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i know something others dont

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Ochako was a strange child, her mother thought. After raising her in a southern part of the states, she took to walking very quickly. Ochako was a toddler before she turned two. Sometimes she would mumble to herself in a language that her mother couldn’t identify, and occasionally she would say she forgot a certain word and then say a random word in another language that she was never taught. After she turned four, sometimes she would reach out for something, and then stare at her hand like there was something was missing. For some reason, she also liked watching anime in its original language, but that wasn’t strange by itself. The weird thing was that she would watch it without subs and seemingly could understand it. Even if Ochako could even understand posters promoting anime, she decided not to question it because children were weird, right?




The Urarakas were blessed with a girl. As she grew up, she was a little different from what the online articles said children her age were like. After she developed her Quirk, sometimes they would hear a crash as she released something she accidentally set floating. This was normal, but it happened so often as if she forgot that something would happen if she touched something with all five fingers. Weirdly, she knew English easily by the time she was three, even if she was never taught it. As soon as she started school, she took to the foreign language quickly, and spoke it like she had been surrounded by English speakers since she was born. They just shrugged it off, Ochako was talented. Every child had something they were talented at.




Ochako knew that she was special from the start. Every time she went to sleep, she would never do this ‘dreaming’ thing, instead waking up in a different life and living it. As soon as she realized this wasn’t normal, she would try and make it seem that it never happened in the first place. Because someone like that would surely be very weird, right?

   She still released accidental floating things to this day.

   Ochako was bilingual by a very young age due to living in two different countries. She was extremely talented at English in her world where she was Japanese, and knowing Japanese when she was watching anime was very helpful.

   Speaking of that, Ochako loved anime. She discovered it existing in America too quickly, and she loved having something familiar in that one life. Because she knew Japanese, it was just plain-out easier to watch that dub and then turn off the subs. If you asked her, she would say that the subs were annoying and distracted from the actual show.

   When she was around twelve years old, she came across this new anime that changed her perspective on her different lives.

   It was quite simple, really. All she was doing was scrolling through new releases, when her eyes fell on the title. Ochako skimmed the description, and quickly decided the world was similar to her other life. She hit the button to start playing the trailer to see if it was worth her while. As the trailer went on, she saw All Might and was surprised, because, wow this world is so much like her own! As she went on, she saw a fifteen-year-old brunette introduce herself as Uraraka Ochako, and she dropped the remote.

   Forget the world being similar, what if it really is her own?

   Pulling out her phone, she googled Uraraka Ochako in both the latin alphabet and kanji. After skimming through things like backstory, she quickly confirmed it was herself.

What should she do next? Ochako wondered. If this anime was something she’ll eventually live, maybe it’d be helpful to watch it and have future knowledge. She hit play on the first episode.

After finishing the episode, she quickly decided on befriending this poor Quirkless boy. That’s definitely what a hero would do, right?


Of course it is.




 This is honestly just a prompt. I really want this fic to exist, but I don't have the motivation to write it. So here are my headcanons - for those who want to write it.


  • Ochako will befriend Izuku so that he doesn't get bullied as hard
  • BAMF Uraraka Ochako
  • Because of her talent of English, she is put in a higher English class.
  • Ochako's personality doesn't change all that much, but she is a little sassier.
  • In the American universe, her mom is a single mom. (Guess I'm kinda projecting haha)

If I come up with more this fic will be edited

If you write this, please make it as a gift for me and put this fic as the one that inspired it! Really, no matter how bad your writing is, I'd love to see it!

My birthday is soon, so if anyone writes it anytime soon I'll count it as a birthday gift.