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Jimin has never been stood up before.


There was this one time, when he was sixteen and his friends had tried to set him up with this girl in his algebra class and she definitely did not meet him by his locker… but that turned out to be for the best. It wasn’t too long after that he was meeting boys in secretive places to do illicit things.


Ever since Jimin grew up, grew into himself, into his sexuality… not one boy has ever missed the opportunity to spend time with him.


That is, until the beautiful, bunny-eyed cop at pride did just that.


The worst part is that Jimin had abstained for him. He’d gone to multiple pride parties where pretty boys had tried all of their usual tricks to get him to follow them into the bathroom or go back to their places for a quick romp, but he had politely turned them down, constantly checking his phone for any sort of notification. Anything .


Because a cute cop had asked him on a date , and he wasn’t about to ruin it by sleeping with just anyone.


Looking back on it now, he thinks that maybe he should have taken up at least one of the boys on their offer, because that night ended with him losing his buzz and going to bed alone.


He walks around the office with a permanent frown on his face, his sharp glare sending off very strong stay away vibes as he goes about his business. There’s always work to be done in the office and today Jimin is grateful for it, because it keeps his mind off the catastrophic loss that was his failed date. He stays at his desk practically the entire morning, shuffling through papers and answering calls. He can feel the stares from the more gossipy people in the office, and at lunch time he overhears a few of them speculating about what — or who — could have pissed him off so badly.


He eats at his desk, not wanting to make small talk with anyone and too tired to put in the effort to play pretend, and he only leaves after the new guy from the mailroom incorrectly drops a few heavy files at his desk.


Jimin grabs them, heading towards the conference room to deliver them personally instead of trusting the other man to get it done.


He knocks and enters without waiting for a response — he knows their schedules well (after all he’s the one that arranges them) so he’s positive they aren’t accompanied by any clients at the moment — walking in without bothering to say hello.


He stops in front of Yoongi first. “The discovery you requested on the Jang case. Pre-trial notes for court tomorrow morning.” And turns around to Seokjin. “Witness list for your deposition on Friday for the Song case.” He accentuates each sentence by dropping a file on the table in between them.


Yoongi blinks, taking his case notes without sparing him a look. “Well good afternoon to you, too.”


“Is something the matter?” Seokjin asks patiently, his fingers skimming through the file to make sure everything is in place.


“What’s the matter is that the damn mail guy apparently doesn’t know how to read if he managed to think that my desk was a partner’s office. We have names on plaques for a reason.”


“Right. This is totally about the mail guy.” Yoongi shakes his head as he takes another sip of coffee, ignoring the angry glare Jimin shoots in his direction.


“Wait, did something happen? Fill me in.”


Yoongi looks at his partner before his eyes cut back over to Jimin. “You heard him. Inquiring minds want to know.”


“As if you don’t know.” Jimin crosses his arms, collapsing down on the sofa. “I know Taehyung probably told you everything.”


“That’s cool, but Seokjin doesn’t know anything.” Seokjin refers to himself, looking between his two friends exasperatedly. “Don’t make me drag it out of you, go on and spill.”


Jimin pouts and dramatically sits down in another conference chair in a huff. “Remember how I told you about that gorgeous cop I met at Pride?”


“The one who asked you on a date?” Seokjin quirks an eyebrow.


Jimin nods. “Yeah. He… he stood me up. I never heard from him.”


“It’s only been a few days.” Yoongi waves him off, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “He might still give you a call. Why do you always jump to the worst conclusion?”


“I’m not ,” Jimin whines. “But I didn’t get my back blown for the entirety of pride because I was waiting for him to hit me up and he never did! Meanwhile you got to have lots of fun with his friend.” Jimin sends Yoongi a weak glare, and Seokjin sets down his papers and leans back in his chair.


“Why am I not aware of all of this hot gossip? Do you all just keep things from me intentionally now? I thought we were friends .”


“Oh, hush,” Yoongi rolls his eyes before looking back to Jimin. “Hoseok mentioned Jungkook, but you weren’t exactly the topic of conversation. But if he gets in touch with us again… I can ask about him.”


“Don’t bother. He’s dead to me.”


“So dead that you’re stomping around the office, throwing files around.” Jimin glares at Seokjin who raises his hands peacefully. “I was just making an observation!”


“Why do you even care?” Yoongi asks. “I mean… it’s you. You could just go to Itaewon tonight and pick someone up if you need a little release. It’s not like it’s difficult for you, all you have to do is bat your eyelashes and boys are tripping over themselves to be with you.”


“I don’t care.” Jimin says pointedly. “I just— he was really hot, okay? And he is the one who asked me on a date! I totally would have been fine with something casual and quick but he insisted on wanting to take me out. He seemed kind of sweet… had a bit of that wide eyed innocence about him.”


“That you obviously wanted to destroy.” Seokjin chuckles but Jimin shakes his head.


“It wasn’t like that. That gorgeous face and all of those muscles are simply too dangerous of a combination for him to be unaware of his power.”


“Then what’s this about?” Yoongi turns to the younger boy, intrigued.


“I don’t know… his initial reaction wasn’t to fuck me. I thought it was kind of sweet.”


“God.” Seokjin shakes his head with a laugh. “I know it’s been a long time since I was swimming in the dating pool, but standards cannot possibly have sunk that low.”


“I have high standards, fuck you very much. I’m simply pointing out that we were at pride, hormones were raging, I was in booty shorts and he still didn’t jump at the chance to hook up. He asked for a date, which at the time I thought was a nice gesture, but obviously we now know he’s the worst boy in the world since he stood me up, so he’s cancelled.”


“Again, it’s not like you couldn’t find a replacement. If you want a boy to take you on a date, you’re not going to have a hard time making that happen.” Yoongi tries to console him, but Jimin just sighs.


“You’d be surprised, hyung. It’s tough out in the dating world when you’ve been blessed with a perky ass and full lips. Boys see you and their brains immediately go to sex.”


“Maybe that would have something to do with you sending them a dick pic or an ass shot within the first two minutes after you exchange numbers.” Seokjin points out, making his partner laugh.


“It’s not my fault that every part of me is gorgeous!”


“I think what hyung is trying to say,” Yoongi interjects. “Is that if you present yourself as a happy go lucky boy who is always looking for a good time…”


“Then you will attract other boys who are only looking for a good time.” Seokjin nods in agreement and Jimin pouts.


“But I am only looking for a good time! I’m a man with needs that must be fulfilled. I don’t think that’s something I should be ashamed of.”


“I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it. Obviously I’ve been known to partake in more risque forms of fun.” Yoongi shrugs. “I’m just saying, you shouldn’t let one guy standing you up affect you this much. It’s his loss, not yours.”


Jimin rubs his hand over his face, sighing. “I guess… it’s just hard sometimes. Being the only single one in our entire friend group. You both are in fantastic, long-term relationships and I’ll always just be the slutty one who can’t hold a man down.”


Seokjin reaches over and bats at Jimin’s head. “Yah. Don’t talk about yourself that way. Cut it out.”


Jimin dodges his swats and stands up. “ Anyway . Sorry to bring down the mood. I’ll try and be more peppy and cheery to make clients and everyone else feel better.”


Yoongi sighs. “Stop being so self-sacrificing. If you’re having a bad day, you’re having a bad day. Just try not to fixate on some boy. You’re worth more than pining over some kid who has no idea what he’s missing out on.”


