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we’ll meet in every world.

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“Alright! Get into your assigned groups!”

The clatter and chatter of desks and students were loud in the classroom, the teacher grabbing worksheets from his desks and walking around the room to give the groups of three a packet to work on. The children worked well enough, between giggling amongst themselves and talking, they did their work.

“Mr. Midoriya, help me please!” A girl with red hair, a wolfish grin on her face that matched the puppy ears on her head. He walked over to her, squatting next to her desk to look over her question. He helped her easily enough, then going around to help anyone else who needed help.

It had been a peaceful day in Izuku Midoriya’s fourth-grade classroom, his students were bright and brilliant. Even while being quirkless, he was always able to help his students with their quirks, teaching them little ways to get better at controlling themselves. He was 27 years old and this was his third year teaching, graduating high school early and hitting the books hard to help teach the next generation The man often receiving praise for his smart students, either from faculty members or from parents.

Their assignment today was to write about their favorite hero, how the children would be as heroes and if they could help change the world in any way. It seemed peaceful until he heard a yell, loud snapping and cracking. God damn it! He turned around and walked quickly towards the group of girls.

“Don’t talk about my dad like that! He works hard to be a great hero!” Daughter of Pro-Hero Ground Zero, Akiko screamed, her hands popping, sparks flying as she got angry.

“I’ll say what I want! He’s too mean! He should be a villain!” A student yelled back, but before she could say another word, Akiko pushed her, trying to climb on top to hit her classmate if it hadn’t been for their teacher.

“Girls! Enough!” Izuku shouted, grabbing Akiko’s arm to pull her away. The girl glared up at him with teary red eyes and he sighed, pulling her out into the hallway. “You’ll stand out here until the break, you and I will talk later.”

He went back inside and tried to calm the crying girls down, upset at being pushed down and witnessing the small altercation, the front of her shirt slightly burnt. Izuku tried to calm down the riled up class, offering extra break time to whoever would quiet down and finish their work. He rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed softly at his desk, he could see the ten-year-old still standing outside in the hallway, her head hung low.

Once the class ran out to enjoy some time on the playground, he leaned against his desk, Akiko standing in front of him, pouting.

“You didn’t behave well today.” He started, tilting his head as she turned away, glaring out the window to see her classmates playing outside. “I’ll have to speak to your mom again.”

“I’m staying with my dad now …” She said softly.

“That’s right. Then I’ll speak to him.” Izuku went around his desk, pulling out a slip of paper, filling in the blanks. He walked up to the girl and handed it to her. She took it and looked at it. A Home Visitation Notice. Akiko looked up at him, worried.

“My dad’s really busy! He’s tired when he gets home and-and it’s better if it’s over the phone!” Akiko tried to reason with her teacher, but he shook his head, disapproving.

“I’ve spoken with your mom and your behavior doesn’t change. Give this to your dad and we’ll arrange something.” That was that. Izuku excused her, allowing her to play the last few minutes of their break, hoping she would tire out and not get into any more arguments for the remainder of the afternoon.


“Eh? What do you mean I shouldn’t?”

“I had Akiko last year, Mr. Bakugou isn’t the most pleasant person to speak with!” Third Grade teacher, Ochako Uraraka chided, forking some salad into her mouth. Izuku had met with other teachers after work in his co-worker's classroom, all of them chatting and grading papers. “What does this word say? I can’t read this kids penmanship…”

“Elephant?” Izuku squinted at the paper, making a face, unsure.

“Elegant!” Their friend, Iida said in such an as a matter a fact way that Ochako and Izuku looked at each other and then at the paper, they shrugged and went back to their own work.

“This is the last resort, Akiko is my only student who picks fights! Maybe a talk with her father will make her behave.” Izuku sighed, nibbling on some celery, marking his paper and moving onto the next.

“Children can always just be copying their parent's behavior. That won’t change even if you talk to her father.” Iida added, grading some math homework for his advanced six graders. “It might even cause her behavior to worsen.”

