris hated it when they made Evans shave his chest. The caption is blunt, but sweet. Chris knows Evans is naked, though the picture doesn’t show. His cock twitches and he looks down to see it’s growing back to life.

He and Liam are no strangers to porn; they often jerk off to it when they’re apart, or even sometimes when they’re together. But Chris isn’t sure that this qualifies as porn and he tries to pretend he doesn’t know if Liam would approve or not. But he knows. This is Evans. Someone who Liam is so clearly jealous of. Chris tells himself it doesn’t mean anything, though, so it doesn’t matter. He puts his hand on his cock.

The picture is gorgeous. Evans looks disheveled in a sexy, yet handsome way. He’s smirking with his eyes ever so slightly. His bathroom is clean and expensive, making Evans look only more appealing. His chest is well-defined and fully hairy with a hint of sweat and shine. His beard is gorgeously full in a way that makes Chris’s cock get completely erect.

Chris jerks himself forcefully as he DMs Evans. Gorgeous, he writes. He presses send without thinking, then returns to looking at the picture. He’s beyond tempted to retweet it. He’s close already.

When he and Evans would have sex, it was wild. Sometimes it was loud and filled with biting and scratching and yelling. Sometimes it was quieter and they’d look into each other’s eyes and kiss. Sometimes it was so kinky they couldn’t believe what they were doing. Chris always topped and Evans never had a problem with that. Though, now Chris is curious what it would feel like to bottom for Evans. He strokes his cock and gets lost in a fantasy.

He remembers standing fully naked in front of that same mirror in Evan’s house. Chris was kissing up and down Evan’s neck and nipping, giving him hickies. Evans was preoccupied thinking about something Chris wasn’t concerned with. Chris noticed, though. He wrapped one arm around Evan’s chest and with the other, he slid his fingers down to Evan’s hole and pushed them in.

He made eye contact with Evans in the mirror. “What’s wrong, baby?”

Evans moaned as Chris shoved his fingers deeper. “Nothin’,” he replied.

“Didn’t think so,” Chris grinned. He lined up his lubed-up cock and slid into Evans and fucked him over the counter. They watched themselves in the mirror as they fucked wildly. Chris came quickly.

They moved to the bathtub and Evans sat in between Chris’s legs. Chris continued to kiss him and say sweet nothings. “Love you,” he whispered.

Evans melted into Chris’s arms, but was still distracted.

“Thinkin’ about Sebastian?” Chris asked.

Evans nodded.

“Well don’t. He’s ruining our time together.” Chris slid his hands down Evan’s chest and started stroking his soft cock.

“I just want him.”

“You really think he’d fuck you like I do?” Chris said into Evan’s neck. “Touch you like I do? Love you like I do?”

Evan’s didn’t reply. He held onto Chris’s arms tightly.

“Love you,” Chris said again. He continued to stroke Evan’s now hard cock.

Evan’s closed his eyes. “You keep saying that, yet you have a boyfriend.”

“You know how I mean it, baby,” Chris whispered. His cock was now hard too and grinding into Evan’s back.

“When am I gonna get to meet him?” Evans asked.

“Hopefully soon.”

Evans grunted. “I still don’t buy that he’s okay with this.”

“With what?” Chris asked. He ground into Evans who moaned.

“You know.”

“With this?” Chris lifted Evans slightly and sat him back down on his cock. Evans gasped and yelled as he slid to the base of Chris’s cock.

“Yeah,” Evans whispered as Chris started fucking him, still stroking his cock.

“I told you. We’re in an open relationship,” Chris said. “Well, open for you and a couple others.”

“Sebastian,” Evans whined.

“Yes. You know that.”

“Tell him how I feel about him, Chris,” Evans said.

“Not getting involved. Already told you that.”

“What’s he like when you fuck him?”

“Quieter,” Chris said, covered his mouth, and fucked into him harder.

They both came soon after.

It used to be euphoric between the two of them. Evans used to suck him off in just the right way, swirling his tongue around the tip of his cock, teasing his ass like Chris likes. They’d read each other’s energies and moods and get kinky when they wanted and calm when they needed. Chris still can’t believe how often their kinky sex included piss. Evans used to suck him off in his sleep. He needed it. He needs it. 

He composes another DM. He writes, Can’t wait to see this body again. He presses send. He looks at the picture and the thought of cumming on Evan’s chest has him ready to blow. He opens the camera and records. His cock shoots ropes of cum across the ground. It’s white and hot. He shoots far enough to get some into the pool. It’s a lot. Much more than he came just a few minutes ago with Liam.

He goes again to Twitter as his cock calms down. He chooses the video he just recorded to send to Evans and is about to press send. His thumb hovers. He deletes it and closes the app.

Standing up, he smirks at the cum he left on the ground. His smirk fades as he thinks of Liam. He’s not sure what to think of the situation. He came much more thinking of and lusting for Evans. He hadn’t realized before, but he left out a lot when he told Liam about his sex with Evans. Left out is a nice substitute for lied.

He shakes his head, ridding himself of those thoughts, and takes some selfies, showing his naked body. He hopes his phone gets hacked.

Evans and Sebastian should arrive soon, so Chris starts to tidy up. Liam walks around the house naked, getting ready and trying to look his best. Chris tries to be turned on, but can’t get there. He’s not sure if it’s Liam himself or Chris’s distracted mind that’s leaving him in this state.

After making sure everything is nice and clean and ready, Chris fills his bathtub and steps in. he sits for a few moments and then submerges. His short hair floats around freely in the water. He stays under until he can’t hold his breath any longer.

Liam starts to get dressed. He searches for some underwear in his drawers. He wants something sexy. He pulls out a jockstrap.

After he puts it on, he looks in the mirror and can’t help but admire himself. His cock twitches and pops out of the jockstrap as it grows. He loves how big his cock is, but it gets annoying as it rarely stays in his underwear. He and Chris always take pride in how stupidly big their cocks are. Liam’s not sure where they get it from. Their dad’s cock must be pretty big, he assumes. He’s gotten peaks of Luke’s cock and it’s not up to their standard.

He stands in front of the mirror and wonders if Chris really meant what he said about wanting to have sex with Luke and their dad. Liam’s not sure how he feels or if he’d want the same ever. His cock grows to full hardness.

He rubs himself through the jockstrap until he’s close. It doesn’t take long at all. He knows he needs to hurry up since Evans and Sebastian are arriving any second. He then gets an idea and walks down the hallway.

Still rubbing his cock, he goes into the guest bedroom where the two will be staying. He then pulls it out of the jockstrap and strokes it quickly.

Seconds later, he’s cumming all over the pillows. He grins and moans quietly. Still cumming, he puts his cock back in the jockstrap. He wants the mess. He rubs himself again as he finishes cumming, then leaves the room. The cum shines on the pillows.

Chris sits in the bath still, his mind clear of thought. He looks down at his cock and moments later, he’s pissing. The yellow liquid shoots from his cockhead and he moans.

He pulls the plug and gets out, dries himself off, and goes into his closet. The doorbell rings so he throws on a black t-shirt and some gray sweatpants. He walks out of his room and sees Liam going down the stairs.

They get to the front door and open it. Evans and Sebastian are there waiting. Their faces look as though they’ve seen a ghost.

Sebastian speaks up. “We’re in trouble.”

Chapter Text

“When was this?” Liam asks. The four men are in the kitchen. Evans and Sebastian are still pale and scared. They sit at the center island while Liam and his brother make some food for them. Liam pours them some water from the Brita. Hemsworth makes them some eggs, bacon, and toast.

“Right after we filmed our last scene,” Evans says.

Sebastian shakes his head and whispers, “Fuck.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll figure something out,” Hemsworth soothes.

It’s been a long couple days. Coming from New York to Australia is no small feat. Evans and Sebastian packed quickly and hopped on Evans’s private jet once they got cleared for takeoff. Before they got on, however, Sebastian decided to grab Evans’s ass and kiss him, which as they suspected, paparazzi saw and it spread like wildfire.

They didn’t have time to mull it over since the jet needed to takeoff. So, they hopped on and Chris’s anxiety started there. On and off, he paced around the jet and mumbled to himself or sat and fidgeted with his fingers or bounced his leg. At this point, they suspect that paparazzi had captured their kiss, but they didn’t have time to check before turning their phones off. They had to wait until their first layover at LAX.

Sebastian tried to calm Chris down and didn’t understand why he was so anxious.

“What are people gonna say?” Chris said, his voice was sped up and tight. “Like, I don’t care what people think, but I’m kinda nervous. Like, we could get fired from some things or not get offered as many jobs. I should’ve thought this through more. We’re both closeted. Fuck.”

Sebastian pulled him back down to sit.

“You need to calm down or you’re gonna have an anxiety attack,” he said. He massaged his boy’s shoulders. Chris closed his eyes and sat back. “We have no control over who is going to offer us jobs. The world is changing. There are still shitty people out there, but there are a lot of good people too.”

“I guess,” Chris sighed. “I wish you told me you were gonna kiss me.”

Sebastian laughed, “Sorry. I got caught up in the moment. I wanted people to know.”

“That I’m yours?” Chris asked, bitterly.

Sebastian took his hands off. “Seriously?” he said, flatly.

“I don’t know, you seem to think that lately,” Chris replied, his tone growing hostile.

“You’re my boyfriend. You’re mine in that sense, Chris,” Sebastian spat.

“Whatever,” Chris said. He got back up and started pacing.

The tension remained for the flight to LAX. They didn’t speak. It swelled once they landed. Sebastian and Chris were scrolling through the news and, as suspected, it was everywhere and being received only positively that they could see. Chris calmed down a little bit. Sebastian stumbled upon an article including the shirtless picture Chris posted.

“What is this?” Sebastian asked, showing Chris his phone with the picture front and center.

“What do you mean?”

“Why did you post this?”

“Do you see what I wrote? That basically sums it up,” Chris said, his tone getting defensive.

“I saw.”


“I think it’s weird.”


“That you’d post a picture like that without saying something to me first.”

“Are you kidding me right now? I have to get your permission to post a picture of myself?” Chris clenched his fists.

“Well, we’re dating now. So, you don’t need my permission, I just—”

Chris cut him off. “I can do whatever I want with my body.”

“Well, no you can’t,” Sebastian said, now just as defensive.

“Excuse me?”

“Well, what are you gonna do next? Post a picture of your dick? Or us having sex?” Sebastian scoffed.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Chris yelled. “Come on.”

“Well it’s your body,” Sebastian mocked him. “If you can do whatever you want, why don’t you just cheat on me?”

“Why are you so insecure?” Chris spat. “I’m not gonna fucking cheat on you. I liked how I looked. I wanted to post it.”

“You wanted the attention,” Sebastian huffed.

“And? So what?”

“Whatever,” Sebastian waved him off.

“Yeah, okay.” Chris rolled his eyes.

They were in the air soon after, flying to their next layover in Honolulu.

They both slept for a little while and upon waking up, Chris felt bad.

After waiting for Sebastian to wake up, he broke the silence.

“I’m sorry, Seb. I should’ve been more considerate before I posted that.”

“I don’t want your apology,” Sebastian said, still bitter.

“Jesus,” Chris scoffed. “What do you want?”

“I want you to stop talking and let me fuck you.”

Chris widened his eyes. He certainly was not expecting Sebastian to say that. Especially right then. Sebastian rubbed his cock through his sweats.

“I wanna top,” Chris said.

“Not a chance.”

Sebastian stripped his shirt off as he stalked over to Chris. Chris was still mad, but his cock had other plans. They were both glad that there were no flight attendants and just the two pilots on this jet. Chris wasn’t worried about the pilots either as he once had sex with them both before takeoff.

They got loud. Sebastian stripped them both and pulled out the lube from his bag. He fingered Chris open and got up to four fingers before he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Turn over,” Sebastian commanded. “I don’t wanna see your face.”

Once again taken aback, Chris felt hurt but said nothing. He turned over. He didn’t particularly want to look at Sebastian either, but he wasn’t about to say it.

Sebastian slid in as soon as Chris was in doggy style. They got very loud.

“Fucking slut,” Sebastian said, spit flying as he spoke. “Think you can post pictures of your body like some bitch.”

Chris tuned him out and focused on the pleasure of being fucked. His cock throbbed and he stroked himself off.

“Act like you’re not mine, but I fucking own you,” Sebastian said and slapped Chris’s ass.

Chris rolled his eyes and let go of his cock. He pushed himself back against Sebastian’s dick, causing them both to moan.

“Close, babe,” Sebastian panted. “Gonna cum in you and eat it out of you later.”

Chris liked the sound of that. He clenched around his boyfriend’s length. Sebastian scratched down Chris’s back and plunged his cock down to the base and came.

He came for a while and as soon as he was done, he went back to his side of the plane and passed out again, leaving Chris’s cock still hard.

Chris scoffed and shook his head. He walked around the plane, stroking himself. He leaned his body against the cockpit door and jerked off vigorously, hoping they’d open the door and see him. The thought got him close. He contemplated cumming all over their door, but instead walked back to Sebastian.

With a few more strokes, Chris came all over Sebastian’s naked and sleeping body. In his pubes and on his softening cock, all over his chest, in his scruff and his hair, and some more on his face.

Chris followed Sebastian’s lead and passed out too.

Sebastian woke up groggily and rubbed his eyes. He rubbed his hands over the dried cum all over his body and smirked. It faded when he looked up and saw one of the pilots staring at Chris, who was still naked and asleep. He was on his stomach and his ass was fully on display. The pilot had his hand in his pants, rubbing his hard cock.

“Hey,” Sebastian snapped and stood up, still completely naked. “That’s my boyfriend you’re stroking yourself to.” He stood face to face with the captain. His dick hung low.

The pilot immediately took his hand out of his pants. “Oh, sorry. Didn’t know you two were together.” He cleared his throat. “We’ve landed in Honolulu.” He disappeared back into the cockpit.

Sebastian thought it was a fever dream, but no, that actually did happen. He shook his head in disbelief then woke Chris up.

“Get dressed,” he said.

A little while later, the two grabbed their phones and scoured social media for more information regarding the two coming out. As his notifications quickly rolled in after turning airplane mode off, Chris noticed a text from an unknown number. He clicked on it and only saw a video. After pressing play, his jaw dropped.

“Get over here,” he said, lowly.

Sebastian looked up and came over. His jaw dropped too.

The trip from Honolulu to Ballina was the longest of the three flights, about 10 hours. They were the longest 10 hours of both Chris’s and Sebastian’s lives. Both anxious and pacing the jet, they contemplated what they were going to do now that someone had a video of them fucking in the woods.

They came to the conclusion that it was most likely someone trying to blackmail them, but they had no idea what to do about it. They decided they’d talk to Hemsworth about it. That didn’t do anything to ease their anxiety, though. Neither slept.

Once they landed, they were ringing Hemsworth’s doorbell an hour later.

They filled the two brothers in on what happened and their jaws dropped as well.

Now, they sit at the kitchen table and eat their breakfast food, despite it being nighttime.

“Are you sure you can clearly tell it’s you two?” Hemsworth asks.

Evans nods. “They zoom in on our faces. It’s pretty clear.”

“And you haven’t replied?” asks Liam.

Evans shakes his head.

“We wanted to know what you guys think,” Sebastian says.

“You should probably ask them what they want,” Hemsworth states. “But we could get the police involved, too.”

“What if they know the police are involved and post it? They’re clearly waiting for something,” Evans answers.

“I guess then ask them what they want,” Hemsworth replies.

They compose a text: What do you want?

They know they won’t get a reply right away so Evans turns his phone face down and exhales. Hemsworth feels bad for them both. He looks at Liam who’s also anxious.

“My boys,” Hemsworth sighs. “Come here. Come to Daddy.”

He brings them all in for a hug and squeezes them tightly. He kisses each one on the head. “My boys,” he repeats. “Love my boys.”

Liam looks up at his brother and raises his eyebrows. The older man nods in response.

“So,” Hemsworth clears his throat, “Not to add to the chaos or anything, but Liam and I have something we’d like to share with you two. And you two only. You have to promise not to tell anyone.”

Evans and Sebastian nod hesitantly but surely.

Liam looks at his brother and sighs. Moments later, Hemsworth has pulled him in for a kiss.

He puts his hands on Liam’s back and squeezes tightly. He slides them down to his ass and grabs it through his pants.

After they break the kiss, Hemsworth looks at Evans and says, “You wanted to meet my boyfriend, well… he’s my fiancé now.”

Evans and Sebastian feel lightheaded enough that they go to the couches to lie down.

There are several minutes of silence. There’s no wind or birds to fill it. Instead, it’s just utterly quiet and awkward.

“They’re judging us,” Liam says.

“No, they’re not. Are you guys judging us?” Hemsworth asks.

“Yeah, a little,” Sebastian says.

“See!” Liam replies.

Hemsworth scoffs. “I know it’s unconventional. But we love each other. Like you two do. We didn’t plan it and it’s not a phase or anything like it. It’s real, genuine love.”

“But you’re brothers,” Sebastian says.

“Think of it this way,” Hemsworth begins. “Can you name a reason that incest is wrong, other than that society says it’s wrong?”

Sebastian goes to speak, but doesn’t say anything.

“We love each other a lot,” Liam says. “We needed people to be ourselves in front of. It’s been hell not being able to show my love openly for him. I’m sure you two can relate on some level.”

Evans and Sebastian look at each other and shrug.

“You love who you love,” Evans says. He then looks to the two brothers. “If you guys are happy, then I’m happy too.”

Sebastian raises his eyebrows and thinks for a moment. “Yeah, same, I guess. I mean, I’d never say anything. So, you don’t have to worry about that.”

The two brothers smile. “Thank you,” Liam says.

“Mhm,” Sebastian replies. “Now, I’d like to go to bed. It’s been… an interesting couple of days.”

“Yeah,” Evans nods.

Hemsworth leads them up to their guest room and helps them with their bags.

“Goodnight,” he says. “We’ll get this all figured out.”

He kisses them both on the forehead and looks at Evans for a little too long, before leaving.

Neither has the energy to shower so they both wash their faces. The bathroom is nice and Evans promises to appreciate it more when he’s more conscious and alive. They strip down and put on new underwear and climb into bed. The blankets and pillows are soft and cold. They both sigh.

