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The Matsuno Spanking Saga

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Osomatsu announced this as he entered the house, slipping off his shoes and rolling back his shoulders tiredly. He had just returned from another night of pachinko... which of course, he lost. He had spotted money inside one of Choromatsu's dumb light novels and took it earlier that day; what else would it be used for, anyway? Nyaa-chan concerts? Didn't sound very important to Osomatsu, so he used it for gambling.

Osomatsu slid open the paper door that lead to the living room and yawned. He should've stopped for sake on the way home… but he lost all of the money he had, so he guessed he couldn't have.


The reply was calm and measured. Choromatsu was seated on the couch, his foot tapping impatiently.

“You’re a little late tonight, Osomatsu.” He pointedly dropped the honorific and fixed his older brother with an unflinching gaze. “The others have already gone to the bathhouse without us. But I stayed to wait for you. Where have you been?”

Osomatsu seated himself on the floor by the kotatsu, the angry tone in Choromatsu's voice not bothering him much. He shrugged and crossed his legs, already getting himself comfortable. "Out. Why does it matter? You should've gone with the others, Fappymatsu."

The embarrassing nickname made Choromatsu’s eyebrow twitch, but he said nothing of it. His hands balled up into fists on his lap. “I had some money saved in the bookshelf...might you know what happened to it?”

With a sigh, Osomatsu rolled his eyes. Of course Choromatsu found out; still, Osomatsu didn't feel guilty about it. "Yeah, yeah. I went to pachinko," he admitted. There wasn't much Choromatsu could really do about it, anyway. "Better than you spending it on... what do you like? BL?"

Choromatsu’s nostrils flared. He took a deep breath and stood up. He marched over to Osomatsu, grabbed him by the ear, and pulled him over to the couch. Osomatsu winced in pain, hand reaching up to fight against Choromatsu’s unrelenting grip. “I’ve had enough of this, nii-san. We all have. Don’t you have any respect for other people’s property?”

"What the hell, Chorofappyski?!" Osomatsu complained. "What's wrong with you? Just go mooch off of dad if you need more money, sheesh. And don't grab me like that, I'm your big brother."

Choromatsu sat on the couch and pulled his older brother down by his hoodie, yanking him over his lap. He trapped Osomatsu’s struggling legs between his own.

“And that’s why it’s such a shame I have to punish you like this. But I’ve had some time to think about it, and I’m pretty sure this is the only way to get through to you.”

Choromatsu put his hand in the waistband of his brother’s jeans and yanked them down in a swift motion.

It took Osomatsu a second to process what had just happened. He was still only for a moment before he pushed up against Choromatsu's leg trying to free himself, face flushed red at the humiliating position. "What are you doing?!"


Choromatsu brought his hand down surprisingly hard on Osomatsu’s upturned ass. “I’m punishing you. I guess I’m the only one of us who’s mature enough to deal with your behavior.”

The slap knocked him silent, Osomatsu almost stunned by the fact that Choromatsu was going to spank him. He gave a nervous laugh. "Okay—you've made your point; this isn't funny, Choromatsu. I'm not a ten year old." He tried to free himself again, the red on his face spreading to his ears. This was embarrassing!

Choromatsu brought his hand down again. And again. The sound was crisp and sharp, and if he was being honest with himself, immensely satisfying. He decided to leave Osomatsu’s underwear on for the moment, as he doubted they were protecting him much anyway.

He put on his Stern Face, and lectured calmly in his best Stern Voice, punctuating his words with harsh spanks. “But maybe you’re not too old to learn a little respect.”

"What are you talking about?" Osomatsu refused to stop wiggling, throwing his hand back to try and protect his bottom from Choromatsu. "This isn't funny! I'm your older brother, you can't do this to me!"

Choromatsu grabbed the offending hand and pinned it to Osomatsu’s back with one hand, while the other yanked down his underpants, baring him to the cool air. He noticed that Osomatsu’s bottom was already looking a bit pink.

“You never get it, do you? Because you’re older than me, you can do anything you want, with no consequences? We are adults now, nii-san, and adults take responsibility for their actions.” He punctuated this point with a hard slap to Osomatsu’s freshly-bared skin.

Osomatsu was starting to feel something akin to panic. This wasn't really happening, was it? There was no way his little brother was spanking him. The only thing that could make this more humiliating would be if the other four were here to witness it. He hated this—even if he was stronger than Choromatsu, bent over his lap he felt just like a little kid again, and Choromatsu gained the upper hand no matter what Osomatsu tried. "You've got to be joking! Cut it out, Choromatsu! Fappymatsu!"

Choromatsu’s eyebrow twitched again and he smacked Osomatsu so hard he’s sure he left a handprint. “It’s not a joke!” His voice cracked a little, and he slapped Osomatsu again to make up for it. “Everything’s always a joke with you!”

He takes a breath and starts again, Stern Voice back in place. “Your actions have real consequences, Osomatsu. This punishment is a consequence, understand?”

Osomatsu’s eyes were almost watering just at the strength Choromatsu put into his blows. It was difficult for him to believe this wasn't just some twisted prank Choromatsu was pulling on him, and it was annoying to hear Choromatsu tell him he was doing this seriously. He wasn't going to let his younger brother treat him like this, it was undignified.

"I know you’re kinky, Choromatsu," Osomatsu said in response to the third-oldest, trying to relieve the tension. "It's pretty bold of you to do this to your own brother, though..."

“Pretty bold of you to steal from your own brothers, too,” Choromatsu replied, his hand resuming spanking Osomatsu at a steady pace, peppering his sit spots and the tops of his thighs. “I still haven’t heard an apology, you know.”

Osomatsu let out a huff of irritation, squirming with each slap to his rear. "I'm not apologizing for something so stupid." He whined with the smacks on his sensitive spots and fought against the hand holding his arm still. "Cut it out!"

In Osomatsu’s discomfort, Choromatsu felt more confident. In their relationship, he so rarely felt like he had the upper hand but now he literally had Osomatsu bent over his knee. He’s demanding respect from his older brother, and it gives him a rush.

He continued to rain smacks on Osomatsu’s unprotected ass. “That’s fine, I can do this all night. We can stay right here until the others get home. I bet they’d love to see you getting punished like this, since you’ve stolen from all of them in the past.”

The thought of his brothers seeing him in this position was completely mortifying. He would never hear the end of it. He didn’t know how long it'd been since the others left for the bathhouse; they could return home at any second for all he knew, and it started to make Osomatsu even more anxious. "No—no, okay, stop! I mean it!" The spanks were starting to hurt, and combined with the overall humiliation of the situation he felt like he could almost be sick. "Seriously! It's not funny! Stop!"

Choromatsu didn’t stop, but spanked a little faster, Osomatsu’s anxiety spurring him on. His brows furrowed, eyes dark. His hand stung a bit, but it was so, so worth it to have this kind of power for once. “So you’re starting to get it, I think. Your ass is getting pretty red, nii-san. But you’re not sorry yet, are you?”

Osomatsu couldn’t lay still—his torso squirmed and he tried with all his might to break his hand free, but in this position the strength he usually had was gained by Choromatsu. His bottom was beginning to burn and as Choromatsu spanked him faster, it felt appropriate to compare the feeling to hot metal being placed on his ass. As much as he tried to keep them in, tears were definitely starting to form—it hurt, goddammit! "Of course I'm not sorry, asshole!"

Choromatsu stopped. He had fully anticipated this kind of response. Before Osomatsu’s return he’d put some thought into this punishment and how his brother was likely to react. He reached a hand between the couch cushions and pulled out a long wooden spoon. Choromatsu tapped the spoon on Osomatsu’s bottom three times. Not a proper smack, but hard enough to get his attention.

Osomatsu turned his head to see what Choromatsu had in his hand, and on sight of the spoon his eyes widened. "Where the hell did you get that? Did you plan this?" he practically screeched, twisting his body trying to find someone to just get free. "You're not hitting me with that!" He knew from his childhood that spoons hurt like a bitch—it was the implement Matsuyo used on them when she was truly pissed off.

Choromatsu said nothing but brought the spoon down sharply, waiting a moment for the sting to sink in before he hit again. The sound of the wood smacking bare flesh was much louder, sharper. Choromatsu knew it hurts a lot more, too.

Osomatsu had to bite his lip to keep himself from crying out, it stung. And on top of his already reddened ass, it hurt like hell. With each smack by the spoon Osomatsu felt himself coming closer and closer to crying, pushing his face into the cushions now that he'd given up trying to squirm his way out of his position. If Choromatsu wanted to spank him to an apology, then Osomatsu was going to get spanked to that point.

Choromatsu almost felt bad. Almost. Their mother had certainly never spanked any of them this hard, or for this long. But no, he told himself, Osomatsu needs this. He needs to see that his actions have consequences and he needs to accept those consequences like a responsible adult. And so he brought the spoon down again and again, paying special attention to the sit spots he knows are sensitive.

Osomatsu flinched with every hit, although he tried his best to restrain his jumps. When he lifted his head off the cushions his eyes were wet with tears, his breath becoming a bit uneven as he tried to calm down. Every smack of the spoon against his sensitive spots made him whine. "Choromatsu," he pleaded, his free hand grabbing the couch cushions. The burn in his rear was becoming almost unbearable. "Stop, please." He bit his lip again—the tears weren’t stopping and he really did feel helpless in this position. "It hurts so fucking bad."

Choromatsu put the spoon down beside him and rubbed Osomatsu’s reddened flesh, kneading a little harder than he thinks would be comfortable, red and raw as it was. “We could have been finished ages ago, nii-san. You’re here to learn a lesson. Show me you’ve learned.”

Osomatsu swore this was one of the worst experiences of his life. He couldn’t answer at first, gulping in air as he tried his hardest not to break out into sobbing. It hurt like a bitch and he knew he wouldn’t be be able to sit for a while. "Okay," he finally spoke. "Okay, give me a minute, I can't..." He wanted nothing more than to just disappear. He felt so helpless and humiliated.

Choromatsu finally took pity on his brother and rubbed his back gently. He waited patiently, keeping an eye on the clock. He didn’t actually intend for the others to see Osomatsu like this, and wanted to make sure he was dressed again by the time they got home.

"I'm sorry, Choromatsu," Osomatsu finally apologized, voice sounding strained as he did. "I won't take your money anymore." He felt like a little kid getting punished by his angry mom again, and he didn’t like it—he didn't like his younger brother having this kind of power over him. That's why apologizing just seemed so difficult.

“Thanks, nii-san. I forgive you. Don’t steal anyone else’s money either.” He considered adding a threat to the end like ’or we’ll have one of these talks again’, but as he looked at his brother’s practically glowing bottom, he thought maybe it wasn’t necessary.

Osomatsu didn't pay attention past I forgive you, sniffing and turning his head over his shoulder in attempt to look at his bottom. He definitely knew it was red. "Can I get up now?"

“Y-yeah, of course.” Choromatsu moved his leg out of the way to let Osomatsu up. Their mom used to give them hugs after a spanking, but Choromatsu wasn’t sure if that would be appreciated here. So he stood up and awkwardly patted Osomatsu’s shoulder.

Osomatsu rolled his eyes and reached behind him to rub his ass. The thought of putting any article of clothing over it sounded painful, but he didn't want any of his other brothers to see his rear-end like this. He pulled up his boxers and pants, hissing when the fabric made contact. "This fucking kills."

“Mhm. I bet.” Pretty satisfied with himself, Choromatsu managed a sympathetic nod.

"Please don't tell the others you did this to me," Osomatsu begged. He didn't think he could live with the constant teasing he’d be given, especially from Totty and Ichi.

“I won’t. Really. As far as I’m concerned, we’re even now.” Choromatsu assured him. The spanking was punishment enough, he figured. No need to humiliate Osomatsu further.

"I'm going to bed," Osomatsu replied with a pout. Choromatsu went overboard as far as he was concerned. Next time he'd just take money from Karamatsu.

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It wasn’t the first time Osomatsu stole money from him, so Karamatsu wasn’t terribly surprised to find his wallet empty again. He did need new guitar strings, so it was a bit disappointing, but nothing out of the ordinary. And he figured it was better that Osomatsu steal from him than any of their younger brothers.

What did surprise him was talking to Choromatsu about it. Evidently, the third brother had become so frustrated with this behavior, he’d decided to punish Osomatsu himself. Choromatsu reported spanking Osomatsu with a wooden spoon until he apologized. And indeed, Karamatsu could recall wondering why the oldest was sleeping on his stomach for a couple nights.

But all this had happened only a week ago, so evidently Osomatsu had learned nothing, and was back to stealing from his younger brothers. This was, in Karamatsu’s mind, completely unacceptable behavior. So that night, when the others went out for oden, Karamatsu grabbed his only older brother by the arm. “Brother, please stay here with me for a bit. I want to talk to you about something.”

Choromatsu's rough treatment had left Osomatsu's rear smarting for a few days, but it seemed that as the pain faded, so did the lesson he had been taught. In Osomatsu's mind, Choro's punishment was completely unfair and a result of overreaction... Osomatsu wasn't going to let any of his little brothers treat him like that. He was the eldest, therefore he had the right to do what he pleased.

But obviously he had to be a bit more careful. He didn't want to get on Choromatsu's bad side again, especially since it had only been a few days. So he moved his attention to one of his other brothers he thought—no, he knew wouldn't have the balls to do anything about it.

So when Karamatsu grabbed him by the arm, Osomatsu looked at him in confusion. "...Um. Why?"

Karamatsu and Choromatsu shared a look as the four youngest filed out the door. “I just want to have a talk with you, Osomatsu.”

Osomatsu sighed. "I'm kinda hungry, Karamatsu." Whatever Kara had to say to him was probably something stupid. "Can't this wait?"

“I’m afraid not, Osomatsu.” Karamatsu tightened his grip on his older brother’s arm. “But it shouldn’t take too long, if you’ll listen.”

Rolling his eyes, Osomatsu gave another sigh of defeat as his other brothers shut the door and began on their way. "Fine. Just make it quick, then."

Karamatsu walked into the living room, older brother still in tow. “Osomatsu, you know if you asked me for money I’d give it to you.” While earlier he had been trying to look casual, his face and demeanor were now oddly stern.

Great. Osomatsu already had plenty of lecturing from Choromatsu about money, he definitely didn't need or want one from Karamatsu, of all people. "Yeah? You know, you should call me nii-san," he replied, changing the subject.

“Perhaps I would give you more respect if you showed more respect to me, and to our younger brothers.” Karamatsu said, arms crossed. “This is a really terrible example you’re setting as the eldest, did you think about that?”

Osomatsu shrugged. "Yeah, yeah. You sound like Choromatsu, you know. I get enough lecturing from him. Can we just go get oden?"

“Speaking of Choromatsu, I heard he had a conversation about this with you as well. But I wonder if maybe you didn’t learn anything from that...” Karamatsu grabbed his arm again and led him to the couch.

The mention of that conversation brought Osomatsu to a halt, and he stepped back to fight against Karamatsu's pulling. "Wait—you talked to Choromatsu about this?" He didn't know if that meant Choro told Karamatsu about the spanking, but he could assume it did, and that felt.... humiliating. He told Choromatsu not to tell anyone!

“I’m sure it wouldn’t have come up if you hadn’t stolen again, brother.” Karamatsu spoke calmly as he pulled Osomatsu down and over his lap with surprising strength. “I didn’t want to do this, but it seems you’ll be sleeping on your stomach again tonight.”

"No—no, come on!" Osomatsu protested, kicking his feet and squirming as he tried to free himself. Why was Karamatsu so damn strong? "You don't have to do this! This is ridiculous!"

Karamatsu trapped the oldest brother’s legs between his own and yanked down his pants and underwear in one motion. “It’s ridiculous to me that being spanked with a wooden spoon didn’t deter you from stealing.” He patted Osomatsu’s bottom firmly with his open hand. “Maybe this time you’ll remember.”

"Because I shouldn't be spanked by my little brother!" is Osomatsu's argument. He was frustrated that this was happening to him again, even more so that it was coming from Karamatsu. His face flushed with the pat, which he thought of as incredibly demeaning, and his hand was already going back to try and push Kara's away. "Don't touch my ass!"

Karamatsu’s other hand quickly pinned Osomatsu’s to his back. “Please know that you are very dear to me, and I would not do this unless I truly felt I had to.” Karamatsu began spanking him properly, in quick smarting smacks. “But I simply cannot allow this behavior to continue. As the eldest, you should be setting a good example for our younger brothers.”

Osomatsu thought he would kill Choromatsu when he got home. He probably could've gotten away with all of this if it wasn't for him! "As the eldest, I should be the one spanking you!"

“That’s probably true.” Karamatsu conceded, still spanking Osomatsu at a steady pace. “But it’s you who shows such disrespect for your younger brothers as to steal from them.”

Osomatsu ignored this, knowing his arguments weren't getting him anywhere. If Karamatsu wanted to spank him, then fine. If he could show Karamatsu that it didn't affect him, then maybe this would stop.

Karamatsu continued bringing his hand down, peppering Osomatsu’s sit spots and the tops of his thighs with smacks. He was nothing if not patient, and he knew it would take some time to get through to his stubborn older brother.

Osomatsu couldn't help but jump slightly with the hits to his sensitive spots—those smacks made sitting especially painful. His original plan was to keep silent, but it was quickly becoming impossible. "Karamatsu, ow," he whined, trying to see if he could get to Karamatsu's soft side. "It hurts!"

“I know, brother,” Karamatsu said calmly. “This is a punishment. Please believe that it hurts me just as much to have to do this.” Karamatsu considered himself a kind man, gentle as a spring rain, but it was truly unacceptable the disrespect Osomatsu had shown their younger brothers. And he needed to understand the error of his ways.

"Karamatsu," Osomatsu's whining continued. He was definitely not sorry but had his ways of getting out of situations, and he knew Karamatsu loved to pamper his brothers. "I'll be good, Kara-chan. It hurts too bad!"

Karamatsu considered his older brother’s bottom. It was an even pink. “Hm. I doubt that, Osomatsu.” His hand resumed its assault, alternating left and right with quick and sharp slaps. “Do you understand why what you did was wrong?”

Osomatsu huffed quietly when Karamatsu didn't react as he hoped. "Yes, I do!" he meant to answer in the same voice he'd been using, but it came out a bit snappier than he wanted it to.

Karamatsu abruptly stopped spanking. “I’m pleased to hear it. Go fetch me a belt.”

"What?" Osomatsu turned his head around to stare at Karamatsu in shock. "Are you joking?!"

“No,” Karamatsu said patiently. “Go to our bedroom, get a belt, and bring it back to me. Since you understand why you’re being punished, you understand why you deserve this. If not, we can stay here until you do.” He punctuated this with another harsh slap.

A belt was ten times worse than a wooden spoon, and Osomatsu had a hard time believing Karamatsu had the nerve to use one on him. With butterflies in his stomach Osomatsu pushed himself up, pulled his pants back to his waist, and began walking to the bedroom.

Karamatsu wasn’t lying when he said this hurt him too. He hated hurting his only older brother. But he knew Osomatsu needed this. He waited patiently for Osomatsu to return, quietly dreading it a little bit.

Osomatsu went to search through Karamatsu's things for a belt, his stomach filling with absolute dread. Finding a simple one, brown and leather, he grabbed the belt in his hand and walked back to the living room, definitely taking his time. On sight of Karamatsu he practically threw the implement at him, as childish as it was to do so.

This simple action gave Karamatsu a new burst of indignation. He couldn’t believe Osomatsu was treating him like this! They really must be getting nowhere.
He stood, folded the belt in half and snapped it, the sharp sound accompanied by an even sharper glare. It was louder than Osomatsu expected, and the oldest flinched. "Osomatsu. Bend over the arm of the sofa.”

Maybe throwing it was a bad move on his part, based on the look Karamatsu was giving him. Without a word, Osomatsu followed Karamatsu's order and bent himself over the armrest.

Karamatsu yanked Osomatsu’s pants and underwear back down to his knees and immediately brought the belt across his bottom. He hoped the hand spanking had been enough of a warm up.

Osomatsu couldn't help but yelp with the first smack of leather, the implement leaving a sting much worse than just a hand. The pain was startling, and Osomatsu hadn't expected it at all.

Karamatsu brought the belt down again, and then paused. “You know it’s wrong to steal from your younger brothers, Osomatsu.”

The second smack brought another cry from Osomatsu, and he bit his lip. "Y-yeah."

“And yet you do it anyway.” Karamatsu brought the belt down again, making sure not to hit the same area twice. “How can your younger brothers trust you like this?”
His blows were sharp, but measured. He intended to leave Osomatsu red and sore, but no welts or bruising.

Karamatsu's words suddenly stung as much as the belt, but Osomatsu didn't know why. He couldn't find the right words to reply and clutched the sofa, feeling a bit ashamed now.

Karamatsu resumed a slow but steady pace with the belt. He wanted to give Osomatsu a little time to recover in between each swat.

Maybe it was because he had the oldest in such a position, but Karamatsu found himself lecturing almost automatically. There was no longer a filter anymore and he could tell Osomatsu exactly what he wanted to say. “They look up to you, you know. We may be the same age, but they still look to you for guidance. And what kind of nii-san steals from his little brothers? What kind of leadership is that?”

Osomatsu couldn't help but cry out with every hit, his fingers curling into the couch cushion because he needed something to hold on to. It hurt and with each smack it felt like his ass is being set on fire; a hot, stinging pain that will keep him thinking about this punishment for days to come. It's much, much worse than the spoon, and Osomatsu could feel tears springing up from how much it hurt. He couldn't answer Karamatsu—what could he even say in defense of himself?