“I guess but it can’t hurt to try.”

The two gave Izuku a sympathetic look and that was the end of that, changing the subject to gossip about another teacher. Iida turning red and telling that gossiping wasn’t professional behavior, Ochako and Izuku chuckling, telling him to not be so uptight.


“My dad said you can come tonight around 7…” Akiko told him as she handed back the signed home visitation notice, pouting before going back to sit by her friends. Izuku took the paper and placed it inside his desk. He started the lesson on math, the children groaning but taking out their workbooks and thin textbooks.

The lesson went easy enough, his students asking questions regularly. They weren’t shy around their nice teacher, he always answered their questions and would offer extra help if needed. Afterward, he quizzed then on last weeks material, pretty quick and just answering an equation they worked out before. He expected good results from all his students.

Soon enough the day was over, all the kids gathering their things to go home or hang out with their friends. Akiko was the last to leave, a nervous look on her face. Izuku eyed her as she walked up to him.

“Do you have to come to talk to my dad?”

“I do.” He offered her a smile and she half-heartedly smiled back, gripping her backpack straps.

“Okay… Bye, Mr. Midoriya.”

Akiko sighed and ran out the door, meeting her friends in the hallway. He stayed in his classroom, cleaning up and going through some paperwork. He wanted to finish his work, get the home visit over with and then go home, drink a cold beer and go to bed. Izuku ran a hand through his hair, looking down at his papers, he had the quizzes and some short essays he had to go through as well as the worksheets from the math lesson. He figured it would take him long enough then leave to the Bakugou home.

He finished around 6:45, the warming weather allowing the sun to color the sky orange and pink in the afternoon. Izuku took the home visitation slip out, typing the address into his phone, finding it was in the direction of his own house. He would get there quickly enough. He got in his car, allowing the GPS to guide him to his destination. It took less than ten minutes, now out of his car and standing in front of a luxurious home. The teacher couldn’t expect anything less of a pro-hero’s home. He ran a hand through his unruly hair, straightening his casual button shirt and made sure his slacks weren’t too wrinkled. He hadn’t done a home visitation since his first year of teaching!

He rang the doorbell and waited, hand in his pocket, a bookbag in his other. A young woman opened the door, he raised a brow, he was such that Akiko’s parents were separated and this girl was far too young and-

“Oh! Hello, I’m Akiko’s teacher, is her father home?” He felt a bit rushed, he was sure his face red from embarrassment, he just stood there like a creep.

“Mr. Bakugou isn’t home yet, but you can come inside, he said you might get here before he does.” She stepped aside and he walked in, taking his shoes off at the door. Akiko greeted him from the couch, homework in front of her with the television on low volume. He sat on the other couch, looking down at her work. The young woman came out, a glass of water for the teacher, he took it and thanked her.

“That’s my babysitter, Jirou. She takes care of me when my dads at work.” Akiko explained, noticing her teachers strange look towards the girl. She leaned forward asking him for help, he looked at the problem and told her what formula she should use and let her try to solve it by herself. Even when she didn’t get it right, she made a face and asked her teacher for help again. He smiled at her and her as much as he could without giving the answer away.

“I’m home.” A gruff voice sounded from behind Izuku, he turned his head and found himself staring at the man who walked into the house. A duffle bag in his hands, dressed in loose jeans and a black shirt that seemed just a little bit too tight.

Katsuki Bakugou, 35 years old, one of the top ten heroes, Ground Zero, father of Akiko Bakugou.

Izuku stood and held his hand out to greet the hero, surprised to find himself just an inch or two taller than the man, on TV he looked like a tree! The man’s skin impeccably soft looking, his plump lips formed in a small frown. There was no doubt that Bakugou was undoubtedly handsome. The teacher snapped out of it, introducing himself.

“Hello, Mr. Bakugou. I’m Izuku Midoriya, Akiko’s teacher, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” The hero took his hand and shook it in two quick shakes, letting go and looking the man up and down. It made Izuku a bit nervous, shooting strange electricity up and down his spine but he tried to push those feelings away.

