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Warm sunlight filtered through the blinds and draped elegant lines across Obi-Wan’s skin, waking up with this man in his arms was beyond what he expected when he began his year. Yan shifted, trying to pull away to get a better look at Obi-Wan, who was having none of that even dead asleep.

It had taken weeks for Obi-Wan to get back to his own rooms, weeks of recovery and grief at the loss of his former Padawan. At least they hadn't seen Anakin die, that would have been too much for Obi-Wan. But, to see the younger man banished from the ranks of Jedi because of his attachment to his wife was still heartbreaking for Obi-Wan.

Anakin hadn’t let it slow him down though, he’d started a new part of his life with two healthy babies and a wife who didn’t let having children slow her down from helping rebuild the republic after Sidious’ death. Obi-Wan shifted, green-blue eyes misted over with sleep met his. “Good morning.” Yan smiled and pressed several kisses to Obi-Wan’s face, the man blushed at the attention and rolled away.

“Imp, it’s early. You should get more rest.” Obi-Wan sat at the edge of the bed, long limbs pressed outward. “If I sleep anymore I’ll be one of those princesses from Serennoian tales.” Yan snorted, eyeing the way Obi-Wan's muscles stretched under his skin. “Sleeping Beauty.” Obi-Wan nodded; “No dark-side force user to put me to sleep.” Which was good, Yan would be furious if any other Sith dared to lay a hand on Obi-Wan. It was unfortunate that Obi-Wan hadn’t come unscathed from his fight with Sidious, but at least he was alive and as healthy as could be considering he’d fought so hard.

Metal clinked against the floor and Obi-Wan stood, “Might be early but it never hurts to rise with the sun.” It did when one was on medical leave. “And what would you do other than sleep this early?” Obi-Wan threw a smirk over his shoulder; “Oh, I’m sure we can come up with something.”

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Something was very wrong, the force was screaming at him to run...Even though it was only Count Dooku, a man he had faced before and the force hadn’t reacted this way. Their duel so far had been typical for them, so why? Why was the force attempting to get him to abandon this duel? Dooku suddenly darted to his left at speeds he had not previously shown and struck out with his lightsaber.

Obi-wan just barely blocked the strike, pain jolting down his arms. A cry of shock slipped out of his mouth, that was more powerful than any other strike the count had mustered before. Dooku didn’t smirk or say anything, he seemed completely intent on breaking past the lightsaber and it was unnerving, what had happened to the count to make him act in such a strange aggressive manner?

Again Dooku broke from his traditional fighting technique and shoved Obi-Wan with the force to the ground. Coming after the younger man, their blades locked so close to their faces that Obi-wan would have flinched if he had not become used to a saber that close. The body above Obi-wan felt fridged as if the count hadn’t been fighting for several minutes now...As if he had walked out of a blizzard. But, that couldn’t be the case. They were on a tropical planet, one that did not have blizzards or snow for that matter.

Dooku pushed his head to the side and there was a searing pain in the side of Obi-Wan’s neck, he convulsed attempting to throw the other man off of him but steel hands gripped him. Obi-wan shivered, his neck was numb but he could feel the count’s hair against his jaw. Was the man biting him? Dooku had never before physically attacked someone, just with his saber and the force, this was unlike the man and it was worrisome. Obi-wan trembled as his vision started to darken, he was going to pass out if he didn’t manage to get himself out of this. “Stop!” Dooku froze, before pulling back. Droplets of blood clinging to his beard, his eyes had gone from dark brown to a reddish brown. Nothing like the eyes of some Sith, nothing like Maul’s. But there was something dark in those eyes, something almost feral and ancient.

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The young man’s blood sang to Yan, and it was a sirens song. After having been attacked by a shadow in his own home he had ended up terribly ill, fever and chills. The medical droids seemed confused like someone had messed with them because they insisted that he didn’t have a heartbeat which was completely ludicrous. How could he be alive then? The droids were all very unhelpful, to the point he stopped listening to them.

Then came the hunger. Completely overwhelming him, so much to the point that he had intense pain in his stomach, no matter what he ate or how much he would only end up sick. It hadn’t made sense, still didn’t because the next time he was met with a flesh and blood person he attacked in a haze.

Attacked till his abnormal hunger subsided. He couldn’t believe it, how could he believe it? What had he become? Naturally, he got droids to dispose of the body and hunted in his library old tales, anything that might explain what he was...Nothing. Nothing spoke of a shadow being attacking people, causing those people to crave blood. To desire the life of another in such a fashion. The closest thing he found was the rather sketchy medical reports of the Anzati. A species that ate brains but also had no reported heartbeat… And beings that drained the energy of another, it didn’t say these ‘Energy Vampires’ drank blood, however.

That wasn’t exactly the same and that was a whole species of which he was not part of. So what had he become? He felt a pull the moment he’d seen Obi-Wan, the scent of the younger man driving him over a cliff he didn’t even know was there. He felt much younger, his body stronger than even his prime. The richness of Obi-Wan’s blood, the scent of fear...He’d almost killed the younger man and he couldn’t fathom how Obi-Wan had managed to pull him out of that lullaby.

The med-droids confirmed that if Obi-Wan hadn’t been brought to them he would have died by Exsanguination. Thankfully he wasn’t in danger anymore, unless attacked again...And he had to master himself, he wanted to drink from Obi-Wan again. Wanted to be pressed against that intense heat again, because drinking Obi-Wan’s blood had awakened a baser need in him and he hadn’t cuddled anything since he himself was a youngling.

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Luke had made plenty of questionable choices, but this one wasn’t even really his fault. How did one stop from crushing on others? And the man did have a certain amount of charisma, didn’t he? Han had his sister at any rate, and that was that. Or it should have been if it hadn’t been for his stupid heart. 

He liked Han Solo and it was a bothersome emotion because he wasn’t about to butt into Han and Leia’s relationship. They clearly loved each other, and it wasn’t like he couldn’t find someone else eventually. Someone he could love instead of this stupid little crush he had and eventually he would also get the Jedi back on their feet as well, it wouldn’t do to have what he’d had taught to him fade away.

With such lofty goals, he really couldn’t spare the time to dally like that anyway. Still, it kind of hurt to know that he had grown that close to Han and yet Luke knew Han and Leia were pretty much madly in love with each other. No matter how much they sometimes argued, they would always fall into sync with one another again, something told him that their love would transend time, that people centuries from now would know their names and wonder how such a powerful couple, a wonderful couple could ever have exsisted.

Who was he to add strife to something that clearly wasn't going to be broken? The force moved about him like a lazy lothcat and Luke sighed, it was only time that would melt away these petty and hurtful emotions. Rubbing at his face he realized he had stayed up far too late, Luke needed rest for the day to come and contimplating crushes and love was something he could meditate on when he wasn't crazy busy.

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He gasped sharply as hands tightened the cuffs around his wrist, binding them further against his back. This wasn’t like their other meetings, Yan had angered Sheev and anyone who made Sheev Palpatine angry wasn’t going to get away with whatever they did.

“What did you think you were doing my Apprentice? Attempting to murder me?” It had not been a murder attempt, a miscommunication perhaps but not an assassination attempt. “No Master, I didn’t authorize them to attempt to kill you. Only to try and kidnap you.” Force Lightning sang through his very being before Sidious decided to circle him like a predator. One so powerful Yan knew he had no choice but to bow down as much as that galled him.


“Would you ever attempt to kill me, my apprentice?” As much as he believed in what Sidious said, as much as he was truly Sidious’ apprentice, that act...Yan knew he would never attempt it, but was the question one he should answer truthfully? As a Sith, he had to practice what he was taught and Sidious followed the rule of two. If he wanted to become a master as Sidious was he would have to kill the man.


“No.” Sidious let out a disappointed sigh, a sound he’d heard too many times now. “Perhaps I should give you a reason to hate me? To want me dead?” Yan flinched away from those words, he was many things...Vicious, cruel, manipulative, and in tune with the dark side. But he was also weak. He cared about Sheev Palpatine even when the man didn’t care about him any more than as a means to an end, Yan wasn’t stupid. He knew, in the end, Sheev would betray him, and he would be dead.


No doubt Skywalker would be the new apprentice, perhaps even the one who kills him in the end. “Maybe Perhaps I was foolish to choose you as a worthy apprentice hm?” Dark eyes flickered gold for a second, a scowl on Darth Sidious’ face. “I am worth-” Pressure clamped down around his neck causing him to splutter. “You are not worthy! Pathetic! You are my apprentice and yet here you sit telling me you would forsake the rule of two so what? So that you could always be in my shadow? So that you could follow me like a lost loth-cat?” The pressure dropped from Yan’s neck and he gasped raggedly. He was no loth-cat, but at the same time...He wanted to be at Sidious’ side and the man was only using him as a pawn piece. Maybe it would be better if he just killed his ‘master’.  


“I hate you.” Sidious let out a startled laugh, “Good my Apprentice, maybe there’s hope for you yet!” No there wasn’t. Because Sidious had used him, at first he hadn’t known what this man really was and...And he was weak. But, not in a manner, Sidious would likely realize. As much as he could say he hated the man, he was also devoted...In love with an image that Sidious had built and then shattered as he revealed himself as a Sith Lord. Yan had agreed with Sidious that the Jedi order had to topple, but he could never kill his master thanks to his own traitorous heart.

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“Master please.” The quiet plea froze Yan where he stood. He knew that voice, he hadn’t heard it in weeks however and had never heard it call Sheev Palpatine Master either. Why would Obi-Wan call Sheev that in the first place? Sheev was not a Jedi and if Sheev had told Obi-Wan that he was a Sith Lord, Obi-Wan would have told the council and Sheev would have been arrested assuming he didn’t fight back.

Yan moved deeper into the apartment that Sheev called his home away from home. Yan crept towards sounds, Sheev was muttering something to Obi-Wan. It sounded almost soothing like Sheev was attempting to calm Obi-Wan. “Master I can’t. I can’t anymore.” There it was again, Obi-Wan calling Sheev master. Yan wanted. No, needed to know why Obi-Wan was calling Sheev Palpatine, Darth Sidious himself. Master.

Obi-Wan was nude and on his knees in the middle of Sheev’s bed, skin shimmering with sweat. Obi-Wan’s hands bound behind his back rope linking from his wrist to his neck and spreader bars keeping his ankles and knees apart. Seeing the young man in such a state was not what he had been expecting, how had Sheev managed to get Obi-Wan in this manner? “Master please, You said you would.” Sheev only smirked lavishly at Obi-Wan, as if he knew all the secrets and wouldn’t tell Obi-wan.

“And if I do?” Obi-Wan shivered; “Please, you told me if I did this you would leave Anakin alone.” This made absolutely no sense, It was obvious how Sheev wanted Skywalker as his apprentice. But he’d made some sort of deal with Obi-Wan? What was the nature of their deal? Was it, only sexual favors or was there something deeper going on here? “Perhaps my apprentice can help? Should I give him what he’s expecting Yan?” Yan swallowed, he had been certain that he was hiding in the force and yet Sheev could still sense him...Was it only their training bond that allowed the man to know or was there something more going on?

Yan stepped fully into the room and the dim lighting. Obi-Wan had closed his eyes with a whine when he realized what was happening. “I suppose that depends master, on what it is he has traded?” Sheev shrugged, allowing silence to reign. Obi-Wan shivered, eyes finally opening. “I would become an acolyte and he would stop attempting to make Anakin his new apprentice.” An acolyte, force above! Obi-Wan was a powerful Jedi and yet he was willing to forsake everything for Skywalker! The brat didn’t deserve the air he breathed let alone this kind of devotion.

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Obi-Wan was. All thoughts in Anakin’s head stopped for a moment at the shock of what he had discovered, Obi-Wan had always seemed like the perfect Jedi and yet was this attachment? Was his former master attached? Why else would he kiss someone? Attachment. Not that he could really judge Obi-Wan given his own attachment, but still...Why would Obi-Wan be attached to, it made no sense.

“Ani?” Padme was looking at him with worry, and he held her to him. “Sorry, just I found out something odd and it’s hard to wrap my mind around it.” Padme nodded and let out a breath. “I found out something today too that I think I need to share with you.” That. That didn’t sound good. “Oh?” She nodded and her delicate hands were against his chest where her head had been only a moment before. “I think the chancellor is blackmailing Obi-Wan.” Blackmail? But, was the kiss part of the deal then? “What do you mean?” Padme bit her lower lip, clearly thinking on how to word what she wanted to tell him.

"He’s been in the Senate building more than normal lately and I happened to overhear a conversation...Well, argument. Obi-Wan wasn’t happy with something and Palpatine said something along the lines of telling on Obi-Wan if he didn’t do what he’d been asked.” Well, that certainly sounded like blackmail and not at all like Sheev. But, did he really know the man? He seemed kind and what not but he was the chancellor. You couldn’t be nice and become the chancellor, or at least that was what Padme said and he could understand that. But, would he really be willing to blackmail Obi-Wan?

And what did Sheev Palpatine have on Obi-Wan that his former master would willingly allow physical favors such as kissing? “But, what could he possibly have? Obi-Wan hasn’t done anything that I know of.” Padme snorted; “You have the emotional maturity of a teaspoon Ani, you wouldn’t notice unless it smacked you in the face.” He scowled at her causing Padme to let out a little tinkering laugh. “He’s attached to Satine of course, but they both understand duty and so they would never do anything. And I’ve heard rumors about other times he’s had attachments, not to mention how much he cares about you.”

Cared about him? “I doubt that. He hardly seems to care at all.” Padme frowned; “Ani. When you two first were master and padawan, he was still grieving and trying his best to take care of you, how many times did he stay up with you when you had a nightmare? Or were sick, even if he wasn’t feeling very well himself?” She had him there, Obi-Wan had trouble taking care of himself, but not others.

“How many times did he defend you against the council, honestly Ani, he considers you a brother by the way he acts with you. An annoying and rather rash brother, but a brother all the same.” Padme was right, “He still doesn’t share everything.” Padme rolled her eyes; “I don’t share everything with you either and you don’t mistrust me.” Anakin frowned; “What do you mean you don’t share everything with me?” Padme snorted; “I didn’t share about my past with Rush, I haven’t told you about anyone else I liked when I was younger and I don’t share everything that happens in the Senate.” Okay, so he saw where his lovely wife was going with this. He might be a little slow on the uptake but that didn’t mean he couldn't figure things out from there!

“Okay, so how do you think we could get Obi-Wan to talk about being blackmailed?” Padme sighed, “By trusting him a little more than you have been Ani, you need to tell him the truth.” The truth could get him kicked out of the Jedi order. “What if he tells the rest of the Council about me breaking the code?” Padme placed a hand on his cheek. “You always knew you couldn’t have both Ani, we knew this and we still married. Are you regretting that choice now?” He shook his head; “I love you and nothing could change that, but I wish I didn’t have to give up being a Jedi.” and possibly losing all of Obi-Wan’s trust.

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The brat had spitfire he’d give Luke that. But, honestly, he really shouldn’t be having other thoughts about Luke that were most certainly not good. Han sighed and leaned up against one of the massive trees of Endor. So he had a thing for Leia and also apparently for Luke as well, Leia wouldn’t like that. Luke was her brother for god sake, and yet he couldn’t quite help it. It wasn’t wrong but Alderaan wasn’t known for polygamy and Leia might not understand why he would like both of them.

Honestly, he didn’t understand it himself, There were things about the siblings that both had, both were beautiful in their own ways also. Leia dark haired and fair, where her brother was sandy-haired. “Han?” Luke, of course, the younger man would come to find him. Who knew what he could read in the force about Han currently. “Hm?” He was still staring up at the sky, there wasn’t anything that interesting but how could he look at Luke considering where his head had been just a second ago?

“Not use to being on the ground?” He side-eyed Luke who had taken to looking at the stars himself. “I’m fine with my feet on the ground kid, just thinking is all.” Luke looked at him from the fringe of his bangs. “Deep thoughts?” He snorted, no. Crushes were not considered deep thoughts. “Wondering what will happen now. The Empire is still standing, but I don’t think it will stay that way for long with the Emperor dead.” Or Luke and Leia’s father. Luke nodded; “We’ll deal with that one step at a time.” Han nodded, sensible for the kid. He’d grown up a lot since they first met.