Jimin blows his bangs out of his face and nods. “Sure, hyung.”


With that, he exits swiftly, intent on busying himself in more legal work in lieu of dwelling on what could have been.


He knows that one day his prince charming will come to sweep him off his feet… but that boy is obviously not Jungkook.








Jungkook takes out his frustrations at the gym.


It became a habit during his conscription. Military boys always love to work out constantly to try to be the most fit squad member. Really, police life is no different. But Jungkook doesn’t work out so he can have huge muscles or a ripped body. He works out because it clears his mind and makes all the loud thoughts in his head go mute, even if only for a little bit.


But today, he can’t shake off the feelings of embarrassment and shame, because the most beautiful person he’d ever seen gave him his number at Pride, and Jungkook lost it.


Pride was wild . Jungkook didn’t know what to expect, but he came out of the experience with dozens of new friends and a newfound pride in himself. Back in Busan, his family would never approve of his lifestyle, but after seeing all the floats and the parade and all the wonderful faces smiling with hope and love, he feels different about himself.


He and Hoseok had gone to a couple of local bars hosting events that night, and Jungkook was drunker than he can ever remember being. It wasn’t entirely the alcohol; he was drunk off of everything .


But the many, many soju shots didn’t help either.


He should have been a normal person and just immediately saved the number into the contacts in his phone. But for some dumbass reason — he was definitely blaming the soju —  he didn’t.


Not that he had forgotten about it in the slightest; he had placed it in the left front pocket in his jeans, and all throughout the night he had been fiddling with it, almost as if he had to remind himself that it was still there and the beautiful boy was real.


Jungkook didn’t even realize he was doing it until Hoseok had pointed it out — Do you have an itch or something? Are your jeans too tight? — which had been totally embarrassing, but Jungkook had played it off well enough.


Pride was an all-day affair, and Jungkook wasn’t about to ditch his partner after how sweet Hoseok had been about the whole thing, but he would be a liar if he said he wasn’t relieved when Hoseok called it a night and said he was heading home. Because Jungkook couldn’t actually talk about Jimin with his friend, because then Hoseok would know he had gone back to the booth, which would have lead to questions he couldn’t quite answer without exposing himself.


So he played it cool, enjoying the time with his hyung and the seemingly limitless alcohol around — people were so generous about handing out free drinks and shots no matter what bar they went to — truthfully having an amazing time, although he was eager to get to the next portion of the evening, so he could take the pretty blonde on a date.


Jungkook wasn’t the kind of person who had a type; growing up his mother used to tell him he was an empathetic person, because he could read people so well and get a sense of their aura, no matter how little time they spent around each other.


He’s always trusted his instincts, never second guessing himself when his heart pulled him in a certain direction.


It was useful in the practical areas of his life, like when he chose Hoseok to be his partner after only a few short minutes of conversation in the precinct, but it was even more useful in his love life.


Jungkook was perfectly aware of what he looked like, and he know a lot of people sized him up to be a dumb jock and nothing else. He liked sex and he liked feeling good about himself, but he didn’t like being used. He was never really the type to indulge in casual flings, but it wasn’t as if he had a hard time finding company when he went looking for it.


So when he saw Jimin, wearing practically nothing, it would’ve been understandable if Jungkook got distracted by the miles and miles of gorgeous skin on display. But instead he noticed Jimin’s eyes… small and delicate, but almost unbearably kind. And when they spoke Jimin’s eyes lit up, like the joy he felt in his heart was manifesting in his eyes, sparkling so bright Jungkook almost felt blinded. And his smile… fuck, his smile.


He flirted shamelessly, which normally wasn’t Jungkook’s style, but he wanted the other boy’s attention, he wanted to be remembered. A boy as pretty — and as unapologetically confident — as Jimin wouldn’t have any trouble finding a boy when he wanted one. Jungkook knew that, even through the drunken haze of his brain he had felt it in his heart, that Jimin could be important.


So he put himself out there, asking for a date — which was probably embarrassing in itself, judging by the way Jimin had responded — but for some reason the blonde had decided to humor him.


Jungkook had been so fucking excited… to get the chance to actually sit down and talk to Jimin, away from the craziness that was the parade. It was all he could think about the entire night, and when he was finally in the cab alone after dropping Hoseok off at his apartment, he knew the time had come.


But when he reached in his pocket, there was nothing there.


His first instinct was to check the other pocket even though he knew he didn’t put the card in that pocket. Then he checked his back pockets. His wallet. Everything . There was no business card to be seen. It was gone, and Jungkook was devastated.


Even now, days later, he can’t get it out of his mind. The fact that he missed his chance to spend time with the most beautiful, perfect person he’d ever seen. And all because he got drunk and somehow lost his number at a bar.


He’s sure the pretty blonde had fun that night without him. How could he not? He probably had ten guys lined up, waiting to give him anything his heart desired.


And so, Jungkook pushes himself and runs on the treadmill until he’s practically falling over. When he finally gets off of it, he collapses down to the floor and puts his hands over his head, panting heavily. His white shirt is drenched in sweat and sticking to his body. He knows he should get up and do some crunches and shower, but instead he just lies there and stares at the ceiling, thinking miserably about Jimin’s musical laughter and his blinding smile and everything else about him.


He barely has time to catch his breath and peel himself off the floor before his phone is buzzing in his pocket, with Hoseok on the other end telling him to hurry and get to the station, they have to go look into some reports of a suspicious character hanging around some shops in Itaewon.


He showers and pulls on his uniform, and within the hour he finds himself in the passenger seat of their squad car, sipping at the iced coffee Hoseok had picked up for him and trying to pay attention as Hoseok communicates back and forth with headquarters on the radio.


Of course the suspicious person turns out to be not so suspicious, a college student who had drunkenly lost his keys to an apartment above a store front, trying to crawl in through his fire escape. Jungkook almost pities him, he knows exactly how shitty it feels to lose something after all, and once things are squared away with the landlord and the guy is safely back inside of his home, him and his partner decide to take a stroll.


There’s a delicious churro place on the corner, and they both order a few, enjoying the warm summer weather as they catch up.


“So I haven’t seen you since Pride, and I’ve been meaning to kick your ass.”


You and me both, Jungkook thinks to himself. He hasn’t stopped mentally beating himself up since he lost Jimin’s number. He needs to get things under control soon, or he’ll end up having to buy a new pair of gym shoes sooner rather than later. “Any particular reason why?”


Hoseok points a churro at him accusingly. “I know about the little stunt you pulled with Taehyung. Giving him my number and encouraging him to call.”


Jungkook blinks and pales. “Oh… hyung, listen , I didn’t mean to cause trouble, I tried to do you a favor—”


“It’s fine.” Hoseok wraps an arm around his shoulders. “I was just kidding. If we’re being honest… I probably should be thanking you.”


“Does that mean he called you?”


Hoseok smiles a bit dreamily. “He did that… and so much more.”


Jungkook’s mouth drops open. “That… sounds like he did a bit more than make you a model?”


“Not just him.” Hoseok says in a low voice. “His boyfriend might have also been involved.”


The younger boy laughs, shaking his head. “You really don’t half ass anything, do you hyung?”


“His name is Yoongi… I’m sure you saw him at the booth when you were busy going behind my back to give away my number.”


“Hey, I thought we agreed you were happy about that!”


“We did, I’m just playing around. The point is he called and invited me to Spectrum, and so I went. It was… probably the best decision I’ve made in a long time.”