“Hm, let me settle the babysitter and then we’ll talk.” He walked past his daughter, ruffling her already messy hair as he walked into the kitchen where Jirou usually hung out to be on her phone while Akiko did homework.

Izuku watched him leave, in a daze and slowly sat down again, Akiko asking for his help again on her last problem. After a couple of minutes of Izuku smiling and shaking his head, telling his student he couldn’t just give her the answer. She finally finished, putting her work away, Jirou walking out of the front door, the pro hero closing the door after her.

Akiko moved over so that her father could sit in the middle, facing the young teacher. The girl sat up straight, hands in her lap when her father made himself comfortable. Izuku noticed that the girl didn’t fear her father, merely respected him, admired him from the way she looked completely comfortable sitting next to her pro-hero parent.

“So you’re the punk ass teacher that got my little girl in trouble.” Were the first words out of Katsuki’s mouth, crossing his legs, a hand raising to rest it on his daughter's head, blonde hair poking out around his fingers.

Ah. This is what Ochako meant. Izuku shook off his initial shock, leaning forward, resting his elbows on his knees.

“Akiko is a bright student, I’ve spoken with her mother already but it doesn’t seem to work,” Izuku stated, trying to see if he could reason with the angry father across from him, the same red eyes glaring at him as eyes he saw every day in his class. The hero shifted, his strong arms crossing over his chest. “I just want to talk with you about her recent behavior in my classroom.”

“Behavior?” Katsuki turned to look down at his daughter who suddenly found interest on her backpack on the floor.

“She’s been getting into more fights, luckily no one has been hurt. I don’t want to see her suspended.” Izuku said, his hand coming up to run down his mouth and chin, trying to think his words carefully. He knew the father was hostile, any father would be over their only child. “She’s beginning to use her quirk in class and-“

“She has great quirk. She can use it whenever she wants.” Katsuki growled, offended that his daughter who inherited his quirk wasn’t being allowed to use the same quirk that got Katsuki to being a pro.

“I know that it’s just she almost hurt a student during a disagreement-“ Izuku tried, only to get cut off again.

“What is your quirk, Mr. Midoriya?” His name hissed out. Izuku swallowed, lips twitching, but no words came out.

“Mr. Midoriya is quirkless, dad.” Akiko filled in for her teacher, her father looking at her for a moment then back at the teacher, a dry laugh coming from the hero.

“Quirkless, huh?” Katsuki sighed and shook his head, looking down in disbelief. “My daughter got stuck in a dunce’s class then.”

“Dad!” Akiko frowned.

“It’s alright, I might not have a quirk but I teach just as well as the other teachers.” This hadn’t been the first parent who thought this way, some parents even going as far as trying to get their child to a different teacher. The principal always assuring them that Izuku was just as qualified as the rest of the teachers if not better. Katsuki eyed him again, taking in his physique this time, not too much taller but what he lacked in height made it up with muscle. Slacks pulled against his thick thighs, sleeves of his shirt just a bit too tight around the teacher's biceps. Shoulders broad and neck thick.

“So, you want me to lecture her? A slap on the wrist?” Katsuki questioned, raising a brow as he caught the embarrassed look on the teachers face, catching the hero checking him out. He smirked and leaned towards the younger man.

“A lecture would be good, I just don’t want any more problems.”

“Akiko, take a shower and practice your drums, we can talk tomorrow in the morning,” Katsuki told his daughter who just nodded, rather routine before her bedtime. That seemed enough for Izuku as well, hoping his student would take heed in her father's words and make their classroom a bit more peaceful. She waved goodbye at her teacher, picking up her backpack and went up to the stairs. The adults sat in silence as the shower water began to run. “For a useless, quirkless guy, you’re rather built, aren’t you.”