“I was planning on visiting an ancient Jedi temple if your not too busy it would be nice having someone I trust with me there.” He supposed it wouldn’t hurt to join Luke, maybe if he spent time with the young man he’d get over this stupid little crush. “Of course, sounds like fun, kid.” Luke’s smile lit up his face and he gibbered out a thank you before rushing off. That smile had put doubt into Han’s head about getting over his crush…

To Be Continued…

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The young man was quite beautiful hanging limply in his chains, a loin cloth covering his genitals and pale skin shimmering in the low lights, lined with Sith sigils in blood red. Not Kenobi’s blood, no that would make him too weak for the ritual. Blue-Green eyes finally opened and took in what was around him, he didn’t seem frightened. Jedi were so brave after all, they wouldn’t show fear. Wouldn’t breathe a word of it until they were broken and he would break this Jedi if it was the last thing he did.

“I see you’re awake master Jedi.” Yan seemed amused by Kenobi’s lack of reaction to seeing two figures looming in the fairly dark room he found himself in. “Your master I take it?” Kenobi was clearly interested in him, Sidious was the master after all and had for the most part remained hidden in the shadows. “You are going to die Kenobi, there is no one who will learn my masters identity.” Kenobi tilted his head as if the man was agreeing to my apprentices' words.

“I see, and what do you plan to do to me before you kill me? These symbols must mean something after all.” Sidious felt a dark glee sing in his veins, Yan hadn’t agreed at first and why would he? Yan distained anything he considered below him and rape would be certainly on that list. “We’re going to break you.” Kenobi snorted, “Tourture won’t get me to talk, but do try your worst.” The young man had no idea what was going to happen and it would ruin him, he might be on the council but how would he feel once the ritual was complete? His body used, his mind picked for information?

Yan strolled up the short stairs to loom over Kenobi, who really was only tied high enough so that his feet wouldn’t touch the ground unless he strained and even then only the tips of his toes would touch the cold stone below him. It amused him to see Yan hesitate, and why wouldn’t he hesitate? Yan actually cared about Kenobi in his own way, had tried to get the Jedi to side with him. Going so far as to tell Kenobi that Sidious was in the senate, yet Kenobi never seemed inclined to search for him and that was curious. Why would he choose not to look ever, did he bother to even tell the council what Yan had told him?

Kenobi gasped and Sidious looked up, the young man was shivering in his bonds as Yan stood behind him. “No.” Yes, and it would crush him! Kenobi’s next gasp was caught in his throat, his entire body trembling as he was penetrated, Yan actually looked uneasy, maybe even saddened by having to do this to Kenobi. Kenobi let out a rather animal sound, he didn’t seem to be in pain, however. He seemed far more focused than that, but why? What was it that he was doing?

“You're hurting yourself as much as me Dooku,” Kenobi said through clenched teeth, so he was in pain. Yan snarled and shoved more forcefully forward, Kenobi let out a choking sound and shook his head. “Oh force, if you're going to frip me to death at least don’t do it dry!” He was impressed with Kenobi, who knew that the man would have such resolve even in the face of something so vile? He had certainly underestimated the master Jedi. Yan’s teeth were bared in rage and in a move not even Sidious would have envisioned Yan bit down on Kenobi’s neck, causing the younger man not to scream but to moan. Yan was pleasuring him, not causing Kenobi pain…

Kenobi wasn’t a virgin then, as they had both suspected. No, it appeared not and he liked pain mixed with his pleasure it seemed as well. He was useless for this particular ritual then, it hadn’t been overly important and wouldn’t do any harm to leave undone. They had simply managed to get Kenobi in their hands by sheer, stupid, luck. Now he was learning more about Kenobi than perhaps he’d wanted to.

Did Kenobi like sex then? How often did he indulge and how could Sidious use that to his advantage? Yan pulled away clearly unnerved by what had transpired, Kenobi let out a whine of disappointment. Force above it wasn’t exactly what was planned at all, they had never expected Kenobi to be knowledgeable about sex let alone apparently be a masochist. Kenobi frowned, he couldn’t see behind himself as Yan stood, completely unsure of what to do next as he readjusted his clothing.

Sidious frowned, Kenobi was clearly at least half aroused by having been penetrated and bitten. “You enjoyed that didn’t you.” He harshly yanked Kenobi’s face to look down on and Kenobi’s eyes were blown, the younger man quickly licked at his dry lips. It wasn’t meant to be sexual, yet in this charged atmosphere it seemed to be. “I won’t deny I enjoy my partners biting me.” Partners, so he had been active and extremely secretive about it. Sidious let out a breath, it would be interesting to find those who could claim to be lovers with Kenobi. If only to find ways to exploit him.

“I confess I did not realize you had lovers.” Kenobi snorted; “Jedi are allowed very few things, alcohol and sex have never been banned outright but it is looked down at.” Yan nodded, confirming the truth of those words. “I am not suprised somehow, given Qui-Gon was your master and drank like a fish.” Kenobi snorted, “And had sex whenever it struck his fancy.” Yan frowned. “You?” Kenobi laughed brightly; “No, no he saw me as his padawan and very off limits, not to mention I think he thought of me as his son even if he was a terrible father figure.”

Yan managed a smile, Kenobi let out a soft sigh. “I suppose your ritual called for a virgin? Honestly, I’m far too old to be a virgin, though thanks to this god awful war I haven’t been able to partake lately of any of my vices.” That struck a cord because he was at their mercy and just about nude. Maybe they could use that against him? Yan pressed a hand to Kenobi’s hip, fingers curling with Kenobi’s body. Kenobi sighed; “I wouldn’t say no, as long as you use lube this time, honestly I’m surprised you didn’t rip something.” Yan tinged red and Sidious couldn’t help the laughter that spilled from his lips.

“You would allow a Sith to frip you?” Kenobi gave Sidious a coy grin. “I’d let both of you frip me for hours on end till I was raw and begging to come.” Sidious’ cock twitched with that interesting idea. “And in the end?” Kenobi smirked. “You’ll release me. If you do well enough I might be willing to be distracted from time to time for it.” Oh yes, that was an interesting proposal. Perhaps they would play, he might be willing but honestly, that was better. They could get him to come to them and out of their way at the same time.

“What would keep us from capturing you at any point and not giving you what you want?” Kenobi tilted his head. “What’s stopping you from fripping me for your own amusement, I’m sure it would amuse you to think of the Council’s opinion, not to mention the stress relief it would offer you.” The younger man had a point, it was awful stressful running both sides of the war and it wouldn’t hurt to have him at beck and call.

Kenobi ground his hips back against my apprentice, clearly, he was ready to be fripped and by the force was that an arousing sight? A master Jedi, a council member at that clearly attempting to get off as much as possible? Yan fit his hand around Kenobi’s throat and the younger man groaned. “I wish it wouldn’t come to my death in the end, I admit a rather dirty thought came to mind.” Sidious chuckled, it wouldn’t hurt to indulge the young man. “And what thought would that be?”

Kenobi gave a rather wicked grin. “Sucking you off under your desk, seeing just how far we can go before someone asks you if you're alright.” Desk? “And how do you know I have a desk?” Kenobi snorted; “Takes up most of the room doesn’t it?” What was he talking about, did he know? “Chancellor, wouldn’t it amuse you? To have me sucking you off in your office while you talk to someone, that person completely unaware of what exactly was going on?”

“You knew? Does the rest of the council know?” Kenobi snorted, eyes crinkling with amusement, “No, and why would I tell anyone? No one would believe me, literally no one. Even if I somehow managed to find proof no one would believe me, they would say I was being tricked, that I was a fool for even believing that about you.”

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This couldn’t be real, Snips couldn’t be… “Why Ahsoka? Why would you fall! You could have come to me, I could have helped you!” Ahsoka sighted. “I’m sorry master, but I learned a long time ago not to trust the council or you. You are unstable my master, you care too much.”

That didn’t mean that she couldn’t trust him! “Why Ahsoka!” She shifted, eyes sad even while Sith gold, they weren’t sickly like they had been when The Brother had corrupted her. “Because he opened my eyes to the truth and because I love my master. He’s been so good to me, I know that you tried to but he was always going to be a better teacher than you.” What was she talking about? “Dooku? Did he teach you?”

Ahsoka shook her head, an amused quirk to her lips. “Nope, though he’ll be sorry when we finally catch up to him and his master.” She tilted her head and Anakin noticed a dark figure in the doorway. He snarled at the figure, who was this? But Obi-Wan pushed his hood back. “Oh good you’re both together, that would have made this rescue a little harder if you hadn’t been.” Thank the force, Obi-Wan could help him sort out Ahsoka! But her eyes had gone back to their normal color.

“Yep, I was just about to free skyguy!” Obi-wan gave a small tip of his head and Ahsoka released him from the shackles. He would have to tell Obi-wan once they got away from Zygerria. They made their way to the throne room, Scintel was being choked by Dooku who looked utterly surprised by the saber that was suddenly at his neck.

“I will kill her.” Ahsoka snorted, and Dooku’s brows went up. Had Ahsoka’s eyes gone gold again? If Dooku found out that she was Sith and attempted to recruit her… “What?” Dooku blurted out as Ahsoka laughed. What had she said? Obi-Wan was suddenly behind Dooku and clamped an inhibitor around his neck before Ahsoka smashed the hilt of her saber into his face.

Dooku crumpled to the floor, clutching a possible broken nose. “Ahsoka, you didn’t need to break his face.” Ahsoka shrugged, her body language at odds with what she spoke next; “Sorry, I thought it would be best if he couldn’t do anything.” Obi-Wan shook his head and roughly yanked Dooku’s hands behind his back and cuffed them. “Anakin check on the queen would you?”

He’d been frozen, utterly unable to do anything. Anakin let out a harsh breath and went to Scintel’s side, she wasn’t breathing...The force was empty of her presence even, Dooku had killed her. “She’s dead.” Obi-Wan let out a breath. “That is unfortunate.” Understatement of the year. “Well, we should get out of here. Count where is your ship?” Dooku looked away blood still flowing down his face. It wouldn’t do to let him bleed out, even if he deserved it. Anakin walked to him and held out a thin scrap of cloth that the queen had handed him earlier and Dooku seemed almost grateful as he gently placed his nose in it. Anakin wiped the blood off his face.

“I would not have expected kindness from you Skywalker.” Ahsoka looked unimpressed but she shouldn’t look so...Sith. “My padawan shouldn’t have hit you in the face in the first place, but if you don’t want a bunch of angry people attempting to kill us all you should tell us where your ship is.” Dooku sighed; “Privet landing pad, not far from here.” Anakin nodded and helped Dooku stand. While he didn’t personally like the man who took his arm he couldn’t stand the predatory look Ahsoka was giving him either. Obi-Wan looked positively surprised at the kindness though and he would explain it to Obi-Wan once he got his former master alone.



He was impressed with Skywalkers calm demeanor, had he managed to finally master himself or had something else happened? And his padawan...What had happened to make Ahsoka Tano, Skywalkers precious padawan turn to the dark side to the point her eyes glowed gold with the power of the dark side? “It will be a shame to tell the council that you fought so hard that we had no choice but to kill you.”

He froze at the icy words delivered from the mouth of his grand-padawan. Dooku looked up and gasped at Kenobi’s appearance, “You’re her master, aren’t you.” Kenobi smirked, golden eyes bright with amusement. “Yes, Ahsoka was meant to be my padawan and the council took her away from me. Gave her to Anakin because they thought it would be better if I wasn’t distracted by having a padawan even though they had told me I had permission to have one.”

He didn’t follow, however, “If that was the case, how have you turned her down the dark path?” Obi-Wan snorted. “Because I was as much her master as Anakin, but she liked me better. My teaching style suited her better and then she found out what I was, completely accidentally, I assure you. She wanted to learn from me though rather than report me when I explained to her why I had turned to the dark side.”

Obi-Wan Kenobi was Sith, but why was he Sith? It was so utterly unlike him to even be tempted by the dark side. “Why did you turn me away all those years ago, how long after that did you turn?” Obi-Wan shook his head. “I was Sith long before that. Qui-Gon saw you use force lightning once when he was your padawan and he was fascinated with it. Wanted it for himself honestly, he taught me the ways of the Sith when he realized he failed to teach Xanatos how to be a Jedi. Figured that if he was going to take me on as his Padawan he would teach me to be both Jedi and Sith as he was.”

Qui-Gon...And then he had been killed. “Revenge is what fueled you when you killed Maul.” Obi-Wan laughed; “Killed Maul did I?” Dooku reeled back, what did the younger man mean? “Didn’t you?” Obi-Wan chuckled, bright gold eyes amused. “No, I didn’t.” But, why wouldn’t he have murdered the one who killed his master? “You hid the fact that he lived, but he never returned to his master…” Obi-Wan nodded a wicked grin on his face; “Keep going, I know you can figure it out Master Dooku.”

The logical conclusion then was that Obi-Wan had kept Maul alive to torture. But, Obi-Wan was Sith and would seek power. Still could mean torture, but it also meant he might know as much as Maul did about Sidious. “You tortured him for information.” Obi-wan shook his head, in what appeared to be disappointed. “No, I didn’t torture him to get information about Sidious. I offered him freedom, he had been badly abused by Sidious after all, why would he want to stay with a master he knew would only kill him in time? Why not take a master who would teach him properly?”

Oh, force! “Qui-Gon is still alive.” Obi-Wan nodded; “It was a good trick, everyone, thought Maul and Qui were dead and they were free to explore the dark side to their heart’s content. Of course, I would visit when I could, learn what they could offer me before I had to leave.” Four sith, there were four Sith that his master did not control. “What will you do now that you have me?”


Anakin waited for Ahsoka to fall asleep, it would be a while yet before they reached the temple and he could talk to Obi-Wan about what had happened. He nibbled his lower lip, how had he not seen the signs that Ahsoka had fallen? “Anakin?” He turned and let out a breath of relief, Obi-Wan would know what to do, he was as much Ahsoka’s master as he was. “I found out something terrible, I need help.” Obi-Wan frowned and laid a hand on Anakin’s shoulder.

“Anything Anakin, what is it?” Obi-Wan sent calming waves in the force to him and he soaked them up. “Ahsoka admitted to me that she was Sith.” Obi-Wan cursed as Anakin had never heard before. “Are you certain Anakin? She could be a danger to-” They both felt the lurch in the force and suddenly Anakin couldn’t feel the Count anymore. “Oh force!” Anakin ran full pelt to where they had stashed Dooku to find Ahsoka standing over him, a look of malicious glee on her face. “Ahsoka!” Obi-Wan cried out and she started, eyes wide, her lower lip quivering. Her eyes weren’t gold currently but that didn’t mean anything. “I didn’t… I didn’t mean to, he tried to take my lightsaber!”

Obi-Wan knelt at the older man’s side. “He’s gone. Ahsoka what were you thinking coming near him? You knew he was dangerous?” Obi-Wan asked as he stood, eyes utterly locked on Ahsoka. Anakin could feel Ahsoka’s fear, her irritation. “He had to die.” Obi-Wan took a step back nearly into Anakin and Anakin flinched when he felt a sharp pain in his side. He looked down but nothing was poking him… He shivered, suddenly feeling unwell. “Obi-Wan.” The man turned to him and caught Anakin in his arms. “I don’t feel so well?” Obi-Wan nodded. “It will pass.” and Anakin fainted in Obi-Wan’s arms.


Chapter Text

It started with darkness. A siren that beckoned to lost sailors and then drowned them in the depths, he had known since he’d been a padawan that sweet and bitter taste of the dark. The tang of his master’s force lightning setting him on a path he wouldn’t choose for others, a path he hadn’t meant to lead his own padawan down.

But, Obi-Wan was beautiful in his fury and terrifying. That had started his attraction to the young man, his padawan, apprentice, student. Qui-Gon knew it was wrong to lust for Obi-Wan but how could you deny beauty when it was so clear and innocent? How could you when you knew you were corrupting it and it was succulent?