Karamatsu stopped and put the belt down. Osomatsu had suddenly become so quiet, his rear bright red, and probably, Karamatsu imagines, painful enough. He placed a comforting hand on his brother’s back. “Okay. It’s almost over.”

Osomatsu felt his tears falling now; although quiet, he felt like he could burst into sobs any moment. "What do you mean almost over?" His voice cracked mid-sentence, only adding to the embarrassment of it all.

“Shh, it’s okay.” Karamatsu ran his hand through the oldest’s hair. He felt awful, wanted to hold his only older brother and sing to him and make it all better, but he also wanted Osomatsu to stop stealing from their younger brothers. So this punishment needed to be memorable. “I want you to go sit over there.” He pointed to the hard, plastic chair in the corner. “Leave your pants down. Five minutes. I want you to take some time to reflect on this evening.”

Osomatsu shook his head—if he was honest with himself, he just wanted to be held as much as Karamatsu wanted to hold him. "I can't sit, I don't need to reflect," he complained, crying freely now. The thought of putting his well-spanked bottom on a chair sounded too painful to him.

Karamatsu’s heart broke for his brother. He couldn't stand to see him cry, but he forced himself to continue appearing stern. ”Osomatsu. I think this will be good for you. Five minutes and then it’s over.” He placed a firm hand on Osomatsu’s quivering shoulder.

Osomatsu inhaled shakily and gave up; Karamatsu would probably just drag him over there anyway. He kicked off the pants around his ankles and went to the corner, trying not to jump up immediately when he sat. It hurt and he shifted uncomfortably, trying in vain to get situated on the practical barbecue he sat on.

Karamatsu watched him struggle to sit. He knew it would be uncomfortable, but that was part of it. He wanted Osomatsu to really feel the effects of this spanking and think about what he did to deserve it. So the second eldest takes a seat on the couch and waits.

Osomatsu eventually learned to deal with the discomfort and sat still in his chair, feeling like a toddler. Their mom used to put them in time-out for fighting with each other, and this experience was bringing back those memories. She'd make them say what they did wrong, apologize to each other.

Yeah, he felt like a little kid at this moment. But maybe he deserved it.

Karamatsu waited patiently, checked the clock, waited again. He just wanted to wrap Osomatsu up in his arms and let him know he is forgiven. He checked the clock once more. It'd been four minutes and fifteen seconds, which Karamatsu figured was close enough. “Brother. It’s over. Come here.” He held his arms open for a hug.

The eldest was more than happy to spring from his seat, and he turned to look at Karamatsu with his face red and stained with tears. He couldn't help but tremble as a sob made its way out on the sight of Kara waiting for a hug, and he made his way over to his younger brother as his crying came on stronger.

“Shh, it’s alright. It’s okay. I’ve got you.” Karamatsu finally took Osomatsu into his arms, one hand stroking his head, and the other securely wrapped around his shoulders.

"I'm sorry," Osomatsu apologized, most likely getting Karamatsu's shirt soaked with his crying. As much as he wanted to, it felt impossible to stop and he wasn't even being punished anymore. "I'm sorry I'm a bad nii-san!"

“I forgive you, nii-san,” Karamatsu said softly. “It’s over now. You took your punishment very well. And you’re forgiven.” He planted a kiss on Osomatsu’s forehead. “I love you, and I’ll always look up to you.”

Osomatsu, although normally not a fan of Karamatsu's affection, was how leaning into it like one of Ichimatsu's cats. Choromatsu had definitely not been as pampering, and after a punishment this kind of physical contact was greatly welcomed. "Don't tell—don't tell anyone that you did this, okay? I—I mean it."

Karamatsu ran his hand through Osomatsu’s hair, gently scratching his scalp. “I won’t tell anyone.” He assured, just enjoying the opportunity to shower his older brother with affection.

Osomatsu did trust Karamatsu very much, and he didn't worry about the thought further. "...Can you make me ramen?" he asked, resting his head against Karamatsu's chest. "Since I didn't get oden..."

Karamatsu smiled. Osomatsu could be incredibly endearing sometimes. “Of course, nii-san.”

"...And tea, too..."

Karamatsu chuckled and kisses him on the top of his head. “That sounds wonderful, brother. Let’s go eat, and I’ll bring you a pillow to sit on.”

Maybe being pampered by Karamatsu wasn't so bad. Save for the belt part, being spanked by him had been much better than the experience with Choromatsu. "Carry me?"

“But of course.” Karamatsu obligingly scooped up his older brother. “For you, my dearest nii-san, I am happy to assist. If walking should be troublesome in the aftermath of your punishment, I am willing to carry you around the house tomorrow so you may recover.”

Osomatsu didn't know what was more painful: that or his ass. Normally he wouldn't agree to that, but he kind of wanted to get back at Choromatsu. "Promise?"

Karamatsu grinned. Osomatsu was actually enjoying his attention. “Heh. You have my word, brother. Let me be your beast of burden.”

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Osomatsu wasn't sure where his outburst had come from. Perhaps he'd been a bit on edge lately, so it made this reaction all the more extreme. It all happened so seemingly fast: Jyushimatsu had been acting a bit too hyper, and in his process of rushing around the living room he bumped into Osomatsu and caused the eldest's chopsticks to fall out of his hands. Osomatsu stood up quickly, grabbed Jyushimatsu by his hood, and smacked him across the face so hard the younger fell to the ground.

In a flash, Karamatsu was on his feet. He grabbed Osomatsu by the back of his sweater and wordlessly dragged him towards the bedroom. His eyes were dark, his steps heavy. He wasn’t even entirely sure what he would say or do to Osomatsu when they were alone, but he wanted to separate him from the rest. Hurting a younger brother was unthinkable.

Osomatsu had been about to snatch Jyushi by the front of his shirt when Karamatsu grabbed him from behind. Immediately he was squirming, reaching behind him and trying to pry Karamatsu's hands off of him. "Let go of me, Shittymatsu!" He wasn't done with Jyushimatsu yet. "I'll kill you! Let go!"

Karamatsu dragged his older brother through their bedroom door and slammed it shut behind them. All of his brothers did shitty things, usually to Karamatsu himself. But sweet little Jyushimatsu? Surely he did not deserve such abuse.

Karamatsu was angry. Was this what they called “seeing red”? He held Osomatsu tightly by the arm and tried to keep his voice at a normal volume, as much as he wanted to shout.

“Osomatsu. Why would you do such a thing?”

Tugging his arm against Karamatsu, he could feel his frustration building just at Karamatsu's fucking strength. "He made drop my sushi," Osomatsu snapped, not in the mood for any of Kara's bullshit at the moment. "Let go before I kick your ass!"

“No.” Karamatsu shook his head. “I will not allow you to hurt our younger brothers.” He took a breath to calm down and then began leading Osomatsu to the chair in the corner. “We’re going to deal with this right now.”

"Oh fuck off, Shittymatsu!" Osomatsu was shouting so loudly the others could probably hear him, and he kicked his foot to nail Karamatsu in the back of his knee. "I'm not going in the corner like some toddler!" It brought back memories of sitting in a chair on a smarting behind, and he wasn't going to let Karamatsu do that to him again.

It was a pretty hard kick, and Karamatsu flinched, but he didn’t fall over. If anything, it mostly just served to make him angrier, when he was trying so hard not to fly off the handle. He sat down in the chair and pulled Osomatsu over his lap. He then immediately yanked the oldest’s pants and underwear to his knees and started spanking without preamble.

Osomatsu fought against the position, kicking his feet and hitting his fist against Kara's leg. "I'm sick of your shit! I'll kill you!" he yelled. If Karamatsu thought he could whip him like a two-year-old, there was no way Oso was going to make it easy for him to.

Karamatsu clamped Oso’s kicking legs between his own and continued to smack his bottom with a heavy open palm. Finally, he spoke again.
“I’m sorry we find ourselves here again, Osomatsu. The way you behaved was completely unacceptable. I need you to understand that.”

He put a fair amount of strength into each slap, leaving a moment’s pause in between blows to let the sting sink in. His large hand covered Osomatsu’s bottom, his sit spots, down to the tops of his thighs. A steady, even rhythm he was willing to keep up as long as it took.

Osomatsu growled in irritation—he didn't Karamatsu to make him understand shit. The stinging was beginning to set in as Karamatsu turned his bottom pink, but he wasn't going to let something as ridiculous as a spanking teach him anything. Not again. This was so frustrating, being trapped by his younger brother's strength and leaving him practically helpless. "Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you," he snarled, banging his fist against Karamatsu's leg as hard as he could with each snap of the insult.

“You can be angry with me. That’s fine,” Karamatsu said, not ceasing in his blows. “But I will remind you that our brothers are not far away. And your punishment will continue regardless of who is in the room.” He delivered several quick smacks without pause. “And I should tell you, we are far from finished.”

The reminder that their brothers were still in the house, and most likely hearing this, made Osomatsu's blood boil. And the implication that they could see this happening made his ears flush hot with embarrassment. It only served as fuel for him to keep struggling, pushing and hitting at Kara's legs while his torso squirmed trying to get free. "Stop it, you asshole! When I get up I am going to kick your face in!"

“I love you, and you are very important to me,” Karamatsu said simply. “And so are our younger brothers. I can’t allow you to hurt them like that. I understand that your anger for the best of you, and you are still in its hold. But I want you to remember next time you get angry, if you hurt one of our brothers, you’ll end up back over my knee. That is a solemn promise.”

He stopped spanking and placed a hand on Osomatsu’s bottom. It was rather warm. “You are going to get the belt today, Osomatsu. Would you like to go and fetch it now, or are you going to continue to tantrum like a child?”

"I'm not getting your fucking belt," Osomatsu snapped, irritated that Karamatsu had the nerve to say he was having a tantrum. Did he expect him to just take this? This was bullshit! "And the next time you think you can put me over your knee I am going to break your shitty nose."

“Very well.” Karamatsu resumed spanking hard and fast. “I was merely trying to end your punishment sooner. As I said, the door isn’t locked and any of our brothers could enter.”

Karamatsu had to be bluffing. Their brothers knew better than to walk in when they heard this happening. They had to know this was private, right? "You're an asshole," Osomatsu growled, the fear that maybe one of them would come in starting to worm its way up. It would already be humiliating enough walking back into the living room with everyone knowing what had happened.

Karamatsu didn’t respond, and merely continued steadily striking Osomatsu’s backside. He would continue, he supposed, until the oldest was calm enough to talk about this like an adult. Karamatsu didn’t actually expect any of their brothers to disturb them, so he was a little surprised when someone knocked on the bedroom door.

“Who is it?” he asked as he landed a sharp smack on Osomatsu’s upper thigh.

Osomatsu felt himself seize up when he heard the knock—fuck no, fuck no, he wasn't letting anyone see him in this position! "Let me up, let me up now! I mean it, Shittymatsu, I'll kill you!" His voice was still laced with his angry tone and he slammed his fists down together against Kara's leg. "Tell them to go the hell away!"

The assault on Osomatsu’s bottom did not slow, and from the way he was still fussing, Karamatsu wondered if it was having any effect on him at all. The second eldest said nothing to whoever was behind the door, but it swung open anyway.

“...Ah.” Totty’s eyes were wide as he took in the scene before him. The sounds from downstairs had been... worrying. Choromatsu had said something like this may be happening, and it seemed he was right.

"Oh my god," Osomatsu choked out. "Todomatsu, get out!" He had at least hoped that the person behind the door would be Choromatsu, because at least Osomatsu had received this kind of treatment from him, too. He didn't need the youngest to see this happening! He was never going to live this down!

Todomatsu surveyed the situation with interest. Osomatsu held down, his bottom flushed an even pink, kicking and struggling like a child over the second eldest’s lap. “That looks like it hurts, Osomatsu-niisan. But Jyushimatsu-niisan was really sad so maybe you deserve it.”

"I—I told you to get out," Osomatsu's face was as red as a tomato. He couldn't believe Karamatsu was letting this happen. "Karamatsu, tell him to leave!"

Karamatsu ignored this request and instead addressed the youngest brother without looking up. “Todomatsu. Since you’re here, why don’t you fetch me a hairbrush? This punishment is having little effect on Osomatsu as of yet.”

Totty grinned. He looked at Osomatsu’s red face. “Sure.”

"Totty, you little shit! I am going to beat your ass after this!" Osomatsu threatened, pretty damn sure he was going to smack Totty with the same hairbrush the youngest was fetching right now.

If Todomatsu took this threat to heart, he didn’t show it. He simply left the room and returned a moment later with their mother’s flat wooden hairbrush. He smirked at his oldest brother. “Sorry, Osomatsu-niisan.” He didn’t seem especially sorry, handing the hairbrush to Karamatsu. He then found a seat on the floor. “Is it cool if I stay and watch?”

"No!" Osomatsu stared at Todomatsu in horror, before turning his head to give Karamatsu pleading eyes. "Don't let him stay!" This was so humiliating! "I'll get the belt or whatever—just don't let him stay, okay? Okay?"

“Alright,” Karamatsu said, ceasing his assault. “Go get it then. I would be more than happy to end your punishment sooner.”

Osomatsu was quick to stand, wobbling slightly on his feet but pulling his pants up despite the pain. He shot Todomatsu a dirty look and stood still for a moment, considering...

"Thanks for letting me up, Shittymatsu," Oso began, sounding a bit too cheerful as he reached to slide the paper door open. "That's why you're my favorite." And slamming the door shut behind him, Osomatsu made a break for the bathroom. Locking himself in there until Karamatsu cooled off sounded like a good idea, right?

“Oi. Osomatsu-niisan.” Choromatsu stood blocking the hallway, arms crossed. Osomatsu had to grab the wall to prevent crashing into the younger, exasperated. “Is Karamatsu-niisan finished with you yet? I want to get ready for bed.”

Fucking hell. "Yeah, yeah, I'm done, go ahead." Osomatsu tried to play it cool, a bit anxious about getting away from the room as fast as possible. "I—ah, I just gotta shit, so, move, thanks."

“Hm? Ah, wait—“ Choromatsu paused. Karamatsu was storming down the hallway behind Osomatsu. Karamatsu grabbed the eldest by his sweater and started dragging him back to the bedroom. He spoke in nearly a growl. “That was a mistake, brother.”

Osomatsu made sure to flip off Choromatsu—it was always Choromatsu making his life worse! "Okay, Karamatsu—wait, okay?" Osomatsu had panic in his voice and his hands scrambled behind him trying to get free from Kara's grip. "You can stop!"

“Choromatsu, please fetch the other two and join us in the bedroom,” Karamatsu called over his shoulder. He pulled Osomatsu easily into the bedroom, where Totty was still seated on the floor, looking amused.

"You're joking! You have to be joking!" Osomatsu was definitely regretting his pathetic attempt at an escape now, wriggling in his sweater trying to get out of it. "Karamatsu! Come on, stop it!"

Karamatsu stormed over to the chair, Osomatsu in tow, and hauled his older brother back over his knee. “You have pushed me too far tonight, Osomatsu.” He said, pulling the eldest’s pants and underwear back down to his knees. “You think I won’t punish you in front of our brothers? Do you think you don’t deserve such a punishment?”

"I don't! This is ridiculous!" Osomatsu was already mortified at the fact that this was going to happen, and there wasn't anything he could do but shout protests. "I don't need this! Seriously!" This was possibly one of the worst things that could happen—and, for the love of Akatsuka-sensei, Osomatsu wanted to slap that smirk off of Todomatsu's face. "Karamatsu—Kara, please!"

Karamatsu tapped the hairbrush firmly on Oso’s bare skin. “I think you do need this," he said quietly.

"I don't, Karamatsu, I swear I don't," he pleaded, although he wasn't sure if he was being honest with himself.

Jyushimatsu let out a gasp as Choromatsu ushered him and Ichimatsu into the room. Karamatsu had already started delivering sharp smacks with the wooden hairbrush. It was almost shocking to see the oldest in such a position. Ichimatsu tried to hide the grin that was creeping its way onto his face.

Osomatsu covered his face with his hands the moment the other three entered the room, as if doing so would help curb the humiliation he was feeling. The punishment suddenly seemed to sting ten times more with so many eyes on him, and he didn't want to look at anyone. This was surely the worst possible punishment he could've received.

Karamatsu was building a steady pace, only a short pause between smacks. The sound of wood on skin was loud. Choromatsu was wincing with every strike, as he knew just how strong Karamatsu was, and the anger was practically radiating off of him.

Ichimatsu and Totty were both watching quietly. Ichi with his mouth hanging open and Totty occasionally snapping pictures with his smartphone, a smirk on his face. Jyushimatsu was resting his head on his knees, his mouth shut for once. Osomatsu had hurt him, so should he feel good too see him get punished? He felt guilty. Osomatsu looked miserable, his face bright red. Poor nii-san.

With his little brothers watching him, Osomatsu felt like he had to do something to conserve what little pride he had, and he kept his mouth shut and his face hidden. He wasn't going to give anyone the satisfaction of hearing him cry—even though it really was starting to hurt, and he couldn't help but flinch with each hit to his bottom.

“I think it’s important for you all to see this,” Karamatsu spoke as he brought the hairbrush down repeatedly, “not only to help Osomatsu understand that he was wrong, but also to know that although we are adults, our actions still have consequences. And for an older brother to attack a younger one as we saw earlier is unacceptable. We as brothers need to trust and love each other.” He made eye contact with each of the other brothers, and they all felt a shiver go up their spines. Fucking Karamatsu was laying down the law?

A cry escaped Osomatsu's lips and a hand went to cover his mouth. Karamatsu was strong, definitely one of the strongest out of all six of them, and each smack felt like fire across his skin. But he wasn't going to cry over this in front of them, no matter how much it fucking burned; he wasn't going to cry in front of his little brothers over a spanking. He hadn't expected this from Karamatsu—he was angry, and he could be definitely stern, but if he was angry enough to humiliate him like this then Osomatsu must've done something very, very bad. Oso was starting to come to terms with that.

“Also,” Karamatsu continued, “Osomatsu knew he did something wrong, knew he deserved punishment, and he tried to avoid it. And not before threatening and hitting me repeatedly. So I’m sorry it’s come to this, brother, but you did it to yourself.”

The hairbrush was doing its work. Osomatsu’s rear had gone from pink to bright red. Karamatsu grimaced as he brought the brush down twice on Oso’s sit spots. His anger was fading, but he had to see this through.

Osomatsu had to grip Karamatsu's pants with both hands to keep him grounded, and without the hand to keep him quiet he couldn't stop the yelp that escaped him when Karamatsu whacked his sensitive areas. It hurt like a bitch, and it was embarrassing, but tears sprung at the edges of his eyes even when he tried to blink them away. He wasn't going to cry.

Karamatsu stopped spanking and dropped the hairbrush on the floor. “Osomatsu. You know we are not finished quite yet.”

Osomatsu shook his head. "No, come on," he whined—he knew Karamatsu meant the belt, and his ears burned with the shame Kara was implying he'd have to go get in front of everyone.

Karamatsu rubbed the hot, sore skin gently. “I promised you would be feeling the belt, and I intend to make good on it. Go fetch it, please, and we can get this over with.”

Osomatsu almost started sobbing right then and there, but he tried to keep it in. A few tears managed to fall despite. He was really wishing he had gotten it for Karamatsu when he was first asked to. He pushed himself off of Karamatsu's lap and pulled his pants and underwear back up, hissing as they touched his sore skin, and avoided eye contact with his brothers as he crossed the room to get one of Karamatsu's belts.

Out of the four spectators, only Totty still found the situation amusing. The other three felt a mix of justice, pity, and Ichimatsu’s case, confusing arousal. They watched silently as he crossed in front of them.

Karamatsu avoided their eyes as well. Though he knew Osomatsu deserved to be punished, he was starting to feel guilty. Maybe he’d gone too far. Still, there was no choice now but to see it through. He’d just have to take extra good care of Osomatsu after his punishment was over.

Osomatsu lingered with the belt in his hands for a few more moments than necessary, internally dreading what he knew was coming. His face was as red as his rear as he gripped the belt tightly in his fist, wanting nothing more than to hide in a hole and never come back out. He took a deep breath as he walked back to stand in front of Karamatsu, holding the belt out to him.

“Thank you.” Karamatsu stood and accepted the belt. “Take your pants back down and bend over the chair. You’re only going to get five.”

Osomatsu didn't want to be anywhere near Karamatsu, but at the same time, he just wanted Kara to take him into his arms and praise him softly. So he did what he was told, glad he couldn't see the look on anyone's face as he pushed his pants and underwear down, the garments falling to his ankles. He clutched the chair tightly as bent over it, wanting this to be over as soon as possible.

Karamatsu wanted the punishment to end just as badly. Osomatsu’s rear was already a scorching red, and the belt was not going to be pleasant. Although the first blow was not at his full strength, the resulting snap of leather on skin made the other four jump.

The harshness of leather on his sore skin felt like absolute fire, and Osomatsu cried out in pain as the impact caused him to jump slightly. His tears were falling freely now, although he was managing to keep them silent; he wasn't sure for how much longer, though.

Karamatsu delivered the next three in quick succession, trying to be a little softer. He was ready for this to be over and to comfort poor Osomatsu.

Osomatsu's legs were trembling and he took a deep, albeit shaky, breath. It was getting harder to keep himself from bursting into tears and although Karamatsu smacked him softer, it still burned. He hadn't felt sorry before but now he was so, so sorry—sorry for hurting Jyushimatsu, sorry for fighting against Karamatsu.

