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The 3,000 Year Promise (Meliodas x Reader)

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The sun clashed against the cool marble floors of the palace, but it didn't do anything to help the chill temperature of the hallway. The click of your boots was the only noise that sounded as you stalked gracefully down the empty corridor, the tails of your black coat flying behind you and rippling with each step. With each step that you took, the muffled sounds of grunts and clangs of fighting of the soldiers got louder, but you weren't planning on joining them for their afternoon session.

No, you were looking for a certain blonde-haired demon that had suddenly fled from the kingdom early this morning and hadn't shown any signs of returning. It wasn't like him to leave for long amounts of time like this. He would have told you where he was going before he left. He always had. Your eyes narrowed as you beheld the giant training field, stepping into the warm spring air. All the soldiers were slick with sweat, their breathing labored as they constantly clashed their weapons together.

As your eyes searched through the throng of fighting soldiers, you spotted the familiar raven-haired demon prince on the far side of the field, his lip curled back as he looked at the soldiers. You gave the soldiers a wide berth, the fresh grass crunching under your boots as you made your way over. "What do you want?" Zeldris grunted as you stopped beside him. Your eyes followed his, landing on a pair of younger warriors who were clashing together on the opposite edge of the field.

They were exhausted, you could tell. Their hands were shaking terribly as they clenched tightly around the hilt of the blades, and you wondered if they were going to drop their swords from the heat or just plain exhaustion from training. "Do you know where Meliodas is?" you finally asked after a few moments, your eyes still trained on the younger warriors. "You think I know? I've been out here for 3 damn hours, watching these idiots fight. I haven't seen him since this morning," he said coldly, his eyes flickering to you.

You internally winced, toying with the black diamond ring on your finger. He wasn't angry at you, it was the fact that he had to stand and stare at the soldiers for hours on end in the heat of the day. You couldn't blame him. Zeldris' eyes softened slightly, and his eyes looked to the ring. "It's not like him to be gone this long. I've tried the mating bond, and he won't respond. He always responds, no matter what," you whispered, feeling fear prickle in your gut. You couldn't help it. He was your fiancé after all, and you were always worried about his safety when he left the castle. You were his equal.

"I haven't seen him, but if I do spot him, I'll tell him you were looking for him," he said crossing his arms over his chest. His eyes flickered over to the younger warriors again, and you noticed that one of them had collapsed on the ground. "Get up! This isn't the time for rest! Keep going!" he shouted over the clashing of the other soldiers. "They're not even close to ready," you growled under your breath.

Zeldris clicked his tongue in disapproval, letting out a deep sigh. "They're younger than the average soldier who comes to train. They can't keep up with the pace that I've set for them. They've still got another hour to go," the raven-haired demon grunted. You turned around, feeling your magic spread behind you, converging into wings of darkness. "Thanks anyways, Zeldris," you said in a dejected tone. He simply grunted as he started stalking over to the young warrior who was still on the ground, his chest rising and falling rapidly.

Conversation over.

You crouched down for a few seconds, and bounded off the grassy plain into the cloudless sky, leaving the warriors. There was no response, only silence on the other end of your mating bond, and you fought the urge to snarl. Meliodas had been gone for 6 hours, and there was no sign of your fiancé anywhere in the palace. Nobody in the damned palace seemed to know where he was. You would have to look for him yourself.

Your wings flapped slowly behind you, keeping you airborne as you closed your eyes and felt for that special tug, blocking out all noises around you, and just focusing on finding Meliodas. The warm, gentle tug on the bond was your only signal, but it was enough. Your eyes snapped open, and you surged forward with the giant onyx wings guiding you towards your destination. Your eyes narrowed as you recognized the changing landscape beneath you from sweeping plains to a dark, dense forest. The Goddess Clan was sheltered in these woods, but why was Meliodas here of all places? It didn't make any sense.

Your hand subconsciously rested against the sword resting against your hip. You would have to be careful and wary of your surroundings from now on. It would be hard to spot the leader of the Ten Commandments from the sky, so you had to go on foot. You growled under your breath and swooped down to the forest, your boots gently setting down on the moss and grass of the forest.

It was eerily quiet, with the only sounds being the chirps of small birds in the tree branches high above your head. You focused on the bond and let it guide you to where your fiancé was. It wasn't easy traveling through enemy territory all alone, and you unsheathed your sword, letting it rest in your grasp at your side as you wandered through the woods. Every twig that snapped or every sudden sound made you whirl around, your sword at the ready.
If you'd known you were going so deep into enemy territory, you might have brought one or two of the Ten Commandments to escort you through just in case you were ambushed by the Goddesses. The bond was getting stronger with each minute that you progressed in the woods. You paused as a gentle voice wove through the air, the hair bristling on your arms. This was a Goddesses power that you were feeling, and it was only slightly weaker than Meliodas' power, but still pretty damn powerful.

You took a silent breath, calming your racing heart as you crept towards the light voice, your hand gripping the sword in a death-grip, your knuckles turning white. You soon came to a small clearing, the bright sun shining down on the fresh grass of spring. You eyes immediately landed on a silver-haired Goddess, her white, feathery wings draped behind her like a bridal veil. She seemed utterly relaxed and content as she leaned against a tree. Your eyes landed on the figure beside her, and your blood ran cold.

It was Meliodas! He had her head in his lap, a lazy smile on his face as his onyx eyes stared at her, completely oblivious to you watching him from a few feet away. His giant broadsword laid at his side, the metal shining like it was polished just a few minutes ago. The Godess opened an eye, and stared right at you. "I can sense you, Demon. Come out," she purred in a sickly sweet voice that made you want to vomit.

You paused, unsure of what to do. Stay here and hide, or face the Godess head-on. You chose the latter, and you stepped out of the shadows of the forest, the sunlight glaring directly in your eyes. The goddesses' eyes widened as she recognized you. "(Y/N), the general of the Demon Army. It's an honor to be graced by your presence," the goddess snickered, bowing in fake respect. You looked to Meliodas, who hadn't acknowledged the fact that you were standing in front of him. It was almost like he was under a spell.

"What did you do to him?" you asked in a cold tone. This wasn't like Meliodas at all! He hated the goddesses with a burning passion, and would never think to be in love with one. "I didn't do anything to him," she replied sweetly. She was playing dumb. Like you were that naïve to not see through her trick. You huffed a breath and leaned against a tree, crossing your arms on your chest. Your sword was still in your grasp, and it wouldn't take much time to slice her head clean off.

"I'm not that stupid. I can see through your little trick, Goddess. I've been with Meliodas since we were children, and we know everything about each other. He wouldn't hesitate to kill you if he so much as looked at you. What spell did you place on him?" You were done playing these dumb games, even if it wasn't a very long game. You had better things to do that waste your time fighting a lovesick Goddess. You stepped back as a flash of white caught your eye, and the Goddess swung at thin air.

You gripped the sword in your hand, and took the opportunity to strike back at her. She cried out as you struck her side, sending her tumbling into a tree, leaves and tiny sticks showering down from above. "You really think you can beat me? I'm the commander of the Demon Army, trained by Meliodas himself for years. It took me 10 long years to get to where I am now, and I tower above the rest of my comrades," you sneered as the Goddess stood up, her narrow eyes focused on you.

"You filthy Demon! You don't deserve someone like Meliodas, only I do," she snarled. "Have you forgotten that Meliodas is a Demon as well? He hates Goddesses! I just said that too," you cried out, exasperated as you launched yourself at her once more. She dodged it with ease, spinning around the attack and swinging at your exposed back. You hissed in pain as the blade dug into your back, cutting open your jacket and skin beneath.

Your black blood sprayed the air as you stumbled on the grass. You whirled around and blocked another attack as she struck at you again, ignoring the pain in your back. You Demon healing would fix it instantly, so you didn't need to worry. "I thought I would have more of a challenge," the Goddess taunted as she prepared for an attack. In a split second, you surged forwards and sliced at her once more, this time hitting your target. The sharp blade sliced through her shoulder, and she let out a loud cry of pain.

"You bitch!" she screamed, turning around and hitting the blade out of your hands. It went skittering across the forest floor, and you ran to snatch it up. The Goddess grabbed ahold of the back of your long jacket and yanked you back, keeping you from reaching your target. "Let go of me!" you snarled, whipping your head around to glare at her. You could feel your demonic power rising up beneath your skin, and it felt good!