Then they met Maul, Maul who was powerful yet so very broken. “Let’s keep him?” Obi-Wan asked, a look on his face that spoke of his wish to free his master from the order. Qui-Gon knew Obi-Wan had seen the strain that had started to grey his hair, the lines that were starting to form and how his eyes sometimes turned red-gold much like Maul’s even when Qui-Gon was attempting to hide his darkness.

Qui-Gon shifted, his beautiful young apprentice groaning in irritation as he woke. “Master it’s too early to be awake.” He snorted at the whine in Obi-Wan’s tone. “Maybe not to get up, but certainly for other things.” He licked a stripe up Obi-Wan’s neck causing the other man to quiver with a moan, his nude body pressing closer. Qui-Gon grinned, it wasn’t often that they were able to share a bed, let alone luxuriate in carnal desires early in the morning.

“Qui-Gon please.”

Chapter Text

Anger burned in her eyes, like a dark fire-storm sucking up all the air from his lungs. His angel, his wife...She wasn’t an angel, she was the devil. Had he known, had he been aware of what she had really been could he have done anything for her?

Sheev had once told him that pain and suffering were what made a Sith, and the more pain and suffering they went though the more powerful they were. Sheev had gone through so much thanks to his family and his master, it had made him truly magnificent in the force if not a dark shroud that blanketed Anakin’s senses and yet even he was blindsided by Padme being not only force sensitive but also a Sith Lord.

They had been friends for years, how had Sheev not seen the truth of her? How had Anakin not seen it either? The woman he had grown to be infatuated with was not the real woman, the woman who would bare his children was going to murder him if the look on her face was anything to go on.

“And exactly how long has this been going on?” She hissed, darkness lurking in her voice as much as it did in her aura currently. “Padme…” She curled her fingers into a fist and the air left his lungs, hot pain choking him as surely as her use of the force on him. “Palpatine, my friend, how long have you been seducing my husband, the father to my children?”

Sheev’s jaw dropped, blue eyes darkened with pain. “You, Anakin?” Anakin’s stomach dropped into his feet, as much as he wanted to deny it, that he only loved Sheev...He could not deny that he had been in a romantic relationship with Padme.

Padme laughed brightly, at odds with the situation and yet it wasn’t the kindly laugh she had always had, no this was something darker and much more amused then it should have been. “You knew the rumors, of course we were lovers you silly old man. Of course he loves me, after all I’m his angel. Your nothing Palpatine, just a lecherous old man who wants something he can never have.”

Tears glistened in Sheev’s eyes as Padme finally let Anakin go, Anakin sucked in much needed oxygen and watched as Sheev’s trembling form collapsed into a chair. “Kill me then, for daring to touch the sun.” Padme shook her head a glint of danger in those terrible eyes. “Oh but it would be so much more fun to leave you alive wouldn’t it? Let the pain eat at you from your insides? Anakin can never truly be yours, how could you be so foolish to believe he could ever love a monster like you?”

But that wasn’t true, Sheev had changed since they had started their affair. He was no longer endlessly cold and ruthless. No longer quite the Sith Lord he had been, and all thanks to the love he shared with Anakin. Anakin loved him as surely as two suns rose in the tatooine skies, as there was rain on Naboo. While he still loved his wife, he was no longer in love with her and now that he knew she must have been manipulating him how could he love her? “I want a divorce Padme, you don’t really love me and I cannot love you anymore.”

Chapter Text

There is no emotion, there is peace.

Only Obi-Wan couldn’t find peace currently, because he had finally realized that Dooku hadn’t been lying after all. Sith in the senate, why hadn’t he bothered to look before? Palpatine was the Sith Master and everyone was blind to it, blind to the man who pretended to be good and just but really was a puppet master, controlling both sides of the war.

Obi-Wan shivered, Anakin was no doubt being manipulated by Palpatine...But that meant that he couldn’t tell Anakin or Anakin would blow up in his face. Obi-Wan ran a wary hand down his face, Anakin would say that he was making things up, that he was wrong. How could Palpatine be a Sith Lord after all? He took a deep breath, they would need evidence. If there was none, others would acuse the order of making things up and with the way people were starting to view the order...That could destroy them.

No, Obi-Wan couldn’t tell anyone. But he also couldn’t allow Palpatine to keep corrupting Anakin, he had spent so many years doing that to Anakin. Who knew how close Anakin was to falling for the Sith Lords plans whatever they might be? And what was his main goal? Palpatine had power, he was playing both sides of the war. What could he gain from it?

Sinister thoughts crept up on Obi-Wan, what if Palpatine meant to keep all the power he had currently? What if his main goal was to be permanently chancellor, becoming an emperor of sorts? Pain tightened his throat at the thought. Because if that was a goal than what did he want with Anakin? To have him as an apprentice, or an accolade?

Obi-Wan let out a sigh and flew into another kata, all these thoughts coming forward. Swamping him and his heart hurt, how could he have let Anakin down so badly as to allow him to be swayed by a Sith Lord? Obi-Wan bared his teeth in barely restrained anger, how could he have been so stupid? He couldn’t allow Palpatine to control Anakin any more, he had to do something! Obi-Wan released his rage, there was nothing he could do about the past.

Chapter Text

Helplessly he allowed the cloaked figure to pull him up off of the thin mat he had been using as a bed, his round belly causing him to stumble, the figure seemed to be unmoved by his troubles and why would it? It was apparently his new master and why would they care about a pregnant slave? Perhaps his new master would gleefully kick him repeatedly in the stomach to the point his body would abort the child.

The figure pulled on him and forced him to walk, other slaves were looking on, some with thinly veiled sadness and others with gleeful grins. He’d made friends and enemies with his time here, but clearly, it didn’t matter anymore. Not when he was already sold off to the next master who would do horrible and unspeakable things to him as the last several masters had done. “Calm yourself, slave, I have no need for an emotional chit.” The vocoder gave the being a cold and unfeeling tone, but were they perhaps Force-sensitive? When was the last time he’d met someone force sensitive, years at least.

The figure led him to a ship and shoved him into a small room. The door locking behind him, it held a small bed and another door, which opened to a refresher...When was the last time he’d allowed to clean? More than just a hose down that he and the other slaves had been subjected to? Qui-Gon groaned at the feel of cleanliness and loathed to place on his old rags. He had no choice in the matter unless he wanted his master to think he was a whore through and through.

The door slid open and a young boy no older than six or seven looked up at him, wide blue eyes taking in the fact that the man he had come face to face with was much bigger than him and very pregnant. “I was asked to bring you.” He nodded and followed the sandy-haired boy, the boy looked fairly healthy. Not in perfect health but not in terrible condition, perhaps their master was kind enough to make sure everyone had enough food and clothing. What else did their master do, however?

The boy led Qui-Gon into a kitchen, a man with long golden red hair was facing away at a heating unit cooking something that smelled divine. No doubt for their master, “Here sit.” The young boy pulled out a chair, but Qui-Gon had been tricked before and wouldn’t do anything of the sort. He groaned as he knelt on the floor, the boy flustered and fluttered around him. The cloaked figure entered the kitchen and stopped near the redhead. “I will not treat you as a slave, you are not. Sit in a chair like a proper Jedi if you would.”

Qui-Gon stiffened, how had this entity known? “I don’t know what you're talking about.” The red-head visibly froze, a spoon splashing into the food he’d been preparing and swiftly turned, a cry on his lips. “Qui-Gon!” The red-headed man...His padawan! “Obi-Wan!” He had prayed to the force that Obi-Wan would not be made to suffer as he had, that Obi-Wan had been killed rather than live the life of a slave...Yet here he was, a slave.

They hugged, and force was it odd to have Obi-Wan back in his arms? He wasn’t even sure how long they had been separated for, how could this have happened? How could he have been so weak as to allow their capture, tears streamed down his face. Shame turning his gut, Obi-Wan must have noticed something because he pulled away, “Qui-Gon!” He was hurried to the sink where he lost the meager broth he had eaten earlier in the day.

When Qui-Gon was next aware of his surroundings he was in a warm, soft bed. Heat pooling at his side, he turned his head and let out a sigh of relief, Obi-Wan. This was real he had his padawan back, but that also meant that Obi-Wan was also a slave and they could be torn apart eventually, again. “He was really worried about you.” The young blue-eyed boy again. Qui-Gon tried to speak but his throat was dry, the young boy leaped towards him grabbing a cup that had been sitting next to the bed. He took small sips before trying to speak again. “I worried about him as well.”

The boy smiled; “I’m Anakin, Anakin Skywalker.” He smiled back at the boy, at least they seemed very well cared for. Their master allowed certain things, names, freedom from physical chains. No doubt this boy and Obi-Wan had chips in them that prevented them from certain things. “What do you call your master?” Anakin tilted his head; “Xan isn’t really our master… He freed us from the slaver Watto who had us.” Freed? How could that possibly be true? “What do you mean?” Anakin blinked and suddenly looked meek.

“Anakin, leave us would you?” Obi-Wan asked softly, Anakin nodded and rushed off. “Qui-Gon, we need to talk.” He sat and Obi-Wan curled into his side, “What did he mean freed?” Obi-Wan sighed; “I was sent away from you and… And eventually, I was sold to a slaver who had Anakin and his mother Shimi… Shimi was killed in an unfortunate accident, and Watto. Watto must have loved her dearly because he could no longer look at Anakin and I. So he sold us, thankfully the one who bought us intended to free us.”

Had they really been freed, however? “Then why are you still with them?” Obi-Wan shifted, his blue-green eyes bright with tears. “I told him about you, and we had to free you as soon as we could. It took us over three years to track you down, I’m so sorry we didn’t get you sooner.” How could Obi-Wan be sorry? “I got you into this mess Obi-Wan, it’s my fault that this happened to you.” Obi-Wan snorted. “Master it wasn’t your fault, we didn’t know what would happen to us. How could we have?”

Qui-Gon couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “How can you say that? I ruined us! I ruined your life! You would have been a Jedi Knight by now and I ruined it!” He shoved away from Obi-Wan and curled into a corner, he couldn’t do this. Qui-Gon shivered as cool fingers found their way into his hair. “It’s alright Qui-Gon, he isn’t hurt anymore. Obi-Wan isn’t a slave anymore.”

Bile traveled up his throat, hands quickly helped him up and into the small refresher. Those same hands holding his hair out of his face as he helplessly spat up stomach acid and the small amount of water he was able to take. Dazed he felt someone pick him up and place him in bed again, a cool cloth pressed against his forehead. Soft voices spoke over his head and he drifted into sleep...


Qui-Gon woke, the boy. Anakin laying next to him, a datapad held limply in one hand and the other clinging to the sheets. Someone had stripped him of his clothes and replaced them with finer things, actual clothes rather than the rags he’d had on. Standing on wobbly legs he slowly made his way out of the room, he had to see Obi-Wan again. Just so he knew it wasn’t a fever dream, that his padawan was here and alive.

He followed the scent of tea into the kitchen and found a dark-haired man whose back was to him speaking to Obi-Wan who was actually smiling at the man. “I know, but is he really ready to deal with that whole bag of rancors?” They were talking about him, of course, they were. “Perhaps padawan you should allow me to be the judge of that.” Obi-Wan started and glanced at their master, he couldn’t believe this man had actually freed them. He had to be lying to Obi-Wan to appease him for some reason.

“Sit, you shouldn’t be standing in your condition.” Obi-Wan eyed his midsection, Qui-Gon placed a hand on his stomach with an irritated growl but chose to sit all the same. Obi-Wan was right, he couldn’t stand much these days. Qui-Gon looked up at their master and felt as if all the air had been ripped from his lungs as silvery eyes met his. “Xanatos.”

Chapter Text

Obi-Wan hadn’t seen those silvery eyes in years, long before he had become a knight. But the face was different, she was beautiful like her father. After all who else had those bright eyes that spoke of amused knowledge that they were the better person? “Who are you?” Anakin asked, agitation coloring his voice and the young woman smirked at them.

“Mirami Du Crion, daughter to Xanatos Du Crion, Princess of Telos four and second in the line of ascension.” Her voice was smooth, like velvet. She held herself with the poise I had seen on countless royalty before her and many that I would meet after. A shimmer in the force caught Obi-Wan by surprise, she was hiding something of herself from them.

“Xanatos died many years ago.” Mirami snorted and flicked her head to the side to get long raven locks off of her face. “Did he? Honestly master Kenobi, you know how he operated. How many back-door plans he always seemed to have at his fingertips why would that day be any different?”

She didn’t understand but one could hardly fault her for that since she had not been there that day Xanatos had taken his own life. But, she didn’t look very old. Maybe old enough to have been just an infant when her father joined the force but not any older than that.

"You will never have the satisfaction of killing me, Qui-Gon Jinn. And I will never submit to anyone's laws. Your hate drove you, though you won't admit it. You destroyed me because you could not save me. I am your biggest failure. Live with that. And live with this."

Xanatos’ words had hurt Jinn, and he had lived with it for the rest of his life. “Your brother tried to lure me from the Jedi.” Mirami’s brow rose at Anakin’s words, “And Granta learned from that mistake.”

Chapter Text

Dawn rose, the sun providing warmth against the chill of what was considered Coruscants’ winter. A year, he had survived a whole year without his master. Not only survived but taken on the final task his beloved master had given him...Now only if that task would behave properly, but he was expecting too much from the young boy. Anakin had grown quite a bit since Obi-Wan had taken him on.

“You’re thinking too hard again dearheart.” Obi-Wan snorted, of course, his lover would wake to his thoughts. “I just realized it’s been a year since…” Raven hair cascaded over his shoulder as a tender kiss was planted on his bare skin. Comfort radiating from the man. “It will only get easier with time, of course, it would shock you to know so much time has already passed.”

He sighed and turned to face Xanatos. “Yet at one time I thought you were dead.” Xan snorted, batting away a hand attempting to brush aside his long raven locks. “Yes, but it’s not the same as actually being dead.” Curt and to the point, as everything dealing with Qui-Gon often was.

“It hurt you too.” Xanatos’ face contorted as he attempted to control himself. “Yes,” Xanatos whispered. “It hurts me too.” Obi-Wan couldn’t say anything, only offer comfort. After all, what could he say that would take that hurt away? Not when he had become a part of that hurt, a part of the rage Xan had felt towards their master? "But, I've come a long way from that desperate boy who wanted to hurt his former master for doing something that was right...My father was a monster and I just didn't want to see it...I had to become a monster myself to truly understand why it happened, but it didn't help...It only made me hate Qui-Gon more." 

But now he didn't have to hate, Qui-Gon had died...It had been Obi-Wan's fault, so if anything Xanatos should be mad at him, not become his lover...He shouldn't even be Xanatos' lover, he was a Jedi but...But, this was making Xanatos better. Less likely to strike out at others and that was worth it. If he could heal at least one person than breaking a rule was worth it.

"Take a shower with me?" Obi-Wan smiled; "Are you trying to seduce me?" Xan snorted; "I think I already did that, but if you need further attention I will gladly give it to you." 


Chapter Text

Darts had wanted to kill this Jedi, but something stirred in his gut as he pressed the Jedi against the desk, Kenobi’s eyes widen as he struggled to breathe. He hardly noticed the holoprojector or the droids words. But, Kenobi seemed almost panicked about it, as if he had expected Darts to pay more attention to the message the droid had than the fight.

Darts shoved the man’s head harshly against the desk, dazing Kenobi and that gave Darts time to take out a flechette from his jacket, normally he would place it in the gun designed for it but there was no time and it wouldn’t be useless if he stabbed the Jedi with it. It would put the most stubborn of beings to sleep and Jedi could not purge it from their system as they could some drugs.

It was far too potent for that. He smirked in satisfaction as the drug was flushed into Kenobi’s system, the man realizing too late what the sting of the dart could have meant. The count had wanted Kenobi alive, but it didn’t mean he had to give the man Kenobi immediately, he could take his time. Kenobi let out a whine as he fought the drug, slowly succumbing to its effects. “Secure the tower, I am taking Kenobi to the count.”