The room is dark, but they can still see each other’s outlines. They face each other and hold hands. They look at each other, but say nothing for a while. Neither can sleep.

After anxiously tossing and turning and drifting in and out of sleep for hours, Evans gives up. He throws the covers off him because he’s sweating even though the AC is blasting. He strips himself of his underwear and throws them off the bed.

He grabs his phone from the side table and checks for texts from the blackmailer but, nothing. He goes to Twitter and checks on his shirtless selfie. His thumb hovers over the delete button, but then moves away. Fuck that, he thinks.

He hates the numbers that come up on the notifications and DMs tab so he clicks on them to clear them. However, he lingers on his DMs after he sees an unopened one from Hemsworth. He reads what he said and it goes straight to his cock. His eyes widen as he flashes back to getting fucked by his Australian coworker.

Putting his phone down, he shakes his head as if to rid himself of those thoughts. However, his fingers are playing with his hairy, sweaty hole before slipping them inside.

He looks at Sebastian, who also shifts frequently in his sleep. Chris’s hand is soon on his cock. Sebastian turns away from him and Chris throws the covers off them both. He slips Sebastian’s underwear off easily.

They’re both sweaty. Chris feels around Sebastian’s body and how moist the hairy parts are. He squeezes Sebastian’s ass then spreads his cheeks. His tongue is in his hole in no time. It’s sweaty and musky and Chris’s cock throbs.

As he eats out his sleeping boyfriend, he reaches around to get him hard too. He strokes Sebastian and, upon getting him fully hard, he wakes up.

“What are you doing, babe?” he asks groggily.

“Can’t sleep,” Chris replies. “Wanna have sex.”

Sebastian turns to face him. “Turn over.”

“I wanna top,” Chris states.

“Not happening,” Sebastian says, again rejecting him. “Where’s the lube?”

Chris rolls his eyes. “It’s in the suitcases, but Hemmy probably put some in the drawers.”

Sebastian opens the night table drawer and feels around. It’s dark. They can only make out shapes. He feels some condoms, handcuffs, a dildo, and then some lube. He’s not sure what Hemsworth thinks they’re up to, but maybe he does this for all his guests.

He squeezes some lube into his hands and rubs it on Chris’s ass and his cock. He starts sliding in moments later. “I hope you’re still stretched,” Sebastian grumbles.

Chris rolls his eyes again. They roll back once Sebastian slides all the way in, though. “God,” he breathes.

Sebastian smirks and starts fucking him. “I want you to be loud so they know what we’re doing.”

“Want that, too,” Chris pants. Both are already sweating, adding to the dampness that’s already there. The sheets will need to be changed, no doubt.

“How come you won’t let me top?” Chris says.

Sebastian grits his teeth and shoves his cock all the way to the base. Chris yelps. “You’re a bottom,” Sebastian growls. “I get off on not letting you top.”

Chris hates that. The idea. The way he said it. The lack of agency. All of it. Yet it goes straight to his cock anyway. He jerks himself off.

Sebastian’s thrusts are rough and hard and jarring. He slams with all his strength deep into his boyfriend over and over. He braces himself on Chris’s shoulder then leans in and nips at his skin.

“Fuck,” they both say over and over.

Sebastian then tilts Chris’s head back and connects their lips in a rough kiss. “Love you,” Sebastian says. “I love you so much.”

Chris’s head spins from the whiplash his boyfriend is giving him. The rough aggressive sex and possessiveness versus this loving attitude leaves him moaning and unresponsive.

“Love you,” Sebastian says again. “I own you.” Chris tries not to be turned on, but he strokes himself faster. “You belong to me. I don’t care what you say about my possessiveness. Gonna fuck you as many times as I want. Gonna fuck you in front of Liam and Hemmy and show them who you belong to. Gonna cum on your face and make you walk around like that.”

With that, Chris is shooting his load across the bed. His body writhes and his toes curl as he shouts obscenities. Sebastian pounds into him ruthlessly. Chris doesn’t know if he came from Sebastian’s words or the thought of being naked around Hemsworth.

Sebastian reaches around and cups his hand over the head of his boy’s erupting cock. He gets a decent amount of cum then rubs it into Chris’s chest hair and pubic hair. Chris keeps shooting.

With another couple thrusts, Sebastian digs his nails into Chris’s chest before cumming. He shoots and fills up his boyfriend.

“My fucking god!” Sebastian yells slamming in once more as he cums.

“Fuck!” Chris shouts as he feels the cum hit all his favorite spots inside him. His stream dies off as Sebastian’s continues.

The exhaustion hits them instantly. In the same position, Sebastian scoots closer, pressing his dick all the way in, they spoon and fall asleep in seconds.

Hemsworth, however, is not asleep. After getting up to get some water from the kitchen, he heard his friends’ moans echo throughout the halls. He’s tired. There are bags under his eyes. But he’s stark naked in the kitchen and now his cock is growing. He strokes himself off as he walks up the stairs.

He leaves the light off as he creeps back onto his and Liam’s bed. They both sleep naked so there’s no need to strip anything besides the blankets.

He feels around his brother’s body and starts nipping and sucking on different parts of his skin. He licks down his lightly hairy chest to his abs and then to his cock. He inhales the musky scent then takes it in his mouth. He bobs up and down as it gets hard. His own cock leaks profusely.

Licking down to Liam’s balls, he takes them both in his mouth and sucks on them, getting them dripping with spit. He licks lower and eventually has to position himself between Liam’s legs and lift them into the air. With better access to his brother’s hole, he eats him out. Shoving his tongue deep, he tastes remnants of cum from earlier.

His mind drifts from one minute to the next. He’s soaking Liam’s hole in saliva and thinking of how good he tastes. But in the next moment, he’s picturing it’s Evans instead of his brother. The thought of rimming Evans in his sleep has Chris grinding his cock into the bed for friction.

Spreading Liam’s cheeks even farther, he fucks his tongue in deeper. Liam grumbles in his sleep. Chris sucks on two of his fingers before sliding them in and stretching Liam open. His own saliva drips from his beard.

Liam starts shifting and Chris knows whatever he wants to do while Liam is sleeping, he needs to do now. So, he grabs the lube from the night table and pours some into his hand. He applies it to Liam’s hole before smoothing the rest over his throbbing cock. He pushes in impatiently.

He bottoms out soon after and stays there for a while. Precum drips inside his brother as he lets Liam adjust to his length. He tries to shake all thoughts of Evans from his head, but can’t. He lingers and Chris wonders what he’s missing. He starts fucking.

Whimpering softly, Liam’s eyes flutter open. He’s confused at first. The bed is shaking and it’s still pitch black. Upon feeling a cock that’s big enough to only be his brother’s fucking him and hearing heavy breathing, he realizes what’s going on. Chris thrusts all the way in and hits Liam’s spot and he yelps.

“You awake?” Chris asks, breathily.

Liam contemplates saying no. He wonders if Chris would fuck him and cum in him if he stayed asleep the entire time. He wonders if Chris would pull out when he was done and go back to sleep and he’d never know. He doesn’t have to wonder, though. He knows his brother would. His cock twitches to life.

“Yeah,” he pants back.

Chris collapses on top of him and starts fucking him rapidly. Liam can’t catch his breath without being interrupted by his brother’s cock thrusting all the way inside him.

“Wanted to fulfill the promise you made to fuck me in my sleep. Thought I’d switch it around.”

Liam can’t reply. Chris nips at his ear and licks down his cheek. He bites Liam’s beard hairs before licking them. Spit drips down Liam’s face.

“You okay?” Chris asks.

“Fuck yeah,” Liam breathes.

Chris fucks him faster, which is somehow possible. Liam lifts his arm over his head and Chris, feeling the movement, dives in to Liam’s pit. He sucks on the sweaty hairs and it’s enough to get him to cum.

With his face buried in his brother’s armpit, Chris shoots a massive load. Liam cries into the pillow as he feels that huge cock pulsating inside him. He feels full. Chris licks up and down Liam’s pit.

The exhaustion hits Chris as his stream dies off. He rolls to the side, his cock sliding out of Liam’s hole, and before either of them know it, Chris is snoring.

Liam rolls his eyes. He wants to get off whether his fiancé is going to help him or not. He turns on his side and clenches his ass to keep the cum in. He starts stroking himself.

He’s already close, which he’s grateful for because he’s exhausted too. Chris snores and he gets the idea to repay the favor. Only he doesn’t want Chris to wake up.

So, he spends a little while stroking himself lightly and edging himself, keeping his climax close. He thinks of Chris and Sebastian and Evans and tries not to get jealous. He strokes himself and thinks of a threeway with their two guests. His eyes snap open out of guilt and he assures himself it’s nothing.

When he thinks Chris is completely out cold, he lubes himself up and gets in between Chris’s legs to lift them up. Then, he slides easily into Chris with no preparation and starts fucking him.

He wastes no time going slow and thrusts at a rather wild and ruthless pace. He’s close. Too close to hold off even. 

Mirroring Chris’s actions, Liam bends down to lift Chris’s arm up. He buries his face in Chris’s armpit, sucks on the hairs and cums.

Sebastian and Evans pop back into his mind as he cums and he thinks of all the things he could do with them. He’s too tired to fight the thoughts. He shoots and spasms until he’s spent.

He, too, then falls to his side and passes out moments later. Evans and Sebastian fill both their dreams.

Chapter Text

It’s early in the morning. The sun is just now rising, yet still filling the sky with vibrant colors. The waves are hushed and calm and the ocean breeze comes in through the windows. Evans sits on the couch, unable to sleep, and watches the sunrise under a blanket. For days now, he’s had the foul feeling in the back of his throat that means he’s on the verge of crying. He sighs.

On top of being blackmailed and not even knowing who the blackmailer is or what they want, Sebastian hasn’t exactly been the loving boyfriend Evans thought he’d be. He was for a couple weeks, but spiraled into this insecure, possessive man Evans is struggling to tolerate. He hopes after this blackmailer stuff passes, everything will go back to normal.

The house is full of tension. Evans watches Sebastian watch he and Hemsworth interact. He’s jealous. Evans is losing patience and care. Liam watches them too. Evans watches back. Sebastian sometimes flirts with the two brothers, but he can’t tell if it’s to make him jealous or it’s genuine. He’s losing care with that too. He finds it all so childish that he wishes it didn’t serve as a distraction from being blackmailed. The whole thing is careless.

Sebastian is also having trouble sleeping. He tosses and turns and goes to spoon Evans, but doesn’t find him. He peaks through his eyes. The room is still very dark thanks to the blackout shades. He sighs. The room is cold but he’s sweating.

He gets up and finds the light, flicking it on. The light hurts for a few moments and he winces.

In the bathroom, he looks in the mirror and sighs again. He clenches his fists and shakes his head. He hasn’t enjoyed his time here at all. He turns the water as cold as possible and washes his face.

Hemsworth has done nothing but proven Sebastian’s worst fears. He gets to Evans in a way he never will. It makes him frustrated and annoyed but, most of all, hurt. He’s supposed to be the one that’s there for him, but Hemsworth has come in and taken that from him and Evans is beyond indifferent. It makes him hate Hemsworth.

The times they had sex he regrets. They’d sneak away after set to one of their trailers or go to Sebastian’s apartment.

He remembers the last time they had sex before Hemsworth returned home. Chris pulled him along into his trailer, oblivious that Evans was watching and trying not to be bitter.

“Can I top?” Sebastian asked on the way.

Hemsworth only laughed in response.

As soon as the door closed, Hemsworth pulled Sebastian in for a kiss and grabbed his ass. He pressed their clothed dicks together and bit Sebastian’s lip.

“Need you,” Sebastian whispered.

“Course you do,” Chris laughed again. “Need someone to own you, right?”

Sebastian whined and nodded.

“Yeah. You don’t really wanna top, do you? Just like to pretend.”

Another nod.

Chris smirked. “Take my clothes off.”

Sebastian didn’t hesitate. He unbuttoned Chris’s shirt and tossed it to the side within seconds. His undershirt was dirty and sweaty. Sebastian ran his hands under it and felt Chris’s beautifully toned abs. Chris lifted his arms above his head and Sebastian’s nose went right to his pits. His shirt wasn’t stained, but it was damp. Sebastian sniffed and licked at the covered hairs.

Next, he stripped the undershirt and was about to lick Chris’s chest, but Chris stopped him.

“Get naked first. Wanna see how slutty you are while you worship me,” he said.

Sebastian fumbled, but still got his clothes off quickly. His cock, fully hard, bounced around as he got back to licking Chris’s sweat-glazed abs.

“So desperate, aren’t you?” Chris asked as Sebastian sucked on his nipples. “For Daddy’s cock.”

Sebastian groaned in response and kissed down his chest. He tugged at the waistband of Chris’s pants until they loosened to the point where he could slide them down all the way. Chris stepped out of them and his hard cock bounced freely.

Sebastian took a moment to admire the massive penis. His gag reflex had gotten much more tolerable after getting to know Chris and his cock. It dripped with precum.

“If you get to my pubes, I’ll fuck you,” Chris said.

Sebastian put the cock in his mouth without hesitation and worked his way down. Chris slowly started to thrust in and out. He gagged as he got farther.

Chris bit his lip and grabbed his phone as Sebastian got closer and closer. “I should take a picture of you like this, shouldn’t I?” Chris asked.

Sebastian nodded as he gagged, tears in his eyes. It was hard, to say the least, but Sebastian reveled in every second.

“Look up at me, baby boy,” Chris said. As soon as Sebastian’s eyes met the camera, Chris snapped a picture, his cock almost all the way down Sebastian’s throat.

“Please don’t send that to anyone,” Sebastian whined after pulling off Chris’s cock.

“‘Fraid you’re not really allowed to tell me what to do, are you?” Chris smirked and slapped Sebastian’s face gently.

Sebastian shook his head in response.

“Don’t worry, mate. I’m not sending it to anyone,” Chris assured. “Just setting it as my background.”

Sebastian’s stomach churned but Chris quickly resumed fucking his mouth. With his thumbs, he held his mouth open and finally pushed all the way down to his pubic hair. He held Sebastian there for as long as he could until he gagged too much and pulled away.

“Proud of you,” Chris whispered as he kissed Sebastian’s neck.

He pushed Sebastian down to the couch so he was kneeling and grabbed lube from his dresser drawer. He put some on his fingers and then Sebastian’s ass. He slid two fingers in with one hand and with the other, he jerked Sebastian off.

“Should I let you cum today?” asked Chris.

“Yes, please,” whined Sebastian.

“Yes, please, what?”

“Yes, please, Daddy.”

Chris smirked and added a third finger and pushed them all the way in. “Have you been a good boy for Daddy?”

“Yes. I have. Please.”

A fourth finger went in and Chris pulled Sebastian’s foreskin back and stroked him vigorously. He shoved his fingers deep inside and Sebastian was breathless.

With a few more strokes, Sebastian shot all over the couch. He collapsed and tried to catch his breath as he continued to shoot. He felt an intrusion moments later as Chris pushed his cock in.

Sebastian shot some more as Chris bottomed out.

“Who do you belong to?” Chris spat as he fucked his friend quicker and quicker.

“Y-You,” Sebastian tried to get the words out, but Chris was going too fast for him to be coherent.

“Can’t hear you.”

“You, Chris!” Sebastian’s softening cock bounced around as Chris got close. He pushed all the way in several times down to his pubes.

Suddenly, Chris pulled out and led Sebastian into the bathroom.

“Get on the floor in the shower,” he commanded. Of course, a trailer for Chris Hemsworth on the set of the last Avengers’ movie had to be luxurious. The shower wasn’t big, but it was nice and clean. He was about to change that.

Chris stroked his cock up and down its long length until he was shooting his seed, covering Sebastian’s face, chest, hair, and pubes.

“Fucking—” Chris started but never finished. He groaned and closed his eyes as he painted Sebastian with his white seed.

He kept his eyes closed as he caught his breath. Sebastian wiped the cum off his face and tasted it. Chris leaned his head back and held his cock, still aiming it at Sebastian.

To Sebastian’s surprise, moments later, Chris was pissing all over him. Drenching him from literally head to toe, Chris moved his stream around until Sebastian was completely drenched in piss. Sebastian opened his mouth and caught some, swallowing it down. He felt filthy but couldn’t get himself to stop.

“Fucking slut!” Chris yelled, finally opening his eyes and seeing Sebastian soaked. He slammed Sebastian all the way down his cock to his pubes once more, gagging him, before he turned around and left the bathroom. He got dressed and moments later Sebastian heard the trailer door open and close. He stayed like that for a while, drenched in piss and cum, and jerked off a couple times before cleaning himself off and returning to set.

Sebastian rubs his cock through his underwear, remembering the encounter. He reconsiders thinking he regrets his sex with Hemsworth, but he’s nevertheless angry with him for taking his man away from him. He takes his hand off his cock and clenches it. He regrets sounding like he’s already given up.

In the kitchen, Liam enters to make some coffee and sees Evans on the couch watching the sunrise. Evans turns moments later and they make eye contact.

“Couldn’t sleep?” Liam asks, his voice filled with indifference and no interest.

“No. You?” Evans reciprocates, except genuinely.


Evans gets off the couch and walks over to the center island in the kitchen and sits on one of the stools. Liam tries not to make eye contact.

“Do you want some coffee?” Liam asks, hating the awkward silence.

“That’d be great,” Chris smiles softly.

Liam turns away to grab a mug and rolls his eyes. He puts the grounds into the filter and adds the water before pressing start. It heats up.

“God, I wish the person would just reply already,” Evans sighs.

Liam looks at him, bites his lip and raises his eyebrows, nodding as one does when uninterested.

“Hopefully soon,” Evans adds.

“Yeah.” Liam continues nodding.

The coffee starts brewing. Liam shakes his head.

“I don’t like you,” he says.

“Excuse me?” Evans asks, tiredly and softly but still shocked.

“I see the way you and my fiancé look at each other. I know there’s something there. But he’s mine and you don’t seem to care,” Liam states.

