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True colors shining through

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At first, Speedwagon thinks it must be the blow to the head that he took. Sure, it’s happened plenty of times before, and sure this strong stranger may have spared him the full force that he was capable of, but it’s the only thing he can think of that explains why the world is slowly starting to look... different. The man before him tells Speedwagon that his name is Jonathan Joestar and instantly there’s color.

The alley may be dark and snow covered, but things are suddenly blinding compared to the grayscale that he’s used to. But surely this man... he can’t be. Speedwagon had long ago given up on the hope of ever finding a soul mate, of seeing color explode into his world, but here he is. Sore and bleeding in an alleyway having just attacked the man who is apparently bonded to him on the deepest level two humans can be joined.

No, it had to have been the blow to the head. For as long as the phenomenon has been known, scientists have been trying to prove that it’s a matter of biology and not that of some magically preordained destiny. Still, something in him feels different and he very much wants to help this man in anyway that he can. It feels like it’s imperative for him to do so.

So, he gives Jonathan the address to the apothecary that he’s seeking and decides to follow him...


His world changes in more ways than he can possibly count over the course of the next few hours. He learns of cursed masks, of ancient powers that make men thirst for blood and become practically invincible... enough so to come back from the dead.

All of it is in vibrant color. From the flickering orange and gold of the flames to the red of blood on the snow... the red of Jonathan’s blood as he cradles him in his arms.

He throws aside the notion of this happening because of the blow that he took. There is something much larger than he could ever explain tying him to the man that he’s now vowed to follow to the ends of the earth. He knows it, but he’s hesitant to say it.

He’s not even sure if Jonathan can see color yet. Maybe he could even see it before. There have been plenty of stories of soul mates not matching and part of him is terrified that he’s one of them. Besides, what sort of person sees color after threatening to kill their mate? No, he’s sure that they can’t match, Jonathan deserves someone much better.

It’s not until later that Jonathan brings it up. They’re resting after a grueling day of hamon training, sprawled out beneath the shade of a tree.

“I should probably thank you,” Jonathan says apropos of nothing as he looks at the leaves swaying in the light breeze.

“Oh? What for?” Speedwagon asks, twirling a violet by its stem between his fingers. Purple has become his second favorite color. He was thrilled to discover the color of his vest once he saw himself in a mirror after meeting Jonathan. It suits him. He turns to meet Jonathan’s eyes. Ah, there it is... his first favorite.

Jonathan seems to hesitate for a moment. “For all that you’ve done for me. For staying by my side and aiding me through all these troubles,” Jonathan says resolutely. “My... my world has become much... brighter with you in it.”

The words take a moment to sink in but when they do, Speedwagon’s heart starts to pound hard in his chest. “Ah... mine... mine has as well, er, with you that is,” he admits. This is the first they’ve talked about it and to know that he’s apparently not mistaken, not someone destined to live his life mismatched... it’s making his head spin.

Jonathan whirls on him and suddenly grabs his hands, the violet falls to the ground. “You too?” he asks eagerly. “You saw color when you met me?”

Speedwagon nods and is promptly crushed against Jonathan’s chest in a bruising hug. It’s not a bad place to be.

“Oh thank goodness, I wasn’t certain! I was worried that we didn’t experience it at the same time!” Jonathan says he squeezes him tight and Speedwagon can’t help but let out a relieved little laugh.

“Me... me neither! It’s why I didn’t say anything!”

“We’re a couple of fools,” Jonathan laughs as well, pulling back to rest their foreheads together. “I can finally tell you! Robert, you’re gorgeous! Your hair is like gold and when you blush I can’t stop looking at you!”

Speedwagon can feel heat rising in his cheeks at the praise, powerless to stop it as Jonathan bites his lip and says “Yes, just like that...” he is indeed staring at Speedwagon with those eyes of his.

“Well, look who’s talking with his blue eyes!” Speedwagon counters gruffly, but he doesn’t mean it. They’re both smiling like loons which makes it tough to meet properly as they both move in to share their first kiss.

But kiss they do, eventually lying back on the grass and as they break apart, Speedwagon looks up to see Jonathan haloed above him by the green leaves of the tree. He can’t quite see the blue of the sky beyond them, but it doesn’t matter, not when he has the next best thing.