The droids all agreed, He picked Kenobi up and made his way to the elevator. Now that Darts was thinking clearly, it had been obvious. Kenobi had been a distraction, there had to be others disarming the bombs so his time was very limited.

Hefting the Jedi in his arms he quickened his stride. This was one gift he would not like to let go anytime soon, he was practically charging his ship Tecora. as he got to it. He placed Kenobi in the co-pilot chair and started the ship up. Darts would not allow himself to be captured and he wouldn’t want anyone to snatch Obi-Wan Kenobi from his grasp so quickly either. He glanced at Kenobi as they cleared the atmosphere, Jedi weren’t supposed to be quite that alluring… He had been taught that they were all ugly monsters that had destroyed an empire.

Darts prepared Tecora for hyperspace and made sure they were not yet being followed. He wanted time to explore Kenobi, make the Jedi his in a manner he hadn’t thought he’d want with a Jedi. But, Kenobi was fierce and beautiful and would break wonderfully on his cock. He shifted in his seat and pulled Kenobi into his lap, smirking triumphantly as Tecora went into hyperspace.

Kenobi’s body limp in his lap was just as thrilling, he wanted to take this man, this Jedi and mold Kenobi to his will. Darts pulled open Kenobi’s tunic and tossed it to the side, he wouldn’t need any clothes. He groaned as he looked down at the man, yes. He would take Kenobi and he would make Kenobi like it. Darts stripped Kenobi and smirked. He knew exactly what he would do to this Jedi.

He leaned forward, Kenobi smelled of sweat, incense, and musk. He nudged Kenobi’s thighs apart and took his penis in hand. Darts hadn’t had many humans, simply because the few he had had also been ripped open because they couldn’t be still when he was using them to warm his cock. He always enjoyed the feeling of having a warm body around his cock, enjoyed the power he had on the subject of his lust.

He licked along Kenobi’s phallus, humming as he got his first real taste of this Jedi. Yes, Kenobi would make a wonderful bed slave. He tasted good, looked good, although his body hair would have to go. Darts liked his slaves to be free of hair on their chest and genitals, however, he wouldn’t mind seeing what Kenobi would look like with long hair and his beard gone. Would he look like a proper sex slave?

Darts chuckled, yes. Perhaps he would look good with long hair and jewels to adorn his skin, pale skin dusted with shimmer and maybe even a ring of gold dangling from a nipple. Or he could take the Jedi to one of his warmer homes, where the sun would make his skin golden and he would make the man walk around nude, except for a lovely golden hoop with an emerald gem dangling from either a nipple or his cock.

He took Kenobi into his mouth and suckled gently avoiding using his teeth. He would do that when Kenobi was awake and squirming underneath him. Kenobi’s body tensed as Darts took it to the brink and over. Salty sperm coating his mouth as he swallowed as much of it down as he could. A small trickle escaping his mouth and down his chin, wiping it away he stood. He had things to prepare before Kenobi woke...

Cold air caressed his chest, Obi-Wan went to lift his arm only to find it wouldn’t obey him. He snapped awake as his mind caught up. He’d been knocked out by D’Nar… He glanced at his wrist. It was tied to an arm of a chair, both of them were. He felt an odd fullness in his pelvis and squirmed, attempting to alleviate it. A hand wrapped around his neck from behind him. “Be still.” He froze, what was happening? Something shifted behind him...Someone, he’d been tied to a chair with another underneath him. “If you move too much my barbs will no doubt dig deeper inside of you, causing you a great deal of...Discomfort.” Barbs? “Wha?”

D’Nar laughed, “Zygerrian male anatomy is a bit different from yours. You don’t have penile spines to keep whatever your fucking from running away.” The situation was becoming a bit more clear as the drugs were leaving his system and allowing him more coherency. D’Nar...He’d. He was. Obi-Wan’s mind shifted away from the thought, “I thought you wanted to kill me.” D’Nar snorted. “In hindsight that was rather foolish of me, I greatly enjoyed our fight and I enjoyed pressing you against that desk. So perhaps I don’t wish to kill you anymore.”

D’Nar would rather rape him in other words. He had to escape, he had to get away from D’Nar and back to the others. He glanced up and felt hope melt away, they were in hyperspace. Where were they going?

D’Nar pressed his pelvis up and Obi-Wan shivered at the feeling of a cock pressing deeper into his body. “Stop.” D’Nar snorted, “You feel good like this little Jedi, besides I can’t currently. My barbs are no doubt latched on inside of you. I would cut you to ribbons if I tried to withdraw now.” He had no way to escape otherwise either. Not with his wrist tied to the chair, he glanced down and gasped refocusing on his chest.

“I shaved you yes, I prefer my pets to be less hairy. Your balls were quite difficult to shave.” Outrage filled his chest, how dare this man touch him, force things on him that he wouldn’t want? “And what will you do with me now?” D’Nar laughed, “Before you woke I was simply using you to warm my cock, but now that you're awake? Perhaps I’ll fuck you senseless?” D’Nar pressed upwards with his last word causing Obi-Wan to gasp, D’Nar had pressed up into his prostate, a spark of unwanted pleasure coursing through his veins.

“Either way I’ll have to come inside of you for us to separate, conceivably you’ll learn to enjoy it before I’m done.” That was never going to happen, he would never bow to this beast of a man, Obi-Wan was a Jedi first and foremost and would never allow himself to stay in D’Nar’s hands. “And what of the count, did he not task you with bringing any Jedi to him?” D’Nar snorted, “I might have said that if it were possible I would bring him one. But, I won’t be giving you to him. You’re mine now and I’m not about to give you to that foolish old man.”

And D’Nar shoved more firmly against him, the spines of D’Nar’s cock raking against his insides a few rubbing against his prostate, Obi-Wan clenched his eyes shut focusing on breathing so that he didn’t pass out. Sweat beading along his brow as he attempted to tune out what D’Nar was doing to him. Suddenly his head was jerked back and D’Nar bit into his neck with a feral snarl. Obi-Wan cried out as he felt hot sperm rush inside of him, D’Nar pumping erratically at the core of him as he rode out the man’s orgasm. Obi-Wan slumped against the man, exhausted by their activities.

“Hm, perhaps I was wrong about you. You are far stronger than many others, most would have ejaculated under my ministrations.” A warm hand clasped around Obi-Wan’s penis and stroked him, “N. No.” D’Nar let out a breath, his hand gentle in its task. “It will hurt the longer you stay this way.” What did the slaver care for his comfort? Clearly, he hadn’t cared at all before this point! “Stop it, let me go!” He struggled against his bindings and the body behind him, The hand around him squeezed and he stilled. “Behave and I will let you up.” He convulsed as D’Nar loosened his grip and continued on. It felt good but this wasn’t something he was going to just submit to, he was not going to be a slave to this man.

D’Nar didn’t relent until he came, his body unable to deny its instincts. His wrists were unbound and Obi-Wan’s limp body was carried to a refresher. D’Nar was careful in his ministrations, He hadn’t expected the man to show any sort of kindness, perhaps this was how he got others to obey him, by showing them some kindness before hurting them again and again. He felt fingers at his hole and flinched away. “No.” D’Nar snorted, “I’m not going to fuck you again just yet, you have to be cleaned out. I’m not going to just leave your insides painted white.” Obi-Wan flushed at the Zygerrian’s words, no he wouldn’t want that either, that didn’t mean he wanted D’Nar’s clawed fingers anywhere near him though.

Obi-Wan struggled to remain calm as fingers stretched him open, liquid seeping out. D’Nar cleaning him with a single-minded focus, “I find it soothing to clean my lovers or slaves, that’s why I know how to do this without causing you pain.” He jolted from his thoughts at those words. “You...You would practice aftercare even on your slaves?” D’Nar’s dark golden eyes glanced at him. “It makes a more willing slave, once they understand that in the long run you don’t want to hurt them but will if the need arises.”

Obi-Wan had underestimated this man, yes he was a cruel slave master and yes he was still a horrible person. But, there were layers to that awfulness. “Who taught you to be like that?” D’Nar sighed; “My master. I was a slave once, it’s a right of passage in some parts of Zygerria, to live the life of a slave for three years.” Obi-Wan hadn’t heard of that, but that didn’t mean that the culture as a whole wouldn’t have hidden that part of their customs. “How old were you?” D’Nar hummed as he began washing Obi-Wan’s genitals and abdomen. “Thirteen.” So from the age of thirteen to sixteen Darts D’Nar had been a slave to a master who had used him to clean up other slaves or had cleaned him up after using his body.

“Why then would you still be a slaver?” D’Nar laughed, eyes bright with amusement. “Because that was what I was born for, trained for. I enjoy my slaves, enjoy collecting them, that doesn't mean I can’t also enjoy the process of taking care of them after fucking their brains out.”



Duroon was too hot, why would a Zygerrian suffer this kind of muggy heat? Dooku swiped his brow, he was going to kill Darts D’Nar for killing Obi-Wan rather than capture him, the man hadn’t even hidden very well. Zygerria was not far away and he often would visit the queen, it had been almost child's play to follow the man here.

The compound that D’Nar had here was perched on a cliff face, sleekly built it would be the pride of any sentient. He would destroy it after he strangled D’Nar with his bare hands, He had been furious to find out that Obi-Wan had disappeared when D’Nar evaded capture, only to find out from the Zygerrian queen that D’Nar had offhandedly mentioned killing Obi-Wan to escape.

Dooku heard laughter as he approached the building, his senses not warning him of any traps or watching eyes. D’Nar walked onto a balcony not far from his position, Dooku slid behind a tree. The force bidding him wait and watch. D’Nar wore only pants, a glass in his hand. “Come, the sun will set soon.” Dooku froze as a lithe figure joined D’Nar, long reddish-brown hair down to his thighs and a white loincloth that showed off smooth hips but was long in both the front and back, also showing just how tanned Obi-Wan had gotten since he’d last seen the man. Obi-Wan hadn’t died...D’Nar had lied, he had lied and taken Obi-Wan as his slave.

D’Nar ran his hand through Obi-Wan’s long locks, eyes intent on the man’s face. Which was now clean-shaven, Obi-Wan allowed this. Of course, if he planned on escaping he would do as he was told, but it had been a year since anyone other than D’Nar had seen the Jedi Master. The Zygerrian kissed Obi-Wan and fury built-in Dooku, how dare D’Nar defile Obi-Wan? How dare he think he could get away with doing anything to Obi-Wan?

Dooku strolled towards them, Obi-Wan jerking away from D’Nar to find him as no doubt he could sense the roiling rage that Dooku felt currently. “Dooku.” D’Nar stiffens and turned to watch as Dooku gained ground towards them. Obi-Wan looked healthier than the last time they had met, clearly he’d gained some weight as his face was no longer gaunt, and the dark circles that had haunted his eyes were gone. Obi-Wan regarded him wearily, he had no weapon other than his body, of course, he would be wary.

“Count Dooku,” D’Nar said, his eyes bouncing from him to Obi-Wan. “The queen told me that you’d killed Kenobi, but clearly that was misinformation on your part.” Obi-Wan rolled his eyes, “Honestly? If Dooku found that out then no doubt Anakin did too, we’re going to have to move.” D’Nar sighed; “She wouldn’t leave it be and I had to say something.” Obi-Wan snorted; “You could have said that I fell or something equally ridiculous, something a Jedi or former Jedi would know we could survive from rather than just outright saying you killed me.”

They were not acting like master and slave if anything they were acting like lovers. What exactly was going on here? “I suppose we will have to move, I’d rather not have to face your former padawan.” Obi-Wan nodded. “What about me? Surely you don’t think I’m going to walk away?” D’Nar glanced at Obi-Wan who shrugged. “Invite him for dinner, I’m sure he has plenty of questions to ask.”



Chapter Text

Dinner with D’Nar and Obi-Wan had been… Frustrating. Dooku wanted to rip things apart at the lack of understanding on his part. D’Nar and Obi-Wan acted like they were both consenting adults but it was very clear that was not what they were. Obi-Wan was most certainly a slave to D’Nar.

Then D’Nar topped off the kriffing cake by offering him Obi-Wan like the man was a sweetmeat. Dooku had been so frozen by the thought that D’Nar had taken it as acceptance and now he looked down on Obi-Wan who hadn’t turned around to see who had entered his room. The temptation to touch Obi-Wan was something he couldn’t deny himself, however. Dooku wanted to be able to hold Obi-Wan, to cradle Obi-Wan against his chest and tell him that everything would be alright.

They would both know he was lying and it hurt. He had fallen and Obi-Wan had been stolen from the life he should have had. Dooku placed a hand on Obi-Wan’s back. “Is Anakin still being a pain in your side?” He should have known that would be the first thing he would hear from Obi-Wan. “Yes, Skywalker and his padawan are doing their best to level me and my droids.”

Obi-Wan sagged against the bed. “Good.” He snorted at the younger man’s words, Dooku had hurt Obi-Wan when he had left but it had been difficult for him to stay. Qui-Gon’s death had hit like a sledgehammer and he could not bear to look at the temple anymore, could not look at Obi-Wan without thinking of Qui-Gon.

“I take it D’Nar offered me off, I suspect he thinks it’s funny. Why wouldn’t a Sith rape a Jedi?” Fear and rage boiled from deep inside of Dooku, he would do no such thing. He was going to kill D’Nar and take Obi-Wan away from this place. “And what do you expect of me?” Obi-Wan snorted. “I know you too well for that and it’s not like we haven’t had sex before.”

That had been different! Hadn’t it? Or had he actually forced himself on Obi-Wan? “Surely you don’t view what is happening to you now to what happened then.” Obi-Wan turned, eyes wide with shock. “No! You...You actually cared about me, force above how long did it take me to convince you to even just hold me close or kiss me?”

Dooku bowed his head, of course, Obi-Wan wouldn’t have viewed that as a form of rape. “You were so young back then.” Obi-Wan snorted. “Twenty-Three yes, I was very young then. But, I knew what I wanted and I knew you wanted it too.” Their relationship had been so forbidden and yet it had formed, only for him to break it off and then Qui-Gon had died and he just couldn’t…

“I never apologized for my behavior towards you after…” Obi-Wan shook his head. “After Qui-Gon yelled at both of us for our ‘indecent’ behavior I don’t think either of us could handle seeing each other.” Dooku chuckled, that had been quite the spectacle. “If I remember correctly all he caught us doing was me holding your thigh and you playing hard to get.”

Obi-Wan smirked. “Yes, he didn’t catch the kiss beforehand or the sex we’d had the week before.” Those brought back good memories, memories he had tried to get rid of so that he could do as his master bidded and killed Obi-Wan. But, how could he forget his love for the young man? The yearning to hold him and touch him. To be there when he was needed, to comfort Obi-Wan when he was in need?

“Or the hand holding the same week, or the shared dinners?” Obi-Wan sighed; “It would have been so different if he had lived…” It would have been, he might have never fallen if Qui-Gon had lived. “Perhaps.” Obi-Wan stood and wrapped his arms around Dooku’s neck. “You can still have me, I still...I still crave to be in your arms, to have you inside me.” He stiffened at Obi-Wan’s words. The Jedi Master was only attempting to escape D’Nar a portion of Dooku’s mind whispered. But the stronger half sensed the truth in the man’s words.

“And if I never return you to the order?” Obi-Wan shook his head, “I will always be a master Jedi, even if I am captured and forced to my knees.” What the hell had D’Nar done to Obi-Wan to elicit that kind of response? “Captured you will be but I will not have you bow to me, you are my equal and I will not force you to do anything but to stay by my side.”

Obi-Wan pressed a soft kiss to his cheek. “Please kill him and take me away.”

