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An Inconvenient Arrangement

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Hillary wakes alone in her bed, as she has always done for years. However, what's different this time is the delicious smell of eggs, pancakes, bacon, and coffee that tickles her nostrils. She can hear the soft sizzles of oil in her bedroom, and it is making her stomach groan in want. 

When she arrived at the kitchen, she finds Bill and Jennifer sitting at the bar stools and enjoying their morning meal. They seem to have a very serious conversation.

It is Bill who sensed Hillary's presence. His serious face suddenly brightened at the mere sight of her.

"Oh hey, Hill," Bill says. He stands up from his seat and pulls the empty seat next to him for her to sit on. Hillary feels her cheeks reddened by the attention he is giving her. He shuffles around the kitchen to get her a plate and pour her coffee. She gives an appreciative nod to him. She looks at her breakfast plate and her mouth waters.

"This looks delicious," she admires her plate.

"Bill did everything. I just did the coffee," Jennifer says as she sips her coffee. "Who would have thought that the Governor is such a chef?"

"I do," Hillary says before she can stop herself. Jennifer suppresses her smile and Bill feels like he is going to burst in joy.

Hillary takes a bite of pancake and she closes her eyes, savoring each morsel. "Damn, Bill. You still got it."

"Glad you approve," Bill replies modestly, but he shifts the conversation. "So, Jennifer and I are talking about the case when you arrived. She said that I have a good chance of getting a decent settlement."

"Yeah, because we know Hattie made it clear that she wants a divorce. Even though she is rich on her own, she wants to make sure that Bill will be penniless when they divorce. But what she doesn't know that..."

"We have secured some photos of her with another man," Hillary supplies as she sips her coffee. "She has been seeing him for a year now."

"I still can't believe it," remarks Bill. "She hates infidelity."

"The fact that she hates infidelity establishes her hypocrisy and strengthens our case against her," says Jennifer.

"How did you find the photos anyway?" Bill asks.

"I think it is with our professional code of conduct that we keep our sources and methods confidential," says Hillary, which is legal jargon for "We obtained it illegally so don't ask."

Bill catches himself saying "I love you", but even if it is out of jest, he decides against it. He knows it will just make things awkward between him and Hillary. After hurting her long ago, he feels he does not deserve her no matter how much his heart screams for her. She deserves the best, and that means he can longer play a part in her future.

He simply stares at his girl, watching her chat happily with her associate.

Oh, what he will not give to see that smile every day.

Hillary is known in the legal circles for getting things done quickly, and Bill's case is no different. Three weeks after Bill last came to her apartment, Hattie signed the divorce papers, giving Bill everything that he demanded (although Bill only claimed the fair share of their assets). As per their arrangement, Hillary sent him the bill to his office. The next Saturday, she waited for him in her apartment. She bought champagne for them to celebrate, and a pair of thongs that she knew Bill would like. Seven o'clock came and went, but Bill didn't come. Hillary was furious that he failed to fulfill the terms of their arrangement, and she was planning to get him back for it. 

The next Monday, Hillary received a check from the post. It was from Bill, covering the total amount that she billed him from the beginning and a thousand bucks more. Only then she realized why Bill didn't show up last Saturday: There was no provision in their terms that he couldn't pay her in cash. Now that he has money, he can now pay her without having sex with her. Of course, he would do that, she thought. She treated him like a prostitute. She humiliated him. What kind of person would like that?!

Then there is the excess one thousand dollars. She doesn't understand why he would pay her more than what is rightfully hers. Does he want to flaunt his money in front of her, now that he is well of?! The mere thought of Bill taunting her makes her blood boil so she writes a check amounting to a thousand dollars and sends it to Bill's office.

The following Saturday, Hillary has an invite to a friend's house party but she decides against going. The week has left her exhausted and she just wants to relax and take a long, hot bath. By eight in the evening, she is already in her tub, soaked in her hot bath and holding a glass of wine. Thinking hard, she realizes that it is much better off away from Bill. The further she is from him, the less drama there is.

