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we don't pull punches

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So maybe this wasn’t his best idea.

Scratch that, maybe this was his worst idea yet.

He did think that Yoongi's reaction was a bit dramatic though, the whole slacked jaw thing just seemed like a tad too much.


“Do I really have to repeat myself?” Taehyung complained.

“Yes I’d appreciate it if you did because it almost sounded like you told me, you told your directors that you wanted Jeongguk to be your boxing coach.”

“Good news Yoongs, your ears are still working in pristine condition! I guess your age hasn’t caught up to you yet!”

Maybe if he wasn’t on the receiving end of Yoongi’s glares as much as he was he would’ve flinched, or even looked away. But alas, this was their usual routine and he merely rolled his eyes in retaliation.

“Taehyung, why?” And this time his tone was different, serious but soft.

Taehyung sighed, “he was the cheapest of all the options hyung.”

“‘I’m sure the producers can afford to spend a bit more money on another boxing coach. Also, since when is Jeon a coach, last I heard he was still boxing?”

“Firstly, I don’t want them to spend unnecessary amounts of money on me - I don’t want to be known as that actor. Secondly, he is still boxing, but the season is over right now.”

Yoongi eyed him skeptically, Taehyung was not someone who was usually so set on a decision. He was generally flexible enough to change his mind when he considered things from a more logical point of view. But right now he was being downright stubborn.

“Why do you sound so adamant on having him specifically Tae, I thought you said you were over him.”

“I am, I wasn’t lying when I said that the breakup was mutual,” well he was lying about that part, but that was a problem for later.

“Fine, just,” and Tae didn’t miss the way he got quieter, “just be careful.”

“Don't worry hyung, everything will be okay.”



Everything was not okay.

At least, if the shiner Taehyung was sporting was anything to go by.

But, in his defense, he did not expect Jeongguk to hold a grudge. Sometimes he traded logic for optimism, sue him.

When Taehyung walked into the room a wave of familiarity washed over him, the sight before him was one he knew very well. Jeongguk and his trainer going through whatever he thought needed to be worked on, jabs, bolo punches, combinations - he liked being as well rounded as possible.

“Looking good Jeon,” Taehyung hollered, giving him a once over. And look good he did. The tank he was wearing hung pathetically over his defined chest, providing minimal coverage and maximum enjoyment.

Jeongguk’s head snapped up at the voice.

“Why the fuck are you here?”

His trainer took that as his cue to leave and nodded a the both of them before he left.

“I came here with a business proposition.”


“You haven’t even heard what it's for,” Taehyung said, moving towards the ring.

“I don’t care.”

“Look Jeongguk, I’m sorry about the way things ended between us but can you be rational-”

At that Jeongguk scoffed, “Rational?”

Taehyung was now in front of him, in the middle of the ring, as Jeongguk tried -and failed- to take off his gloves. This is why he wanted velcro strapped gloves instead of laced up ones.

“Okay I’m sorry, bad choice of words, I just mean what I have to offer is beneficial for the both of us.”

Taehyung laughed when he saw the way Jeongguk’s eyebrow raised, “Not like that. Unless you wanted to of course because I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to it,” he added, this time giving Jeongguk a proper once over. Those fucking thighs.

“I said no thanks,” he groaned, frustrated at his ex boyfriend, showing up and acting like they were friends and frustrated at his stupid fucking gloves for not coming off.

“You need some help?”


“Oh Jeonggukie, you always were stubborn,” he sighed before moving to help him remove the gloves.

“Are you going to shower right now?”

“What the fuck?”

“I just wanted to know if I should take of your hand wraps too jeez, can you calm down.”

“I can do them myself,” he mumbled.

“Yeah I know, but you’re always too rough about, it let me.”

When he made no move to take Taehyung grinned before moving into Jeongguk’s space, “Please?”

Jeongguk was a weak, weak man and so he relented.

The process was a quiet one - like it always was, even when they were together. Jeongguk would just sit and think about the match he’d had and Taehyung would give him time to be in that head space. And maybe it was for that reason that Taehyung kissed Jeongguk’s bruised knuckles like he always did before - with a whispered ‘good as new’.

Nothing about the way Jeongguk’s fist connected with Taehyung’s face was familiar though.

“Fucking hell, what was that for Jeon?!?” Taehyung cried, cradling the side of his face.

“Don’t kiss me, you’re not my boyfriend.”

“So you punch me?”

He replied with a short shrug.

“It wasn’t even a kiss - it was your knuckles?” Taehyung honestly was more confused than angry. He understands that maybe he overstepped but a punch seemed like too drastic of a response.

“Next time, stay out of my personal space.”


“I need to leave,” he interrupted, grabbing his gym bag and depositing all of his equipment into it.

“Jeongguk can you -”

“You should go too.”

“Jeongguk I’m sorry.”

That. That made Jeongguk stop in his tracks.

“I’m so fucking sorry. I think about that morning everyday, what would’ve happened if I stayed. What would’ve happened if I let you talk to me afterwards. What would’ve happened if I wasn’t a coward and said that I loved you too, instead of leaving you, instead of running away like that. I’m so sorry and that won't change anything that happened and I don't expect you to forgive me but you should know that, I'm sorry. I regret it everyday. Most of all I'm sorry I didn't say this to you sooner.”

And Taehyung could see it, see the way he tried to fight it but his features softened. There he was, there was the boy he fell in love with.

“Thank you for the apology but this doesn’t change anything, you should go.”

“Jeongguk I need a trainer, I’m going to be playing a boxer in my next movie and I need a trainer.”

“I’m not a trainer.”

“No, you’re a boxer. You’re the boxer! Who better than you?”

“Someone who doesn’t want to punch you in the face every time you speak.”

“No that’s great, more motivation to work on my bob-and-weaving.”

And that fucking boxy smile would be the demise of Jeongguk because before he could stop himself, the words had already escaped, “I’ll think about it.”

Whether or not Taehyung had fist-bumped into the air was nobodies business.


He had a trainer. And maybe, what a part of him knew he was really aiming for, another shot.