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The Truth.

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After winning another match, the teams went to get changed. Jay stared down Carlos' body violently with lust only to be surprised when Carlos glanced back and smiled. Knowing his limits, Jay turned the other way and got dressed in silence in bright red, frowning, murmuring,

"Why, why can't I just calm down around the pup anymore? I just... he just... seems so, beautiful. Surely I'm losing it. I can't feel that way. It's not right, he's my pup, my brain, my best friend. I can't lose that, he doesn't feel the same way, I know it. He couldn't, he deserves someone better. No, that's not right. I don't love him. How could I of all people like the sheepish pup? A new girl will probably set my mind straight. Quite literally."

A poke on his shoulder snapped Jay out of his trance.

"Hey, you alright? Evie, Mal, and I are going to have a picnic later, you wanna join? I mean, I know it's not y-your kind of thing but. I want you to c-come. Is that ok?" Carlos stammered as his sentences passed on, his voice fading gradually as his cheeks went a tomato hue of red.

"No, sorry. I have something that just came up. Is that cool?" Jay queried.

"Like ice." Carlos replied with a disheartened smile plastered all over his face. It was a miracle how they didn't notice each other's feelings. Especially as they were like two open books, ready to be noticed by the other author. As Carlos trudged fragilely out of the room, Jay growled and thought,

I'm mad, maybe even crazy. Time to go get a girl for tonight. If I see pup again tonight, I might just loose it, one way or another.

He left the room growling, thinking that his solution would work, certain that this was for the best.

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Mal charged like a bull to its flag, and bumped into the "man" she was looking for, herself, Jay.

"Hey? What's with you SUDDENLY having PLANS. A jock too dedicated to his buds turns them down all for something like nothing? Something's fishy. What's so important that you're missing out on a brunch that I actually put EFFORT into. NO SPELLS!"  She claimed as she chucked her arms and hands into the air. Only trying to prove that she wasn't lying.

"Yeah, sorry. I'm just realising that im going slightly twisted in the head again. Need to find a way to get myself back on track, sorry for WASTING all of your EFFORT. Ask me next time and I promise you that I won't miss it" he chuckled bumping his fist into her upper arm.

"Fine, but tell me, is it Chad? I know how he's grumpy that Audrey broke up with him again. Those two are on and off like a broken lightbulb, I swear to god!" Mal exclaimed rolling her eyes, as if they couldn't bulge any rounder than a globe.

Chad. I think I found my new girl. Jay thought, knowing how easy it would be to grab the vixen and woo her like none other.

"Got to go! Byee!" Jay echoed, sprinting down the hall way.

"What's that all about; I'm sure it's just Chad being the total royal d*ckhead he truly is. Oh well." sighed Mal as she impatiently thought about how Ben would like her PB&J sandwiches that she made all just for him. :)

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 Walking away from Mal, Jay seemed to feel the best he had in a while. Fretting so much over his subconsciously beloved Carlos, he felt a lot smarter that he had found a 'solution' to his 'problem'. Indeed, gliding across the corridor Jay set out to seek his target. Little miss princess Audrey.

Known to all about how she switched from one boy to other like a flicker from a bulb, it would be no surprise to see her with a new man. Or at least again. For Jay. The many flings caused pain to Carlo's fragile heart. But it was only able to fill Jay's longing emptiness. Either way, none of that mattered to Audrey as long as she had her man. A pawn in her palm. Ready to do all her commands and errands for nothing. A true poison to her angelic, petite, little face.

On that note, being the toxic person she was, of course she popped up up out of no where like a true villainess. 

"Heyy Jay, Chad and I are kinda.. well.. Ya' know? Ummm... My place after lights out if you're up to it. I mean I know you have the balls ;)" she cackled while trying to force a midway wink.


"Just hold me already!" Audrey ordered, maintaining her perfect balance while skipping off with her minions trailing behind.

Not gonna lie, Jay found it stupidly funny. Or at least interesting at the very minimum. Well. She would do at least.