“Listen,” Chris shakes his head and rubs his eyes. “I really don’t mean to upset you. Chris and I are just good friends and he’s been comforting me a lot lately.”

“Well, just keep your hands off him.” Liam turns back to the coffee to pour the now steaming drink.

“I don’t know what kind of person you think I am, but I’m not going to be a homewrecker. Maybe you should figure out why you’re so insecure instead of coming at me,” Chris spits. He doesn’t mean to get so heated, but he’s tired and can’t really help it at this point.

“I’m insecure because of you.” Liam slides him a cup of coffee. It spills over a little.

“That’s not my problem, dude.”

Evans takes his coffee back to the couch and Liam closes his eyes and sighs. He’s hurt and lashing out. His fiancé wants someone else and only an idiot wouldn’t be able to see that. Things used to be perfect before Evans came in to the picture. Liam holds back his tears.

Right around the same time that Hemsworth was fucking Sebastian, Liam was at the house back in Australia. He was on Liam’s bed sniffing his older brother’s underwear and palming himself. His sadness and boredom had led him there.

His eyes were closed as he thought of his and Chris’s first time. Liam was 17 and Chris was 23. The age of consent was 17, so it was a little scandalous in hindsight. But also, to Liam and Chris, it wasn’t. It wasn’t as though Chris was waiting for Liam be legal so they could have sex. It happened naturally. It wasn’t creepy. Or maybe it was. Liam couldn’t care less.

On Liam’s 17th birthday, Chris started to realize that his brother was getting older. He started to see him in a different light. He started to be attracted to him which, no matter how ruthlessly he tried to repress, the feelings and desires were always on his mind.

Chris started to subconsciously flirt with Liam, who was trying to repress feelings of his own. He had always admired Chris in what he thought was a role model way. But after seeing Chris naked briefly while changing, he slowly and hesitantly started to realize it wasn’t admiration, but attraction.

So, Liam would flirt back. They started holding hands and doing things alone together, which they now recognize as dating. They’d fall asleep watching a movie and cuddling sometimes. Things took a turn around Chris’s 24th birthday.

In Chris’s apartment one day, Liam purposefully stripped in front of Chris. He’d said he need to change and Chris, of course, wanted his brother in his clothes. So, since they were in Chris’s bedroom, he told Liam to use any of his clothes. Liam gladly took him up on his offer.

He stripped his shirt and pants and then slowly took off his underwear. Chris’s eyes widened in shock as he thought Liam would change in the bathroom. Liam’s semi-hard cock sprung free and Chris couldn’t look away. They’d of course seen each other naked many times, but this was different and they both knew it.

Liam grabbed his phone and scrolled through his notifications and pretended to subconsciously grab his cock. Chris’s cock was instantly hard and he moved under the covers so as not to reveal himself. He couldn’t help himself and palmed his cock through his jeans. Thought it was excruciatingly slow, Liam could still tell what he was doing out of the corner of his eye. His cock started twitching to life.

He tugged on it a couple more times before walking to the dresser, making sure to show off his ass. After finding a tight and small pair of Chris’s underwear, he slid them on slowly.

“What do you think?” Liam asked, turning around.

Chris swallowed. Liam’s cock was hard and fully bulging through the fabric.

“They’re… They’re good,” Chris said.

Liam smiled and got under the covers as they watched a movie. They fell asleep cuddling.

Liam woke up in the middle of the night to the noise of what could only be Chris jerking off. It was pitch black, so he couldn’t see. Liam started jerking off too. Chris stopped when he heard, but resumed moments later. They both moaned in a hushed voice as they came.

They didn’t speak of it nor did anything happen until Chris’s birthday a few weeks later.

They had a small party in Chris’s apartment and there was tension. However, no one knew besides Liam and Chris. They’d been avoiding each other and barely talking since that night, so this was their first time being in the same place since then. Throughout the night, they continued to exchange longing and awkward glances.

The party took forever to end, but when it did, Liam was the last one left. They cleaned up together in silence.

Once they were done, they looked each other in the eyes. Moments later, they were kissing. It was passionate and erotic and messy. They pushed each other down the hallway, still kissing and stripping along the way, to the bedroom.

They fell on to the bed shirtless and making out. They nipped at each other’s necks and left marks and licked up and down each other’s abs.

Chris kissed down Liam’s happy trail and yanked his pants and underwear off. Liam’s cock sprung free.

“Fuck,” Chris breathed. “You don’t know how bad I’ve been wanting this.”

Liam pulled the rest of Chris’s clothes off as well. “I think I do,” he said.

They lay on their sides and sucked each other off, gagging on the cocks in front of them as neither of them had ever had cocks that big before.

“Love how big my little brother is,” Chris said, trying to get to Liam’s overgrown pubes.

“Love that my big brother is bigger than me,” Liam said back. “How it should be.”

“You’ll grow some more,” Chris said happily.

They bobbed up and down and eventually Chris deep-throated Liam, but Liam was unable to since it was his first time.

Chris sniffed Liam’s pubes and sucked on the hairs. His cock dripped precum into Liam’s mouth.

Suddenly, Chris flipped Liam on his stomach and spread his ass cheeks. He dove in and his tongue went deep into his brother’s hole.

“Oh, my god,” Liam moaned into the pillows. “Holy shit. Don’t stop.”

Chris grinned and kept rimming the younger man. He was surprised that his brother’s hole was hairy since his own was mostly not. He soaked it in spit and shoved his face deeper.

“Oh, fuck. Wait. Shit,” Liam said, reaching under himself for his cock.

Chris didn’t realize until a few moments later, but Liam had cum untouched.

He flipped Liam over who looked ashamed.

“I’m sorry. Fuck, that’s so embarrassing,” Liam said, averting his eyes.

Chris bent down and kissed him roughly. He started stroking Liam’s cock back to life.

“If you think that’s the only time you’re gonna cum tonight, then you’re wrong,” he growled. “I’m going to fuck you and make you cum all night.”

Liam cried and groaned as they kissed. His cock was hard again in seconds.

Chris yanked open the night table drawer and grabbed the lube. He poured a bit on his fingers and slid two into Liam’s hole.

Liam’s eyes widened and he gasped.

“It’s okay, baby,” Chris said, shoving his fingers deeper. “Gonna take your virginity tonight, so I need to get you nice and ready.”

“Please,” Liam whined.

Chris added another finger and then another.

“Did you ever finger yourself and picture me doing it,” Chris asked, fucking Liam with his fingers. With the other hand, he stroked Liam’s cock quickly.

Liam writhed under him and groaned.

“Huh, baby boy?” Chris finger-fucked him faster.

“Fuck,” Liam gasped. “All the fucking time, Chris.”

“Cum for me. Again. Right now,” Chris demanded.

And with a few more strokes, Chris thrusted his fingers all the way inside Liam and he came. All over his chest and up to his face. A nice clearish-white load.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Chris shook his head. Impatiently, he pulled his fingers out, warranting a whine from his brother. He poured a generous amount of lube on his hand and rubbed it thoroughly all over his cock. Then, he lined up his cock. He held Liam’s legs up and started to push in.

Liam’s breath hitched continuously. And when Chris was far enough in, he bent down, held his brother tightly, and kissed him. He started thrusting with just half his cock in.

Liam broke the kiss to breathe heavily. He clawed into Chris’s back. Chris started to lick the cum off Liam’s face as pushed in at an equally lengthy pace.

“You okay?” Chris whispered, pushing in as Liam nipped at his neck.

“A bit more lube,” Liam said.

Chris bent back and rubbed some more on his cock and Liam’s hole before pushing in again.

Liam’s face softened. “Much better.”

Chris pushed in a little faster.

“Want it all the way in now. Want all of you,” Liam breathed.

Chris grinned and pushed all the way in.

Liam growled and winced. Chris stayed all the way in and let Liam adjust. Along with being overly long, Liam could feel how thick Chris’s cock was too, stretching him in every way.

Chris then started thrusting and stroking Liam back to life at once. He went relatively slow and made sure Liam was okay. Like his brother, Chris was already ready to cum early.

He fucked into Liam faster and kissed him.

“I love you,” Chris said. “Wanna be with you forever.”

Liam’s eyes widened as Chris kept hitting the right spot. He jerked Liam faster.

Before Liam could reply, Chris interjected. “I’m gonna cum. Fuck! I’m gonna cum!”

He kissed Liam again and thrust all the way in before shooting a ridiculous amount of cum. Liam took over stroking himself. His ass clenched as he felt Chris unload.

“Fuck!” he yelled again and pulled back. He thrusted more as he came. “God that feels so good to cum inside you.”

He threw his head back and yelled. Liam stroked himself a couple more times before shooting a third load all over himself and the sheets. Their balls pulsed as their cocks shot more.

Chris rubbed his hands across the cum on Liam’s chest as Liam’s cock pumped more onto his brother’s hands.

“Tell me how good it feels to have your brother cum inside you,” Chris growled and thrusted a couple more times.

“You have no idea,” Liam moaned. “One day I’ll show you.”

Chris smirked. Their streams died off and Chris didn’t bother pulling out nor did his cock ever go soft. Instead, he started fucking Liam all over again.

Neither slept that night and they both lost count of how many times they came.

A few days later Chris gifted Liam a very revealing speedo.

Liam rubbed himself until he came in his underwear thinking of the memory. He fell asleep in Chris’s bed moments later, holding his brother’s underwear.

Presently, Liam walks up the stairs with his coffee and back to his and Chris’s bedroom. Chris is still fast asleep, oblivious.

Sebastian gives up on trying to go back to sleep and follows the smell of coffee to the kitchen. He pours himself a cup before noticing Evans looking back at him from the couch.

“Hey,” Sebastian says, adding milk and sugar.

“Hey,” Chris replies.

Chris looks soft and cold and tired. Sebastian’s heart melts a little and it reminds him of their first official date. It was bliss back then. Back then as if it weren’t just a month ago.

Sebastian knows he’s out of line with his possessiveness. He just feels powerless to stop Chris from leaving him. This is not how it’s supposed to happen. This isn’t love.

“How’re you doin’?” Sebastian asks.

Chris sighs. “Just thinkin’.”

“‘Bout what?” Sebastian says, sitting next to him and sipping his coffee. Chris’s mug is empty.

Hesitantly, Chris speaks slowly after silence. “How we’re being blackmailed, but you’re occupying my thoughts more.”

“You’re thinking about how much you’re thinking?” Sebastian asks, smiling ever so slightly.

Chris rolls his eyes and laughs. “Yeah.”

“What are the thoughts about me?”

His smile fades. He hesitates again. “How much of a dick you’re being.”

Inhaling deeply, Sebastian closes his eyes. “I don’t know what to do. You’re pulling away from me.”

“Because you’re being a dick and doing exactly what I asked you not to do,” Chris says.

“This isn’t about that,” Sebastian states.

“Yes it is.”

“No. You want Hemsworth more than you want me.”

“Oh, my god. You too with this?” Chris throws his hands up and leaves the couch.


Chris gets more coffee. “Liam feels the same way, I guess. You two are getting insecure for no reason.”

“Clearly there’s something there if we’re both noticing it,” Sebastian says. “You’re hurting both of us.”

“Jesus. I’m not trying to hurt you, Seb. The only reason I’m hanging around Hemmy a lot is because he’s the only one that’s been nice to me lately!”

“I’m just scared I’m going to lose you,” Sebastian says sadly.

“This is a fucking cycle. You’re pushing me closer and closer to him every time you bring this shit up or act like you own me,” Chris scoffs.

Sebastian sits in awe. Chris walks back upstairs.

“Fucking hypocrite,” Sebastian scoffs back, though Chris can no longer hear him. Not that Sebastian cares.

He sits and ruminates in his anger and repetitive thoughts for a while. The sun has risen. It’s getting hot quickly.

Liam comes down and starts to make some breakfast. He notices Sebastian looking ready to blow, pacing around.

“You alright?” he asks.

Sebastian scoffs and throws his hand up as if that’s an answer. “I— I, like… I can’t deal with him. He says there’s nothing to worry about then tells me I’m pushing him closer and closer to your brother.”

Liam widens his eyes and exhales for a while. “Tell me about it.”

“Clearly there’s something to worry about.”

Liam nods. “Do you want some breakfast?”

“Yeah,” Sebastian sighs. “Thanks.” He walks over to help.

They make the food and vent to each other, only encouraging their insecurities and anger, making it all the more real and worrisome. Insecurities become fact. Sebastian knows his relationship is over. Liam holds him as he cries.

Hemsworth eventually gets out of bed upon hearing people yelling and arguing. He throws on some sweats and a t-shirt and heads for the stairs. However, after hearing Sebastian and Liam ranting about him and Evans, he looks around the upstairs for Evans.

He’s lying in bed on his phone and sipping some coffee. Hemsworth lurks in the doorway for a moment.

“I see you,” Evans says.

Hemsworth smiles and looks down. “How’re you doin’, mate?”

Evans puts his coffee down on the side table and clicks his phone off. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Yes, you do.” Hemsworth uncrosses his arms and walks into the room. Then he plops down on the bed next to Evans.

“Sebastian is being ridiculous and I can’t be around him. And no offense, but your fiancé is also being a dick,” he blurts out.

Hemsworth rubs Evans’s shoulder. “What did Liam say?”

“He told me to keep my hands off of you,” Evans scoffs.

Hemsworth grumbles and raises his eyebrow. “Well,” he says and grabs Evans’s hand and puts it on his chest. “I’m my own person and I can let whoever I want touch me.”

Evans is surprised at the motion, but nods dramatically in agreement. He runs his hand across Hemsworth’s clothed chest, missing feeling his warm skin. He leaves his hand for a little too long and they look each other in the eyes. Evans quickly retracts his hand.

“Liam and Seb are saying the same thing: that they need to be worried because something’s going on between us,” Evans says.

“So I’ve heard,” replies Hemsworth.

“Are they right?”


“Why did you send me those messages on Twitter?”

Hemsworth looks away. “I got caught up in the moment when I saw your picture. Was just missing you.”

“We’re both in committed relationships, you know. You’re engaged.”

“What if I wasn’t?”


Footsteps approach and Sebastian enters the room. He sees the two lying on the bed side by side, Hemsworth in his spot.

“You two should really just be together,” he says snidely.

“We’re just fucking lying here talking,” Evans shouts. “I can’t. I can’t fucking do this.”

“Maybe if you just sat down and tried to talk about it with me instead of running away when you get upset, we could work it out!”

“Jesus.” Evans puts his hand to his forehead and shakes his head.

“Mate, maybe you should give him some space,” Hemsworth suggests.

“I don’t need you to tell me what to do,” Sebastian spits.

“Hey,” Hemsworth replies sternly. “You are a guest in my house. You are being a dick to my friend. Don’t push me.”

“Kick me out, Chris. I don’t care,” Sebastian rolls his eyes and storms off.

Evans groans and whines all in one breath. “How could I have been in love with someone like that? He was always so much nicer when we were friends.”

“Love is fickle and changes from second to second,” Hemsworth sighs.

“But does it though?” Evans asks. “Or is that lust?”

They don’t know.

Evans leans on Hemsworth’s shoulder. Their hands fall to their sides on what they convince themselves is accident. Their fingers lock tightly. The sun beams through the window. They fall asleep.

A couple hours later, it’s just Liam and his brother in the house. Evans and Sebastian continuously argued until they both left. Evans went down to the ocean and Sebastian went in the exact opposite direction, more inland. Hemsworth turned the AC much colder since it’s so hot outside.

Liam was scrolling on his phone and looking at the pictures they’d taken of them naked and kissing at their parents’ house. He misses that.

He looks over at his brother, who’s lying on the couch watching the news.

“I think Sebastian’s right,” Liam clears his throat. “There’s something going on between you and Chris and I don’t trust you anymore.”

“He got in your head this morning,” Chris replies. “I heard you two.”

“Everything he said made sense. Chris is always going to come between us just like you’re always going to come between them,” Liam’s voice shakes and brakes all in once sentence. The tears fall. Chris’s heart sinks.

He gets up and goes over to sit on a stool next to Liam. He holds him tightly. “I love you so much, okay? I need you to stop worrying.”

“Give me a reason not to worry,” Liam says. “It used to be so good between us until you started fucking him.” Liam shakes Chris off him.

Chris sighs. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Tell me that there’s nothing to worry about!” Liam grows tense. “Tell me you’re not attracted to him and that you only want me and you still want to get married!”

Chris is frozen and stuttering.

Liam closes his eyes and more tears fall. He gets up to leave, but Chris pulls him back.

“There’s nothing to worry about,” Chris says and pulls him in for a kiss.

Liam melts into his arms and kisses back. He grabs Chris passionately and clings tightly in hopes of never letting him go.

They bite each other’s lips and swirl their tongues together. Chris pulls him to the couch. Liam pushes Chris down and gets on top of him. They strip each other’s shirts off and grind their cocks together.

“Gonna fuck you,” Liam whispers in between kisses.

Chris groans and unbuttons Liam’s jeans and slides them down. Liam does the same for Chris. Then, the only things now in their way is their underwear. Their hard cocks rub against each other under the fabric. Chris slides his hands down Liam’s back and into his underwear, grabbing his ass firmly. Liam bucks against him. As they kiss, they throw their underwear to the side.

“Do you need me to get you ready?” Liam asks.

“No. God, just fuck me,” Chris pants.

“Thank god.”

Liam peels himself away from Chris and searches the drawers for lube. There’s none so he runs upstairs, stroking himself.

Chris jerks himself slowly and, upon opening his eyes, sees Sebastian watching him, rubbing his bulge through his pants. Chris’s cock twitches.

Liam returns and also sees Sebastian, who takes no shame in rubbing himself while looking at Liam’s cock. Ignoring him, Liam goes back to Chris and lubes himself up. He puts Chris’s legs on his shoulder and adds lube to his hole. Then, he starts to slide in.

As he does, Evans comes in through the back, returning from the beach. He sees the sight in front of him and freezes. Liam is impatient; he’s all the way in after seconds. His brother is closing his eyes and groaning, grabbing onto Liam’s arms tightly.

“So fucking tight,” Liam says, looking right into Evans’s eyes.