Before you could attack her, she swung at you again and sent you reeling into a tree, knocking the breath from your lungs. You gasped as you fought for your much-needed air, completely ignoring the fact that the Goddess was wandering towards you, her hand enclosed in an Arc. "I expected a much better fight than this, (Y/N). And to think that you were called the general of the armies," she sneered as she towered above you.

She raised her hand, ready to strike. You closed your eyes, shaking violently. "Meliodas!" you cried out. A startled gasp from the Goddess was your only sign, before a giant crash was heard, and a cold voice spoke out to you. "Are you all right?" Your eyes snapped open to see the familiar white coat of Meliodas, his Giant Broadsword at the ready. "M-Meliodas! How did you escape from the spell?" you asked incredulously.

"You did it. You just had to lead her away from me for just a few minutes, and the curse wore off on me," he said, holding his empty hand out to you. You grasped it gently and allowed him to pull you up on your feet. His dark eyes flickered to you, and his hand traced down your back where the Goddess made the wound. A dark growl rumbled from his chest. "She got the better of me," you whispered, looking away in shame. He huffed a laugh and stared back at where the Goddess was getting up.

"Goddess Elizabeth, why did you cast the spell on me?" Elizabeth?! Your eyes widened as you recognized the name of the princess of the Goddess Clan. Elizabeth panted for breath as she stared at him, her lip curling back in hatred. At you. "I want you to be mine, Meliodas! I love you, and I will do whatever it takes to make you mine! This bitch of a general doesn't deserve your love." You winced at her harsh words, but felt Meliodas' hand caress the side of your body in a soothing manner.

he soothed gently in the bond. You watched behind Meliodas' back as she got prepared to attack again. Before she could attack, a giant boom rattled through the air, and two powerful auras surrounded the field. It was the Demon King and the Supreme Deity! You were in some deep shit now. Melidoas' onyx eyes narrowed as he beheld his father, and Elizabeth beheld her mother. "Why did you do this, my son?" the Demon King growled, his dark figure looming up. Meliodas didn't seem nervous.

"Father," he growled. You swallowed deeply, and started to lower yourself on your knees in a respectful manner. Meliodas' hand shot out, stopping you from dropping completely to your knees. "I didn't willingly do this, father. The Goddess cast a spell on me and made me fall in love with her. If general (Y/N) hadn't arrived, I don't know what would have become of me," Meliodas explained. "It's the truth, your Majesty," you said in what you hoped was a confident voice. "I don't care what happened. You have betrayed me, Meliodas. You have betrayed the entirety of the Demon Race by doing this!" the Demon King roared.

The Supreme Deity didn't speak, she just stared at her daughter. you whimpered in the bond, clenching your fingers in the crisp, white fabric of Meliodas' coat. After a few tense seconds, both rulers seemed to make up their mind, and raised a hand. "Watch out!" Meliodas roared, spinning around and covering his body with yours in a protective manner. A giant wave of magical power cascaded through the forest, and you shrieked in pain and fear as you were thrown several feet away, Meliodas clutching onto you as if his life depended on it.
You groaned as you awoke, your head sprouting a massive headache. Your eyes fluttered open, and you panicked and looked at your fiancé, who was lying prostrate on the ground. "Meliodas!" you cried out, shaking him. He groaned and opened his eyes, an emerald green showing instead of the onyx that you were so used to seeing. His demonic mark was gone from his face as well, and his head snapped up as he recognized you.

"(Y/N)!" In an instant, his arms were wrapped around you in a tight hold, and you let yourself break down as your arms wrapped around his now-bare torso. You held each other for what seemed like forever, just blessing the gods that both of you were alive. You glanced at Elizabeth. She was dead. "Are you hurt?" he asked as he pulled away, his fingers gently cupping under your chin. You gave him a gentle smile. "I'm fine. Not hurt at all," you replied, placing a gentle kiss to his lips.

He moaned and pressed back for a few moments, savoring the kiss, then pulled away. "How long have we been out?" he asked, looking around at once was the land of the Goddesses. The trees were eradicated, giving way to a dead plain. "I don't know, but it's not safe out here," he said as he helped you up. Together, you and your fiancé walked across the plain, your swords destroyed after the attack, looking for shelter.

Meliodas was tense with every step that you took, looking around everywhere for any signs of danger. A drop of water landed on your head, and you grumbled as you looked up at the clouds that were covering the blue sky. Meliodas groaned as well, and together you hurried across to the forest in the distance. The rain started coming down in sheets as you hurried in the woods. The leaves didn't help much against the rain, unfortunately.

A cave jutted out, and you took no time in hurrying inside. Meliodas glanced at you, his emerald eyes flickering up to meet yours. "Get some rest, (Y/N)," he whispered. You sighed and leaned against Meliodas as he looked out into the rain-filled forest. His arm wrapped around you in a soothing hold. His immense power filled the cave as his demonic mark appeared on his forehead. His voice was a deep snarl as he spoke to you.

"I will never abandon you, no matter how many of them I fall in love with. You are the only one I love, and together, we will figure a way out to break this curse placed on us. I promise."

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The morning sun shone directly in your face through the window to your right. You moaned lowly and flipped yourself over, burying your face in the pillow. A pair of soft lips gently kissed the back of your neck, while a hand rubbed against your ribs.  You let out a small sigh, but didn't remove your face from the pillow, you just let him continue with his work. He peppered soft  kisses all around your neck, making his way down to your back. "Good morning, (Y/N)," he purred in your ear, nibbling it gently. 

"Good morning to you too," you mumbled as you flipped back over to look at the emerald eyes of Meliodas. His face was carefree as he towered over your, clad in his loose white nightshirt and boxers.  He gave you a small smile, leaning down to place his lips on yours in a passionate kiss. You moaned and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you. His tongue swept over your bottom lip, asking for entrance into your mouth. You obliged and let his tongue make its way in, mapping out your mouth. 

You moaned and let his tongue explore your mouth, his tongue brushing against yours from time to time. He pulled away after a few moments, breathing heavily. You smiled and combed your fingers through his mass of golden hair. Meliodas opened his mouth to say something, but you beat him to the punch. "We need to get up, otherwise Hawk will be in here yelling at us to get up. I, for one, don't want to have a cranky pig yelling at us first thing in the morning," you said.

You removed your hand and pushed him off gently, making your way to the armoire at the other end of the room. You opened the top drawer, revealing all your Boar Hat uniforms, along with some other clothes while you weren't on duty. You took out the uniform and turned to see Meliodas staring at you. <What?> <I'm just admiring the view.> Your eyes narrowed, and you stuck your tongue out at him. He simply snickered, and you fought the urge to throw something at him. Maybe one of the beer bottles. 

You turned and started to change, slipping off your "nightgown", which was really one of Meliodas' shirts. As you tossed the shirt aside, you felt Meliodas' hands on your ass, squeezing and groping your plump flesh in his fingers. "Stop it! you hissed, turning around to face him. You wish you hadn't. He was completely naked in front of you. You felt your face heat up as you tried not to look down below his navel. Even if he was your fiancé, there were times when you hated him. 

"Prick!" you hissed and went back to changing. It didn't take very long for you to change your clothes and wander downstairs. "Good morning (Y/N)!" Hawk said. "Good morning to you too, Hawk," you said, kneeling down. "Where's Meliodas?" the pig asked, peeing around you to the stairs that led to your room. "Still changing," you said, shaking your head as you stood up again. You walked over behind the bar and grabbed a rag from one of the shelves below the counter. You swiped it over the wood, brushing off any stay crumbs from the food. Hawk would eat it. 

Meliodas soon came down, dressed in his usual attire: his white button-down shirt, white half pants, a black vest, a loose tie, and his black boots. His scabbard hung on his back, and his dragon handle stuck out. "Hey, (Y/N), thanks for cleaning the tables for me. I'm sorry I was so late," he apologized, sauntering over to you and wrapping his arms around your waist, placing a gentle kiss to your mouth. "Hey!" Hawk screeched as he fumed at Meliodas. You felt Meliodas smirk against your lips, and your eyes snapped open. 

Meliodas parted from you as the door to the tavern opened up, and two men wandered in. "Welcome! What can I get you?" Meliodas asked as the two men sat down at the bar. "Get us a Vanya ale with a pot pie on the side," one man said, resting his head on his hand and letting out a loud yawn. "Coming right up!" Meliodas said, separating himself from you and getting out the ingredients to start cooking. You sighed and went back to cleaning tables. 

