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A Phone Call with the Price of an Explanation

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Izuku wasn’t certain how he ended up in this situation but explaining one for all to his classmates was definitely not what he planned to do on his Saturday night. He planned to hang out in the common room, play some video games, and then head up to his room to study before going to sleep and wake up early to train. But SOMEONE had to ruin his plans by listening to a PRIVATE PHONE CALL.

Izuku was heading to the common room and stood in the hallway outside of his dorm. Everyone else on his floor was already downstairs, and he figured it was safe enough to contact All Might. He pushed the contact and was greeted by his mentor’s voice.

“Midoriya, my boy! What is it?” His mentor sounded excited to talk to him, which relaxed Izuku into leaning against the hallway’s wall.

“H-hi, All Might! I was wondering if we were still going to train tomorrow?” He felt nervous to ask, figuring his mentor needed time off. They had eaten together that day at lunch, and All Might had been coughing blood. The blood always worried Izuku more than he let on.

“Yes, my boy! I would have texted you if we weren’t.” Izuku nodded, understanding his mentor’s mindset of needing to train hi.

“O-okay, All Might! Thank you.”

“No problem, my boy! Sleep well.” Izuku smiled wide at his mentor’s goodbye, knowing he was going to be resting.

“You too, All Might!”

When Izuku hung up the phone, he did not expect to be blocked from the elevator by a patch of ice. He turned around and saw Todoroki behind him. Izuku felt chills, and realized it was not from the ice.

                “So. Not a secret love child?” Todoroki smirked, and Izuku would normally laugh, but the expression of his eyes made him nervous.

                “TODOROKI NO!” Izuku was flushed and shook his hands, putting physical space between him and Todoroki.

                “Then, what was that?” Todoroki questioned, pointing to the phone in Izuku’s hand.

                “A- A phone call?” Izuku tried to explain with as little detail as possible, shoving the phone into his pocket.

                “WITH ALL MIGHT?” Izuku knew his friend was angry the minute he started shouting. Todoroki did not like to shout, as it reminded him of his father in all the wrong ways, but it looked like tonight was an exception from his lack of the activity.

                “Y-yeah?” Izuku was nervous. He was trying to think of ways to exit the situation and reveal as little as possible.

                “All Might NEVER gave the class his phone number, Midoriya!” Some teachers liked to have the students know their phone number, in case of emergency. All Might was not one of these teachers.

“Well… No! But he’s-“ Izuku was desperate to give any explanation that would be suitable. Maybe he could say it was because he got into so many dangerous situations?

“He’s your dad, isn’t he?” Izuku didn’t know why it kept coming back to that with Todoroki.

“N-NO!” He tried to reason with the other boy.

“Then, WHAT IS IT, Midoriya!?” Izuku flushes and began shaking, nervously fidgeting. He noticed the stairway light up as if someone was climbing up or down them, and sparked a getaway idea.

“I don’t- I don’t have to listen to this” Izuku quickly lit up one for all and zipped past Todoroki and down the stairs. He couldn’t handle this right now and he was already running late for the video game session in the common room. Sadly, that did not mean he actually escaped Todoroki.

As Izuku entered the common room, he was waved over by the couches. He smiled softly, reducing his anxiety. Sadly, that faltered when Todoroki entered behind him.


Everyone turned at the sound of Todoroki’s speech. Izuku flinching and jumping around to view the furious boy’s face. However, what only he noticed, due to the short distance, were the tears in his eyes. Izuku felt horribly guilty and immediately responded.

“No! I didn’t!”

Then, if the situation couldn’t get any worse, Katsuki entered the room from the stairwell, explaining the earlier light. “WHY ARE YOU ALL YELLING IT IS 9 PM! I’M TRYING TO SLEEP”

Izuku tried to reassure him, “It’s nothing, Ka-Kacchan!” at the same time as Todoroki turned his questioning to the other.


You could suddenly hear a pin drop throughout the rest of the class. Others had ignored the verbal fight prior, due to deciding it off as a friendly argument that would be settled but hearing the theory that Izuku was in-fact related to the former #1 hero, THAT was an interesting development.

Bakugo, however, managed to take it in stride. He laughed in Todoroki’s face. “Half-and-Half, what the fu-“. Of course, he too was interrupted.

Aizawa stood at the entry of the room and stared at his silent students. “I was about to ask why all of you were YELLING at NINE PM but it seems like you all have shut up now. What is happening?” Todoroki turned to the teacher, along with Izuku and Bakugo. Others turned away in attempt to reveal their innocence in the noise level.  

Izuku attempted to explain, “I was having a-“ but was quickly interrupted by Todoroki questioning their homeroom teacher.
                “Aizawa-sensei, is Izuku All Might’s son?” Aizawa blinked in surprise at the questioning.

“Todoroki, this is not what I was expecting, but no? Its in his file. Is this what the noise was about?”

“I heard Midoriya on the phone with All Might-“

“DEKU, YOU USELESS DUMBASS!” Katsuki shouted, explosions flaring from his hands in anger at his rival’s risky behavior.

“I KNOW, KACCHAN!” Izuku looked at his childhood friend with a pained look filled with obvious guilt and regret.

Aizawa quickly shut them up with a glare. “Midoriya, why do you have a teacher’s phone number?”

“He, gave it to me?” The boy nervously padded his pocket, concealing his phone.
                “That doesn’t explain the reasoning, problem child.” Aizawa looked more annoyed than anything, everyone knowing he was likely trying to sleep prior to the commotion.

