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In this wide universe, I'll still need you.

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    Boboiboy looks on to the wide, endless void that is space through the wide window. He really shouldn't be awake at this hour, according to earth time, it's around two in the morning. He was one of the best agents of TAPOPS, he had multiple powers of the natural elements, making him easily one of the most powerful people in the universe. He had a responsibility to protect the power sphere, from multiple people who wanted to conquer the universe with it. He had to protect the innocents that will be slain if the power spheres fall into the wrong hands. 


    And, it sometimes feels like drowning- no, suffocating in quicksand. 


    Boboiboy never really told anyone about this feeling. As the first one that got his powers, he's supposed to know better, he's supposed to be better than anyone in his team. 


    And these nights it gets too much. It makes him restless, he can't sleep. He always goes to the control room, making scans for any nearby threats, reading and rereading mission files and files of potential threats and enemies that could attack the base. 


    Needless to say that even though they were completely safe and sound, he still does this, Heck it amplifies the paranoia. 


    Every time he went to the control room, and he sometimes was accompanied by Admiral Tarung. He doesn't ask why he was up so late. Hell, he never say anything to him! But, the silent comfort he gives was very much welcomed. 


    Guess he had his own set of baggage too. Boboiboy knows that he and the rest of the gang was quite handful at times, but he's pretty certain that they wormed into the old Admiral's heart. Maybe he is scared of losing us, all of the gang are young, naive and so, so, so filled with childish hope, it sometimes hurts


    Tonight though, he was on his own. After running diagnostics, he said sat on a his chair and began to reread the file on Holdią, a merchant with an obsession to the history of power spheres and its bearers. The alien doesn't actively look for them but everything that piqued his interests that he stumbled upon, he will find a way to get it. He is currently in a planet 50 million light years away for a small trade convention. He is also-


     “... Mhmm, Boboiboy? Wha- what are you doing up this late?” He turned his head to the door to find a mop of dark purple hair looking back at him. 


    Fang was wearing a loose t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants and he wasn't wearing his glasses. Which surprises Boboiboy, cause he knew that Fang is basically blind without it, yet still can recognise that it was him even without his iconic hat and with low light. 


    “Fang?” Boboiboy closes the file and puts it on the control panel. “I was just… can't sleep, is all no biggie.” Fang rolls his eyes. He wasn't buying it. But he wasn't going to pry either. 


    Fang plopped next on the armrest of his chair. Boboiboy's heart raced at the sudden lack of space between them. They've always been close, but it's most of the time is just because of situational chances. After all, both of them are the most experienced in this whole superpower and galaxy protecting shindig. 


    The silence between the two fell comfortably. But Boboiboy isn't one for silence. “... Why are you up? Last time I checked, you said you need your beauty sleep.” Fang chuckles. 


    “I wasn't asleep in the first place, I was training, and after I finished, I saw the light from the control room, meaning that someone was in there,” He turned his head back to Boboiboy, “and then I found you.”


    Boboiboy heart stops. There was a sudden change in his heart, the air becomes harder to breathe, his palms get sweaty, and he swears that there was Probe in his mega mode running around his stomach. 


    This overwhelming feeling was so foreign to him. But it was so, so so nice. 


    “How did you know that it was me? Your not wearing your glasses.” Fang scoffed. “The first time I saw you is when you bump into me at the train station six years ago.”


    Boboiboy is confused. “Train station?” 


    “Yeah, you were getting on while I'm getting off, I'm pretty sure that you didn't notice me for at that time. But your cap is too bright and too iconic not to remember.”


    “Well, I guess I was a… star?”Fang giggled. Boboiboy's heart raced even more. The look on his face it- it was ethereal. His hair was messy, the light made his skin glow and his smile, oh his smile. His eyes disappeared and had the most perfect smile he was had ever seen. 


    “That was the most awful joke that has ever came out of your mouth, never do it again.” Fang punched his arm playfully, while Boboiboy made his signature “Awesome~”


    Fang yawned cutely, “I think it's high time for the both of us to get to bed.” he stands up, and held his hand to the brown head boy. Boboiboy took it. 




    “Dey, Boboiboy, what's up with you? You look tired the whole day, you ok?” Gopal asked. Boboiboy turns to his friend with surprise in his face. 


    “I just didn't get any sleep last night.” Which is true, he didn't get a wink of it. When he walked Fang to his bedroom, and halfway to his, he finally found out what was he feeling : unconditional, absolute, and complete adoration towards Fang. 


    The revelation was still settling in. His mind was still mess, but he knows that he has to live with it, and he was surprised that he was okay with it. Maybe he always had this feelings, maybe it's just now that it actually is brought to his attention. 


    “Aish, Boboiboy you need to get more sleep, it's very important for the next day!” Yaya cuts in. Her pink shawl trailing behind her. It was then that he heard another conversation down the hallway. 


    “… you need to stop it, your going to strain yourself.” Boboiboy looks behind him into the hallway and finds Fang and Captain Kaizo, and deep in a conversation. 


    “Like I said brother, I'm fine.” Fang turns away and walked towards his friends. “Hey guys.” he greeted us. He looked awful, his hair was twisted everywhere, the bags under his eyes were as big as the orange capped hero. 


    “Hey, now that you and Fang match! At least you're not alone.” Yaya exclaimed. 


    Fang and him shared a look that says that ‘whatever that happens last night, we'll keep it a secret.’ and honestly, Boboiboy wanted to ask more but, that's for another time. 


    Maybe later but now, he just wants to bask in their friendship, he doesn't want it to end so soon before he could dream of having more than what he has.