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National Idols Arashi to appear on popular dating show “Hello Stranger”

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The well-known national idol group “Arashi” (Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari and Matsumoto Jun), are confirmed to appear on the hit dating game-show “Hello Stranger”. This was announced at a press-conference today held by Johnny kitagawa, head of the talent agency the talents are under, Johnny & Associates.


Kitagawa shocked the press by revealing that the Arashi-members will be appearing alone on the show, having one member take on the role as the show’s infamous “flower girl”, while the others act as regular competitors. “We have not yet chosen who will be married off, the members will get together sometime this week to make the decision” kitagawa explained. “Hello Stranger” is known for ending each season of their programme with a broadcast of the wedding ceremony between the season’s “flower girl” and her chosen “heartbeat boy”. Mr. Kitagawa confirmed this to be true for next year’s season as well.

This announcement sparked serious controversy among the Arashi-group’s fans, with many expressing worry about how this will affect the group’s public image, in addition to their concern regarding the Arashi-members’ own freedom of choice in their involvement with the show. However, many also expressed their excitement and interest in their appearance on the programme, as this will be the talents’ first major television appearance since returning from their four-year long hiatus in January of 2025.

Arashi will halt some of their activities temporarily to participate in the show. “Arashi will come out with an official statement to their fans soon to explain the situation further. For now, I know this announcement is sudden but I hope you will understand and accept this decision”, Kitagawa continued. It is unclear how long the break will be, however Kitagawa assures that their regularly scheduled TV shows will continue as usual.

When asked about the motivation behind bringing this group of men to a programme like “Hello Stranger”, Kitagawa chose not to comment.

Following this announcement, there has been observed a sudden spike in Arashi’s album sales, that have been remarkably low for several years in a row since the return from their hiatus. It is predicted that this stunt will renew interest in the company’s artists and drive up the Arashi-group’s sales during its airtime.

The show will start airing on Nippon TV in February of next year, with new episodes every other week. 

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