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Music Days

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The train swayed gently with momentum, wheels screeching to a stop as it neared its stop, the familiar voice calling out the stop name into a quiet train car, landing on deaf ears blocked by headphones. The silent, peaceful atmosphere drifted around the half empty seats of the drowsy dawn as the doors slid open gently, hanging there, waiting, before two more people stepped into the car, slipping into two empty seats quickly.


A moment passed where time seemed to stop, the rays of the early morning sun just barely peeking into the car and bathing it gold. It was completely silent, the cool air trickling in through the open doors, yet there was an underlaid calm beneath the almost awkward atmosphere. With a gentle creak, the doors slid shut and, with a heavy groan, the train slid forwards on the tracks once more, flowing from side to side like a river, or, in this case, a melody.


One of the figures who had just entered the train car from the budding spring outside, nose pink with cold, his black hair flat against his head and dropping to his shoulders, surveyed the other occupants of the train car with curious red eyes, pausing among the various bodies strewn about the train before his eyes widened with a realization that seemed to spark a twinkle of excitement. He turned to the other that had entered with him, a girl with extremely fluffy pink hair and a similar, bright pink skin, and whispered into her ear, taking care not to break the warm, quiet atmosphere of the train car.


“Look, Mina! Everybody has earphones in!”


Mina’s eyes widened, eyebrows raising as she surveyed the car for herself, noticing with a startle that her friend was indeed, correct in the observation.
She turned back, disbelief written into her smile, her own earphones hanging out of one ear.


Her friend, with his own headphones wrapped around his shoulders and playing a barely noticeable harmony, his eyes twinkling with mischief.


“These are what I like to call ‘Music Days’.” He murmured to her, his voice low and no more than a breath compared to his normal, boisterous voice.


Mina quirked an eyebrow, an easy smile falling onto her face at her friend’s proclaim and usual antics.


They had a ritual on rides like these. She would point out another person riding on the car, and he would tell her about them with his incredible ‘people observing skills’ as she liked to call it. Some of the things he would say seemed almost impossible until he pointed out the little things they did, the little quirks they had, and it seemed all so obvious when he explained it. That is, until she tried it herself and came up empty- handed.


She rolled her eyes fondly as he nudged her expectantly, impatiently. She let out a huff and pouted at him for good measure, smiling when she drew a quiet smile from him; the real ones that she used to see before he drowned himself with becoming a hero, and burying his quiet self with loud yells. It was soft and sweet, small but perfect. It warmed her chest.


She gave her own smile back, before she looked back at the other occupants of the train car, musing to herself quietly before choosing a girl standing in the corner, her purple hair cut neatly, but wearing ripped black jeans and a leather jacket. Large, white headphones covered her ears completely, a stark contrast to all of her otherwise black attire.


She pointed discreetly at her, and her friend moved his inquisitive eyes on her, scanning her for a moment before turning back to her to reveal her story.


“She’s shy, but a rebel. She feels too pressured by the world around her. She also gets stressed easily, See how she keeps twisting her fingers around her headphone wires? That’s probably her nervous tick. Also see how she slightly curled around herself, head down, leaning against the wall? 100% introvert right there. But see how she sometimes lets herself out, throwing her head back with the music? I’m willing to bet that music is her only escape, and it’s the thing that keeps her going. Her life revolves around music, probably.”


As her friend explained to her about the girl in the corner, Mina, despite having done this time and time again with her friend, couldn’t help but be amazed once more. He truly was amazing, however much he denied it.


She smiled fondly as he came to a finish, looking back to her with those bright red eyes.
He was like her brother. But he was more than that to her. He was like a part of her that she cherished.
Sometimes he broke, sometimes she broke, but it seemed like they would never part.
As long as they had each other, they could build each other back up.


She didn’t love him in that way, no. She was lesbian, after all.


But she could not deny the fact that she loved him.
He was family.
He was more.


She pointed towards the boy with blonde hair like the sun, sitting not far from the purple- haired girl, a peculiar black lightning mark engraved into his static hair. He was sprawled out on his chair, eyes closed with his head tilted towards the ceiling. He was far from asleep, even Mina could tell, but he seemed at peace; all muscles in his body free of tension.