With that, Evans rubs his cock too. He and Sebastian watch each other as the two brothers moan and fuck. Liam thrusts faster and faster. Evans slips his hand inside his underwear. Sebastian strips completely.

Evans follows suit and soon all four men are stark naked. Hemsworth digs his nails into Liam’s back as his cock flops around. Liam buries himself deep within his brother, fucking him roughly.

Sebastian and Evans sit on the coffee table and watch the sight, stroking themselves. Hemsworth finally sees Evans and his eyes widen. He takes in the beautiful view of his flawless body and that huge cock. He reaches for his own dick and starts jerking off.

He and Evans don’t break eye contact until Liam tilts his brother’s head back towards him and kisses him. Evans and Sebastian jerk off faster and Evans leans over and kisses his boyfriend. Their hands gently scratch each other’s bodies until they’re jerking each other off vigorously.

“Gonna cum in you,” Liam says, out of breath. “Gonna breed you and mark you as mine.”

Sebastian and Evans break their kiss and look back at the brothers. Liam’s balls slap against his brother’s ass loudly and constantly as he thrusts fast.

Evans puts his hand back on his cock and Sebastian does the same. They masturbate quickly, their faces twitching as they get close.

Liam looks at Evans and neither man looks away. “Who do you belong to, Chris?”

Hemsworth grumbles and whines. “You, baby,” he moans. “Always you.”

With a few more thrusts, Liam buries himself inside the older man and cums. He doesn’t take his eyes off Evans as he does. Liam moans and smirks ever so slightly. He knows he’s breeding what Evans wants.

It’s wildly hot. It’s hot outside. It’s hot inside. The air conditioning abruptly turns off but no one notices.

Hemsworth is cumming next. His hand rubs up and down his massive cock too quickly to hold back. He shoots and covers his chest in that hot white substance.

Evans finally looks away from Liam to watch Hemsworth’s beautiful cock pulse sporadically. It’s too hot. He’s cumming from the sight alone. He aims his cock so that it shoots the first couple pulses into his mouth. It gets on his face and deep in his beard. He swallows what he catches.

He aims the rest onto Sebastian, getting it all over his chest and pubes. He uses it as a lube to get himself to cum next.

“Fuck!” Sebastian yells. He stands up and faces Evans in one swift movement. Evans opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out instinctively. Sebastian paints his boyfriend’s face, beard, hair, chest, and pubes in his cum.

The four collapses on the couch and chairs, naked, sweaty, and spent. Sebastian and Liam fall asleep soon after. But Evans and Hemsworth can’t take their eyes off each other. Hemsworth starts stroking his dick back to life. Evans freezes and watches in awe. He can’t help that his own cock starts to get hard again too.

“I want you,” Hemsworth says and they’re lucky the other two are sleeping.

Evans doesn’t move from his seat, but starts stroking himself too. He knows he shouldn’t be doing this. But he just watched with Sebastian, so just watching is okay, right?

“I wanna fuck you,” Hemsworth says. “Want you so bad.”

“Stop,” Evans whispers and shushes him. He closes his eyes, but still jerks off.

“Can’t help it. I’ve tried. Repressed those feelings so deep, I didn’t realize I even had them,” Hemsworth whispers back.

Evans closes his eyes tighter.

“Need you.”

“Chris,” breathes Evans.

“I know it’s not right.”

They both stroke faster.

Hemsworth continues, “Need to cum in you.”

Evans shakes his head and bites his lip. He’s close. They both are.

“Need to touch you.”

Evans opens his eyes and extends his hand that’s not in use. Hemsworth grabs it and holds tightly. They look into each other’s eyes as they cum.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Evans yells. He’s cumming all over himself once again, even more this time.

Hemsworth moans loudly as he cums. Covering himself in his seed, he squeezes Evans’s hand as his balls pulse.

“What the fuck?” says a voice. They both look over and see Liam watching them cum and hold hands.

Evans immediately lets go and tries to cover himself. Hemsworth’s eyes roll back and his toes curl as he finishes cumming. He takes his hand off his dick and realizes what’s about to happen.

“I—” he starts to speak.

“You said there’s nothing to worry about,” Liam whispers, his voice close to tears.

“W-we were both just letting off steam,” his brother replies. “And we just had sex in front of them. None of it means anything, right?” He’s not sure who he’s trying to convince.

Liam’s hands shake. He grabs his clothes and flees upstairs before anyone can see him cry.

Evans looks at Hemsworth then at Sebastian, who is now awake.

“What’s going on?” he asks.

Evans sighs and closes his eyes. “I think you’re right to be worried about me and Chris.” He wipes sweat off his forehead. They’re all drenched in it. The air in the house is stale and humid. No air conditioning blows. The sun beats in through the windows. 

Sebastian closes his eyes. Hemsworth looks away. Evans looks down.

Liam paces around his and Chris’s bedroom. He goes through all the emotions he thinks exists. He cries. He convinces himself he needs to move on. He cries more. He gets angry. He cries again. The anger boils. He’s sweating profusely. He cries even more. He clenches his fist and yells and god, it’s so fucking hot. He checks the AC and the display isn’t working. It won’t turn on.

“Fuck!” he yells. He goes back to pacing. He notices Chris’s phone on the table. No, he tells himself. That wouldn’t fix anything. But then again, he’s hurt so, who the fuck cares?

He scrolls through all of his brother’s texts, especially with Evans and the other Marvel guys. There’s nothing incriminating. He scrolls through Chris’s emails. Nothing. Then Instagram. Again, nothing. Then, he gets to Twitter. He scrolls through Chris’s DMs, ready to give up. Then he sees the chat with Evans. The message on the preview says: Can’t wait to see this body again. He clicks on.

“Gorgeous,” is the message before it. In response to a shirtless Evans. Liam studies the picture and the messages. The dates are from about a week ago. His eyes are wide. He clicks off the phone and throws it on the bed.

“Fucking piece of shit!” he yells. “Nothing to fucking worry about, my fucking ass.”

His head spins and he paces around some more. The anger overflows and it’s so hot he thinks he’s going to pass out. He’s hurt beyond belief. His fiancé lied and lied over and over and Liam ate it up. He can’t believe how stupid he’s been. He wants it all to stop. He wants Chris to be his again.

Then, before he knows what he’s doing, Liam is scrolling through Chris’s photos on his phone. He finds the pictures from their parents’ house where they were naked and kissing on the beach. He opens Instagram.

There’s one of them embracing and kissing passionately where you can’t see that they’re naked. Liam selects it.

The next thing he knows, the picture getting thousands of likes.

Chapter Text

“The AC is broken,” Hemsworth says after a few moments of silence that included him staring at the thermostat’s blank screen.

“I know,” Evans says, standing a few feet behind him. His arms are crossed and he’s sweating through his t-shirt.

Hemsworth turns to face Evans, who raises his eyebrow.

“Are you—” Evans starts to say, but isn’t sure what to ask. They look into each other’s eyes. Hemsworth wipes the sweat from his forehead. “Are you good?” Evans asks.

“Perfectly. Why wouldn’t I be, mate?” Hemsworth responds.

Evans sighs. “Because your brother just posted a picture of you two half naked and kissing.”

“Yeah,” he says, slightly annoyed. “Oh well.”

He walks away and Evans follows him.

“The news is going crazy,” says Evans. “Like… Really badly.”

“Whatever,” Hemsworth replies. They walk into the kitchen and Evans watches as his friend checks all the outlets to make sure they’re still working.

“I think it’s the whole neighborhood. But,” he says slowly, “Every time I search for Australia or Byron Bay news, it’s literally all about you and Liam.”

Hemsworth stops testing his kitchen appliances and sighs. “Let’s go outside. I think it’s hotter in here.”

Shaking his head, Evans follows Hemsworth outside. The Australian strips his shirt off and lies on a lounge chair, closing his eyes. Evans stares.

“You wanna cuddle?” Hemsworth asks.

“Huh?” Evans responds.

“I said, ‘Do you wanna cuddle?’”

“Uh, I don’t really think that’s the best idea. Liam and Sebastian are still mad at me,” Evans says, getting annoyed.

“Well, I’m single now, so…”

Evans raises his eyebrows, not following. “What are you talking about? Liam broke up with you?”



“You think there’s any way I’d stay with him after this?”


“And you and Sebastian will break up soon so… do you wanna cuddle? There’s nothing to hide anymore.” Hemsworth peaks through his eye. The sun is setting, but it’s still bright and hot.

“I—I, um,” Evans stutters. “Uh. What the fuck?”

“Take your shirt off and come over and cuddle. I’m being as clear as possible.” He closes his eyes tight and soaks up the sun.

“Sebastian and I aren’t going to break up,” Evans scoffs. “He loves me. I love him.”

“Love doesn’t mean a thing,” Hemsworth says coolly.

Evans scoffs again and walks away.

“Come back when the guilt and denial pass,” Hemsworth says as Evans storms off.

He goes through the back doors and into the living room. Liam is just coming through the front door when they notice each other.

“H-Have you seen Chris,” Liam swallows. His voice and hands shake.

“He’s by the pool,” Evans states.

“How mad is he?”

“I don’t know.”

Evans continues storming away upstairs to his room. He flops down on the bed and it takes him all of two seconds to realize this won’t last. It’s too hot to stay in bed, let alone the house. He thinks of Sebastian and love and how the two do or don’t overlap.

Sebastian paces up and down the driveway while on the phone with Anthony Mackie. He’s been crying on and off and Mackie’s been comforting him.

“I know I keep saying it over and over,” Sebastian says, wiping his tears, “but… I know I’ve been a bad boyfriend and I fucked up a lot. But-but… I just…”

“I know,” Mackie soothes. “I know.”

“It hurts,” Sebastian says, his voice getting tear-filled again.

“You should be with someone better. Someone who has the same needs as you. Or otherwise, you could work it out with Chris. Compromise is a necessity, you know,” Mackie rations.

“Yeah,” Sebastian sniffles. “I don’t know. What would you do?”

“Cut that fucker out of your life,” Mackie replies without missing a beat. “You being a giant dick, which you definitely were don’t get me wrong, is one thing. Cheating is another.”

“He didn’t cheat,” Sebastian corrects.

“He wants someone else and instead of telling you that and ending things, he’s pretending everything is fine, but he wants Hemsworth. It’s cheating adjacent,” Mackie says. Sebastian’s always been a fan of his friend’s tough love. “That’s not love.”

“But it want it to be,” Sebastian says.

“Was it ever?” Mackie asks. It’s a genuine question.

Sebastian’s breath hitches. He doesn’t know the answer.

“Also, not to change the subject, but what the fuck is going on with Hemsworth and his brother?”

Sebastian groans and closes his eyes.

Liam carefully walks outside. He sees his brother lounging peacefully, seemingly calm. He approaches. There’s no wind and the air is stagnant and stale.

Standing over Chris, Liam hesitates. His brother looks gorgeous as usual. Full beard, defined chest, overly-prominent bulge.

“What do you want?” Chris asks, not opening his eyes.

Liam looks away and waits before speaking. “I’m so sorry. I am so, so sorry.” Tears fall before he can even finish speaking. Chris clenches his jaw.

“Go away,” says Chris. It sounds so passive and uninterested that Liam thinks it hurts more than anger.

“Please,” Liam begs. He kneels down. “I know I fucked up horribly. I can fix it. I thought of an explanation.”

“I don’t care,” Chris states.

“Please, Chris.” Liam puts his hand on his brother’s.

“You don’t have permission to touch me anymore.” Chris pulls his hand away flaccidly.

The tears keep falling. Liam tries not to break. “We can work through this. Couples work through problems all the time.”

“That would imply that we’re still a couple.” With that, Chris turns on his side, facing away from Liam, whose tears fall down his cheeks.

“You don’t have to be so passive,” Liam whimpers. “It hurts.”

“I want to be alone.”

After a few moments of shock, Liam silently gets up and leaves. He runs into Sebastian, also crying, downstairs. They shoot each other knowing and equally miserable smiles before Sebastian goes upstairs.

He finds Chris in their bed.

“I would like to talk about our problems and see where we can go from there,” Sebastian states softly, looking at Chris from the doorway.

Chris sighs. “I don’t know if I’m ready to do that right now.”

“How come?”

“I just need to think.”


Chris looks down. Sebastian stays in the doorway.

“I’m gonna go outside,” Chris says. He passes by Sebastian quickly.

Sebastian rubs his eyes until he sees stars and then heads into the bathroom. He doesn’t look in the mirror. Instead, he turns the water on to take a bath. The water runs cool.

After filling it enough, he steps in and feels it instantly relieve him of this oppressive heat. He sighs and closes his eyes. Some peace will be nice, he hopes.

A voice calls soon after that thought. “Sebastian?”

He groans and ignores Liam.

The footsteps approach and enter the bedroom.


He rolls his eyes. “I’m taking a bath.”

“Oh,” Liam says. “Sorry. I just… never mind.”

He doesn’t hear the footsteps walk away.

Again, he sighs. “What’s wrong?”

“I just wanted someone to talk to,” he says. His voice is broken.

Sebastian can’t say no. He doesn’t want to either; he needs someone to talk to as well.

“You can come in,” Sebastian invites. He covers his junk.

Liam enters moments later and looks over Sebastian quickly before averting his eyes. He sits on the opposite side of the room, sliding down the wall until he’s eye-level with his… friend? Are they friends?

“This sucks,” Liam breathes.

“Tell me about it.” The water’s getting a little too cold, now that he’s cooled down. He hits the drain.

“I guess Chris and I are done,” says Liam.

Sebastian re-plugs the drain then turns on just the hot water. He sighs as he feels the heat. “I’m really sorry, man.” He turns the water off and the heat is now all around him. “I don’t know where I stand with Chris either. My Chris I mean.” He shakes his head at that term.

“Maybe it’s men named Chris,” Liam says, trying to lift the mood. Neither laugh.


Liam stands up and looks out the window to the outside. His brother is still lounging, unaffected.

“I just hate the indifference,” Liam states. He clenches his fists softly.

“Right!” Sebastian replies.

Liam turns to face him. “I know what I did was bad and gross and disgusting. But like, it’s like… yell at me. Get angry. Something! Anything is better than being so fucking neutral.”

“They act like we’re the only ones to blame. They fucked with our heads, too,” Sebastian adds. Liam paces around.

“God. I know. I hate this stupid cycle of emotions. I want to stop fucking crying,” Liam snaps.

“Sad or angry is all I know lately,” says Sebastian.

Liam’s pacing circle grows bigger and bigger and Sebastian covers himself with his hands.

“I want so badly for my mentality to be ‘move on,’ but fuck. I just love him so fucking much,” Liam groans. He stops walking and puts his head in his hands and rubs his eyes.

He opens them and sees he’s next to the bathtub.

“Oh, sorry,” he says. He looks over Sebastian again.

“No worries,” Sebastian replies.

Not moving away, Liam stares at Sebastian’s abs and hands. There’s a twitch in his shorts.

Sebastian doesn’t think. He just slowly, very slowly, moves his hands away. The water is hot and clear and his dick is now on display.

Neither say anything. Liam’s bulge begins to grow. Sebastian’s dick follows suit.

Their breath is wavering and hesitant. Liam slides his hands down to his bulge and grabs it. Sebastian copies.

Sebastian’s pubes are thick and dark and overgrown. His chest is nicely hairy as well. Liam’s glad Sebastian's uncut, it's what he's used to. He’s never had any cock that wasn’t his brother’s before.

Suddenly, Liam removes his hand and his breath hitches. He swallows and walks away quickly, ashamed.

Sebastian’s erection dies off. He’s not sure what that was. He wants to know what Chris would think.

Evans sits on the longue chair next to Hemsworth and stares at him.

“So?” Hemsworth asks after several moments of silence.

“I don’t know if I was ever actually in love with Sebastian,” Evans blurts out. “I’m not saying this to lessen the seriousness or any shit like that. It’s just what I think. I might’ve been in lust.”

“All I’m hearing is that you’re distancing yourself from him.” Hemsworth opens his eyes and sits upright suddenly. “I want to kiss you and cuddle with you, Chris. That’s all I want right now.”

Evans clenches his jaw. He lowers his voice. “I want that too.” He closes his eyes tightly and looks away.

“Why are you ashamed?” Hemsworth asks. “We can’t help how we feel.”

“We’re hurting people, Chris.”

“I didn’t mean it like that. I understand that our actions we’re insensitive and shitty. I mean now that we’re single, we can be together.”

Evans shakes his head in shock. “I’m not single. What aren’t you getting about that?”

“Then why’d you come back outside?” Hemsworth asks.

Evans looks away again.

“You are so deep in denial,” the Australian man says. He lies back down, his hands behind his head.

“At least I’m feeling something,” the American man replies.

“I am feeling something, mate,” Hemsworth’s tone softens. “For you.”

Evans’s heart melts a little, but in a gooey, gross way that instantly reminds him of his guilt.

“I wish it didn’t feel so good to hear that,” he says.

“Do you?”

Evans doesn’t answer. Liam walks outside.

“Mate, I’m really not in the mood right now for whatever you’re about to say,” Hemsworth blurts before his brother even approaches.

“We need to talk about this,” Liam says. “Or else it’s gonna ruin us.”

“I don’t care what you think we need.”

“No,” Liam states firmly. “We’re talking about it.”

Hemsworth looks over as his brother pulls up a seat. He swings his legs around to sit and face Liam. Then he stands up.

“Are you serious?” Liam asks as his brother starts to walk away.

“Come on, Chris,” Hemsworth says and Evans follows him quickly.

“Fine,” Liam snaps. “You two fucking deserve each other.”

With that, Hemsworth stops and spins around. “You don’t get it, do you? You posted that shit without my consent. Because what? Your feelings were hurt?”

Liam clenches his fists as the older man mocks him. He storms over to face him.

“Yes. It was a stupid thing to do. But at least I wasn’t leading you on while I wanted someone else. Making promises. Fucking asking me to marry you. You’re disgusting,” Liam spits.

Hemsworth clenches his jaw. He puts his arm around Evans. “What are you gonna fucking do about it?” His words drip with venom.

Liam swallows before pushing his brother.

“Are you serious, mate?”

Hemsworth pushes him back.