“Last one,” Karamatsu said, as much for himself as for Osomatsu. He swung the belt one last time.

The other four were silent. Totty no longer found this funny. This was serious. Osomatsu had seriously fucked up and was paying for it. And worse yet, he himself could potentially receive similar treatment if he should wrong his brothers someday!

The last hit broke the dam keeping Osomatsu quiet, and he burst into sobbing. He didn't want to but it fucking killed, he felt so terrible and humiliated. He clutched the chair so tightly his knuckles were turning white, and his breathing was becoming erratic, tears streaming down his face as he cried.

Karamatsu dropped the belt and immediately wrapped Osomatsu in his arms. “Shh, it’s okay. It’s over.”

Osomatsu clutched Karamatsu's sweater in his shaking hands, soaking the fabric as he continued to sob. He didn't care that his brothers were watching him anymore, he just wanted to be comforted. "It hurts, oh my god," he cried, gulping in air as he tried to breathe. "I've learned, I'm s-sorry, I'm sorry."

Karamatsu rubbed his brother’s back. “I know. I forgive you. And I know Jyushimatsu forgives you, too.”

Jyushimatsu piped up. “I forgive you! I love you, Osomatsu-niisan!” He jumped up from his spot and joined in hugging Osomatsu.

Osomatsu smiled weakly through his crying, the warmth of two of his brothers around him making things feel a lot better. He felt loved, even though he felt like the shittiest person on Earth, and he didn't know why they loved him despite the shit he put them through. "I love you too, Jyushimatsu..."

Karamatsu kissed Osomatsu on the forehead. He was definitely getting special treatment tomorrow. “Alright, my brothers, let’s get ready for bed.”

Osomatsu leaned into the crook of Karamatsu's neck. "...Tell Totty to delete the pictures."

Karamatsu’s eyebrows raised in surprise. He hadn’t been paying much attention to the other four during the spanking.

“Todomatsu,” he said sternly. “Nii-san’s punishment is over. If you took photos of him, I expect you to delete them now.” Totty nodded mutely and immediately whipped out his phone to oblige.

It was a little more than satisfying to see the fear on Todomatsu's face after he had been nearly laughing during the entire thing. Osomatsu hoped he was next.

Chapter Text

It wasn’t Choromatsu’s fault, really. The fact of the matter was, Totty pushed him too far.

Totty could tell Choro was getting pissed when he started getting on his case about the perpetually fruitless job hunt, and then the little shit had the nerve to judge his pornography and call him a “virgin loser”?

So Choromatsu smacked him across the face. And it was pretty satisfying seeing the youngest look all surprised and taken aback for a minute.

Unfortunately for Choro, Karamatsu was jolted out of his thoughts when the loud smack echoed throughout the room. In shock, he turned to face Choromatsu with widened eyes—it was easy to figure out the situation by the pink handprint across Todomatu's cheek and Choromatsu's hand still raised. The other three brothers had also been taken out of their own little words at the sharp sound, turning to stare at the two offenders in curiosity. Their gazes went to Karamatsu when the second-oldest spoke, calmly, but with the same sternness they had heard just a few weeks ago during the Oso-Jyushi incident. "Choromatsu."

Still riled up, Karamatsu’s tone barely registered. He whipped around to face the second eldest, nostrils flared and the tops of his ears red. “What?”

Karamatsu raised an eyebrow, and the other brothers were entirely silent. Osomatsu looked nervous as if he knew what was coming, and he knew he was correct in his assumption when Karamatsu stood from the couch, grabbed Choromatsu by the arm, and lifted the third-eldest onto his feet. "Go to the bedroom. Cool off," he instructed, his stern tone not letting up. He believed Choromatsu would do as he was told, at least he hoped. "I will be there in a moment."

Choromatsu read the mood of the room and his anger was doused abruptly. He remembered seeing Osomatsu get spanked hard for hitting Jyushimatsu.

But this wasn’t like that, he figured. He’d just slapped Totty, not knocked him down. Karamatsu was probably going to scold him about it. Fine. He nodded and headed to the bedroom.

Karamatsu was thankful Choromatsu was one of the more mature ones; if he told Osomatsu to walk to the bedroom he'd end up having to drag the eldest there himself. Still, he wondered if Choromatsu realized what was coming to him. Just because he had been the disciplinarian once didn't mean he was free from being on the receiving end, and in Karamatsu's mind, hitting any of their brothers out of anger was completely unacceptable.

"Are you alright, Todomatsu?" Karamatsu asked, looking down at the youngest who was rubbing his face, seemingly still a bit surprised. Totty nodded mutely, still a bit in shock. With confirmation that his youngest brother was alright, Karamatsu nodded and followed Choromatsu's path to the bedroom. He could hear whispering behind him, and although he couldn't make it out, he was pretty sure he knew what they were saying.

Karamatsu slid the paper door open to their bedroom.

Choromatsu looked up as his older brother entered. He was now entirely cooled down, and was now concerned he might be the next recipient of a spanking from Karamatsu. If he’d been spanked in front of the rest like Osomatsu had been, he would definitely start crying right away. Not to mention he’d probably die of embarrassment. He nervously fidgeted with the sleeve of his hoodie.

Closing the door behind him, Karamatsu crossed his arms and noted Choromatsu's fidgeting, something he knew the third-eldest did when he was nervous. Kara assumed he knew what was coming, then. "I don't appreciate that kind of behavior, brother. And I thought you would know better."

Ah, scolding it was, then. Surely if Karamatsu was going to spank him, he would just grab him and do it. Whatever, it was still unnecessary, because this was not an offense. “Did you hear how he was talking to me, Karamatsu-niisan?”

"But surely you could have responded with words and not gotten physical. You're an adult, aren't you?" Karamatsu was going to spank him, but he felt lecturing would be the way to start off with Choromatsu. Someone like Osomatsu would ignore it, but Choro valued his pride and was hopefully mature enough to hush and listen.

“Why is that such an issue?” Choromatsu asked. “You got pretty physical with Osomatsu the other day. Isn’t this just like how we both punished him?”

"There's a difference between a spanking and abuse," Karamatsu explained. "Our mother didn't slap or shove us." He uncrossed his arms and moved to roll up his sleeves. "And I don't see how being a disciplinarian one time keeps you from being a recipient."

Oh shit, he was intending to spank him. Okay, okay. Karamatsu could be reasoned with. “Listen Karamatsu-niisan, you don’t have to punish me like that. I’m not like Osomatsu-niisan. I’m mature and reasonable. So, I understand what you’re saying. I shouldn’t have lost my temper with Todomatsu.”

"No, you shouldn't have," Karamatsu agreed, stepping towards Choromatsu. "And if you're as mature as you say you are, then you should be able to accept your punishment without pitching a fit."

Choromatu’s eyes went wide with fear. He remembered seeing his oldest brother get his backside absolutely scorched by Karamatsu’s discipline. Osomatsu had slept on his stomach for three whole nights.

“Ah, no, Karamatsu-niisan, I really don’t think that’s necessary.” He backed away slowly.

"I'm afraid you're getting a spanking whether you want it or not, brother," Karamatsu only stepped closer, reaching out to snatch the younger by his wrist. "Behave yourself and it will be quick."

“N-no, Karamatsu-niisan, you don’t have to do this! I understand why I was wrong and it won’t happen again, really!” Choromatsu was starting to get desperate. He pulled his wrist, but it was no contest, Karamatsu was much stronger and had a firm grip on him.

Karamatsu sat down in the chair he had seated himself in for Osomatsu's last punishment, pulling Choromatsu to stand in-between his legs, and held both of the younger's wrists firmly. "Choromatsu," he began, looking up at his anxious brother with brotherly love in his expression. Love, mixed with a serious gaze in his eyes. This was not a debate. "Take a deep breath."

Choromatsu obeyed. It was a little shaky because now he was getting all worked up, but it helped. Karamatsu wouldn’t seriously hurt him, of course. And this was different from what happened with Osomatsu, so maybe the spanking wouldn’t be the same. Karamatsu didn’t look as angry as he had then, so that was a good sign. Things were in perspective. “Okay.” He took another breath and nodded. “Okay, nii-san. Whatever you think is best.”

Karamatsu felt it was important to take different steps with each of his brothers. They were all different, after all, no matter how similar in appearance they were. He wanted Choromatsu to be calm beforehand, so he could have a clear head and understand why he was being punished. With a nod he went ahead and placed a hand on Choromatsu's back, pushing him over his knee and keeping him secure with his arm. His other hand went to hook into Choromatsu's waistband and began slipping the garments down.

As Choromatsu felt cool air on his rear, his body tensed up. This was humiliating, and he was pretty sure that, unlike Osomatsu, he didn’t really deserve it. He tried to brace himself for the first strike.

Karamatsu rubbed Choromatsu's bare bottom for a moment, before tapping it lightly to aim his strike. He raised his hand a bit and slammed his hand down firmly for the first strike, which were never painful, just firm. Warmups were an important step for him.

Choromatsu blushed at the more gentle touches. That was more embarrassing somehow than just being spanked. A reminder of just how exposed and vulnerable he was right now. The first slap didn’t hurt all that much, and he had been expecting it, but he flinched anyway. Okay, he thought, that wasn’t so bad. He could handle this.

Karamatsu began building up a pace, his palm coming down like a paddle with each hit, slowly but surely using more of his strength as his blows went on. Of course the others would hear this, but it couldn't be helped, and he was sure they all knew it was coming anyway.

As the strikes became stronger and left more of a sting, a heat was starting to build. Choromatsu squirmed in discomfort. It had occurred to him that their brothers could possibly hear Karamatsu’s hand clapping on his behind, but he tried not to think about it. To just focus on getting through this. He would just have to keep his yelps of pain in, or he would have to face Totty’s catlike smirk and scathing comments. And then he might have to hit the annoying little fucker again, and that would just end him up back across Karamatsu’s lap.

That was certain: Karamatsu had no qualms against pulling one of them over his lap again if the first punishment didn't seem to work. It didn't matter if they were still sore. Karamatsu pushed Choromatsu's torso down a bit so his bottom lifted up and continued his assault, aiming his strikes onto Choro's sensitive thighs and sit spots.

Choromatsu hissed as his sensitive areas were struck. Having his bottom higher up just made him feel more vulnerable, but he was still able to stay calm. Something about Karamatsu’s demeanor kept him trusting of his older brother to not take this punishment too far. He gripped Karamatsu’s leg and took in a deep breath. “I’m sorry, Karamatsu-niisan.”

Karamatsu paused for a moment to rub in the sting. "I know you are. You're doing good." He considered Choro's bottom for a moment; it was bright pink. "Why don't you go get the spoon for me?"

Choromatsu’s eyebrows shot up in alarm. He turned to look at his older brother. “Um. I... really can't do that.” He couldn’t possibly walk in front of the others to the kitchen for the wooden spoon and come back. There was no way. He was red with embarrassment just thinking about it. “Maybe there’s something in this room you could hit me with? Anything would be fine!”

"Why not?" Karamatsu asked. "Is it embarrassing?" Even if he didn't have to be as tough with Choro as he was with Oso, he still was going to be strict. "You know, if you're going to hit Todomatsu in front of everyone, I don't see why you shouldn't be prepared to face your consequences in front of them, as well. It's just a spoon. They know what's happening."

Choromatsu had been trying not to think about that. He stood up, pulled up his pants, and tried to be grateful Karamatsu wasn’t spanking him in front of everyone like he’d done to the eldest.

He walked to the kitchen like he had blinders on. Didn’t look at or acknowledge his brothers at all. When he walked back the other direction, spoon in hand, he wondered if Osomatsu got any satisfaction knowing he was getting a taste of the same medicine. But there was no way he could handle making eye contact with any of them right now, Osomatsu least of all.

Choromatsu let out a breath as he slid the paper door shut behind him. Thank god none of them had tried to speak to him, or he might have died from embarrassment. It was bad enough they all knew.

The other brothers had definitely stared at him, and they absolutely saw the implement he was holding. Nobody knew about Choromatsu punishing Osomatsu except for Karamatsu, so Oso kept his satisfaction inside. He was pretty sure that was the same spoon.

"Thank you," Karamatsu said to his younger brother as the tool was handed to him. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

Choromatsu stared at him. It was absolutely awful. That was probably the longest walk he’d ever taken. “You’re welcome,” he mumbled, now facing the prospect of being struck with the wooden spoon on his already stinging rear.

"If they tease you, I'll make them do the exact same thing when it's their turn," Karamatsu promised, pulling Choromatsu back over his lap and pulling his pants down. He tapped the spoon against the skin before he brought it down hard.

“Ah!” Choromatsu couldn’t hold back a yelp. Shit, that stung. He didn’t remember it hurting like that when Matsuyo spanked them as young kids. It left behind a lingering burn that made him want to kick his feet, but he forced himself to remain still.

Karamatsu only hummed in acknowledgment, bringing the spoon back down again. It was a much sharper sound than his hand and he tapped the other cheek before he began his rhythm. "You know you shouldn't hit your brothers, Choromatsu," Karamatsu began lecturing as he continued his pace. "I expect better from you, especially."

After the first smack, Choromatsu was acclimated and able to keep quiet. Honestly, the lecture stung a little more, somehow. Karamatsu’s disappointment was more painful than his discipline or even his poetry. Choromatsu’s ass hurt, but more than that, he felt bad. Karamatsu was right, he had acted completely immature.

"I'm giving you this for more than just slapping our little Todomatsu," Karamatsu continued, his smacks not letting up. He landed them on the sit-spots as he spoke, "Your words are often harsh, brother. I understand feeling a need to lecture, but telling your brothers to die, for example, as you have done to Osomatsu, isn't constructive."

“It’s-it’s hyperbole!” Choromatsu defended, his grip tight on Karamatsu’s leg.

He let out a few little noises when his sensitive areas were struck. How long was this going to go on? Was it almost over?

"It doesn't matter what it is. It's to the point of being cruel." Karamatsu spent some time smacking his thighs before moving back up to hit from cheek to cheek. "You can learn to speak properly instead of using insults and physical violence like a child."

“Ffff-Yes, I’m... I’m sorry!” Choromatsu could feel tears beginning to prick at his eyes. His thighs were sensitive as hell. And the heat in his bottom was incredibly painful.

"What will you do next time Todomatsu or one of the others says something that makes you angry?" Karamatsu asked, making sure these last few spanks were hard.

“Ow! Shit!” Choromatsu couldn’t help kicking his legs a little, trying to alleviate some of the pain. He didn’t want to cry, but the tears were threatening to fall. Oh, Karamatsu had asked him a question. How was he supposed to answer questions like this? “I’ll-I’ll walk away, I guess?”

"That's a good start." Karamatsu continued, moving back down to the thighs he knew were sensitive. "You can trust yourself to stay calm?"

Choromatsu let out an embarrassing sort of squeak at the renewed assault on his thighs. He kicked reflexively. “Ow! Nii-san, please! I promise it won’t happen again!”

Karamatsu set the spoon down next to the chair, rubbing over Choromatsu's sore flesh affectionately. He was surprised at how well he had managed to take it. "Okay. I trust you, Choromatsu."

Choromatsu wiped his eyes and sniffled. He was pretty proud of himself for not bursting into sobs from the combination of pain, embarrassment, and shame.

Karamatsu’s gentle hand on his hot, red bottom was embarrassing as hell, even if it did soothe the sting a little. “Th-thank you, Karamatsu-niisan. I’m sorry I acted like an idiot.”

Karamatsu seldom got to show any affection to the third-eldest, so he took this opportunity to stand, gently pulling Choromatsu up with him and wrapping his arms around the younger. "You did very well," he praised, hand going to brush through Choromatsu's locks. He considered sending him to the corner, but this was his first time getting punished, and Karamatsu would save that for times Choromatsu needed longer to reflect. Choro seemed to have learned his lesson completely. "I love you very much, Choromatsu. Don't make me do that again."

For some reason, this was what made Choromatsu start sobbing. Silent sobs that made his shoulders shake and fresh tears flow down his face. Karamatsu did all this because he cared about all of them, and he loved Choromatsu even when the third eldest acted like an immature asshole. He buried his face in Karamatsu’s shoulder.

Although a little surprised, Karamatsu kept it from his face and only pulled Choromatsu in closer. "You're alright," he soothed, rubbing his brother's back with one hand, the other still brushing through Choro's hair. "I'm proud of you."

Choromatsu pulled away to pull up his pants, wincing at the uncomfortable sensation of the fabric against his punished rear, and immediately returned to his older brother’s embrace. The punishment hadn’t been as bad as he’d feared. Maybe it was even for the best. It was probably a good thing to have someone to hold him accountable since he knew he could go a bit far sometimes.

“Thanks, nii-san,” he said, voice only a little shaky.

"Would you like me to get you some water?" Karamatsu asked, offering a kind smile. "It'll help you feel better."

“Okay. Yes, please," Choromatsu said. He trusted Karamatsu and he wanted to feel better. Maybe he would even apologize to Todomatsu.

"Alright." Karamatsu gave Choro a kiss on the forehead before he grabbed the spoon to return it while he got the water. "You can come back out if you'd like. I won't let anyone tease you." He smiled. "But I'll be right back."

Choromatsu composed himself. For whatever reason, he didn’t want to be alone. He could go join the rest, it would be fine. They all knew what happened and there was no getting around it. So he left the bedroom and went to join the rest of his brothers in the living room

The four still sitting in the room were silent, their eyes on Choromatsu as he entered. They just heard him getting his ass beat, how were they supposed to react?

Osomatsu was the first to speak up. "...Is anyone up for a night of mahjong?"

Chapter Text

If you asked one of them, they would each blame it on each other. Todomatsu had made one too many snarky comments, Osomatsu had been acting shitty. But it didn't really matter how it started, only that it had suddenly gone too far once Osomatsu stood up off the couch and shot his youngest brother a death-glare, followed by a loud, "You little shit!"

A loud thud could be heard as Todomatsu was tackled to the ground, Osomatsu twisting his arm with the aim of breaking a bone. Totty kicked back against his eldest brother's stomach, screaming insults in reply as the verbal argument had quickly escalated into a wrestling match, with intention to hurt rather than to play-fight.

Osomatsu was quickly pulled off of the youngest brother by the back of his sweater.

“Todomatsu. Osomatsu.” The second eldest had his stern expression on. He’d been getting rather good at it as of late. There would be, he decided, no more fighting amongst his brothers. One arm held Oso’s sweater while the other was on his hip. “What seems to be the issue here?”

Todomatsu gave Osomatsu a nasty glare, his face flushed slightly from the fight. Oso shot an equally ill-tempered look in return, and he was the first to speak: "Nothing. It's none of your business, anyway." He didn't want to deal with anything Karamatsu had to dish out at the moment.

“You are my dear brothers, and I care for you deeply,” Karamatsu said patiently. “I hate to see you fight each other, and I would like to help you resolve this if possible.”

"Osomatsu-niisan attacked me!" Todomatsu whined. "He started it, I was—"

"You were talking shit," Osomatsu growled, finishing the sentence for the younger. "You have no respect for your nii-san!"

"You don't deserve any! Everything I said about you was true!" Todomatsu snapped, feeling his frustration grow. He watched in satisfaction as Osomatsu tried to wriggle out of Kara's hold to no avail. "Eat shit, nii-san."

“Alright. I think I understand,” Karamatsu said, ignoring Totty’s teasing for the moment. He turned to his older brother. “Osomatsu. We have had this conversation before, have we not? Do you remember what happened last time you fought with one of our younger brothers?”

Osomatsu felt his face turn red at the words—he didn't want to remember that. It was probably the most humiliating thing that had ever happened to him. "You're not gonna do that again, are you?" He had almost panic on the edge of his tone. "I didn't start it! Totty did! You didn't hear what he said!"

“I don’t care who started it, I’m going to end it.” He grabbed Osomatsu firmly by the arm. “Totty, please follow us to the bedroom.”

"Karamatsu!" Osomatsu shouted in protest as Todomatsu stood to follow them. Totty was thinking that he was just going to watch like the first time—he hadn't been the one to physically start anything, so he wasn't going to get punished. This was all on Osomatsu.

Karamatsu shut the paper door behind them and fixed each of his brothers with a stern gaze. “My brothers. You have both disappointed me today. And I feel it’s only fair that you both be punished for it.”

He let go of Osomatsu and instead took Totty by the arm to drag him over to the chair.

"What? Karamatsu-niisan!" Todomatsu pulled against Kara's grip with his face a bright red. "Osomatsu-niisan was the one who hit me! I didn't do anything! He's the one who should be getting spanked!" Totty spat out the last word like it left a bad taste in his mouth—it was awfully embarrassing to say it outright.

Karamatsu sat down and easily pulled his youngest brother over his lap. “Osomatsu. Go fetch the hairbrush for our little brother.”
He yanked down Totty’s pants and underwear and firmly patted his bottom. “Totty, you are not blameless here by any means. I heard the way you spoke to Osomatsu.” The first strike came down, not terribly hard, but it still made quite a clap. “What did you think would happen?”

Osomatsu did so happily, although he kept it from his face. He knew he was next, but seeing his brat of a little brother getting this treatment was satisfying. Especially after he had laughed about Osomatsu getting it last time.

Totty flinched and yelped with the first smack. "Nii-san—I-I don't know! I didn't think you were listening!"

Karamatsu brought his hand down again, large and flat like a paddle. “That shouldn’t matter, Todomatsu. There is no reason to talk to Osomatsu that way.” He peppered the youngest’s backside with smacks, gradually increasing in strength and frequency.