“Was it a photoshoot or something?”


“Not exactly.” Hoseok smiles to himself. “Taehyung showed me around his shop. Talked me through the lingerie and the different kinds of things he designs. Honestly? It was pretty fucking cool.” He looks at the younger boy. “Is it something you’re into?”


Jungkook purses his lips, considering it. “Actually… I don’t know? I mean, I don’t exactly have a feminine body—”


“You don’t need a feminine body to wear lingerie. And besides, the whole purpose of Taehyung’s store is to design pretty things that everyone can enjoy, regardless of gender.”


“I mean, I get that and it makes sense in my head. I just never really thought about it on myself. But on other people…” He pauses, recalling the image of Jimin turning around in the booth, showing off his booty shorts with a teasing look over his shoulder. “Yeah… I’m pretty fucking into it.”


Hoseok cackles. “You’re a funny one, Jungkookie. But enough about me and my totally mind blowing threesome—”


“We barely talked about it!”


Hoseok winks. “My lips are sealed.”


“Can I at least know if it’s going to happen again? I think it’s only fair if you buy me like… two coffees per hook up.”




“One for each of them! Since I’m the one who made this happen.”


Hoseok rolls his eyes. “How easily you forget that I had Taehyung’s business card, not to mention the contact info for Yoongi’s firm. I totally could have reached out if I wanted to.”


“Yeah, but you talked yourself out of it in like two minutes flat! If it weren’t for me taking the initiative to save the day, you never would have gone to Spectrum.”


Hoseok nods his head. “Probably true. But one coffee; I might have seniority, but it’s not like my pay is much better than yours. Have mercy on your hyung.”


Fine. I will. But only cause you’re happy.”


“And I want you to be happy too!” Hoseok nudges his shoulders. “Surely you met someone at pride? I saw how many boys were giving you looks that night. You had to at least be attracted to one of them.”


Jungkook sighs miserably. “I guess now that you know I met Taehyung… I can tell you.”


“Tell me what?” Hoseok quirks an eyebrow.


“His friend… the one running the booth. Jimin .” Jungkook closes his eyes briefly when he says his name. “I’m such an idiot , hyung. He’s perfect . I’ve literally never seen someone so beautiful in my entire life. And I had the courage to actually ask him on a date and he said yes! And he gave me his business card… and I lost it. Like a fucking idiot .”


Hoseok actually stops walking. “Wait. Jimin? The adorable little blonde?”


Jungkook nods mournfully. “Yes. Him . God… I really fucked up. He probably hates me now. He was so adorably excited too… I swear, I fell in love at first sight. I’m not even kidding , hyung…”


“But Jimin is so cute. And you’re so cute. You would’ve been so cute together. ” Hoseok says sadly, his face fixed into a pout.


“Hyung, full disclosure, if this is your version of a pep talk, it really sucks.”


Hoseok takes a deep breath and looks down at his watch. “We finished way earlier than we were expecting. And the report will take us like ten minutes to file.” He blinks, getting an idea into his head. “Do you want to stop by Spectrum?”


Jungkook frowns. “No offense hyung, but the last thing I want to do right now is see you all happy and flirting with Taehyung. I’m miserable and I’m never going to see Jimin again and it’s all my fault. I’ve been pulling two-a-days at the gym and I’m still stressed.”


Hoseok laughs, patting Jungkook on the pack. “Not all hope is lost, Jungkookie! I was suggesting we go to Spectrum for you, not me. Although I won’t lie and say that it wouldn’t be a bonus. Honestly, I have talked to him or Yoongi since the night we hooked up.”


“What?!” Jungkook’s eyes nearly bug out of his head.


“It only happened like a day ago! And I’m nervous to talk to them…”


“You’re nervous to—” Jungkook can’t even finish the sentence. “Hyung, how can you have a whole threesome with somebody, but be nervous to have a conversation?”


“I’m not saying it makes sense!” Hoseok shrugs his shoulders. “I can’t explain it. That night… something came over me. I saw them and they were so beautiful so I just… I went for it. And in the heat of the moment it was totally great, and we even ate dinner together afterwards and it was wonderful.”


“These are all good signs!” Jungkook says exasperatedly.


“I know, I know. But it’s like… it’s just complicated. They’re boyfriends and there’s lingerie involved and I just… I don’t know where I stand or what I want to happen or if anything could even happen again.”


“Well obviously you need to talk to them and figure it out!”


Hoseok sighs. “I know I do. I’d be kidding myself if I said I didn’t want a repeat of that night. It was… it was perfect , Kook. That was like my introduction to actually being with a man like that and let me just say… bisexuality con-fucking-firmed.”


Jungkook laughs. “You’re so silly, hyung. You’re a great guy! I wouldn’t be surprised if they were open to seeing you again, even if they are a couple.”


“I know I have to take some initiative. But so do you!”


“How does Spectrum have anything to do with me?” Jungkook asks, his hands on his hips.


“Because Taehyung is Jimin’s best friend! Obviously he’ll have Jimin’s phone number. Once you get that, you can reach out to him and apologize… explain what happened. I’m sure he’ll forgive you. But most importantly, you’ll be able to buy him a nice, fancy present from Taehyung’s shop that will surely smooth things over between you.”


“What makes you so sure Jimin would like lingerie?”


Hoseok holds up a finger and pulls his wallet out of his back pocket, rifling through it before pulling out a vibrant, neatly folded flier. He hands it to Jungkook.


Sure enough, one of the models featured is Jimin. He’s wearing some sort of pretty pink lace panties with garters and white thigh highs and Jungkook almost drops it in shock.




Oh is right,” Hoseok laughs. “But I’m serious. Let’s go. Once you explain everything… he’ll understand. I know it.”


Jungkook nervously agrees. He’s never been to a lingerie store before. Never had any reason to. But the drive to see Jimin is strong, so he pushes aside his fears and decides that he at least owes the pretty blonde that much.








“There’s no hope for me. I’m a shell of who I once was. I’m practically going gray.”


“That’s the lighting. And also, shut the hell up.” Taehyung laughs gently as he repins a few things, pulling out his needle and thread to do a few quick alterations. “I know you have the tendency to fall back on overdramatics, but this time I don’t think it’s that deep.”


“Spoken like someone who is getting railed out by the man he loves on a daily basis. Not to mention a certain curly haired cop.”


“For your information, we didn’t go all the way with him. So joke’s on you.”


“Either way, you’re getting action and I’m not, and it’s a goddamn tragedy.


“You could at least be happy for me,” Taehyung chuckles, sticking a needle between his lips as he tries to pull a couple of pieces of fabric together enough to sew them.


For this particular piece he’s decided to sew embroidered flowers into the bust area, accentuating the shape of the chest. But he needs it to be just right, because he wants it to be a bit sexier of a piece, the entire top piece composed of nothing but dark pink elastic straps, crisscrossing across the upper body. If he puts too many flowers, he runs the risk of accidentally covering up the nipple area, and he definitely wants that to be exposed while also managing to frame the delicate curve of the rib cage.


It’s tedious, but very necessary work. His eye for details is what makes so many people willing to pay the big bucks for a custom original piece.


He pulls the needle out of his mouth and sighs. “But the real tragedy is that I haven’t heard from said cop since we hooked up. It seems maybe both of us have a propensity for letting gorgeous police boys slip through our fingers.”


“Oh please. You know Hoseok will call you. Now that he’s had a taste of you both, he’ll be back.”


