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You're all the fish in the sea

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His palm kneads the plump of the flesh that is mustered in it's grasp, trails along the curve of his spine as he fixes it somewhere around his hips, firm. Two fingers squeeze past the rim and jam into the hole.

Jeongguk growls, eyes blown wide when the fingertips unearth a spot deep inside him, rubbing, prodding at it. He shudders when Taehyung jutts his fingers out, plopping more chilly fluid at the crack and gliding the digits in again. He is trying hard to stay still but the fingers slowly pumping in and out of him confine him, hips buckling as his fists claw at the sheets he lays on.

"You good, Guk?", he asks cheekily.

Jeongguk can't utter a word, just wheezes, goes for an eager nod as the long fingers squelch in and out of his tight hole, hungry walls swallowing with every shove. Taehyung pulls out and thrusts back in with an added finger and the younger leans closer to the mattress, face squashed against the pillow, hands clutched onto the bed sheet. His slick fingers fuck into him relentlessly, shallow thrusts turning deep, tracing his prostate with every hit.

A particularly painful jab is followed by the younger's knees dropping, body lax under Taehyung's as he cries out at the sudden loss.

Taehyung yanks him back towards him, ass glued onto his crotch, jerks his hips higher up and brings his hand down in a smack on his ass cheeks. Jeongguk moans and the older smirks, looking at the rapid crimson imprint on the swell of his ass, marvels at how sensitive his flesh is, how pretty the colour looks.

His hand meets the skin in another slap, palm flattening on the same skin, flushed as the body beneath him writhes, hissing in pain. He is sure Jeongguk's eyes have welled up with tears by now, wetness rimming his soft eyes. Taehyung shoves the digits in, some more lube to make the glide less difficult when he adds a fourth.

He is knuckles deep in him when Jeongguk's hips falter, breaths coming out in ragged gasps; he pushes himself back on his fingers. Taehyung bends, drops a kiss on his cheeks and mewls against it, "You think you can take my fist?"

The tone is innocent but the implication is anything but. Jeongguk's cock pulses as the older's fingers dig into his slippery skin, stabs into him, filling him up to the hem. The request is met with a string of curses and a loud whine, face pressing harder against the bed as shivering hands find solace in the wood.

"Yes.", he spills out, clearer than a head nod, long fingers unendingly slotting in and out of him as pleasure courses through him. He tucks his face back into the sheets as he repeatedly mumbles the same word into it.

Taehyung licks a stripe over his ass and gives it a gentle bite, teeth grinding into the tender skin as he splits the cheeks wider apart, the younger moving to spread his legs further.

"Are you sure?", he mouths as he thumbs at his crack, lazily teasing.

Both their bodies thrum, jolting in pleasure as the younger's voice is interrupted with uneven pants. His toes curl as he bites into the pillow of his bottom lip and mutters. "I want you to."

Jeongguk braces himsef as the older slithers his thumb into him, hole gushing in abounding lube. He is swamped by more sensations than he thinks he can cope with, eyes closing shut, teeth drawing blood.

Taehyung hesitates before shoving his fist into him and fitting it inside; he does it gently, slow as his hand tightens it's grip on the other boy's hips.

"Am I hurting you?"

With Jeongguk's head shake, he loosens the firm hold around him as he focuses more on his fingers, bathed in the juicy sap as he twists them within him.

A loud cry is ripped from his throat as he hold backs the urge to burst into tears, the pain too good. His cock rests against his belly, red and spilling copiously. He is so close, heat pooling in his belly as Taehyung fills him to the hilt with a bunch of five.

His hands grip the silky softs and tighten as tears stain his face. Taehyung clutches his trembling thighs as he slowly pumps his fist inside him. He bends and sucks on the rotund cheek, tongue laving his ass soothingly as he asks, "Green, still?"

His nod is enthused, mind riddled with euphoric exaltation. He feels full, the older fisting deep inside him. He chews on his lips as he thinks about the filthiness of it, Taehyung's huge hand fitting into him so perfectly.

His groans are unadultered when the older pokes at the sweet spot deep in him, dropping his head, arching his back as he scrambled to say the words. "I'm close."

After some more jostling, the younger comes apart, spewing thick streaks of discharge onto the expanse of his body, some of the cream dripping onto the sheets. Taehyung has his face buried in his ass, murmuring praises against his skin as his entire form moves in jolts, the mess that is his dampened, abused hole.

Once the aftershocks subside, tense muscles stretched smooth as he lays flat on the mattress, he struggles to find his voice, sound groggy and dirty. "Fuck me."

Taehyung's cock jumps in his pants, at the words, a furious red at being unheeded, leaking profusely at the head. He wipes his hand on the corner of the sheets, unbuckles them, tosses the pair at the side as he wrestles his cock out.

He grabs the condom lying next to Jeongguk's head on the bed, tears open the wrapper with his teeth and shoves it around his shaft. He squirts some warmed lube onto it gives it a stroke, then another before he presses the tip of his cock into his puckered hole.

