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Cuddling Prompt #30 w/ Bucky Barnes

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It was all your fault that Bucky and you were in this predicament. If you didn’t get distracted and wandered off, then you and Bucky wouldn’t be stuck in a cell in a Hydra facility.

You knew it was all your fault. You feared what they would do to Bucky and yourself, well mostly you worried more about Bucky then yourself. You hoped they didn’t torture him or turn him back into the winter soldier.

An overwhelming sense of dread washed over you. Your heart thudded against your chest, while blood pounded in your ears, your hands started to shake, while your vision started to get blurry, your breathing getting shallow, by the second, until you were gasping for air, it felt like you were being choked. Your mouth felt dry, as your whole body felt numb. It felt like the whole world was closing in on you.

It was all your fault.

“It’s….all….my….fault…” you just barely gasped out, making Bucky stop picking the lock, his eyes widen in shock as he quickly rushed over to your shaking, shivering form. He wasted no time in sitting beside you, wrapping his arms around you, and pulling you onto his lap.

Bucky pressed a tender kiss against the top of your head, then pressed one against your forehead.

“Sh, babe, it’s not your fault, none of this is your fault, unfortunately, things like this happen, but you know what we’ll get out of here, I won’t let anyone here hurt you.” Bucky softly spoke, rubbing soothing circles on the back of your shoulder, as he hugged you tighter to his chest. You hardly heard what he said, you were to busy hyperventilating.

Bucky’s heart dropped to his stomach as he realised this. He frowned before speaking again.

”Y/n, I need you to breathe for me, can you do that.” he spoke, making you shake your head sideways.

“Just follow me, okay, breathe in.” he spoke, sucking in a breathe, you reluctantly, did the same.

“And out.” he spoke again after he let out the breath he was holding in. You copied his action.

“Good girl, and again, breathe in and then out.” Bucky encouraged, still rubbing your back, after about ten minutes of breathing in and out, your breathing pattern was back to normal. Though you still thought it was all your fault.

“You okay?” Bucky asked, pressing a soft kiss against your forehead.

You lifted your head up to look at him, tears still falling from your eyes, Bucky unwrapped his arms from around you to wipe the tears away. He then wrapped his arms around you again, pulling you tightly against his chest, as he waited for your response.

“Yeah, I’m fine, you can let me go now.” you lied. You felt drained.

“Nah, I think I’ll hold you for a little bit longer, make sure you really are okay.” He spoke, as you closed your eyes.

“None of this is your fault, baby.” he spoke, making your eyes reopen, as he pressed another soft kiss against the top of your head.

“It is Bucky, its all my fault, they could torture you or turn you back into the winter soldier, and it will all be on me.” you spoke, as tears started to full rapidly from your eyes.

Bucky let out a sigh, just as he was about to speak a feminine Hungarian voice interrupted him.

“How cute, I’d hate to break this little love feast up, but I need to have a little word with y/n.” she ordered, Bucky and you quickly looked up towards the cell doors, seeing a woman wearing all black attire, her hair was long and black, while her eyes were green, her eyes looked cold and distant. Two hydra agents stood behind her, while another one opened the cell doors.

She smirked at you as you continued to stare at her, making you gulp and tremble in terror, Bucky’s grip tightened on you, as he growled.

”No, stay away from her.” Bucky growled, when the three hydra agents stepped into the cell, the woman smirked, then let out a tsk sound. While the Hydra agents slowly made their way towards you, Bucky let out another growl, glaring at them.

”Oh, honey, I always get what I want.” she growled, as she stood in the doorway, watching as two Hydra agents pulled you off of Bucky, while the other one tased him in the neck with a taser gun, making Bucky’s grip loosened on you, he fell to the bed convulsing, while the two agents dragged you out of the cell and into the hallway, past the woman, a smug look on her face.

“Wipe her.” she commanded to the two agents that were dragging you away.

“Bucky.” you screamed, as you turned your head frantically to look back at him. You tried to escape but failed, they kept dragging you away from him.

Bucky struggled under the intense pain, he tried to get up but failed. The woman let out a chuckle, stepping into the cell.

“You’ll regret this.” Bucky grumbled, glaring at her, as the agent restrained him. She quickly walked towards him, giving him a glare. She gripped his chin tightly making sure he was looking at her, Bucky clenched his teeth and glared at her, honestly, he wouldn’t mind going winter soldier mode on her and murdering her.

“Oh, James, the only thing I regret is not putting a bullet in between your forehead, the moment I saw you, but I need you here, just in case my new little pet goes rogue.” she growled, letting go of his chin but not before pushing his head back roughly making him let out a low growl.

“Put him in cryo-freeze.” she demanded, looking at the agent who was holding Bucky, she then turned around before walking out of the cell.

Bucky let out a grunt, as he felt a needle going into his neck, then felt something being injected into him, he felt loopy and disoriented. His eyes fluttered shut, the last thing he could think of is that he had to save you, he had to get to you before they wiped you…..


The woman walked into the room with a smile on her face, it got even bigger when she saw you strapped to a chair, with large bright lights surrounded you and a circular looking machine was above your head.

“We’re ready to begin.” the scientist spoke, the woman didn’t even bother to look at him as she spoke, her gaze was fixated on you.

”Good, then lets began, turn it up to the highest voltage.” she ordered, smirking at you. The machines started to turn on making your breathing quicken, your eyes widening in fear, as you trembled.

“Who are you?” you gasped out, as the circular machine above you, come hovering down towards you making you clench your first, your heartbeat quickening.

“You can call me Madame Hydra.” she spoke, smirking at you, her smile quickly dropped into a scowl, as the machines started beeping rapidly.

“What’s happening?” she demanded, walking over to the scientist. He looked shocked, while she looked pissed off. He kept looking at your clenched first seeing them glow an amber colour. The glowing kept intensifying.

He tried to speak, but couldn’t even form any words. The machines started to shake violently. Making her look over towards you, she was about to take a step forward when the machines blew up, making glass shatter everywhere, all the people that were in the room ducked for cover, as the whole room shook, in fact, it shook the whole facility.

You quickly sat up, letting out a gasp, as you looked around the room in bewilderment, there was dust everywhere, glass on the ground and the machines were on fire. You let out a cough, bringing your hand to cover your mouth then pulling it away.

“Bucky.” you mumbled to yourself, you had to get out of here and find him.

Just as your feet touched the ground, you felt something zap you, making you faceplant to the ground, you felt electricity flow through your body. You then felt a needle plunge into the back of your neck, then felt something being injected into you. Whatever it was made you feel sleepy, your eyelids fluttered closed, as sleep took over your body.

Madame dropped the needle onto the ground full of dust and glass, then pulled out the two needles from the taser gun that were in the back of your neck, she looked around the room, grimacing at all the damage you have caused.

“Take her to the main base.” she ordered, as a Hydra agent walked into the room, the guy quickly nodded, picking you up, and walking out the room. Just as he reached the doorway he turned around to face her, which made her irritated.

“What part of taking her to the main base don’t you understand.” she growled, giving him an icy glare.

“What about the soldier…..James…?” he asked, making Madame roll her eyes.

“Kill him.” she ordered, giving him a death glare…..