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Taught Love AU

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Yang was sprawled with Adrian on Blake's couch, watching TV. Blake herself was making dinner in the kitchen which was chicken broccoli alfredo and tater tots.

"Adrian, can you tell Yangy that dinner is almost ready?!"

"Yeah!" His little voice called back.

Blake and Yang made a bet when she and Adrian had first come over. It was that the two women could only talk through Adrian - who willingly agreed. It was actually quite funny when you took a moment to watch what happened, Blake would ask Adrian if he would tell Yang something, he would tell Yang whatever it was, Yang would send Adrian with a note to read to Blake, and she would help him with any words he had trouble reading before sending him back.

Adrian came running into the room a minute later with a note clutched in his hand, "Good, be-cau-se I'm hungry, Blakey."

The faunus woman smiled down at Adrian and took the note to read over herself.

"Ok, look at that word. The one that starts with the 'b'. That is 'because', 'be-cause' two syllables; not three. Sound it out for me?"

"Be-cause." Adrian dutifully repeated back slowly, and earned a smile, a nod, and a pat on the shoulder.

Before he ran back though, Blake neatly wrote a small message of her own to Yang. It was breaking the rules, but - Blake can bend them - it's not like Yang can get payback in anyway the ebony-haired woman wouldn't like. The little ram faunus took the note to Yang, before snuggling back into her and watching the action figure show that was playing.

Blake watched the blonde read the note and look over at her, but Blake maintained an innocent smile while stirring the cooking pasta. A devilish grin spread itself on Yang's way-too-kissable lips, only growing in intensity while typing out a text (presumably) for Blake. The ding coming from her scroll a second later confirmed this theory.

"Blakey, y u torture me? Pls... I just wanna talk 2 u. And kiss u (a lot), that 2. Do u want 2 make-out with me?"

A laugh exited Blake's mouth before she could stop it, which only made Yang's grin grow wider. Not only had she used her 'text talk' which Blake found cute, but she had also pulled the 'kiss me' card - which usually resulted in Blake obliging. It was a two-way road that can only lead to something the trainer would very much enjoy.

Blake checked on the pasta and chicken, then satisfied that nothing needed her immediate attention; wrote a message back.

"I would love to make-out with you. Set the time and date - I'll be there. ;)"

Blake wouldn't look at Yang after sending that message, she was afraid she would blush, which would ruin the calm, cool, collected facade Blake always tried to maintain. Though it was, in all honesty; a fruitless endeavor. Yang's eyes would look in places that the faunus woman constantly caught herself - accentuating - whenever Yang would come over. And that was not a good thing, considering Adrian was always with Yang when she came over, and with his adoptive mother's already ample bosom, he really didn't need to see anything that he didn't usually.

Blake's faunus ears twitched when she heard the sound of the couch creaking, and Adrian grumbling lightly because he had to snuggle a pillow now. That meant only one thing: she should get ready to blush like crazy.

She felt arms wrapping around her waist, and a chin resting on her shoulder while she cut the chicken into neat cubes.

"Yang, what are you doing?" Blake asked pretending to not know exactly what was happening.

"You mean hugging you?" The blonde quipped back, her tone reeking of feigned naivety.

"Yeah, sure. Why?"

"'Cause you're pretty beautiful."

"That's redundant." Blake blandly commented while she dumped the chicken into a pot that held the alfredo sauce and pasta.

"No, it's like saying you're very beautiful. And you are." Yang's sneaky hands crept up a little higher to trace burning patterns on Blake's rib cage.

The faunus decided to not reply, anything she said would only escalate the situation, and her face couldn't handle any more heat from the blood rushing to it.

The door opened, saving her - or more like saving her dignity - Blake wouldn't have minded standing there with Yang's arms around her and no (currently on the mind) care in the world. But the door did open, and in came Ilia. The freckled faunus had been staying with Blake the past three days since Blake got the horrible news regarding her parents. It was a little awkward, but both were adults and moved past their past to make the required situation work.

And sadly, yes, it was required.

Ilia traveled all the way to Vale, took the time to find Blake, get a message to her, meet her, and all of those things - but she forgot to bring money since she was able to get to Vale without it. A little favor she called in with the captain of a boat. So she couldn't pay for a hotel room, and Blake, seeing the easiest option before her; told Ilia she could stay with her.

"Hello Blake, Adrian, and - Yang." Ilia paused at Yang's name, she wasn't particularly fond of the blonde. She was just so... touchy. It wasn't because of jealousy, but embarrassment that Ilia didn't like being around when Yang would run her hands over Blake's body. It was like Yang had no filter; simply doing what she wanted, when she wanted.

"Hello Ilia, how was your day with the - spouse?" Blake cringed a little at the vague word, but it was Ilia's fault for not telling her who she married! Ugh, now Yang was pulling away, Blake's bane. But Yang at least had some semblance of respect for the fact that Ilia was obviously uncomfortable whenever the trainer would toe the line of PG-13.

