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Keep your voice down, Kitten

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It was rare that Shouta wanted to have company over, and even rarer that he was willing to let said company intrude on time he would normally spend sleeping. And yet here you were, curled up on the couch together. Shouta was sitting behind you, arms around you protectively and a blanket around the both of you, wrapping you up like a cocoon. On your other side Nemuri was chatting with Hizashi and Toshinori, cracking jokes and trying to figure out which movie would be the best to watch. Finally (and most likely due to Toshinori’s boundless enthusiasm for the film), they picked an American movie that had the usual American-action-film flair. (He insisted that one was good, though, and you really wanted to believe him.) Shouta only pulled you tighter against him, and you wondered for a moment if all of this was too much for him. But he kissed you softly on the side of the head as the movie started, and whispered softly in your ear.


“Stay right here with me.”


It was worded like a demand, but his tone made it into a quiet plea. And how could you deny him that?

You relaxed back against him as the movie began, the opening credits actually making it look decent. You tucked your feet up into the blanket around the both of you, and you thought nothing of it at first when one of his arms lowered, resting his hand on your thigh.


At least, not until a decent amount of time into the movie, when his arm lowered again- this time resting on your inner thigh, fingers teasing between them, moving closer towards your body. You glanced at him in confusion- why did he pick now of all times to get frisky with you?

Thankfully your guests seemed to be engrossed in the film, so- unless at least Nemuri was in on it, and you wouldn’t put it past her to be- no one noticed as he teased a finger along the lone seam of your leggings and you let out a soft gasp.


“Just watch the movie,” he whispered, knowing you could stop him at any time. And you wondered if that signal he’d asked you about a few weeks ago “just in case” was specifically prepared for tonight. He kissed the side of your head again, hesitating to pull away to close his eyes and enjoy the closeness, his hand gently nudging your legs apart. You let him, shifting so you were relaxing a bit more against him, feigning drowsiness. Toshinori caught you two moving and a smile tugged at his lips, and you blushed a little- either he knew too and was clearly trying to encourage things or he thought you really were just getting tired and cuddling up to your boyfriend, and you weren’t sure which answer you really wanted at this point.


You buried your face into Shouta’s chest as he continued to touch you, fingers pressing harder up against you- right as a loud scene began, making it easier to muffle your whimpers. Halfway through he lowered the pressure on you again, and you were grateful- as the fight scene wore on there were longer lulls between sounds, and if he’d continued like he had been, you knew full well your friends would all be acutely aware of what was happening (assuming they weren’t already.)

But then his hand slowly moved up and over and slid into your leggings, all with gradual, dextrous movements, then past your underwear as well and you had to bite your lip to keep from fully reacting. He moved slowly from there, fingers sliding over your folds and only scarcely dipping between them to feel how wet you were- he hummed in approval, just soft enough for you to hear, and you knew it was no secret how much you were enjoying his touch. He kept at this for what felt like forever, scarcely getting close to your clit, practically throbbing, and the teasing only made it harder to keep yourself contained.


You knew you had to be soaking through your clothes by now, and you knew if this kept up you’d have a harder time acting normal until everyone left.


And then, suddenly, he stopped.


You hadn’t been paying attention to the movie, and it seemed to finally be wrapping up. You were shaking, shivering, looking up at him in astonishment what what why aren’t you going to keep going?!


And he just looked down at you with a look in his eye that said don’t ask a silly question like that and you sighed in exasperation, relaxing against him and closing your eyes.


Nemuri went to turn the movie off, but Toshinori started talking about an after credits scene or something and she tossed him the remote, falling back onto the couch. He fiddled with it for a moment before fastforwarding through the credits and finally getting to the scene. Nemuri, Hizashi, and Toshinori all seemed pretty amused, and Shouta even cracked a tiny smile, but you hadn’t been paying good enough attention to get it.


You sighed, burying your face into his chest and trying to feign drowsiness again, hoping your blushing could be explained away by the warmth of the blanket and his arms around you.


You heard Nemuri softly say your name, laughing a little. “Hey, you awake over there?”


Shouta picked you up fully into his arms, shrugging the blanket off the two of you, making you shiver a bit once the air conditioning hit you. You grumbled, turning your head so you could at least see her a little. “Yeah, just… just had a long day,” you said softly, one hand holding just a little tighter to his shirt.


“Do you mind if I get this one tucked in and then see you off?” He kissed your forehead again, making up some excuse about how you had mentioned you didn’t feel well earlier but didn’t want to call off the plans, and it seemed the others all genuinely believed him. He stood up, holding you tight against him, and that never failed to make your heart pound in your chest.