Totty squirmed and whined, his hand reaching back to protect his backside from his stronger brother's hand. "Nii-san!" he whined. "I won't do it again!" He had a mouth on him but knew what to do when he was in trouble: promise to be good. It didn't mean he had to keep that promise.

Karamatsu pinned Totty’s hand to the small of his back and continued spanking him at a steady pace. “I certainly hope that’s true," he said mildly. He leaned down to speak softly into Totty’s ear as he delivered sharp smacks to his rear. “Because if I find you fighting with our brothers again, I won’t hesitate to take you back over my knee.”

Todomatsu's whining didn't stop even as the door slid open to reveal Osomatsu holding their mother's wooden hairbrush in his hand. He brought it over to Karamatsu, trying to conceal the smirk on his face.

“Thank you,” Karamatsu said, and placed it on Todomatsu’s back as he continued to warm him up with his hand. Sharp swats went to his sit spots, his thighs. “Osomatsu, I hope I don’t need to tell you it’s your turn next.”

Osomatsu only hummed in acknowledgment. It would suck, but at least he got his own show before his own ass got beat, as if that somehow would affect how much his turn hurt. He had to accept it, anyway—he definitely didn't want to risk running again and making it all much worse than it had to be.

Todomatsu was almost in tears already. It wasn't that it hurt too badly, but Totty had a poor habit of crying to get his way, especially with one of his more... easily-manipulated brothers, like Karamatsu. He broke into dry-sobbing, although it sounded more childish than anything. "Nii-san! Nii-san, ow!"

Karamatsu rubbed the cool wood of the hairbrush against Totty’s warmed flesh. “I know these tears are insincere, Todomatsu. I look forward to hearing a genuine apology from you. I know Osomatsu-niisan would appreciate it.”

"They're not!" Todomatsu defended, although all three of them knew they were. "It hurts! You're hitting me and then telling me my tears aren't real!"

Karamatsu brought the hairbrush down firmly. “I know it hurts. And I’m sorry we have to do this.” He brought it down again, and again, starting to build up a pace.

“Osomatsu." He looked up to lock eyes with the oldest brother, though his pace did not slow. “Take your pants down now. While you’re waiting, I would like you to think about the punishment you have coming for fighting with a little brother again.

Osomatsu couldn't hide the pink tint that spread across his face at the order. Karamatsu just wanted him to sit there with his pants off?! The suggestion was humiliating, and his hands hooked into the waistband of his jeans and underwear as he pushed them down just a bit, to his thighs, his hoodie enough to cover what needed to be covered.

Judging by the way Osomatsu’s cheeks flushed, Karamatsu decided he was being forced to reflect on his actions well enough. He turned his attention back to the youngest. He put the hairbrush down for a moment to rub the heated skin. “You know I don’t enjoy this, Totty. But what I like even less is seeing my precious brothers hurt one another. Can you understand that?”

Todomatsu's pain tolerance was pretty low, and it was starting to hurt quite a bit. "If you don't enjoy it then don't do it!" he complained. Really, he was fine with Karamatsu spanking the others, but he didn't want the same treatment for himself.

Karamatsu sighed and resumed punishing Todomatsu with the hairbrush. He’d thought Totty might not need as much spanking, and he wanted to be careful not to push the youngest too far. “Todomatsu. Nii-san is being punished for fighting with you. I think it’s only fair that you be punished for inciting that. Don’t you agree? Wouldn’t you feel angry if one of our brothers spoke to you like that?”

"No," Todomatsu whined. He didn't think it was fair at all, and he was frustrated that he wasn't getting his way. With every hit of the brush against his skin he was squirming, not at all afraid to let his tears fall if it meant it would end. It ended when Osomatsu started crying the last time, right? "I said I wouldn't do it again, Karamatsu-niisan!"

“I know you won’t, my little Todomatsu,” Karamatsu said firmly, covering his little brother’s bottom with smacks. He trapped the squirming legs between his own. “I know this hurts, and it hurts me too, but after this I’m sure you won’t treat your brothers like this again.”

"Nii-san!" Totty practically sobbed. He wasn't going to make fun of Osomatsu over getting spanked again, this killed. It wasn't nearly as bad as what had happened to his eldest brother earlier this month, too! "I won't! I said I won't!" His false tears were quickly becoming real ones as the spanking went on, the pain becoming almost unbearable as Karamatsu continued to smack him with the brush.

“Okay.” Karamatsu dropped the brush. He pulled Todomatsu to his feet and looked into his red, tear-filled eyes. “You took that very well, Todomatsu. Now I want you to go stand over there, nose in the corner. Leave your pants down. I just want you to think about what you learned today.”

Todomatsu was gasping in air as he tried to get a hold of himself now that it was over. He pulled his hoodie down to cover himself on both ends, not wanting Osomatsu to see his rear. He was generally very modest about those parts of him in general, even if they were his brothers. He nodded without a word, holding his pants up with one hand so he didn't trip with his other hand pulling down his hoodie.

Osomatsu watched him go, nervousness building now that it was his turn. But that hadn't been so bad. Karamatsu would surely go a bit easy on him too, right? Even if this was his second offense... and he had been the one to start the physical fight...

“Osomatsu. It’s your turn.” Karamatsu’s gaze was dark as he sat down in the chair and pulled Osomatsu over by the wrist. He eased the eldest over his lap with strong hands and placed a hand on the eldest’s already bare bottom. “I hope you realize what you have coming, Osomatsu. This isn’t the first time I have punished you for this same thing. So I suppose you didn’t learn anything last time, right?”

"I did!" Osomatsu insisted. Jeez, he had a habit of getting punished for the same offenses, didn't he? He got punished twice for stealing, now twice for fighting? Maybe he really didn't learn anything the first times through. His mother always did admonish him for repeated offenses... "This was for a good reason though! What else was I supposed to do?"

“There is no good reason to fight with our younger brothers, Osomatsu," Karamatsu said as he began bringing his hand down sharply. He was not starting off as gently as he had with Totty. “Honestly, I expected better of you.”

Osomatsu said nothing in reply, only gasping with the first hit and trying to relax. He had learned that tensing his muscles only made it hurt more. He could already tell a difference in how Karamatsu was treating him, and although he expected it, he had been half-heartedly clinging on to the hope that maybe this wouldn't be a bad one.

“Osomatsu, as the older brother, you should be more mature in these situations.” Karamatsu was quickly building up a swift pace, rapidly turning Oso’s bottom a light pink. “We’ve has this conversation once already, I don’t know what more to say to you besides this reminder: You may be my older brother, I’m not afraid to take you over my knee any time this happens. I sincerely hope that this will be the last time.”

"Well, maybe this isn't an effective punishment then," Osomatsu couldn't help but grumble. He knew better than to be smart during his situations but he couldn't help it! Was he really expected to be still and take it without putting up a fight?

“Do you think I’m going too easy on you?” Karamatsu started smacking a bit harder. It really impressed him how Osomatsu could still be a brat while getting spanked. “What about last time, when your brothers witnessed your punishment? You certainly seemed contrite then. Were you just acting, brother?”

Osomatsu shook his head and felt himself tense involuntarily as Karamatsu spanked him harder. "No," he answered, toes kicking against the flooring as he wiggled in his brother's lap. He didn't want to deal with that kind of embarrassment again, and, glancing over at Todomatsu in the corner, he knew the youngest would be mortified if the same thing happened to him.

Karamatsu felt his brother tense up in his lap. Osomatsu’s last punishment had been an ordeal, but Kara wondered if his enthusiastic pampering the following day had lessened the effects somehow. “I hope you realize you have earned a harsher punishment today, Osomatsu. This being your second offense.” Karamatsu’s hand came down hard on the eldest’s sit spots.

The eldest didn't think anything could be harsher than the first time. Being belted in front of his brothers was one of the worst things imaginable. He had been smirking at Totty's punishment, but in the end, his was always going to be worse, wasn't it? Totty's hadn't been bad at all in Oso's opinion!

He flinched with the hit to his sensitive spots, trying to keep his hands by Kara's legs instead of reaching back. Having his hand pinned to his back just made him feel more defenseless, so he tried to fight the instinct.

Karamatsu honestly didn’t know how he could be any harsher. He didn’t want to push Osomatsu further past his limit than he had last time. But he wanted to scare him a little and make him regret his actions, or at least begin to. It always seemed to take a while to get through to Osomatsu. He continued to cover the eldest’s buttocks, down to the tops of his thighs with sharp smacks, each at almost his full strength and with only a short break between each strike.

"Ow, ow!" Osomatsu couldn't help but let a few complaints escape him as Karamatsu continued, and his hips squirmed as he tried to get away from the smacks. Based on past experiences with Karamatsu he knew fake-crying wouldn't work, nor would insisting that it hurt too bad and that he'd be good. Karamatsu had a way of seeing through his bullshit exceptionally well. "Ow!"

Todomatsu in the corner had been shifting from foot to foot anxiously, wondering how long he was expected to stand here. Curiously, he turned slightly to glance at what Karamatsu was doing to Oso.

“Alright.” Karamatsu picked up the hairbrush and tapped it against Osomatsu’s pinkened flesh. “Would either of you like to apologize to each other?”

The two boys currently in trouble stared at each other, waiting for the other to go first. They were both stubborn and all six of the brothers were a bit too prideful at times. Osomatsu didn't see a point in apologizing. Karamatsu was going to spank the hell out of him either way. And Todomatsu was already done, right? The two of them were silent.

Karamatsu had thought one of them would step up and be the bigger man, but evidently not. A little disappointed, he ordered, “Nose back in the corner, Todomatsu. You’ll stay there until I’m finished with both of you.” And with that, he began steadily striking Osomatsu with the hairbrush once more.

Totty did as he was told, resting his forehead against the corner of the wall. He dug his phone out of his hoodie pocket and fiddled with it against the wall where he was sure Karamatsu couldn't see him on it. He was already getting bored just standing here.

Osomatsu gripped Karamatsu's pants' leg tightly and tried to bear through the first few smacks of the hairbrush. It wasn't the worst thing that could be used on him, so he wasn't going to bitch about it.

Karamatsu focused his full attention on the eldest, steadily smacking him with the hairbrush in rhythm, leaving a moment in between each swat to let the sting sink in. “I’m sorry to have to do this again, Osomatsu. I hope that next time, you can find a non-violent solution to disagreements with our precious younger brothers.”

Osomatsu didn't think this was a non-violent solution, but he kept his mouth shut. Each smack felt like hot metal against his skin and his body wouldn't stay still, even as he tried to keep himself steady. His body wiggled trying to escape the pain and his teeth clenched.

The strength and frequency of Karamatsu’s swats increased as he could tell they were nearing the end of this portion. He was still intending to make Osomatsu fetch the belt and he didn’t want to overdo it. “Am I getting through to you at all, or are we going to find ourselves here again later?”

Osomatsu was quiet for a moment, grimacing through these harsher swats. He wasn't sure, honestly—knowing his poor habits, they probably would be dealing with this again. But whatever, he wasn't suicidal and wasn't going to say the second option out loud "I-I got it."

Karamatsu stopped and let the brush fall to the floor to gently rub Osomatsu’s red backside. “Okay, Osomatsu. You are taking this very well, and I’m proud of you. But you know we are not finished yet. Please get up and go fetch the belt.”

Osomatsu groaned. He hated that fucking belt and he was pretty sure he was going to throw it away later. Burn it maybe. "Can't you use something else?"

“You know you have earned this,” Karamatsu said patiently. “If it makes you feel any better, Totty will be feeling it too. He’s using his phone in the corner, which tells me he’s not reflecting on his actions.” Karamatsu shot a stern glare at the youngest.

Todomatsu almost dropped his phone from shock when he was caught, shoving it back into his hoodie pocket as he whipped around to stare at his two older brothers. "Nii-san?!" he gasped, and Osomatsu almost laughed from the reaction despite the ache in his rear. That did make getting the belt a bit easier. He got to his feet before he went to grab the belt.

“Come back over here, Todomatsu.” The second-eldest stood to his feet and held his stern gaze.

Todomatsu's face was bright red and his stomach was in knots from anxiety. Still, he made his way over to Karamatsu looking a bit sheepish.

Karamatsu took his little brother’s hands in his. “I’m sorry I have to punish you further, my little Todomatsu. But I know you do not yet understand what I’m trying to communicate. And I want you to think of this next time you feel the need to antagonize our brothers.”

"I do!" Totty insisted, looking almost fearful as Osomatsu brought the belt over. Oso snapped it teasingly, his youngest brother's nervousness amusing to him. It was nice to not be alone in this.

“Thank you, Osomatsu.” Karamatsu took the belt from the eldest, ignoring Oso's teasing. “Both of you, put your hands on the wall. Let’s get this over with quickly.”

Maybe Oso was being a bit too chill about this, and it was evident in his teasing as he landed a playful smack to Totty's ass, earning a yelp from the youngest, before he went to place his hands on the wall.

Karamatsu had to bite his lip to keep from grinning. It was endearing, but also Osomatsu was no closer to apologizing to the youngest and probably wasn’t taking this very seriously. Stern expression back in place, Karamatsu sharply whipped the belt across Osomatsu’s bright red backside.

Osomatsu flinched, the sharp sound of the belt echoing throughout the room. Todomatsu, who had taken his place next to Oso on the wall, was feeling more nervous by the second. He didn't want that to be used on him!

Osomatsu received two more licks before Karamatsu placed a firm hand on the curve of Totty’s back. He brought the belt down just sharply on the youngest, giving Osomatsu a short break while the other was punished.

"Ow! Nii-san!" Todomatsu shrieked, reaching his hand back again and pulling against Kara's hand on his back. "That hurts!" he whined, and Osomatsu couldn't hide an eyeroll.

“I know it hurts,” Karamatsu said sympathetically. “And it hurts me as well to see my precious brothers fight. So next time you are throwing sharp words at your dear nii-sans, I want you to remember how this feels.” He gave the youngest two more sharp smacks, being careful not to hit the same place twice in a row.

Osomatsu watched how Totty reacted. He squealed from the pain and shifted from foot to foot trying to escape it, much whinier and tearful than Osomatsu. Oso was surprised his own eyes hadn't even watered, but he supposed the last punishment gave him some resistance. So he didn't have to take this as seriously.

Karamatsu moved back to the eldest, giving him several quick smacks in a row, the last of which whipped across Osomatsu’s upper thighs. It was important to Karamatsu to be fair in his discipline, and Todomatsu’s reaction indicated he was being punished more severely.

A yelp of pain did escape Osomatsu with those smacks, especially the last one over his thighs. "Fuck!" he shouted, the sting of the belt really starting to settle in now.

Karamatsu remained by Oso’s side and continued to punish him, getting into a brief rhythm with his smacks. He didn't leave time for the sting to fade between blows, just continued to lay smacks into Osomatsu with sharp but careful whips of the belt. It would be hard for the eldest to sit, he knew, but Karamatsu would never forgive himself if he left one of his brothers with welts or broken skin.

Osomatsu was squirming and crying out with each hit, the burn making itself evident as he had a harder time keeping himself upright. He wanted to turn around, and he probably could've since he wasn't being held down tightly, but with the constant smacking he thought he might get accidentally hit somewhere undesirable if he did. "Karamatsu!" he cried, drawing out the last vowel in a whine. Kara's strength combined with the sting of the leather makes belting a very painful experience.

Karamatsu didn't let up. His strikes were steady, patient. His heart ached for Osomatsu, it truly did, but he was determined to teach both of his brothers a lesson. Todomatsu looked pretty contrite, but Osomatsu took a little more time. And that was fine, all of them were different people with different needs. Just a few more, he thought, and then this would be over.

Osomatsu hated crying in front of Todomatsu. The youngest was the one who teased him the most about it, despite being the one who cried the most overall. His younger brother being there made him want to make a snarky comment, make this into a big joke somehow, because he was the oldest and he should be the toughest. Even popping a fucking boner would make it easier.

“You’re the older brother, Osomatsu.” Kara chided as he delivered steady smacks to his older brother’s rear. “If either of you should act more maturely, I would hope it would be you. But I understand that in your anger, you forgot yourself. And I’m here to remind you as many times as it takes. I love you both so much, but you have both disappointed me today.”
He gave a couple quick smacks to Todomatsu as well, to assure him that they were both being addressed.

Being the oldest really was hard, Osomatsu thought. His eyes were watering and Todomatsu was nearly sobbing. And Oso did feel a bit regretful, just seeing his little brother so upset. Oso rested his forehead against the wall.

Karamatsu gave each of his brothers two last hard smacks and then stopped. He rubbed Oso’s hot flesh sympathetically. “Are either of you willing to apologize to each other at this point?”

"Are you gonna keep spanking us if we don't?" Totty asked.

“No,” Karamatsu spoke calmly. “But both of you will have some time to reflect now, and I wanted to see where we stand.”

Totty and Oso glanced at each other. There was something that just felt almost childish about apologizing to each other, like Karamatsu was their mother telling them to face each other and say they were sorry. She used to sit them in chairs and not let them get up until they made up.

Still, they were silent. It wasn't as if they were under threat of more punishment if they didn't speak up. And it was just... weirdly embarrassing.

“That’s alright, I understand,” Karamatsu said. “Both of you stand up, put your noses to the wall. And hands on your heads.” He looked pointedly at Todomatsu. “I want you both to have some time to think about what happened today.”

Osomatsu groaned at the fact 'hands on your head' meant he couldn't rub his sore bottom, but he did as he was told anyway. He straightened up and placed his hands behind his head, his forehead resting against the wall. Standing was better than sitting like Kara made him do the first time he was punished by him. Todomatsu gave himself a gentle rub before he did the same.

Karamatsu sat and waited patiently, watching his brothers. He thought back to their childhood fights, how they were forced to stay in one place until they apologized. He was startled by a knock at the door.

Totty and Oso were equally as startled, and Oso turned to Karamatsu. His expression said it all, you're not going to let them in, are you? He didn't want to deal with that again. But before any of them could say anything, the door slid open.

Ichimatsu surveyed the scene with little reaction. He glanced from Karamatsu in his chair, to the abandoned implements on the floor, to his two brothers standing exposed against the wall. His eyebrows raised slightly and the corner of his mouth quirked up.

“Ichimatsu,” Karamatsu spoke, standing to his feet and moving his chair behind Todomatsu. “Since you’re here, would you mind getting us another chair?”

Todomatsu put his hands down and pulled his hoodie down to cover himself, face completely red. Osomatsu may have been used to this considering the last time, but Todo wasn't! This was so humiliating!

"Yeah," Ichimatsu replied, exiting the room quietly to grab another chair from the kitchen. What a sight. Those were definitely two brothers he didn't mind seeing with their asses reddened.

Karamatsu gestured to the chair he’d set behind the youngest. “Please take a seat, Totty. Ichimatsu will bring another one for you, Osomatsu. I think you may both need a little more time than I thought.”

"Why?!" Osomatsu asked. "You're gonna make us sit? It kills to sit!" Todomatsu had to agree with the eldest. The thought of sitting sounded super painful.

“I know it’s not pleasant, but I think it will help you remember this occasion.” Karamatsu presented the chair again to Todomatsu. “Besides,” he said, “I think the two of you need some extra time to reflect and it would be unfair to make you stand for so long.”

"Why do we need extra time?" Osomatsu sounded exasperated, and his tone was pretty much proving Karamatsu's point. Totty didn't want to sit, but he did so anyway, albeit cautiously. He hissed with the contact of wood against his sore skin and now knew why Osomatsu was so against the idea of sitting.

Ichimatsu came in a few moments after, dragging the chair behind him with a small smirk on his face.

Karamatsu didn’t answer the question, but patted Totty kindly on the shoulder and kissed his forehead. He took the chair from Ichimatsu and placed it behind Osomatsu. “Brother, please. I only want to help you avoid these situations in the future.”

Osomatsu knew better than to continue arguing and took a seat, even if he did think Karamatsu's logic was bullshit. On the wood, it felt like fire and he whined, shifting uncomfortably.

Ichimatsu hung around, smirking at his brothers’ misfortune. It was especially gratifying to see Todomatsu punished after he’d been acting like such a prick lately.

Todomatsu sat with his hands in his lap and his pants around his ankles, looking pitiful. He just wanted to be held and pampered. Osomatsu, on the other hand, had his chin in his palms, pants and underwear already thrown to the side from earlier. He occasionally shifted to get more comfortable on his sore bottom.

Karamatsu waited patiently. He didn’t remember how long it took them to apologize to each other when they were children, but he was pretty sure both of his brothers were already regretting their fight. It was just a matter of who was willing to step up and apologize first. They were both stubborn men, but surely they both wanted to get up and get on with their day?

Oso and Todo were both positive that Karamatsu just wanted them to apologize at this point. Was he really not going to let them up until they did it? Todomatsu turned to glance at Oso, who had his eyes stubbornly glued to the floor.

"How long are you gonna make us sit here?" Osomatsu complained.

“As long as it takes for you to prove to me that you have learned from this experience,” Karamatsu said simply. “And we will stay here regardless of who enters the room. I’m sure our family will understand.” Ichimatsu smirked.

"I'm sorry, then, is that what you want to hear?" Osomatsu grumbled. "Sorry for fighting with Totty."

Todomatsu could sense the irritation in his voice and didn't say anything in response.

Karamatsu sighed. “Osomatsu. Do you need to go back over my knee?”


“Then apologize properly,” Karamatsu insisted. “And not to me.”

Ichimatsu had found a place to sit and watch. He privately hoped Osomatsu would continue to make things worse for himself, as it might be funny to watch him get spanked when he was already looking pretty sore.