The day went by fast, and lots of people came into the Boar Hat, from fat idiots to skinny women who wanted to get laid. Meliodas was always keeping an eye on you as you passed around the food and drinks to everybody who needed them. You had been groped and ogled by men, but Meliodas would always be there to save you. He was a good fiancé like that. Hawk would constantly be called to pick up the scraps that people threw on the ground. 

You sighed as you watched Meliodas carry 5 steins of beer to one table. Meliodas had decided to give you a break for a while and work your shift. You smiled as you sipped Vanya ale, watching your fiancé hard at work. He dashed back over to the counter, where a Meat Pie was currently cooling. He grabbed it and carried it to another table. 'Oh no,' you thought as you watched the men take a bite. 

"What the hell is this?" one of the men shouted, standing up as he spit the pie back out onto the ground. "You call this food?" another man snarled, stepping forward. Meliodas simply smiled and them and shoved his hands in his pockets. "You should have known. The Boar Hat is famous for its terrible food," he said nonchalantly. "You might have mentioned that!" all three men shouted simultaneously. Their shoulders tensed, and you knew that they were going to try and beat him up. But one hesitated.

"Wait you guys, he has a sword armed on him," he said, pointing to the dragon-shaped handle strapped onto Meliodas' back. The other men hesitated as well, and you let out a sigh of relief. They weren't going to hurt him. "Clean this up," Meliodas ordered, snapping his fingers. You heard hoofs on the stone floors, and Hawk, a pig, came out. "What the heck do you need me for?" he grumbled as he stopped in front of the pile of scraps and started to eat.

After a few minutes, the floor was clean again, and no signs of the scraps anywhere. Hawk sighed as he turned to go. "Next time, there had better be some decent scraps," he complained. Meliodas let out a tense sigh and turned to the men.  "You know, I have a family recipe for roasted hog if anyone is interested," he said. You snickered and leaned against the wooden post. Hawk was always complaining about how bad the scraps that Meliodas served.

Hawk turned back around, smiling brightly, exclaiming on how good the scraps were. <Why do you do that?> you asked in the bond. <I hate it when he complains about my scraps, so I threaten him by telling the customers that I can cook him,> Meliodas answered, his eyes meeting yours. You opened your mouth to say something else, but the door opened. You turned your head to see a man panting in the doorway. 

"Are you okay?" you asked as you took a cautious step towards him. Meliodas had also turned his attention to the man and watched as you supported him, leading him to an empty table. He sat down, shaking slightly. Meliodas walked over with a stein of beer,  the liquid sloshing over the wooden rim. "Here you go," he said. "Thanks," the man stammered and started to drink it. You wandered back over to the bar, Meliodas following you. Your ears picked up on a supposed 'Rust Knight,' and you glanced at your fiancé. 

"Do you think it's true?" you asked. "What is?" he asked as he hopped back over the counter. "The Rust Knight. I have been hearing a lot of rumors in the villages about the Rust Knight, and how it terrorizes people and villages," you explained, slipping onto one of the wooden barstools. "I have no idea," Meliodas said, shrugging his shoulders. Hawk put his front hoofs on the counter and sniffed loudly. 

"It smells like metal," he said. Your brows lowered as you looked at the door. "It's not a strong power, so they're probably easy to hurt if they try to attack," you said. The wooden front door squeaked loudly as it opened, and the temperature dropped as a large figure stood in the doorway. "IT"S THE RUST KNIGHT!" the patrons of the bar screamed and ran out of the bar in terror, knocking over tables and chairs on their way to escape. 

Meliodas' eyes narrowed, and he hopped over the counter again, placing his hands on his hips. You were tense, watching the entire encounter with bated breath. If Meliodas was in trouble, you wouldn't hesitate to help him if need be. "Who are you?" Meliodas asked. "The S-Seven.... Deadly.... Sins," the knight moaned, rocking back and forth unsteadily. They fell backwards and the helmet tumbled off the head, twirling around before settling on the wooden floor. 

Your eyes widened as you recognized the face of the woman. Meliodas had gone cold as he stared at the  unconscious woman. He grit his teeth and let out a low snarl. "God damn it," he growled. <I can't believe we'd see another one so soon,> you rasped in the bond. Meliodas' eyes met yours, and he leaned down to remove all the armor on the woman. You didn't move from your spot. 

"Help me carry her upstairs," your fiancé said as he cupped his hands under her armpits. You let out a low growl, but complied and hopped off the stool, grabbing her ankles, and together, you carried her up to the room that you and Meliodas shared. You set her down and as Meliodas pulled the covers over her, you felt hot tears pool at the corners of your eyes. 

You couldn't take it anymore! You couldn't watch Meliodas fall in love with her again. You clenched your eyes, trying hard not to cry. A gentle hand caressed your cheek, and your eyes snapped open again. "I know it's hard for you. It's hard for me as well. Remember the promise I made to you 3,000 years ago. I have kept it this long, but I won't give up now," Meliodas soothed, and a surge of power filled the room as his demonic side came out. 

His emerald eyes shifted to pitch-black, and his playful demeanor changed drastically. You let out a choking cry as you collapsed in his arms. He didn't reply, he just held you, his hand combing through your hair. "I can't take this anymore," you sobbed. "I know, (Y/N)," he growled, gripping you tighter as you waited for Elizabeth to wake up.



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Meliodas held you all throughout your crying. He couldn't blame you. He was a part of this curse as well: having to fall in love with Elizabeth over and over again. It had been going on for the past 3,000 years, and it never got any easier. Hawk wandered in, looking at the sleeping woman. You had wandered over by the window overlooking the forest, your hands clenched at your side. "I think I'm going to check her heartbeat," Meliodas said. "Why?" you asked, refusing to turn to him. "Just to make sure she's actually alive," Meliodas replied. After a few moments, you turned around and let out a low snarl of fury. Meliodas was not checking her heartbeat at all! He was groping her breast!

"Meliodas, knock it off!" you snarled, stalking up to him, balling your hand into a tight fist. He looked mildly concerned as you raised your hand to hit him. You froze as Elizabeth's eyes snapped open, and she sat up, Meliodas still groping her. He turned to face her, smirking as he squeezed her breast. "You have a healthy heartbeat," he said. Elizabeth blushed furiously and looked down. "U-um... thank you," she said in a timid voice. "You pervert!" Hawk fumed. You chuckled and walked over to stand by Meliodas, looking down at her. "How are you feeling?" you asked, shoving your fiancé's hand off her. "I'm fine, thank you," Elizabeth said, her silver bangs swaying over her right eye.

"Where am I? How did I get here?" she asked, looking around the bedroom. "You're in the Boar Hat Tavern. I own this place. You stumbled in here and collapsed on the floor. We brought you up," Meliodas explained. Elizabeth's eyes widened as she stared at him. "Y-you're the owner?" she stammered as Meliodas walked over to the window and adjusted the blinds. "Yeah. Is something wrong with that?" he asked turning towards her.

You saw her eyeing the Dragon-Hilted sword on Meliodas' back, and knew immediately what she was thinking. "I just thought that you were a swordsman. I saw your sword and I though...," she trailed off, looking down. You wandered over to Meliodas and grasped his hand, rubbing your thumb over his knuckle. He squeezed your hand in silent reassurance. He reached back for his sword and brought it out, making Elizabeth scream in fear.

He chuckled as he held up his broken blade. It wasn't even a full sword. It was almost completely broken, but there was still a tiny bit of the blade on it. "Did I scare you?" he teased playfully. you hissed in the bond. He set it down on his shoulder and looked at Elizabeth. Her blue eye was trained on the sword, and she seemed to be at a loss for words. She was blushing extensively, and it ticked you off. She was already falling for him, it seemed. "I know! You must be hungry," you said, trying to break the tense silence. "Y-yes, I am," she said, fidgeting with the blankets at her lap. "Alright! Let's go downstairs and I can whip you something up," Meliodas said as he led you downstairs, his shoes thumping gently against the wooden floors.

