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“What…is that?”


Katsuki looks up from the shirt he’d grabbed and stills as he zeros in on what everyone is staring at.


It’s laundry day, meaning the whole dorm gets together to wash all their shit, then pile it all up in the living room to sort and fold through together. It’s something of a tradition, though Katsuki usually finds it fairly annoying. They’ve just arranged the clean clothes into a huge pile on the coffee table but right on top of the pile, visible to every single unfortunate person in the room, is a dildo.


And not just any fucking dildo.


Oh no, this thing is very clearly based off of werewolf physiology. The tip is slightly tapered, the shaft detailed with long veins, and right above the base is a huge, swollen knot.


A fucking knot.


“Is that…” Mina trails off, eyes wide but delighted.


Kaminari, in comparison is squinting suspiciously. “What the hell is that at the base? Is that supposed to be…balls?”


“I think that’s a knot, bro,” Sero says, bumping his shoulder into Kaminari’s.


“It’s definitely a knot,” Mina chirps, her grin splitting her face wide. “Somebody in this dorm has a werewolf kink.”


Katsuki can feel his teeth gnashing together, his pulse kicking up in his temple because he knows exactly where this is going…


“What!?” Kirishima screeches, turning to look right at Katsuki. “Your dick looks like that, bro!?”


Mina is starting to cackle, and quiet laughter and murmurs are rising form the other students around the room. With a rough sigh Katsuki massages at the bridge of his nose. He’s the only fucking werewolf in their class so of course they’re all going to look at him.


Werewolves are rare enough that some information on them is a little vague in the general public. Mina obviously knows whats up, and maybe a few others, but Kirishima and Kaminari seem to be clueless.


“That’s based on a shifted wolf,” Katsuki grinds out through clenched teeth. He can’t believe someone in their class actually owns this disgusting thing. It’s fetishizing is what it is. He’s going to give them a very stern talking to and then blow out their eardrums so they won’t fucking forget it.


“Seriously!?” Kirishima’s voice is still way too loud, and a moment later he’s lunging forward and grabbing up the dildo curiously. It wobbles in his grip, too heavy for the flexible material to hold itself up. “Woah man, this is wild looking!”


“Give me that!” Katsuki hisses, and snatches the dildo out of his grasp before he can wave it around like an idiot some more. And if the werewolf discreetly tries to catch a scent off of it, well, that’s just for him to know. Not that he wants to go smelling something one of his classmates has had shoved up inside them, but he needs to know who he’s about to murder. Unfortunately the wash seems to have gotten rid of any scent markers.


“Does this mean someone wants to fuck Bakugou?” Kaminari asks curiously. “Since he’s the only wolf most of us know.”


“I think it’s the other way around,” Mina says with a grin, and throws Katsuki a wink when he glares at her. “Obviously someone wants his giant werewolf co-”


“Hey!” Katsuki snaps, cutting her off. “Knock it off, I’m not fucking anyone!” And because he apparently has no filter, what slips out next is, “Besides, they couldn’t handle my dick. It’s twice this fucking size.”


Multiple jaws drop across the room and Katsuki crosses his arms over his chest, daring someone to accuse him of lying.


“Holy shit,” Kirishima mutters next to him, sounding awestruck. Mina looks even more delighted than she had before, and Sero is staring curiously at Katsuki’s crotch like the wolf is about to drop his pants right here in front of everyone.


“Um. What’s everyone staring at?”


Multiple heads turn as Deku wanders into the room, his expression open and completely clueless as he glances around.


“Someone put their dildo in the wash!” Mina explains helpfully.


“They want to fuck Bakugou,” Sero tacks on, and Kaminari finishes with, “Actually, be fucked by him.”


Without missing a beat, Katsuki holds out the dildo for proof. He’s expecting the way Izuku’s face turns a bright scarlet, is about to start teasing the nerd, but he’s not expecting the way his jaw drops open without a sound. His heartbeat kicks up so fast that Katsuki, with his keen hearing, can pick it up clear across the room.


A small, panicked noise leaves Deku’s mouth and then he’s turning on his heel and fleeing the room as fast as physically possible. There’s complete, stunned silence for several seconds before absolute chaos erupts.


“Oh my god, it’s his!”


“Deku wants Bakugou’s dick!”


“Midoriya wants to get boned!”


The voices blur to white noise to Katsuki as his own pulse kicks up, his inner wolf growling loudly in his ears.