"Fuck off," Osomatsu mumbled under his breath. "I already apologized 'properly'! How fancy do you want it to be?"

Karamatsu said nothing. He picked the hairbrush up off the floor and pulled Osomatsu out of his chair by the wrist. He took the empty seat and pulled his older brother back over his lap.

Todomatsu stared behind him at his older brothers in disbelief. Was Osomatsu really so stupid?

"I hate you!" Oso sniveled, struggling with all his might to escape from Kara's lap. "Let me up!" He pushed against Kara's legs, wiggling wildly in hopes that he could slip out of his position.

Kara trapped his brother’s thrashing legs between his thighs. “I love you, Osomatsu," he assured as he brought the hairbrush down swiftly on the already reddened skin. “And I want all of my precious brothers to live in harmony.” Quickly he had a rhythm going again.

"I'm the eldest, y-you can't—" Tears were forming, the pain and the emotions he was feeling becoming a bit too much to handle. "I hate you, you can't do this to me! Wh-who said you could punish us like this?!"

“You continue to show me you need it,” Karamatsu answered simply, continuing to bring down the brush. He peppered the pre-reddened buttocks and sit spots with fresh searing smacks. “And I care about you.”

"I don't need it, I'm not a ten-year-old!" Osomatsu insisted, not caring much that he was surely acting like one in front of Ichi and Todo. "If you cared you wouldn't hit me!"

Karamatsu said nothing. He knew Osomatsu was just speaking out of anger, but the words still hurt. Osomatsu didn’t really think he didn’t care. He silently continued to punish his only older brother with steady, heavy smacks.

"None of you give a shit about me." Oso sounded pitiful. "You just hit me because I deserve it."

Karamatsu dropped the brush beside him. “Stand up," he said quietly, his hand gentle on Osomatsu’s back.

Osomatsu sniffed. "Just hit me more because I fucking deserve it."

“Get up, nii-san. Come here.” Karamatsu wanted to cry, too.

With tears in his eyes, Osomatsu shakily pushed himself to his feet. He didn't go in for a hug and instead hug his head down, his hands wiping at his eyes. He didn't think Kara should want a hug from him. He was so shitty. He didn't feel like he deserved any comfort.

Karamatsu stood up and immediately wrapped his arms around his brother. “I love you," he said quietly. “I’ll love you no matter what. Never forget that.”

Osomatsu shook his head on Karamatsu's shoulder. "I don't deserve it," he insisted, sounding so close to breaking out into sobs. "I'm the worst out of all of us, aren't I?"

Karamatsu ran one hand through his brother’s hair. “You’re wonderful, nii-san. I love you so much.” He kissed Osomatsu’s forehead.

Todomatsu was staring over at them, unsure of what to say in this situation. This only seemed like something private that Oso and Kara needed to share.

Oso's shoulders trembled as he cried, clutching his younger brother as tightly as he could. Karamatsu held onto him just as tightly, whispering calming words in his ear. “Shh. It’s okay. It’s over.”

Todomatsu decided to speak up. "Osomatsu nii-san... I'm sorry for what I said to you." He had been a little too harsh.

Osomatsu's voice was shaky, but he appreciated the apology. "I'm sorry, too, Totty..."

Karamatsu was nearing tears himself now out of sheer empathy for Osomatsu, and hearing his brothers apologize to each other made him smile fondly at them both. “You can get up, Totty. It’s over.”

Todomatsu stood, rubbing his rear before he went to leave the room. Affection sounded nice, but Osomatsu needed it from Karamatsu more than Totty did. Besides, Jyushimatsu was always willing to provide hugs, so Totty would go for him.

"Please don't let go," Osomatsu whimpered, as cheesy as it sounded. He didn't want Karamatsu to stop holding him. He needed it so bad. He needed affirmation that he was okay, he was loved.

“I’m not going anywhere, nii-san," Karamatsu assured, wrapping him up once more. He held Osomatsu tightly in his arms, one hand rubbing his back, the other cradling his head.

Ichimatsu got to his feet and decided it wasn't as entertaining anymore. He didn't think watching his brothers be sappy was as interesting as watching them get spanked, and left the room after Todomatsu.

Osomatsu felt a bit of tension fade away as Ichimatsu left the room. "C-can you... can we just... lay down for a little bit?"

“Of course,” Karamatsu said softly. “Are you tired? Should we get out the futon?”

Osomatsu nodded. "But I just... I don't want anyone to come in... just you and me, okay?"

“Okay.” Karamatsu agreed. “Just you and me.” He kissed his brother on the head and went to prepare the futon.

Osomatsu sniffed, making sure the door was shut before he turned to watch Karamatsu. His pants and underwear had been discarded and were lying on the floor nearby, but he was too sore to think about covering himself. It wasn't like Karamatsu hadn't already seen everything, nor did he mind.

The futon set out, Kara sat by the spot where he usually slept when the bed was full. He beckoned Osomatsu over, his arms open.

Osomatsu walked over quickly, getting to his knees and letting Karamatsu hold him again. He would've never thought he'd be accepting this much affection from Karamatsu, but here he was. Karamatsu held his brother in his arms, one hand gently scratching his scalp. “I love you, Osomatsu.” he said quietly, without any of his usual bluster and prose.

"I love you too," Oso replied, his voice slightly muffled as he spoke into Kara's hoodie. "Even if your spankings hurt like a bitch."

Karamatsu smiled fondly. “You took it very well today. I’m proud of you.”

"Why do you gotta spank your nii-chan so hard?" Oso pouted. "What if I just sit in the corner next time?"

Karamatsu hummed, smiling. “Somehow I don’t think it would have quite the same effect.” He ruffled Osomatsu’s hair playfully. “Would you like to take a nap, my dear brother?”

"What if... the corner, and then just your hand?" Osomatsu's was intent on bargaining. "Not the belt. Or brush."

“Don’t let arguments get physical, and it won’t happen at all,” Karamatsu said simply.

"Okay, no fighting. But for other things. Like, ah... the money thing. No object next time."

“Just don’t do it again, and you won’t be punished,” Karamatsu scolded, less amused.

"That's easier said than done!" Osomatsu clung to Kara's hoodie. "You gotta cut your nii-chan some slack..."

“I will not.” Karamatsu smiled. “You may find these things difficult, but I have high expectations of you because I know what you are capable of.” He wrapped the blanket around Osomatsu’s shoulders and kissed his forehead.

Osomatsu pouted. "Not fair, Kara-chan." This was Choromatu's fault for getting these ideas into Karamatsu's head... stupid Fappymatsu. "I'm the oldest, when do I get a turn, huh?"

“A turn?” Karamatsu repeated, amused. “Nii-san, you can take responsibility over our little brothers whenever you see fit. If they need guidance, you are just as qualified to provide it.”

"You're my little brother, so..." Giving Osomatsu that permission probably wasn't a good idea. "Don't fuck up."

Somehow in this moment, Osomatsu was more endearing than he was threatening. “I shall try my best,” Karamatsu promised.

"Good. I have high expectations of you," Osomatsu responded, a slightly mocking tone in his voice. "I'll use your sparkly belt."

“I trust you to be fair, and to keep me honest,” Karamatsu said earnestly. If Osomatsu were to decide he needed correction, he thought, he’d do his best to accept it gracefully. And he truly did trust Osomatsu deeply.

"Mhm." Osomatsu didn't really care about fairness or honesty or whatever his painful brother was talking about. The aspect of revenge just sounded nice. "I'm gonna nap. Stay here, okay? Until I fall asleep."

“Of course, my brother.” Karamatsu tossed his hair a little. “I am your loyal guardian, and no harm shall come to you under my watchful eye.”

Osomatsu cringed a bit but didn't make a comment, burying himself under the futon as he lied on his stomach. "I'll let you cuddle me if you don't say that again."

That was, in Karamatsu’s opinion, a great deal. He settled down behind Osomatsu and wrapped an arm over him.

"...And you can give me more kisses, but only this once."

Karamatsu smiled and playfully covered Osomatsu’s face in pecks. It was rare for Osomatsu to seek out affection like this, and Karamatsu had a lot to give.

The eldest smiled back, a small laugh escaping him with the kisses. Maybe affection with Kara was okay, but only when his other brothers weren't around. He snatched Kara's hand and planted a kiss to the palm before he cradled the arm close to him like a stuffed toy.

Kara allowed himself to be drawn in, snuggling up behind his only older brother. Maybe he wouldn’t be such a good guardian after all. He was far too comfortable, all wrapped up in Osomatsu’s warmth, and fell asleep quickly.

Chapter Text

Ichimatsu made sure to wait until his other brothers were gone from the house. It had taken quite a few painful hours, but when Osomatsu said he was going out and closed the door behind him, Ichimatsu knew it was his chance.

The fourth Matsuno scooted across the floor to Karamatsu on the couch. There were butterflies in his stomach going crazy, but he did a fairly good job at keeping it from his face. Despite his efforts, there was still a slight pink tinge to his cheeks threatening to become redder the longer he sat and thought.

"Oi," he called quietly to his older brother, hugging his knees to his chest as he looked up at Karamatsu reading one of his dumb fashion magazines. "Shittymatsu."

Karamatsu looked up from his magazine. Ichimatsu looked a little nervous, and was actually seeking him out? His surliest, most emotionally distant little brother wanted his time and attention! Surely for some kind of important brotherly bonding. The second-eldest tried to hide his excitement. “Yes, my dear Ichimatsu?”

Ugh. Ichimatsu tried not to throw up. Stomach churning, he assured himself he was going to do this. He had been waiting forever to ask this.

He opened his mouth, but the words didn't come out. His mouth suddenly felt dry, and the only thing he could think of doing was standing up, snatching that stupid magazine from Kara's hands, and ripping it right down the middle. So that's what he did.

Karamatsu furrowed his eyebrows. After a moment of silent mourning, he stood to his feet and looked Ichimatsu in the eyes. Was this a cry for attention? A cruel joke? Just blatant antagonization? He often found himself questioning Ichimatsu’s motivations.

“What... what did that accomplish, brother?”

Ichimatsu stared down at the magazine he had just torn to shreds on the ground before he stared up at Karamatsu. Part of him wanted to slap Kara across the face. Would that work? Would it? Ichimatsu had no idea what he was doing, and he really wished he could be confident enough to just say it.

His mouth was so dry. His face was turning redder by the second. Why was this so fucking difficult?

"I... ah..." his voice was barely a whisper.

Karamatsu’s expression softened. Of course, Ichimatsu was a complicated and sensitive man. He placed his hands on his younger brother’s shoulders. “Hey, it’s alright. What’s the matter? I am here for you always, Ichimatsu.”

Somehow, the pressure on his shoulders made Ichi even more nervous, rather than being soothing as Kara surely intended. He wanted to shove them off.

"Sh-shittymatsu," he began, voice a little louder than before but still not sounding confident. "Can you... I want you to... um..." And, in the same quiet voice, barely able to be heard, he said it.

"...I want you to spank me."

Karamatsu blinked, a bit surprised. What a strange concept. His other brothers, even when they truly deserved a spanking, accepted it with reluctance at best. Perhaps Ichimatsu had some guilt he wanted to relieve himself of?

Whatever the case, Karamatsu wanted to give his brother whatever he needed. “Okay.” He sat back down on the couch. “Come here. Across my lap.”

Ichimatsu found the way Karamatsu so easily accepted what he wanted irritating. Ichimatsu wanted to break something, hit him—he wanted Karamatsu to drag him by the ear and force him over his lap, tell him how badly behaved he was and how much he deserved to be whipped like a child. But Ichimatsu kept it inside, trembling slightly as he bent himself over Karamatsu's lap a bit awkwardly, anxious for what was coming.

“Ichimatsu.” The second-eldest’s hand was firm on the small of his back. “Do you want to tell me why you deserve a spanking today?”

"No." Ichimatsu was quick to respond. "Just do it." Hard, he thought, but that went unsaid.

Karamatsu quickly yanked down Ichi’s sweatpants. If Ichimatsu didn’t want to talk about it, that was fine. Maybe he’d be more amenable to discussion after his rear was a bit warmer. “Very well.”

Karamastsu brought his hand down on Ichimatsu’s bare flesh. Firm stinging swats, but not too heavy-handed.

Ichimatsu pushed his face into the couch cushions, slightly flinching with each swat. They weren't too painful, but he knew that they never were at first. He hoped Karamatsu would make him cry.

Even as he spanked him, Karamatsu held sympathy for his younger brother. Poor Ichimatsu, he looked so embarrassed and ashamed. Whatever guilt plagued him was obviously eating at his very soul. “I hope this helps you, Ichimatsu.” He started spanking a little harder, gradually increasing the intensity of the warm-up. His flat hand covered Ichimatsu’s buttocks, his sit spots, and his upper thighs, leaving behind a gentle pink.

Ichimatsu's breath hitched as Karamatsu hit him harder, feeling a weird mixture of distress and slight arousal—but he wasn't here to get off. (Well, he might jerk off to the pain later.) He asked for this because he needed this. He needed to feel sorry, and he didn't even know why. Karamatsu brought strange emotions out of him.

Karamatsu wasn’t really sure where this was going. Was he going to keep spanking Ichimatsu until he cried? Would he even cry? Ichimatsu seemed so aloof and mysterious sometimes. Curious about his brother’s pain threshold, Karamatsu landed two harsh smacks on his tender sit spots, with a little more strength behind them.

Ichimatsu instinctively hopped a bit with those slaps, as embarrassing as it was to do so. He didn't complain like Oso or Totty did when it got painful, but made quiet gasps instead, his toes curling as he tensed.

It was rather difficult to scold Ichimatsu when he hadn’t actually done anything Karamatsu would consider an offense, but he felt it was important to make this spanking feel like a punishment. “You were right to come to me,” Karamatsu spoke sternly as he laid down a steady rhythm of smacks. “You’ve been needing this for quite some time, haven’t you?”

"Yes," Ichimatsu agreed, raising his rear a bit to give Karamatsu better access. He wanted to kick and squirm and fight just like the others did, but since this wasn't really a punishment he didn't know if resisting would make Karamatsu stop.

Karamatsu pushed Ichi’s back down so his hands touched the floor, making his bottom the highest point. Vulnerability was an important part of a spanking, in his opinion. He wanted to show Ichimatsu that it was okay to give up control sometimes.

His blows came down hard, as they had gradually increased to nearly his full strength. He felt a little guiltier than usual since Ichimatsu hadn’t done anything wrong as far as he knew. But ultimately he punished his brothers to help them, and Ichi admitted he needed that help.

Despite how tough and aloof Ichimatsu acted, his pain tolerance was actually quite a bit lower than the others'. It was easier for Karamatsu to hit his sensitive spots in this position, and as the strength increased it became harder for Ichimatsu to stay still and be quiet. He had planned on making it far enough to be belted or something, but he wasn't as strong as Osomatsu. Tears sprung in his eyes and he whined a bit.

Karamatsu hummed in acknowledgment. Ichi’s rear was a light shade of red, so probably it would be a bit painful by now. “I know it hurts, my little Ichimatsu. But you need to be punished.”

Ichimatsu trembled softly. He knew it would hurt, the main reason he sought this out, but he had probably overestimated how much he could take. His legs kicked a bit.

As he had done with the more reluctant brothers, Karamatsu pinned Ichi’s legs between his own as he continued to spank him. It was a little gratifying if he was honest with himself. Ichimatsu treated him the worst out of all his brothers. Maybe out of jealousy, maybe for attention, but it hurt. As his searing spanks increased in frequency, he found himself feeling a mix of guilt and catharsis.

"Ah—ah!" Ichimatsu couldn't help but become a bit vocal the more it began to burn. Tears stung at his eyes and his breathing was becoming shaky. It was amazing to him how Osomatsu could take this without crying before he even got the belt.

Karamatsu had been considering asking Ichi to fetch an implement, but by this point, he figured it probably wouldn’t be necessary. Poor Ichimatsu was trembling on his lap.

“Are you going to be good from now on?” Karamatsu asked as he slowed his rhythm. “Or are you going to end up back over my knee again?”

As much as it hurt, Ichimatsu did wish Karamatsu would just be rougher with him. The way Karamatsu was so strict with the others gave Ichimatsu a sense of need the way he hadn't felt before.

"...I'll be here again," was his answer.

Maybe Ichimatsu could take more than he let on. “I’m sorry to hear that,” Kara said, stopping to rub the heated skin gently. “In that case, I’d like you to go fetch a spoon from the kitchen, please.”

Ichimatsu pushed himself up as Karamatsu let him, and considered for a moment. There were tears in his eyes but he forced himself to push past them, stepping out of his pants and underwear before he walked to one of the doors—but the one that led to the bedroom, rather than the kitchen.

Ichimatsu didn't even give Karamatsu a glance as he slid it open. He didn't want the spoon. He entered their bedroom quickly and grabbed the implement he had been wanting to be used on him before he returned to the living room, belt in hand.

Karamatsu’s eyebrows raised in surprise. “Very well. If that’s what you think you deserve.” He stood and took the belt from Ichimatsu’s hand. “Go bend over the arm of the sofa.”

Ichimatsu did so. He wondered how shocked and even disgusted the others would be if they knew he was seeking this out on purpose. He also wondered if he was an idiot.

Karamatsu folded the belt in half and placed a firm hand on Ichimatsu’s back. How much of this would Ichi be able to take? How much did he think he deserved?

Karamatsu snapped the belt across Ichi’s bare bottom. It left a light imprint behind for a moment before fading away.

Ichimatsu cried out with the hit and swore a tear or two actually fell. Fuck. He really was just an idiot for seeking this out, but he couldn't help it. He felt like he needed it so terribly bad. He craved this kind of attention from Karamatsu.

Quickly Karamatsu fell into a rhythm, delivering one smack after another. He wasn’t putting much strength into his blows, concerned that the snap of leather on skin might be a little much for Ichimatsu already.

"Harder," Ichimatsu pleaded, although his brain was telling him to say the exact opposite. He needed to cry—he needed to sob, and he didn't want Karamatsu to go easy on him.

Fine, Karamatsu thought, Ichimatsu asked for it hard. He started whipping the belt slower but much harder. “Is this what you need, Ichimatsu? Is this the punishment you deserve?”

Ichimatsu nodded, flinching with every smack as his tears fell freely. Every hit brought a cry from him but he wasn't going to protest because he asked for this. He needed it.

Karamatsu wanted to stop and wrap Ichi in his arms, if the younger would even let him do the latter. But somehow he knew it wasn’t enough yet. He continued whipping his little brother, careful not to hit hard enough to bruise. Ichi forced himself to keep still, but couldn't keep himself from sobbing out.

As Ichimatsu’s tears increased and his body shook, Karamatsu stopped. He gently rubbed the sore red skin. “Do you feel better, Ichimatsu?” he asked softly.

"Don't stop..." Ichimatsu sobbed, although too many more smacks would definitely end in bruises. Karamatsu would unlikely keep going. "I don't care if I—if I bruise. Just fucking hit me."

Karamatsu dropped the belt. There was no way he could continue in good conscience. “No. You’ve had enough.” He rubbed Ichimatsu’s back. “Whatever you’ve done, you’re forgiven now. Would you like a hug?” Karamatsu wasn’t sure if his perpetually grumpy brother would accept affection from him, but he’d never wanted to give it to him more.

That frustrated Ichimatsu. If it were him, he would keep going. He always made Karamatsu's life miserable, why didn't he want to make him miserable, too? Karamatsu was irritating the way he forgave and forgot so easily. Ichimatsu didn't understand it, but he couldn't change it. He pushed himself up and stared at Karamatsu with tears on his face, but his sullen expression hadn't left. "...Whatever."

That was as close to permission as Karamatsu figured he was going to get. He wrapped Ichimatsu into an embrace and spoke softly into his ear. “Please don’t forget that I love you, no matter what.”

"Shut up, Shittymatsu," was Ichimatsu's response, but he didn't pull away from the hug, resting his head on Kara's shoulder instead.

Karamatsu smiled over Ichi’s shoulder and put a hand in his hair to gently scratch his scalp. “Anything you need, I’m always here for you, my dear Ichimatsu.”

Ichimatsu pulled away after a moment, face tinted red both from the pain and embarrassment of the situation. He knelt down to grab his discarded clothes and held them to his chest, sparing Kara a quick glance before he turned to walk towards their bedroom. He had gotten what he wanted, and he didn't need constant affection afterward.

Karamatsu tried not to look too disappointed. He was lucky Ichi had accepted a hug from him at all. Maybe he could wheedle a conversation out of Ichimatsu and find out why he needed this, so he could help him better next time.

Next time.

Chapter Text

Everyone knew that Jyushimatsu could get riled up easily, and although he could be literally bouncing off the walls, his family had gotten pretty used to ignoring how rambunctious he could be. But sometimes it was hard to ignore, like today, as he ran around the house chanting his infamous, "Muscle, muscle! Hustle, hustle!"

Usually, Ichimatsu was good at calming the second-youngest down, but the fourth had gone out a bit earlier and still hadn't come home. Nobody else had the patience or ability.

That was, until there was a loud crash of something shattering on the ground, and Jyushimatsu went silent.

“Jyushimatsu, what was that?” Choromatsu called from the kitchen, where he had been making himself a cup of tea. Frankly, Jyushimatsu’s rambunctiousness had been grating on his nerves for several hours now. Choromatsu was trying to edit his resume and browse job listings, and Jyushi’s shouting and constant movement made it hard to concentrate. He put down his teacup and ran to investigate the ruckus in the living room. Hopefully Jyushi hadn't hurt himself or anything.