“I-I work out a bit?” Izuku chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his head, where was this coming from? Why was he feeling hot? Why were the eyes that were just glaring at him suddenly looking at him with a different way, burning through his clothes. Katsuki leaned forward, a smirk on his face as he watched the teachers internal struggle, the shift in moods must have been too sudden. The hero liked this. He wondered how long he could keep this going, he assumed 20 minutes while the shower ran or until the man would run out, tail between his legs. Katsuki tested the waters, his hand reaching out and touching the teachers knee.


Izuku wasn’t exactly sure how he got from point A to point B, from talking to his students father, to that father flirting, to that father standing in front of him, pressing a heavy combat boot into his groin. He gripped the cushion of the couch, breath heavy, heart pounding, his face flushed as he bit his tongue to stop a moan from escaping him. The hero stepped a bit more, hard cock under his boot.

“You’re disgusting, Mr. Midoriya…” Katsuki chuckled, enjoying every moment of the blushing teacher. The hero couldn’t help how great the power balance between them felt, how once alone and a little bit of flirting, the poor teacher was trying to hide his sprouting hard on. Katsuki knew he was attractive to both men and women, so he wasn’t surprised, but he still decided to shift the blame. “You come to my house and you turn into this, you’re deplorable.”

“M-Mr. Bakugou, I didn’t-This isn’t-“ Izuku tried to explain himself, a wave of pleasure making his stomach clench, hips involuntarily stuttering to grind into the Hero’s boot. His mind a horrible mess, between trying to explain himself, feeling pleasure build up and from being in the awe of the hero. He couldn’t help it, tears fill his eyes and he looks down in disbelief, a gutted groan as he cums. Izuku lets out a shaky breath and watches the boot come off him, sees in horror the wet patch on the crotch of his slacks.

He immediately covers himself and tried to stand, grabbing his bag but is stopped, strong hands at his chest, red eyes staring into his. Izuku swallows, unsure of what to think, he obviously disrespected the hero’s home, made a mess of himself and yet… Wanted something else to happen. Katsuki gives him a condescending smile, eyes trailing down to the man’s bulge, the wet stain continuing to spread from not being cleaned. He licks over his teeth and lips, what a feast. He looked back up at the flustered teacher, leaning close, relishing when the younger man thinks he about to be kissed. He stopped, hot breath between them.

“Get the fuck out of my house.”

Izuku jumps into action, walking awkwardly towards the front door, slipping on his shoes haphazardly and slamming the door behind him. Katsuki chuckled and puts a hand at his chin to think, maybe he shouldn’t have bullied his daughters teacher like that. It was only the beginning of the year, he had the rest of it to see what other ways he could humiliate the young man. Katsuki opened a beer, maybe he could get him into bed. He thought if the teacher was the type to fuck or get fucked, either way, Katsuki would have complete control. He heard the water stop upstairs and a couple minutes later, the loud clashing of instrument. He was certainly about to have so much fun with Izuku Midoriya.


Izuku rushed into his apartment, locking the door behind him and making a beeline for the bathroom. He turned the hot water on, pulling his shirt over his head and then shuddering as he slid down his spoiled pants and briefs, making a face at the mess. He would have to wash these immediately after he showered.

The hot water relaxed him a bit, letting it run over his face and body. He sighed out, hands on his face.


Never in his lifetime. Never in a million years, would he had expected that a home visit would go like that. Sure he had heard from male teachers that some mothers would flirt to get their child into good graces but Izuku had never experienced it himself. It also didn’t seem like Akiko’s father was trying to get in anyone’s good graces, doing what he did for personal gain, for the humiliation of the teacher.

Izuku took his hands off his face, looking down and frowning at the half-chub he was rocking. He told himself to ignore it, turning the water temperature down to cool himself off. But after washing his hair, his mind still riddled with thoughts of the pro-hero, from his narrowed eyes, his pink lips, the scars that adorned the man’s hands and neck. How he sneered down at Izuku, boot pressing in, bringing embarrassed pleasure.

