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Bonding & Surprises

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“We’re not naming our child Morgan,” Pepper said, her hand on her growing belly. This was not the first time they’d had this discussion, Tony knew, and he doubted it would be the last. Or at least, unless they came up with a name. The time was nearing when soon they’d have to have something for their son, or else he'd end up being Anthony Stark, II, and Tony didn’t want that.

“Morgan’s perfect. If we’re right and it’s a boy, perfect name. If it’s a girl? Still perfect.” He sat on the sofa and pressed his hands to Pepper’s belly, much to May’s amusement. Ever since the Starks had realized Pepper was pregnant, Pepper had had Molly, Sharon, and May over in the penthouse as often as possible. Tonight they were winding down from an extended family dinner, and Steve and Sharon were doing the clean-up while Peter and Sherlock were playing chess.

“Why not Anthony, though?” May asked, tilting her head. “I mean, I don’t know the whole story, but...”

“No, it’s okay,” Tony said. “My dad picked it out. My birth mother had wanted something else, and my mom wanted Howard II. I just don't want my kid to be another Tony, imitating my legacy.”

“What did my grandmum want for a name?” Molly asked.

“Edwin, after her friend Jarvis. And according to Angela, my mother agreed to it as a secondary name, but my dad put his foot down and I was Anthony. Honestly, I’m surprised I wasn’t Steve or Steven.”

“It’s a good name,” Steve piped up from the kitchen.

“But it’s yours and maybe my next kid can be a Steve or a Roger,” Tony said.

“So you’re already planning more kids?” Pepper asked, raising an eyebrow. “But...I like Edwin. Edwin Stark-Potts. But what about a middle name?”

“Morgan?” Tony said expectantly before pressing a kiss to Pepper’s belly and getting smacked in the head with a pillow by Pepper.

“I rather like it,” Molly said. “Edwin Morgan Stark-Potts has a nice ring to it.”

“Yeah, it does sound nice,” May said with a smile. “Very...posh.”

“Jarvis would have loved it,” Pepper said. “He had seemed the opposite of posh, but...I suppose Edwin Morgan Stark-Potts is something I could live with.”

“Sherlock’s got two middle names, why can’t my brother?” Peter asked from the game. Then he looked back as Sherlock said “Checkmate.” “Hey...”

“Pay attention to the game and I won’t cheat,” Sherlock murmured.

“This is why I never play against Sherlock,” Molly said with a laugh. “Wait until you play Cludeo with him. It’s best to hide the kitchen knives.”

“Suicide is a viable option,” Sherlock said defensively.

“No, it’s not,” Molly said, getting up off the sofa and kissing the top of her husband’s head. “But you could go really posh and do two middle names. Edwin Morgan...Stevens Stark-Potts?”

“Cap, no,” Tony said when Steve looked at them with a huge grin. “The kid won’t even be able to put his name on any official documents, not with his mom and I hyphenating our names.”

“When one of us who has children has a girl, are we having another Peggy in the family?” Sharon asked as she put the last dish in the dishwasher and then wiped her hand on a dishtowel. “I mean, I doubt I’ll be the one, but...”

“You don’t want kids?” Steve asked.

“Not that I don’t want kids, but I kind of need at least a boyfriend or a one night stand first.”

“Sharon!” Pepper said in a mock scandalous tone.

“I know what a one night stand is, Pepper,” Peter piped up.

“And how do you know this?” May asked, smirking slightly.

“Bad television,” Peter said.

“No more HBO for you,” Tony said, and Peter stuck his tongue out at his dad and Tony returned it. “Seriously though, impressionable ears, niece of mine.”

“Well, Molly’s already Margaret, so her naming her daughter Margaret would be weird, even if the baby went by Peggy,” Sharon said, sitting on the other side of Pepper. “So that leaves you two to have a girl.”

“If this is a girl, Margaret Morgan?” Tony asked, looking at his wife.

“You are so set on Morgan being a part of our child’s name, aren’t you?” Pepper said, cupping Tony’s cheek.

“Kind of, yeah,” Tony said.

“Fine. Morgan is the middle name regardless of whether we have a boy or a girl,” Pepper said. “If it’s a boy, his first name is Edwin. If it’s a girl, Margaret.”

“Good, because Molly and I already decided if we had a girl her name would be Natasha Victoria,” Sherlock said.

“Because if it hadn’t been for Nat leaking the files, I don’t think Sherlock and I would have gotten together,” Molly said, running her fingers through her curls. “And Victoria deserves to be remembered.”

“I think that’s lovely,” May said. “And if you have a son?”

“Unlike Tony, I don’t mind my son being named after me since I don’t go by my birth name,” Sherlock said. “We’ll call him William, or Will. And I’ll stay Sherlock.”

“You want kids, Cap?” Sharon asked as he came over.

“Don’t even know if I can, with the serum and all,” Steve said. “But adoption’s an option if I ever settle down, I suppose.”

“I would love children aside from Peter,” May said. “I know what I mean.”

“You do a fine job raising him,” Tony assured her. “I’m still getting used to being a dad to a teenager, but I don’t want to take his family’s place, so...I get it.”

“Good,” May said. “Would be nice if I had a date or something.”

“See? She gets it,” Sharon said.

“So I very much don’t know why I’ve never suggested it, but Steve, May, why don’t you two go on a date?” Pepper said, a sparkle in her eye.

“But I’m so much older than her,” Steve said. “No offense, May, but you don’t want to date a centenarian, right?”

“I don’t know,” May said. “I think I could do worse.”

“Take my Aunt out!” Peter said, nearly jumping out of his seat. “Please. She needs a life. If you don’t date her every shop owner in Brooklyn is going to try and date her and keep making comments and--”

“And just who is making unwanted comments about me?” May asked.

“Not me,” Steve said with a grin. “But I suppose...would you like to have dinner this week, May?”

“I think that would be nice,” May said with a wide smile.

“Let me make the reservations, please,” Pepper said. “And we’ll get you something nice to wear.”

“I’d like to go with you,” Molly said.

“Me too,” Sharon said, raising a hand.

“Then it’s settled,” Tony said. “Pep will make the reservation, the girls can have a girl’s day, and we’ll spend the week roasting our local centenarian about finally having a social life.”

“Ha. Ha. Ha,” Steve said, but he turned and winked at May, and everyone laughed at that. “Just wait until you ask for a babysitter, Stark.”

“Oh, I’m going to enjoy this,” Tony said with a wide grin before pressing another kiss to Pepper’s belly, and then pulling back, his eyes wide. “He kicked!”

“He did,” Pepper said, her eyes wide as well.

“Oh, let me feel,” May said, moving and kneeling in front of pepper. Pepper took her hand and moved it to where the other kick had happened, and then May lit up the room with a warm laugh. “Oh, he’s active now.”

“Peaceful nights are now out the window,” Pepper said as the others came over. Tony looked on, his heart full of love for this room full of people who were his family, both by blood and by choice. He doubted there would be many moments where he was happier, but he was going to let this one stay with him as long as humanly possible.