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The two of them had been on a mission that had required absolute secrecy and skill, just Captain America and him, Brock Rumlow.

It had all been going fine until it had started pouring rain like it was the end of the world. Somehow they had still managed to complete the mission, they are not the best members of STRIKE for nothing, but still Brock is in a bad mood when it's time for extraction.

Luckily they don't have to fly back for 3 hours in their soaked uniforms, one of the tech-team seems to have finally grown an actual brain and packed spare clothes for them.

Brock and the Captain are undressing in the awfully tight space in the back of the helicopter when he sees it. It's faint and a bit too low on his neck, just so it can be easily hidden by a shirt, but the scar unmistakable, a mating bite.

Brock might have stared a bit too long because Steve shoots him a confused glance.

"Didn't know you had a mate," Brock says casually, trying to ease the sudden awkwardness.

Only then does Steve seem to realize why the other must have been staring and suddenly he looks a little red around the cheeks. Jesus, the guy really is old-school sometimes.

"I don't really talk about it," the blond replies eventually and a bit quieter he adds, " he's dead anyways."

Unsure what else to do Brock shrugs and jokes:" And I always thought you'd been with that Carter woman."

"Peggy is great and all but not really, no."

After that Brock drops the subject. Not because he doesn't want to find out who put his dick up the famous ass of Captain America, but because he can feel that Steve really isn't in the mood to talk about this.


It's two weeks later when suddenly Steve is the one opening up about his past.

The whole STRIKE team had been out drinking to celebrate Westfal's birthday. Nobody had expected the Captain to actually show up but he'd been invited anyways.

It was about 1 in the morning and they were sitting around a table in some greasy bar that Brock had never heard of. But that didn't matter because the beer was good and he was drunk enough not to mind how affectionate Jack got when he was shitfaced.
Still Brock had refused to sit on his lap because omega or not Brock fucking Rumlow was not a lap-sitter.

So Jack had ended up next to him on the bench with one hand shoved under Brock's shirt and his nose in the others neck.

Steve had been looking at the two of them with those awful melancholic eyes of his and then he'd pulled out a photo and put it on the table for all of them to see.

"He was my mate," Steve said, pushing the crumpled black and white photo closer towards Brock," it happened during the war, nobody besides the Commandos knew."

Not that Steve hadn't wanted to be Bucky's mate for all his life, he had just felt like his friend deserved better. After all before the serum Steve hadn't even been able to go into heat.

Afterwards however his body was stronger, ready to carry and bear children without any problems. It had only been a matter of time then for his hormones to kick in and get his reproductive system started. And so his first heat had struck right during the war. In the middle of nowhere in France.

Of course the other alphas in the Howling Commandos would have been happy to help him through this as well, but he refused. Instead he had finally confessed his feelings to Bucky, now that he hadn't felt like a burden anymore. The brunet had been eager to become Steve's mate and to the blond it had all felt like a fairy tale.

Losing Bucky, his mate, his best friend, still hurt every day. But seeing Brock and Jack, just reminded Steve even more what they could have had if Bucky would be here with him. Steve admires Brock, he really does, because the man achieved what Steve could have never done without the serum, Brock is a strong, respect omega, and a leader. Nobody questions his authority, hell even his own alpha, who's build like a wall, jumps at his command.
That's why Steve felt like opening up to him, because maybe Brock would understand, offer some helpful advice even.

Brock has to bite the inside of his cheek because, yup that right there, next to the scrawny kid that must be Steve, is the Asset. Sure, it looks younger and a lot happier, but by now he'd recognize that face anywhere.

Jesus, to think that the Winter Soldier was the one to claim the famous Captain America, it's just too fucking hilarious.


It's a few weeks later and Brock's in heat. Which really isn't a problem, because he stopped his pills exactly for that to happen.
Not that Brock wants to be in heat, but there's this stupid part of the SHIELD contract that states that every omega working for them has to let their natural cycle run its course every three years. Something about health and all that shit.

Normally he would get heat-leave for that, a full week off, just to fuck his brains out. Jack and him even got married just so that he, as his official mate, could get the week off as well.

The problem is that Brock's heat only started three days into the heat-leave, which meant it wasn't over when his free time ended.
This had already happened twice by now. His doctor said that slight irregularities were normal for people who'd taken suppressants all their live and at his age anyways. As if Brock was getting old, stupid son of a bitch.