“Guys,” Evans says. “Don’t—”

They’re wrestling each other to the ground before Evans can finish his sentence. He grunts, annoyed.

“Jesus Christ,” he mumbles. He’s about to intervene, but Hemsworth rips Liam’s shirt. The fabric tears until it slides off his chest.

The brothers wrestle and grab and claw at each other. It’s more aggressive than Evans has ever seen either of them get.

They’re rolling around and punching each other. Evans is standing there awkwardly.

As Hemsworth holds Liam’s head down against the ground, Liam grabs at his brother’s body until his fingers hook into the waistband of Chris’s shorts and yank them down.

Liam wraps his legs around Chris and flips them over. He lands a punch to Chris’s face.

“Hey!” Evans yells and tries to separate them. Liam pushes him away. Hemsworth returns a punch of Liam’s face.

Hemsworth’s shorts, tattered and hanging low, can’t hold his dick. His pubes are on display at one end and a good portion of the length hangs out against his thigh. It flops around as they fight until his shorts scrunch up enough that it falls out, along with his balls, through one of the leg holes.

Liam’s dick follows a similar pattern. In their scuffle, his shorts also get yanked and ripped until they eventually slide down to his ankles. Evans watches in awe, his hand on his dick.

Hemsworth pulls Liam’s shorts off and then his own, before flipping his brother over. Evans doesn’t realize what’s happening until Hemsworth is spreading Liam’s cheeks and pushing his fully hard erection into Liam’s hole.

He contemplates his options. His immediate preference would be to stay and watch. Or, he could leave. He slides his hand into his shorts. His cock is also hard and poking through the bottom.

Liam yelps in pain as his brother pushes in with no lube. Hemsworth continuously spits to try and help.

Evans looks up and sees Sebastian naked and jerking off in the window of their guest room. He cums all over the window after making eye contact with Evans.

Quickly removing his hand from his cock, Evans shakes his head and walks away from the brothers.

Halfway inside Liam, Hemsworth sees Evans walking inside and immediately pulls out. He runs after him.

“Fuck!” Liam yells.

“Wait, wait,” Hemsworth says, catching up to Evans. He holds Evans’s arms and looks him in the eyes. “That wasn’t anything. Just some built up aggressive. I still want you.” His hard dick pokes into Evans.

Evans looks down at his cock.

Hemsworth grinds into Evans. “Touch it.”

Evans sighs dramatically.

Hemsworth takes Evans’s hand and puts it on his cock. “Let me fuck you.”

Evans gives the Australian’s cock a few good strokes before letting go. “I just need some time alone,” he says.

Hemsworth stands naked and alone as Evans leaves him. As he watches the man he wants walk away, the air conditioning finally clicks back on.

In his room, Evans finds Sebastian, now clothed, lying on their bed.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Chris asks.

“Excuse me?” Sebastian says.

“You act like I’m the only one with feelings for someone else and then you’re jerkin’ off watching those two?” he yells.

“Are you kidding me right now?” Sebastian yells back. “Sex is one thing. Wanting someone else is another. I don’t give a shit about those two. I want you. You want Chris. Do you not see this?”

“Sex is not just one thing,” Chris retorts. “You may not want Chris or Liam romantically, but I see the way you look at them.”

“I’m not the one that cheated,” Sebastian quips.

“I didn’t fucking cheat and you know I didn’t. I don’t cheat on people,” Chris growls.

“But you want to,” Sebastian says, laughing in a sick, mocking way. “You want to cheat on me so bad. Posting that picture online for anyone to jerk off to. Falling asleep on the plane with your ass out so those pilots you’ve already fucked can see you. Choosing to come here the second we had a slight problem in our relationship. Holding hands and fucking jerking off with Chris while Liam and I were asleep. Come. On.”

“I don’t want to cheat on you,” Chris says, lowly and quietly.

“Swimming in fucking denial. You get off on it,” Sebastian hisses.

Chris clenches his teeth and walks away.

He goes into a different guest room, closes the door and locks it. He screams into a pillow, cursing Hemsworth’s name.

Liam walks into his and his brother’s bathroom as he hears the shower running. Hemsworth is cleaning his wounds. The steam fills the room.

The younger brother walks over to the glass door of the shower. He and Chris look at each other. Chris opens the door.

They shower together in silence for a while. It’s awkward.

“Mum and Dad keep calling and texting. So does Luke… And the rest of our family,” Liam says, guilty. “I wish deleting it did more.”

“I wish it wasn’t posted at all,” Chris replies.

“Yeah,” Liam sighs. “Sorry.”

“It will pass,” Chris says. “We’ll come up with a lie.”

Liam hesitates and swallows. “Not come out?” His voice is on the verge of tears.

“No, Liam. We’re done.”

Liam nods and his tears are disguised amongst the shower water.

The wash each other’s bodies and rinse their hair and wounds. They get erections.

Chris ends up holding Liam against the glass, Liam’s legs wrapped around his waist, and fucking him. It’s quick and rough and not at all how Liam pictured their last time should be.

He thrusts and thrusts and eventually cums in long spurts. Liam feels it deep inside him and closes his eyes, savoring the moment. It’s cut short.

Chris pulls out the second he’s done cumming, puts Liam down, and leaves the shower. Liam sits on the shower floor, alone.

No one falls asleep easily. Evans doesn’t fall asleep at all. Instead, he goes down to the kitchen, gets a glass of water and looks out the doors into the night. This routine has been getting too frequent. The bags under his eyes are heavy.

Sitting at the kitchen island in a sweatshirt and underwear, he can no longer think about the mess he’s in. He tries to make his mind go blank.

Footsteps approach and he looks over to seem Hemsworth in just his briefs. His bulge is… prominent.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were up,” Hemsworth says.

“Can’t seem to sleep anymore,” Evans replies.

“Yeah,” Hemsworth adds tiredly. He pours himself a glass of water and stands on the opposite side of the counter. “Anything get better between you and Seb?”

Evans shakes his head. “He says I’m in denial and that I want to cheat on him.”

“Why does he think that?” Hemsworth replies.

“I don’t know.” Evans averts his eyes.

“Do you?”

“What?” Evans looks back at him.

“Do you want to cheat on him?”

“What?” Evans shouts. “Are you serious?”

Hemsworth scoffs quietly. It’s late. They’re both a little grumpy. He sips his water.

“He says I’m in denial,” Evans states.

Hemsworth looks him in the eyes. He walks around the center island to sit on the stool beside his friend.

Evans tries not to look at the bulge the younger man is packing. It’s ridiculous. It barely fits in his underwear, even when he’s soft. Evans stretches his sweatshirt down a little to cover his own bulge.

“What do you want?” Hemsworth asks.

“Like, in general?” 

“Right now. Who do you want to be with?”

“I-” Evans begins. He looks his friend straight in the eyes. “I want to be with Sebastian.”

Hemsworth clenches his jaw. He puts his hand on Evans’s thigh. 

“I don’t believe you.” His accent is soft. His hand slides up Evans’s leg.

“What are you doing?” Evans whispers. His eyes are closed and he’s frozen.

“Give in, mate,” Hemsworth whispers back. His hand slides to Evans’s crotch and he grabs it. “Been missing this. Wanting it for months now. I was in denial, too. So much better when you give in.”

“Stop,” Evans breathes.

“Is that what you want?”

No reply.

Hemsworth squeezes Evans’s dick. He rubs it and his fingers sneak under the waistband.

Finally unfreezing, Evans grabs the wandering hand. They don’t break eye contact.

“Cheat on him,” Hemsworth says firmly.

Evans’s eyes go wide.

“Cheat on him, baby. It will feel so good.”

“What— Oh, my god. That’s...” His heart races and it skips a beat.

Hemsworth wiggles his hand out of Evans’s grasp and pulls down the waistband of his boxer briefs.

“I want you to cheat on your boyfriend with me,” the younger man states. “I know you want to do it too.”


Evans does nothing to stop him anymore. 

“Felt so good cheating on Liam. Loved the thought of being unfaithful to him.” Hemsworth strokes his friend’s hard cock. Evans is shaky. “I know you get off on it too.”

“Chris,” Evans moans.

“Come on, baby. Just give into it. I’ll fuck you so good. You know I will. Even better than the past, I promise,” he growls.

“I don’t...” Evans grasps Hemsworth’s arm tightly as it pumps his cock.

“Cheat on him.”

Evans closes his eyes and leans in to kiss him.

“No,” Hemsworth replies, putting his fingers to Evans’s lips. “I want to hear you say it.”

Evans swallow. “Say what?”

“You know, baby. Make me happy.” He slides his free hand into his briefs which are outrageously stretched from his now throbbing cock.

Again, Evans swallows. His whole body shakes. His nails dig in to Hemsworth’s arms viciously.

“I—I want to...”

“Say it.” Hemsworth squeezes both cocks harshly.

“I want to cheat on him,” he whines. His body un-tenses. He closes his eyes. Hemsworth smiles wickedly. “I want to cheat on Sebastian. You have no idea how badly I wanna cheat on him with you.”

The animal in Hemsworth is free. “I definitely do.”

Hemsworth finally connects their lips and it’s wild. They nip and bite at each other’s lips and tongues. Their spit swirls around and drips out, down their beards.

Pulling Evans out of his seat, Hemsworth stands up with him and strips him instantly. 

“Fucking hell,” Hemsworth says, looking over his lover. Evans is as gorgeous as ever. Toned, beautifully hairy, and huge cock. “Missed this too much.”

Hemsworth sinks down to his knees and he’s deep-throating the cock in front of him before Evans can even process it.  

“Oh, my god,” he groans. “Fuck!”

The Australian bobs up and down the long cock and soaks it in spit. He revels in the musky, manly taste. It’s better than he remembers. 

Hemsworth looks up as he gets farther down the length. Evans’s eyes roll back. He’s gone.

“Yeah, just like that, baby boy,” Evans moans.

Around his cock, Hemsworth moans back, loving that pet name. 

“All the way.”

Hemsworth obeys and gags himself as he gets to the prize of Evans’s sweaty pubic hair. He chokes and coughs as he sniffs and breathes in that beautiful scent.

After his eyes begin to water, he pulls off and stands back up. Evans sees the stain of precum leaking through Hemsworth’s underwear. They kiss again. Evans palms him.

Then, Evans yanks down the cum-stained underwear and lets free the monster cock he’s been missing.

“You have no clue how bad I’ve missed having this inside me,” Evans says, sinking down to suck it.

“I’m gonna fuck you all night. You’ll never be without my cock again,” Hemsworth says, putting his hands on the back of Evans’s head and pushing him forward.


“Baby, I’ll be fucking you every single night for the rest of our lives. You don’t have to worry about being without me or my big cock ever again.”

Evans closes his eyes and puts that big cock in his mouth. The taste of precum instantly makes his mouth water.

“That’s my boy,” Hemsworth says and puts his head back in bliss.

Evans sucks slowly at first, inching his way closer to Hemsworth’s pubes. 

Impatient, Hemsworth pushes him all the way down, his nose buried in the neatly trimmed hairs. Evans gags and chokes and coughs, drooling all over.

“Stay there,” Hemsworth commands. “Wanna see how long you can last.”

Evans continuously coughs and spit oozes everywhere, but he tries hard. The younger man holds him, his face twitching as he moans and spasms. Finally, he lets go as Evans starts fighting him.

They’re kissing again in seconds. Hemsworth pushes him up against the center island. The coldness sends shivers down Evans’s body. Their cocks grind together.

“Lie down,” Hemsworth growls. “Gonna fuck you on the counter.”

Evans wastes no time and pulls himself up on the island.

Hemsworth grabs the lube that’s been sitting on one of the living room tables since the four of them had that... interesting encounter. 

When he walks back over to Evans, his fingers are already lubed up and Evans is already on his back with his legs in the air.

“Good boy,” Hemsworth grins. Two fingers are inside Evans moments later.

He moves them slowly in and out of Evans’s warm hole.

“God,” Evans breathes.

“Yeah,” Hemsworth smirks. “I’m your god.”

He adds two more fingers at once and shoves them all the way in. He wiggles them around and feels the smooth inside. Evans writhes in the counter. His cock drips cum.

Suddenly, Hemsworth yanks his fingers out. He watched Evans’s hole tighten up. He lubes up his cock and moments later he’s sliding it in.

“Fuck,” Evans breathes. “Forgot how much it stretches me.”

“Yours is only, what, a couple inches shorter than mine?” 

“Yeah, but—oh!” Evans whines as Hemsworth pushes in harder. “Haven’t topped in a long time.”


“Seb wouldn’t let me,” he pants, grunting at the intrusion.

“We’ll have to change that,” Hemsworth smirks, shoving in more. “You can fuck me, baby. Gonna treat you so good. Be the best boyfriend you’ll ever have.”


Hemsworth finally bottoms out and starts to thrust. “Wanna cum together, babe. Touch yourself.”

Evans grabs his dick and the two pick up the pace.

“Harder,” he commands. “Wanna feel it for days.”

Hemsworth’s eyes look wicked. “Don’t tempt me, mate.”


Hemsworth doesn’t need to be told again. He slams in all the way with force and aggression.

Evans chokes and gasps. Hemsworth does it again. And again. And again. He doesn’t stop. He does it harder each time.


“Gonna make you feel it for weeks.”

His thrusts are hard and aggressive enough that Evans has to brace himself on the edges of the table.

“No, no,” Hemsworth says, still thrusting. “Touch yourself. I won’t hurt you.”

Evans obeys and starts jerking off again. Hemsworth increases the frequency of his thrusts and speeds up. He keeps them forceful; each time, he slams all the way in as if trying to fit even more cock inside his mate. 

“You take me so fucking well,” Hemsworth roars. “Gonna have to fist you soon. You can take so much more.”

“Please,” Evans cries. “Please!”


“Yes. Please,” he whines. “Please, Daddy.”

“Fuck!” Hemsworth growls, thrusting all the way inside Evans. “My fucking boy!”

“Oh, god!” Evans yells back, pumping himself.

They cum at the same time, shooting spurt after spurt. Both have a ridiculous amount of cum that rockets out of them.

Hemsworth fills up his man, deeper than anyone has reached before. His cum floods Evans and it feels like a fire inside him. 

“Marking you,” Hemsworth pants.

Evans’s load shoots all over himself. It paints his face and stains his beard. His chest, stomach, and pubic hair get the hot substance matted and tangled. He aims it and paints Hemsworth with cum too.

“I need more,” Evans groans. “I need every drop of cum you can give me tonight.” Neither has even finished cumming yet. Hemsworth thrusts out and in harshly and abruptly. “Fuck!”

“Don’t worry, baby. Daddy’s gonna take care of you. Gonna fill you up with so much cum then plug it up inside you. Gonna keep cumming and cover your body in it too, okay?” Hemsworth soothes, licking the cum out of Evans’s beard.

“God. Yes, please!”

Hemsworth grabs Evans and picks him up carefully. Evans clings around the younger man, who begins to carry him upstairs. Hemsworth’s cock stays buried and pumping cum into Evans the whole way up and the rest of the night. 

The two are drunk on euphoria and oblivious that the blackmailer has responded.

Chapter Text

“I know,” Sebastian says.

“You know?” Evans replies.


“That I…”

“That you cheated? Yes,” Sebastian concludes sharply. His voice is bitter and his fists are clenched.

They’re standing in the kitchen. The two brothers lurk around different corners listening.

“I knew that you were going to, but I didn’t know when.”

Evans swallows.

“Why didn’t you just break up with me? You knew you wanted to cheat on me, so… why?” Sebastian’s voice cracks and his pain is no longer hidden.

“I don’t know,” Evans says lowly. “I…” he sighs. “I don’t know.”

“Well, I do,” Sebastian spits. “You wanted to cheat on me. It’s as simple as that.”

Evans looks down and closes his eyes. “You have every right to hate me and to be angry.”

“That doesn’t really begin to cover it, Chris. I should…” he trails off.

“You should make it even,” Evans says. “Hurt me back.”

“I should post that video of us in the woods,” Sebastian says firmly.

Evans hesitates. “I mean… yeah. I deserve it.”

Sebastian stares at him and squints his eyes. “You’d like that wouldn’t you.”


“Fucking unbelievable,” Sebastian yells.

He looks down and rubs his forehead roughly. When he looks back up, the tears are streaming down his cheeks. Evans’s gut churns.

“Seb, please—”

“Stop. You don’t have the right to fucking even talk to me anymore,” Sebastian cries.


“Shut up! Do you ever fucking shut up? Jesus, I can’t. I can’t. I have to get out of here,” yells Sebastian.

He grabs his wallet and phone from the counter. And then he’s gone.

Evans exhales for far too long. “Fuck,” he whispers.

He turns and sees Hemsworth in the living room. He sighs again.

“Come here, baby,” Hemsworth soothes.

Evans walks over into the Australian’s open arms. Hemsworth kisses his head and hugs him tightly.

Hemsworth looks up and sees Liam staring at them. The look says it all; he heard everything. Hemsworth can’t bring himself to care. He looks away. Liam clenches his jaw and storms out of the house too.

Evans hears the door slam and closes his eyes tighter.

“It’s okay,” Hemsworth hums.

“We’re really shitty people,” Evans mumbles.

“No, we’re not. We just wanted each other and it worked out in a weird way, mate.”

“That’s an understatement.”

Hemsworth kisses his head. “Come on, now. I know how to calm you down.” He slides his hand down and squeezes Evans’s clothed crotch.

“Not really in the mood,” Evans grumbles.

The younger man’s hand stays in place.

“Come on. We told the blackmailer to come meet us. They’ll be here today,” Evans says.

“And?” Hemsworth replies.

“We should be ready.”

Hemsworth continues rubbing Evans’s dick through the fabric and Evans holds tightly onto his friend’s shoulders. He whimpers.

“So, I should stop, right?” Hemsworth teases.

“Mm,” Evans moans deeply.

“Okay, I’m gonna take my hand away, baby.”

“Stop,” Evans snaps. “Don’t stop.” He digs his nails into Hemsworth’s broad shoulders.

Hemsworth wraps his arms around Evans and squeezes tightly. Evans sighs in comfort.

“You like my big muscles?” Hemsworth asks. “Hm?”