He slipped behind the counter and began to cook a simple piece of chicken. You slipped onto one of the stools, watching Meliodas at work. "Please try to cook for once," you said. "Too much effort," he replied. You rolled your eyes and looked to your left as Elizabeth came down the stairs, her eyes trained on Meliodas. "You're cooking for me?" she asked incredulously as she slid onto a stool beside yours. "You said you were hungry, right? So, I'm giving you some food," he said, his back turned to Elizabeth.

"So, why are you here?" you asked, turning to her. "I'm looking for the Seven Deadly Sins," she replied. You froze, and you felt Meliodas tense up as he heard Elizabeth's words. you wondered quietly. Meliodas said in a soft voice. "Why, exactly, are you searching for the Seven Deadly Sins?" you asked. Elizabeth was quiet for a moment, looking down into her clenched hands. She opened her mouth to speak, but she was cut off by a loud voice at the entrance. "We are the knights stationed at the foot of this mountain who serve under the Holy Knights! We've come to arrest the Rust Knight, alleged to the one of The Seven Deadly Sins!" Meliodas' eyes narrowed as he heard them banging harshly on the door.

"(Y/N), you need to stay with Elizabeth while I confront the soldiers with Hawk. Grab your sword and go to the back door. I will signal when you need to run," he explained, quickly picking up some of the armor and beckoning Hawk towards him. Elizabeth slipped off the stool and walked towards the back door while you dashed upstairs to grab your Sacred Treasure: Shadow. It was a pretty damn cool sword. It was pitch-black, with silver hues along the edges of the blade. You strapped it on your back and ran down to where Elizabeth was. She was visibly trembling as she stared at you beside the back door. Meliodas was currently outside, confronting the soldiers in his laid-back attitude.

He called inside the tavern, and you saw Hawk, clad in the armor that Elizabeth wore, stumbled up beside Meliodas. "Who called me?" he asked. "Here's the Rust Knight," Meliodas said, looking at Hawk. One of the soldiers grabbed Meliodas by the front of his shirt and hoisted him up to his level. "You think this is a joke?" he snarled. Meliodas said. You practically pulled Elizabeth out the door as you sprinted down the path, Elizabeth struggling to catch up with you. You heard a cry from the soldiers, and you cursed under your breath, your legs pumping hard under you. They were onto you. "Go faster!" you snapped, tugging Elizabeth along as you hopped over stones and upturned roots. This damn woman was too slow! At this rate, they would catch up to you!

You ran as fast as you could, occasionally looking behind you to see how close the Holy Knights were. They were slowly catching up to you, but you didn't see Meliodas chasing after them. you screamed in the bond. he said calmly. "Hurry up!" you screamed at Elizabeth, pushing her in front of you and looking behind you. Hawk was charging towards the knights at top speed, knocking them out of the way. "What the hell is that?" one soldier screamed, trying to get away from Hawk, but it was no use. "Shit!" you cried out as you headed towards a giant cliff. It was a huge drop, and Elizabeth wouldn't make it if she fell over the edge. Meliodas suddenly dropped from the trees, grabbing Elizabeth by her waist. He leapt back into the trees, leaving you behind.

You skidded to a halt and looked behind you as the last Holy Knight came charging towards you, his blade raised to strike at you. "I've got you now!" he cried. You darted behind him in the blink of an eye, unsheathing your blade and hitting him with the handle. He lost his footing and fell off the cliff just as Hawk came trotting up beside you, looking over the edge. "That was my job! I was going to get double the scraps tonight!" he cried out.

"Sorry, Hawk. If I had waited, I would have been in serious trouble," you said, sheathing your blade behind your back again. "You could have taken him," Meliodas said as he hopped down from the tree. "Yes, you're right. But I think I heard them talking about some other Holy Knight named Twiggo or someone. We're not done yet," you said, walking up to Meliodas as he set Elizabeth on her own feet.

"Why don't we finish that conversation that we were having in the tavern," Meliodas said, brushing off his clothes. Elizabeth sighed and looked out over the hill. "The reason I'm journeying to find the Seven Deadly Sins is to put a stop to the Holy Knights." She turned to face both of you, smiling gently. "I shall never forget all the times that you have helped me. But please try to forget about me," she said. "Why?" you asked, crossing your arms.

She didn't give you a reply as she sprinted back down the hill, crying a farewell to you. You and Meliodas glanced at each other, but it was Hawk who called out to her. "Wait a minute! Aren't the Holy Knights the good guys? They are the heroes of Britannia after all," he said. Elizabeth stopped running entirely, and she was quiet for a few moments. She went on to explain how the king was captured a few days ago, and were recruiting men from all over Britannia to start a Holy War. "That's sick! Who in their right mind would want a war?" you spat. "Idiots, that's who," Meliodas replied in a cold tone.

"I'm searching for the Seven Deadly Sins because they're the only ones who can stop the Holy Knights," Elizabeth replied quietly. You and Meliodas glanced at each other, then back at Elizabeth, who had started to walk away again. "Do you even know who the Seven Deadly Sins are?" you asked. Elizabeth paused again.

"When I was little, my father told me all about them. He told me that The Seven Deadly Sins were the strongest and most menacing chivalric order made of seven savage criminals who bore the mark of seven beasts on their bodies. Ten years ago, they were suspected of plotting to overthrow the kingdom and suffered a full attack by all the Holy Knights in the Kingdom. After that, they scattered and were dispersed." Meliodas sighed deeply and looked out over the cliff to the little town below.

"I heard a rumor that they're all dead now," Meliodas said. Elizabeth whirled around. "I refuse to believe such powerful people died that easily!" she cried out, clenching her hand into fists. Meliodas didn't seem phased at all by her little outburst. "But aren't they criminals?" Meliodas asked. "The Holy Knights are the ones who are the criminals!" she screamed.

You rolled your eyes, but froze as the ground shook beneath your feet. Without warning, the ground slipped down beneath your feet, and you screamed as you plummeted down the cliff with Meliodas, Elizabeth, and Hawk. Meliodas' eyes flickered to his demonic side, and it seemed like time froze as Meliodas grabbed all three of you with his darkness and gently landed on the ground, his eyes flickering back to normal before anyone else could notice.

"What the hell was that?" Hawk screamed. "It was a Holy Knight," Meliodas said, looking around. "Meliodas, it's the Holy Knight that Hawk kicked down," you exclaimed, looking at the auburn-haired male. "I'll take him up," you said, turning to Meliodas. He nodded and curled his arm around Elizabeth and Hawk. You grabbed the Holy Knight, and you both leapt up the hill with ease. You landed on the soft, green grass, setting the male down. You looked up and saw a giant male, looking at you furiously.

"You dare to survive? I will not be changing my death tally conclusion!" "Who asked you to anyway!" Hawk screamed back at him. You snickered despite yourself and bit your lip. You heard Meliodas mumble something to Elizabeth, and he set her down on her feet, his eyes never wavering from the Holy Knight.

You froze as he started to walk towards you. "Fate is shining upon me today. That earring your wearing is the crest from the Royal Family, which means, conclusion, that you are Princess Elizabeth!" you hissed in the bond. Meliodas didn't reply to you. "Run!" Meliodas shouted as the Holy Knight got closer and closer to you. All four of you started into a full-out sprint into the forest. The force from the attack sent trees flying into thy sky, and you dove for cover just as the attack was about to hit you. Dirt and leaves made their way into your mouth as you skidded across the forest floor.

You let out a sharp cry of pain as a large branch sliced your arm, blood spurting from the wound. The debris settled down, and you winced as you stood up on shaky legs, seeing Meliodas protecting Elizabeth. Meliodas raised his head and looked around. "Hawk looks safe, for the most part," he said, looking at the pig. Hawk had a small twig embedded in his back, and a small bit of blood dribbled from the wound.

"MOMMY!" Hawk cried as he ran away. Meliodas' eyes landed on you, and he froze. "Are you okay, (Y/N)? That looks like a nasty cut," Meliodas said worriedly. You nodded reassuringly, but Meliodas didn't seem to but it. Meliodas whispered in the bond. You could practically taste the anger that was rolling off him, and he was fighting the urge to switch into his demonic side and rip the man apart for daring to hurt you. You wandered over to Meliodas, who held out his hand to you. You sighed, but complied with his wished and raised your injured arm.