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Ahsoka froze, she knew that separatist would try to torture, kill, and otherwise make everyone else miserable but she hadn’t expected this. Especially from Count Dooku, he had always come off as someone who viewed the Jedi as something to exterminate and yet she had found him hurting Obi-Wan…

Obi-Wan’s hands were bound together and pressed between his and Dooku's chests and he had blood on his face, robes in disarray. His pants pulled to his knees as Dooku...Ahsoka felt the tears burning her eyes, how could Dooku do this to Obi-Wan? “Ah, hold on! Just. Yan!” Yan? What did that mean? Was it code for something? “We haven’t much time before your former padawan and your grand padawan come to rescue you.” Obi-Wan chuckled; “No reason to go so fast! I haven’t seen you in months.” Dooku sighed and pressed a kiss against Obi-Wan’s forehead. “You’re right, but the force is warning me of something…”

Probably her. Most likely her, but what did this mean? “So your not actually hurting Master Kenobi?” She blurted out, Ahsoka pressed her hand to her mouth as both Jedi and Sith’s heads snapped towards her. Dooku withdrew from Obi-Wan fixing both of their clothes while he was at it. If he wasn’t hurting Obi-Wan then why was Obi-Wan in chains?

“Ahsoka!” She gave Obi-Wan what she hoped was a smile. “Master Kenobi.” He sagged against Dooku. “It wouldn’t hurt if she knew, it would buy us time if we ever need it.” Dooku sighed, dark eyes looking over Ahsoka making her feel terribly small and unprepared. “Are you sure?” Obi-Wan let out a breath; “No, but what choice do we have? I don’t want her to think your a monster Yan.” Dooku nodded and unbound Obi-Wan’s hands, “You might as well escape too afterward.”

Ahsoka was confused, what exactly had she really walked in on? Because, with the way, they were talking...Obi-Wan hadn’t been forced into sex, he’d been a willing party to it. With Count Dooku of all people! “Ahsoka, I need you to promise me something.” She nodded, Serious Obi-Wan Kenobi was something she’d seen, and it often scared her because when he wasn’t cracking jokes, things had gone very very wrong.

“Anything Master.” He nodded and linked his hand with Dooku’s. “You cannot tell anyone what I am about to tell you, not even Anakin, especially Anakin, do you understand?” Ahsoka frowned but nodded all the same, “I do understand that you don’t want me to tell anyone, but why not my Master? Why leave him out like that?” Dooku glanced at Obi-Wan and Obi-Wan let out a breath. Eyes sad, it sent a sharp pain through Ahsoka’s chest, what was so bad that he would look at her like that? “Yan is a master spy for the Jedi and has been for years and he is aware that Darth Sidious is corrupting Anakin.”

No wonder he didn’t want her to say anything to skyguy! “Okay I get that part, but I don’t get the whole..” Ahsoka could feel her face warming at the mere thought of what she had just caught these two doing. Dooku snorted, “We’ve been lovers for years, He’s also my contact so that I can send information more securely.” Now that didn’t make any sense whatsoever! Why would Obi-Wan Kenobi be in a physical relationship with anyone? He was in love with Satine for force sake! “But, why?”

Obi-Wan looked like he wanted to roll his eyes at that question. “Ahsoka, if he sent information, it could be intercepted, if he handed me a data chip it would be near impossible to intercept and only if someone was looking for that kind of deception.” Okay, so he didn’t get what she meant. “No, I mean why would you two be lovers? I mean, it isn’t against the code to have sex…” But it was really looked down on.

“I never thought I was going to have this conversation with you Ahsoka.” She laughed; “I always thought it would be you to explain that kind of stuff to me, Anakin’s so… Awkward!” Obi-Wan smiled. “It isn’t against the code to have sex that’s true, but it’s always been about more than that for us;” His smile faded and Dooku wrapped an arm around Obi-Wan’s shoulders. “When I was still Qui-Gon’s padawan I. I fell in love with the idea of Yan and eventually I got to know him for real...I fell in love with him for real and I thought he could never...That it would never work out.”

Dooku looked down at Obi-Wan, his face softening as he did so. She’d seen that look on Padme’s face when she looked at Anakin… “I was sent on a mission and when I came back Obi-Wan had grown quite a bit, Qui-Gon was ill and asked me to look after Obi-Wan.” Obi-Wan snorted; “As if I needed looking after.” Dooku shook his head. “In the end, we had gotten very close, I realized perhaps too close and began to distance myself. It only served to hurt both of us, we agreed that while we cared about each other we also were Jedi and wouldn’t give that up. Not even for each other.”

And so they had started a forbidden relationship! Even with Dooku acting like a Sith Lord, they knew the truth and still loved each other. Ahsoka sighed; “Alright, but now I want stories! Later though because Skyguy is heading this way.” Obi-Wan nodded and turned to Dooku. “Goodbye for now love.” Dooku smiled, it made him seem a lot younger… Love looked good on him. “Goodbye, my imp.”

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The creature made a hissing noise at the inquisitor, the man snorted at the small cloth-covered being. “Come now boy, don’t you think it’s time to stop hiding?” Ezra snorted and turned his lightsaber on. “Who’s hiding?” The creature launched itself at the Inquisitor and the man yelped as it knocked his lightsaber to the side. Ezra froze as blood splashed the walls, screams bouncing off the walls as the creature attacked the man.

The sound of crunching bones and wet sounds...He covered his ears but it was too late, he’d heard the creature eating the Inquisitor. Erza retched, he had to get away from those sounds. Had to get away from the thing that would no doubt turn on him and eat him too. Running near-blind though the old facility, he skidded to a stop, where was he? This facility on Kamino was huge and Rex had been the one to lead them to the drop point that their contact had said information for the rebellion would be…

Had it been a trick? How many of those creatures were lurking the hollow and dark hallways? “Kid, Ezra. Where are you?” Comm, that’s right he had a comm to everyone else! Had they just now realized that he had been separated? Honestly, after what he’d just been though how could they just notice? “Um, I’m not sure actually? I just saw an inquisitor though…” Hera sounded harsh when she spoke; “Ezra do you think you can find your way back?” He was so lost, how could he find his way back? “I think I can find my way outside at least, but not to where we were when we first came into the building.” He could feel Kanan’s agitation, was he agitated at Ezra or at the situation? “Okay kid, make it outside. We’ll find you.”

At least Rex seemed amused by this whole situation. Ezra sighed and looked at the hallways, at least he could make some marks to help. But, it would have to be something the Inquisitors couldn’t notice. Because lately, it wasn’t just one that would come for them, it was almost always two or three now. Something flickered and he gasped as the lights came on, blinding him from the dazzle of lights. Who had turned the power on?! They had all agreed that turning the power on wouldn’t benefit them, because if anyone like the empire or its sympathizers noticed the power consumption they might investigate and they didn’t need that kind of heat.

Ezra wandered leaving small marks low to the ground, The lights helped him navigate and to realize that there really wasn’t a lot of damage to the facility, it didn’t actually look or feel abandoned. Maybe someone was here and they decided to turn the power on because people weren’t leaving. How did they avoid the creatures though? Did they...Were they the master to the creatures and left them to themselves? “Who are you?” He froze and looked up, a young woman was standing in the hallway before him, she must have just turned the corner. “Um, hi?” She snorted lightly, “Honestly you’ve come into dangerous territory and the first thing out of your mouth is ‘hi?’.” He smiled at the dark-haired woman a little sheepish for having said hi, but at least the force wasn’t warning him that there was danger. It also hadn’t warned him about the creature or the inquisitor either.

“Give the kid a break Zera.” Rex! Wait, no. That was not Rex, this man had hair on his head and no facial hair. Maybe he was a clone? “Aw come on Cody, he’s alone in a strange place and meets a stranger and the first thing out of his mouth is hello? Honestly. What are you doing here kiddo? Are you lost or something?” Cody gave him a small smile and nudged his companion. “My name is Cody, this is Zera.” They were odd, but a lot of the people he had met were odd. “I’m Ezra Bridger.” They both nodded; “Are you alone or do you have others roaming the facility as lost as you?” Ezra snorted, “First off if I was alone or not why would I tell you that? And second who says anyone would be lost?”

They looked at each other and then back at him. “A clone is leading your group then. Good to know, thanks, Ezra. We already knew you were part of a group, a second group entered the building too though. Friends or enemies?” His heart hammered in his chest. “Enemies, but. There are creatures here that attacked the Inquisitor…” Zera frowned, “Creatures?” A sigh sounded behind him and he whirled to face...Zera? Ezra turned but Zera was still standing right there...What in the world? Twins? Clones? “He was lost and I was going to lead him out, but then an Inquisitor decided to be a menace.” Cody sighed, “Guess we’re going to have to fight now, that or abandon ship.” Zera nodded. “Ezra this is my sister Nip.” Nip. Nip had eaten the Inquisitor! “Sorry, I got a bit hungry and the Inquisitors taste okay.” She was acting very nonchalant for having eaten someone!

“It’s okay Ezra, we won’t hurt you. We just really dislike the Inquisitors or any dark side force users now that I think about it. Any of them connected to the empire, at any rate, we will lead you back to your team, not a scratch on you, not a hair missing.” He believed her, for whatever crazy reason she actually sounded truthful… “Alright. But, just to outside. I can find my friends there.” Cody shifted. “The clone you came with...what is their name?” Why should he tell them that? But on the same note how could it hurt? “Rex.” Cody let out a breath like he had been punched, eyes watering. “Oh. Force, he’s alive.”

Had Cody known Rex? Were they friends or something? “See told you we’d get something good today.” Nip said as she passed Ezra, Zera smiled and clapped Cody on the back. “Mind if we join you? Rex and Cody are best friends and didn’t know if the other survived the culling.” Well...If the lost look on Cody was anything like how he must look when he thought of his parents. Then it was the right thing to do, the good thing. Maybe not the smartest thing, but if Rex was happy by seeing Cody then that was good enough.

“Okay.” They led him right to the ship of all things. They must have been keeping an eye on them since the start. “Ezra, I thought you said you weren’t going to find the ship?” The others were on guard. “I found some people who helped me. One of them says they know Rex too.” Rex’s brows went up, “Someone knows me?” Zera, Nip, and Cody all came forward from the hallway he had come out of. “Cody.” Cody looked broken at the sight of Rex, and Rex. Rex looked ready for a fight. “Rex, I thought...I thought you died.” Tears crept down Cody’s face and Rex shook his head, both rushing into each other's arms. “I missed you kar'ta.”

Chapter Text

“It’s not your time.” Kanan blinked, hadn’t he just been in a blast? “What?” He was in the temple, the one on coruscant that had been destroyed… No one was in the hallowed halls, just him and he was wearing robes as if he were a Jedi. One who had been alive before the Empire had wiped everyone else out.

“It’s not your time Caleb Dume, so much to offer the galaxy.” The voice sounded like it was everywhere. “You’ve got the wrong guy, I’m Kanan Jarrus.” There was a snort and a woman with long flowing green hair. He’d seen her somewhere, but Kanan wasn’t sure. “Who are you?” She smiled lightly. “I am the Daughter, and the force wishes for one of it bright children to not suffer as so many others have. For once the Force is doing something against its nature.” That actually sounded fairly ominous actually. “And If I don’t agree?” The daughter shrugged; “Than you stay dead.”

So he had died, of course. That blast would have killed anyone, including him. “Think of it this way, the force is doing not only you a favor. It’s also pleasing one of its children.” He glanced to his right and froze. That was Obi-Wan Kenobi, the man who had warned others of the darkness that was now their world. “A favor?” Kenobi nodded. “You know Rex, my commander Cody and Captain Rex were friends, Rex should know that Cody is alive and asking the force to spare you would give Depa some peace.” His master, it would be nice to see her again. Would she come for him though?

“I’m always by your side Caleb. Can’t shake me that easy.” Kanan, Caleb. Smiled at his master. “Glad to know you’ve seen me at my worst.” She snorted; “And your best.” That too. “I should go I suppose?” They all nodded, smiles on all their faces. “Oh, one thing before you go. If you meet a young man named Luke Skywalker. Trust him, he’s. He’s the good sort.” Kenobi said with a shrug and grimace as Depa elbowed him. “Of course, thank you.”

He opened his eyes again and he could still see, and the fire raged still but didn’t touch him. Not to say he couldn’t feel the heat of it, it was like walking into an oven. He ran, the others were far away. Kanan could feel Ezra was still near the planet, but they had to be in space. Getting away like they should. He would have to find and alternate route off planet and find them, Kanan knew they would question if it was really him but Ezra should be able to sense it so that wouldn’t be a problem at least.

Telling Rex about Cody though, that could be a problem. Kanan had no idea where this Cody could be, as a clone...Well, there weren’t a lot of places the man could be. Not with so many of the clones already dead. One thing at a time, he smiled to himself. He’d gotten to see Depa again, and it wasn’t his time to die either. He had work and he would see the end of the empire, he would help rebuild what had been lost, but make it better. Worthy of those who had gone before them.

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Found the Picture on the FANDOM powered by Wikia page about The Grey Jedi Order. I make mention of Ezra wearing a mask and this is what he is wearing.


Ezra sighed, he wondered how the Ghost was and it’s crew. He had grown to see them as a family and yet...Yet he hadn’t seen them in four years. Stretching he moved from his meditative position, how long had he been meditating before the longing for his family interrupted him? Stepping out onto his balcony he leaned against the railing, a lush garden and a bright blue sky with one of the two suns shining brightly.

This would be considered a paradise to him once, now it was just a place away from his family. But, he had needed this. The dark side had intoxicated him, and he had lost sight of what he had really needed to focus on. Kanan had been a good teacher that was true, but he had his own troubles, troubles that had caused him to not know exactly how to handle the angry bundle that was Ezra Bridger. Now that he had been taught more about the force from someone who was considered a master he grasped what it really was to be a part of the force.

“Knowledge fades without the strength to act, Power blinds without the serenity to see.” A chuckle greeted his words; “There is freedom in life, There is purpose in death. The Force is all things and I am the Force.” His master said with a grin, he smiled back. “I am the force.” Madhu, his master nodded; “And now that you are apart of all things what will you do now? We consider you a Koawan...But, we do understand that your path may take you from us.” It didn’t have to, Madhu was right he was a Koawan and had a duty to the order. On the same coin though he had a duty to Kanan who had taken him as a Padawan.

“A new day rises, and maybe. Maybe this is what I was meant for, learning from you but going to help the rebel alliance.” Madhu let out a breath, “I figured I would have more time with you, we’ve only had you for four years and you advanced so quickly...It feels like yesterday that you became my Teidowan.” Ezra smiled at his master, “You were a wonderful teacher Madhu, I am glad that you were my master. I’m sure we will see each other again.” Madhu nodded; “Be safe Ezra, I look forward to seeing you again.”


Hera had been captured in his absence and Kanan...Kanan had been blinded. He wasn’t about to lose either of them! He called upon the force and jumped to the ship that Kanan and Hera had been attempting to get to and hauled Kanan up and away from the fire that raged just beyond his force barrier and with a wave of his hand and a pulse of force extinguished the part of the explosion closest to them. Allowing the ship to escape, the others were looking at him like he was a monster that hadn’t just saved their hides, but that was to be expected. He was in full Koawan garb, similar to the temple guard gear that Kanan sometimes used.

So they didn’t know it was him. They hit hyperspace, no doubt going somewhere he wouldn’t be able to link to them so that they could abandon him. “Thank you. Thank you for saving us.” Hera, she looked ill, how long had the empire had her? “Your welcome Hera.” She frowned and he smiled, she couldn’t see his face so he took his mask off and Hera gasped. “Ezra!” The others came running, Zeb and Sabine’s jaws dropped as they caught sight of his face. Zeb just about bowled him over as he grabbed Ezra.

“Kid your alive!” He snorted; “I’m not that easy to kill thanks.” Kanan made his way into the room, tense. He’d heard part of the outburst, had to have but he looked so tense, so unsure of what was going on. “It really is you.” He smiled at the man. “It really is me. Sorry I was gone so long.” Kanan shook his head, “You feel more stable than when you left.” Ezra sighed; “I didn’t mean to leave you all behind, I. I had to work out things and I felt it was better to leave rather than accidentally hurt any of you.”

Zeb snorted; “So you purposely hurt us instead.” He bristled at those words and then sagged. It would do no one any good if he got mad. “Better than killing you on accident.” They flinched at his words and he shook his head. “Look, if you don’t want me around fine. I have other duties to attend to, I just wanted to come back to people I considered family. If you don’t feel the same way then fine, I can live with that.” Kanan grabbed his arm. “No, please. Don’t leave again.” Ezra could feel Kanan’s fear and sadness and it hurt him, like a knife to the heart. Had he done this to Kanan? How could he have hurt them like this, he already knew that answer. To spare them from him falling to the darkness, to keep himself from murdering people he considered family.

