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The Peak and Fall of Mineta Minoru

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Bakugo scowled darkly at Cementoss’s essay assignment on Charles Dickens. The guy was dead a three hundred years ago, why should he care about the effect that the guy had on Tolstoy?

Although, War and Peace wasn’t half bad. Wait, no, that was the Art of War. Different guy.

Bakugo rolled back from his desk, pressing the heels of his palms to his eyes and groaning softly. He peeked at the clock.


He suppressed another groan and closed his laptop, intent on finishing the stupid assignment before class tomorrow.

A muffled sound carried itself from the hallway into Bakugo’s room.

Someone was crying. Bakugo mumbled a curse when he pinpointed the location of the crying person to be right outside Kirishima’s room.

He thought about going to bed, he really did. But there was no way for him to sleep if someone (i.e. Kirishima) was gonna be sniffling that damn loudly all night.

So he shoved his hands in his pockets and went to go rescue his stupid friend, or whatever.

“Eijirou?” He called. “What are you-”

Bakugo cut himself off when he made eye contact with a red-faced Ashido, tears still slipping down her cheeks.

“Hi-“ her voice hitched. “Hi Baku-kun.”

Bakugo generously decided not to blow her face off.


They stood there, awkwardly staring at each other for a few moments.

Bakugo shifted back on his feet.

“Uh. Are you okay?” He muttered.

Ashido’s face contorted, and she curled her arms around herself tightly.

She shook her head and promptly burst into sobs. Bakugo could see her open her mouth to explain, but every time she just cried harder.

Bakugo was completely stymied for a moment. He shuffled forward awkwardly, opening his arms a little.

Ashido flung herself into the hug, gripping the back of his t-shirt like a drowning woman with a life preserver.

He patted her back.

Nearly a minute later, she mumbled a word into his chest.

“Speak up, Racoon-eyes.”

She sniffled.


Bakugo stiffened.

“What. Did. He. Do.” he snarled.

Mina cried for another minute or two before composing herself somewhat.

“He has photos. Of all of us.”

Bakugo’s eyes furrowed.


Ashido pulled back slightly.

“I saw Yao-momo, Uraraka, Tsuyu and me before he came back.” she whimpered. “Some of them were from my room. I can’t go back in there.”

Bakugo’s blood turned to ice. He wrapped his arms around her protectively.

“You won’t. Come on, we’re finding Sensei and getting that rat expelled. And maybe arrested. Beat to death, if you want.”

Ashido shoved herself away, eyes wild.

“No!” she yelled.

Bakugo gave her an incredulous look.

“After he caught me,” Ashido explained, eyes wild. “He said that if I told anyone, he’d post all of them, with our names and faces and everything.”

She started crying again.

“Please, I can’t.

Bakugo’s hands curled into fists. He stood there, shaking, repressing the urge to blow the sticky pervert to kingdom come.

Without a word, he stalked back into his room. He grabbed his cell phone, dialing the oldest and least used number in his contacts.

Midoriya picked up after one ring.


“Deku.” Bakugo gritted out. “Is Mineta in his room?”

The idiot could feel his rage through the phone, and shrunk away.

“I don’t- maybe you should punch something else? You sound mad, Kacchan, and I don't want you to get expelled for fighting. Again.”

The voice of the school therapist echoed through Bakugo’s brain. He took a deep breath.

“Midoriya-kun.” Bakugo forced out the syllables. “I am asking you to find Mineta and stop him.”

The other boy didn’t respond. Probably too busy picking his jaw off of the floor.

Bakugo’s eyes flicked to the doorway, where Ashido stood in stunned silence.

Finally, Midoriya stuttered out a sentence.

“From doing what?”

“Anything. Especially don’t let him near a computer. I’m taking one of the girls to Aizawa right now.”

Midoriya gulped audibly.

“Kacchan, he was laughing really creepily when he came back to his room a few minutes ago… What did he do?”

“Ask him yourself.” Bakugo snapped, then hung up.

He walked past Ashido, jerking his head.

Obediently, she followed, latching on to his arm as they went to the first floor.

By the time they got to Aizawa’s room, Ashido was crying again.

Bakugo knocked for her.

Aizawa’s voice filtered through the door.


“It’s me, Sensei.”

After a moment, their teacher opened the door. His eyebrows shot up when he took in the pair of them.

“What happened?”

Mina just shook her head.

After a moment, Aizawa sighed, waving them into the room.

They waited for a moment, but it didn’t look like Mina was gonna be able to say it. So after a meaningful look, Bakugo went ahead and said it.

“Grape-perv set up cameras in Mina’s room. He’s got photos. Mina thinks she’s not the only one.”

A series of emotions flitted over Aizawa’s normally unflappable disposition.


“He threatened to post all of them if she told. With names.”

Aizawa’s face settled into an expression that sent a chill through Bakugo’s spine.

He recognized it, of course.

From the USJ, right before the man leaped at an army of villains alone.

Without a word, Aizawa stood, shedding his sleeping bag and grabbing his scarf off of a hook by the door.

He placed a careful hand on Mina’s shoulder.

“Stay here. I’ll be back.”


Later, Kirishima told him how Aizawa had burst into the hallway outside of Mineta’s room to find Midoriya sitting on Mineta. The purple boy already had a black eye.

The moment Mic-sensei and Midnight-sensei showed up, Aizawa hauled Mineta to Nedzu.

Mina explained, haltingly, how Mineta had left his phone in the common room. It didn't have a case, so she picked it up with the intention of finding out who’s it was and returning it.

She pulled up the camera app. Since she couldn’t unlock it, it was the only way to find out who’s it was, from a selfie or something.