Meliodas gently brought your arm up and kissed the wound with petal-soft lips. You blushed as he gently released your arm and gasped as you saw Elizabeth walking quietly towards the Holy Knight. "What the hell are you doing!" you screamed. "Maybe if I give myself up peacefully, then you won't get hurt," she replied in a soft voice. The Holy Knight raised his sword again, and Meliodas dashed forward to save her. You hit the deck again, yelping when you jarred your arm against the ground.

You looked over at Meliodas, who was looking at the Holy Knight. "I don't think he wants either of us alive," he said. You hear a sob, and Meliodas looked down. Elizabeth was crying! You staggered to your feet, walking over to Meliodas. "I don't want either of you to get hurt! You showed me such kindness when I came into the bar, and you had no idea who I was. I don't even know your names!" Meliodas was silent for a few moments, then he smirked. "I'm Meliodas, if you really want to know!" "I'm (Y/N)" you piped up. Elizabeth's eye widened as the names sunk in. "You're Meliodas and (Y/N)? But you both look so young!" She looked at your arms, and your eyes widened. "Your tattoos are dragons!" You smiled at you looked down. "I have the same tattoo as Meliodas, but mine's going the opposite way, and it's on my other arm," you said, tracing the circle that was exposed by the blast from the Holy Knight.

"She wanted that, even though she technically wasn't granted a sin," Meliodas explained, snickering slightly as he looked at you. You smiled at him and opened your mouth to say something, but another strong blast of power was sent towards you. You and Meliodas didn't react. You saw Meliodas turn around, unsheathing his broken blade and countering the attack. Twiggo gasped as a piece of debris hit his cheek. He stumbled back as the attack ended, and he stared at Meliodas in wonder. "I was sure I hit them, but it was I who took the damage," he exclaimed. His eyes landed on Meliodas' sword, and he let out a huff of surprise. "What is that in your hand? A broken blade? You mean to take me on with that piece of crap!" Meliodas' eyes narrowed. "This piece of crap's all I need to defeat you," he said.

Elizabeth piped up behind you. "Meliodas and (Y/N). Are those really your names?" Twiggo's eyes widened as he stared at you two. "Now your faces are starting to look familiar." Meliodas smirked as he crouched down and got ready to attack. "You figured out who we are yet?" "It can't be... you really are..." Twiggo raised his arm and brought it down to strike Meliodas, but you weren't concerned. Meliodas moved an inch over, the attack missing him completely, and swung his blade at him.

"I'm the Dragon's Sin of Wrath, Meliodas," he said. "And I'm (Y/N), the fiancé of the Dragon Sin," you smirked, placing a hand on your hip. Twiggo flew into the air from Meliodas' attack, screaming loudly. "Away he goes," Meliodas said as he watched Twiggo fly off. You smiled and walked towards Meliodas, lacing your hand through his. You looked back at Elizabeth, who was still staring at you two in amazement. "You've found your first sin, Elizabeth," you said. "Yup! As for the other six. We've got business with them, so we've started looking for them too," Meliodas said as he sheathed his sword. He turned to Elizabeth, smiling in his laid-back manner.

"You wanna come with us?" he asked. Elizabeth smiled, nodding frantically. "Yes!" You looked up just as Hawks mama landed on the ground, and you released Meliodas' hand to leap up on the ladder yourself. You quickly climbed up to the tavern, waiting for Meliodas to come up with Elizabeth. It wasn't long before he came up, and he set Elizabeth down on her feet. He glanced at your wound, and he spoke in a gentle voice to you. "Go to our room. I'll be there in a minute to help you." His hand reached out to cup your cheek, and you gave him a gentle smile before turning and wandering to your room.

You plopped on the bed, feeling tears roll down your cheeks. The curse was already taking effect. It broke your heart, but you remembered the promise that Meliodas made to you. The door opened with a gentle creak, and Meliodas' hands were on your cheeks, wiping away the tears. "Don't cry, my beautiful fiancée. It hurts me to see you cry," he whispered. You nodded, trying to stop the tears.

You noticed a bowl of water, a white cloth, and fresh cloth laying on the wooden floor beside Meliodas. Meliodas grabbed the rag, dipping it in the steaming water. He grasped your arm, rolling up your ruined sleeve, and placed the rag on the wound. You hissed, refusing to pull away your arm. Meliodas winced as he continued to clean the wound. The wound was soon clean, and he wrapped the cloth around your wound, tying it off gently. "You okay?" he asked. "Yeah. I know you were trying to be as gentle as possible. Thanks so much," you said, leaning forward to place your lips on his. He moaned and stood up, pushing you down on the bed, climbing over you. He pulled away as the need for air became too great. "I love you," you said, reaching up to cup his cheek. Meliodas leaned down and pecked your lips again. "I love you too," he said as he flopped on the mattress beside you. You smiled and shuffled closer to him, laying your head on his chest as your fiancé pulled the green covers over you. "Good night, (Y/N)." _______________________

Chapter Text

It had been a day since you had met Elizabeth, and Meliodas hadn't shown too much of an interest to Elizabeth yet. He usually kept out of Elizabeth's way, since there was nothing to do while the Boar Hat was travelling. He mainly stayed in the bar, taking inventory of what beer and ale to buy at the next village. You stayed in your room most of the day, staying clear of the princess. Elizabeth was extremely nervous around your fiancé and Hawk, barely talking to him. That was good, you guessed.

All four of you were gathered in the bar after a quick breakfast, made by you of course. Elizabeth was still in her tattered clothing. "Thanks for taking me in," Elizabeth said, blushing and looking away. "Of course," you said, smiling gently at her. "Welcome to the Boar Hat! Today you'll be our drawing card," Meliodas piped up, grasping his hand in yours. His fingers squeezed against yours, and you squeezed back.

"Let's get you out of those clothes. They're ruined," Hawk said as he started towards the stairs, you and Meliodas following him. "She would look even better if she was naked. That would attract a lot of attention," Meliodas murmured as he walked up the steps. Your eyes narrowed, and you hit him over the head with your free hand. "What was that for?" he asked as he straightened up "Pervert," you hissed, yanking your hand from his grasp to stalk up the stairs ahead.

You yanked open the door to your room and walked towards your dresser, filled with both Meliodas' and your clothes. You yanked out a fresh white t-shirt for Meliodas, tossing it on the bed, and went back to scrounging for the tavern uniform. You looked over your shoulder as you felt Meliodas' presence stop in the threshold. He was watching you, a small smile on his face. "I put a t-shirt on the bed for you," you said, gesturing towards the bed.

"Thanks, (Y/N)," he said as he pulled off his vest and t-shirt, chucking it to the side. You stopped as you saw his muscled stomach, his six-pack showing every muscle above his waist. He paused and looked at you, smirking wickedly. "Liking the view?" he teased. You blushed and turned away, continuing to look for the uniform.

You found it a few minutes later, and took it to Elizabeth to change into. You wandered back to your room to see Meliodas looking out the window, his t-shirt changed. "You gave her the uniform?" he asked. You nodded and waited as Meliodas wandered over to you, holding his hand out for you to grab. You took it and wandered back downstairs to wait for Elizabeth to change. "Why don't I wear a tavern uniform? I've always wondered that," you said as you sat on one of the chairs.

"You're very special to me, and I think that the tavern uniform would only make the men stare at your body. The only man that should be looking at your body should be me and me only." "Why give to Elizabeth? The man will do the same thing to her," you pointed out. Meliodas eyes darkened. "Because she's just a waitress. Not anybody special. Not like you, (Y/N)," he said darkly.

You opened your mouth to say something else, but Elizabeth came down the stairs, clad in the tavern uniform. It consisted of a white crop-top, a navy blue short skirt, and a light blue scarf. It was the perverted side of Meliodas, but he didn't care. He smiled as he wandered around her, inspecting the size of the uniform. He walked behind her and lifted up her skirt, making Elizabeth let out a startled cry.

"Don't worry, I'm just doing a size check," he said. Hawk stomped forward and pulled him back by grabbing onto his hair and the corner of his vest, pulling him away from Elizabeth. "Pervert! You're going to scare her away," Hawk screeched as he pulled Meliodas away. "It's my duty as manager," your fiancé retorted. You snickered quietly, watching the two of them bicker.

"I have a question," Elizabeth said quietly, breaking their arguing. Meliodas turned towards Elizabeth. "Ask away," he said. "Are you really the terrible criminals that the Kingdom set you out to be? If you are, then what crime did you two commit?" Meliodas was silent for a moment, and you two shared a glance. "Well... ten years ago I stole panties from women all across Britannia," Meliodas said, turning away in shame.