Izuku sighed out, giving in, he placed a hand on the wall to support himself, the other reaching down to grip himself. He pulled away to grab a bit of body wash, returning to stroke himself, the action wet and fluid. He groaned out, unable to hold his voice back, his apartment lonely and quiet. He stroked himself with the thought of the older man, wondering if he would ever fuck the hero, if the hero would fuck him. What his body looked like, if he would keep that horrible attitude in bed. His thumb teased the tip of his cock, moaning as he imagined kissing the Katsuki.

His mind pushing fantasy after fantasy, his eyes fluttering shut as he felt himself draw near. Izuku threw his head back, the splash of cold water on his chest only pushing him to stroke himself faster.

“Katsuki…” Izuku moaned, looking down, watching splurts of cum wash down the drain, stroking slowly to push every drop he could out. He gripped the base of his softening cock, sighing out tiredly. His face flushed red as he washed his hands under the water, letting the stream wash the body wash away from his groin. He cleaned himself quickly and got out of the shower, he was beyond embarrassed.

As he dried himself, he looked himself in the mirror. He was never going to be able to face his students father again. He was disgusting, touching himself with thoughts of the pro-hero. What a creep!

Izuku went to the fridge and opened a beer, drinking half of it and leaning against the counter. Trying to ration his thoughts. This was normal. Completely normal. It’s fine, even as an adult to pleasure himself with someone he thought was attractive, even if that person humiliated him in their house.

Okay… Maybe not normal.

But maybe he would never face the man again, he was always busy and if Akiko behaved poorly in class, he would just call her mother or send a warning home. He sighed out in relief, the small bubble of guilt that had made itself home in Izuku’s stomach seemed to vanish.


“Mr. Midoriya, it’s so nice to finally meet you!”

Izuku smiles politely at a mother, his hands in hers as she talked excitedly of how her child actually seemed excited to come to his class. Her son was pink and embarrassed behind her.

It was parents day. The school holding a small festival for parents to come and see what their children had done, in art or work, holding activities to show their parents what they learned. Some students even reading essays they have written about their parents. Most parents showed, except for one student. When everyone went to the cafeteria to eat the meal the facility had prepared, Izuku walked over to Akiko.

“My mom isn’t coming…”

Izuku gave her a small comforting pat on the back, tilting his head as she sniffled. He crouched down next to her seat, tears in her eyes.

“Well, do you want to eat lunch with me? They brought tasty food to-“


The pair looked up, a frustrated Katsuki stood at the door, out of breath, seeming like he ran through the school building. The girl quickly got up and ran over to her father, hugging his waist. He ruffled her hair, looking up to see a flustered teacher, he smirked.

“Sorry, ‘m late.” Katsuki told his daughter, who shook her head quickly and looked up at him, telling him she still had her essay for him. He smiled down at her and shrugged her off. “Go save us a seat, I want to talk to your teacher real quick.”

Once they were alone, Izuku tensed when the Hero cocked his hip and eyed the teacher up and down. Izuku wearing casual clothes today, blue jeans and a green t-shirt with some stupid word on it. Katsuki in a black tank top, loose jeans on his legs, the same combat boots that… that…!

“Mr. Bakugou! This isn’t r-really appropriate!” Izuku stuttered, his hands coming up to buffer the space between them as the Hero stepped closer, a permanent smirk on his face. Katsuki stopped when the hands touched his chest, he raised a brow and looked down. Izuku let out a yelp when a hand came down to grab him by the groin, his body stiffening. This isn’t happening!

“You’re the one who’s inappropriate, Mr. Midoriya.” Katsuki chuckled, then stepped closer, his hand coming behind the teacher. Izuku squeaked when his ass was groped, but then furrowed his brow when his phone was suddenly in the hero’s hand. The hero unlocking it, typing in something, then handing it back to the teacher. “You should really have a passcode.”

“What?” Izuku looked down at his phone, a new message typed out, to a number he didn’t know. He realized quickly it was the pro-hero’s number.

“Call me sometime, you’re too much fun, Deku.” With that, the man turned and walked out the door to meet his daughter for lunch.