The dildo is Deku’s. Izuku’s. Izuku wants, if not Katsuki’s specifically, than at least a werewolf dick. He’s gotten off to the idea of being fucked by a wolf. A shifted wolf at that.


And, let’s be real here. If Izuku is fucking himself thinking about a wolf, there’s no chance that wolf isn’t Katsuki.


He’s moving before he even realizes it, the dildo dropped and long forgotten as he gives in to the urge to chase. Everything in him thrums with the desire to hunt and catch and take; take what is his. His hindbrain is in full control, instincts ruling as he prowls the halls of the dorm, following his nose. It leads him straight to Izukuk’s room. The idiot didn’t even lock the door. Katsuki blows through it without a single consideration towards knocking, but at least has the foresight to lock it behind himself. The walls here are thin but he’s not going to tolerate any interruptions.


Izuku squeaks, whirling around. His face is still bright red, voice coming out breathy and high when he stutters, “K-Kacchan.”


Katsuki stalks towards him, all predator. “How long?” he asks, voice coming out gravelled and low. He’s so fucking close to losing it and shifting.


For a moment Izuku’s mouth works silently, but Katsuki has no time for patience. “How long have you wanted me to fuck you?” he says, backing Izuku slowly but surely towards his bed. “How long have you had that fucking toy?”


Izuku licks his lips, the sound of his heart hammering loudly in Katsuki’s ears. “Um.”


“Don’t play stupid,” Katsuki pushes, just as the backs of Izuku’s knees hit his mattress and he collapses back onto it. “A knotting dildo, Deku? There’s no way you weren’t thinking of me, fucking yourself on it night after night. Tell me.


“Yes!” Izuku gasps. His entire body is trembling as Katsuki closes in on him, but he’s not moving away anymore. Just holding himself taught as Katsuki presses between his spread legs. “I…it…um…”


“You what? Wanted me?” The scent of arousal, both his own and Izuku’s is sitting heavy on Katsuki’s tongue and he can’t help his deep, shuddering breaths. Fuck, he should have cornered the nerd ages ago. “Wanted me so much you bought a dildo just to simulate the real thing?” Barely checking his strength, he shoves Izuku back until he’s lying down.


“Y-yes?” Izuku says again, sounding more unsure this time. “Uh, Kacchan, wait-”


But Katsuki isn’t waiting, crawling up onto the mattress so he can kneel over Izuku’s prone form. “You think you can just get off to the thought of me with no repercussions? Think I wouldn’t find out?”


There’s a spike of fear in Izuku’s scent and it only makes Katsuki’s wolf want to howl as he bears down on the other boy. “Fuck, how often were you jerking It to me, Deku?”


Izuku looks like he’s going to start panicking, unsure of exactly what’s happening. Like cornered prey. He’s shaking, eyes wide, scent muddled with both fear and lust as his mouth flaps. “A-almost every day,” he finally manages, in one of the quietest voices Katsuki has ever heard from him.


Katsuki can only growl in reply and rut downwards, pressing his hard cock into the hollow of Izuku’s hip. The human gasps, almost jackknifing up off the bed but Katsuki grabs his shoulder at the last second and shoves him back down.


“O-oh,” he says, one shaky hand gripping hard at Katsuki’s forearm. “Um, you…you’re not mad?”


The wolf snorts, a sound more animal than human. “Only that I didn’t know sooner,” he says, dropping his head so he can drag his nose across Izuku’s cheek, enjoying the way he shudders, breathing erratic. “I could have been fucking that tight little ass ages ago. Guess we gotta make up for lost time.”


Izuku yelps when Katsuki bites sharply at his jaw, but the sound is lost when Katsuki takes his mouth in a rough, demanding kiss. He can feel himself losing control bit by bit and before he knows it his mouth is full of fangs, tongue longer and more flexible than it was. He only backs off when he accidentally nicks Izuku’s lip, the taste of blood sudden and sharp between them.


“Shit,” he hisses, pulling away. His fingers have sprouted claws and he can feel the tell-tale prickling along his skin that signifies he’s about to get real furry real fast. It’s hard not to just give into the sensation with Izuku spread out underneath him like a four course meal, eyes glassy, mouth red and used looking with a small line of blood trailing down his chin.


Katsuki growls low in his throat but jerks his gaze away, focuses on his breathing. He wants to fuck Izuku into the mattress, not maul him.