“Wait, Kanan...Your eyes;” Hera said in surprise and Kanan smiled lightly; “I’m not sure how it happened, but when I was pushing back the flames...My sight came back.” The force worked in mysterious ways. He wasn’t sure where Madhu had heard that one but it was true enough, and here was the proof. “Ezra, you’ve been gone for at least four years...How did you find us?” He blinked at Zeb’s question. “I used the force, I mean me and Kanan are still linked as master and Padawan.” Kanan frowned and then closed his eyes, reaching with the force to their link. “I thought I had lost you, I can barely feel our link.” Had Kanan thought he was dead? “There is purpose in death.” Kanan’s face fell, “Ezra…” It wasn’t pleasant the thought of dying but it was apart of the balance all of his order believed in.

“Look, I’m sure all of you are tired and need time to rest, Hell I’m tired and I didn’t really do all that much.” The others nodded and Kanan looked frightened suddenly, the force whispering to him that Kanan thought he was going to disappear on them. “Who am I bunking with?” The others laughed and Ezra could remember a time where this would have been normal, them laughing at something silly he’d said...It was so good to be home. “With me,” Kanan said as everyone quickly got themselves under control.

“You only have one bunk, Kanan.” The older man shook his head, “I just. I don’t.” Kanan spluttered and Ezra shrugged off everyone's odd looks. “I get it, I’m fine with that.” Kanan nodded; “Well then let's call it a night and Chopper wake any of us if we run into trouble.” Chopper made a rude noise at Hera and rolled off, Ezra blinked. He hadn’t even noticed Chopper there.


Ezra stirred as something moved against him, slowly he opened his eyes. Kanan lay against his chest, tears sliding down the other man’s face. A nightmare of some sort, maybe he could help calm Kanan? Ezra rubbed Kanan’s back whispering nonsensical words in hopes of dragging Kanan from the dark dream he was having. Sleepy green eyes peeked at him as Kanan woke, the man clutched at his shirt and he held Kanan closer. They had really never been this close before, but it felt nice, right. Like he was meant to hold the older man like this and wanted the moment to last a bit longer.

“I dreamed that you died...That I left you all alone and you died and it was all my fault.” Kanan placed too much burden on his own shoulders, had always done that as long as Ezra had known him. “But, I didn’t die and I’m here now.” Kanan’s face twisted in despair and Ezra’s heart lurched. “But, for how long? You’re going to leave us again I can feel it.” Leave? When Kanan clearly needed him? That was not going to happen, he wasn’t going to leave the man again. Not even if the force tells him otherwise. “Nope, I’m not leaving your side, Kanan. Something tells me that I’m supposed to be here so why would I leave suddenly after coming back?” Kanan didn’t look at all like he believed a word of that.

“Why would you stay, clearly you’ve learned a lot about the force somewhere else. I wasn’t a good master to you.” He couldn’t say that. Kanan, however, had hurts, sharp cuts that bleed that no one could see. Eventually, he would bleed out, and then he would find a way to die. Whether by his own hand or another's and Ezra didn’t want that to happen, so he was going to stay at Kanan’s side and help him heal.

“You were the master I needed though.” Kanan frowned, “How can you say that? I. You almost fell to the dark side because of me.” Oh, that was going to be a problem. Kanan was like any other Jedi, they believed that touching the dark side would make you dark, would make you fall no matter what you said and the Grey Jedi Order didn’t believe that nonsense. Ezra had been taught all of the ways of the Grey Order, he’d also been taught the history. The Grey order had been a splinter of not only the Jedi Order but also the Potentium. Would Kanan care though?

“I feel like I’ve been nothing if not a burden to you.” Those words were like a fist to the chest, how could Kanan feel that way. “If it makes you feel any better, I felt that I was a burden to you.” Kanan shook his head; “You were temperamental and difficult at times, but I enjoyed teaching you.” He held Kanan closer and the man let out a breath, “I thought I drove you away and then when you didn’t come back. I thought I led you to your death, I don’t know why you decided to come back, but I’m glad your back.”

He was too, but maybe. Maybe he could take Kanan to the Order? Kanan might be a Jedi Knight, but it wouldn’t hurt for him to learn from Madhu or any of the masters really. Though that trick with the force barrier had been a clear show of Kanan’s power, what would he be like once he was fully, properly trained? “I came back because I consider all of you family and I am no longer a danger to all of you.”

Kanan frowned; “So I really was a terrible teacher.” Ezra shoved Kanan. The man huffed as his back hit the bed, Ezra hovered over him. “You were a wonderful teacher, I was a little brat. I didn’t listen to you and look where that got me? I almost fell Kanan because of my inability to listen to you, Not because you were a bad teacher.” Those bright green eyes looked torn and it hurt to look at them, but he wasn’t going to look away because then Kanan could take that as Ezra lying and he didn’t want that.

He cared about Kanan more than he had ever cared for anyone. And Kanan loved Hera as she loved him, there was no space for Ezra in that part of Kanan’s heart. It was alright though, as long as he got to stand by Kanan then it didn’t matter. “Ezra, a lot has changed since you left us.” Changed? “You mean gone back to the way things were before I showed up.” Kanan shook his head, the sadness in his eyes was deeper than anything he had shown before...

“Hera and I...We were going to have a child.” That was, would have been great if Kanan hadn’t used the word were. “Were?” Kanan nodded, “She lost it, an imperial shot her not soon after she found out. She never told me but I could sense it and sense when it died.” Oh god, that was. “I’m so sorry.” Kanan shrugged; “She and I grew distant, we’re only friends now…” Ezra felt bad for Kanan though, the man had loved Hera with all his heart and to have lost a child and then Hera’s love. No wonder he looked so rough, so downtrodden.

“The others?” Kanan nodded. “They know, of course, they do. Thankfully that really hasn’t affected our relationships.” He was glad to hear that at least but adding him to the mix. What would that do? No doubt everyone was tense with him just showing back up, and they all like Kanan thought he was going to disappear on them again. Ezra would have to regain their trust, just like he had gained it in the first place. Slowly, and it would never be the same because in their eyes he had abandoned them, they would always remember that.

“Okay.” He slowly began to ease away from Kanan, only for the man to grab him. Stopping him from actually getting off Kanan. “Wait, please don’t.” He relaxed and Kanan let him go. “I. Please.” Ezra let out a breath, this was not something he had expected from Kanan. But, like Kanan said. They had changed, maybe as much as Ezra had in four years. He pulled Kanan into his arms and shifted the pillow so it was under both their heads, faces inches apart. He could feel Kanan’s breath on his neck as the man relaxed into his embrace, sleep finally calling their names.


“So, you going to stick around kid?” He really hated being called kid, but Zeb had been calling him that since he was a kid and it would be hard to stop. “I’m eighteen, hardly a kid anymore. Besides I’m pretty sure I wasn’t much of a kid when I was supposed to be one.” Zeb shrugged and began to dig around in the refrigeration unit.

Ezra pulled the bag out of his tea, Madhu and many others of the order liked different kinds of tea and didn’t really drink much else. He’d gotten a taste for Sapir tea and Madhu had made a joke about a Jedi Master named Jinn being famous for enjoying the tea and then asked if Ezra was Jinn reincarnated. It was just a joke but it had rubbed him wrong, Just like Zeb’s attitude towards him.

“Look, I get it. I left all of you and you can’t trust me to not disappear on you all again. I don’t blame you, hell I hate that I did it. But, in the long run, that was better for me than staying here. If I had stayed here I could have killed any of you, I would have had to live with someone’s blood on my hands and mistrust from the rest of you.”

Zeb frowned and looked at him. “Killed us?” Ezra sighed and nodded. “I was falling to the dark side of the force. I could have become something like the Inquisitors or worse and trust me there is worse. Who knows what I would have been capable of? I could have let you all down and killed someone. I would rather leave and learn control than to kill any of you.” He caught green out of the corner of his eye.

“And do you know what that did to Kanan? To the rest of us Ezra? We thought you had either been captured or killed and that killed us. We couldn’t do anything about it.” He turned to Hera, felt her pain, sadness, rage and didn’t blame her in the slightest. “And I’m sorry about that. I can’t change that, I can’t change the stupid mistakes I’ve made and am going to make.”

Hera crossed her arms, clearly on the defensive. “Kanan just about went mad when he realized he didn’t know where you were and couldn’t feel you. You hurt him worse of all.” And he had talked with Kanan about that pain, there was no way to resolve that hole in Kanan’s heart. “I know...We might have talked about it a little bit.” Hera seemed surprised, but. Why would she be surprised by that? Kanan had taken him to the man's room, they had talked about how Kanan had felt and then they had fallen asleep in each other's arms. They were a long way from better, but they were on the road to recovery.

“Hera.” Zeb looked wary of her for some reason, when was Zeb ever really wary of anyone? What had happened after he left, where were the people he had grown to love? “Look, if you're going to stick around you have to understand that none of us are going to trust you. We’re not going to think you have our backs and we’re not going to have yours.” Harsh but understandable, how many times have people let Hera down that she got to this point? “Hera that’s not fair,” Sabine said as she shuffled into the kitchen.

“There’s nothing fair about what he did to us.” How much of her anger was tied to her lost child? “You’re right, what I did was horrible and there are no excuses I could ever give you that mean a damned thing. So I’ll let my actions from here out speak if you want me to leave that’s your right. I’ll leave.” A startled gasp caught his attention. Kanan had come up behind Sabine, crap. “And if we want you to stay with us kid?” Zeb asked softly, Sabine relaxed against the wall and Kanan and Hera simply scrutinized him. “Then I stay.”

Chapter Text

The greenish gas hissed from the vents fully now. Zeb roared as he attempted to budge the door, but it was no doubt locked and given the thickness, there was no way Zeb was going to break it down even in a manic state. Alexsandr looked around, there had to be some way out. He caught sight of a vent not spewing gas. Zeb wouldn’t be able to fit, force above knew if Alexsandr would even fit himself… Slowly, the hissing seemed to change pitch and he suddenly realized the banging had stopped.

Alexsandr turned and noticed Zeb hunched over, arms wrapped around his midsection. “Zeb?” The other didn’t make a sound and it was unnerving. Zeb could be quiet and pensive but he often wasn’t, Zeb had admitted that he disliked the quiet it haunted him in ways that he didn’t care to elaborate on. Alexsandr slowly approached and frowned as Zeb's fur started to puff out. That alone could have meant anything, however, added with the silence...Could Zeb’s instincts kick in thanks to whatever that gas had been?

If that was the case, did that mean that Zeb would be a threat to others or himself? Alexsandr backed off and suddenly froze as green eyes locked onto his movement. Zeb looked completely focused on him and that could be a very bad thing... Zeb was suddenly on all fours and stretching? What exactly was that gas and how was it affecting Zeb? Because right now he seemed like a loth-cat, harmless until they weren’t and Zeb’s scratches would leave him bleeding out rather than hissing in irritation as Alexsandr would have with a Loth-Cat.

Alexsandr was in danger as long as he didn’t know what effect the gas had on Zeb, his best bet was to escape from the vent he had noticed earlier. Zeb would be unable to follow him and it would give Alexsandr time to figure out how to open the doors when Zeb finally came down off of the gas. First, he would have to make it to the vent and the likelihood of that was actually pretty low. Zeb was notoriously fast and yes he had fought Zeb before but he’d had the bow-rifle to help, with no weapon he would only have his wits against the Lasat who very easily could rip him apart.

A low rumbling caught him from his thoughts and he looked at Zeb who was...Posturing? If showing off how far he could stretch, sharp claws digging into the floor, arms stretched completely out, and glassy looking eyes watching him intently. Alexsandr kept up the eye contact as he slowly moved towards the vent, he would only get one shot at this if Zeb didn’t catch him first. Garazeb slowly moved forward as well, prowling now on all fours. Alexsandr could feel his heartbeat sped up as Zeb moved like the predatory he was towards Alexsandr.

Alexsandr dove for the vent and panic clawing its way up to his throat as a strong hand snatched his ankle at the last moment, the air being driven from his lungs as he smashed against the floor. He screamed as he was dragged away from the vent, Zeb would wake from whatever the gas had done to him and find himself trapped in a room with a friend he had murdered thanks to the gas! Alexsandr couldn’t allow that to happen! He struggled against his friend as the man pulled him to the other's chest.

Alexsandr gasped as Zeb dragged a devious tongue up his neck, that. What the kriffing hell? Strong hands pushed his chest against the floor and he struggled to push that warm weight off of his back, what was Zeb doing? Long claws dug into his hip and thigh as they slid downwards, was he about to be mauled, mutilated beyond recognition? Alexsandr shivered as cool air slid against his skin, so far Zeb hadn’t managed to break skin enough to bleed but that could change in a heartbeat.

Zeb snarled and Alexsandr froze, was this it then? “Garazeb!” He cried out as he felt claws dig through the back of his shirt and pants, his body not yet recognizing the pain that was sure to come in burning waves thanks to Zeb’s claws. He shivered as something that was most certainly not pain made itself known, soft fur was brushing against his tailbone. What was Zeb doing? Alexsandr squirmed as Zeb began to lick him, why was this happening? What exactly had that gas been and why was it causing Zeb to act in such a strange manner?

Zeb’s tongue flicked across his tailbone again before darting down against a far more sensitive area. “Zeb stop!” But, that didn’t even make Zeb flinch away or slow down. That clever tongue dipping every so often inside of him shallowly. Sweat formed on his brow as he attempted to wrestle away from Zeb and whatever it was he had planned. Zeb grabbed him forcefully by the hips and shoved his tongue deep inside of Alexsandr who howled at the intimate intrusion.

Alexsandr couldn’t help but struggle, claws digging deeply into his body as he attempted to flee from Garazeb obviously sexual inclination at the moment, clearly that gas had triggered something in him, what would he do when he realized what he’d done to Alexsandr? Would he ever be able to look Garazeb in the eyes again, to still be friends with the man? Would he survive the lustful overtures of a Lasat? Alexsandr felt Zeb shift and shivered as cold air made even colder by Zeb's saliva caressed his backside.

He kicked out and caught Zeb in the gut before attempting to get the vent again, Zeb was on him quickly trying to pull him back to clearly have his way with Alexsandr, but he wasn’t going to let that happen if he could help it Garazeb would never forgive himself if he truly hurt his friend. So it was up to Alexsandr to make sure Zeb wouldn’t have anything to feel the need for forgiveness for in this situation.

Alexsandr twisted and punched Zeb attempting to put space between them, he managed to get halfway in the vent before Zeb caught hold of his ankle again and once more pulling him from the vent, even as he kicked and roared in irritation and fear. This time Zeb had him pinned, his wrist held in a punishing grip the other hand gripping his waist, Zeb rutting against him. He’d have to play dirty than to escape, Alexsandr relaxed under Zeb and slowly Zeb began to relax as well.

Alexsandr grabbed a canister he’d spotted out of the corner of his eye and smashed it against Zeb’s skull desperately, Zeb went down with a snarl and he dived for the vent finally managing to get in deep enough that Zeb would not be able to reach him, Alexsandr was almost too big to fit the vents, which was odd. He was fairly tall by human standards and he knew the creators of this facility while tall were also very thin, thinner than a human should be in life. He paused, he couldn’t hear Zeb moving around...Had he hit too hard, was Zeb alright?

He would just have to find a way out of this vent and to the others so that they could check on Zeb and hopefully the man was alright, he adjusted his pants, thankful that Zeb hadn’t just torn them completely off, He would need new ones but he wasn’t about to be walking around half-naked. Alexsandr cursed as he hit a dead end, what the hell kind of vent was this that was this damned confusing? Several wrong turns and he sighed as he heard voices. Kanan and Sabine looked surprised to see him crawl out of the vent and rushed to him.

