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Hello Stranger

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The company car eventually pulls up at the filming location. Its identity easily revealed itself by the tall control tower over top of the familiar large white building blatantly visible from a distance as they were approaching. The amount of people dragging luggage cases in various directions along the walkway as the members step out of the vehicle is also telling.

Ohno is immediately snatched away by a few staff members to a designated area of the parking lot, set up with various charts and wagons precariously parked to take up as minimal of an amount of space as possible. The small settlement is fenced off from the rest of the airport parking lot, and buzzing with hurried workers moving lights and camera equipment around with an air of urgency about them. Being carefully ushered into one of the carts, Ohno casts one last glance at the other members being led into a bigger white square tent facing away from where he is taken. To him they seem dangerously unbothered.

The four members enter the relatively spacious makeup tent, and are immediately met by the stylist and her assistants. Jun is first dragged off to get his hair and makeup done, while Sho is the first to be brought a set of clothes to change into. The two others have a few minuites of breathing time before it’s their turn, and Aiba can tell on Nino’s face that the reality of the situation is starting to sink in. it looks like he died inside. Just a little. He just slumps down into a chair and stares blankly ahead for a worrying amount of time, until he is startled back to reality by a makeup assistant who is gesturing for him towards a swivel-chair by the mirror at the other end of the tent.

When all the members are camera ready, sho is told he is the first contestant to go.