The human shifts, making Katsuki growl another low warning, but a warm hand on his jaw has the sound tapering off. Izuku turns his head so they’re facing each other, big green eyes meeting Katsuki’s. He’s still trembling a little, still smells a bit of fear.


“Kacchan,” he says, and that’s all. Just the one word. But there’s something in it, something hard and yearning and Katsuki is diving back into him before he even realizes it.


Unlike what some popular media likes to portray, werewolves don’t turn into actual, full fledged wolves when they shift. The full shift is, instead, a cross between wolf and man, standing on two feet but running on four, furred, with a canine face and a tail. The half shift involves ears, tail, and elongated fangs and nails.


Katsuki is currently in that half state, panting hotly as he licks into Izuku’s mouth, one clawed hand wound tight into dark green curls. But he’s teetering on the edge of his full shift and the little noises Izuku is starting to make are not helping.


“Fuck!” he snaps, pulling away once again when the human tentatively wraps one leg around Katsuki’s hip. “You’re really fucking asking for it.”


Izuku licks at his lips and nods his head enthusiastically. “Yeah,” he agrees, and that’s all Katsuki needs to dive in again to claim his mouth again. He gets one hand on the leg Izuku has around him, pulling tighter as he grinds his hips down into the human’s. It has both of them stuttering out moans so he does it again and again, rutting mindlessly into Izuku.


“Fucking slut,” he hisses into Izuku’s open mouth. “Panting after me like a bitch in heat. Bet you wanted me to see that fucking dildo, huh? Wanted me to know you were fucking yourself every night with my name on your lips, getting off to the thought of me knotting that slutty ass of yours.”


“No!” Izuku denies, but he’s clawing at Katsuki’s shoulders, hips rolling up to meet the wolf’s thrusts. “D-didn’t mean to, didn’t want you to know.”


“Should have thought about that before you threw it in with your dirty laundry, Deku,” Katsuki growls. “Fuck, get your clothes off, I wanna be inside you.” With monumental effort he pulls himself away from the human, panting as he rips and pulls at his own clothes. He’s too keyed up, claws catching at the fabric and ripping it, but he manages.


A sharp intake of breath has him jerking his attention back to Izuku. The human’s shirtless now, fingers at the button of his pants, but he’s gone still. His gaze is fixed, mouth slightly open, as he very obviously takes in the sight of Katsuki’s cock.


The wolf can’t help but smirk, taking himself in hand and giving a long, slow stroke. He definitely wasn’t kidding about his size; he’s twice the length of that dildo, and thicker to boot. His knot hasn’t inflated but when it does it’s easily the size of his own fist. When he shifts his dick gets even longer, the tip tapering into something more canine.


“Like what you see?” he murmurs, voice low and rough.


Izuku bites at his bottom lip and nods slowly. He makes an aborted move forward, swaying closer to Katsuki before he tears his gaze away with clear effort. “Can I-?”


“Knock yourself out.”


Tentative fingers replace his own, gently moving up and down Katsuki’s shaft. He sighs in pleasure and resists the urge to hump into the faint pressure. After a moment Izuku seems to steal himself and grabs Katsuki properly, jerking him off slowly and inexpertly.


The wolf growls and grabs a handful of Izuku’s hair so he can jerk the human’s head back and claim his mouth once more. He bites at those full lips and thrust his tongue into Izuku’s mouth as scarred fingers work him over and only pulls back when his instincts start to demand more. There’s no way he’s going to be satisfied by a mere handjob.


“Clothes. Off,” he snarls, pushing Izuku away.


For a moment the human seems too stunned to do anything, but then he’s fumbling to get his pants off. His own cock is nothing to laugh at, short but thick and smearing pre-cum along a faint line of hair that climbs up to his navel. If Katsuki had more patience he’d suck Izuku off once before anything else, then maybe eat him out for good measure. But his knot is already throbbing and his instincts are howling at him to claim.


He’s not stupid though. “Where’s your lube?”


Izuku fumbles for a moment, digging through his pillows and blankets before he emerges with a bottle that’s mostly empty. Katsuki cocks an eyebrow but shakes his head when the human offers it to me. “You don’t want these inside you,” he says in explanation, holding up his claws. “Do it yourself. I want to watch.” Shit, he shouldn’t have dropped the dildo. It would have been amazing to see Izuku fuck himself with it, then show him how much fucking better the real thing is. Next time.