“Kal what happened, are you alright?” Alexsandr shook his head, “I’m fine, the doors shut and gas poured into the room Zeb and I were exploring.” They suddenly looked very concerned, and he didn’t blame them. “Is Zeb alright?” He suddenly felt very small, “I don’t know, he attacked me and I attempted to escape. I might have hit him too hard.” Kanan let out a breath, “Well we should get the door open. Sabine, tell Hera we need something to subdue Zeb just in case and we’ll see if Zeb is okay.”

Did they have something that could knock Zeb out? Why would they have something like that, hopefully, it was just for an emergency like Zeb being hurt really badly.

Chapter Text

So climb up and come clean
Move back the smokescreen
It's all here, it's all you
Get clear on the darker view

Les Friction - Dark Matter 


Ezra had been so certain that he was learning the right things from Kanan, but was he really? Maul had shown him that there was more to the force, and the dark side hadn’t felt wrong. It felt like flying, like falling. Exhilarating in a way that the force hadn’t been and Kanan had said it was a trap. A trap maybe for some people but how could it trap him if he mastered it?

That was if he could hide the fact, but it always made him so...Moody, so lost sometimes and he wouldn’t be able to hide that. Ezra sighed and looked around, the marketplace he was supposed to be gathering supplies from was bustling, all sorts of people walking around with many vendors yelling their wares. The force rolled and he ducked into a nearby alleyway, the only time he felt that was when an inquisitor was nearby. He didn’t need to be caught just because he had been distracted.

“Dearheart, it’s not safe ducking into an alleyway.” He froze at the voice, a lilting thing that held amusement. He turned and found himself face to face with a woman. Long wavy brown hair hallowed her head and shoulders, bright golden eyes crinkled in amusement. Who? “Uh.” She snorted and waved a hand. “I mean you no harm, I simply wanted to talk to you. I could feel your conflict in the force and only meant to be an ear to listen assuming you have no one else to talk to about it.”

She was force sensitive. “I can’t go into details.” She nodded, “That's more than fine dearheart, you can tell me whatever you're comfortable about. I’m Kenilisa by the way, lets hit somewhere not so warm, hm?” He nodded, this could be a bad thing… “I’m Ezra.” She nodded, “Pleased to meet you, Ezra.” He followed her back into the crowd and Kenilisa led him to the soul cantina. She clearly knew the bartender as she nodded to the Abednedo.

They sat and before he knew it, he was given a cup, they had most certainly not ordered anything. Kenilisa sipped whatever she had, a bottle next to her. “Don’t worry it’s non-alcoholic and not poisoned,” She said with a chuckle. For some reason, he believed that. “I suppose you want to know why I was so… ‘conflicted’.” She shrugged; “That’s up to you Ezra.” This wasn’t how this worked, what angle was she playing? “You want to know, you’re up to something.” Kenilisa laughed, a hearty sound he hadn’t expected. “I want to know yeah kiddo, but that's not all I want.”

That sounded so perverted! “What do you mean?” Another sly smile quirked and bright eyes darkened. “I want to train you.”

Chapter Text

Don't stop, don't think, don't look back
You're a bolt of lightning in the sky now
Don't stop, don't think, don't look back
I've pulled you in, nowhere to hide now
Don't stop, don't think, don't look back
You're a bolt of lightning in the sky now
Don't stop, don't think, don't look back
I've pulled you in, you better die now

Sweat poured down Ezra’s face, holding fire was a lot harder when it was everywhere. Kanan looked confused as if he didn’t understand what was happening. But, he was not about to let the man sacrifice himself! Ezra yanked Kanan, the man sprawling out as he hit the deck. Finally, they darted away from the consuming flames and darkness crept into his view. He was going to pass out, guess that meant Kenilisa was going to laugh at him for overextending himself in the force.

“I didn’t know he was that powerful...He was hiding it from me.” He had a lot to hide from Kanan, like the fact he was being taught to harness both sides of the force from a woman he was pretty sure was not actually on his side. “I wasn’t doing it on purpose.” Lies. His mind helpfully supplied. “Ezra!” He opened his eyes and caught sight of Kanan and Hera. Hera looked like she could use a good rest and Kanan. Kanan looked like shit, honestly how long had his master watched over him worried? It was only a little force exhaustion. “But, why didn’t you share that you’d gotten so strong, Ezra?” Hera was suspicious, that much was obvious to him. He would have to come clean at least a little bit.

“Because I didn’t want to tell Kanan that I found someone else to teach me in addition to him.” Kanan flinched away as if he’d been burned. “Ezra!” Hera snapped at him and he shrugged. He didn’t tell them the worst part, the part he had suspicions of. The part where he was pretty sure Kenilisa was actually an Inquisitor or had been one before defecting. “You wanted the truth and I am too tired to pull punches right now Hera. I’ve kept that quiet for too long, I should have said something before but I couldn’t. My other teacher didn’t want to meet any of you, she just wanted to help me harness my power and that was it.”

He was actually sure she meant to turn him into something like her, not quite the dark and not quite the light but something that used both like Bendu did. Only she wasn’t balanced, she harbored the dark side deep in her heart. He wanted more balance like Bendu did and he was pretty sure he would have to find that balance on his own. “Who is your other master Ezra,” Kanan asked in a soft tone, he was hurt. Ezra could feel it as surely as he could feel his own pain. “Her name is Kenilisa, I don’t know any other name for her. But, she won’t want to talk to any of you.” Hera looked like she was ready to bite his head off.

But he couldn’t just tell them all about Kenilisa because that meant that he would have to tell them of how she taught him the Darkside, of how even though he had turned maul down he was not turning away from the Darkside. How he struggled to define what kind of force user he was going to be while basically mocking the Jedi at the same time. Learning their ways from Kanan but not adhering to it. “Hera, we’ve got a ship inbound,” Rex said as he poked his head into the room, Hera frowned; “Imperial?” Rex shook his head; “No, not exactly sure who it is, to be honest.”

Ezra reached out and yep that was not what he was expecting at all. What the hell was Kenilisa doing here? “It’s my teacher.” They all looked at him, Hera looked furious and Kanan sad, Rex was just confused. He climbed out of his bed and nearly face-planted if it wasn’t for Kanan catching him. “She must have felt me blink out because I’m pretty sure it’s hard to sense someone if they pass out due to force exhaustion.”

Kanan sighed and let him go. Ezra already missed the warmth, and that thought alone scared him. Sure, he had a giant crush on Kanan...Had pretty much since he met the man and dear force that was not something he needed to think about right this second. Right now he needed to make sure Kenilisa didn’t kill them all because she thought he was dead or something. The ghost rocked for a second, Kenilisa had docked on their ship...Oh boy, they were going to have a fight on their hands if he wasn’t careful.

By the time he got to the airlock, Kenilisa and Zeb were standing off. Kenilisa didn’t have her saber drawn or even in the open but Zeb did have his bow-rifle out. “Lisa, what the heck are you doing here? I thought you didn’t want to meet my family?” She snorted and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. “Kiddo I thought you Kriffing died, I was going to give your family an earful. Thank the force you’re not dead, force exhaustion I take it?” He nodded, because yeah he was kind of stupid for that one. “I was holding back an explosion.” Kenilisa rolled her eyes, “Seriously? Why didn’t you just push it away, how big was this explosion?”

So he explained to her what had happened from his point of view and watched her slowly relax as his family stared at him as if they had never seen him before. “Shit kiddo, thanks for the kriffing heart attack! You are such a trouble magnet.” He laughed and wrapped her in a hug which she returned. “I learned it from the best.” She smirked at Kanan. “Yeah you did, Knight Jarrus is totally a trouble magnet!” Kanan frowned, eyeing Kenilisa as if he wasn’t sure what to make of her.

“Who exactly are you?” Hera asked and Kenilisa smiled brightly. “Oh my apologies, My name is Kenilisa Harsara. You will look it up and find out that I was imperial.” Shit, he had been right. Kenilisa was a former Inquisitor! “You’re force sensitive.” Kanan pointed out and Kenilisa smiled toothily. “Yeah, An Inquisitor to boot. But, we all make stupid mistakes, don’t we? Sides I wanted to give the light side a shot and here we are, your padawan teaching me stuff and as payment, I help him with things he struggles with.” She was lying naturally about that bit, she taught him all sorts of things.

He trusted her even if she had been an inquisitor, she hadn’t ever acted as if she was gathering intel, in fact, she always told him she didn’t want to know anything about the rebellion. If that didn’t mean she was against the Empire than he was stupid and was being played hardcore. “I figured I’d check on Ezra while I gave you all some intel anyway since I felt him pass out.” What the hell was she up to? “What kind of Intel?” Hera asked she had been eerily quiet up to that question. “Oh, nothing important unfortunately and it’s mostly for Orrelios.”

Zeb looked so confused, but how much was real and how much of it was his mask? “Oh? And what would that be?” Kenilisa sighed; “On my ship is Kallus’ Bow Rifle and a bag with stuff from his quarters.” Their jaws dropped, how the hell had she managed that one? “I thought you said you were a former Imperial?” Hera’s hand was hovering over her weapon… “I was dearheart, but honestly they don’t know that.” She was playing spy then, Force above what the hell kind of game was she playing? Was she a spy or a double spy, did she have his best interest at heart or was she playing cat and mouse with him?

Chapter Text

What exactly was he seeing? He must have made a sound because Obi-Wan looked up and froze, “Qui-Gon!” Dooku looked up at him, a feral look on his face. This wasn’t right at all! What exactly was his former master playing at by...By having sex with Obi-Wan who had clearly been more than okay with it? This was consensual that much was obvious, but it shouldn’t have even started in the first place…

He was speechless and quickly turned away. “I think we are long overdue for a conversation. I’ll be in my rooms.” and Qui-Gon walked as quickly as he could away from what he’d just found. How could he have missed this? Obi-Wan hadn’t been acting any different...That was how, and he hardly ever saw his master anymore. But, why would they even think about having sex? Okay, so he remembered when his master was younger and handsome...Not that he wasn’t anymore, but he had gotten older...

And was kriffing a man much younger. A man who was his grand-padawan of all people! Qui-Gon growled as he entered his rooms and gripped his hair, why then was he so… He clawed at himself, this was not anything he had expected and honestly, it hadn’t been the worst thing he had seen within the temple walls. In fact apparently, his body had liked the sight! Yes, he had inappropriate feelings for his padawan, a padawan who was an adult and could do as he pleased as long as it was in the rules of the order. There was no rule about having sex as long as that sex didn’t evolve into feelings. Even though it was frowned upon if one was caught having intercourse with another being, and more so if the other was also a Jedi.

Qui-Gon set himself back to rights and decided he was in need of tea. It wouldn’t help much unless he added something to it. When Obi-Wan and Dooku entered his rooms, he had a full cup of tea liberally splashed with Synthol. Honestly, he still couldn’t understand exactly what he had witnessed and damned it all if he didn’t imagine catching them further along than where he had.

“Master…” He shook his head. “When did this start? Why did it even start?” They sat, and he wanted to scream and rage at them. Why did he catch them in such a manner, were they just lovers or was there more going on there? “Three months ago.” Dooku relented and Obi-Wan blushed. Something about when they first started embarrassed his padawan...Was that the first time they had sex then or was there more to the story?

“Three months, and what? Is it just sex?” His former master sighed. “No.” Obi-Wan didn’t seem squirmish about that at least, but this was not something they should be doing. “You know the rules-” Obi-Wan cut him off. “Oh yes, the rules you clearly don’t give a kriff about! Why should it matter that he and I are having intercourse and like each other enough to do so? Whose business is that what we do behind closed doors?” He had only heard so much passion from his padawan when the man was a child, and that had been a long time ago now.

“Obi-Wan.” He said warningly and Dooku took Obi-Wan’s hand in his own. “Calm now love, we have much to speak about and we need to be calm about it.” Obi-Wan nodded, his eyes averted from everyone. “Qui, there is much you don’t understand and telling you will take some time…” Qui-gon shook his head. “I have nothing else of note today, we have time for you to tell me whatever it is you need to.”

They looked at one another and then back at him. What more could there be? “Qui-Gon...We. We’re married.” Married! He stood his chair crashing behind him, “What is the meaning of this! How could you do such a stupid thing!” he roared at them and they had the audacity to look completely calm! “It wasn’t stupid! I love him Qui-Gon and I love you too.” He froze, Obi-Wan couldn’t have said that he didn’t mean it. Something had warped him and he was acting like someone else, someone he didn’t know.

“We both do.” He didn’t want to hear that at all. “Kriff both of you if you think I would want any part of what you do! I would never stoop so low!” Obi-Wan flinched and let out a sigh. “I told you he wouldn’t care like that, why would he ever? This is a waste of time, we should have just come up with something to say and be done with it.” Dooku rubbed his forehead, in a manner that spoke of a migraine coming on. He was stressed then, they hadn’t meant perhaps for it to go this fast… And why had Obi-Wan made it sound like he didn’t care at all?

That actually hurt, why would Obi-Wan assume he didn’t care? Of course, he cared about his padawan, sure he hadn’t shown it very well and it was difficult sometimes to show Obi-Wan that he was proud of him. That he believed in his padawan, he had a hard time admitting that he was scared to lose the younger man and he would have to eventually because eventually, he would become a knight and maybe… Maybe he wouldn’t get to see Obi-Wan anymore.

Qui-Gon took a deep breath and fixed his chair before sitting back down. “Why would you tell me that after finding you two together? Why trust me with that kind of truth without knowing if I would tell the council.” Obi-Wan snorted, “You going to the council is the last thing you would do.” Okay, so Obi-Wan had him there because honestly, he didn’t want to punish Obi-Wan for the stupidity he’d perpetrated. The stupidity that Dooku had allowed for whatever reason, why had his master married Obi-Wan? It didn’t make any sort of sense.

“Why then tell me that...That you love me as well? You’re married.” Dooku snorted something that was rather unlike him, to be honest. Clearly, Obi-Wan had an effect on the other, what traits would Obi-Wan have from Dooku? “It’s almost as if you’ve never heard of polyamory.” Qui-Gon rolled his eyes; “Of course I have, but why would either of you want to enter such a thing with me? I’m not easy to get along with, I just don’t understand.” Obi-Wan nibbled his lower lip, “Why would you think we couldn’t care for you that way? I mean, it’s hard sometimes because I think you...You don’t really want me around and falling in love with you is like an ache that I don’t know what to do with.”

Oh. Oh, what had he done to his padawan, he felt the sting of tears and averted his gaze from them. “If you see me that way, why would you have fallen in love with me? If you think me the sort of monster who wouldn’t care about you, who couldn’t care for you?” His hands trembled and he tightened them against his cup, his tea slowly cooling as his world crashed around his head.

“Because sometimes you don’t get to choose who you love. Sometimes you fall in love with someone who could never love you the same way.” He was a monster, there was no doubt now in his heart. Obi-Wan loved him and all he had ever done was hurt the younger man, he’d abandoned him, pushed grievances on him that weren’t his fault and honestly hadn’t proven beyond a shadow of a doubt how much he truly trusted and cared for Obi-Wan.

“I never meant to make you feel that way Obi-Wan...Can you forgive me for my selfishness?” He hoped Obi-Wan said no because Obi-Wan was far too kind for his own good. It would eventually be his downfall and he hoped that he was there to stop Obi-Wan from dying for a cause that couldn’t mean more than his life. “If you do something for me.” That was not like Obi-Wan, that was too devious a move on his part. What exactly was Dooku teaching his husband?

“Do I get a say in it?” Obi-Wan snorted, “You want forgiveness and I want something from you. Honestly, I won’t force you into anything.” The but was left unsaid, there was a but in there though. “What do you want from me?” Obi-Wan’s smile was sad and teary as if he didn’t want to say what he was about to. “For you to never speak to anyone else about what you find out today from us. What is said in this room remains between the three of us.” He could do that, that was the least he could do for his padawan.

“Of course.” Obi-Wan shook his head, determination marring his face. “Swear it on the force and Tahl.” Qui-Gon shuddered at the words and wondered just how Obi-Wan could ask him something like that. “I swear on the power of the force and on the woman I loved that I will not breathe a word of this conversation to anyone other than you two.”