“One can hope. Now stay still .”


Jimin does as he’s told. He likes this new piece that Taehyung is fitting him for. It’s almost soft and delicate and makes him feel pretty. Eventually, the bell at the front of the shop jingles.


“Just a minute!” Taehyung calls out. “You stay here. I’ll be right back.”


“I have to stay still? I’m not really a mannequin, Taehyung-ah.”


Taehyung snorts and rolls his eyes. “You’d be a shitty mannequin. You talk too damn much.” The blue haired man goes off to answer the door.


Jimin’s not technically inside of the front of the store; he’s standing in the back where Taehyung does more of his formal fittings and customization work.


There’s a large mirror erected in front of him, and he takes the moment Taehyung is busy to really look at himself.


He likes the way the outfit looks, but more importantly he likes the way the outfit makes him feel. The color is a dusky rose, but it looks bright and charming against his skin tone.


Jimin twists a bit, watching his body move in the mirror, enjoying his silhouette. Taehyung is focusing on the detail work for the chest harness, so for now he’s wearing a simple thong in the same pink color. But he knows his soulmate, and he wouldn’t be surprised if his friend asked him to come back so he could design a more intricate hip harness to match with the top.


He hears the jingle of the beads clicking together, but he doesn’t look away from his reflection. “They didn’t want to buy something?”


Taehyung reappears looking absolutely smug and a little flustered. Flustered isn’t a look Jimin is used to seeing on his best friend.


“Jiminie… you’re never gonna guess who just wandered in.”


Jimin gives him a funny look. “Who?”


“Two very, very handsome cops. One for me and one for you .”


The blonde blinks. “I’m sorry, come again?”


“Hoseok and Jungkook are in the front. Want me to grab a robe for you so you can come out?”


Jimin considers, turning away from his friend to gaze back in the mirror. “Actually…” He bites his lip, a little plan forming in his head. After the stress Jungkook put him through over the past couple days, it was only right if he repaid him in kind.


And what better punishment was there, than to show Jungkook what he could have had?


“Send him on back.”


Taehyung blinks, looking Jimin up and down once before shrugging. “I suppose… I can’t get in the way of your agenda. Whatever it may be. Just… don’t be too cruel, Minnie.”


“Who said anything about cruel?” Jimin shrugs a coy shoulder, sending a wink at his friend over his shoulder.


Taehyung rolls his eyes but heads back to the front of the shop. “Minnie actually would like to see you, Jungkook-ah. You can head on back.” Taehyung gives him a sweet smile but his eyes are already on Hoseok.


Jungkook takes a deep breath and walks past them, pushing through the beaded barrier into the back room.


What he sees almost knocks him flat on his ass, sucking all the air out of his lungs.


Jimin is a vision . And he’s… almost entirely naked, save for a few strappy pieces of fabric covering some strategic parts of his body. He notices a few new details — like a sparkly belly button ring and a NEVERMIND tattoo etched across his rib cage — and it just adds to the beauty and mysterious allure of Jimin.


The blonde doesn’t turn around, enjoying the dumbstruck look on the cop’s face via the mirror. He places his hands on his hips, right above his perky ass, thriving off the tension in the room. He knows he looks good, but Jungkook’s reaction is making his confidence skyrocket.


“Is there something I can help you with, Jungkook?”


Jungkook has to practically pick his jaw up off the floor. His radio goes off and he scrambles to silence it, nothing as important as the god-like human being standing in front of him.


“Jimin-ssi…” Jungkook says, and clears his throat because his voice sounds wrecked. It isn’t like he’s never seen a naked man before, but for some reason, he’s never had more of an urge to get on his knees and worship than he does right now. “T—Taehyung-ssi told me I could come back, I… I don’t want to intrude…”


“I’m just in the middle of a fitting.” Jimin fluffs his hair, making a show of turning around and looking at himself in the mirror, so Jungkook can see all of his angles. “Is there something you feel like you need to say to me?”


Jungkook feels his heart sink. He can tell by the blonde’s standoffish mood and his tone that he is just as Jungkook feared; righteously furious at him.


“Yes.” Jungkook nods, sinking into a chair so he can make himself smaller than the other boy. “I… I wanted to apologize.”


“I’m sure you do.” Jimin chuckles, standing with his hip cocked to one side and his hands resting on his head. He knows he’s being over the top, but he doesn’t care. He wants Jungkook to see what could have been his, he wants him to feel nothing but regret. “But you can save your apologies for yourself, Jungkook. I have no interest in them or you.”


Jungkook feels a sharp sting in his heart at those words and he can’t but start to lose any little bits of hope he had within him.


“I deserve that. I’m such an idiot . I… I was so excited to call you that I kept checking on your card all night, making sure I had it, but I fucking lost it like an idiot… I looked everywhere… I even went back to all the bars we went to trying to find it.” Jungkook sighs, standing up. “But, I get it. It was shitty… and you deserve way better. Have a great day, Jimin-ssi.” He turns to head out of the back room.


“You honestly expect me to believe that?” Jimin turns around to face him for the first time, his his arms crossing in front of his chest. “It was Pride. And you…” His eyes linger on Jungkook in his uniform. “Well, I’m sure you didn’t suffer from any lack of attention. You got a better offer from someone you wanted more than me, and that’s fine. Just have the decency to actually call and let me down next time.” Jimin huffs. “I wasted the entire night on you, I ignored countless boys because I believed that you really wanted to take me out on a ‘date’ , and it was all for nothing.”


Jungkook furrows his brows, shaking his head, confused. “I… I’ve never wanted anyone more than I wanted you. I didn’t even look at anyone after I saw you. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since.” He crosses his arms. “Look. If I was lying, why would I have come here? Wouldn’t I be trying to avoid you at all costs?”


The blonde rolls his eyes. “You came here with your friend; I know all about what’s going on between them.” He turns back around. “I don’t blame you for grasping at straws to try and save face with me, Jungkook. It must suck to see what you could have had up close… especially when I look like this.”


The cop shakes his head. “Hobi hyung brought me here today because I was miserable and he was going to get your number from Taehyung for me. I don’t have any ulterior motives. I should have put your number into my phone immediately, but I was so distracted by being at my first pride, and so overwhelmed that someone like you would actually agree to go on a date with someone like me that I didn’t think about it until it was too late. I didn’t have any way to contact you. I’m a cop — they discourage us from using social media. All I can do is apologize. I don’t expect anything from you. I just wanted you to know I was sorry.”


Jungkook bows low, eyes looking troubled. “I just… I don’t want you to think it was your fault. That I didn’t want you, or that I found somebody better. Because I didn’t… I couldn’t. You were perfect, and I was the idiot who got too drunk and ruined everything. So just know that you’re beautiful, and any guy that you deem worthy enough to take you on a date is probably the luckiest guy in the world.”


Jimin feels his resolve faltering just a bit. Jungkook looks sincere, and no matter how angry Jimin is, there’s something inside of him that turns soft at the sight of the boy looking so miserable.


He tilts his chin up, eyeing him cautiously in the mirror. “You really mean that? You’re really telling the truth?”


Jungkook nods. “ Yes. If you remember, I was the one who asked you for the date. I wanted to get to know you, not just hook up with you. I wouldn’t have done that and got your hopes up for nothing just to ghost you. That’s just cruel and I’m not that kind of person. I know that’s probably hard for you to believe but… it’s true.”