"Good, we got lunch, then headed over to the park and hung out there for awhile." Ilia replied smoothly, entering the kitchen and laying her black backpack on the kitchen island.

"Oh, sounds like fun. What did you say their name was again?" Blake attempted nonchalance, but she knew she failed the second she said it.

"I didn't."

Blake groaned in frustration at Yang's leaving the kitchen to sit with Adrian, and Ilia's insisted omission of her partner's name/gender. It wasn't important like that, but the cat faunus wanted, no, needed to know. Ilia broke up with Blake because she wouldn't come out. The chameleon still hadn't come out by the time Blake left Menagerie, and it was killing her to not know if Ilia found the confidence while she was gone.

Ilia noticed the loud groan. "You know you can just ask me, right?"

"What's their name?"

She laughed, "The other question, Blake."

It took Blake a moment to realize what Ilia meant, even though she was just thinking about it a minute before.

"Did - did you do it? After I was gone... did you come out?"

Ilia sighed deeply, but she had a smile on her face, it was small; merely a tug at the corners of her mouth. After staying silent for a moment or two, Ilia spoke, "My wife, I think, is a testament to the fact that I did."

Blake squealed, highly uncharacteristically. Somehow this news lifted a weight, a weight that didn't care for herself, but for her friend. After all, Blake had Yang, she had no reason to be jealous, and she wasn't.

"God, Blake! Don't ever make that unholy noise again!" Ilia yelled dramatically, covering her ears with her hands, and stumbling back a few steps.

Blake made the noise again, but this time on purpose, "Can I meet them?!"

"Not if you make that sound again," Ilia threatened, pointing at Blake the way an adult would when reprimanding a child. "It'd kill me before I'd be able to take you to her."


Weiss and Ruby sat across from Blake and Yang in the living room, with Ilia snacking on chips at the kitchen island. The air was tense, thick with anger, resentment, and nervousness. Also the occasional crunching sound of Ilia chomping down on a chip, which normally would have made Yang laugh, but she felt split. Torn between being there for her sister, and the girl she lov- liked.

"So, what did you find out?" Blake asked impatiently, tired of staring at the Schnee.

Weiss shifted uneasily before answering, "I don't know exactly where they are, but I was able to find out the general area; somewhere around the center of Mantle. I was also able to find out that the four who are still alive are stable. No one else is in danger of dying, and the Atlas police are going to release them once they sign something which will bind them from speaking of what happened."

"What do you mean 'able'?" Blake leaned back into the couch, while the moment was punctuated by a loud crunch from Ilia.

"I mean 'able', and what that word implies. My father's employee's are scared of him, so because of his orders to not tell anyone they gave me next to nothing information wise. And the information they did give me is only because they are scared of me too."

Ilia scoffed, then chomped noisily down on another chip.

Ruby whipped her head around to face Ilia, her fury barely in check, "Will you use your manners and stop. Eating. So. Loudly?!" The room went silent as everyone processed what just happened, the silence was only broken by the chameleon setting the crinkling chip bag down on the counter.

"Was your problem really my eating?" She asked Ruby, leaning forward on the stool she was sitting on.

"Yes," The red-head replied simply, holding eye contact with Ilia. "Should I be upset about something else as well?"

"No, unless you count my not believing your girlfriend's jacked up story."

Ruby's face went red, "Yes, well, you can keep that opinion to yourself." Her sentence came out as a growl.

"Not really, you see, my family died in the dust mines of her father. I found out at school, the school I had to pretend to be a human at to attend. Atlas Academy. My 'friends' laughed at the accident, saying the faunus that died there deserved it for 'being so clumsy', that they brought it on themselves!" Ilia took a deep breath before continuing on while looking at Weiss, "I don't trust you, Schnee, because your family has only brought me pain. I don't trust you, because your family puts up fronts, you act like you're good people, then you go and kill hundreds each day in the dust mines. You have the power over so many lives, so yeah, I don't get how you can't get all the information you need; from the people you pay to do your dirty work."

"Ilia - I'm so sorry, I-"

The chameleon held up a hand to stop Weiss, "I don't want to hear it. Save your apologies for the families of the dead faunus, not that they'll accept them."

The air in the room defused to plain exhaustion, no one felt like arguing anymore, no one felt like being obstinate or difficult, all of them just wanted to go to bed and forget about the horrible evening they just had, and pretty much everything that they talked about.

Blake is the only one who wanted to remember anything, at that was the area her parents could be; central Mantle.

Weiss and Ruby left not long after that, but not before Yang got a hug from her little sister. When the blonde was closing the door, she thought she saw a movement off to the side of the house, but she disregarded it and shut the door.

She was going to crash at Blake's house that night, so there was no need to head out with Adrian herself.


Adrian looked out the window of one of Blake's guest room's and watched a man leap over the backyard fence. He was tall, and had a black ski mask on, but Adrian thought he recognized him. The man who hit Yangy a year ago.