She gets out of the tub, changes into her nightgown and grabs her book. She lies on her bed, reading and waiting for sleep to claim her. However, she hears a knock on the door.

To her utmost surprise, she sees Bill when she opens the door, holding the check that she sent him a few days ago. She also notices that he smells terribly good.

"Hi," he says meekly. "I just came to return the check you sent me, and all the other checks before."

Hillary feels weird not to let him in when he has business with her, so she does. He goes for the couch and takes out a checkbook from his coat and writes another check. She sits across him, unable to look at him in the eye.

"Here," Bill hands her the check. "I'm fully paid now, even the ones where you paid for my bill."

Hillary reluctantly accepts the check and nods.

And then, there is silence. Silence. Just her and Bill, wanting so many things to say but neither have the courage to say it.

Finally, it is Bill who breaks the silence. He stands up and bids Hillary goodbye. But when he is already at the door, he stops himself, much to her confusion.

"What is it?" she asks.

"I never said it," he replies.


"Thank you. I never said thank you."

Bill goes back to her and grabs her hands, bringing them close to his chest. "You have always been so good to me, even when you intend to hurt me."

Hillary's face is blank, but deep inside, a roller coaster of emotions is threatening to break her composure. Over the years, she had taught herself not to wear her heart on her sleeve, but because of Bill, the one who started it all, she may well forget every lesson she had learned.

"Hilly," he says, and the way her name rolls off his tongue sounds so perfect. "Why are you always so good to me? What did I to do deserve this?"

Hillary says nothing, which in itself is her response.

Nothing. Bill did nothing to deserve this. He is unworthy of her kindness and her love - the thing Bill craves the most.

Hillary removes his grip and looks away. Her lack of reaction is killing him.

"I thought you never noticed," she says. "You never do."

"But I do. It's just that I always ignore it," he insists. "Just like this time. I thought I could quash my guilt by paying you back every cent I owe you, and some more. But no, you still treated me way more than I deserve."

"Oh, Billy..."

"Hilly..." he cups her face affectionately. "You remembered everything. You remembered everything we wanted to do but never got around to do it, and you used that knowledge against me. You could have used it to hurt me, but you didn't. You made sure I enjoyed it, and fuck, enjoyed it, I did. Every moment of it."

"I wish I could say I am not happy for you, but you know I can't" she says.

"Of course," his finger rubs her cheek gently.

"But you know, there is something that I wanted to do in those sessions but never did."

"What?" Bill is eager to give her whatever she wants.

"The last session, when you fucked Jennifer in the ass, I saw how hard she came. And I am jealous. No, I am not jealous that you fucked her...but I want to be fucked like that too. In the ass, I mean."

Bill cannot believe his ears. He thinks he just heard Hillary beg to be fucked in the ass, but probably it's not real because it's too good to be true.

"I think I heard you say you want to be fucked in the ass but it probably isn't true. I am probably hearing voices," says Bill.

"No, I did say that, and I want you to do it," she says.

All Bill can do is to pinch himself. When he feels the pain, Hillary is still there with that longing look.

A little more confident, Bill lunges forward and gives her the most passionate kiss that he can muster. Hillary is oh so willing, and before long, she ups the ante, her tongue battles for dominance against his.

Bill pulls back, his face flushed from the intensity of the kiss and the lack of air. "Hilly?"


"Sit on my face."

Bill wastes no time removing his shirt and lying on Hillary's couch. And with the same speed as Bill, Hillary pulls her nightgown off and positioned herself on top of his face. He immediately begins to lick her pussy. He eagerly slides his tongue down across Hillary's clit, between her pouting pussy lips and directly into her honeypot, sucking the juices that have pooled there. Hillary arched her back in ecstasy as Bill's tongue delved into her pussy. As he eats her alive, Hillary writhes above him, squirming in delight at the sensations Bill's tongue is producing between her legs. When Bill begins sucking on her clit, Hillary goes crazy. Her hunger for him intensifies, and she is now more than ready to dive into new territory with him.