Jyushimatsu appeared fine, but he was staring down at a shattered vase on the floor. "Nii-san!" Jyushimatsu exclaimed and turned to look over at his older brother. "I broke it, but it's okay! I'll fix it!" He wouldn't be able to of course, and it seemed like a disaster, imagining Jyushimatsu trying to glue it back together. Choro could picture an even worse mess than what he was staring at right now.

Choromatsu sighed, hands on his hips. He wasn’t really worried about the vase, but this displayed a worrisome lack common sense. “What did we say about running around inside the house, Jyushimatsu?”

"Ah..." Jyushimatsu thought for a moment. His mind was still racing, not all of his energy out of him yet. "Don't?"

Choromatsu pinched the bridge of his nose. “Please get a broom and clean this up, and then we can talk, okay?” He knew Jyushimatsu wasn’t stupid, he just forgot himself in his excitement. But it was unsafe and there would have to be a consequence so things like this wouldn’t continuously happen.

"Yeah!" Jyushimatsu nodded and went to fetch the broom, not very concerned about what Choromatsu meant by "talk." He was used to scoldings, but he hadn't been the receiver of one of Karamatsu's spankings yet, and he wasn't worried about getting one.

Choromatsu sat down on the couch to wait for his little brother. It gave him a chance to cool down his frustration and think about how best to scold Jyushimatsu. He was going to spank him as well, but that alone was no way to communicate.

It took Jyushimatsu several minutes to clean up, but once he finished he bounced into the living room with the same smile on his face that he usually wore. "All done, nii-san!"

“Okay. Come sit down, Jyushimatsu.” Choro said, patting the couch. He hoped Jyushimatsu would take a spanking well. And more importantly, learn from the experience.

Jyushimatsu did as he was told, plopping himself down on the couch cushion next to Choromatsu. He fiddled with his hands, hidden in the oversized sleeves of his hoodie.

“Thank you. Jyushimatsu, do you know why it’s a bad idea to run around in the house?” Choromatsu went on without waiting for a response. “It’s because it’s dangerous. It’s not just breaking things, you could get hurt. So you need to be calm in the house, even if you are very excited, okay?”

The younger nodded. "Yeah. But I'm okay!" His smile was as bright as ever, and he got to his feet quickly to hold his arms out as he spoke. "I'm as good as ever! See!"

Choromatsu was softened by his little brother’s cuteness, but he kept his face and voice stern. “I know you’re okay. But I want you to be careful when you’re inside.” He patted his lap. “So come here, over my lap. You’re going to get a little spanking.”

"...Like Osomatsu-niisan?" Jyushimatsu questioned. "Or like you and Karamatsu-niisan?" Those were the two most recent memories he had of spankings. Neither of them sounded very pleasant.

“Not like Osomatsu-niisan,” Choro assured. “Don’t be scared. Come over my lap now, and we can do it quickly.”

Jyushimatsu was assured when he was told it wouldn't be like Osomatsu's spanking, and he trusted all of his brothers whole-heartedly. Choromatsu wouldn't lie to him, and with that knowledge, he did as he was told.

Choromatsu pulled down Jyushi’s shorts and underwear, calm and businesslike. This wouldn’t be like with Osomatsu where he’d lost his temper. Jyushi didn’t deserve that.

“Okay, Jyushimatsu," he began sternly. “I want you to think about this next time you want to run around in the house.” He laid down the first few smacks on Jyushimatsu’s upturned rear. Not too hard, but strong enough to get his attention.

Jyushimatsu squeaked in surprise with the hits, but his sounds weren't of pain and probably wouldn't be for a while. He was even stronger than Karamatsu, and his pain tolerance was quite high, considering how often he came home with injuries and not a care in the world.

Choromatsu built up a steady rhythm, gradually using more strength in his smacks. The sound was sharp, but he wasn’t too worried about hurting Jyushimatsu. A little sting wouldn’t kill him, and he’d always been tougher than the rest of them anyway.

“Jyushimatsu," he said, “do you understand why you're being punished?”

"'Cause I broke the vase?" Jyushimatsu offered, not feeling much pain yet. It was more uncomfortable, if anything.

“Right, and you broke the vase because you were running around indoors.” Choromatsu lectured easily, his hand peppering Jyushimatsu’s bottom and thighs with sharp slaps. “And by doing that, as we’ve said before, you could hurt yourself or someone else.” He laid several smacks to Jyushimatsu’s sit spots, where he remembered feeling it the most in his own punishment from Karamatsu.

Jyushimatsu let out a small whine. "I don't mean to hurt anyone, nii-san. The broken vase was just an accident." He squirmed with the slaps to his sit-spots. The thought of accidentally hurting his brothers made his heart hurt.

“I know you don’t,” Choromatsu said gently, not letting up in his assault. “But when you’re not careful, bad things can happen.”

Jyushimatsu's mouth was closed for once as he considered Choromatsu's words, feeling a bit guilty now. He didn't want to hurt or upset his brothers, even if it was just on accident. The spanking wasn't hurting too badly, but combined with the scolding it was definitely making him think.

“Okay.” Choromatsu stopped and rubbed Jyushimatsu’s rear like Karamatsu had done for him, though he could tell Jyushimatsu was feeling his punishment much less than he had. “We’re almost done. Please go to the kitchen and get me a wooden spoon.”

Jyushimatsu remembered Choromatsu after he Karamatsu had made him get the spoon. It was obvious Choromatsu had been crying when he entered the living room again, and Jyushimatsu wondered if that would be him, too. Still, he didn't want to say no (knowing what that got Osomatsu) and stood to go fetch the spoon, leaving his pants and underwear discarded by the couch.

Choromatsu waited patiently on the couch. He noted that Jyushimatsu’s bottom was quite pink as he walked out, but he obviously wasn’t feeling much yet. Not that it should be horribly painful, but Choromatsu wanted to leave an impression on his forgetful little brother. He was impressed by how obedient Jyushi was being.

Jyushimatsu returned quickly with the spoon in his hand. He was still acting positive like his normal self, but his mouth was closed and his eyes were a little more focused than usual. "Is this it, nii-san?" he asked, holding up the spoon he had seen Choromatsu carry in front of them. Maybe it was the Spanking Spoon now.

“Yes, that’s fine,” Choromatsu said. “Get back over my lap. You’ve been taking this very well, Jyushimatsu.”

Jyushimatsu beamed a bit at the praise and climbed back over Choromatsu's lap. "Am I almost done?"

Chormatsu tapped the spoon firmly, aiming his first strike. “Yes, Jyushimatsu, we’re almost done.” He began smacking, alternating sides and starting off slow. “I just want to make sure you understand that it’s important to be safe indoors. And if somebody were to get injured, it could hurt a lot more than this.”

Jyushimatsu squirmed and kicked one of his feet, not expecting the hit of the spoon to be so much sharper than Choromatsu's hand. He was really trying to listen to his older brother the best he could and took the words to heart.

Choromatsu continued smacking sharply, trying his best not to hit the same spot twice. “I know you don’t want to hurt anyone or break things. So this is just to help you remember.”

The pain wasn't enough to bring him to tears, nor was the scolding, but it was enough to keep him occasionally wiggling his bottom and squirming out of discomfort. If he had actually managed to hurt someone, Jyushimatsu would be feeling much, much worse.

Choromatsu stopped spanking after a few more swats. He didn’t expect Jyushimatsu to cry, and he didn’t really want to see him cry anyway. He hadn’t intended this punishment to be terribly severe, just a little reminder for Jyushimatsu. And with his bottom a bright red, Choromatsu figured he’d learned well enough. “Okay,” Choro said, rubbing Jyushi’s back. “We’re done. You were very good.”

"I'm done?" Jyushimatsu asked, hoodie sleeve up to his mouth. "You're not mad at me anymore?" He was glad to hear he was good.

“No, I’m not mad at you,” Choromatsu assured. “You took your punishment very well. Please don’t do it again, alright?”

Jyushimatsu pushed himself up to be on his knees, on top of the couch cushion next to Choromatsu. He wrapped his arms around his older brother with a bright smile. "Okay! I'll be careful in the house!"

Choromatsu hugged him back. Comfort was important after a spanking, he’d learned that form Karamatsu. Even if Jyushimatsu seemed alright, aftercare was always necessary. “Thank you. I’m glad to hear it. I love you very much, Jyushimatsu.”

"I love you too, nii-san!" Jyushimatsu squeezed Choromatsu tightly. "And it's okay if it hurts a little! Totty bought lotion after Karamatsu-niisan spanked him. He asked me to put it on him. His butt was really red!" That was information Todomatsu probably wouldn't want Choromatsu knowing, but Jyushimatsu didn't have much of a filter.

“Oh. Okay.” Choromatsu didn’t know what to do with this information. “Uh, I can put it on you, if you want.”

"Okay! I'll go get it." Jyushimatsu hopped off the couch, still entirely pantsless, and made his way to the bathroom where he knew Totty had put the bottle. He came back with the lotion in his hand and handed it to Choro.

Choromatsu hadn’t actually expected to be taken up on that offer, but he didn’t mind doing it at all. He patted his lap to invite Jyushimatu to lie down again.

Jyushimatsu settled back down over Choromatsu's legs, his head turned to look over his shoulder to watch. Todomatsu had said it was cold but made the pain much easier to handle.

Choromatsu squeezed some lotion out into his hand and gently rubbed it into Jyushimatsu’s reddened skin. Despite Jyushi’s rambunctiousness and unpredictability, he was a good brother. He had been obedient and trusting, and Choromatsu thought he deserved extra care after his punishment. He would have done the same for Osomatsu, probably, had there not been so much lingering tension between them.

"Ah! Cold!" Jyushimatsu squealed, but it did feel good against his warm skin.

“You were very good, Jyushimatsu.” Choro said as he rubbed soothing circles. “You just needed a little reminder to be careful, I think.”

Choromatsu's rubbing was nice. Jyushimatsu's head was buried in his arms, happily accepting the care that his nii-san was giving him. "I'll be more careful! Promise!"

Chapter Text

Todomatsu was known in the Matsuno household for being glued to his phone, but some things he had been doing with his phone lately were definitely suspicious. He would hide his screen when one of the brothers leaned a little too close, and occasionally he'd leave the room suddenly after typing, most of the time with a blush on his face. Sometimes packages arrived at their house addressed to Totty, and Todomatsu would never show them what was inside. It was all just unusual, and currently, Todomatsu was sitting on the edge of their couch typing away on his phone. Most of the others had left the house: Jyushi was at baseball practice, Ichimatsu was with the cats, and Osomatsu was out at pachinko. That only left Choromatsu, reading his manga quietly on the floor, Karamatsu, and Todomatsu himself.

Karamatsu entered the living room holding yet another mysterious package addressed to the youngest brother. “Todomatsu,” he began, “it seems there’s another package here for you. Did you order something online?”

Todomatsu glanced up from his screen and stood up a bit too quickly, walking over with a nod. "Yeah, it's mine. Thanks." He reached out to take it a bit anxiously. He was usually the one to get to the packages first.

“No trouble at all!” Karamatsu said dramatically. From the floor, Choromatsu looked up from his manga curiously.

“Hey, Totty, what’s in the package? You’ve been getting them a lot lately.”

"Nothing important," Todomatsu replied, taking the package from Karamatsu's hands. It was nothing he wanted his brothers to see, anyway. He tried to talk smoothly and not sound suspicious.

Karamatsu scratched his chin. “I must admit, I’ve been curious about your recent behavior as well. It’s not just the extra mail, you’ve been acting strange.” He placed a hand on Todomatsu’s shoulder. “Is everything alright?”

"Strange?" Todomatsu questioned, giving Karamatsu a weird look. "I'm not acting strange." This situation was starting to make him uncomfortable and he wanted to retreat. He was supposed to send pictures when he got the package, anyway. "I have to go open this, so..." He turned to leave.

Choromatsu sat up. “Hey, no, you’re leaving again. Now that you mention it, Karamatsu-niisan, he does walk out of rooms suddenly and then comes right back. Totty, what’s up with that?”

"Why does it matter?" Todomatsu was starting to get nervous, clutching his package to his chest. "It's none of your business what I do."

Karamatsu lowered his sunglasses to examine Totty with concern. “Of course it is our business, you are our precious youngest brother. We are always looking out for you, and if you were to find yourself in a bad situation, we would be here to help you. Is someone blackmailing you?”

Todomatsu shook his head, letting out a little huff of frustration. "Of course not! Just because I'm younger doesn't mean you two have to be in my business. I'm fine."

“Then tell us what’s in the package.” Choromatsu prodded. His curiosity was piqued now, and Totty’s caginess was just making him want to know more.

"Why do I have to tell you?" Todomatsu snapped, becoming increasingly anxious with his older brothers' prodding. "Can't you two leave me alone?" He knew he was being suspicious now and he was becoming frustrated at himself for not being able to keep his cool. But it was difficult when two of his most annoying brothers wouldn't leave him be!

Karamatsu’s concern only grew as Totty became more agitated. “Todomatsu," he said seriously. “What’s going on? You’re worrying me.”

"I said nothing." Todomatsu huffed again. "I don't have to stay and deal with this. I'm leaving." He shrugged Karamatsu's hand off his shoulder and pushed past him to walk towards their bedroom. Maybe if he just walked away they'd leave him alone.

Choromatsu was willing to let it go there and return to his manga. Maybe, he figured, he’d find out later when one of the others stumbled upon whatever salacious contraband Totty ordered online. Karamatsu however, was now very worried about his youngest brother. After a moment's hesitation, he followed Totty into the bedroom.

Todomatsu was quick to enter, hoping to finally get some alone time as he pried open the package and glanced at its contents. An envelope that contained the yen he had been promised, along with a new toy and a pair of panties to match. And of course, the sender left a note: enjoy your presents. send some cute pictures to earn your allowance for next week. Totty hummed in satisfaction.

But when Todomatsu heard the door slide open behind him, he shoved the contents back in and closed the box quickly, heart pounding in his chest. "What do you want, Karamatsu-niisan?!" he snapped.

“Calm down,” Karamatsu said, holding out his hands. “Your behavior is troubling. I’m worried you may be involved in something dangerous.” He paused, brows furrowed. “I don’t mean to overstep my boundaries, I know you deserve privacy. But for my own peace of mind, please tell me what’s going on with you.”

Todomatsu couldn't. He knew Karamatsu would freak out if he knew what Totty was doing with a literal stranger off the internet. But Karamatsu shouldn't even have to know—it was none of his business; Todomatsu was an adult who should be able to receive packages without being questioned! "I'm not doing anything 'dangerous.' It's seriously none of your business! I shouldn't have to be coddled by my overprotective nii-san!"

“Todomatsu.” Kara was stern, arms crossed. “You are being unreasonable. Can you not see how your recent behavior would be concerning?” Karamatsu considered himself a patient man, but Totty’s bratty tantrums always wore on him.

"No? Why does it matter what I order?" Todomatsu spoke as if he didn't see Karamatsu's point, but he knew he hadn't been as careful as he should've been. He knew his actions had been suspicious, and especially right now he knew he wasn't going to get out of this. But like hell he was going to go through this without a fight.

His frustration mounting, Karamatsu finally just reached out and grabbed the package from Totty’s hands. He tore off the lid and stared at the contents for a moment as the meaning of the enclosed letter washed over him. “...’Allowance’? Totty, have you been forced into something?”

Todomatsu's face immediately became red as he stood and tried to snatch the package back from Karamatsu. "What the hell is wrong with you? Give it back!"

Karamatsu looked up at his little brother. “Did you seek this out, Todomatsu? Are you...objectifying yourself for money? I would lend you money if you need it, you know that.”

Todomatsu yanked the package back from Karamatsu's hands roughly, completely flustered now that Karamatsu had figured it out. "Is it any of your fucking concern what I do?" His tone was harsh, but there was an obvious anxious undertone to his voice. "You're so annoying, why can't you leave me alone?!"

Karamatsu’s eyes narrowed. He grabbed Todomatsu’s wrist. “You’re selling photos of yourself to someone—is it even someone you know?—who has our address, and you think that’s none of my concern?”

Todomatsu desperately tried to break his hand free from Karamatsu's grip, knots twisting painfully in his stomach. "It's not! I'm an adult, I can do what I want, alright? Let go of me!"

Karamatsu wrapped his arms around his little brother. “Totty, you don’t understand," he said quietly. “If anything happened to you, I would never forgive myself.”

Todomatsu went silent in surprise for a moment, but his frustration quickly came back just as strong as he pushed his older brother away. "Nothing's going to happen to me, I'm not stupid!" He said that, but it was obvious that his judgment was at least a little impaired. "Now can you just leave me alone for once?!"

Karamatsu was silent for a moment, and then he answered, “No.” He took Totty’s wrist once again and began pulling him over to the chair across the room.

Todomatsu's eyes widened and he pulled harsher against Karamatsu's grip. "No! What's wrong with you?" After a few more moments of struggling and knowing he wouldn't be able to get free, he sat himself down on the floor and glared up at Karamatsu defiantly, his wrist still in the older's hold.

“What’s wrong with me?” Karamatsu’s eyes were wide with indignation. “Do you know how dangerous it is to do what you’re doing? This man, whoever he is, could come here and find you!”

Karamatsu sat in the chair, yanking Totty back onto his feet and hauling him over his lap. “I care about you so much, Todomatsu. I don’t need to tell you you’re in serious trouble.”

"Who cares? I'm not the first person to sell pictures for money, you know, it's fine!" Todomatsu insisted, giving his legs some fruitless kicks. "I'm not some stupid kid, I know what I'm doing!" The man Totty was selling to paid extraordinarily well, and Todomatsu couldn't see a reason to why he shouldn't continue what he was doing. Sure, Totty had no idea about the man's age, or even what he looked like, but his money was enough. Karamatsu couldn't give him enough money to replace what he was earning. "I shouldn't be in any 'trouble'! You take every opportunity to spank us, it sounds like you're the pervert!"

“That’s not what I meant,” Karamatsu said, swiftly pulling down Totty’s pants and underwear. “I mean you’re in trouble because you’ve put yourself in a bad situation.” He began bringing his hand down steadily, firm but not too heavy. “Because a complete stranger, someone you know nothing about, has photos of you and the address of our family’s home.”

He chose to ignore Totty calling him a pervert, chalking it up to his anger at the moment. Obviously, he wasn’t doing this for any sexual reason, and surely Totty knew that.

“Did you even consider what kind of people are out there, Todomatsu? There are rapists, murderers! Or, this man could just be the type to sell your photos to someone else without your permission.”

Todomatsu was trying to ignore Karamatsu's scolding, kicking his feet and throwing a hand back to protect his ass. Kara was completely right, but Todomatsu still didn't want to admit to it. "Doesn't matter to me," he replied to the last part. "My photos are cute, people would be lucky to see them." Of course, he didn't really want his pictures to circulate around with strangers without him knowing, and if any of his brothers—or, more worryingly, his parents—ever found those photos Todomatsu was sure he would probably die.

Karamatsu pinned Totty’s reaching arm to his back as he continued to lay down one slap after another, gradually increasing in force. “Really? Anyone? How many strangers out there have photos of you? What makes you trust them not to spread your face everywhere?”

Todomatsu whined a bit at the slaps and squirmed on Karamatsu's lap. "I don't know!" He really didn't know how many people out there had his photos now, and the only reason he even considered the idea of selling his photos was because the man had offered so much money. Besides, he got a lot of compliments, too, and gifts... "Why should you care, anyway? Because people will think it's you?"

Karamatsu sighed, pausing his assault. “Have you been listening at all? It’s because I care about you. Because I don’t want you to get hurt. Is that so hard to believe?”

"No," Todomatsu snapped in reply, turning his head over his shoulder to give Karamatsu a nasty glare. "I know you care. I just don't care what you have to say to me."

Karamatsu resumed spanking, his hand coming down sharply all over Totty’s bottom and thighs. He didn’t respond verbally for the time being. What could he say to that? It might be true right now, but when Totty calmed down a little he would be more reasonable.

Todomatsu went back to squirming, mumbling rather harsh insults towards his spanker under his breath as he kicked his legs. He wondered in the back of his mind if the man who had sent him the package knew it had been delivered... Totty was supposed to send pictures as soon as possible.

Finally, Karamatsu spoke again, steadily increasing his pace. “I want you to stop this, Todomatsu. It’s not a moral issue. If you wanted to have one of those camera streams on a safe website, that would be fine. It’s a matter of safety. This stranger has your address, and I assume, your phone number. Did you even consider how unsafe that is?”

"It's my decision!" Todomatsu insisted, the heat of the smacks starting to get to him and making him grimace in pain. "You can't control what I do!"

“I have no desire to control you. You are free to make choices. But when your choices put you and the rest of our family in danger, I will step in.” Karamatsu said, smacking Totty’s sit-spots with his hand flat like a paddle.

Surely Todomatsu wasn't in too much trouble. He wasn't in so deep that he would get punished as badly as Osomatsu, right? Choromatsu was still in the house, but Totty had hopes that he wouldn't get involved. "Okay! Okay, whatever, I get it, alright?" He kicked his legs once more with the smacks to his sensitive spots, the pain making him wiggle and whine.

“No, I don’t think you do,” Karamatsu said. “I think you think I’m overreacting, and I don’t know how to make you understand how serious this is. Especially when you’ve just said you don’t care what I say.” Towards the end of his sentence, his smacks get a bit harsher. He’s honestly frustrated with Todomatsu.