The last times Brock had simply taken a few more days off but last morning he'd received an email that the Asset was getting thawed and he really couldn't miss that.

So he went to work still leaking out of his ass and smelling like a bitch that yearned for cock.
Luckily most people did respect him enough to not even give him weird looks. And the ones that did got scared off by the big broad alpha looming right behind Brock. Jesus Christ that got him so hot and bothered. He would rather die than admit it, but one of the things Brock loved about his husband was the fact that Jack looked like a textbook example alpha; his broad shoulders, his sharp features and god that massive cock of his. At least during his heats all Brock wanted to do was to be held down and fucked senseless by him. But the best thing about Jack was that he accepted, no adored, Brock for who he was. His alpha enjoyed being bossed around, when Brock wasn´t in heat, but he also liked being the one in charge and making his omega scream. -

Once the Asset was conscious and stable enough to be briefed for the mission Brock, with Jack in tow entered the room.

The Asset immediately perked up, it's back straightened and it sniffed the air like a goddamn dog.
Brock chuckled before crossing his arms in front of his, admittedly tender, chest.
"Stop that, Soldier."

The Asset gave Brock a wide eyed look and he swore it would be salivating any second now. It must really have been forever for this poor alpha to meet an omega in heat.

Brock tried his best to ignore Jacks low growl right next to his left ear, as well as the puddle that formed inside his pants as a result.
Instead he gave a very brief overview of the mission and the Asset’s job in it.


Everything had went smoothly, except when Murphy had almost gotten his head blown off, and that one time Rumlow had completely missed his shot because Jack had said some stupidly hot shit.

As soon as they all arrived at the safehouse, the team was ordered to give their commander and his SIC some space. The only one that got to stay in the room was the Winter Soldier. Some of the stupid safety requirements demanded that he be supervised by the handler while he wasn´t in the field. But nobody minded since spending time with the Asset was weird and because they knew Rumlow was about to tear his husband into shreds. Even though his temper seemed a bit milder when in heat, probably something caused by the submission instinct.

Still he shouted at Jack for 10 minutes straight until his alpha got to respond. “This really isn’t my fault Brock, after all you were the one who insisted on coming on this mission despite your heat,” Jack said calmly.

“As if I had a choice,” Brock grumbled,” I was the only available handler for this mission and you know it couldn’t be postponed. Next time just don’t say stuff like that or I will fuck you in front of the team.”

Jack grinned and got closer, his hands wrapping around Brock’s hips:” And what if I tell you that that was my plan all along?”

“Then you’re an even bigger idiot than I already thought,” the other replied with a chuckle and leaned up to fondly kiss his mate.

Eventually Brock stopped the kiss and turned his attention towards the Asset, who was still sitting exactly where he'd ordered him to. That was a bit creepy, because the Winter Soldier didn't seem to have moved at all. In fact the only signs that he was still alive were his breathing and the sharp eyes that watched their every move.

"You think he's still able to get it up", Brock asked in a sudden strike of curiosity.
Jack shrugged and his hands around the omega’s hips tightened by a fraction. "Please tell me you aren't thinking about what I think you do."
Now that made Brock laugh and he responded:" C'mon Jackie, he's been chemically castrated for so long now, I think he doesn't even remember that he's an alpha. Besides, didn't you always want to have a threesome? “
“I mean yeah but not with him."

But when Brock had his mind on something it took far more to change his plans. Determined he unwrapped himself from his mates grip and walked over to the Asset.

The brunet looked up at him, his pupils widening as he caught a whiff of Brock’s slick and he could have sworn that the Asset was even blushing a bit.

"Now," Brock whispered, "be a good little Asset and give me a status report.”

The Winter Soldier swallowed dryly before answering:" My skin seems overheated, increased frequency of breathing and there’s a strange feeling in the nether regions.“ His nostrils were still flared, as if the scent coming off of Brock was the sweetest thing he ever smelled, which it probably was.

Brock grinned, this might actually work the way he wanted it to. „I’m going to take care of this, don’t you worry.“
With that he sat down on the Winter Soldier’s lap. The man’s breath hitched when Rumlow slowly started rolling his hips. “Tell me how that feels,” the omega asked, sounding all sweet and lovely. The Winter Soldier’s voice cracked a little as he responded:” Good, real good…thank you, Commander.” That’s right Brock thought, be grateful you get to touch me.