Jimin hesitates; he’s used to boys ogling over him. He puts in very strategic effort into his outfit and appearance, to ensure he gets the attention he wants. But since the initial moment Jungkook walked in and saw him, Jungkook has barely even looked at his body. He knows when someone is checking him out, and Jungkook isn’t . His wide bunny eyes have been focused on Jimin’s face as he pleads his case, and that fact alone is a bit startling. So much so that he actually has to comment on it.


“Why aren’t you checking me out?” He turns around to face the cop once more.


Jungkook blinks. “What?”


“I’m standing in front of you, practically naked, in gorgeous lingerie. So why aren’t you looking at my body? Why aren’t you checking me out?”


Jungkook shakes his head as if the question confuses him. “Because… because we’re talking, and you’re angry at me. Why would I look at your body without your consent? With you angry at me? I would never do that. It isn’t right.”


Jimin steps down from the little pedestal in front of the mirror, walking right up to Jungkook, narrowing his eyes. “What game are you playing?”


The younger cop frowns. “I’m not playing any game. I came here to apologize. To try and explain what happened… and maybe see if you still wanted to have that date. No hidden agendas. You know exactly what my intentions are.”


Jimin is a bit of a skeptic; it’s hard to believe that a boy wants him for something other than just a good time, and he’s so used to boys filtering in and out of his life that he’s not quite sure what to do with this one.


“Tonight my favorite drama comes on at 8. I simply can’t miss it.”


Jungkook blinks. “...Okay?”


“So I won’t be leaving my home. If you want to see me, you’ll have to come over.”


“Are you… inviting me over? Or is this some sort of test?” Jungkook frowns, scratching the back of his head.


Internally, Jimin thinks that if it was a test, somehow Jungkook has managed to go from failing to passing with flying colors, but he’s not about to say that out loud.


“You’ll buy me take-out — from somewhere very nice — and we’ll have dinner at my place. There’s no talking while my show is on but after… after, we can see what happens. If you really are interested in getting to know me, that is.”


Jungkook feels tiny sparks of hope flicker through his heart once more as he looks at Jimin with wide eyes. “Okay. Okay, yes , I can do that. I… here.” He takes out his phone and hands it to Jimin. “Put your number and address in and I promise I won’t lose it this time.”


Jimin takes it with a small smile, inputting his information into the cop’s contacts. “I’m not a man who gives a lot of second chances Jungkook…”


“I promise ,” Jungkook catches Jimin’s eyes. “I won’t let you down. Not again.”


“We’ll see about that. Be at my place a little before eight. And bring some wine too.”


“I will. Thank you… you’ve made me so happy. Really. I’ll make it all up to you tonight. With a nice dinner and wine… a little before eight.” Jungkook recites with a bright, bunny smile, and it’s so earnest and cute that it’s enough to break down Jimin’s last defenses.


“You’re too adorable for your own good.” Jimin wraps his small hand in the front of Jungkook’s uniform, suddenly pulling down on his chest so they’re at eye level. “Don’t disappoint me, Jungkook.”


He says somewhat sternly, before tilting his chin up to drop a kiss on the cop’s lips. Jungkook doesn’t move, much too surprised, but that just makes Jimin smile. He keeps it chaste, just giving Jungkook a little hint of what could be, before he pushing back on his chest, making the cop stumble.


“That was just a preview… we’ll see if you get a real second chance with me tonight, depending on how well our little… date goes.”


Jungkook stares at him as if he’s just told him all the secrets of the universe, nodding a bit dumbly as his fingertips linger on his lips, feeling like his entire body is buzzing after Jimin kissed him.


Taehyung chooses that moment to reappear. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but Jungkook, your partner said you guys should get going.”


The cop nods. “Yes… I should go.” He says slowly as he walks backwards towards the door, his eyes still fixed on the blonde.


Jimin giggles. “See you later, Jungkook.” He waves cutely and teasingly blows a kiss in the cop’s direction, and Jungkook almost runs into the wall. He sheepishly excuses himself, his face blushing red as he says goodbye, and Jimin almost can’t stand how adorable it is.


“What have you done to that poor, innocent boy?” Taehyung asks with a knowing look, his hands fixed on his hips.


“Nothing.” Jimin says sweetly, hopping back up on the pedestal so his friend can get back to work. “At least… nothing yet.


He looks at himself in the mirror and smiles. “Actually, Tae Tae… I need your help. I think I’d like to wear something special tonight…”


Taehyung chuckles. “Well you can’t wear this… it isn’t done and it’s for a client. But… I might have something you’d like. It’s a bit extra…


“Perfect.” Jimin beams, eyes raking down his own gorgeous body. “That’s exactly what I need.”








Jungkook wants to treat Jimin right , so he dips into his savings account to get take-out from a really nice Italian restaurant. He doesn’t know what Jimin likes, so he gets everything . Chicken piccata, carbonara, eggplant parmesan, risotto, pizza, cannolis… anything that he can think of that sounds remotely appetizing. On top of that, he buys a nice Italian wine from the liquor store across the street from the high rise where Jimin lives.


He takes his time getting ready too. He takes a long, hot shower and washes the day and the job off of him before dressing in a white shirt tucked into tight black jeans and a black leather jacket.


He picks up the wine first, having found the perfect choice after spending the downtime during his shift researching various kinds. He places the order for their dinner hours in advance, and calls back the restaurant a few times to make sure that the food is coming along okay. He picks it up right on time, and catches a cab to Jimin’s place. It’s probably the most money he’s spent on anything since his move to Seoul, but he doesn’t hesitate to swipe his card, because Jimin is worth it.


Jungkook types in Jimin’s apartment number into the keypad outside the building, and the other boy buzzes him in immediately. As he rides the elevator up to the fourth floor, he feels his nerves build. Jimin’s words replay in his head — that he doesn’t often give second chances — and he hopes desperately that his choices will be up to Jimin’s standards.


But he tries to stay positive; after all, it was Jimin who initiated that unexpected kiss. He can’t stop thinking about it, how soft Jimin’s lips felt, how much he wished he would have had the presence of mind to kiss back.


Hopefully tonight, he’ll get the chance.


“Right on time.” Jimin opens the front door with a smile, brushing his hair out of his eyes.


“Wow.” Jungkook blinks; Jimin is dressed in… well, practically nothing at all. Most of his body is obscured by a floor length nearly see through coral gown, with soft looking faux fur outlining the edges. He can see that there’s a hint of something more risque underneath, but he dutifully keeps his eyes up on Jimin’s face.


Even his hair is tinted somewhat orange, different from what it was previously that day. “You look… wow .” Jungkook wishes he could be more eloquent, but it’s a bit difficult in the face of Jimin’s brilliance. “I love your hair. I didn’t know you were changing it.”


“I didn’t actually.” Jimin leads him inside to the kitchen, watching as the younger man sets down the food and wine on the countertop. “I like to stay blonde and beautiful. But for special occasions, I use a little temporary dye, just to spice things up.”


“Special occasions?” Jungkook asks hopefully, and the smaller boy grins.


“Well I think our date is special, don’t you?”


“Yes.” Jungkook nods and smiles shyly. “I just didn’t know you thought so…”


“To be determined,” Jimin says before taking the take-out boxes out from the bag, setting them out to prepare to eat. “And for the record, you look very handsome tonight.”


Jungkook blushes, which is adorable, and Jimin decides then and there that he’s going to have to compliment the other boy endlessly.


