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Wouldn't It Be Nice

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Wouldn't it be nice if we were older

Then we wouldn't have to wait so long

And wouldn't it be nice to live together

In the kind of world where we belong


Immi burst out of his door, running down the path as if he could outrun the tears he was desperately hiding from his family.

The NERVE of them, honestly! He went about his normal day at school, only to come home to all of his stuff being packed and stacked in the living room?! To come home to the news that “Hey, Alli, you’re out of the house tomorrow so better try to find somewhere to live” as if that was a normal and planned thing, when Árni had been allowed to stay into his late 20s? How could his own PARENTS do this to him!

He marched along the path, seething, not knowing really where he was going, until his loud footsteps took him through the crunchy grass that separated Pineapple Plaza from Orange Avenue.

Oh. He DID know where he was going, if only subconsciously.

He sped up, walking with purpose rather than with anger, all the while taking a piece of paper out of his pocket and writing a note.

“Eva, I need to talk to you, it’s URGENT. Meet me in the big field, by that rock that you said looks like an apple –Immi”

He folded the note and tucked it through the slightly open window of her room, then raced away before anybody could see him.

He paced out in the open field, next to the apple-rock. He just needed to stay cool, is all. Pineapples get disowned by their parents all the time-well, maybe not ALL the time, but he was certain that it has happened at least ONCE before, don’t need to let her know how upset this makes you—

“Immi!” called Eva, interrupting his thoughts.

Immi whirled around and saw Eva, struggling to walk through the grass with her heels on, but determined either way.

His heart melted at the sight.  Eva was never one to sacrifice her look for anything.

“Immi,” she said as she got closer, “I…I got your note. What’s wrong?”

Play it cool, Immi. “Oh, it’s just that…” he sighed, “Eva…I’m leaving tomorrow.”

“What? Where? Why?” she demanded, crossing her arms.

Immi ticked off his fingers. “I’m leaving tomorrow, I don’t know and…because tomorrow is my eighteenth birthday.”

Eva clapped her hand over her mouth, “They’re not-“

Immi nodded. “I’m ‘technically an adult, and can fend for yourself’ tomorrow,” he said, mocking his father’s voice, “So they packed my bags FOR me, how nice of them, and have them all laying out in the front room!”

 “But-but-“ Eva stuttered, “We can fight that!”

“Ha!” Immi laughed. “You think that ME, you know-“ he gestured to himself, “Skinny Ananas, and YOU, an ORANGE, are going to change the mind of my family?” he laughed hard, but completely without mirth. “Not a CHANCE!”

Immi kicked a rock.  It scuttled unsatisfyingly about three inches along the ground.

“ No, no, I’d rather not be somewhere that I’m not wanted anyway, than you very much,” he mumbled.

Eva opened and closed her mouth several times, as if trying to come up with that many angry retorts, until her face suddenly changed.

“We won’t see each other again,” she whispered.

Immi nodded, mouth a thin line against his emotions. “Yeah,” he managed.

Eva let out a sob, and threw her arms around Immi.

Her tight embrace and muffled tears put a lump in his throat too, despite his best efforts.

“You can’t leave, Immanúel,” she whimpered, “Who will sing to me?”

His vision swam. Oh, that was not FAIR.

He tightened his hold on her, as if that would stop the sob building up in his throat. Dammit, he had been doing just FINE about the whole process, if it weren’t for this girl.  This girl who was clinging to him like her LIFE depended on it, the girl that, despite everything keeping them apart, he ALWAYS liked just a little too much-

“E-Eva I like you a lot,” the confession just tumbled out, voice wavering on the verge of a sob through gritted teeth as he tightened his grip on her. “If I-If I wasn’t leaving I’d-I’d have asked you to be my, uhm…b-b-be my-“

Eva pulled back to look at Immi, crying too hard to say anything in response, except to wrap one dainty hand around his neck and pull him in for a kiss.

Immi kissed back, hungrily, unable to get enough.  On any other day, he would be THRILLED that Eva liked him back, that what he had imagined for so long was finally happening, but now all he could feel was Eva’s shaking shoulders, all he could taste was the tears staining both of their cheeks, all he could THINK about was the fact that they wouldn’t have this tomorrow.