Jack watched the two wearily, his alpha scent turning stronger, more possessive.

„Yeah, “ Brock’s moaned as his blood rushed south,“ yeah that’s it Jackie, god you’re such a strong alpha, I get so fuckin‘ wet just smelling you.“

Jack scoffed, asking himself as he’d done many times before, why the hell he loved this man so much. „Then why are you all over the Asset? “

”The real question is why are you standing around instead of joining me? “

The other shook his head and muttered something along the lines of ´You insufferable brat‘, but he did walk over to Brock and the Asset. As soon as he was within reach he put his hands onto his omega’s shoulders, a blatant show of ownership.

Brock sighed and another wave of slick trickled out of his hole. „Fuck, Jack, you better do something right now.“

„Demanding little shit,“ the alpha murmured as he got to his knees,“gonna help me get those off or want me to rip them? “ He was chuckling as he ran his hands over Brock’s ass which was still covered by his tactical pants.

As much as his omega loved brutal displays of strength he couldn’t afford shredding his clothing while the mission was still technically ongoing. So he awkwardly wriggled around until he got at least his ass uncovered.

Both alphas got simultaneously harder, as his ripe scent filled the air.

„Stop wasting time and get your mouth on me,“ Brock demanded, although it sounded more like whine.
Jack didn’t wait another second and dove right in. First he spread his omega’s firm cheeks and took a moment just to enjoy the view. The tight little pucker was pink and slick and it winked at him, along with more slick dripping out.

„Love how your body reacts, sweetheart, so hungry for me. Every. Damn. Time.“

Suddenly the Asset moved as well and he buried his’s face in Brocks neck, nosing at his scent glands.The omega knew that any normal Alpha would react disgusted or at least unpleased at his mating-bite. The Asset however hadn’t had sex in so long that it was happy with anyone willing to come near him. Hell, it almost felt as if he was trying to drown in Brock's scent. But Brock didn’t mind, in fact, the bonding mark was a really sensitive spot and he even let his head fall a bit to the side to give the other better access.

Meanwhile Jack had started eating him out for real, deep and eager, as if he hadn’t tasted anything this good in his entire live. All Brock could do was try and suppress his moans so they wouldn’t be heard. His hips rolled desperately into his alpha’s tongue and his useless little omega-cock was drooling.

Brock was so lost in pleasure that he flinched when suddenly the Asset started actually touching him.
First the touches were careful, soft even; like the omega’s hot skin could actually burn him. But as Brock’s eyes fell shut and he hummed encouragingly, the Asset’s hands got bolder. He pulled their hips flush with just one hand, while the other, oh god the bionic one, grabbed Brock's ass.

Just like a loved stereotypical alphas Brock also loved being manhandled. Plus Jack’s reaction to the other’s hands on him was beyond hot. His alpha straight-up growled and yeah Brock fucking felt that inside of him.

„Fuck me,“ the omega whined, because his hole was still so damn empty despite the tongue in it. But how could a tongue ever replace a thick, hard alpha-cock? It was simply impossible. It couldn’t knot his desperately clenching hole and neither could it pump him full of seed.

Jack hadn’t reacted to the plea. The Asset however had shoved his cold metal fingers inside with no hesitation whatsoever.

Brock’s hole hungrily clenched around the intrusion, as if to milk non-existent sperm from them.

Still, that wasn’t enough. All the Asset’s fingers did were to make him even more aroused.

„C’mon fuck me, breed me… just.. Do something! “ That earned him a loud smack on his right butt cheek. But before he could complain Brock heard the clinking of Jack’s belt buckled and the rustle of fabric as his pants slid to the floor. Heady alpha musk filled the air and Brock shivered in anticipation.

The Asset’s hand stopped and recoiled, recognising the right of the stronger alpha. Briefly Brock wondered if perhaps Captain America used to be the dominant one in bed, just like him. But considering how traditional the Captain was at times, he was more likely to be a good little omega, as it was expected back then.