For a moment the human looks like he’s going to protest, but then his gaze jerks back down to Katsuki’s cock and he seems to decide that a little prep is probably a good idea. “Okay,” he says, clearly nervous. “Um. Do you have to watch? It’s kind of…”


Katsuki rolls his eyes but re-positions them, if only to get this shit on the road. He hovers over Izuku’s chest and takes himself in hand, pushing his cock towards the human’s face. “Suck,” he demands. “If I don’t get to watch, you better make it up to me.”


This at least Izuku seems happy to go along with. His lips close over the tip of Katsuki’s cock with no hesitation and the wolf can’t help his rumble of a moan.


“Fuck,” he snarls as he feels Izuku’s tongue lapping up his pre-cum. The human is shifting underneath him and Katsuki can hear the snap of the lube bottle opening and closing. His heightened hearing easily picks up the sound of Izuku pushing a finger inside himself, the wet, glossy noise of lube sliding on skin. It makes him shiver in anticipation and his hips jerk forward unconsciously. His dick slides along the velvety surface of Deku’s tongue then hits the back of his throat, all wet heat and convulsions as the human tries and fails not to gag. Katsuki can only grip his hair tighter and pant, his vision bleeding red a little around the edges.


“Gonna stuff you so fucking full,” he promises lowly, and shudders when Izuku opens his eyes and stares up at him, mouth stretched impossibly wide. Those pretty green eyes blink, tears built up in the corners but not falling as Izuku slowly bobs his head, tongue moving along the underside of Katsuki’s dick.


“You want that?” the wolf asks. Obviously Izuku can’t answer but he makes this soft, moaning noise that has Katsuki shuddering again. He smiles, runs his tongue over teeth that have grown into dangerous fangs. “Of course you do, you’re a knot slut. You always want to be full, don’t you, baby?” The pet name slips off his tongue before he can really think about it, but he finds he doesn’t mind. It makes Izuku’s eyes slip closed, his entire expression one of pleasure as the sounds of him fingering himself pick up.


“Can’t wait to get inside you,” Katsuki continues, unable to stop now that he’s started. He smooths the hair off of Izuku’s forehead, hips hitching in time with the way he’s moving. “Gonna split you so fucking wide, Deku. You’ll be feeling it for days, won’t be able to move a fucking inch without thinking about me fucking you, burying myself in that hot little cunt over and over again. Gonna knot you, gonna fill you till you’re fucking bursting with it, and you’re gonna love every goddamn second, aren’t you, baby?”


The tears are spilling down Izuku’s cheeks now, warm and tacky, but he still does his best to nod with his mouth full. He’s breathing through his nose and it’s loud and labored, chest heaving underneath Katsuki’s weight. With reluctance Katsuki backs off, pulling all the way out of Izuku’s mouth as the human turns and coughs, shuddering for breath.


“Good boy,” Katsuki praises, rubbing his thumb under one bright green eye. It makes Izuku smile tentatively up at him. But before the nerd can catch his breath Katsuki is re-positioning them once more, Izuku gasping as Katsuki flips him onto his stomach. The wolf settles between thick, spread thighs, admiring the view. Hero training has really done Izuku good; he’s lean but well-muscled, the curve of his ass prominent, freckles splattered across olive skin. If Katsuki had the time or patience he’d map all those freckles with his tongue and teeth.


Instead, he slaps Izuku’s ass lightly, making the human squeak and jerk. “Ass up,” Katsuki orders.


Izuku glances back at him but gets his knees underneath himself, raising his hips into the air.


“Good boy,” Katsuki praises again, mouth starting to water at the sight. He smooths a hand up Izuku’s thigh, spreading his ass to get a good look at where he’s worked himself loose. “Fuck. Look at you. So fucking ready for me.”


Izuku arches his back a little, trembling under Katsuki’s hand. “Kacchan?”


Katsuki doesn’t look up from where he’s rubbing small circles over Izuku’s hole with his thumb, pressing in with the pad but backing off again before his claw can catch. “Hmm?”


“Are you going to shift?”


The wolf jerks like he’s been bitten, gaze snapping up to find bright green ones staring right back at him over a freckled shoulder. Katsuki had been so, so close to shifting earlier, so ready to let his instincts overtake him. But he’s stronger than base instinct and hadn’t wanted to accidentally hurt or scare Deku anyways.


But, well…that dildo of Izuku’s is of a shifted wolf. And it’s not like the nerd is a weakling or anything; he’s training to be a pro-hero for fuck’s sake, and they’ve fought often enough that Katsuki knows damn well Izuku can take a beating and bounce back like nothing happened.