Her friend, ‘Kiri’, as she so loved to call him, stared at the boy carefully, and she let her eyes close for a moment, just letting herself go, moving in time with the truck, and with the beat that rang through her ears, through her mind.


Perhaps this was what the blonde boy cherished. Just letting himself go; just being himself for once. Being able to relax without fear of anybody bothering him. Being able to smile for himself and for himself only. Perhaps he just wanted to escape a painful reality. Perhaps he wished for a life better than the one he had now.


There were a million things he could have been, could have wanted, could have felt. Music was something that helped millions of people. Music was something that was there for people when they needed it most. It was so vast, so wide. So many different people picked up the headphones, and lost themselves in the music that resounded with them. The music that rang in time with their heart. The music that spoke paragraphs into their head. The music that nobody else could ever know. The music that was for them, and for them alone.


Perhaps it was that she felt as if she had something in common with this boy. Perhaps he was outgoing like her, but secretly shy like Kiri. Perhaps he didn’t do well in school, and beat himself up about it. Perhaps he, too, felt crushed under the pressure of all of the expectations that people demanded him with. Perhaps, they could have been friends, and let their insecurities flow out of them like great roars of music that seemed to clash in their ears, their hearts, and they could have sobbed together and been weak; weak, but weak together.


The train stopped, the boy’s eyes opened gently, and with a silent groan, stood up.


Their eyes met, and they all paused.


His gold eyes stared into hers, hypnotizing, like great pools of gold, mixing, swirling, clashing.

She blinked, and the moment passed.


He let out an invisible sigh, slid his headphone down from his ears and left.


The doors slid shut, and through the hazy windows of the train, they saw his form as he walked away, putting his headphones away reluctantly, as if saying goodbye to a part of himself.


The train rolled away.


Kiri seemed to realize that no words needed to be spoken.


They moved on.


There was a boy with spiky hair.


He was a leader, a drummer, and someone who cared too much. So much so that he hid himself away behind a rocky facade to cover up the storm of emotion behind it.


His red eyes stirred something from within him.


Long forgotten memories from a forgotten past, perhaps.


He opened his mouth, but no words came out. They could almost hear his voice, however. Low, dark, rough, scratchy. Warm, caring.


He left, the doors screeched shut.


They moved on.


A boy with dark hair and long, gangly limbs and a tall, lithe frame.


Insecurity after insecurity laced behind a dorky grin full of teeth.


Uncertainty riddled behind warm black eyes.


Fears of being forgotten, left behind, lay with his fingers as they dug into his clothes nervously.


His black eyes seemed to linger on theirs.


Fate, was it?


Or perhaps they had known each other centuries ago, in a world not their own?


Nevertheless something pulled them together, urged them to speak.


A long second passed, and the other boy shook his head, brushing them briefly as he passed.


He left, and the doors closed once more.


The train moved on, and as she watched his form disappear around the corner, she felt a strange urge to run after the three teens they had seen. She felt something pulling them together, some invisible connection, not unlike the one she shared with Kiri.


Something was binding them together; they were an inseparable part of her and she was a part of them that could never be broken apart. They belonged together, they had to be together. It was some strange bond that went beyond even family. She could no longer explain it, but seeing Kiri’s wide red eyes, she knew she was not the only one who had seen that.


A strange, unidentifiable feeling ran through her as she sat in that train car, gently swaying with the rhythm of her heart. Something had sparked just now. Some, magical thing that could no longer be denied. Some, stronger force that tied them together.


The sun streamed in through the windows, and she could almost see the other teens sitting where they had sat, all of them entertwined together in a great, winding melody.

A lifetime ago, they had been a group. More than a group.





And despite having never seen them before, ever. She knew who they were. She could feel them walking away, unsteadily, reluctantly, the music still whispering through their veins. Their hearts still beating in a harmony only they knew.


They were connected.

They were one.


Their names seemed to whisper at her through the glass, their laughs ringing like ghosts in her ears, despite her never having heard their voices.


Kaminari Denki. The joy.


Bakugo Katsuki. The courage.


Sero Hanta. The generosity.


Kirishima Eijiro. The loyalty.


And her.


Mina Ashido.


The love.