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Sleep walker

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Agent Barton?

Agent Barton will you please wake up, i require assistance.

Clint sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes "hmm? uh yea i'm up, whats wrong Jarvis?" he asked still half asleep

sorry for waking you so early, normally Natasha is here to help but she left for a mission earlier.

"no problem, what did you need help for at 3 am?"

again apologies for waking you, but it seems sir is sleep walking again.

"Tony sleep walks??"

yes quite frequently. i suggest you stop him from doing anything and return him to bed.

"ok but why did you ask me?" he asked while standing up and walking to the kitchen

you were simply the next best choice.


Clint stepped into the kitchen and found Tony sitting on top of the fridge taking apart the blender "Tony? what are you dong?" Tony didn't answer he just kept taking apart the blender "hmm" Clint sighed and climbed up to where Tony was and took the pile of junk that used to be a blender away from the sleeping genius and threw it in the trash "good thing nobody uses that" he then grabbed Tony's shoulders and shook him lightly "Tony, dude you gotta wake up" Tony blinked a couple times "oh, hi Clint what are you doing here?" he said while rubbing his eyes Clint huffed a laugh "Jarvis woke me up and told me to come get you" Tony now realizing he was on the fridge said "oh this isn't my room." "yea sleeping up here wont be comfortable come on you should get back to bed." after getting Tony to go back to bed Clint lied back on his bed "that was interesting"