“uhhh….” Izuku started, unsure of what to say.

“Deku, give me your phone.” Bakugo pointed at Izuku’s pocket, visibly annoyed.

“What? Kacchan, nO!” Izuku tried to defend his pocket. Of course, Katsuki ignored Izuku and pickpocketed the phone. He quickly sent a text to All might.

hey, Izuku is about to be dumber than normal. Todoroki thinks you’re his father. No one is going to buy deku’s bullshit. Either let him explain one for all to AIZAWA AT LEAST or I will. – Bakugo

Aizawa was still trying to get a straight answer out of Izuku, alongside Todoroki, when the phone made a signature ‘ding’ of an incoming text message. Bakugo read through it and quickly showed it to Izuku.

            “okay, Izuku, my boy, tell your class. They’re trustworthy and you need support anyway. We probably should have told Aizawa anyway.”

Aizawa grew concerned for the problem child as he made a horrid screeching noise and threw his phone across the room. “KACCHAN, WHY?”


“FUCK!” The class gasped at Izuku’s language, but it regained their attention, If the screeching hadn’t. Izuku then sighed, running his shaking hands through his hair. “Fine! You know what, fine!” He turned to Todoroki and Aizawa. Izuku’s hands fidgeting while pointing towards the rest of the class, listening to the drama unfold. “Please sit with everyone else! I have an explanation for everything, but it…” He glanced at Bakugo nervously as his voice began to die, before gulping and sighing. “It’ll take a while.”

And that, was how Izuku ended up standing in front of his entire class and his homeroom teacher. His entire body was shaking, and nobody said a word after their question was silenced by Bakugo’s “HE’LL START WHEN ALL OF YOU SHUT UP!” No one was certain how Bakugo knew what was to be said, but assumed it had something to do with their childhood friend relationship. ‘soon’ Izuku thought, ‘they’ll all know’. Izuku shook like a leaf, imagining their disgusted faces as they found out about his quirkless-ness. The judgment from his friends as they found out he might as well have stolen the quirk of the greatest hero and lessened his time limit slowly until it disappeared from the hero’s body forever.

Now that the class was silent, it was time to begin, but he wasn’t certain where to start. “Ka-Kacchan? I’m going to start with the day of the sludge villain, okay?” Katsuki tensed but nodded. The rest of the class was confused but didn’t respond other than focusing on Izuku.

“I…I was quirkless. And I wanted nothing more than to be a hero. I kept journals analyzing heroes and their quirks and I wanted to use that to help people. No… No one believed in it. To the point where I was.. I was..” Izuku sucked in a deep breath, purposely avoiding Katsuki’s eyes.

“I was bullied for it. Even the teachers weren’t much help. But, I kept trying. Then, one day, someone threw my notebook out the window and into the koi pond.” Izuku figured he could omit Katsuki’s portion of the bullying from his story, the two had grown past that and Katsuki was improving day by day, but those who had seen some of his notebooks knew one had water damage, but also looked burnt.

“I.. I was walking home that day and. And the sludge villain found me. I- I couldn’t do ANYTHING. I was just slowly losing the ability to breath. But, then, then All Might saved me. And it was amazing. He was going to leave, but he autographed my notebook and he jumped into the air. I clung to his leg because I needed to ask him. We ended up on a rooftop.” Katsuki sucked in a breath, knowing what he said that day. He hoped All Might showed his support then.

“We ended up on a rooftop and.. well.. Sensei…” Izuku looked to Aizawa for guidance, and at the teacher’s confused face, he held up three fingers, the former code among staff for All Might’s time limit.

Aizawa’s eyes widened, realizing the situation and said “I understand, continue, Midoriya.”

Izuku nodded, happy to be understood, and continued with his story, leaving the rest of the class in a state of further confusion. “I asked him if I could be a hero without a quirk…and… well… He said no.” The class looked to Izuku in shock, wondering how he could be rejected, and trying to imagine him without his quirk. “He ended up telling me to be realistic and left me on the roof.” Katsuki looked angry at that, but no one fully understood why.

“I..I started to walk home but ended up witnessing a villain fight. Ka-Kacchan had gotten caught by the slime villain. I was so worried about him and no one was doing anything! I-I didn’t think, I just moved, and suddenly I was throwing my backpack at the villain and trying to claw at his eyes to get Kacchan out. All Might saw this and helped. I was chewed out by the pros and sent on my way home while All Might got interviewed… All Might ended up finding me again. He…”

Izuku sucked in his breath, shaking visibly worse than any moment prior in the story. Aizawa wondered if the boy COULD shake any worse than this. “He told me I could be a hero. He was going to train me, and he…he was going to give me his quirk.”

Everyone stared at Izuku blankly for a few silent moments, and a few were opening their mouths to interrupt, but were stopped by Izuku continuing. “The quirk I have, and he had is called One for All. It is a stockpiling quirk passed down from the original user. It stockpiles power and passes it down from user to user. I am the ninth. I had to train for months so my body could handle it without exploding and even then I wasn’t certain how to use it and ended up breaking my bones until I finally figured out how to regulate it throughout my body. It’s a secret because it would be horrible if anyone knew about it and how its transferred and-“ Izuku was cut off by Aizawa.

“That’s enough, Midoriya.” Izuku nodded in thanks for ending his rant. “Now…I am going to need to discuss this with both you and All Might at a later time and get more information. For now, however,” Izuku felt chills go up his spine as his teacher smirked at him. “I think your classmates have their own questions.”

The class was in uproar, and Izuku realized he was never going to get his homework done that night.