"Y-you're kidding!" Elizabeth exclaimed, blushing slightly. "Yup. But what I really did was grope the boobs of a thousand pretty girls." Elizabeth blushed an even deeper shade of red. "R-really?" "Nope!" Meliodas snickered. Elizabeth's brows narrowed, and she stared at Meliodas seriously. "Please stop fooling around," Elizabeth said. Meliodas' smile faded, and you bowed your head in shame, remembering the event that caused Meliodas to become a sin in the first place.

The ground suddenly lurched underneath you as Mama Hawk stopped. Elizabeth gasped as she lost her footing and fell over. Meliodas was quick as he dashed over and caught her, his face buried in her chest. "We're here," you said, hopping off the chair and wandering to the window. "Where's 'here'?" Elizabeth asked as Meliodas straightened her on her feet. "Vanya village of course," Meliodas said as he wandered over to you, looking out to the small village of Vanya. "Come on," your fiancé said as he wandered outside to the small porch.

You, Elizabeth, and Hawk followed him outside. You grabbed Hawk while Meliodas grabbed Elizabeth, and together, you bounded off Hawk Mama to let her bury herself in the ground. You set Hawk down and wandered down the hill to where Vanya laid, the warm air brushing against your skin.

"I get my ale from all over Britannia, but Vanya ale is in a class by itself," Meliodas explained as he grasped your hand, swinging your arms back and forth slowly. You crossed over a bridge, and stopped suddenly. "The river's dried up," you said, narrowing your eyes as you peered over the edge. Elizabeth pointed to the dead herbs. "Look, the herbs along the bank are dead as well," Elizabeth pointed out. you asked Meliodas in the Bond. Meliodas replied.

You perked up as you saw a crowd of people gathered in the center of town. "This will be perfect advertising for the tavern!" Hawk exclaimed. "It definitely will be," you said, smiling gently. You neared the crowd, and Meliodas spoke up. "Yo! What's with the festival?" Meliodas asked. "Does this look like a damn festival to you?" "Yeah," he responded. Upon closer inspection, you could see that there were multiple men grabbing onto thick ropes, pulling with all their might.

"Some damn Holy Knight jammed his sword in the ground and blocked off all the groundwater sources for our town," one man said. "At this rate, we won't have any water to make our ale," another growled. Elizabeth turned to Meliodas nervously. "Do you think it was the knight that tried to attack us yesterday?" she asked. "You mean Twiggo?" you asked, scoffing slightly. "It wasn't him. He wasn't even a Holy Knight. He wasn't even close to one at all." Elizabeth stiffened, and you smirked at Meliodas.

you said. Meliodas said in the bond. "A sword stuck in the ground is nothing," a small voice said, and your eyebrows raised as you saw a small boy with light brown hair strut through the crowd.

"If my friends, the Seven Deadly Sins were here, they could pull out that sword with no problem," he boasted, smiling broadly. you asked, turning towards Meliodas. your fiancé said.

"Who the hell caused this in the first place, huh? It was you, Mead!" one of the kids said angrily. Some of the other townsfolk started to agree with the boy, and Mead winced. "What? I d-didn't mean to-" He was cut off by one of the kids picking up a small rock and chucking it at him. Unfortunately, it hit Meliodas instead. "Are you okay?" you asked worriedly as you turned towards him. He didn't reply as Mead and the villagers kept on fighting. "Just go away!"

Meliodas was quick to turn Mead around and raced back to the tavern, the rocks hitting his back as well. You winced and turned to the villagers as they stopped their barrage of attacks. "Looks like we came at a bad time," Hawk said as he watched Meliodas. "Deep down, he really is a good boy," the chief sighed. "What did he do to make the villagers so angry at him?" you asked, turning towards him. "A Holy Knight came by and tried our ale, but he said it was disgusting. Mead got angry at this, and he put a bug in the ale," the elder explained.
You sighed and looked back at the soldiers, who were pulling at the sword again. They were never going to pull the sword out. They were too weak. "Come on you two. Let's go back to the tavern," you said, walking back up towards the tavern where Meliodas had taken Mead. Elizabeth and Hawk complied, following you up the hill and to the Boar Hat. You opened the door to see Meliodas sitting at a table with Mead.

"Welcome back," Meliodas said, smiling at you as you slipped beside him. You placed a gentle kiss on the side of his mouth and turned back to Mead. you asked as you watched Elizabeth talk with Mead. Meliodas sighed, looking down.
Elizabeth spoke in a gentle voice to Mead, and you stiffened as she spoke her next words: "He's not my real father." You and Meliodas shared a look. "I wanted his attention badly, so I climbed a really high tree. When he saw me, he turned white as a sheet and began climbing after me. This man had never climbed a tree before, and of course he fell down. I was so scared that he was going to die, and I would never forgive myself if he had died that day...," she trailed off, looking down while smiling gently.

Mead started to tear up, and he slammed his fists on the table. "My parents were travelers. They arrived in Vanya a few years ago, and there was a terrible illness that made my parents die. The villagers took me in, and I was happy. I got jealous when I saw families, and I started pulling pranks on them."

You placed a hand on his shoulder. "Is that why you put a bug in the Holy Knight's drink?" you asked, and you felt Mead stiffen. "No! That Holy Knight looked down on us all! He told us that our ale tasted no better than horse piss!" Mead screamed. You retracted your hand and placed it over Meliodas', who turned his hand over to grasp yours.

"The Holy Knights are good for nothing bastards! But... if the Holy Knights are the bad guys, doesn't that make the Seven Deadly Sins the good guys?" There was no response, and you looked down. You were cut off by a loud shout from the village, and your head whipped around, all senses on alert.

"That came from the village!" Mead said, standing up and running down to the village, yanking open the door. He sprinted down the hill, leaving the four of you to look at each other. "Guess we need to see what all the commotion's about," Meliodas said as he stood up, sighing a bit. You followed suit, and you grasped onto Meliodas' hand as you wandered down the hill. As you came closer, you could see that there were two knights sitting on a wooden top, watching as the villagers pulled at the rope again.

Mead was in the front this time, and he was pulling and screaming at the sword to come out. The guards who were watching laughed hysterically and knocked their steins together. "Give it up! That sword's not going to budge," one snickered. Your eyes narrowed as you stared at the soldiers. he said as he gently released your hand.

You stopped at the edge of the crowd and watched as the ropes slowly gave way. A giant snap filled the air, and all the townsfolk fell over. Meliodas stalked through the crowd, snatching the mugs from the soldiers. They blinked in shock and looked as Meliodas stalked away from them. "If you can't appreciate the taste, you have no right to be drinking it," Meliodas growled as he walked away. He gulped down the rest of the ale and set the mugs down. "I don't have any money on me, unfortunately," Meliodas said.

He grasped the handle of the blade and looked at the townspeople. "Will this cover the cost?" Meliodas asked as he removed the blade from the ground with no effort at all, holding it high above his head. "w-What the hell?" one of the guards beside you stuttered as the ground began to shake. Suddenly, the top to the groundwater flew off, ejecting the two soldiers into the sky as the water spewed from the ground. Meliodas started walking towards you, a loose grin on his face. "How was that?" he asked.

"Idiot," you replied and leaned down to place your lips on his. Meliodas' hands curled around your waist, bringing you closer to his muscular body as the rain showered down around you. The rain soaked your hair and clothing, but you didn't care. Meliodas' tongue swiped over the bottom of your lip, asking to enter your mouth. You complied, and let his tongue slide in. "That's enough, you two!" Hawk exclaimed as he pushed his way between you, forcing you to separate from the kiss, panting slightly. You looked at Mead, who was standing beside you and Meliodas. "Hey mister, are you really-"

"Now now," Meliodas interrupted, "I am the owner of a fine tavern. More importantly, there's something left for you to do." Meliodas placed his hands on Mead's back and gently ushered him towards the townsfolk. Mead scuffed the dirt with a shoe, looking ashamed. "Mead. will you forgive us for what we've done to you?" "Who needs forgiving? I'm just a loner," Mead whispered, turning his head away.

Meliodas pushed Mead forward a bit more, making him stumble on his feet. Tears streamed down Mead's face as he finally gave in, sobbing, and ran towards the open arms of the people of the town. Meliodas' hand grasped yours, and he spoke in a quiet voice, "No matter what lies you tell... you can't lie to your heart." You glanced at your fiancé, and saw his eyes downcast.