His asshole clenches and unclenches, the sight ridiculous and the slide heavenly, overflowing with deftness. It doesn't take him long to find his prostate, he fills him to the peak, plunges into him deliriously. He gives out a pained noise as Jeongguk's walls close around him, eating him up as his sheathed cock thrusts in and pulls back out with fervour.

Jeongguk gulps, grapples to angle himself on his knees as he makes to grind back into his body, fucking himself into his big, thick cock. His form ruts against the body above him, ass swallowing his wet shaft as the motions weaken his limbs.

Taehyung grabs his hips, stilling them as he thrusts back into him with more zeal. He can feel every inch of his around him as he moves inside him, forehead covered in swear, damp locks.

He pounds into him again and again, head finding his prostate and hitting at it unceremoniously. His breath hitches with the next shove and he pulls out, ripping his condom before he spills.

Jeongguk's flaccid cock has hardened simply from being fucked into a couple of times over, Taehyung notices as he flips him over. He wraps a hand around his base as he shoves his own cock past the younger's lips, to meet his release.

He takes Taehyung into his mouth, tonguing at the head of his cock, swathing his lips around him as he bobs his head up and down. He gives it a few licks before the cock is rammed inside him.

He grunts, low as the jet of white, hot semen exudes from his tip and gushes into the younger's mouth. Jeongguk sucks at the head as he envelopes his lips around the cock, swallows every drop of what he emanates.

Once Taehyung catches his breath, tired body emitting some fused energy, he uses his thumb to press against the slit as his nimble fingers stroke his length. One pump, two pump, three and the younger yells out, "Spank me again."

He uses a hand to fold his long leg, settles it on his shoulder as he rubs the surface of the swell of his ass before his palm is meeting the taut skin there. Jeongguk's ass jiggles at the hit, reddening effectively.

He gives out a pained sob and in a less loud voice, screams, "Another. Please."

Taehyung whips out his arm as he lands another smash, slamming onto the red skin while his other hand pumps his, wrapped firm and fondles his balls.


When Jeongguk is done, come down with his second release, pleasure washing all over him and milky semen layering his moist skin, Taehyung reaches over, dips a finger in the mess and scoops out some for the younger to devour.

He lolls his head up, takes his long cum coated digit inside his mouth and closes it, licks it clean and sucks on them.

Their eyes meet and he sees Taehyung's teeth pull as his plush bottom lip.


Jeongguk sits with his back pressed against the headrest, a veneer on like every other time they fuck. He fishes out some wet tissues from his drawer and rubs at the dried up cum.

Taehyung is sitting at the edge of the mattress, putting his shirt on, fingers working around the buttons. He ruffles his hair, sets the strands back as he pulls on his jeans.

"You going to Jin's tomorrow?", Taehyung asks as he turns around, facing him.

It breaks Jeongguk from his thoughts; he can't quite remember the question. Confusion laces his features and Taehyung repeats the same thing again, adds as a suffix, "You know, the housewarming thing."

He nods.

Taehyung smiles, moves to pick his bag up from where he had hurled it in some nook of his room. He grabs it as he takes his phone out, rendering all his focus to the device in his hand as the light from the screen illuminates his olive skin.

"Okay, I'm leaving. See you there, then."

And with that he is out, leaves his bedroom, his apartment. Jeongguk stares at the fading silhouette at the frame of his door and the next minute, it has vanished.

They have been doing this for weeks now, giving into temptation, falling into each other but it doesn't get any easier for Jeongguk. Every breathed moan, every heaved sigh carves Taehyung deeper in his heart, etches the boy's bright wide smile into the confines of his mind.


It's difficult to say how much time has passed when Yoongi snakes his neck inside his room and peeks in. His eyebrows knit together as he takes the younger in.

Portions of his skin are shrouded in white sheets as the rest lays bare; he sits non commitally on the bed. His eyes waver to take the older in and fabricates a soft smile, eyes empty.

"Do you wanna cuddle?", Yoongi asks, slow, once he is inside the room, the air reeks of sex.

Jeongguk doesn't say anything, doesn't utter a word because they both know what he wants, needs right now.

He moves as the older, smaller boy climbs onto the bed, settles behind him, snakes a hand around his waist, lithe bodies pressed against each other's. His mouth rubs against Jeongguk's shoulder, fingers tracing the skin at his sides, ticklish.

Jeongguk squirms, a small smile pulling at his lips as he intertwines his hands with the other boy's, wrapped around his body, plush against his own. His roommate's lips pepper kisses on his skin, nose nuzzling into him.

"You wanna talk?" His words are muttered gingerly, Jeongguk's naked form, sheathed in the white fabric from down the waist, stuck to Yoongi's clothed body.

Yoongi knows; he always understands him but the younger shakes his head, whispers a small 'no' as he moves closer to the other boy, eyes rimmed red with fresh tears, nose flaring as he sniffles.

"Wanna sleep.", he mumbles through a wet voice, into the pillow his head rests on. And with how jaded he is, he slips into it easily.