“Yeah, babe, I love them. The perfect man,” Evans says, still whimpering.

“What else do you love about me?”

“You know.”

“Tell me.”

“Chris,” Evans whines.

“Tell me.”

“I love your cock. You know how much I love it.”

“Thank you, baby,” Hemsworth grins and kisses him again. “I want you to wear something for me. Come on.”

He leads Evans upstairs to the bedroom before digging through one of the drawers. Evans watches as he pulls out a jockstrap. It’s warn and dirty. There are stains from what seem to be cum, sweat, piss, and whatever else Hemsworth has done in it.

“Strip for me,” Hemsworth commands softly. He sits on the bed.

Evans starts to strip as Hemsworth brings the jockstrap to his nose and inhales. He moans.

“Slower,” Hemsworth whispers.

Evans removes his shirt slower, over his head then onto the ground.

“Gorgeous,” says Hemsworth in the same tone.

Then Evans goes for his pants and drags them down his legs as slow as he can. He tosses them to the side then looks at the man on the bed, whose eyes are locked onto Evans’s bulge.

It’s hanging low in his briefs and hard and protruding to the point where it hurts.

Hemsworth inhales shakily. “Wish I could show the world how gorgeous this is.” He reaches his hand out and caresses it. “Would you let me?”

Evans’s breath is also shaky. “You know I’d let you do anything to me.”

Hemsworth lets out a breathy laugh. “Don’t tempt me, mate.” He looks up at Evans. “From now on, I want you to wear underwear that’s too small, okay?”

Evans gives him a confused look.

“It looks amazing when they fit, but I’d love to see you hard and falling out of them. Maybe some of Liam’s old ones? I bought him a pair when he was 17 that I’ll have you wear soon.”

Evans keeps whining as Hemsworth rubs him. He nods. “Anything for you.”

“Put these on.”

Evans takes the jockstrap from him and rids himself of his briefs. His dick bounces around, hard and leaking precum. His pubes, overgrown.

“Fucking gorgeous. One day I’ll be posting pictures of that cock for everyone to see, okay?”

Evans nods. He slides the jockstrap on. His hard cock stretches the fabric.

“Yeah, that’s what I wanted to see. Love you in my brother’s dirty jock,” Hemsworth says filthily. He reaches forward and grabs Evans’s cockhead through the jock. The head is visibly protruding in its outline. He pulls Evans closer by his cock. “Get on the bed.”

The older man obeys and lies down. Hemsworth stands and strips his shorts and briefs off in one motion. Then he tosses his shirt to the side as well.

Evans shakes his head. “Such a big dick. So fitting.”

“Yeah?” Hemsworth asks, climbing on top of him. “Why’s that?”

“‘Cause you’re the alpha of the house. It’s right that you have the biggest cock.”

Hemsworth grins wickedly as he kisses along Evans’s neck. “You know I love when you talk about how big my cock is.”

Evans smirks. “Maybe Liam’s is bigger by now. Or maybe mine is. We’re both right around your size.”

Hemsworth chuckles as he nips at his lover’s ear. His hand slides down to Evans’s cock and he squeezes it tightly. “Don’t tease me, boy. I’m your alpha, remember?”

Evans grunts and grinds upwards. “My alpha,” he breathes.

“Yeah,” Hemsworth breathes back.

Then, he lies on his back and flips Evans around until his cock is in Evans’s mouth and Evans’s ass is in his face. He slides his tongue in. Evans whines as he bobs up and down.

With his hands, the Australian spreads his friend’s cheeks and shoves his face between them. Evans thrusts back and Hemsworth pushes forward, fucking his tongue deeper. He grabs Evans’s cock and starts jerking him off.

Gagging himself, Evans tries to get as far down the monster cock as possible. His cock isn’t much smaller at all, but Hemsworth is still somehow much harder to take.

After wrapping his legs around Evans’s neck, Hemsworth flips them over and fucks himself all the way into Evans’s mouth. He closes his eyes, moaning and smiling as Evans squirms underneath him.

As he reaches over and grabs the lube out of the side table, his dick slips out of Evans’s mouth, letting the older man up for air. He gasps and coughs a few times before Hemsworth slips it back in.

“Might love when you struggle a little too much,” Hemsworth laughs darkly as his pubes reach Evans’s nose.

He snaps his hips as he inserts a few lubed-up fingers into Evans. With his other hand, he rubs Evans’s obscene jockstrap bulge. “I know you haven’t topped in a while, and I wanna bottom for you so bad… but Jesus,” he says. “You’re too fuckable. I see why Seb didn’t let you top.”

Evans whines in his usual sultry tone as he gags. Hemsworth adds another finger. “I should fist you one of these days.” Another whine.

Hemsworth moves off Evans and grabs him by the hand, pulling him off the bed and into a quick kiss. He guides him along to the balcony. Evans looks around outside, apprehensively, for Liam or Sebastian. Hemsworth presses him up against the railing and starts to thrust in.

“Oh,” Evans groans.

Hemsworth rubs some more lube on his cock before sliding in more.

“I hope they both see us,” he says.

“Jesus, stop,” Evans whispers.

“Can’t help it.” He thrusts in hard. Evans lets out a grunt. “Want them to see you’re mine.” Another thrust. Harder. “You never shut up about how you hated Seb’s possessiveness, but come on, babe. It was just that it was Seb. You love that I own you right? Want them to see that I own you, don’t you?”

“God yes,” Evans pants.

Hemsworth is taken aback by how easy it was to get him to admit it. “That’s my boy,” he laughs. “Always so good for me. Let me do whatever I want to you. Never hurt you ever. Always take care of you.”

Evans cries as his knuckles turn white around the wooden posts. Precum seeps through the jockstrap and drips onto the ground below them. The slapping of skin against skin only gets faster and faster as Hemsworth rambles on.

He stops thrusting and whispers in Evans’s ear, “Liam never let me do everything I wanted. Never did anything with piss with me.”

“God, Chris, please. You can do that with me whenever you want,” Evans says.

“I know,” Hemsworth growls lowly.

Seconds later, Evans feels a warmth inside him. His hand shoots inside the jockstrap to jerk himself off.

“Yeah, that’s my fuckin’ boy!” the Australian yells. He lets loose his stream of piss, flooding his mate’s insides like he would with his seed. “Love filling you up.”

“Missed this so much,” Evans pants, vigorously stroking himself. He feels the piss spread inside him, hotter than cum.

Hemsworth starts thrusting again as his stream doesn’t let up. Piss spurts out around his cock, only lubing it up more. It splashes against his body and soaks his pubes and abs and legs.

“We’re gonna be doing much more of this, mate.”

“Thank god,” Evans laughs.

Pulling out all the way, Hemsworth finishes pissing by aiming at Evan’s hole, then his back, and finally shooting the last shots into his hair.

“Fuck yeah,” Evans yells. “So fucking close.”

Hemsworth thrusts all the way back in, resuming his pace. “Cum in the jock, baby.”

And he does. With a few more strokes, Evans starts cumming and cumming and cumming. It doesn’t ooze like his precum did, but instead shoots straight out through the fabric, off the balcony, and onto the ground. Rope after pure white rope.

“God, I love you so much,” Hemsworth says. He fucks into Evans like his life depends on it, tossing Evans’s spent body like a doll. Piss sloshes around inside him and leaks out. Evans reaches back, his hand dripping cum, and grabs Hemsworth’s hair, staining it. Hemsworth cums moments later, deep inside his mate, mixing it with his piss. “Fuck!”

His eyes roll back as his balls empty themselves. His hands shake and his toes curl. His cock is nice and pulsing and wet. The two are breathless.

Hemsworth pulls out before he’s even finished cumming, his cock spurts on them both and the floor as he pulls Evans back to the bed. He lies on his back and positions Evans’s ass right on his face.

“Give it to me,” he says.

Evans unclenches and lets the younger man’s mixture flow right into his mouth and all over his face. They both groan. Hemsworth drinks it down. They kiss after.

“Your turn,” Hemsworth says.

Evans sits on his friend’s abs and closes his eyes. Moments later the jock dampens and piss starts trickling out. Hemsworth’s clean abs are soon saturated along with his and Evans’s pubes and the sheets.

Hemsworth cups his hand over Evans’s clothed cockhead and closes his eyes, feeling Evans’s stream of piss.

“Missed this,” he says. His cock twitches.

He lifts Evans up slightly, positions his cock and slides in. Evans starts to ride him.

“The blackmailer is here,” a voice says from the doorway.

The two look over abruptly and see Sebastian. Evans stops, but Hemsworth starts thrusting.

“We’ll be down in a sec, mate.”

Sebastian turns, shaking his head.

“Gotta make this quick,” Hemsworth says to Evans.

Evans works his hips and ass in rhythm with Hemsworth’s thrusts.

“I don’t want them to post that video just so I can post my own with you,” he says.

Evans moans in response.

Hemsworth flips them over and fucks Evans ruthlessly into the piss-stained bed.

“Ready?” he asks.

“Already?” Evans says.

“Told you we had to make it quick. And seeing you in a puddle of your own piss is too hot for me not to cum.” He snaps his hips violently.

Evans throws his head into the mattress as he claws down Hemsworth’s back. They both cum seconds later, Hemsworth from Evans’s ass and Evans from friction alone.

They’re both messes as they come downstairs, in ragged shirts and shorts, dripping cum, sweat, and piss. They join Seb and Liam by the front door.

The two brothers exchange glances. Sebastian and Evans do the same.

“The camera showed the car pulling up,” Liam says. “He should be at the door any—”

The doorbell cuts him off. The four men take a collective sigh.

The older brother goes for the door.

“You two fucking reek,” Sebastian says as Hemsworth turns the knob.

They all ignore him. Hemsworth opens the door.

Surprised wouldn’t cover their emotions upon seeing they’ve been blackmailed by Tom Holland.

Chapter Text

Tom doesn’t think sometimes. Sometimes it helps, like clearing his mind and not letting his thinking get in the way of his Spiderman audition. Sometimes, it doesn’t help. Like when he decided to record Evans and Sebastian fucking and blackmail them. At least, that’s what he’s thinking now.

“Well?” Sebastian snaps.

Tom swallows. His hands shake.

“We’re listening.”

“I—” Tom says, his voice cracks. “I’m so sorry. It was… It was a joke.”

“A joke?” Sebastian yells. He throws himself towards Tom and raises his arm in the air, his hand in a fist. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Tom closes his eyes, frozen in fear and anticipation of feeling Sebastian’s knuckles on his face. However, he opens his eyes when it doesn’t come. Evans and Hemsworth hold Sebastian back who shakes out of their grasp.

“Cool it, Seb,” Evans says. “Tom,” he says looking to the British boy. He shakes his head. “What the hell?”

“I was never gonna do anything with it, I just thought it was… hot. And… I was always gonna tell you guys it was me, but then it all started feeling too real and I didn’t know what to do. Please, Chris,” Tom says, looking Evans in the eyes. “You know me.” Sebastian and Hemsworth glance at Evans. He doesn’t look at either of them.

“Anyone you haven’t slept with?” Sebastian asks, coolly.

“Seb,” Evans says.

“Anyways,” Tom cuts in, “I hope you all believe me that I never would have done anything with that video. In fact…”

He pulls out his phone, scrolls to the video, and deletes it within seconds, showing everyone the screen.

“Why do you still have it if you were never gonna do anything with it?” Liam says, bitterly.

“I—” Tom begins.

Sebastian cuts him off. “You heard him, Liam. He thinks it’s hot. He’s been stroking himself to it since he took it, haven’t you?”

Tom swallows and inhales sharply, causing himself to choke. He coughs. Sebastian and Liam chuckle. Evans and Hemsworth look at each other.

Evans clears his throat. “Tom, you could’ve told us at any time. There are other ways to get our attention.”

“Seriously?” Sebastian says, amused.

“That’s not what I meant. And don’t slut-shame me, Seb,” Evans retorts, cracking a smile.

“Hey, I’m not,” Sebastian replies. “Just observing.”

Evans shakes his head, playfully ignoring Sebastian. “Tom,” he sighs, more seriously. “Why did you not tell us? You could’ve kept the video and still told us. So… why?”

“I told you—”

Evans cuts him off. “I don’t wanna hear you got in too deep.”

Tom sighs. He’s silent for several moments. Everyone stares at him while he looks down. “I want something.”

“What do you want?” Sebastian asks.


“…Downey Jr.?”



“To date.”

“But… why?”

“I, uh…”

“You, uh, what?”

“I’m in love with him!”

“You’re what?” Evans interjects.

“I’m in love with him. I want to be with him so badly. I wanted you guys to help me,” Tom says, sadly.

“You’re not in love with him,” Evans states.

“How would you know?” Tom snaps.

“Because,” Evans says, as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “It’s—it’s lust. It’s lust. You’re not in love with him.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Tom sulks.

“I do,” Evans says. He and Sebastian exchange a glance and look away as if it were an accident.

“Can you just invite him to come down?” asks Tom

“I—” begins Evans. He sighs. “Fine.” He pulls out his phone and composes the text.

“You were… gonna blackmail us into getting him to date you?” Sebastian jumps back in, still trying to put the pieces together.

“No!” Tom says defensively. “Not really. Honestly, I don’t know what I was going to do. I just want to be more a part of your guys’ friend group and… do stuff with you guys and him.”

“Oh,” Sebastian says. Then it clicks. “Oh.”

Tom goes silent.

“You want us to fuck you.” Sebastian creeps towards him.


“You wanna fuck us?”


Sebastian grabs Tom’s crotch through his pants and squeezes.

“Slut,” he says, darkly. He squeezes harder.

“Stop,” Tom grunts.

“Little bitch. Blackmailing us all for what? You wanna know what it feels like to get fucked by a real man? ‘Cause we all know you’re not one.”

Tom pushes Sebastian who, after being taken aback for a second, pushes back.

Evans sighs, “Guys, come on. Don’t.”

Tom pushes again. Sebastian pins him to the door.

“You don’t have the right to tell us what you want,” Sebastian growls. “You little cunt.”

Tom doesn’t think his actions through, but later at night he’ll think about this moment and say he wouldn’t change anything. It happens just as fast as Sebastian had tried to tackle him earlier. Tom spits on Sebastian’s face angrily. Sebastian wipes it off his face slowly. He scoffs.

Sebastian pulls him forward then slams him into the door again. Tom pushes back yet again, and from there the two scuffle, hitting, punching, tripping, and grunting.

The three men watching sigh and Evans goes to help. However, both brothers stick their arms out to stop him. Evans looks at back and forth at them, but they’re mesmerized by the scuffle.

Evans directs his attention back to the other two. He sees Tom, tripping to the ground as he grabs Sebastian’s bulge through his jeans, bringing the older man down with him.

Sebastian flips Tom over underneath him and lies on top of him, trapping him.

While still pinning Tom to the ground, Sebastian shifts so he has his legs on top of Tom’s and his fist firmly pressed to his back. With the other hand, Sebastian makes the rash choice to pull Tom’s jeans down below his ass. With the same hand, he then pulls his own jeans and underwear below his throbbing cock.

Everyone is still for a moment. Tom has stopped thrashing and Liam and the two Chrises watch in awe.

Sebastian spreads Tom’s ass and spits several times onto his hole. He then guides the tip of his cock inside.

“I can only imagine,” Sebastian says filthily, “how many times you jerked your perverted cock to that video you took of us.”

“You don’t wanna know,” Tom shoots back, equally as filthy.

Sebastian smirks. “Now you’re gonna get the real thing.”

Tom squirms as Sebastian’s dry cock enters him. His face contorts in pain. He tries to take it without complaining.

Liam, however, notices and brings some lube to Sebastian, who promptly squirts a generous amount onto his cock and Tom’s ass. Sliding in the rest of the way is tight, but much more enjoyable for them both.

Evans and Hemsworth have their hands down each other’s pants. They squeeze each other’s cocks tightly, ever so slightly stroking them. Liam tries not to notice and instead touches his own dick, focusing on the sight in front of him.

Sebastian fucks into Tom without care. The weight of his body causes Tom to grunt, knocking the wind out of him each time. The younger man curls his toes and grasps at the floor as the older man acts relentlessly. Tom’s cock grinds harshly against the floor.

“Such a little slut,” Hemsworth says, almost admirably.

“God, it’s so…” Evans says, running his fingers through his friend’s pubes.

“Hot,” Hemsworth suggests.

“Necessary,” Evans states. Tom looks over at him, eyes dilated and mouth open, almost drooling. “Boys like him need to be put in their place.”

“Yeah,” Hemsworth agrees, equally as hypnotized. “We all need to fuck him like that.” He squeezes Evans’s cock. “But rougher.”

Evans nods.

Liam nods as well, before sliding a shaking hand down Evans’s pants to meet his brother’s hand. Hemsworth looks over for a moment and the two brothers share a hazy, mesmerized glance. Their fingers play with each other’s around Evans’s cock.

With his free hand, Evans traces his fingers under Liam’s shirt. He brings it up and shoves his fingers into Liam’s mouth, who instantly sucks on them.

“Fuck!” Tom yells. “Jesus.”

Sebastian, with his cock all the way inside Tom, continues to snap his hips, pushing the tip all over Tom’s walls. Sebastian’s ass bobs up and down as his cock is no longer visible.

“Harder, Seb,” Hemsworth commands loudly, but gently. Sebastian obliges and snaps his hips harder.

Liam removes his hand from Evans’s cock and walks towards the two other men. He drops his pants, gets down on his knees, lifts Tom’s head, and shoves his cock down the British boy’s throat. Liam holds him there tightly. They groan.

“Fucking slut,” Sebastian pants. “I should…” he trails off. He slams in several times. “If I did all the things to you that I want to do, I’d get arrested.”

Tom whines.

Liam holds him in place so that is cock is all the way down his throat, gagging him. Tom tries to move his hand under his body to jerk himself off, but Sebastian swats it away.

Since Sebastian is lying on top of Tom, his position makes it easy for him to push Tom’s head down, causing Liam’s dick to flop out of his mouth. Sebastian quickly takes it down his own throat, working himself towards the Australian’s pubes, while still fucking the Brit.