“Thank you, Jimin-ssi. I just wanted to look nice for you…”


“In that case, mission accomplished.” He winks at the other boy, nudging him with his hip. “I see you listened to my instructions carefully. I adore Chardonnay and this smells divine … what did you get?”


“Italian,” Jungkook shrugs. “I hope you like Italian. I probably should have texted you and asked you if you liked Italian.”


Jimin laughs. “I prefer to be surprised, now and then. And you’ll be relieved to know it’s one of my favorites. Plates are right behind you, in that top right cabinet. We can serve ourselves and then head to the living room, to watch my show.” Jungkook nods, following Jimin’s lead. “Do you mind opening the wine?”


Jungkook looks sheepish. “Actually…” He scratches behind his head a bit nervously. “I don’t… really know anything about wine? I’ve never bought it before tonight, and if the Chardonnay isn’t good blame Naver, because that’s where I got the recommendation. If you tell me how to open it, I can try.”


Jimin looks at him, amused and fond. “Never had wine? Bless your heart.” He chuckles, grabbing the bottle opener and picking up the wine. “It’s actually quite simple, but you’ll need to pay attention. If you attend on sticking around, you’re going to need to learn. I don’t bother to resist indulging on wine or boys, when the mood strikes.”


Jungkook swallows and nods. He hopes that doesn’t mean that Jimin wants an open relationship, but honestly, he’d probably do anything to ‘stick around’, as Jimin said.


He watches with rapt attention as Jimin peels the foil off of the top of the bottle and twists the opener into the cork, pulling it out with a soft pop . He turns around and grabs two fancy wine glasses and pours, handing one to Jungkook.


“To second chances,” Jimin says, eyeing the younger man.


Jungkook swallows. “To second chances.”


They clink glasses and sip before they each dish up and move into the living room. Jimin turns on the drama and curls up on the couch beside Jungkook, teasingly resting one of his ankles across Jungkook’s thighs.


Jungkook has never been one for dramas — he’d rather watch anime, although he’s not about to admit that to Jimin right now — so he has no idea what this show is about. But he knows it’s important to Jimin so he pays attention, watching diligently as he quietly eats his dinner, and responding to Jimin’s little rants about the character’s actions during the commercial breaks.


He takes their empty plates when they’ve finished eating, earning a few brownie points when he stands to go clean them himself, even boxing up the leftovers and placing them in Jimin’s fridge.


Jimin calls for him to bring back the dessert and wine with him, so Jungkook does so before getting comfortable on the couch once more. He takes the initiative to refill Jimin’s wine glass, seeing the smile on the older boy’s face out of the corner of his eye. Jimin doesn’t remark on it — since the show is back on — but Jungkook knows the gesture was appreciated.


He leans back into the couch, and gets a bit of a shock when he feels Jimin’s body pressing into him.


“I’m cold.” Jimin whispers, briefly moving his eyes away from the screen to focus on Jungkook.


Jungkook spots a blanket on the loveseat next to them, but he’s not about to point that out. He decides to be a bit bold.


“You want me to keep you warm?”


Jimin nods and Jungkook opens up his arms, pulling Jimin into his lap, wrapping the smaller boy up in his embrace. Jimin leans his head back against Jungkook’s chest, feeling comfortable and content in his arms.


It’s harder for Jungkook to pay attention now, with Jimin in his lap , smelling as sweet as a rose and his skin feeling super soft where their bodies are touching, but he tries desperately to. He feels Jimin’s breath ghosting across his neck, and he prays to any god that will listen that his body doesn’t betray him, because he doesn’t know if he could deal with the embarrassment of popping a boner over something so trivial.


A few minutes more pass by in silence, before Jimin speaks up again.


“Feed me.”


Jungkook blinks at him. “What?”


“I told you to feed me.” Jimin looks at him, eyes bright despite it having turned dark outside. He looks straight into Jungkook’s eyes and opens his mouth, and Jungkook blinks wildly.


He hurries to pick up a cannoli, holding it up to place it on Jimin’s tongue. The older boy’s eyes don’t leave his as he bites down, chewing carefully.


Jungkook knows there’s no way he can hide the growing erection in his pants now. It happens despite himself, and Jimin is right on top of him .


He tries to shift his hips away to put a bit of space between them, but Jimin snuggles up to him once more. He opens up his mouth again, and Jungkook continues to feed him the dessert.


It’s probably the most surreal situation Jungkook has ever found himself in on a date. Jimin looking perfect and powerful and just… expensive , in his fancy robe and immaculately styled hair. And somehow he’s ended up in Jungkook lap, their bodies pressed together, licking sweet cream from his lips as he stares at Jungkook unabashedly.


He has no idea what is going on, but he’s not about to do anything to make it stop.


“Is it good?” He asks, his voice a little rough with his arousal.


“It’s delicious.” Jimin takes the final bite, moaning at the taste much louder than he needs to, because he sees the lust starting to sparkle in Jungkook’s doe eyes and he wants more of it.


Jungkook goes to reach for another one, but Jimin grabs his hand to stop him. He brings it to his mouth, licking off the cream from Jungkook’s fingers one by one, staring into his eyes the entire while.


The younger is noticeably in a bit of a stupor, his mouth dropped open as he watches Jimin sinfully lick his fingers.


“You wanna taste, Jungkook?”


Jungkook nods dumbly, and Jimin smiles, leaning in and kissing Jungkook slowly. Jungkook lets out a soft breath and lets his eyes flutter closed as he returns the kisses, feeling thrills run up and down his spine.


“Sweet enough for you?”


Jungkook looks at him with heavy-lidded eyes.


“It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted.”


“Maybe you should have some more then.” Jimin looks at him seductively, biting his lip.


Jungkook stares down at him, his eyes flickering down to his lips. “What about your show?”


Jimin chuckles, his small hand coming up to cup his face. “That’s what reruns are for, darling.”


Jungkook doesn’t hesitate in ducking back in and capturing Jimin’s lips in another intoxicating kiss. Jimin moves so he’s more flush against him, his thighs on either side of Jungkook’s legs, and he blinks and smirks.


Oh. Someone’s a little eager, hmm?”


Jungkook flushes, but Jimin isn’t fazed, as he moves his hips forward, moving against him in the most teasing, delicious way.


Fuck,” Jungkook moans softly, looking into Jimin’s eyes. “I’ll do… whatever you want me to do. Tell me how to please you, Jimin-ssi.”


“That’s a sentence I will never object to hearing.” He chuckles, running his fingers through Jungkook’s chocolate brown hair. “You really think you can rise to the occasion?” He gives him a tease of a kiss, biting at his lips before pulling away.


“Yes…” Jungkook chases after his lips, but Jimin playfully dodges him.


“I’m still a little upset with you. For making get all upset this past weekend for nothing.”


“I’m sorry .” Jungkook’s hands come up to settle on Jimin’s waist. “I’ll make it up to you. For every bad thought you had because of me, I’ll make it up to you tenfold.”


“I’m not easy to please…” Jimin warns him, his finger playing with Jungkook’s lips. “But if you do… in the end I’ll make it worth your while.”


“Jimin-ssi, please. Let me take care of you. I want to.”


“Will you work hard for me?” Jimin asks, eyebrow quirked and chin tilted up challengingly. “I know you’re a cop but here , I’m in charge of you . Do you understand me?”


Jungkook nods, swallowing thickly. “Yes. I understand.”