"Well, because you are overreacting!" Todomatsu yelped at the harsher spanks, his hand twisting in Karamatsu's grip trying to get free. He was equally frustrated with Karamatsu for having the nerve to spank him over this. "It's not that serious!"

“I don’t know how else to say this,” Karamatsu spoke wearily, stopping to rub Totty’s warm rear. “The person who sent you that package could, if he wanted, come here and find you. And since you don’t know them, that could mean anything. Maybe he wants to take you on a date. Maybe he wants to kill you and throw your body in a dumpster. It’s a foolish risk to take. Do you understand that?”

Todomatsu chose not to answer. He knew that Karamatsu was right, even though he really, really didn't want him to be right. Todomatsu had jumped at this opportunity because he had been promised money. He didn't even stop to think twice about giving the stranger his number and address. And what if the man really did show up? What if something happened to their brothers? Todomatsu remained silent, glaring down at the floor with frustration. Frustration at both Karamatsu and himself.

Considering his little brother warmed up enough, Karamatsu spoke. “Go to the kitchen and get a spoon, please.” He gave Totty one last slap to spur him into action.

Todomatsu flinched. He didn't want to go through the living room and see Choromatsu sitting there. He'd probably be questioned, and he definitely didn't want to have to tell Choro why he was getting his ass reddened. Choromatsu would probably be just as mad to know what Totty had been doing.

"Nii-san, your hand is fine!" Todomatsu whined. "I can feel it just fine, it hurts! And Choromatsu's out there!"

“If you’d rather,” Karamatsu said, applying a few sharp slaps, “we can go to the kitchen together and continue this discussion there.”

"This isn't a discussion!" Todomatsu snapped. "This is you beating me and embarrassing me because you have some weird power complex!"

Karamatsu stopped. “I’m not beating you, and it’s not about power. Is it so hard to understand that I care if you and our other brothers live or die? What you’ve done is extremely irresponsible, and since you don’t care what I say, this is clearly the only way to make you understand.”

"I didn't mean it when I said I didn't care about what you said," Totty replied, voice a bit quieter. "I'm just mad."

“I’m angry too,” Karamatsu replied. “I’m upset that you value your own safety so little. Or maybe you just weren’t thinking. But either way, I want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.” He pats Totty’s rear firmly. “So go get the spoon, and we can get this over with.”

Todomatsu shook his head again, tears beginning to spring at his eyes as he let out a dry sob. "Don't make me get it. It already hurts!" He was probably being unreasonable again, but the thought of walking through the living room to get something that would make his rear hurt a lot more was unbearable.

Karamatsu felt a little bad. He loved Totty dearly and it was already difficult to hurt him in any way. But Totty had scared him. He hated to imagine someone taking advantage of his youngest brother.

“I’m sorry, Todomatsu, but I must insist.”

"Then you go get it! I'm not walking out there where Choromatsu-niisan is gonna see me just to get something that you're gonna hit me with!"

Karamatsu’s patience was being tested. “I doubt Choromatsu will care, he’s done the same thing before. If you are so against it, you can go to the closet and get a belt.”

There was no way Todomatsu was going to do that. He pushed himself off of Karamatsu's lap roughly and pulled his pants up as he walked to the door, sliding it open and slamming it back shut a bit too roughly. It was obvious he wasn't happy and it was evident in his sour attitude.

Choromatsu looked up from his manga, startled by the loud noise. Were they still arguing in there?

Todomatsu's face was flushed in frustration as he walked into the living room. Surely Choromatsu had overheard what was happening and would question him about it.

Sure enough, Choromatsu spoke up as he saw Totty enter the room. “So what was in the box?”

"Why do you need to know?" Todomatsu still had a bit of wetness on the corners of his eyes and his face was bright pink; obviously, he had just been through something unpleasant.

Choromatsu examined his youngest brother for a moment and decided not to push the matter. He could deduce that whatever had arrived in the mail, Todomatsu was being punished for it.

Todomatsu went to the kitchen and retrieved the spoon, taking his time. He was bitter about Karamatsu's treatment and wasn't going to make it any easier for Kara to punish him.

He set the spoon down on the counter and pulled his phone out of his hoodie pocket, checking to see if the man had sent him any more messages; which, sure enough, he had.

The package was supposed to arrive today. Do you have it yet, sweetheart?

Todomatsu sighed. don't have it yet. maybe the mail is just late today. ill send pics when i can

He shoved the phone in his pocket before picking the spoon up again and walking back towards the bedroom. Karamatsu could whip him like a toddler all he wanted, but he couldn't do anything about what Totty wanted to do on his phone.

In the bedroom, Karamatsu was growing impatient. He understood that Totty didn’t want to be punished, so he might be moving slowly in reluctance, but several minutes had passed. He considered going to fetch him but decided to wait a few more minutes.

Todomatsu walked past Choromatsu with the spoon in hand, obvious displeasure on his face. Choromatsu had done the same thing before, but it didn't make it any less embarrassing. He gave his phone a quick check (no reply) before he slid open the bedroom door.

Karamatsu didn’t say anything about how long Totty took to retrieve the spoon, but merely beckoned him over. “Come on, Todomatsu, let’s finish this quickly.”

With a sigh, Todomatsu handed the spoon to his older brother. "Please just make it quick." He didn't plan on taking this lesson to heart. Really, he wouldn't talk to any new strangers, but he still had a deal with the current man. What was the harm?

Karamatsu nodded and guided Totty back over his lap before baring his backside once again. He tapped the spoon firmly, aiming his strike, and then brought it down sharply.

“Todomatsu, you need to end this business. The sooner the better.”

"Okay," Todomatsu spoke, flinching with the smack, although his tone didn't sound very sincere. He really didn't think continuing it with this one person was such a bad thing.

“I’m serious,” Karamatsu said as he began to build a rhythm. “I want you to stop communicating with that person, and any other strangers you are doing business with. I can’t control you, and I don’t intend to. But I can hold you accountable for your actions. I just want you to be safe.”

Todomatsu was beginning the feel the burn again and squirmed a bit on Karamatsu's lap. "Well, what difference is it gonna make if he already knows my info? All that's gonna change is I won't get money anymore!"

“You can earn money in other ways,” Karamatsu said patiently, continuing to smack the spoon steadily on Totty’s rear, watching it gradually turn a darker red. “You can find an occupation that doesn’t involve sexual correspondence with strangers. You’re smart and resourceful, surely you could think of something.”

Todomatsu didn't want to find another occupation. This was something he was good at—at least the man who saw his photos told him so. He gave Totty plenty of compliments and it boosted his self-confidence a ton. He shook his head and resolved to himself that he wasn't going to listen to Karamatsu, he was going to take the photos he had promised the man because Karamatsu couldn't stop him. "Okay," he replied smoothly, gritting his teeth through the pain. All he had to do was get through this.

Karamatsu paused. “I’m doing this because I love you, and you won’t listen to me otherwise. I don’t know how else to get through to you. But this kind of ‘work’ is dangerous and could get you seriously hurt.” Or killed is left unsaid. Karamatsu doesn’t even want to imagine that right now.

Todomatsu prepared to reply, but the ringtone of his phone went off and cut off anything he was about to say. Totty knew it was his customer by the ringtone; he set different tones for each of his contacts.

Karamatsu raised an eyebrow. “Someone’s calling you? Would you like to get that?”

Todomatsu didn't know what he should do. The stranger usually got a bit angry with him if he didn't pick up his calls or answer his texts... "Um." He took the phone from his pocket and tried to hide the screen so it didn't obviously say Daddy right where Karamatsu could see it. "I'll be quick, can I..."

“Of course you can answer it. I’ll wait.” Karamatsu said, making no move to let Totty out of his grip.

Todomatsu pressed the button to answer it before he tried to push himself up—and finding that Karamatsu wasn't planning on letting him go, he tried not to sound panicked when he spoke. "Hello? Y-yeah, um, can I call you back? I'm—yes, I'm doing what you asked me to... I got it."

Karamatsu looked over with interest. “Is it your customer on the phone?” He tapped the spoon on Totty’s thighs to get his attention.

Todomatsu tried to ignore Karamatsu. "I'll send them soon, okay? I just have to make sure they're good. Okay. Yeah. Ah... I... love you too. Bye. Um." Damn this man and his requests. "Bye, daddy." The last two parts were said quieter, as if Totty believed Karamatsu maybe wouldn't be able to hear them. With a red face, he hung up the phone.

“No. No, give me your phone.” Karamatsu said, snatching it from his youngest brother’s hand. He navigated to the recent calls and put the phone to his ear as it dialed Totty’s customer back.

"What are you doing?!" Todomatsu whipped his head around to stare at Karamatsu in horror. Karamatsu wasn't seriously going to talk to him, was he?! Was he out of his mind?

“Hello. No, this is his older brother. I’m calling to tell you to leave my brother alone.” Karamatsu’s voice had taken on a dark, dangerous tone rarely heard by any of his brothers. “Do not solicit further photographs from him. Do not contact my family again. Am I making myself clear? ...Thank you.” He pressed the ‘end’ button and tossed the cell phone to the carpet.

Todomatsu was pretty sure that didn't really happen. Karamatsu couldn't have really just done that. He stared at the phone on the floor helplessly, in absolute shock that his older brother had really just done that. "Are you crazy?" Todomatsu finally snapped, his voice almost cracking on the last word. "I didn't say you could do that! You didn't have the right to do that!"

Karamatsu didn’t speak for a moment, just looked at Totty with that dangerous edge still in his eyes. He tapped the spoon on Totty’s bottom again, hard. “You haven’t been listening to me at all.”

Todomatsu wouldn't admit it, but his older brother's stern look was making him genuinely nervous. "I have been listening!"

Karamatsu resumed spanking properly with the spoon, though at a faster pace than before. “I thought you were beginning to understand. I’m so disappointed, Todomatsu.”

That felt like a punch to the gut. What was Todomatsu supposed to do? Did Karamatsu really expect him to end it on the phone right then and there? It was more complicated than that! "What are you talking about?" Todomatsu whined, his bottom squirming as Karamatsu's spanks came down fast and hard. "I'm trying!"

“Okay.” Karamatsu slowed down considerably, the closest thing to a break he was willing to allow at the moment. He was still, as always, giving Totty the benefit of the doubt. “Tell me how you’re trying.”

Todomatsu didn't know how to answer at first—he hadn't expected Karamatsu to ask him that. And the truth of the matter was that he wasn't really trying, but he didn't have much of a choice but to listen now that Kara had made that call. "I'm... I'm trying to listen, now, okay?"

“I’m glad to hear that,” Karamatsu said, increasing the speed of his slaps once more. The sound of wood clapping on skin filled the room. He was careful not to hit too hard, despite his frustration. He wanted Totty to remember this experience and not repeat his mistake but didn’t want to leave him with bruises. The youngest’s rear was starting to look quite red.

Soon enough Todomatsu was wiggling and whining again, his tears once more beginning to form in his eyes. Karamatsu knew how to hit in the spots that made it sting like a bitch and left it difficult to sit. "Nii-san! Ow!"

“I know it hurts,” Karamatsu said. “But it would hurt me so much worse if something were to happen to you. If someone were to take advantage of you or take you away from me.”

Something about Karamatsu's wording made Todomatsu's tears start to fall, and he let out a small sob. Karamatsu had always been protective, and although Todomatsu had often found it annoying, the thought of being taken away or hurt was really hard to imagine. Maybe he was just now seeing it because he didn't have the power to ignore Karamatsu and go back to talking to the man again. Kara had just ended it.

Karamatsu wondered if his little brother was finally starting to understand where he was coming from, or if the tears were just because his bottom was turning a brighter and brighter red. Either way, he felt the need to reiterate, “I love you, Todomatsu.”

"I know," Todomatsu choked out, free hand gripping onto Karamatsu's pants leg tightly. He tried to imagine how much Karamatsu's heart would break if he ended up with a stranger away from home. He was Kara's youngest, his baby brother. He couldn't do that to Kara.

Finally, Karamatsu stopped spanking and dropped the spoon to the floor. He rubbed Totty’s red backside gently. “Alright.” He said softly. “It’s over.”

Todomatsu broke out crying freely, not even sure if he was crying because of the pain or because he was mad at himself for being such a goddamn idiot. Probably both. It hurt like a bitch, and he was frustrated at himself for being such a bitch when Karamatsu was just trying to help him. Maybe he was just a spoiled brat, and he deserved to get treated like one.

Karamatsu rubbed Totty’s back soothingly. “It’s alright, cry as much as you need. You can get up now.”

Todomatsu pushed himself up after a moment, his shoulders trembling with his sobs as he wobbled on his feet, having to grab onto Karamatsu's shoulders for balance.

Karamatsu’s heart ached for his little brother. He held his arms open, eager to wrap Totty in his arms and hold him close. “Ah, come here, Todomatsu.”

Totty wrapped his arms around Karamatsu's neck, sobbing gently into the elder's shoulder. "I'm s-sorry..."

Karamatsu pulled Totty into his lap, careful to keep pressure off his backside. “Shh. It’s okay. I love you so much, and I always will.”

"A-are you gonna tell everyone about... what I did?" Todomatsu asked nervously, wiping at his eyes, trying to get rid of the tears that wouldn't stop falling.

“Not if you don’t want me to,” Karamatsu assured, his hand gentle in Todomatsu’s hair. “We can keep it between us, but you have to promise me you won’t do that again.”

Todomatsu nodded. He was sure the others might freak out, especially Choromatsu, being as responsible as he was. "I won't, nii-san."

“Thank you.” Karamatsu kissed Totty on the cheek. “Would you like some tea?”

"Yes, please." Totty blushed slightly with the kiss. "Can you carry me?"

“Of course, my brother,” Karamatsu said, standing up with Totty still in his arms. He grinned and tossed his hair a little. “Heh. For you, dear Todomatsu, I would do anything.”

Todomatsu almost regretted his decision with the hair flip. It was incredible how Karamatsu could go from terrifying to despicable in seconds.

Karamatsu kissed his little brother once again. “Let me soothe you, my sweet brother. Anything I can do to make you smile again.”

"Um... I have lotion, in the bathroom..." Todomatsu wasn't going to admit he bought it because of the spankings, but technically he did.

“Of course. If you go get it, I’d be happy to apply it for you.” Karamatsu knew Totty needed to be punished for his behavior, to understand its severity for his own safety, but he still felt guilty seeing tears in those eyes.

Todomatsu nodded and wiggled a bit for Karamatsu to set him down, making his way to the bathroom. He found it by the sink, but in a different place than where he had left it—strange, but he didn't feel the need to question who had used it last. He grabbed it quickly and walked back out to where Karamatsu was.

Karamatsu smiled warmly. He always wanted to coddle his brothers after punishing them, to make sure they knew they were loved.

Todomatsu handed the bottle to Kara. After taking it, Kara gently guided Totty back over his lap and squeezed some of the fruity lotion onto his hand. As he rubbed it into the red hot skin, he said, “I’m sorry if I seem controlling. I just want you to be safe.”

Todomatsu hissed with the cold contact, whining a bit on Karamatsu's lap. It did feel good on his sore skin, though. "I-I know, nii-san..."

With nothing more to say, Karamatsu hummed a tune quietly as he gently rubbed lotion on his youngest brother.

Karamatsu's gentle hands rubbing into his sore flesh definitely felt nice, and Todomatsu let himself relax with a soft sigh. "After the tea can you run me a bubble bath, nii-san?" Totty asked, pretty sure he still had some bubbles leftover.

“Of course,” Karamatsu agreed easily. He loved giving his brothers attention, and he’d do it more if they’d let him.

Todomatsu secretly hoped that Karamatsu would stay in there with him and wash his hair, maybe give his shoulders a massage. Karamatsu was good at pampering, and Totty was never one to reject that kind of treatment.

Chapter Text

Osomatsu knew he was lazy, having spent over twenty years of his life as a dependent. All of the Matsuno brothers were at least a little negligent; they didn't even cook their own food or do their own laundry, after all. Why should they, when their mom was willing to do it for them? Osomatsu felt this probably the strongest; he liked being a NEET, he liked being dependent, and he definitely liked not having to work. So when he accidentally made a bit of a mess in the living room, he left it alone. It didn't bother him, and if it bothered anyone else then they could be the one to deal with it.

As it happened, Choromatsu was the first to arrive home. He took off his shoes at the door and walked into the living room. “Tadaima...” he greeted, before freezing in his spot.

He took in the various things strewn about the room. Empty cups, plates, random trash. Discarded socks? And Osomatsu the only person in the room. Could one person really have done this? “...What the hell happened in here?”

"Okaeri," came Osomatsu's reply, not sounding too enthusiastic. He turned to look at Choromatsu, then gave the mess a bit of consideration. He didn't see the problem. "...What? I guess I got a little bored. But mom will clean it up, it's fine."

Choromatsu rolled his eyes. “Mom has better things to do than clean up after you, nii-san. And I’m not going to do it either. You should clean it up yourself.”

"I'm too tired," Osomatsu whined over-dramatically, rolling over on the couch so he didn't have to face Choromatsu anymore. "'sides, it doesn't bother me. Why should I clean it up? Either you do it or mom will."

“You can’t expect other people to clean up after you all the time,” Choromatsu lectured. “And you’re really spoiled if you still expect mom to clean up after you. You know she’s still supporting us, right?”

Osomatsu rolled his eyes. "Stop lecturing me, Fappy. Maybe I am spoiled, but it's not like you're any better than me. What's wrong with wanting mom to clean up after us? It's her job, isn't it? She's a mom."

“It’s not even her job to support us at this age!” Choromatsu said, exasperated. “You’re as childish as ever, nii-san.”

"Well you just said she was still supporting us, so she can support us by cleaning up after us. What's wrong with that? If it's such a big deal to you, clean it up yourself, sheesh!" It was easy to get fed up with Choro's pointless lecturing, and Oso just wanted to take a nap.

Choromatsu left the room without another word. It had been a while since Osomatsu’s last spanking, but it seemed to be time for another one. The third eldest went upstairs and retrieved the flat wooden hairbrush.

Osomatsu watched him go with an internal sigh of relief. Of course, he had been expecting some kind of lecture from Choromatsu, so he had hoped that maybe one of his other brothers would've come home first. Karamatsu would've cleaned it up without being a pain.

Choromatsu returned to the living room and placed the hairbrush on the kotatsu. “Last chance,” he said sternly. “Be an adult and clean up your mess instead of burdening our mother.”

Oso stared at Choromatsu in disbelief. "Are you serious? You're threatening to spank me if I don't?" His surprise turned into anger quickly enough, and he turned to his side to face away from Choromatsu again. "I'm tired. I'm not listening to your shit today."

Choromatsu sighed. “Fine,” he said. He wasn’t quite as strong as Osomatsu, but he was able to lift the eldest’s legs and wrestle himself in, so Osomatsu was effectively draped over his lap.

Osomatsu let out a huff of frustration, squirming as hard as possible to see if maybe he could roll himself onto his back and get himself out from there. When that didn't work he kicked his legs backward in an attempt to nail Choro in the face with his foot.

Choro was able to dodge and fixed his older brother with a furious glare. He pinned Osomatu’s legs between his own and yanked down the eldest’s pants and underwear in one swift motion. “I don’t know why you’re acting like this, I did warn you. You had a choice, nii-san.”

Osomatsu's hand went behind him to try and pull his pants back up. He never made any of this easy. "How about a third option?"

“No.” Choromatsu pinned the reaching hand to Osomatsu’s back before he began to smack Oso's bare bottom with a flat palm. He wasn’t as strong as Karamatsu, but his slaps were still sharp, and he didn’t start as soft.

Osomatsu hated getting spankings from Choromatsu for the fact he didn't warm him up, nor he did he do any kind of pampering after. So Osomatsu didn't see any reason to sit still and take it—he wiggled his torso, whined, and spat out insults mainly containing the word fappy.

The insults, of course, only made Choromatsu increase his speed. It was a vicious cycle in the making. “Our mom isn’t a maid, you know. It’s pretty disrespectful of you to expect her to clean up after you.”

"Well tell that to the others, then! I'm not the only one who depends on mom!" Osomatsu snapped.

“The others don’t make messes like this and then expect mom to clean it up,” Choromatsu said calmly. “The rest of us recognize that we’re already freeloading NEETs eating food off the table, and try not to be a further burden on our parents.”

He may not have given much of a warm-up, but Choromatsu could hit quite a bit harder, and he increased his harshness in response to Osomatsu’s continued backtalk. He was very thorough, smacking all over Osomatsu’s bottom, his sit spots, and his upper thighs.

Osomatsu desperately tried to free himself even though it was useless. It stung and it burned, even as he tried to relax and take the pain. It was impossible! Choromatsu wasn't as strong as Karamatsu, but since he leveled on all his smacks harshly from the beginning it was easier to get overwhelmed. "Okay! Jeez! I get it!" He didn't, not really. There wasn't much of a reason to give a shit about what Choromatsu was saying.

Seeing Osomatsu’s visible discomfort, Choro let up considerably. He realized in his frustration, he’d started too hard too early. He tried to calm his temper and envisioned himself as the steady and stern disciplinarian Karamatsu had been.

But at the same time, he was pretty sure Osomatsu didn’t get it. So he didn’t stop completely when he asked, “Alright then, Osomatsu-niisan, are you ready to clean up your mess?”

Of course Choromatsu was going to make him clean it up. How humiliating to be forced to do that after getting spanked. Ugh. "I'd be delighted to," Osomatsu answered, sounding a bit mocking and not very sincere.