Eva ran a hand through his hair, and he cursed himself for depriving himself of this, of what they could be, until the very last day that they had.

When they parted, their faces were both wet.

“Come by tonight,” Eva said, sniffling, touching their foreheads together, “After everyone has gone to sleep. Okay?”

“Okay,” Immi nodded, silent tears rolling down his face, “Okay.”


Immi didn’t talk to his family for the rest of the day. Every “It’s for the best, Aðalsteinn,” fell on deaf ears, he was never ever EVER going to speak to his family again.

And when everyone finally went to sleep…he slipped out the window and headed into the night.

Immi helped Eva out of her own window and the two of them snuck out, out into the forest, up the hill, hand in hand. At the top of the hill they sat, just talking about anything that crossed their minds, mostly avoiding talk of the future.

“Immi, it is SO COLD,” Eva complained, drawing her thin jacket around her shoulders, “Didn’t you bring a blanket or something?”

Immi sucked in a breath through his teeth. “Nope, I forgot.”

Eva pouted, and opened her arms.

Immi didn’t hesitate to sidle in beside her, sharing his frankly excessive body heat with her, and pressing a kiss to her forehead.

Being able to act on their shared feelings was absolutely EXHILARATING. All that time spent worrying, what if she found out? Could their friendship survive this? Am I being TOO touchy with her? Would she even like me back? Gone. The background nervousness that underlined Immi’s every interaction with her had vanished, and Immi felt completely at peace.

In fact, Immi was so relieved that he almost couldn’t feel the tinge of melancholy on the edges of this feeling, that reminded them that they only had this one night together. This one night, where they were sitting in the dirt in the forest, with Immi thinking up a million potential dates that they could go on that were FAR better than this…

It wasn’t fair. There just wasn’t enough time.

 “Wouldn’t it be nice?” he mused.

“What?” asked Eva.

“If I didn’t have to leave. If you didn’t have to leave.”

“I don’t have to leave, Immi,” Eva said, “That’s the problem.”

“No, Eva, I mean…if we had our own place…if we could just STAY together, for the whole night.”

Eva cocked her head at him. “We are already doing that, right now.”

“Ugh, not in the DIRT!” he huffed, “I mean…if we could just have a place, where neither of our families could hassle us anymore, somewhere we could both go home to, where we could just…”

He looked out at the twinkling streetlamps of the town below, searching for the word.

“…be,” he decided on.

Eva snorted. “I think you’d have to be KING to stop YOUR parents from hassling you.”

“Yes! Then I would write it into law! Those who are…mean, to Immanúel Aðasteinn Ananas,” he said, pretending to be a royal announcer, “They must…spend eternity in the dungeon!” he crowed, raising his fist in the air as if it held a kingly scepter.

Eva laughed. “That would show them, wouldn’t it, Immi minn?”

Immi couldn’t help but chuckle. “Yeah, that WOULD show them.”

Their laughter dwindled out into a companionable silence.

“If I were king,” Immi asked carefully, after a moment, “Would you be my queen?”

“Oh, Immi,” she said, placing her head on his shoulder, “I would never pass up the opportunity to be queen!”

“I know you wouldn’t,” chuckled Immi, leaning down to kiss her again, soft and slow.

“I’m sure if you were queen,” Immi murmured low, “You would make our castle the grandest that the world has ever seen.”

“Of COURSE I would!” Eva gasped. “Oh, I can just see it now, we would have a GIGANTIC castle, and you would need a better HAT for a crown, and maybe a scepter, and I would have a room made out of mirrors, and all of the make-up that I ever desired, and we could have BALLS, and I could be the HOSTESS…”

Immi took her hand as she continued to animatedly describe their future castle, and sighed.  Maybe one day, when Immi had made something of himself, proven his family all wrong…maybe then, he and Eva could find each other again. 

You know it seems the more we talk about it

It only makes it worse to live without it

But lets talk about it

Wouldn't it be nice