Just as he had done with Tom, Liam gags Sebastian on his overly-long dick. Tom pants into the floor as Sebastian continues to hold his head down firmly and pound his ass.

After Sebastian successfully reaches Liam’s pubes, he pulls off and situates himself more upright, squatting on his feet in a rather animalistic position. Liam puts his cock back down Tom’s throat and before anyone knows what’s happening, he leans over and kisses Sebastian.

They moan into each other’s mouths for several moments before the two unexpectedly cum. Sebastian unloads into Tom’s ass and Liam does the same down the boy’s throat. They continue to kiss sloppily. Hemsworth pulls Evans along to go upstairs by themselves. The other three don’t notice.

Tom stumbles to the couch after the two men inside him pull out. He passes out from exhaustion almost instantly. Sebastian and Liam pull each other in closer, their bodies pressed together, and continue kissing roughly.

They stand up and Sebastian pushes Liam against the fridge forcefully. He pulls back for a moment, and without thinking, he spits on Liam’s face. Liam spits back. Sebastian growls and puts his hand around Liam’s throat. They kiss again. Their cocks never went soft and are still leaking a few drops of cum as they grind into each other. They break the kiss. Liam spits on Sebastian again. Sebastian does the same. Liam bites at Sebastian’s lip, then shoves his fingers into his mouth so Sebastian gags.

As they stroke each other with their free hands, Liam glances to the side and sees Tom out cold on the couch, naked and on his stomach. He grabs the lube from the counter and slicks himself up. Then, he pulls Sebastian over to the couch.

Liam positions himself between Tom’s spread legs and pushes the tip of his cock into Tom’s nice and full ass. Slowly, he works himself all the way in. Sebastian strokes himself, watching in awe.

“Should I piss on him?” Sebastian asks.

Liam grunts, starting to thrust. “Not on the couch, mate. We’ll take him outside later and do that.”

“Wanna do some other things to him, too,” Sebastian adds.

“We’re gonna be doing a lot to him,” says Liam, picking up his pace. Tom starts to stir as Liam gets rougher. It’s going to be a long night for him.

Upstairs, Hemsworth pulls Evans by the hand gently into the bedroom.

Hemsworth pulls Evans on top of him as he lies down on the bed. They connect their lips. Roaming hands trace under each other’s shirts and scratch softly but firmly enough to make toes curl.

“Love your body,” Hemsworth says, pulling Evans’s shirt off. “So toned and gorgeous. Never wanna be without it.”

“Love yours, too,” Evans says back. “Makes me feel so good and happy all the time.”

“What I live for.”

Hemsworth lifts his torso up so Evans can slide his shirt off.

“God, these abs,” Evans grunts, rubbing them. “Don’t even know how many time I’ve cum all over them.”

Hemsworth laughs halfheartedly. “Wish I was hairy like you.” He runs his fingers through the large patches of hair.

“Really? I love how clean you are. Makes it so much easier to see those muscles,” Evans smiles.

Hemsworth pulls him in to kiss again. They grind their bodies together and swirl their tongues around the other.

They whine into each other’s mouths and tangle their fingers. They hold hands tight enough that their knuckles turn white

“Live for making you happy,” Hemsworth says, echoing his previous statement.

“God, I don’t deserve you,” Evans replies. Their tones are hushed and gentle.

Hemsworth slips his fingers away from Evans’s and slides his hands down to Evans’s waist. Then he hooks his fingers under the waistband of Evans’s jeans and underwear and slides them down to his ankles. Evans kicks them off before doing the same for Hemsworth. They resume kissing moments after.

Their cocks are rock hard and dripping precum. Their balls hang low and sweaty against each other, proportionately sized, fitting their big dicks.

Evans bites Hemsworth’s bottom lip and pulls back slightly. Hemsworth bucks and grinds upwards into him in response.

Then, Evans swings his legs around and positions himself so his ass is right on the Australian’s cock. He rocks his hips back and forth, grinding his ass downward. Cum leaks out of the younger man’s cock onto his abs.

Inching his way up along Hemsworth’s cock, Evans’s own dick reaches the other man’s mouth, who takes the tip in quickly.

“Ah,” Evans moans softly. He pushes his length farther into his lover’s mouth. Thrusting, he gently fucks Hemsworth’s mouth, who takes more and more each time.

Evans runs his fingers through Hemsworth’s hair, admiring the man sucking him off. “Yeah just like that,” he whispers.

Hemsworth places his hands on Evans’s ass and pushes them closer together, the older man’s cock gagging him. And then even closer and closer until Hemsworth has his nose buried in Evans’s musky pubic hair.

He coughs several times, until Evans backs away. He kneels upright, reaches back, and aims Hemsworth’s cock at his ass. He leans back until he feels the tip at his hole. They both moan.

Evans sits back so the tip slides in roughly; their faces both scrunch in discomfort.

“Wish we didn’t even need lube,” Evans whispers. “Obviously we’ll never use condoms, but damn, wish it could be totally raw, just us and nothing in between.”

“Me too, mate,” Hemsworth whispers back, running his hands all over Evans’s chest. 

They get Hemsworth’s cock in a little more before it becomes too painful. Evans goes for the lube. However, before he can apply any, Hemsworth takes it from him.

“I want you to be on top tonight,” he says, his tone still soft.

“Really?” Evans asks.

“Yeah, of course.”

Evans smiles and leans down into a kiss.  

“Love you,” Hemsworth whispers in between kisses and nipping at lips.

Evans exhales and kisses him deeper. He licks into his mouth, then kisses down his lips to his chin, then his neck. He bites around, leaving a few hickeys that will no doubt be hard to cover up. Evans is about to kiss farther down, but Hemsworth holds him in place.

“More,” he whines.

He doesn’t have to be told twice. Evans sucks on Hemsworth’s neck, biting and licking. Then he does it again on the other side. And again and again. He moves down and does it all over Hemsworth’s pecs, his chest, his arms, his abs, and down his legs. It’s wet and raw and immensely passionate. It’s too hard to see in just the moonlight coming in through the windows, but they’re sure the marks will show in the morning.

Evans finally kisses his way to Hemsworth’s ass. He flips Hemsworth on his back, then leans down, spreading his cheeks.

His tongue slides in easily and it’s intoxicating. The two men groan at the different feelings. Hemsworth arches his ass up for more of the warm wetness. Evans pushes his tongue in farther for the tightness. He pulls his friend’s cheeks apart more, shoving his face in so he can fuck him with his tongue. He swirls it around and pushes it in, licking around and tasting inside. He nips at the hole, too, biting it and the patch of hair around it. He spits on it, then licks it up when it drips down. He spits again, then shoves his face back in. His saliva gets mangled in his beard as he licks and spits over and over. Hemsworth pushes back, greedy and impatient. Evans slides his arm under Hemsworth’s legs and pulls him back, tightening any space between. He fucks his tongue in farther. Hemsworth’s toes curl. Evans’s beard is soaked in spit. He keeps licking inside.

“I can’t,” Hemsworth moans. “I… it—feels too good. I can’t—I’m gonna—”

With Evans’s tongue still buried in his ass, and without touching his dick at all, Hemsworth shoots all over the bed and himself, painting the already white sheets with layers and layers of cum.

Evans finally pulls away and grabs the lube. Hemsworth groans and rubs himself into the bed, still cumming. The American lubes up his cock, then the hole in front of him. He’s sliding in moments later.

“God!” Hemsworth yells. Evans keeps pushing in gently, but firmly.

“God of thunder,” Evans chuckles. “My god of thunder.”

“My American ass,” Hemsworth laughs back, grabbing Evans’s ass and bracing himself.

Evans pushes all the way in and lies on top of Hemsworth, kissing and nipping at his ear.

“How’s it feel?” he asks.

“So good. Wish I had you top sooner. Just… oh,” replies Hemsworth.

“Just what, babe?” Evans breathes.

“Just fuck me,” Hemsworth begs.

With that, Evans obliges. He fucks him, still lying on top of him, thrusting his cock, just moving his hips roughly. The beg shakes and squeaks. Their breathing is heavy as Evans’s body on Hemsworth’s.

Skin slaps together. Evans’s arm is tightly wrapped underneath Hemsworth’s chest. Hemsworth’s nails dig into the American man’s arm.

Evans thrusts and pushes all the way in until his back is too far arched to keep going. Hemsworth gasps and clenches. Evans stays there and shakes his body, thrusting in mini-movements. His grunts become rougher as he starts pushing in harshly and sporadically. Hemsworth whines and his knuckles turn white.

Hemsworth pushes back and Evans is close. He pulls out suddenly, his cock hard and drooping between his legs. It glistens with lube. Pulling Hemsworth up to his hands and knees, Evans lines his dick back up.

Not wasting time, he pushes all the way back into without stopping. Hemsworth lurches forward, but Evans’s arm is there to hold him in place. “Easy, baby,” Evans soothes. Once his overgrown pubes reach Hemsworth’s ass, he collapses onto the bottom’s back and resumes fucking him.

“God, yes,” Hemsworth hums.

“Yeah,” Evans agrees, fucking into him rapidly, his arms tightly around the younger man, his cock never going more than a few inches out before being buried again. “Love this,” he whispers. He fucks him like an animal. “Love humping you like this.”

He reaches and strokes Hemsworth’s long cock in an equally spastic pace as his thrusts.

“So close,” Evans pants.

“Please don’t stop. Don’t want this to end.”

“Don’t worry. Gonna fuck you all night.”

“Fuck. Thank you.”

“Gonna cum in you,” says Evans.


“Wanna see your face as I do it, though.”


They toss around until they’re in missionary, resuming their imminent build to their climax. Evans keeps fucking him.

“Come on, give it to me,” Hemsworth begs.

Evans, stroking Hemsworth’s cock, leans down and puts the tip in his mouth, sucking and just barely scraping his teeth. It sends shivers through Hemsworth’s body.

After not being able to hold back anymore, Evans buries his cock all the way inside Hemsworth and bobs far down on the cock in his mouth.

Moments later, both men are grunting, edging themselves until they can’t anymore. Evans pulls off Hemsworth’s cock as he feels the cum erupting. He cums inside his man at the same time. They yell in pleasure and curl their toes and scratch each other’s skin. They kiss as Evans fills Hemsworth up and Hemsworth sprays his load all over the both of them. They whine into each other’s mouths. Evans starts thrusting again as he cums.

“Fucking hell,” Hemsworth says into their kiss. Their cocks keep pumping cum and it drenches them both.

Evans’s phone lights up with a text from Robert saying he’ll be on his way as soon as he can be, but neither notice.

Instead, they tremble as their climaxes fade.

“I need you to do that again. Love the way you hump me like that,” Hemsworth says, kissing Evans.

Their erections never once soften throughout the night. For any of the men in the house.

The sex doesn’t stop until morning.

Chapter Text

Evans sat outside on the steps of his trailer, soaking up the sun. It was a hot day and sweat dripped down from his forehead as he swiftly jerked himself off. He was stark naked and the risk of being caught was sending him over the edge. Well, that and the picture of Sebastian he was masturbating to.

The picture was one he took when Sebastian was changing once. He only got Sebastian’s back and ass and the quality wasn’t great, but he found himself jerking off frequently to it. He loved how dirty it made him feel.

“Oh, fuck,” he moaned.

With that, he was cumming, drenching his phone and the ground.

Afterwards, he stood up and walked around the trailers, still horny and coming down from his orgasm. Upon hearing a door open, though, he scurried back into his trailer.

Then, he threw some boxer briefs on, a t-shirt, and a hat. He admired himself in the mirror as he wiped the cum off his phone.

His admiration was interrupted by the high-pitched ringing that signified a FaceTime call was coming through. He smiled upon seeing it was Tom.

“Hi Tommy,” he said after the sound signified the call was connected.

“Hey Daddy,” Tom said, smirking.

Evans scoffed, laughing. He looked over Tom through his screen and admired him. He was shirtless and had shaving cream in the shape of a beard.

“Shaving?” Evans asked.

“Yeah. Wanted to call you and see what you thought,” Ton replied.

“Well, you know I love a man with a beard or scruff,” Evans said, walking over and sitting on his couch.

“So, I should keep trying to grow it out?”

“I didn’t say that,” Evans laughed. “You know you’re the exception, baby. I love when you’re all shaved.”

“I think I forgot. Maybe you can remind me?” Tom smirked.

“You on set, babe?”


“You’re too fucking cute,” Evans smiled.

Tom blushed. “I love talking to you. Your voice is so warm.”

“I love talking to you too, angel,” Evans echoed. The two smiled at each other for a few moments, before Tom blushed more and looked away.

“Haven’t seen you in a few days,” Evans spoke back up.

“Wish I lived with you,” Tom said without thinking. As he realized what he said, he looked to the screen for Evans’s response. But he wasn’t fazed. Instead he agreed.

“What’s stopping you?”


“That would be really nice,” Evans soothed. “I’d have you all to myself. We could cuddle every night.”

“Yeah,” Tom sighed.

“I could do to you whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted,” Evans quietly added.

“Is that so?” Tom laughed.

Evans nodded seriously.

“Am I just a toy?”

“Absolutely,” Evans smirked. “Love throwing you around and being rough with you. Owning you. Making you my property.”

“Well then I’ll have to pass,” Tom said, looking at himself in his mirror.

“I’m kidding,” Evans said.

“Good. I need you to take care of me and be my daddy. Wanna be your boy,” Tom whined. He angled the camera down to his chest, then to his abs.

“You teasin’ me?” Evans said, feeling a twitch in his underwear. His precum left a visible wet spot.

“Mhm,” Tom replied. He set the phone down on his sink, giving Evans a view of him from the waist up. He pulled out a razor and went to work.

“God, I love that body.”

“Love yours too, Daddy. Can you show me it?”

“Maybe,” Evans chuckled.

“Come over to my trailer.”

“You’re not on set.”


“I can recognize your bathroom, Tom.”

“Oh, yeah,” Tom laughed, pulling the razor away from his face to wash it. “Take your shirt off, please, Chris,” Tom said, his laughing dying off.

“I don’t remember saying you could call me Chris,” Evans smiled back, laughing too.

“I can call you whatever you want. You’re whipped.”

Evans rolled his eyes.

“I saw that,” Tom said.


Tom set the razor down and backed up a few inches from his sink. Then, very slowly, he slid off his pajama pants. Evans’s breath hitched as he saw Tom’s constricting underwear that left nothing to the imagination.

Evans slid his hand into his underwear and started slowly stroking himself inside the fabric.

“You wanna come over, love?” Tom asked, running his hands over his body.

“Yeah, angel. Can I?” He was breathing heavy and his eyes never left Tom’s bulge.

“Tell me how much you love how young I am,” Tom said.

Evans swallowed. “You know how much I love it, baby. You know how much I love the age difference between us. How I get off on how young you are.”

Tom pulled his briefs down to reveal his overgrown pubic hair. Evans slid his own underwear down to his ankles and started stroking fully and quickly.

“Keep going,” Tom demanded.

“Please, Tommy,” Evans said, shaking from how fast he was jerking himself.

“I’ll let you shave me down here,” Tom said, playing with his pubes, “if you keep going.”

Evans whined and groaned. “Wish I got to you when you just turned 18. You know that.” His face contorted and his body twitched. “I know how wrong it sounds… and I would never have,” he panted, losing his breath. Tom watched in awe, smirking at how Evans completely crumbled for him. “Would never do anything with anyone younger than legal age.”

“Fuck,” Tom said, rubbing himself. “Would’ve let you do whatever you wanted to me at 17… 16…” he trailed off.

“Stop,” Evans whined, closing his eyes tight. “I would never.” He kept jerking off.

“Love how perverted you are,” Tom said. “Want me to fuck you?”

Evans groaned loudly.

“Answer me, Chris,” Tom repeated sternly. “Want this little boy to fuck you?”

“God,” Evans whined. “Yes!”

“Show me your cock and cum for me right now,” Tom said in the same stern tone. “All over yourself.”

Evans pulled the phone away from him, angled his cock upwards, and a few strokes later he was cumming all over his shirt, hat, and face. An obscene amount of cum painted his face, tangling in his beard and covering his cheeks, eyebrows, forehead, nose. Everything.

“Such a dirty pervert,” Tom said as Evans’s cock still shot. “Getting off on the thought of fucking an underage boy.”

“Tom, stop,” Evans panted, still stroking himself slightly. “You know it’s all talk. You just do things to me.”

“Mhm,” Tom said. “Come over, but don’t clean up. Wanna lick that off of you.”

“Will be right over, my love.”

“See you soon,” Tom smiled.

“Can’t wait to shave you. Pubes, chest, maybe even armpits,” Evans smirked.

“God, Chris. Just come over already, please,” Tom begged, touching himself.

“How am I gonna get into the hotel without being seen like this?” Evans asked.

“Figure it out!” Tom said. “Bye! Love you, Daddy!”

With that, Tom hung up. Evans caught his breath then snapped out of his funk and hurried to Tom’s hotel.

Evans sighs currently in the Hemsworth household, thinking of his memory as he takes his hand out of a drying puddle of cum on the kitchen island.

“He won’t stop cumming on literally everything,” Evans says. “And he doesn’t clean it up.”

“I know,” Hemsworth replies.

There’s a few moments of silence before Evans replies, “I like it.”

Hemsworth grins. “Me too. But he needs to be—” He cuts himself off upon seeing Tom walk into the kitchen.

He’s completely naked. As he has been since Sebastian fucked him yesterday.

“Good morning, Daddy,” Tom says, walking over to Evans, pressing his cock into Evans’s leg and standing on his tiptoes in search of a kiss.

Evans looks to Hemsworth who nods.

Evans kisses Tom, pulling him close, tongues visibly licking into each other's mouths. Hemsworth watches as his boy passionately makes out with another guy. The three men's cocks twitch.

After they break the kiss, Tom rests his head on Evans’s chest and runs his hands under the older man’s shirt along his chest and abs. Evans places his hand on Tom’s ass.

“Are you going to put on clothes anytime soon?” Hemsworth asks.

“No way,” Tom says. “Never putting clothes on again. I wanna see how far I can get you guys to go.”

“What?” asks Evans.

