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Boys Buffing Their Bikes

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Sam watched as Guy's hands frantically and, yet, gently moved over the surface of the bodywork, bringing the shine up a treat. You would have thought it would be difficult to notice anything over the eye-wateringly bright colour combination on the Uncle Bunt motorbike, with its cherry red and gold, but Lovegrove's eyes were drawn - rather - to his friend's bulging biceps; it looked like he'd been down at the gym almost every day.

"Cor, Guy... Whatever they've got you doing on that other programme of yours... It's really working out for you," he said, absentmindedly grabbing a hold of Willison's forearm to show his appreciation of the new-found muscles. It was only when Guy glanced up at him with a coy smile and a touch of pinkness in the cheeks, did he actually realise the connotations behind what he'd just done. "Sorry--"

"--We'd better get this Chopper polished before his Lordship arrives," Guy changed the subject to mitigate his ever-growing blushes.

"Well... You won't have any trouble rubbing it up the right way, anyway. You wouldn't have trouble rubbing anyone's Chopper up the right way with those bloody arms," came a little giggle.

Guy snorted in response and flicked at Sam with the dirty dusting rag. "Flirt," he laughed.