Katsuki can feel that itch under his skin again, the desire to sink to all fours and bare his teeth, let the shift rip through him and reduce his brain to fuck and take and claim. He licks his lips, finds himself salivating more than usual. “You really want me to?”


“Please?” Izuku asks, all breathless and excited. There’s no trace of fear in his scent anymore, just lust and want and really, Katsuki is just a wolf. He can only be expected to have so much self control. His shift hits him violently, shuddering through each limb, face elongating, blonde, rough fur sprouting across his skin. What’s always the most disorienting is the heightening of his senses. In his human and half-shifted forms his senses are better than a regular human’s, but it takes the full shift to really bring out his full abilities. He can smell the lube on Izuku’s skin, the scent of his pre-cum, his lust, both fresh and old, like Izuku spends so much time in this room jerking off that his very desire has sunk into the floors and walls.


Katsuki growls loudly and manages to push words through the canine shape of his muzzle, his tongue clumsy and thick on them, “You better be fucking ready.”


“I am,” Izuku says, sounding desperate now. Wanting. And really Katsuki’s done waiting. He has no patience left and absolutely no desire to continue reining in his instincts. He grabs Izuku’s hips in large, clawed hands and jerks him roughly back, lines himself up, and slams in to base in one violent thrust.


Izuku cries out, scrabbling at the sheets, but doesn't smell distraught. Even if he did Katsuki’s not sure he could stop; the tightness, the heat of him almost has the wolf’s eyes rolling back in his head. Every inch of him is thrumming, focused on the way Izuku’s body grasps at him as he slowly, slowly starts to pull out. Like Izuku wants to keep him inside. Katsuki snarls and rolls his hips forward, jostling Izuku up the bed, and the human cries out again. But he’s also arching his spine now, and presses back into Katsuki as the wolf sets up a steady, punishing rhythm.


“Oh,” Izuku says, then louder, the sound pulled inadvertently out of him in breathy little waves. “Oh, oh, oh, Kacchan.”


Katsuki surges forward, draping himself over Izuku’s back and pressing one clawed hand to the back of the human’s neck. To keep him down. Underneath Katsuki where he fucking belongs, hanging off of Katsuki’s knot, fat and swollen with cum-


“Kacchan,” Izuku says again, and even as Katsuki fucks into him over and over again, the slapping of skin against skin so loud around them, the squelching of lube fucking obscene, he can feel the way the human is trembling. With need, with want, with hunger to match Katsuki’s own.


A low croon works it’s way out of Katsuki’s throat, something rough and primal. The call of one mate to another. His mouth is full and thick with saliva, fangs itching to bury themselves in sensitive skin even as he slurs his words around them, “I’ve got you, Deku. Baby. I’ve got you. Gonna take care of you. Gonna fuck you so fucking good.”


Izuku reaches back with one hand, human, fragile fingers grabbing blindly for Katsuki, slip-sliding along his muzzle, along his fangs, brushing against fur and saliva before he can finally get a hold on Katsuki’s scruff. Except Katsuki knows Izuku, has seen what he’s capable of, and that human hand, so small in comparison to his shifted form, so fucking fragile feeling, thin and weak, has so much power. Just one movement, one flick of those fingers could have flying across the room. But they grip at him instead, tugging, trying to pull him closer even as Katsuki batters into the human over and over again.


There’s drool slipping out of the corners of Katsuki’s muzzle now, the hunch and drive of his hips so completely animal. He feels like an animal, all need and instinct and the growl thrumming through his chest, the filthy words spilling from his mouth as he promise Izuku all the terrible things he’s going to do to him.


Katsuki licks at his teeth, more saliva escaping his open maw, and fuck Izuku’s shoulders are smeared and shiny with it. He really can’t help the way he licks at those freckled shoulders, drags his teeth along them in both a tease and a warning. He can hear Izuku moaning, the hiccups and gasps of his breath, the noisy, wet sniffle that indicates he’s sobbing into the bed and Katsuki is struck with an insatiable need to see his face. He needs to know what expression Izuku wears as Katsuki fucks him open.


The wolf rears back onto his knees, hands finding Izuku’s hips again. It’s a physical struggle to stop his own thrusting, to pull all the way out with a loud, wet pop. His cock is drenched and an angry red/purple, the tip tapered and canine, and his knot already starting to form at the base. It won’t be long before he blows his load and fuck he can’t wait to knot this little shit.