He set you down on your bed, kissing you on the cheek with a grin. “Patience, love. Be ready for me when I come back in, alright?”


You felt a shiver go down your spine at his words, watching him leave your bedroom and close the door firmly behind him. You heard chatter back in the main room, and the door opening once- closing once. More chatter, door opening again. You were certain you’d never stripped so quickly in your life, throwing your clothes down and seating yourself on the edge of the bed.


The chatter was quieter now, and you tried to avoid rocking your hips against the slight hardness, no matter how good it felt.


You heard it clearly. Good night, Toshinori. The front door closed and the lock clicked. But nothing else between that and him striding down the hall to your room.


When he saw you sitting there, naked and needy, he took a long, shaky breath, immediately tugging off his own clothes, letting them lay wherever as he approached you.


“You look so good… Don’t think I can resist any longer.”


He pushed you back onto the bed, leaning on one arm while his other hand went to your folds- but this time, moved with purpose, rubbing your clit and fingering you roughly, giving a soft, dark laugh as you squealed and moaned and whined under him, letting out all those sounds you couldn’t earlier.


“You’re so damn wet, Kitten. You really did enjoy that, didn’t you?” His voice was like a purr, soft against your ear and clear in its approval. “I did, too. I think I’ll show you just how much.”


You looked up at him and breathed please and when he gripped your hip and pulled you up just enough for him to line up and slide into you. Between the sheer amount of slick between your thighs and from how aroused you were, it was effortless, but there was always that tiny hint of a stretch that drove you wild. He helped you shift to get more comfortable, but as soon as you hooked your ankles together behind him, he didn’t hesitate another moment. His lips fell on your neck, biting hard and sucking on the skin he tugged on, marking you up and down and across your chest. He didn’t start slow, he went right to the rough, hard fucking you were desperately craving to receive and him to give. If you weren’t so thankful for the end of the teasing and finally being exactly where you wanted to be, you may have been embarrassed from the cries and moans and near-screams you let out, and Shouta didn’t make a single movement to muffle them.


His hand slipped behind your head, fingers tangling into your hair, pulling you up to kiss him briefly, then pulling back on your hair, forcing you to straighten your neck. His lips went to your jaw and throat, and you were fairly certain you’d begin to burn when he growled against your skin, and even more certain when he finally managed to speak again.


“Scream for me.”


It was as if his demand had been a permission granted. Your nails dragged over his back as you clung to him, not able to handle it, crying from the pleasure and getting louder and louder, and finally, finally, you gave him what he wanted. He gave a low groan of approval before biting with renewed vigor, pushing you down against the bed hard, breaths beginning to waver more and more.


“Cum with me,” he breathed against your skin, and you were so close to an incredible climax it was painful but you held in there for him, still making those ravished cries of ecstasy—


And you couldn’t hold it back anymore. You cried out his name as you came hard, clenching tightly around him and soaking him with release, and he dutifully fucked you through it until he came in turn, burying himself deep inside you. He’d made nearly as much noise as you had by the end, and he sounded ridiculously sexy like that, but that was for another time.


He was holding you close, kissing you softly and breathlessly, whispering good kitten over and over and running his fingers through your hair. He praised you endlessly, you were so good for taking his teasing for so long and following his demands perfectly and you were so good and patient and he loved you so, so much. You held tightly to him, still shaking and crying slightly from the stimulation, but not complaining for a second.


“Hey, you… you okay?”


You nodded, managing to tell him that you were fairly sure that was the hardest you’ve ever cum even though your words were a little slurred and your thoughts not entirely coherent. He thanked you and kissed your forehead lovingly.


“You did so good for me, Kitten. So good. Thank you.”


He wiped what was left of your tears from your face, slowly turning you to lie on your back again. “Do you need anything? There’s still those drinks out in the kitchen if you need something.” You nodded, but as he stood up to get the drinks- you knew he knew your favorite by now- you grabbed his hand, your grip surprisingly tight for your current physical state.


“Stay… stay just a little bit longer first.”


His expression softened, though he did flop rather ungracefully down next to you. As if he’d pass up a chance to just lie there next to you, to relax and hold you and tell you how much he loved you.


You may have waited a little longer than you really should have to tell him you were alright, but with all the teasing he’d done you figured he could handle a few extra moments curled up with you.


But you weren’t really surprised, either, when he hesitated for a few moments to get up when you did tell him.