Hillary willingly removes herself from Bill’s face and gets down on all fours, exposing her glistening cunt and tight asshole. Bill gulps just by simply thinking of her hot wet depth that he is about to explore. He gets up and rubs her dripping lips with his finger, and then rubbing her tight sphincter.

“Are you ready, Hilly?” he asks tentatively.

Hillary nods. She has never felt so excited in her life. Bill runs a long lick on her ass before he gently pushes his finger into her virgin hole. Suddenly, Hillary feels herself relax as Bill’s finger slips past her sphincter into her ass. It hurt at first and she was arching her body, trying to contain the mixture of pain and pleasure. Hillary is writhing beneath her lover as she feels his finger reaming her ass. Her pussy is screaming for attention, so she put two fingers inside her entrance. Then she gasped again when she feels Bill push his long finger more into her ass. Hillary is grateful that Bill is gentle and slow with her, though his cock is anything but.  

Once Hillary becomes steady, Bill feels like she is ready. So he slowly withdraws his finger. Hillary moans at the sensation. Bill wets his cock with the mixture of his saliva and her pussy juices. Once he is well lubricated, he pushes inside her, his cock breaking through the seal and is quickly swallowed by her tight depths. Bill’s hands are kneading her ass as he presses into her, his cock buried in her completely. 

“Oh Bill,” Hillary moans. “You feel like a baseball bat.”

Bill feels her ass slowly loosen, and he begins to move. "Yessssss," she says, rocking back a little and holding it there. "It's so big, so full," she adds. Her ass is all around his cock, hot and pulsating. She throws her head back and begins moving her hips as Bill stretches her ass cheeks wider to make it easier.

"I love this," she cries, picking up pace. “God, I want it. I want it all." She pushes down further, creating a delicious friction against his rock-hard cock.

Bill thrusts his hips upward as she comes down, down as she goes up, his head almost popping out before plunging back in.

"Please," she gasps, "Harder. Fuck my ass harder."

Bill looks down and watches his cock go in and out of her clenching asshole, and he picks up the pace. Not that hard yet. He gets his friction from the withdrawals, goes back in more slowly, to the hilt, holding it there briefly before withdrawing fast. In, hold and grind, back. Her hips are undulating, increasing the friction between them. He reaches down and started rubbing her with his thumb. She gasps as his thumb slides into her soaking inferno, her panting picking up pace. Her hips are now bucking against his cock.

Hillary starts shaking. Bill feels her asshole clenching, tightening. Her pussy is squirting juices all over his hand, and Bill keeps going at her, his cum rising to the surface

"I'm gonna cum," she manages to say. "Shoot it in my ass! Harder! Fuck yes."

Bill is slamming her asshole now for all he’s worth, going weak in the back, his legs beginning to buckle with the force of what was building. Still, he plunged over and over, and still she keeps convulsing, shaking, grunting and screaming.

When Bill’s first shot comes, he jams in as hard as he can and holds it there, shooting buckets deep into her, and her orgasm picks up in intensity. She is yelping, arching her back, pushing back at him with all she can muster. Bill must've shot off six or seven spurts, a record for him, and still, she keeps pushing. "Oh yes," she cries, " I feel it, I can feel you filling me, yes!"

Bill remains inside her, deep in her ass, until her orgasm subsides. Hillary is breathing hard, trying to catch her breath, and his cock is slowly softening, leaving of its own accord.

"That was great," Hillary says. "I don't know what the fuck took me so long." She turns and looks up at me. "Thank you."

Tonight, Hillary has just fulfilled one of Bill’s longtime fantasies, but his sexual satisfaction is nothing compared to the happiness that he feels now that he has regained Hillary’s trust back.

Had they been younger, they would have gone for another round, but age is getting a toll on them so they decide to go to bed. He carries her in his arms and they go straight to her bed, kissing and not breaking contact until they hit the soft mattress. Hillary snuggles towards Bill, loving their warmth that she had shared since their law school days.