He roughly flips Izuku onto his back, the human blinking up at him, his face a mess of tears. He’s flushed from his ears down to his chest, an ugly, blotchy red that Katsuki loves. The human looks so well fucked, his dick hard and ignored laying against his stomach, legs spread, ass clenching and unclenching around nothing.


“Kacchan?” Izuku sniffs, confused.


Katsuki licks at his fangs again, wants to run his tongue all over Izuku’s body and taste his sweat, his pre-cum, all of the places where Katsuki was pressed against him and their scents have mingled. But his cock is throbbing, hips still hunched. Another time.


He pulls Izuku towards him by the hips, angling them up so that he can sink into the tight, wet heat again. They both groan in unison, Izuku throwing his head back and Katsuki baring his teeth in a silent snarl. Fuck but Izuku feels so goddamn good. He can’t help but arch over the human again, covering Izuku’s body with his own even as he rocks roughly into him.


Watching tears slip down those freckled cheeks, seeing the way those plush lips part on moans and sobs makes the restriction of his movement completely worth it. Even more so when Izuku reaches up and loops his arms around Katsuki’s neck, fingers finding holds in thick, blonde fur. It only takes a few tugs to get the wolf to lean down into Izuku. Katsuki’s muzzle isn’t exactly made for kissing, but he licks into the open offer that is Izuku’s mouth regardless, wet and sloppy. His tongue curls and flicks against human teeth and the insides of Izuku’s cheeks and the human just moans and takes it.


When Katsuki pulls away Izuku somehow manages to look even more debauched than before, eyes hooded, face shiny and slick. “Kacchan,” he murmurs, voice breaking on a particularly rough thrust.


“You like that?” Katsuki snarls, and fuck he’s drooling everywhere again. But if Izuku minds he doesn’t show it, just pants, eyes wide and fixed on the wolf. “You like my cock in that tight fucking cunt of yours? God, you’re such a little bitch, panting and crying under me like that. I’m going to fill you so fucking full, going to knot your cunt so goddamn tight. Breed you till your fucking bursting, choking on my cum. You’re gonna love every goddamn second of it too, aren’t you? Want to be bred fat and happy, constantly hanging off my knot like the little slut you are.”


“Please,” Izuku whispers, so terribly fucking quiet, and if it weren’t for the way the human is suddenly clenching down on him, like a fucking vice, Katsuki wouldn’t even have known that he just came. Came. From Katsuki calling him a slut and promising to fuck him endlessly, until he’s mewling for it, begging, crying every second that he’s not completely full with Katsuki’s cock and cum.


His own orgasm rips through him, completely unexpected, and Katsuki can only bite down on Izuku’s shoulder and ride his way through it with a vicious snarl. He can feel the way his knot is getting bigger and bigger, swelling so quickly that between one thrust and the next he suddenly can’t pull out, locked within the tight confines of Izuku’s body. The human cries out, back arching and hands scrabbling at Katsuki’s neck, his face, his back.


Tremors are still working their way through Katsuki’s body, his cock pulsing and jerking as he continues to come and come. It’ll take a few minutes to stop he knows, and even longer for his knot to go down. But he pulls back, makes that primal crooning sound again as he licks up the tears on Izuku’s face. His eyes are glassy and wide, almost unseeing as he trembles in time with each pulse of Katsuki’s cock. There’s a very, very noticeable bite mark on his shoulder, already starting to purple. Katsuki


When he finally stops coming Katsuki sits back on his haunches, careful not to shift his hips or pull at where they’re still tied. He can’t help his possessive pride when he notices the faint swell of Izuku’s stomach, barely there, or the way he runs his hands over it.


Izuku blinks at him, his breathing finally starting to slow. He glances down his own body, and touches the swell of his stomach too, mouth opening then closing. Katsuki just smirks at him.


“Told you I’d fill you up,” he says, voice still thick around the awkwardness of his muzzle.


The human huffs a little, still tracings his fingers over his stomach, almost absent minded. “Think if you pulled my hips up far enough your dick would show through my stomach? When I’m not full of cum of course.”


Another surge of lust hits Katsuki, and he can physically feel the way his cock jerks in interest. So does Izuku because he smiles, strangely shy for being naked and sweaty, covered in drool and his own cum, belly full. “We can try next time?”


Katsuki runs his tongue along his fangs, baring them all in a vicious smile. “Give me twenty minutes,” he growls.