And suddenly he couldn’t breathe, he gasped as the force wound around his neck, a sharp pain skating his collarbones. “Tricky my apprentice.” He heard that wrong, there was no way Dooku had just! The coil unwrapped from his throat and he choked on the air he could suddenly breath, “Wha. What have you done?” Obi-Wan smirked, it made him look like a predator about to take down prey. “I’ve bound you to your words, you will not tell anyone about me and my husband being together.”

It was dark what Obi-Wan had done though and Dooku had just called him an apprentice. “You’ve both fallen. That’s why you’ve chosen to be together, for the power of it not for love.” Dooku snorted, “I loved my apprentice enough to allow a union, we might have fallen but we are capable of loving each other.” Shit, what was he going to do? He couldn’t tell anyone about what had happened. It was worse than Xanatos! At least he hadn’t had a master to teach him the dark ways but Obi-Wan had Dooku, Dooku who had been dabbling in the dark side since Qui-Gon was a padawan at least if not longer.

“How could you drag my padawan into the Darkside? Was it not enough to show me what was really in your heart when I was a padawan that you had to corrupt Obi-Wan?” Dooku laughed brightly, “If anything my dear former padawan he corrupted me when he realized I dabbled. He was already lured by the dark side. Xanatos made sure of that, but he couldn’t keep Obi-Wan tamed, couldn’t Kriff Obi-Wan’s insatiable lust for knowledge, and he led me deeper into the dark side than my friend Palpatine has been showing me.”

Oh Force, what had he stumbled on! This was madness! “What are you going to do to me?” Obi-Wan snorted; “Court you, of course, it’s up to you if you follow us to the dark side, but please at least consider what it might be like to have your cock so far inside me that I’m begging for you to kriff me harder.” Qui-Gon’s jaw dropped, he had never heard Obi-Wan utter something so downright licentious in his life! Dooku smirked crookedly, “Or what it might be like to have the ministrations of two lovers, who will lavish you with as much attention as you desire.”

He groaned at those words, his cock stiffening further painfully. “I. What are you doing to me?” The predatory smirk was now on both of their faces; “What makes you think we are doing anything to you?” Obi-Wan stood and rounded the table, His eyes taking in everything, He leaned forward and whispered in Qui-Gon’s ear heatedly, “Oh master...Are we piquing your interest?” A hand gently ghosting across his stomach, too close to what his body was crying for.

“Get away from me.” He gritted out between clenched teeth. Obi-Wan’s eyes flashed golden but he backed off. “Of course love, I wouldn’t dare force you into a sexual relationship against your will.” He snarled; “And yet that is exactly what you are doing! You're doing something to me and making me.” He cut himself off, he needed to get away from them, these Darksiders before it was too late and they claimed him as their own. Whatever it was they really wanted from him, Qui-Gon was not going to give it to them!

Chapter Text

Qui-Gon cursed as he smacked the back of his head against the wall. The pain at least helping with wilting his morning erection, He sighed and slumped against the wall. Water misting his face, he swiped at it and gazed at the showerhead. This had all started thanks to kriffing Obi-Wan Kenobi and his apparent insatiable sexual drive. Obi-Wan so far hadn’t pushed the issue of his supposed emotions for Qui-Gon, he had made very overt suggestions. Many of the lewder suggestions had nearly given him a heart attack or made him splutter as he choked on tea.

Not to mention all the damn dreams he was having, he was certain that somehow Obi-Wan was giving him the dreams. Qui-Gon had never dreamed of being penetrated by another male before, but his body certainly liked the idea...He couldn’t let Obi-Wan corrupt him though, and no doubt Obi-Wan would manage to find some way to enslave Qui-Gon to his will if he gave in.

He was stronger than Obi-Wan at least in that. If what Dooku had said was true and Obi-Wan was the one to fully turn him to the Darkside… Did that mean that Obi-Wan had a way to impose his will over others though the Darkside and not just pretty words and sexual favors?

Not to mention the bomb that Dooku had dropped. Sheev Palpatine was a force user and a darksider at that, he would have to watch out for that one and somehow inform the order to what the man actually was! If he could just get around the damned block on his voice whenever he tried to speak of what he knew, curse Obi-Wan for binding his voice with the force when it came to what he had been told that damned day.

And force the mouth on Obi-Wan when he was attempting to get into someone's pants! Had he always been so lewd? He had noticed how others looked at Obi-Wan and he himself had caught sight of Obi-Wan and admired his body. Qui-Gon had always been able to shake it off though, Obi-Wan was his padawan...A senior padawan at that, he would have to keep ahold of Obi-Wan longer-try to stop him from becoming a knight.

He shivered as he remembered the look on Obi-Wan’s face the night before, the way he’d moved about in their quarters. Obi-Wan was very good about acting completely normal outside of their rooms and then when alone with Qui-Gon he acted as if everything was the way it was supposed to before saying or doing something so lewd that it left Qui-Gon speechless… The looks, touches were all getting to him because more often than not these days he was waking up so disoriented and achingly hard.

He frowned after he came out of the bathroom, normally Obi-Wan was puttering around in either the kitchen or living area...But to find his former master lounging around in their quarters was not normal in the slightest. “Dooku.” The man looked up from his datapad and nodded politely. “I believe we have things to discuss?” They didn’t, what was the man up to? “If you say so.” He sat down with a sigh, he was not prepared for a battle of wits this early in the morning. “I believe Obi-Wan has been hounding you as of late more so then when he started?” That was true, Obi-Wan was becoming unbearable. “What of it?” So he was a touch irritable, he was going to blame the hell out of Obi-Wan for that.

“He’s been acting secretive. I think he plans on something big, something that he is nervous about, and that might take him from you.” Take...That made literally no sense, what would Obi-Wan be attempting that could take him away? “Oh?” Dooku sighed, the look on his face belied his worry. He was actually worried about it, because not only did his face show it, the force was also drenched in it.

“I think he’s going to go after Palpatine. I think he’s going to attempt to murder the man because of how he’s been attempting to slowly manipulate me into his way of thinking. Sheev has no idea that I’ve fully fallen as far as I can tell, but Obi-Wan doesn't want to run the risk of dealing with Sheev and me teaming up against him.” Wait, why would Dooku go against his own husband? “What would make you turn against him like that?” That sounded like he wanted his former master to turn on Obi-Wan.

“Nothing. But, Obi-Wan grows more paranoid the longer he feeds off of the Darkside as deeply as he does...I only understand that because I haven’t ever delved as deeply as he has so it's easier for me to be objective about it.” Paranoia was a symptom of using the Darkside? Well, that certainly made a great deal of sense historically. “What could help with the paranoia?” Dooku frowned, “Distractions, but he’s so good at seeing past when I am attempting to distract him from something that it hardly works anymore.”

But, Obi-Wan did have something that could distract him. Or rather someone, and that was why Dooku was here wasn’t it. To get him to think of it and then to implement it, the cunning bastard wasn’t that clever. There was also no way he was going to let Obi-Wan go fight another darksider who was so much older than him. Probably knew a ton more than Obi-Wan at that if the man had been trying to lure Dooku into learning from him.

“And if I don’t provide a distraction?” Dook snarled; “Then we both get to know that it was your fault that he went off half-cocked and got himself killed by a sith lord! Qui-Gon I only want to make sure my husband doesn't die, I didn’t mean that you had to do something you don't want! Just distract the damned stubborn gundark of a man so he won’t go off and get himself murdered or worse enslaved by a man who seems willing to do anything to further his goals.”

Oh. Well, he supposed he could find something to distract Obi-Wan that didn’t include anything that Obi-Wan had been attempting to get from him. Qui-Gon shook his head, hair falling into his face. “Look, I understand that Obi-Wan is insufferable when he is attempting to get something or someone-I was the focus for him not that long ago myself so I know his tactics.”

He needed to get ahead of Obi-Wan and Dooku was the best place to gain that kind of insight into the real Obi-Wan. “How do you get your husband off your back?” Dooku chuckled, “By kriffing him senseless but that’s not something you want to do. Honestly just tell him to back off, I’m sure he’ll leave you alone at least for a little bit before he goes back to attempting to get you to drop your pants for him.”

Qui-Gon felt his cheeks heat at the blunt comment. “I don’t want to ever do that.” Dooku blinked as if he had been blindsided. “Then...Then you really don’t want either of us? I thought...Well, evidently, I thought wrong then. I’ll talk to Obi-Wan to get him to back off. If you don’t want either of us then clearly Obi-Wan is wasting his talents.”

That. That would make things so much better because as much as he desired Obi-Wan and cared about Dooku in the past, he would never consort with a darksider. So he would remain forever out of their reach and if they stopped trying to either get into his pants or his head he could breathe and find a way to let someone else know what was happening, allow the council to sort the two out...

But usually, at least in the old texts...The only thing to do was to kill or banish those Jedi who fell to the lure of the Darkside. Could he really do that to Obi-Wan, who had before was aiming to become a Jedi worthy of his line? What did Obi-Wan want now? Did he still want to be a Jedi master and if he did it because he believed in the Jedi but not to the letter or did he want to subvert the order, cause it to cave in from the inside?

“I don’t want either of you in a romantic relationship, but I don’t want to kick either of you out of the order or get you killed which is what would happen if I was able to tell the council. I just want my padawan back as my padawan and my former master as a friend.” Dooku nodded, looking devastated honestly, did he really...Were Obi-Wan and Dooku being truthful, did they really fall in love with him even though they were together? “I can’t speak for Obi-Wan but I am sure both of us will...Will honor that wish.”

Chapter Text

He twisted, he had hoped that sleep wouldn’t elude him. But that hope had faded as the early morning light began to creep into his room. He turned again, it was a foolish hope when he had so much on his mind, Obi-Wan’s tearstained face and the pain echoing in the force. Qui-Gon sighed, he hadn’t meant to hurt Obi-Wan but it was ridiculous the way he was acting.

Like someone had kicked his loth-cat. All because he couldn’t sink his darksider fangs into his Jedi master, He wasn’t even sure what it was he wanted anymore. Love, pain, and duty causing all sorts of havoc to their already strained relationship. Yes, he had told Dooku that he didn’t want a romantic relationship, but if he hadn’t been aware they had gone Darkside they could have convinced him possibly to be in a relationship with them.

That was the heart of his problem. He was in love with them no matter how much he protested that he didn’t, but they had joined the Darkside and were lost to him and the order. Qui-Gon rolled out of bed with a sigh, he was not going to get any more sleep no matter how hard he tried. Tea, Tea would make things if not right at least better. He slipped out of his bedroom towards the kitchen and froze. Obi-Wan was sitting at the kitchen table, hands wrapped around a mug, he looked lost in contemplation…

There was nothing for it, he would have to interact with the younger man eventually if only to ‘train’ him. The others couldn’t find out how much of a failure he was after all, because Obi-Wan needed help. He needed to see that the dark side was not the answer. He swept past Obi-Wan and started preparing his tea. “Good morning master.” Obi-Wan sounded tired and unsure. “Good morning padawan.” It wouldn’t do to be rude, as much as he wanted to ignore Obi-Wan that wouldn’t help push him away from the dark side.

Qui-Gon sat across from Obi-Wan and held his own mug between his hands. Obi-Wan opened and closed his mouth several times before sighing. “I’m leaving the order master.” He jolted as if he had been doused with icy water, he hadn’t heard that right. Couldn’t have! “Obi-Wan!” The younger man looked away. “I don’t belong here, you clearly don’t want to have anything to do with me...How can I become a knight if you won’t let me? What’s the point in playing pretend when we both know you want more than anything to tell the council just what I’ve become?”

No, maybe the day they had told him. But, he had realized that it wouldn’t help anything. He had to be the one to pull Obi-Wan back to the light and he couldn’t do that if the younger man left the order. If anything that would see him become a Sith and in the eyes of the order a target, as much as he hated Obi-Wan being Darkside he also cared about him too much to lose him. He knew what that kind of loss did to a person and he didn’t want to suffer it a second time.

“I am your master Obi-Wan, I will raise you to knighthood if you stay.” Obi-Wan frowned, ever-changing eyes filled with mistrust. The paranoia Dooku had spoken of swirling in the younger man’s eyes, this was not what he had expected when he thought of Paranoia. “Why?” Qui-Gon ran a hand through his hair attempting to calm his racing heart. “Because I care about you. Because you are my padawan and I promised to make you a Jedi.”

Obi-Wan looked confused as if he didn’t understand what was happening. “You don’t care, why would you say that you do when you’ve shown how much you don’t?” Obi-Wan truly thought he didn’t...Where was this idea coming from? “Why would you think I don’t care?” Obi-Wan’s face crumpled. “Because you didn’t want me as a Padawan, because I’m the reason Tahl is dead...Because I’ve never been good enough to be your padawan and now I’ve fallen to the dark side.”

Qui-Gon felt his gut roll, Obi-Wan thought he blamed the younger man for Tahl’s death? He shivered, yes. He had been upset and he had lashed out at Obi-Wan, but he had apologized and explained himself hadn’t he? Yet, Obi-Wan still believed he blamed… “Obi-Wan I don’t blame you for Tahl’s death, it wasn’t your fault.” Obi-Wan shook his head, he could feel how pain lanced Obi-Wan though, could feel the despair. How long had Obi-Wan carried this weight, how had he hidden it so well?

“You hated me when she died, it was my fault and you know it.” This was getting out of hand, Obi-Wan could not continue blaming himself like this, he had to get it through Obi-Wan’s head that he did not blame Obi-Wan for Tahl. “If that was true explain to me how I fell in love with you?” Obi-Wan froze, eyes riveted to the table. “You don’t mean that.” Qui-Gon took a sip of his tea. “I don't want to be in love with my own padawan who has fallen no, but that doesn't mean that I don’t actually mean it.”

There he said it, the damned hidden truth of his feelings for Obi-Wan. Yes, he had lied to Obi-Wan and Dooku about what he actually felt, but it had been because they had told him they were married and then that they were part of the Darkside and to tell them the truth was to give them a weapon to use against him. One he could not afford to give them, one that if they were able to use it against him would mean his own downfall.

He would just have to be cautious, make sure that on no uncertain terms he was not going to fall to the Darkside with them and he was not going to give up saving them from themselves. “Why tell us that you...That you didn’t want a romantic relationship with us? To protect yourself? We wouldn’t force you into anything, surely you know that, don’t you? We wouldn’t want you to fall because we forced it...It’s better when you fall of your own free will.”

Even if that was the case the Darkside was corrupting them and they honestly could not see it or did not want to see it. At least Dooku seemed to understand that the Darkside was harmful to the user and had confessed that he wasn’t nearly as fallen as Obi-Wan. “I won’t be falling at all if I can help it Obi-Wan, but I won’t deny that I care anymore. I can see how much it’s been hurting you, how much it’s damaged what little of a relationship we had before you told me the truth.”

Obi-Wan sighed, “You really don’t want me to leave do you.” Qui-Gon paused, what was that supposed to mean? “I want to raise you into knighthood, and I want to know that you are as safe as any Jedi can be.” Obi-Wan let out a little laugh, eyes flashing gold. “You just don’t want a darksider out of your sight where you can keep them tame.” Shit. Shit, this was not at all how he thought this conversation was going. Hadn’t he managed to get through to Obi-Wan even a little?

“Obi-Wan, that is not at all what I meant. If you want to leave even after what I’ve said I won’t stop you and I can’t tell anyone at any rate, so what do you have to lose?” That caught the younger man’s attention. “You seriously would see me to Knighthood even knowing that I’ve gone dark? That if I took on a padawan that I could corrupt them too, why would you allow something like that?” He hoped by the time Obi-Wan took a Padawan he was no longer of the Darkside so that it wouldn’t matter, he wouldn’t corrupt anyone. “Because I know there is still good inside of you because I know that in the end, you are my padawan and stronger than the Darkside.”

A feral grin dashed his hopes away for a second. “Oh master, do you think you can ‘save’ me? That’s adorable, fine. We’ll play your game, I’ll attempt knighthood and you’ll attempt to banish the darkness from my heart.” It wasn’t a game, it was life or death. Obi-Wan’s soul really, because the Darkside would take and take and Obi-Wan would slowly become something he wasn’t.