“Pick me up, gorgeous. I wanna see those muscles in action.” Jimin whispers in his ear, yelping happily when the younger boy does just that. “Now’s the part when you carry me to the bedroom, and I have my way with you.”


Jungkook carries Jimin with just one arm, listening to Jimin’s harmonious voice guide him deeper into the apartment, using the other arm to open the bedroom door and bring him inside.


He gently sets Jimin down and crawls over him, nosing along the line of his throat. “Tell me what to do, Jimin-ssi. Let me prove to you how much I want you.”


“First, I want you to look at me. Tell me what you see.”


Jungkook sits back on his heels, finally letting his eyes feast on the beauty that is Jimin’s body. “I see… fuck , it’s almost hard to think. You’re so beautiful, Jimin… like a present delivered to me directly from my fantasies.”


“Is that so?” Jimin giggles, running his hands up his body. “Why don’t you unwrap me then, darling? Find out what’s underneath…”


Jungkook takes a shaky breath before reaching down to pull at the tie of the robe around Jimin’s waist. Slowly, he unravels it and pulls the robe open, gasping softly at what he sees underneath.


Jimin is dressed in what appear to be very lacy panties that are embellished with a strappy harness which crosses over his hips and hugs each of his beautiful thighs, holding up lacy thigh highs that have cute little coral bows at the top. His hands hover over Jimin’s lithe body, almost scared to touch he’s so beautiful.


“You…” Jungkook’s pupils dilate. He shakes his head, trying his best to focus. “You… are a work of fucking art.


“I’m not going to touch you tonight. But you’re going to touch me. You’re going to do exactly what I say handsome.”


Jungkook nods, his eyes darting around restlessly, unsure of where to focus because there’s so many beautiful things to focus on concerning Jimin’s body.


“Tell me where to touch you, Jimin-ssi. I’ll do as you ask me.”


Jimin smirks, resting his hands above his head and posing sexily. He bites his lips, knowing they’ll become even plumper and pinker and he’ll look even more wanton. “You can be inventive. Another rule is you can only remove my clothes when I tell you so. But that shouldn’t be a problem.” He taps Jungkook’s chest and makes him lift himself a bit off of Jimin so he can flip over. He slowly pulls his robe off and smirks when he hears the sound of Jungkook sucking in his breath when he sees that Jimin’s panties, in fact, leave a large gap over his perfect ass.


“Do you like them, handsome?”


Jungkook nods dumbly, his hands hovering over Jimin, making the other boy laugh. “The only person in this bed who will be doing any teasing is me. I told you to touch me, Jungkook, so you better do it.”


“Yes, Jimin-ssi.” Jungkook’s hands come down to rest on his waist, his thumbs rubbing circles into his back.


Jimin perches up on his elbows, looking over his shoulder. “I should hope you’re more adventurous than that…”


“Just tell me where… give me permission.”


Jimin chuckles. “You already have it, handsome. Now make me feel good.”


“Could I kiss you a little more first?”


Jungkook asks the question so earnestly that Jimin can’t help but nod. They make out for a little while, Jungkook’s stomach pressed into Jimin’s back, his cock teasing Jimin with what might be someday.


But regardless of how much he wants that, he’s determined to make Jungkook work for it.


He arches his back, delighting in the little hiss Jungkook lets out when his bare ass brushes against the front of Jungkook’s jeans.


“Lube is in the nightstand.” He whispers against the other’s lips, and Jungkook nearly scrambles off the bed to retrieve it.


He snaps the lid open and pours a generous amount into his palm, warming it up before he leans back and takes a deep breath before spreading Jimin’s ass.


His entrance is, of course, beautiful and small; pink and perfect. Jungkook licks his lips and can’t help but lean down and nip gently at the soft skin of his ass, making Jimin purr above him.


“Can I taste you first, Jimin-ssi?” He whispers against his entrance, his breath ghosting across Jimin’s skin in a way that makes him shiver.


“Yeah. Use your tongue on me, handsome.” Jimin reaches back with one hand, getting a solid grip on Jungkook’s hair and pulling him forward.


He’s never been the type to be shy when it comes to asking for pleasure, and Jungkook doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. He drags his face closer, starting to roll his hips, riding Jungkook’s face without abandon.


Jungkook’s tongue is wicked, and he’s dedicated to doing his best to impress Jimin. The blonde’s gorgeous thighs are resting on Jungkook’s strong arms, and the younger grabs two handfuls of Jimin’s ass, pulling them apart so he can get in nice and deep.


Jimin makes the loudest moans above him, his cock feeling the most delicious friction each time he rocks forward, and Jungkook’s tongue is eagerly waiting for him each time he arches back.


Eventually, Jungkook pulls his tongue back, planting several messy kisses over Jimin’s hole, making him keen softly before he pulls his still-slick fingers up and circles one around the rim.


“Can I, Jimin-ssi? Is this what you want?”


“Mm, yes, darling. Go ahead and stuff me full with your fingers. I can take them.”


Jungkook presses his middle finger forward, breaching Jimin up to the first knuckle, then the second. He’s never had a partner who opens up so easily and willingly for him, and he’s almost mesmerized by the sight and feeling of it.


It’s only a few short minutes later that Jungkook has three fingers inside of him. Jungkook fucks him with his fingers nice and slow, holding onto one of the straps of his harness with his other hand as leverage as he gives it to him just as hard and deep as the blonde demands.  


Jimin taps on his wrist, and he pulls his fingers out gently. Before Jungkook can even ask why, Jimin rolls to his back and spreads his legs wide, his legs curling to pull Jungkook back in.


“Now I wanna feel that tongue on my cock, handsome.” Jimin doesn’t pull his panties off, but he does push them to the side to reveal his cute cock, his small hand stroking himself a few times. “Do you want me like that, Jungkook?”


Jungkook doesn’t hesitate before sliding three fingers back into Jimin and leaning down to lick a long, slow stripe up his cock, making eye contact with him as he does so before he takes him into his mouth, making his mouth as wet and soft as possible as he bobs his head up and down Jimin’s length.


Jimin crosses his ankles behind Jungkook’s back, his stockings sliding across his broad shoulders as he arches up into Jungkook’s mouth.


He feels the fingers stretching him open and it feels insanely good, more so than even he was expecting. The heat of Jungkook’s mouth is addicting, and the younger boy sucks cock with a dedication that Jimin enthusiastically appreciates, but before long it becomes not enough.


Jimin doesn’t want Jungkook to fuck him, he doesn’t want to be that easy after the little stunt the cop pulled after pride, but he does want to get fucked.


He grabs Jungkook’s hair, pulling him off his length, the tip of his cock bobbing against Jungkook’s red lips. Fuck, he looks gorgeous like this, and Jimin wants.


“Darling… look underneath my bed… there’s a pink box.”


Jungkook drops one last kiss to the tip of Jimin’s cock as he pulls his fingers free, dutifully fetching the box for him, placing it on the bed. Jimin’s chest heaves as his cock twitches with anticipation. “Pick whichever vibrator you want, and fuck me with it until I come.”


Jungkook looks at him as if he’s spoken a different language, his big eyes somehow growing wider and his mouth dropping open. “You… you want me to—”


Yes. I have many fun things to choose from, so I’m sure you can find something that you’ll like to use on me. Don’t you want to want to make me feel good, handsome?”