“I just wanna see how many things I can get you guys to do to me if I’m naked,” he says.

“Do to you?” Evans asks.

Tom smirks, “There’s a… fantasy… that I’ve always wanted to try.”

Evans and Hemsworth exchange glances to make sure they’re interpreting that statement correctly.

“Mate,” Hemsworth says, “you’re in the wrong house for that.”

“I don’t think I am,” Tom laughs.

He pulls himself up onto the counter, sitting where his puddle of cum was drying. His dick and balls rest on the cool surface between his legs, his foreskin scrunched up and hiding his cockhead. Evans can’t take his eyes off it.

Hemsworth clears his throat. Evans looks up at Tom, who’s smirking. Then to Hemsworth who raises his eyebrows.

“I’m going to shower,” the Australian says.

Tom chuckles, hops off the counter, and disappears back upstairs. Hemsworth shakes his head.

“Wanna join me?” he asks.

“I was planning to use the gym for a bit. I’ve been slacking,” Evans replies. “Maybe a bath together later.”

“Would love that,” Hemsworth smiles. He gives Evans a quick kiss before heading upstairs. Evans looks down and just now notices his obscene bulge.

He sighs and laughs, before making his way to the gym on the other side of the house. It’s quiet. He’s not sure where Liam and Sebastian are.

He rids himself of his shirt and runs his fingers over his chest and the hair that covers it. He rubs his nipples, getting them hard before sliding his shorts off.

His cock, still hard has completely fallen out of his underwear that has multiple wet patches from precum, sweet, and piss and cum that leaked out of his ass. Hemsworth keeps giving him smaller and smaller briefs to fit it into and well, he doesn’t. He strips those off too.

Completely naked, he starts exercising. His boner doesn’t go away until after his workout when he jerks off and cums all over the equipment. Where he was sitting was already drenched in his musky sweat, his cum just adds another layer of wetness.

He decides he'll be done only after he's soaked everything he can in piss. Aiming his cock, he drenches the exercise machines, the ground, his clothes, the windows, and his entire body from hair to toe. He cuts his stream off just to put his underwear on and sits at one of the machines. His briefs soak up the piss and he rubs his clothed dick. He resumes pissing, saturating his underwear. The stream leaks out everywhere. He closes his eyes and moans from how wet he is.

Outside by the pool, Liam looks out at the view of the ocean. He has bags under his eyes and his cheeks are stained with tears he was too lazy to wipe away. He clenches his fist and closes his eyes.

“Hey,” a voice from behind says. “You good?”

He sighs. “Yeah. I’m good, Seb.”

“That was convincing,” Sebastian scoffs playfully.

Liam turns around and sighs again, much heavier this time.

“I know,” Sebastian sighs back.

“It’s just so annoying,” says Liam, his knuckles turn white.

“Annoying is an interesting word.”



Liam hesitates and unclenches his fists before saying, “Hurtful.”


“You seemed chummy with Evans the other day,” Liam states.

Sebastian sighs. “I think that’s a little more complicated than your situation.”

“Excuse me?”

“I didn’t mean it to be rude.” Sebastian sits on a lounge chair and Liam follows suit, sitting across from him. “I just mean that you and Hemmy were in love and he essentially cheated on you. With me and Chris… I was a douche. There were problems on both ends and I don’t even know if we were really in love with each other. I don’t know.”

Liam nods. “Well there were problems on both ends with us too.”

“Yeah,” Sebastian nods back. “Wait. What happened with the picture you posted?”

Liam groans and puts his head in his hands.

“Oh, sorry,” Sebastian says.

“Chris and I came up with a lie and said it was a joke and photoshopped. We said it was to cause controversy and to get attention for our current projects to preserve the oceans and to help with the Amazon fires.”

“Wow,” Sebastian laughs. “I kinda buy it.”

“It’s all so stupid. God,” Liam growls, clenching his fists again.

“Sorry,” Sebastian apologizes again.

“I feel so stupid for believing him all those years. And I feel so stupid for posting that photo like I was having a temper tantrum or something. God!” he yells. “12 fucking years!”

“God, dude, I’m sorry,” the American says, shaking his head with sympathy.

“Stop apologizing!” the Australian yells.

“Hey! Listen, I’m just trying to listen and help,” Sebastian snaps.

“Well, you don’t need to apologize every second.”

“Dude, I think you’re misplacing your anger.” Sebastian clenches his fists too.

The two face each other, their nails digging into their palms, their jaws clenched. Then Liam snaps.

He launches himself over at Sebastian and kisses him. Sebastian kisses back.

Liam puts his hands under Sebastian’s shirt and claws down his torso. Sebastian’s toes curl and he moans into their kiss. He does the same to Liam’s back.

Pushing Sebastian down on his back against the chair, Liam climbs on top of him in between his legs. He grinds his bulge down into his friend’s who grinds back.

Sebastian pushes him back to the other way, so Liam falls backwards and is now on the bottom. Sebastian does the same and grinds his cock into Liam’s.

Again, Liam tries to regain control, but neither are keen on giving up topping. The push each other and grab each other and eventually fall off the chair, continuing to fight and roll around on the ground.

Sebastian rips Liam’s shirt. Liam pulls Sebastian’s shorts off. Sebastian grabs Liam by the throat and squeezes slightly. They make eye contact and Liam bites his lip. Sebastian squeezes harder.

Liam pulls his pants and underwear off. His cock springs free. Sebastian kisses him again and pulls off his own underwear with one hand, keeping the other on Liam’s throat. He docks their hard cocks for a moment, rubbing their tips together under their foreskin. Precum drips out, getting their cocks wet. He squeezes harder until Liam gasps.

Then, Sebastian shifts upwards and plows his cock fully into Liam’s mouth. With Liam’s back on the ground, Sebastian planks over top of him and starts snapping his hips, fucking his mouth as if he were fucking his ass. Liam strokes himself at the same pace, gagging and choking.

“Yeah,” Sebastian grunts, “get it nice and wet so I can fuck you. Not using lube.”

He shoves his cock all the way in, Liam’s nose in his pubes, and Liam gags, curling his back, trying to move. Sebastian holds him in place.

“Come on,” Sebastian says, “You’ve taken your brother’s monster dick. You can take mine.”

Liam swallows and stops fighting for a moment. He starts sucking again, holding it all in his mouth.

“Yeah, I know you want it,” Sebastian laughs.

Liam slides his hands up Sebastian’s legs to his ass. His fingers stretch his cheeks apart and he shoves a finger inside.

Sebastian reacts quickly and hops off. “Woah. Not happening.”

Liam grabs Sebastian, sits on the longue chair, and hauls the American over his lap. Before Sebastian knows what’s happening, he feels Liam’s open palm on his ass.

“What the—”

Another slap.

“Such a bad boy, mate,” Liam breathes shakily.

Another slap.

Sebastian squirms in his lap. Liam reaches under him and grabs his hard cock by the base, under his balls, to hold him in place. With his free hand, he continues to spank the older man.

“Bad fucking boy,” Liam repeats.

Another slap. Harder.

“Liam,” Sebastian moans.

Another slap. Even harder.

“Call me sir.”

“Sir, please,” Sebastian corrects immediately.

“Please what?”

Another slap. Harder yet again.

“Please stop.”

Liam ignores him and continues spanking him. The slaps get harder and harder and harder.

“You need to learn to treat me with respect,” Liam spits. He’s not sure what he even means.

“Yes, Sir. I will, Sir.”

After several more full-force slaps, leaving aggressively red marks on Sebastian’s ass, Liam finally lets up. He then sucks on his fingers and wastes no time inserting them into Sebastian’s hole.

Sebastian’s breath hitches.

Stretching his fingers, he feels Sebastian’s hole loosen up. He adds two more.

“Please, Sir. I need more.”

“Yeah. I know. Fucking slut,” he says, shoving his fingers all the way in. “Your cunt needs everything I can give it.” He squeezes the base of Sebastian’s cock tightly before letting go.

Liam pulls his fingers out and spreads his legs. Sebastian gets in between them, on his knees, and takes Liam’s cock in his mouth.

“Come on,” says Liam, watching Sebastian only get halfway down his cock. “You think you’re gonna gag me and not get the same?”

Liam pushes Sebastian’s head farther and farther down, listening to the older man choke.

“You’ve taken my brother, you can take me,” Liam mocks Sebastian’s words. He then spits on Sebastian’s face, lets it drip down, then does it again. And again. And again.

He pushes Sebastian into his pubes, then with his free hand, pinches Sebastian’s nose closed. He bucks his hips a couple times while Sebastian struggles to breathe.

After he finally lets up, Sebastian backs away coughing. Liam pulls him over next to the pool, pushes him down onto his back, lifts his legs, and smirks when he sees how Sebastian's ass is already leaking, needing to get fucked.

"So fucking wet," Liam laughs, spitting on Sebastian's hole before he slides his spit-soaked cock inside.

Liam’s foreskin slides back and he pushes inside farther and farther, stretching Sebastian’s walls.

“God, Sir,” Sebastian pants.

Liam thrusts in and begins fucking.

“Touch yourself, cunt,” Liam spits, literally.

With each thrust, he fucks his cock in more and more until he’s finally up to the base. Sebastian sporadically strokes his cock.

“Haven’t taken a cock in a while,” Sebastian whines.

“Did I say you could speak?” The thrusts get faster.

“Please, Liam. I mean—”

Liam doesn’t realize what he does next until after his open palm has finished grazing Sebastian’s cheek.

“Fuck!” Liam yells, his toes curling as he pushes all the way in.

“Do it again,” Sebastian says, darkly.

It’s not something Liam needs to be told a second time. He raises his arm, open palm, then brings it down again on Sebastian’s cheek.

“Fuck!” they both yell. Liam fucks himself deeper and deeper, pulls out, then goes in again and again. His hips grind and roll vigorously.

Liam slaps him again, harder this time with no warning. Sebastian strokes himself faster.

“Close,” Sebastian pants.

With his hand, Liam covers Sebastian’s mouth firmly and leans down so their chests are pressed together.

“Don’t wanna hear your fucking voice,” Liam says into Sebastian’s ear, grunting and humping. The friction between their bodies has Sebastian’s cock ready to blow. He moans and drools into Liam’s hand. “Fucking cunt boy.”

With a few more thrusts, Sebastian shoots his load between their bodies. Stretching his legs, curling his toes, his eyes roll back. He clenches his ass and scratches down Liam’s back violently.

“God you fucking cunt,” Liam growls before arching his back, pushing all the way in, and cumming inside Sebastian. His cock and balls pulse rapidly as he fills his bottom.

Sebastian whines into Liam’s hand, which is still firmly over his mouth. The two empty themselves, cumming covering and filling the older man.

The streams die down and just as quickly as Liam’s stops, another stream starts up. Sebastian feels a more liquid, powerful warmth inside him. Sebastian’s eyes widen and he goes to say something, but Liam holds his hand in place. He tries to push himself farther inside as he fills the man with piss.

“Never really experimented too much with piss,” Liam groans, “but I’m gonna do whatever I want to you, so…” The piss goes deep and mixes with his cum. It tries to leak out, surrounding Liam’s cock, making a great lube. “Feels so good.”

Liam pants and bites down on Sebastian’s neck as he starts humping again. His piss hasn’t even died off yet.

“I’m still hard,” Liam says. “We’re gonna stay out her ‘til I’m not.”

Sebastian’s cock twitches. Liam slaps him as hard as he can.

Eventually, they roll over into the pool. Piss and cum drift and mix with the water. Sebastian can’t help but let go and piss. It's all so wet. Liam doesn’t stop fucking him.

Elsewhere, in the shower, Hemsworth lathers himself in body wash. His hair is wet and slicked back. His cock is soft and hangs low. He thinks about his brother and Evans and what a mess it really is. He represses the guilt as he hears the bathroom door open.

He looks up and sees Tom, still naked of course, approaching the shower.

“Uh,” Hemsworth says as Tom opens the shower door and steps in. “What’re you doing, mate?”

“Just wanted to see you naked,” Tom smiles. “And wow.” He looks over the Australian from head to toe. “There’s really no exaggerating with you.”

Tom feels small in comparison. He knows he has a nice body, but he also knows, standing next to a literal god who’s as tall, full, and ripped as Hemsworth, he looks small.

Hemsworth watches Tom’s cock go from soft to hard in seconds. It stands straight up. “Uh,” he repeats.

“Listen,” Tom says. “I’m not gonna get out. I always get what I want and right now I want to shower with you.”

“Uh-huh,” Hemsworth replies. “Well—”

Tom interrupts him. “Does it always hang that low?” he asks, grabbing Hemsworth’s soaped up cock and lifting it. “It’s a monster, holy shit. And those balls are huge, too.”

“Yeah, well, I’m more of a shower than a grower,” the Australian laughs uncomfortably.

Tom strokes it with one hand, and cups the man’s balls with the other. His fingers run down underneath Hemsworth’s foreskin.

“I can feel how hard you’re getting,” Tom laughs. “Is it just gonna hang low or stand up like mine?”

“No, it’s gonna hang down. It’s too big to stand up like yours,” Hemsworth smirks.

“Well,” Tom says, moving his hands to his own cock and balls, “it’s not like mine is small.”

“Nah,” Hemsworth agrees, “mine’s just bigger.” His smirk grows.

Tom clenches his teeth. “Well, at least I can grow a thick patch of pubic hair,” he says, nodding to the Australian’s dirty-blond pubes. Tom runs his hand through his own, full, dark-brown pubes.

“At least I don’t shave my chest,” Hemsworth says back, nodding to Tom’s obviously shaved torso.

“At least I have hair to shave on my chest,” Tom snaps back.

Hemsworth lets out a laugh. “Easy to rile. Noted,” he says.

Tom rolls his eyes and grabs the soap. “Can you?” he asks, handing it to the older man.

Hemsworth takes the soap from him and Tom turns around. He starts with Tom’s back, rubbing the bar over his shoulder blades and down to just above his ass. He warps an arm around Tom and pulls him back so Tom can feel his dick on his ass. He plays with Tom’s foreskin lightly.

Then, he squats down and runs the soap over Tom’s legs, from his feet to just below his ass. Tom whines.

Hemsworth stands back up and turns Tom around. Their cocks rub together as Hemsworth rubs the soap all over Tom’s clean chest. He raises the younger man’s arms and doesn’t hesitate to lean in and lick at the hairs.

Tom whines and clings to Hemsworth’s back, pushing their cocks harder together. The older man sucks on his armpit hairs before soaping them up and doing the same to the other side, then his arms too.

After that, all that’s left is Tom’s ass and dick. Hemsworth reaches down and soaps up the British boy’s erection and his pubes and balls. With the other hand, he strokes Tom slowly.

Still whining, Tom rests his head on Hemsworth’s chest as he gets stroked. He then kisses his way to Hemsworth’s neck and bites down, sucking on the skin.

Hemsworth lets out a breathy moan and squeeze hard on Tom’s cock. Tom bites harder.

Hemsworth then drops the bar of soap on the ground. Tom lets off and the two look at each other.

“Oops,” Hemsworth says. “Could you grab that for me?”

Tom nods.

He turns around and bends over to pick up the soap. Slowly.

Hemsworth shoves a couple fingers in to Tom’s ass quickly.

“Oh,” Tom moans. “Please.”

“Mm,” Hemsworth groans mischievously.

The Australian squats down and begins to fuck Tom with his fingers. He goes slowly. Doesn’t add another finger until he feels Tom get loose. With three in, Tom rocks his ass back and forth around Hemsworth’s fingers. With four, Tom can feel the older man’s fingers hitting all his favorite spots. His bladder too. He stops himself from pissing on the spot. Hemsworth squeezes his thumb in and shoves all five fingers as far in as he can.

“Oh, fuck!” Tom cries.

With that, Hemsworth removes his fingers and replaces it slowly with his cock. It goes in pretty easily. Tom’s loose and Hemsworth’s impatient. He fucks in and with every thrust, his cock reaches farther. He picks up his pace.

Only after Hemsworth starts fucking—one hand on Tom’s shoulder and the other on his ass, Tom panting and pressing his palms into the glass—do they hear the bathroom door open. The both turn and look; Evans walks in, eyes widening at the sight. Hemsworth can see some hurt in those eyes. He doesn’t stop thrusting.

Tom can barely open his eyes, but he looks at Evans smirking in euphoria. Hemsworth can’t stop himself. It feels too good.

“Ah!” Tom yelps. Evans’s breath hitches as he sees Tom’s cock letting loose a stream of piss against Tom’s efforts to stop it.

“Mm,” Hemsworth groans deeply, loving the smell and sound.

“They’re here,” Evans says, clearing his throat.

“Uh-huh,” Hemsworth says, pounding into Tom so that Evans can hear their skin slapping. “Be down in a second.”

Evans nods and goes to the stairs, his mind processing a thousand thoughts per second. His initial reaction is to freak out, how could he do this to me? But he also thinks, maybe it’s not bad because we’re not exclusive and I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same. And then his mind goes to: Jesus Christ I wanted to join in so badly.

He braces himself on the railing as he walks down the stairs, wondering if this is what Sebastian thought the other day. He goes slowly and eventually hears footsteps hurriedly following him.

“Mate,” he hears from behind him. He turns and sees Hemsworth barely dried off and stumbling to put on clothes while walking down the stairs. “I’m sorry. That was bad. I-I-I didn’t mean it. I stopped, I didn’t cum in him.”

“Can we talk about this later? The guys are here,” Evans says. His tone is hushed and flat.

“Yeah, sure, I’m sorry. Please just don’t be mad. I—wait the guys?” Hemsworth says.


Evans and Hemsworth walk down the stairs and meet Liam and Sebastian by the door. Hemsworth turns and see Robert has finally arrived. However, two more heads are with him.

Mackie and Pratt stand behind Robert, looking jet-lagged and confused.

“Hi guys,” Hemsworth says. “What, uh, are you two doing here?”

Mackie goes to speak, but before he can, Tom bounds down the stairs and approaches, completely naked and still hard.

“Yeah,” Mackie states bluntly, as if that were the answer to the question. Evans swallows. His cock throbs. His underwear is wet and dripping piss.

“We wanted to know what the hell is going on in this house.”