Meliodas whispered. You sighed and raised your free hand to stroke it across his cheek. Elizabeth glanced at you, worry written on her face, but you didn't say anything. She didn't need to know about the curse.
"Meliodas of Boar Hat! You're Vanya's hero!" one person cried out, and everybody started surrounding you, clapping Meliodas on the back or thanking him profusely for what he did. "You're really lucky to have him as your lover," the chief elder spoke beside you. You smiled and stayed back, watching your fiancé talk and laugh with all the townspeople. You smiled to yourself and replied to the elder, "I sure am."

"The Boar Hat will be open later this evening! Come on by if you want," Meliodas exclaimed as he turned away from the crowd, holding a hand out for you to grasp. You took it gracefully and wandered back up to the Boar Hat, Elizabeth and Hawk following a few feet away. Meliodas opened the door to the tavern, and paused at one of the tables, waiting for the other two to show up. he growled seductively.

The raw lust in his voice made you shiver and you turned away and started towards your room. You shut the door gently behind you and walked to the window, where sunlight was streaming in, warming the wood planks underneath your feet. You pulled off the sheath that rested against your back, and set it down beside the window, arching your back in a long, luxurious stretch. Then he was there. His body pressed up against you, and his warm breath caressed the outer shell of your ear.


You moaned as you felt his hard erection pressed up against your backside, and his hands grasped your waist and slowly turned you around to face him, seeing his demonic side. His sunburst-shaped symbol was pulsing on his forehead, and his eyes were a dark shade of black. His hand reached out and cupped the back of your head and brought you in for a harsh kiss. You moaned and let your eyes flutter shut as his teeth nipped and sucked at your lower lip. His tongue slipped in between your teeth as he released your lip, mapping out your mouth with long, languid strokes.

Your arms finally sprang to life as they reached up and clenched in Meliodas' golden hair, pulling him closer to your body. He let out a low growl and cupped his hands underneath your legs, hoisting you up. Your legs automatically curled around his waist as he carried to your bed, setting you down in the center of it. Meliodas unbuttoned his vest and shirt, throwing them carelessly to a corner of the room, and you stared at his toned body.

His muscles rippled with each deep breath that he took, and he leaned down, straddling you as he started to undress you. His hands removed your shirt in one quick swoop, and you were quick to cover your breasts, blushing slightly. Even though you and Meliodas had done sex for 3,000 years, you still hadn't gotten used to exposing your body to him. Meliodas grasped your arms and forced them down at your sides. "I've told you this a hundred times, and you still don't listen," Meliodas snickered, "Don't try to hide yourself from me. I'll never think badly of you. You're my fiancée."

He nipped one breast, and you moaned, arching up into him. He snickered and did the same thing to the other breast. He pulled away and leaned down, curling his fingers over the brim of your pants, teasing you by slowly pulling them off. "Meliodas, stop teasing," you whined, bucking your hips up. He smirked and removed your pants, leaving you in just your panties. He smirked as he saw how wet you actually were. He leaned down between your legs and gently pulled off your panties by his teeth.

You shivered as you watched him, your breathing labored and heavy. Meliodas finally removed the last article of clothing, chucking it to the side. You stared at his length, which was straining against the fabric of his pants with impressive demand. You swallowed your fear and sat up, landing on all fours. Meliodas was standing, so you were at the perfect height. You crawled forward on your hands and knees and nuzzled your face against his clothed erection, making him shiver.

"(Y-Y/N)," he gasped hoarsely as you pressed your hand, hard, against his length, teasing him. His legs shook, threatening to collapse, but he didn't. You yanked down his pants, which pooled around his feet. His underwear was the only thing left on him, and you nearly fainted at the musky smell of pre-cum that stained against the crisp white cloth. You swallowed the mass of saliva that gathered on your tongue and pulled down the fabric.

He stood, hard and ready, at 8 inches, the head poking at your face. Meliodas was watching you, waiting with bated breath to see what you did. You leaned forward and licked the tip of his penis, earning a low moan from Meliodas. You looked up, smirking a bit. "Do you like this?" you purred. Meliodas' eyes hardened, and a low snarl loosed from his throat and in a swift movement, he had grabbed your body and flipped you over on your hands and knees, his body hovering over you.

You shivered as his hands trailed over the smooth curve of your back, and down the sides of your ass. His hands were feather-light, and each touch made you arch up in want. You needed him, needed this. It had been a long-ass time since you had done this, and it felt so damn good! Your thoughts were interrupted as you felt Meliodas' warm breath at your backside, and you let out a small yelp. His tongue darted forward and licked the outer rim of your asshole, and you shivered. "P-please Meliodas," you whined, pushing your ass back against his face.

"That's not my name," Meliodas growled as his claws of darkness trailed lightly over your ass again, and you let out a low moan. "P-please... Master Meliodas. Please," you whined pathetically. "Very good," he purred and you gasped as his tongue delved deep into your anus. Your arms wobbled, threatening to make you fall over, but you fought the urge as he continued to shove his tongue up your ass.

After what seemed like forever, he pulled his tongue out. His hands gently pushed you down on your chest, making your ass rise up. "You ready, my beautiful (Y/N)?" he purred as he rubbed the head of his penis against your asshole, which clenched in response. You nodded and braced yourself for the pain. His hands gripped your hips tightly, and in a second, he was sheathed inside of you, his balls slapping harshly against you. You never got used to that first thrust into your body, even after 3,000 years. You let out a gnarled scream, tears running down your cheeks and onto the sheets below you.

He became completely still, save for his hands massaging your ass, trying to make it more comfortable for you. After a few moments, you rolled your hips experimentally, and found no pain. "Go," you whispered, shoving your hips back, making your fiancé let out a low snarl. "Don't test me," he snarled, and he pulled out slowly, only to slam back in.

You gasped and your front half collapsed on the sheets, your hands clenching tightly in the fabric of the bed. Meliodas continued thrusting, rocking the bed back and forth with the absolute force that he was using. His breathing became labored, and he leaned down, pressing his sweaty chest against yours, his arms braced on either side of you as he continued thrusting into your ass. "I l-love you, (Y-Y/N). So d-damn much," he snarled, panting harshly as he nipped the tip of your ear, his hips pumping back and forth. "M-me too," you cried out, feeling your end nearing with each powerful thrust.

You let out a choking cry, trying to warn Meliodas that you were about to cum, but he already knew. He gave one more powerful thrust, making you rise up the bed a few inches, and the bed gave a dangerous creak as both of you released. Your body spasmed, legs shuddering, and hips pushing back as you climaxed. Meliodas howled as he released inside you, and you felt the warm, sticky evidence of his finish as he came. You moaned gently as Meliodas pulled out and flopped beside you, pulling you close to his sweaty muscular chest.


You sighed as Meliodas pulled the covers over your naked bodies, and you rested your head against his chest, which rose and fell gently. After a few moments of silence, you spoke up. "Can I ask you something?" you asked. "Of course. You don't need permission to ask me something," Meliodas responded. You blushed and traced your hand down his chest, feeling his powerful body shudder underneath you. "Um... why do you do it..." You broke off, too embarrassed to finish the sentence.

Meliodas chuckled and combed his hands gently through your hair, making you lean into the touch. He knew what you were going to say. "I don't want you getting pregnant yet. This is a dangerous time, and I don't want you getting hurt if you are pregnant," Meliodas explained, his emerald eyes flickering to meet yours. "But.. you would like it if sometime, I became pregnant?" you asked.

He nodded and placed a gently kiss to your cheek. "When everything's settled down, then I would want to try for a baby. Not now." You nodded and adjusted yourself, your legs wrapping around his, looking for warmth. "Get some rest, (Y/N). I'll be opening the bar in a few hours, then you need to work with Elizabeth on waiting tables." You nodded, yawning widely as your eyes fluttered shut, listening to the gentle heartbeats in Meliodas' chest and letting those lull you into a gentle and calm sleep.

Chapter Text

You sighed as you wandered through the Forest of White Dreams, Meliodas' hand clutched in your own. Elizabeth and Hawk were wandering in front of you, looking around. "So, tell me again why you dragged me out of bed at 7 in the morning?" you grumbled as you looked at your fiancé.