Still this submissive behaviour gave Brock an idea. „Wait,“ he said, still slightly breathless, „I want to see you fuck it.“

„No way, I’m not putting my dick where god knows how many were before.“

That made Brock laugh and he stood up, his legs just a bit shaky, and kissed Jack. „Just imagine how hot that would be. You, fucking Hydras greatest weapon right into submission. I bet he’ll even come, just from you big fat cock, look how hungry he is for it.“

And really the Asset’s eyes were flickering between Brock’s slick behind and Jack’s flushed hard-on, as if it couldn’t decide which it wanted more.

„All right,“ Jack murmured,“ fuck, I’ll do it.“ Then he walked over to the Asset, who was waiting obediently,“ Strip! And present,“ Jack ordered.

If Brock had been a lesser man he would have dropped to his knees, ass up in the air, right then and there as well.

The Asset scrambled into position as fast as possible. Even the omega had to admit that that was a fine piece of ass right there.

„Baby come here,“ Jack said, mockingly sweet. Brock rolled his eyes but curiously complied.

The omega let out a startled grasp and his knees almost gave out when Jack quickly pushed four fingers into his ass and then immediately withdrew them.


Jack chuckled and explained: “I’m not gonna fuck him dry and we don’t got lube around,“ while talking he started pushing the slick into the Asset,“ good thing your slick is gushing all over the place, huh?“

„Yeah,“ Brock breathed, eyes widening at how quickly the Asset’s hole gave way to Jack’s long and rough fingers,“ God, look at him, taking it like an omega-slut.“
Jack suddenly slammed his fingers deeper and the Asset all but mewled and raised his ass into it.

Brock couldn’t help but shove his own fingers inside himself, this was already hotter than he could have ever imagined.

„They beat all alpha out of him, man that’s sick,“ Jack whispered, astonished as he positioned himself,“ but can’t deny that I’ve always wanted to feel this perky ass on my cock. Fuuuck.“

All three men moaned when Jack thrust inside and Brock swore that some of his slick dripped onto the floor with how wet he got.

Jesus, he really needed to get fucked, now. But he couldn’t get the only other available cock unless…

„Sit down Jack, I’m gonna ride him.“

„Fuck no! Your ass belongs to me!“

„As if his tiny little dick could ever get me to come. I just wanna be nice and open for you when you’re done, c’mon, I’m so fucking empty. Alpha, please.“ Brock rarely begged for Jack, only if it was absolutely necessary.

„All right, all right, Jesus.“ Jack sat down on the couch with the Asset still on his cock. He had to tightly grip his hips because the other kept squirming around.

Brock sat down in the Asset’s hard cock and threw his head back, moaning. His own dick got impossibly harder and he knew he wouldn’t last even five minutes. So much for not coming for another alpha…

As soon as Brock had been seated they’d all started moving again. It took some time until they all fell into the same rhythm but then it was just right.

The Asset was tight around Jack’s cock and squeezing his already forming knot in all the right ways.

Brock on the other hand could feel each thrust right up into his prostate and against his cervix. It threw him off rhythm, and he switched to helpless aborted jerks instead.

„Jack, Alpha,“ Brock moaned, unable to form a coherent sentence. God, the Winter Soldier would fuck his sperm right up into him if he could. And, god, if that wasn’t a horrifying yet arousing thought.

He’d get all nice and round and he’d have tits, all soft and tender. He´d be carrying the Winter Soldier’s pups, something that Captain America never got to do. And they would be huge and strong. Hydra would probably even promote him, if they were anything like the Soldier…

Brock started ruthlessly twisting his own nipple and the moan that pulled from him, tipped Jack right over the edge.

The Asset shuddered and his whine sounded just a little pained as the huge alpha-knot took.

Now Brock was close too but he knew he wouldn’t be satisfied unless he was getting knotted as well. So he started kissing the Asset, messy and filthy and good.
„Gimme your pups,“ he whispered and cursed as the Winter Soldier shot his load right then and there.

The omega’s entire body shivered and he almost screamed when the Asset’s knot sealed his hole shut. Another and another wave of sperm was fucked right into him.

This wasn’t right, the Asset had been sterilised, it shouldn’t be able to come.

Brock squeezed his eyes shut and whimpered ad he realised that his fantasy was about to become reality. Now he’d really get impregnated by the fucking Winter Solider.

He was almost ashamed when the mere thought pulled another orgasm from him.

God, he was trapped on the Assets cock and all he could do was accept the load right into his fertile womb.

Jack was gonna kill both of them.