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Taught Love AU

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Blake groaned; for some reason Archie Arc has decided to become a bully of sorts. Now Blake doesn't only have to deal with a misbehaving child, but his freaking out parents. Jaune Arc and Pyrrha Arc, Mrs Arc is actually an accomplished huntress; but you wouldn't know by the way her face paled and she started rambling on... and on about how her son is 'the sweetest boy in the universe, really, I assure you!'.

Blake had, had enough. Her patience at an all-time low; Blake interrupted the half hour mark of Mrs Arc's ramblings.

"Mrs Arc, your son has been reported by several children to have called them names such as: blockhead, idiot, stupid, dummy, and a few others. In all honesty, we are not here to discuss your son's previously known character, but to figure out why he is doing what he is doing and come up with a solution. Maybe some discipline at home?" Blake felt guilt at coming across so harsh, but really, Blake never needed a lecture on the Arc mother's views of her son. Which are skewed to say the least, considering the woman spoils and coddles the poor child to death, then calls him 'perfect' when this isn't the first time Archie has misbehaved, only the first time he has tried bullying on for size. Blake does like Pyrrha though, the woman has helped her on many occasions, it's just when the topic becomes about her son...

"We do have discipline at home!" Pyrrha burst out, looking genuinely angry at the faunus woman's slightly insulting comment. Blake didn't want to say anything, as she highly doubted she would be civil if she spoke. But she was saved by the bell when Lily knocked at the office door.

"Come in." Blake said gratefully, watching the door open expectantly. Lily stood with a piece a paper in her hand.

"Miss Belladonna, I have a message for you from a Mrs Amitola." Her assistant laid the blue and white sticky note on Blake's desk, while she herself just stared at the words in shock. 'Amitola' is the only thing Blake actually read and understood; it was Ilia. 

Jaune and Pyrrha both noticed this reaction, and the latter leaned forward worriedly.

"Blake, are you Ok?" The amazon asked. Blake shook away the memories, and set the note aside. What happened, happened long ago. It almost surprised the woman how easily she could forget those old feelings of love and betrayal. But there was a task at hand, so Blake just decided to read the note and ramble a little about it to Yang later.

"Yes, sorry Mr and Mrs Arc. Mrs Amitola is an old friend of mine, from my adolescence, so to say the least it caught me off guard to hear that it was her who left me a message."

They both nodded.

(Later that day)

Blake marched into the cafe she was supposed to meet Yang at, and quickly spotted the blonde sitting at a booth by the windows; playing on her scroll. Blake could hear the sound of animated fighting as she turned her focus onto Yang, and moved towards her. When she got to the table, she sat down, and slammed her head into her hands.

"Woah! Blake, I didn't see you there... you Ok?"

The faunus couldn't see Yang's face, but she assumed it held a look of worry, judging by the sound of it in her voice. "No." Came her muffled response, and she could hear Yang's seat creaking slightly when she sat back... or leaned forward, one or the other.

"What happened?" A hand gently laid itself on Blake's arm.

"I argued with Pyrrha for an hour trying to solve the problem of her son being a jerk, and..."

"Could you repeat that? I can't hear you because you're covering your face."

Blake sighed, lifting her head out of her hands to gaze mournfully at Yang. Who, coincidentally, seemed like she woke up on the perfect side of the bed. She just somehow looked more beautiful right then, than at any other time. Ok, not completely true. Yang looked too gorgeous to be true no matter what, but something about her right then made Blake think she really did do something to make herself look extra-beyond-amazing. With another sigh, Blake let the horrible day she has had; slip away.

"I was saying... you're a wonderful sight for very sore eyes."

Yang's mouth twitched upwards in a pleased smile, and Blake sat up a little straighter.

"Heh, good to see you too." They both chuckled, and smiling at each other; started some small talk.

"How's Sun doing? I heard from Adrian that the two of you had a - 'trainer off', I think it was called - and he lost miserably."

"I wouldn't say 'miserably', but I did win. He twisted his ankle on the treadmill is the only reason it wasn't a tie like every other time we've held a Trainer Off."

"What's a Trainer Off?"

"It's like a 'dance off' or a 'sing off', but with trainers. Well, except we don't see who can train the best, just who can exercise the longest. But back to your question: he's doing well besides a swollen ankle."

"I see, sounds like a lot of fun."

"It is! We've been told it's also fun to watch, so maybe when the next one comes around I could invite you?"

Blake nodded, and the grin Yang has had on her face the whole conversation; grew wider.

Their conversation continued like this, gaining and losing momentum like most conversations do, and they just enjoyed each other's presences.

"Wait-wait-wait, you mean to tell me that you once had a motorcycle?!" Yang asked, tearing at the seams with laughter. Blake blushed, but attempted to do her once patented 'Hair Whip', which was really the simple flipping of her hair.

"Only the proud owner of a Vroom Rider."

Yang stared blankly back at Blake, then her eyes widened, and a huge grin seemed to cover the entirety of her face. "You mean... you rode one of those little three-wheeled motorcycles?!" If the grin wasn't enough; Yang decided to guffaw as loud as possible at the look of pure horror on Blake's face.

"They are not little! And what do you know about motorcycles?!"

"I own one!" Yang continued to laugh, but her laughter had died down to a much quieter version of what she had been doing a minute before.

"You own one?"

"Yeah, my sweet baby Bumblebee. I've had her for years." The faunus's mouth fell agape, and she stared at Yang, much to to the blonde's amusement. "Maybe I could take you for a ride one day, if you want to experience a real motorcycle..."

"Hey!" She burst indignantly, slamming both of her fists down with basically zero force.

Both laughed, and their hands connected in the middle of the table. The merry music of their laughter ended almost instantaneously, but the smiles stayed, so did Yang's hand on top of Blake's.

Yang got a call, Blake didn't see who it was before she answered.

"Hello?" Yang listened intently to whatever was being said on the other line.

"Is he Ok?"

More waiting.

"He won't even watch a movie to distract himself?" Blake's interest was piqued, as was her worry.

"Ok... yeah. I'm on my way." Yang looked up and into Blake's amber eyes.

"What happened?" The ebony haired woman asked anxiously.

"Sorry, I got to go. Yatsuhashi just called and said that Adrian accidentally cut his hand while trying to cut an apple - which he decided to do without asking for permission - but he won't let either him nor Coco look at the cut." Blake stood with Yang, the warmth leaving her hand.

"Is he Ok?"

"They think so, but Yatsu thinks I should come back so I can coax him into letting us clean the cut."

The cat faunus nodded. "Can I come?"

Yang stopped in her tracks to leave the cafe, and looked at Blake.

"You really want to?"


"Then follow me." Yang said with a smile she couldn't hide. Blake hurried after her, and then hopped into her own car; soon pulling out of the parking lot right behind Yang's red mini van.