 "Elizabeth heard from one of the patrons last night that nobody would dare go into the Forest of White Dreams, and we decided that it was the perfect place for someone to hide in," Meliodas explained. You blushed in shame and looked down. You were so tired from last night that you didn't stir when Meliodas tried to wake you when it was time to work. He had allowed Elizabeth to cover for you, and listen for information on the whereabouts of the Seven Deadly Sins. Turns out, she was terrible at it. Just like Meliodas' cooking. 

"But we've been walking in these woods for three hours already, and we haven't seen a single person, let alone one of the Sins," you grumbled. Hawk was sniffing at the ground a little ways up. "If I see another tree, I'll scream," Hawk complained, snorting slightly. "We are in a forest...," you pointed out blandly, trying to peer through the fog. "But we've been travelling through the trees for three damn hours!" Hawk exclaimed. Elizabeth paused from where she was and turned to Meliodas.

"Sir Meliodas... do you really think that one of the Sins is in this forest?" Elizabeth asked. "Maybe," Meliodas replied. Hawk turned his head around, a furious expression on his features. "You mean we came here without any solid evidence!" he screeched. He paused and turned back around. "I heard that some scary monsters live in these woods," Hawk continued. Meliodas let go of your hand and wandered forward. "If we do run into any monsters, (Y/N) and I will protect you," Meliodas said.

Elizabeth suddenly let out a girly scream, clenching her eyes. You unsheathed your sword, scanning the woods for the threat, all your senses on edge. "What is it, Elizabeth?" Meliodas asked urgently. "S-something's grabbing me from behind," Elizabeth stuttered, ducking her head. You turned around and let out a hiss as you saw what made her scream. Meliodas was groping her rear end! "Don't worry. It's just me," Meliodas said nonchalantly.

 "Meliodas!" You snapped, stalking forward and grabbing the coattails of his vest, pulling him away from Elizabeth. "Can you go one day without groping her in some way?" you asked vehemently, sheathing your sword. Meliodas looked at you, a gentle smirk on his face. "Nope!" he snickered and placed a gentle kiss on your lips. You fought the urge to moan and push back into the kiss. You started to break away from the kiss, but Meliodas' arms locked around you, holding you against his muscular chest.

"Come on you two! Break it up!" Hawk screamed from a distance. Meliodas pulled his lips from yours and snickered. "Calm down, Hawk. Nobody likes an uptight pig," he commented, beginning to walk again. You stopped suddenly as multiple Hawks cried out, "Who are you calling an uptight pig?!" Your eyes darted around, unsure of which Hawk was the real one. "This is the monster of the forest?"Elizabeth asked as she stared at them. "I find it terrifying," Meliodas commented nonchalantly. "Me too," you said, shivering slightly. <I bet you would like it if there were multiple Meliodas',> Meliodas purred in the bond, even as his face was still carefree. You started to walk again, but almost fell over at the image that Meliodas sent down the bond.

Lime Start!

You were on the bed, back in the Boar Hat. Your hands were tied to the bars of the bed frame, and all your clothes were off, leaving you naked to three Meliodas' who stared at your body with lust. They too, were naked. One Meliodas got on the bed, crawling over you with his hands and knees to kiss you senselessly. 

You moaned and pushed into the kiss, feeling his tongue shove its way into your mouth. You jolted as you felt another set of lips on your stomach, placing gentle butterfly kisses. His lips were soft and gentle as he kissed his way up and down your body, from your neck to your waist. You couldn't tell which one was the real Meliodas, and you loved it.

You were snapped out of your thoughts as two fingers were shoved into you, and you let out a lewd moan, bucking your hips up. "You like this, (Y/N)?" he purred, continuing to thrust his fingers in and out of you. The Meliodas that was attached to your mouth separated, and he sat up on his hips, pushing his throbbing erection at your face. "Suck," he commanded, and you shivered. This was the voice of the Ten Commandments leader, not the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins.

You licked your lips and leaned forward, placing your lips on the velvety tip, and slowly swallowing the thick length of him. He hissed in pleasure as you took your time, and resisted bucking his hips to not choke you. Your eyes clenched shut as the Meliodas at your legs started licking you, his ass sticking high in the air as he licked, sucked, and nipped at your pussy. The pleasure was too much!

Lime End!

Your hot vision was popped as Elizabeth cried out to the multiple pigs."Hawk!" Elizabeth cried out. All the pigs perked towards Elizabeth and started to charge towards her. In a split second, Meliodas left your side, dashing forward and knocking each and every head of the Hawks. "Hawk, are you alright?" Elizabeth asked.

 All of the Hawks ran behind Elizabeth again. Elizabeth looked confused as she stared down. "Even my mom never hits me like that!" they cried. Meliodas' hand was placed on yours, and you stiffened, sucking in a deep breath as the Hawks transformed into multiple Elizabeths. The real Hawk trotted beside you, turning towards the Elizabeths. "As if one Elizabeth wasn't enough," you grumbled as all the Elizabeths started arguing about which was the real one. "Keep close to me, (Y/N). I don't want them shifting into you," Meliodas growled, pushing you behind him slightly.

"I thought you would like it if there were multiple me's worshiping your body," you purred, tracing a finger down his arm. He stifled a shudder, and he swallowed deeply. "That's what Lostvayne is for," he rasped. You snickered and looked at the Elizabeth's. "Hi, Sir Meliodas!" they all said sweetly. 

Meliodas snatched up Hawk in his free arm, grabbing you with the other and leaping onto a boulder that looked down on all the Elizabeth's as they all charged towards you. "How are we going to tell any of you apart?" he wondered, smiling as he surveyed them. "I'm the real one!" "No, I am!" "I'll do anything you want, Sir Meliodas." Meliodas snickered and he held up a finger. "Alright! That settles it! I want you to do anything that I say, got it?" Meliodas said. "Really?" you hissed, turning to him. "You have a better idea?" he said, turning towards you. "Just hit them all until we find the real one!" you snarled. Meliodas turned towards the Elizabeths and started ordering them.

"Place your right hand on your cheek and the left in the air," he ordered. The Elizabeths did as he asked. Everything that he ordered, they did for him. As he ordered them to squish their boobs, you let out a snarl of frustration.

 It hurt your soul to see him interested in Elizabeth, rather than you. You knew you were being unfair and mean to your fiance, but the curse was to blame. "Just find the real one, already. Stop fooling around!" Meliodas placed a hand on his chin, and he snapped his fingers in realization. "One last thing. Jump as high as you can," he ordered. This time, all but one jumped into the air. Right off the bat, you knew that that was the real Elizabeth."I'm sorry, but I can't do it!" she cried out.

Meliodas unsheathed his sword and darted forward, hitting all of the Elizabeths. You hopped down from the boulder, Hawk following. You held out a hand for Elizabeth, and she took it gratefully as you hoisted her up. You looked to where the Elizabeths were laying, but found Hide N' Seeks in their places.

 "They're the creatures of the forest?" Elizabeth wondered as you walked up towards Meliodas. "Hey, at least you're taller than someone," you teased, nudging Meliodas playfully. "Shut up," he grumbled. His eyes widened as the Hide N' Seeks got up on their stubby legs and started racing away from you. "After them!" Meliodas said as he started for a sprint after them. "Hey!" you exclaimed as you sprinted to keep up with him, Elizabeth and Hawk following a little ways away.

"They're probably headed for someone!" Meliodas called out over his shoulder. He skidded to a stop, and you sprinted right past him. <Keep going.> You did as he asked and continued following the Hide N' Seeks, your hand resting on your blade. You heard Elizabeth screech, and Meliodas was right beside you again, a grin on his face. "What the hell did you do?" you said coldly, glaring at him. "I didn't do anything," he said sweetly. "Liar," you growled. He snickered and you snorted, looking back in front of you. Your eyes widened as you beheld a sleeping woman, her brown hair in ponytails. The tattoo of a snake was on her thigh, and you and Meliodas shared a glance. <It's Diane!> you exclaimed. You slowed to a stop as you stared at the Serpent Sin on Envy.

<Great, another woman who wants you,> you growled in the bond. <Easy, (Y/N). I know it's hard but you don't need to get hostile. She is our friend, remember?> You let out a low snarl of annoyance, but soothed yourself as you stared at Diane. <It's been 10 years since we've seen her,> you commented.