“Try some sincerity next time,” Choromatsu said flatly, gradually ramping up again. Osomatsu’s attitude was not winning him any points. Choromatsu wondered how long it would be before the rest got home and saw this horrible mess in the living room. Maybe seeing a punished Osomatsu as well would serve as an example to the rest of them not to treat their mother like hired help.

Osomatsu groaned, honestly hoping Choromatsu would've let him up so he could've thrown some of the garbage in the younger's face. He was stronger than Choromatsu and was almost positive that he could wiggle off this lap if he tried hard enough, but his position left him practically helpless.

Choromatsu took the groaning to mean that Osomatsu had been warmed up enough, and returned to harsher slaps to his gradually heating rear. He had the eldest in a tight grip between his legs, so no amount of wiggling would let him avoid the raining blows.

Osomatsu really hated when Choromatsu spanked him. He was used to Karamatsu doing it—in a weird way, the role suited him—but Choromatsu trying to be a disciplinarian was just infuriating. The first person Osomatsu would choose to spank if he got the option would be Choro.

“Am I getting through to you at all, nii-san?” Choromatsu asked, his hand still coming down repeatedly with little break in between smacks. “Or do we have to stay here all afternoon? Because the others will be home soon, you know.”

"Well it's not like they haven't seen me getting my ass beat before," Osomatsu grumbled, trying his best not to cry out with Choromatsu's sharp swats. Being reminded of that terrible event with Karamatsu and the others made his face hot, but he supposed it wouldn't be too surprising if it happened again.

Choromatsu was a little surprised that the threat of being observed in this position again had almost no effect on Osomatsu. “I suppose you’re right, we all saw Karamatsu nii-san give you the belt that one time. I guess you should get used to it if you’re gonna keep acting like a spoiled brat, because I know he won’t let you treat mom like a maid either.”

"Karamatsu would just clean it up himself," Osomatsu mumbled, insulted by the fact Choro had the nerve to call him a spoiled brat.

“Yeah, right.” Choromatsu scoffed, his hands falling heavy on Oso’s bottom. “He would make you take responsibility. And that’s what I’m doing.”

Osomatsu was biting his lip trying to keep himself from crying out. "Not really, you're just making me mad." Osomatsu probably did look like a brat if Choromatsu could see his face right now. "Do you really expect me to take you seriously?"

“Yeah, I do,” Choromatsu said, landing sharp slaps to Oso’s tender sit spots. “Is it so hard to clean up after yourself and not be a further burden on our parents?”

"You being the one telling me to makes me not want to do it!" Osomatsu snapped, even though that reasoning was extremely childish. The smacks on his sit spots made him flinch forward and squirm.

“Wow, seriously?” Choromatsu was nonplussed. “If you had just done what I asked in the first place, you wouldn’t be over my lap getting spanked right now.”

"You can spank me all you want, I'm not going to do what you tell me to," Oso growled. Maybe Choromatsu would actually spank him to bruises, since Karamatsu never did. "Maybe it turns me on." It didn't, but Oso wouldn't be ashamed if making weird comments stopped Choro from doing this to him.

“Does it turn you on when Karamatsu nii-san spanks you?” Choromatsu asked. He was hitting a little faster, as Osomatsu’s words were getting to him. “If you don’t want to hear from me, maybe I should call him and tell him what you said about mom?”

Osomatsu didn't answer the first part, but he rubbed slightly against Choromatsu's thigh. An attempt to heighten Choro's discomfort. "And you'd stay and watch?"

Choromatsu rolled his eyes. “You can be such a dick sometimes.” He laid two heavy smacks on Osomatsus upper thighs.

Osomatsu didn't mind being a dick if it got him out of things. No, he absolutely did not want Choromatsu to get Kara involved. The idea of being double-teamed didn't sound appealing in the slightest.

Frankly, Choromatsu was beginning to think he was out of his depth. Osomatsu’s ass was pretty red, and Choro’s hand was smarting. He stopped and rubbed Osomatsu’s rear. “Okay. We can end this now. Just clean up the room and this can be over, alright?”

"What, you don't want to keep beating me until the others come home?" Osomatsu questioned. His ass was on fire, and he had no idea why he kept pushing, but it was oddly fun. Just not for his rear. He did think he could keep going, though—Choromatsu hadn't used the hairbrush yet, and it would take a little bit more to get Oso to tears. "I guess that might inflate your ego to dangerous levels, though. And it's already so high."

Choromatsu was fed up. He slapped once more, hard, in the center of Osomatsu’s rear. “Get me the hairbrush. Now. Or I’m calling Karamatsu.”

The smack only made Osomatsu's attitude get worse. "So you're admitting you can't do this on your own? What happened to making me take you seriously?"

Choromatsu’s teeth were clenched as he said “I didn’t say that. Get me the hairbrush. Now.” He moved his leg so Osomatsu could get up.

Osomatsu did get up, but made no movement to get the brush. He pulled his pants up and took a seat next to Choro, ignoring the pain in his rear as he tried to keep his tough facade. "Gosh, the hairbrush is just so far..."

“Okay, fine. I’ll get it then.” Choromatsu got up off the couch and quickly grabbed the hairbrush before returning to wrestle Osomatsu back over his lap.

Osomatsu was a bit surprised Choro hadn't gotten up to call Kara like he had said he would. Maybe he did have an ego that was too big to admit defeat. "See how easy it is to do stuff yourself?" Osomatsu had a smirk on his face even as he went over Choro's lap again. "That mess could've been gone a long time ago, y'know."

“Yeah, it could have,” Choromatsu said as he yanked his older brother’s pants back to his knees. He gave the first smack with the hairbrush, the sound sharp and piercing. “But you chose this. So here we are.”

Osomatsu clenched his teeth with the hit, but he was still determined to make this hard on Choromatsu. Even if the pain was slowly killing him. "At least hit hard enough to be able to be compared to Karamatsu."

Choromatsu responded by starting a fast and relatively hard volley of smacks. He had lost the vision of the stoic disciplinarian he was trying to be and let Osomatsu goad him into this. The hairbrush was falling again and again, one stinging slap after another. After all, Osomatsu had asked for this, Choro thought.

In the back of his mind, Osomatsu almost hoped Choromatsu gave him bruises. That would surely get the younger in trouble with Karamatsu for being excessive. God, he could never be this smart with Karamatsu; something about Choromatsu gave Osomatsu a burst of bratty confidence. Maybe he'd regret it. But it was fun, for now.

Choromatsu was smacking pretty hard, but the meager warm-up seemed to be enough to prevent any broken capillaries. Oso’s ass was becoming a bright red, though, and Choromatsu was impressed at his older brother’s composure and tenacity. Although in this case, that meant continued teasing, prodding, and generally bratty behavior, even in the middle of a punishment.

Choromatsu stopped, took a breath, and spoke as he rubbed the sore flesh gently. “Osomatsu nii-san, listen. I love you, okay? I’m sorry to do this to you. But we’re already so much trouble for our mother. Don’t you think it would be cruel to make her clean up after us, too? Especially a huge mess like this?”

The eldest was even surprised at himself for how well he was keeping himself from crying at this point. His ass felt like someone was lying a hot iron on it, but he didn't know if it was better or worse than Karamatsu's belt. "Yeah. I get that. But I'm not cleaning it, so either you can do it, ask one of the others to, or it stays there."

Choromatsu sighed. This was progress, he supposed. Jyushi had been so much easier. “Fine. Go stand in the corner.”

"It's funny how you keep giving me orders when you know I'm not going to do them."

Choromatsu frowned at the man draped across his lap. He was exasperated. “Okay. Fine.” He pulled his cellphone out of his pocket and dialed Karamatsu’s number.

Okay—Osomatsu backtracked a little bit. He didn't expect Choromatsu to actually call Karamatsu. "Choromatsu?"

There was no further acknowledgment of Osomatsu’s presence as he was treated to one half of a conversation.

“Hi, nii-san. Yes. Listen, Osomatsu nii-san made a huge mess in the living room. Yes, I asked him to. No, he completely refused. Well, he said mom would do it because it’s her job. ...That’s what I said. Yes, I did. I think the problem is he doesn’t respect me like he respects you. Ah, alright. Thanks.”

Choromatsu hung up and put his phone back in his pocket. He picked up the brush again and continued the punishment, smacking not nearly as hard, but still enough to sting.

“Karamatsu nii-san was already on his way home. He should be here soon.”

Osomatsu was feeling a bit nervous now. Yeah, it was his fault for pushing Choromatsu too far, but he was already starting to regret it now that he knew Karamatsu was going to be involved with this. But he didn't have to let Choromatsu know that. "So you give up?"

Choromatsu shrugged, the brush coming down steadily. “Yeah, I guess I give up. But Karamatsu nii-san thought I was right to spank you so, there’s that. Aren’t you worried? He sounded pretty pissed when I told him what you said about mom.”

"No," Osomatsu lied. "I'm not worried." A pissed Karamatsu coming home to an Osomatsu who had already been spanked to red was definitely worth being worried about. "I'm not going to make it easy for him, either."

“Okay. That’s good.” Choromatsu put down the brush and just held Osomatsu over his lap. “Hm. I wonder if he’ll use that belt on you again.”

"Maybe." Osomatsu was trying his best not to sound anxious.

Before Choromatsu can respond, they heard the front door open and a low voice said, “Tadaima.

Okaeri!” Choromatsu called back. He was honestly so done with Osomatsu’s bullshit attitude. And more importantly, the asshole still hadn’t agreed to clean the living room yet.

Osomatsu didn't offer a greeting, squirming a bit on Choro's lap. God, he could hear the sternness in Karamatsu's voice, and it put Oso on edge knowing it was coming for him.

Karamatsu entered the living room. The first thing he noticed was all the shit everywhere. But then seeing Osomatsu draped over Choro’s lap, his ass already bright red, the second eldest raised his eyebrows. “Ah. Osomatsu, all this and you aren’t willing to do your part for our home?”

Osomatsu didn't look up at Karamatsu. His reasoning of "Choro told me to, so I won't" was extremely childish and he didn't need Kara to hear it. Oso bit his lip and turned his face to the side, looking at the couch cushions instead of in Karamatsu's direction.

“No, look at me,” Karamatsu demanded. His voice had taken on that stern tone and his hands were on his hips.

"Why?" Osomatsu questioned, a defensive tone in his voice, but he pushed himself up to his elbows and glared at Karamatsu anyway. "If you're gonna spank me come over here and do it already!"

“If you insist,” Karamatsu said. In a flash, he yanked Osomatsu up by the wrist and sat next to Choro on the couch. He easily pulled Osomatsu back over his lap and trapped him between his legs, should he try to kick and squirm. Choromatsu handed him the hairbrush and he launched into a punishing rhythm on Osomatsu’s already reddened backside.

Osomatsu didn't try to squirm and kick like he did for Choromatsu—Karamatsu was much stronger than both of them, and it would be completely useless to even try to get free. Oso pushed his face into the couch cushions and bit his finger to keep himself quiet, not caring much for if he made himself bleed.

Karamatsu began speaking, but did not let up at all. He wasn’t hitting hard enough to bruise, but on an already spanked ass, it would hurt quite a bit. “Osomatsu, there was no reason for this. You could have cleaned up your mess without a fuss. But expecting our sweet mother to do it for you? When she already pays for our home, does our laundry, and cooks our meals?”

The eldest was starting to agree with his brothers. He almost wanted to kick himself for not just cleaning up his fucking mess. He wanted to prove something to Choromatsu, but right now he was questioning if it was really worth it. "Yeah—ow, I know, alright?" he huffed, wincing with the spanks before he put his finger back in his mouth.

Karamatsu stopped to rub the red, hot skin. “You are going to clean up this mess. And then you’re going to stand in the corner. Is that understood?”

There wasn't a response from Osomatsu at first, as if he was in a debate with himself. He really was: he didn't want to be ordered around in front of Choromatsu, but he didn't want to disobey Karamatsu. He lost in both situations, but Karamatsu couldn't spank him forever, right? "No."

“Choromatsu,” Kara addressed the third eldest calmly. “Would you please go get one of my belts?”

"Okay!" Osomatsu shook his head and tried to push himself up. His ass was already burning and he didn't think he could take being belted. "I get it! I'll clean up the fucking mess, alright?"

Karamatsu held him firmly. “I’m pleased to hear it. We will wait for Choromatsu to return with the belt, and then you will clean up.” He nodded to Choromatsu, who left the room immediately.

"Why does he need to get the belt then?" Osomatsu asked, watching Choro go nervously.

“Osomatsu, both of us have given you many opportunities to handle this like an adult. Why do you continue to make it worse for yourself?” Karamatsu rubbed Oso’s hot rear soothingly.

"Are you still gonna belt me?" Osomatsu ignored Karamatsu's question—honestly, he wasn't sure why he was pushing the two of them so far. Maybe it was because he was the oldest, and he felt he had something to prove. Like he shouldn't let his little brothers treat him like this.

“Not if you can prove to me that you don’t need it,” Karamatsu said. “Please start by answering my question.”

"I don't know why!" Osomatsu was starting to get desperate. "Choromatsu just—he just made me mad, acting like he's better than me!"

“Choromatsu doesn’t think he’s better than you. But he knows that the other three look to you as an example. Both he and I would like the six of us to be as little trouble for our parents as possible while we continue to live here. Don’t you want that as well?” Karamatsu no longer sounded stern, but calm and agreeable.

Osomatsu gave a small nod. "Y-yeah, I get that, I just... I feel like my little brothers shouldn't be able to tell me what to do."

“But wouldn’t you agree that he is right?” Karamatsu questioned. “You were being unreasonable and Choromatsu was trying to lead you in the right direction.”

"He does it annoyingly," Osomatsu replied, not making any further comments when the paper door slid open to reveal Choromatsu with the belt in hand.

“Here’s what we’re going to do, Osomatsu.” Karamatsu’s hand rested firmly on his older brother’s shoulder. “You’re going to bend over the arm of the couch and accept a short punishment from Choromatsu.”

"What?" Osomatsu seemed horrified at the idea. "I said I was gonna clean! I don't need to get belted, Karamatsu!"

“As I said, it will be short,” Karamatsu assured. “And then we will both help you clean up this mess.”

At least he didn't have to clean up on his own after getting belted. Osomatsu was reluctant, but pushed himself up and went over to the edge of the couch nonetheless.

Choromatsu stepped forward. He gave Osomatsu a sympathetic pat on the shoulder before whipping the belt across his rear.

Osomatsu yelped in pain, once again shoving a finger in his mouth and biting down. It literally felt like his ass was on fire—he hated the belt. He was sure he was biting himself so hard he was breaking the skin of his finger.

Karamatsu moved forward and gently pried Oso’s finger away from his mouth before stepping back. Choromatsu nodded at the second eldest before swinging the belt again. He watched it wrap around Osomatsu’s thigh as it came down.

Tears were going to happen eventually. Osomatsu could feel them starting to form in his eyes and he clutched the couch cushions tightly. He wished he had just cleaned up when first asked to; it was ridiculous how much he had made this worse for himself. "Ow!" he cried when he was smacked without his finger to keep him quiet, shifting from foot to foot in an attempt to alleviate the pain.

“Okay. You’re doing really good,” Choromatsu said softly. “Just one more.” He brought the belt down a final time.

Osomatsu cried out again. His eyes watered as he bit his lip to keep himself from sobbing. He wanted to be comforted, but he knew he wouldn't get it until he cleaned, and he'd probably have to stand in the corner like Karamatsu said he would have to.

Choromatsu dropped the belt and pulled Osomatsu up into a hug. “It’s okay,” he said quietly, rubbing circles on Osomatsu’s back. “It’s okay, Osomatsu nii-san.”

Osomatsu almost pulled away, but eventually gave in and let Choromatsu hold him. His own hand reached down to rub his sore ass, hissing at the feeling. He didn't want to pull his pants back up over that.

After a moment Choromatsu pulled away and gave Osomatsu a small smile. “We’ll help clean up. It’ll be done in no time.”

With a small sniff, Osomatsu stepped out of his pants and hoped his hoodie was long enough to keep him relatively covered. He wanted to wait a while before he put anything back over his barbecue of an ass. "Okay."

Between the three of them, it wasn’t hard to get the room cleaned up in a few minutes.

“Alright,” Choromatsu said, clearing away the last of the clutter. “Thank you, Osomatsu nii-san. Uh, I could put lotion on you if you want.”

"We have lotion?" Osomatsu asked. "How come you never put lotion on me, Karamatsu?"

Karamatsu shrugged. “It never occurred to me until Todomatsu asked for it one day.”

"When did you spank Todomatsu?" It probably wasn't his business to know, but now he was curious.

Karamatsu scratched his head, recalling that he’d agreed not to tell anyone what Totty had done. “Ah, a few weeks ago.” He left it there.

Osomatsu made a mental note to question Totty on that later, since Karamatsu was too nice to give the details. "Well, lotion sounds nice."

“I’ll go get it for you, nii-san.” Choromatsu offered and headed upstairs. Meanwhile, Karamatsu wrapped his only older brother in a tight hug. “You took that very well, nii-san.”

Osomatsu had to disagree, based on how much trouble he had been. "I know you're just saying that to make me feel better."

Karamatsu chuckled. “Alright, you were especially difficult for Choromatsu. But you paid for that and accepted your additional punishment with grace.”

"And I'm done, right? Nothing else?" Osomatsu had to make sure Karamatsu wasn't planning anything more.

It was at this point that Choromatsu returned with lotion in hand. “You’re still going to stand in the corner after this, nii-san.” He sat back on the couch and gestured for Osomatsu to come back to his lap.

Osomatsu sighed. Well, he had expected that, he supposed. But at least he'd have some kind of relief before he did, so he went to lay back over Choromatsu's lap. "Be gentle," he mumbled.

“Of course.” Choromatsu sounded a little offended. He squeezed a dab of lotion into his palm and rubbed it gently into Osomatsu’s red, raw skin.

Osomatsu flinched with the contact—it was cold, but it felt good against his hot skin. He let himself relax for a bit, but Choromatsu only rubbed in the lotion for a minutes before he patted Osomatsu on the back. “Okay. Go to the corner now.”

Osomatsu groaned and pushed himself up again, but his ass did feel a bit better not that it wasn't so hot. He went to stand in the corner and shoved his hands in his hoodie pocket.

“Fifteen minutes,” Choromatsu announced, checking his watch. He looked at Osomatsu in the corner, his practically glowing ass only half-covered by his hoodie. He picked up his manga to read while waiting, and Karamatsu found one of his magazines, when they heard someone at the front door.

Osomatsu turned his head when he heard the front door opening, and he instinctively turned around and pulled his hoodie down as far as it could go. "Can I go somewhere else?"

“No,” Choromatsu responded without looking up. Karamatsu did not interfere, it seemed best to let Choro take the reins for now.

Tadaima!” Todomatsu called from the genkan.

"Why?!" Osomatsu didn't turn back around, nervously looking at the hallway when he heard Todomatsu. Sure, Totty had seen his red ass plenty of times (what number was it now? Three?) but it was still embarrassing!

“Because it’s only been five minutes,” Choromatsu said. “You have ten to go.”

"But can't I go to a different room or something?" Osomatsu was desperate to make this quick because Totty was going to come in the living room any second.

“No," Choromatsu replied, still not looking up. "If you didn’t want anyone to see your bare ass on display, you should have thought of that earlier, when you were being unbelievably difficult.”

Osomatsu stared at the back of Choromatsu's head in disbelief, but he turned back around with a huff to avoid getting further spanked in front of Todomatsu, too.

The door slid open and Totty stood still for a moment, taking in the room. Two of his older brothers reading quietly on the couch, while the oldest stood facing the corner, his backside a blazing red. The leather belt was still lying on the floor.

The corners of Totty’s mouth quirked up in a smirk. He would probably cry if it was him in this situation, but it was Osomatsu, so it was kinda funny. “What did you do this time. Osomatsu nii-san?”

Osomatsu didn't have to turn around to know Todomatsu had a smirk on his face. "I'll tell you if you tell me why Karamatsu spanked you last time," he replied.

Totty huffed. No way he was going to tell Osomatsu about that, especially with Choro in the room. He really didn’t need a second round of lecturing. “Never mind,” he mumbled, and sat down at the kotatsu.

"Was it that bad?" Osomatsu's curiosity was definitely peaked, and he was determined to get the answer out of Totty eventually. He turned his head to give Todomatsu a raised eyebrow. "What'd you get for it?"

“Shut up.” It had been a few weeks, but Totty definitely didn’t want to talk about his actions that had led to that particular conversation. “It wasn’t really a big deal.” He was already on his smartphone scrolling through social media.

"I'm your nii-san, I should know what my baby brothers are doing," Osomatsu insisted, still smirking over at Todomatsu. "Maybe I should spank it out of you."

“Leave it alone,” Karamatsu scolded. “He took his punishment, it’s over.”

Osomatsu pouted, but didn't push it any farther. "Has it been fifteen minutes yet?"

Choromatsu looked at his watch. “Hmm... close enough. You can come out.”

Osomatsu sighed with relief and went to pick his pants up off the floor, figuring his rear was feeling alright enough to put some clothes over it. He pulled them up and went to sit by the kotatsu on his knees, giving Totty a suspicious look. "I'm going to find out eventually," he whispered.

Totty rolled his eyes. “Whatever, nii-san,” he whispered back. “Just don’t bully me or Karamatsu nii-san will put you back in that corner.”

"It's not bullying, it's me being a responsible older brother. And as eldest, I demand to know every time my little brothers get spanked and why. So I can determine if it was just."

“Okay, fine. I’ll tell you later,” Totty hissed.

Osomatsu hummed, satisfied. "Good boy."