“Deku?” Izuku swallowed and looked down at his phone again, face blushing as he saved the number. His heart pounding. Did Katsuki Bakugou really just flirt with him?

For a teacher, Izuku was a bit of an idiot, but maybe that was Katsuki’s type.

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“Dude! We can’t do this at your dorm room!” Denki draped himself over Izuku’s shoulders, the young omega nuzzling his friends cheek. Izuku reached back, ruffling the blondes hair, looking down at his textbook, completely used to how his friend didn’t have any personal boundaries.

“Why not?”

“You share a small ass room with three other alphas!” Denki pulled back, plopping himself down on the lounge couch next to his only alpha friend. A small hand on his own cheek, looking at Izuku all bashful but the alpha knew it was an act. “Little me would be ravished…”

“Ravished?” Izuku raised his brow, a small chuckle as he leaned on his palm, Denki looking at him with a cute smile and sweet eyes.

“Yes! Anyways! My house isn’t too far from here, my mom wouldn’t mind. I mean like yeah he could probably yell at me but he just says stuff.” Denki mused, reaching out to take Izuku’s drink and sipped from it, but winced and pushed it away. “Ew! Coffee!”

“Regular people drink coffee that doesn’t have a bunch of milk and sugar in it.” Izuku chuckled, taking his drink back and taking a sip, sighing out happily when he was done, to exaggerate how delicious the regular coffee was. Denki shoved at him and laughed, pulling out his phone to text his mom that they were coming over.

“Do you want to stay the night? We have an extra room.”

“I don’t know… If I stay, there’s going to be two omegas, I’ll be ravished!” Izuku laughed as his arm got pinched, the omega turning red at the statement. Just the thought of Izuku coming to his house and even saying something like that had him nervous and flustered.

The two sat there for a while more, enjoying each other’s company.

Once Denki had to go to his last class of the day, he got up and told Izuku that his mom had given the go for coming over on the weekend. The omega waved happily at him, leaving. Izuku walked back to his dorm, dropping his backpack on his bed. He sat down at his desk and opened his laptop, his other roommate coming up behind him to ruffle his hair.

“So, you’re still hanging out with that cute omega, huh?” Eijirou told him, but Izuku couldn’t really hear his words, only able to smell the rank of his roommates gym sweat.

“Go take a shower before you talk to me.” Izuku groaned, covering his nose waving Eijirou off of him. Alpha pheromones filling the room intensely, he’d have to open up the windows. When the red head didn’t budge, the green haired teen groaned. “We’re just friends, ask him out if he’s so cute.”

“No way! He’s totally into you!” Eijirou groaned, pulling away and taking off his shirt as Izuku opened the window, he was getting tired of the musty room. Even after working out, Izuku would hit the showers before coming back to the room.

“He-He’s not into me, he’s just shy…”

“You’re not into him?” Sure, Izuku had a fantasy or two about the cuddly omega, but who wouldn’t? Denki wasn’t the only one to fall victim to the alphas imaginative mind. But he shook his head, he wasn’t into Denki. Eijirou placed a hand on his chest, letting out a sigh of relief. He thought for a moment, Izuku making sure to save his work in case the conversation drew longer than anticipated. “Bro, so what’s your type? Denki‘s pretty cute, he’s everyone’s type.”

“I mean, he is but he’s our age… I-I guess older?” Izuku groaned as Eijirou shook him, rattling his bones and making his head bob back and forth.

“You’re into MILFs, you’re a dog!”


Izuku and Eijirou turned their head back to see their other roommate, Shouto who placed his book bag on his bunk. They don’t even know why he lived in the dorm when his dad was fucking rich.

“Bro! Izuku’s into them.” Eijirou grinned, but Shouto stopped him from getting close, scrunching his nose at the musk of his roommate. “What are you into?”

Shouto looked to the floor, god he hated having personal conversation like this. The two other alphas staring at him while he trying to think about his kinks.