Jungkook shivers and has no idea how he’s going to survive this night. Jimin is just too much , but in the best kind of way. He opens the box and looks through the contents and the blonde wasn’t lying, he has quite the selection indeed.


Jungkook chooses a pink vibrator that is perfectly curved for prostate stimulation. He’s never used one of these before, so he fiddles with it for a few moments before finally figuring out how to turn it on. He carefully coats it in lube before setting it to the lowest setting and rubbing the blunt head of it against Jimin’s entrance.


“Go on, sweet boy. Fuck me with the vibrator.”


Jungkook pushes forward, watching in awe as Jimin’s body accepts the toy like it was made to. Jimin lets out a hum of satisfied pleasure and throws his head back.


Yeah. Perfect. Turn it up a notch. Don’t go easy on me, Jungkook. I can take it. Whatever you give me.”


“Holy fuck.” Jungkook stares at Jimin’s entrance, watching it stretch beautifully around the pink toy, almost mesmerized. “You’re… you’re amazing. ” He says it in a daze, his hands brushing against Jimin’s thighs, his fingers slipping underneath the thigh highs. He presses kisses into his skin, still staring at Jimin’s center, so captivated by how easily Jimin’s body opens up for the toy, for him.


“One day,” Jimin says, panting and biting his lip, his eyes glazed over from pleasure. “ One day . When you earn it… I’m going to let you fuck me, handsome.”


Oh my god,” Jungkook moans softly at the mere thought, fucking Jimin even harder with the toy. “I’ll make it so good for you, Jimin-ssi.”


“Do you like pleasing me, Jungkook? Do you like it?”


“Yes. Yes, I’ll do whatever you want. You’re amazing… you’re so gorgeous, does it feel good? Am I making you feel good? I wanna make you happy.”


Jimin giggles, rolling his hips in time with the movements of Jungkook’s hand, working the toy inside of himself a bit quicker. “You’re so good, Jungkook. So handsome and so sweet… so good to me. Is your cock hard? Do you get excited just from pleasing me?”


Jungkook lets out a shaky breath. “I’m so hard, Jimin-ssi… so hard just from pleasing you. You have such a potent effect on me… my whole body. Fuck.” He can’t help but take Jimin’s cock back into his mouth once more.


Jimin’s body shakes, the dual stimulation from the toy pressing against his prostate and Jungkook’s talented mouth almost too much. He feels drunk off of his pleasure, off of Jungkook’s eagerness.


“Just like that, handsome. Fuck… fuck. Do you want me, Jungkook? Do you wish it was your cock inside of me?”


Jungkook can’t answer properly with his mouth full of cock, but he hums appreciatively, starting to rock his hips forward on the mattress as he takes Jimin deeper into his mouth.


“I bet you’re good at it. With a body like yours, I bet you could pick me up and fuck me for hours. Oh my god. ” Jimin moans, his eyelids fluttering as the vibrations grow more intense against his sweet spot. “I’m gonna come… I’m gonna come in your mouth, Jungkook.”


Jungkook makes a whiny sound, closing his eyes and taking Jimin all the way down, the tip of his cock brushing against his throat. It’s enough, and Jimin shouts his name as he tumbles over the edge.


The younger boy swallows up every single drop, pulling back a bit and decreasing the force of his suction, not wanting to overstimulate Jimin when he’s riding the waves of his orgasm.


Jimin takes a moment to catch his breath, his legs falling uselessly the mattress as he begins to come down. Jungkook pulls out the toy gently, kissing along Jimin’s inner thighs as he does so. He makes a move to pull away when Jimin stops him with his hoarse, fucked out voice.




Jungkook freezes, blinking up at Jimin with beautifully blown pupils. “Yes, Jimin-ssi?”


“I wanna see the cock that’s going to fuck me someday.”


Jungkook looks down at where his jeans are very obviously tented and bites his lip. He crawls up so he’s kneeling beside Jimin, giving him the best view as he carefully undoes his fly and reaches into his briefs, pulling his erection out for Jimin to see.


“Just as I imagined.” Jimin giggles, lifting up one of his legs to rest on Jungkook’s shoulder. “Big and gorgeous. Just like the rest of you.” He lifts his arms above his head, posing prettily for him. “I think you’ve suffered enough, handsome. Your cock looks so red and so wet. It’s obvious how badly you need to come…”


Jungkook bites his lip. “I… I’ll only come if you want me to come. If you think I’ve earned that privilege.”


“You have, darling.” He shifts his hips, knowing Jungkook’s eyes caught the movement, showing off his stretched entrance. “Want you to imagine that your fist is me. Want you to put on a show.”


Jungkook shivers but nods. He doesn’t need any lube — he’s already wet and leaking enough to make the slide perfect as he wraps his hand around his cock and begins stroking himself. He starts slow, closing his eyes and tossing his head back, moaning out Jimin’s name.


Jimin-ssi… you feel perfect … so hot and tight and wet…”


“That’s right, darling. I’m so ready, and it’s all for you.”


Jungkook opens his eyes, bending over to rest his hand next to Jimin’s shoulder while the other one continues to work at his cock.


“Like this you don’t get the luxury of the whole view.” Jimin points out with a teasing smile, but Jungkook shakes his head.


“Doesn’t matter. Seeing your face… your eyes … it’s enough.”


Jimin blinks, a little caught off guard. “You really think I’m that beautiful, Jungkook?”


“I do. You’re that and so much more.”


Jimin bites his lip, his heart doing a funny thing in his chest. He reaches up with both hands, cupping Jungkook’s face. “Then look at me, sweetheart. If you feel even a fraction of all the things you made me feel tonight, then you’ll come. You’ll come so hard, just for me.”


Jungkook looks deep into Jimin’s eyes and feels himself buzzing with lust, teetering closer and closer to the edge. He opens his mouth to ask Jimin where he wants him to come, but Jimin is ahead of him, gripping Jungkook’s hips and pulling him close, wrapping his legs around his lower back.


“Jimin…” Jungkook bites his lip, his brow furrowed, looking all at once gorgeous in his passion and flustered. He never takes his eyes off of Jimin’s, and before too long he’s close.


“Jimin-ssi… gonna… gonna come…” He looks at him needily.


“You can… I want you to.” He moves his fingers up, gripping Jungkook’s hair. “Make a mess out of me.”


Jungkook climaxes with a little shout, but Jimin pulls him down, swallowing up the rest of his moan with a kiss. He feels Jungkook’s come land across his stomach and it makes him smile.


“Feeling good?” Jimin asks rhetorically, and the younger man laughs, nodding slowly.


“Yeah… I’m feeling really fucking good.” He kisses Jimin’s lips once before leaning back. He looks down at Jimin’s pelvis a bit mournfully. “I got it on your outfit… I’m sorry.” His fingers play with the coral straps around Jimin’s waist.


“Don’t be sorry.” Jimin chuckles, leaning up on his elbows to look down at the damage. His torso is a beautiful mess of streaks of Jungkook’s come, and he sighs happily. “It’s perfect.”


Jungkook looks up at Jimin with those big, beautiful eyes.


“Did I do well, Jimin-ssi? Did I please you?”


“You did,” Jimin says, kissing him again and nuzzling against his nose. “You did very well. I’m impressed… and definitely looking forward to our next date , Jungkook-ah.”


“You really want to see me again? I’m actually getting that second chance?” Jungkook asks hopefully, making the other boy laugh.


“Darling… believe me when I say that me and you… we’re just getting started.”