Instead, she found photos. Some from the locker room, others undoubtedly from the inside of the girls’ rooms. None of them consensual.

Midnight went through Mineta’s phone and found more photos. Then she went through his laptop and found more, including videos.

Soon, every member of class 1-A was huddled in the living room, whispering theories about what happened.

The mood took an even worse turn though, when Midnight texted Mic a list of names.

One by one, each of the girls in 1-A was pulled into Aizawa’s office and left it crying. Ojiro and Kaminari were called in too, and walked out of it swaying like the soul had gotten sucked out of them.

Ashido didn’t let go of Bakugo until he transferred her over to Kirishima.

Mineta didn’t come back. Neither did Aizawa.


It was a long night.


Mustafu General Courthouse

The following is an excerpt of the transcription of the events on the second day of the trial of Mineta Minoru.

Prosecution: I fail to see how there is any form of a defendable case in this instance. The accused was found with nearly ten gigabytes of assorted photos and videos that were clearly non-consensual. The harm that he has caused to the female students in these photos is irreversible. They will spend the rest of their lives wondering if it safe for them to change in their own rooms without being used as an unwilling tool of voyeuristic pleasure.

Even if the court is unable to prove the blackmail threats made against one of his victims, those facts are unquestionable.

Defense: These female students are not so innocent as the prosecution would like them to believe. Pictured are some of the clothing that these women were wearing in the photos in question. Colors, lace. You expect me to believe that they were not preparing to be seen? That this is not, in fact, an elaborate seduction borne of these so-called “hero” students simply playing around with surveillance training? They likely regretted their actions, and are now claiming it was unwanted to erase their actions.

(At this point, it should be noted that a disturbance erupted in the courtroom, with numerous individuals being removed from the courtroom, including UA teacher Aizawa Shouta, Hisashi Yaoyorozu, Shohiro Ashido, and Bakugo Katsuki.)

Defense: As I was attempting to explain before the barbaric display by the supporters of these women, it is simply absurd to blame a young man for falling for their wiles. If a woman presents herself, how can we blame him for looking?

Prosecution: Children, Katou. Those aren’t women, they are girls. Some of them younger than your client.

Judge Kimura: Silence, Tsukuda. I won’t tolerate disrespect in my court.

Defense: Thank you, your Honor. Mineta-san is a good boy. He gets good grades, and his fondest hope is to spend his life in an honorable job of self-sacrifice, heroism. With the court’s permission, I would like to introduce a character witness.

(At this point, the Honorable Judge Kimura nods her assent, and character witness Kaminari Denki takes the stand. Another disturbance occurs.)

Judge Kimura: Kaminari Denki, do you swear to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Kaminari Denki: I do.

Defense: Kaminari-san, you were Mineta-san’s closest friend at UA, is this correct?

Kaminari Denki: Uh, yeah.

Defense: How long have you known the defendant?

Kaminari Denki: We met on the first day of class. So, about a year now.

Defense: In that time, the two of you gained reputations as jokesters.

(Kaminari Denki appeared immensely uncomfortable at the accusation)

Defense: Harmless jokes, of course?

Kaminari Denki: I guess that’s true.

Defense: These harmless jokes, were any of them about the girls in class 1-A, which you both were also members of?

Kaminari Denki: Most of them were, to be honest. I always stopped if I ever thought one of them was getting even a little bit uncomfortable.

Defense: And Mineta, he stopped as well?

Kaminari Denki: Most of the time. There was a couple of times where he went a little far.

Defense: And in these cases, how were they resolved?

Kaminari Denki: The guys could stop him a lot. Or the girl would just yell at him to go away and he would.

Defense: So it never required an authority figure to intervene?

Kaminari Denki: I guess not.

Defense: In that case, don’t you think it’s unnecessary for these court proceedings to occur? He is, after all, harmless, no?

Kaminari Denki: No. He’s not harmless. And this should absolutely be happening.

Defense: The Defense concludes their examination of this witness.

Kaminari Denki: No! I want to say this, and I want the jury to hear it. No, nobody ever told a teacher. I didn’t because I was stupid. I had no idea that Mineta had never made a joke in his life. I didn’t realize that he meant every word he said about the girls, and a whole lot more, because I was blind, and dumb. I can promise you right now, that not a single girl in our class would even take those pictures, let alone give it to someone they hated as much as Mineta. Jirou and Mina always told me they never wanted to hang out with me if Mineta was going to be there. I thought they were just being sensitive. I now realize that they could tell he wasn’t kidding. Honestly, he shouldn’t have even joked about some of the things he did. The idea that making jokes about going to the pool to pick up girls is equivalent to filming girls when they think they’re alone makes me sick. And both of them are wrong, and I should probably get smacked upside the head for doing the first. And he should go to jail for the second. He is a criminal, and I say as the person who is apparently closest to him, that he should have to regret what he did every day for the rest of his life. I know I’m going to regret the moment I befriended him for the rest of mine, because, Mineta, I am going to spend the rest of my life making up for the shame I bring to my family for being associated with you.

(Character Witness Kaminari Denki was overwhelmed with emotion at this point, and required several moments to compose himself.)

Kaminari Denki: That’s what I think about Mineta being a “good boy.” He’s not. Okay, I’m done.

Judge Kimura: Does the prosecution have any questions for Character Witness Kaminari Denki?

Prosecution: We do not.

Judge Kimura: Would the defense like to bring forward any more witnesses?

Defense: No.


Less than an hour afterward, Mineta Minoru was declared guilty, and awarded a twenty-year sentence. In addition, each member of class 1-A was given the opportunity to file for a restraining order against the entire Mineta family.

Kaminari looked them in the eye as he signed his.