“Pregnant omegas…”

“Shouto!” Both of them yelled, looking at each other and then back of the newest person in their conversation, both of them red in the face at the bold statement.

“What’s with all the yelling?”

All three looked back at their last roommate, Iida Tenya, another rich boy, the three shouting at the same time.



“Haha, your roommates are so weird!” Denki laughed, holding his backpack straps in his hands. He and Izuku leaving the dorm room.

“Sorry about them, they’re… eccentric.” Izuku sighed, unable to shake the thought of how his roommates stared at the omega who came into their room to pick up Izuku. Eijirou even looking extra sweaty and red as he tried to introduce himself, Denki trying to smile at him, a little pink as he shook the alphas hand. Izuku and Shouto watching their little weird interaction, then at each other, feeling like they should leave so the two could fuck.

The pair got to the train, waiting for a few minutes, a silence between them as Izuku texted some friends back.

“So…” Denki tried to start, nonchalantly, playing with some of his hair, looking away. “Is that guy with the red hair single?”

“Uh, Yeah…” Izuku nodded, pursing his lips because he already knew where the flow of conversation was headed, switching his conversation to Eijirou, texting him to ask Denki out already. “Why?”

“N-Nothing! Oh, look! The train!” Denki blushed, running up to the train and getting on, Izuku smiling and following after him. They sat across from each other. “Oh, when we get to my house, my moms weird about cups, so use a coaster… He’ll flip.”

Izuku chuckled and nodded, asking for other advice. Their conversation going with ease and conversation, the topic of Denki’s parents being divorced and how his mom was super tough about it, how he went back to school and got a good job. They got of the train, walking a few blocks until they came in front of a modern house. Izuku following behind as Denki unlocked the door, inviting the alpha inside.

The house was neat and clean, a gentle, sweet scent making Izuku’s hair on the back of his neck stand a bit. He recognized it a bit, Denki smelled like this sometimes, closer to heat and Izuku would pretend not to notice. Even if he was an alpha he wasn’t about to get closer to sniff the omegas neck, no matter how badly he wanted to. Denki told him he could sit in the couch and he’d get them drinks.

Izuku sat and pulled out some notebooks, his laptop and relaxed a bit. He couldn’t help but look at the pictures around the room, most of them of his omega friend, he did find one from when Denki was a toddler. Sitting in a really pretty omega’s lap, alpha father standing behind them. Izuku wondered if the omega still looked like that so many years later, knowing his own mom put on a little bit of weight since he was a kid, but she just looked happier and cuddlier to him. Denki gave him a water bottle and sat down next to him, extremely close as always, knees touching. It had made Izuku nervous when they became friends their first year, even asking Denki what was the deal. Denki just tilted his head and blushed, saying he was like that with all his friends. Izuku later realizing all of Denki’s friends were omegas and betas, not a single Alpha friend insight aside from the green haired teenager.

“Mm, I’ll study this subject and… you study the rest!” The blonde grinned, Izuku raising a brow and looking down at the subjects. Denki giving himself the easiest of tasks, looking up names for birth dates and the days they died, leaving Izuku with everything else. He looked up at Denki who gave him a sheepish smile before the omega gave himself another easy task. For now, it’ll do, at least getting the tedious stuff out of the way.

They began to work, talking and laughing, Izuku didn’t miss the way that Denki had cuddled closer to him, leaning his cheek on the alphas shoulder with his laptop on his legs, his gentle scent wafting the alphas senses. Izuku tried to ignore how nicely his friend smelled, trying to distract himself by chewing on the inside of his cheek.

“Denki?” Izuku asked, the omega humming in response. “Yo-you’re a little close.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Denki softly said, distracted with his phone, not even researching, he was on Instagram.

“I-I’m an alpha, it’s fine for a little but I can’t concentrate if I can smell you so much.”

Denki pulled away quickly, blush blooming on his face as his mouth gaped open. He started waving his hands in front of his face, in the sudden space between them, apologizing.

“Sorry! I forget! All my other friends as so cool with it! And you’re like the only alpha friend I have so… I forget… sometimes…” Denki mumbled, trying to look anywhere else in the room but at his embarrassed alpha friend and Izuku has a similar reaction, tips of his ears red as he looked down at his work.

“Y-You know… Eijirou likes you. I don’t think he would mind if you were close to him.” Izuku tried, feeling a bit stupid for trying to be a wingman for his roommate who wasn’t even there. Denki bit his lip and looked away, nodding in thought. Both of them sat in silence for a while, trying to get back to work, maybe they should have stayed in the dorms to work on this. Denki shuffling around and then excusing himself to go to the restroom. Once out of the living room, Izuku sighed out and brought his hands to his head, messing with his hair to concentrate. He wasn’t into Denki, but he was a cute little thing so his dick was trying to do more thinking then his brain. He needed to relax and act like a human being, not like some dog.

The alpha snapped out of it when the front door opened, he could hear some movement from the hallway entrance then he saw the hottest omega he had ever laid his eyes on.

Bombshell, blond, petite, the tightest slacks on his legs, a practically sheer dress shirt, Izuku sword he could see pink on his chest, his face was beautiful and… and angry?

“Who the fuck are you?”

Izuku stumbled to his feet, bowing his head in embarrassment from staring at the older omega.

“Izuku! I’m a friend of Denki’s, Mr. Kaminari.”

“Kaminari is my ex-husband’s name. Just call me Katsuki, kid.” Izuku blinked when he was corrected, his ears red as he nodded. The older omega walked over, placing a bag of take out on the coffee table that the two students had their textbooks spread out on. He looked behind the alphas mop of green hair and his scowl turned into a smile. “Hey, baby.”


Izuku watched as the two omegas greeted each other in front of him, rubbing their cheeks together. Denki giggling as his mother kissed him on the cheek, asking his son how he was. Izuku quickly shook the thought of a porn scenario that he had watched a few nights ago. This isn’t porn, this isn’t porn.

“Hm… At least he’s cute.” Izuku realized that the omegas were looking at him, his face flushed at the comment, Denki turning the same shade. The young omega sputtered, explaining that they were just friends. Izuku didn’t miss the way Katsuki eyed him, heat coursing through his body at the lewd smile and narrowed eyes directed at him. He was unsure if Denki had seen or was just used to his mother acting like this. “Well, I’ll leave you two to it. You’re staying the night, right?”

“Y-Yeah, Denki said it was alright?” Izuku swallowed, wondering now if it was actually a good idea. Katsuki nodded and smirked.

“Good, it’s been a while since there’s been a man in the house.” Katsuki said, patting Izuku on the shoulder as he walked past them, going up the stairs. Izuku unable to keep his eyes off the omegas ass, watching it shift with every step up the stairs.

“Dude!” Izuku turned his head so quickly towards Denki, he almost gave himself whiplash. Denki smacking him on the chest, glaring at him. The omega speaking to him in a hushed, angry voice. “Are you checking my mom out!?”

“N-No! I just-uh, I, uh…” The alpha felt like he was digging himself into a deeper hole, Denki eyeing him in suspicion. The omega leaning forward to grab some of the take out Katsuki had brought them, cheering slightly before handing Izuku a portion. Their awkward conversation left behind them as they ate and quickly got back to work, the food giving them energy.


“You can take a bath if you want, or a shower.” Denki told Izuku, handing him a fluffy, clean towel from the cabinet in the bathroom. He told the alpha he could use any of their soaps and if he needed help with the water temperature to let either him or his mom know and they would help the young alpha. Denki smiled and walked out, closing the door behind him to go set up the guest bedroom for Izuku.

The alpha let out a breath and slid off his shirt, opening his bag to take out a t shirt to sleep in and some basketball shorts. Was he nervous? He hadn’t sleep in an omegas home since his first girlfriend in high school and that was different because at least her Alpha father had scolded Izuku that he shouldn’t try anything funny. There was no alpha in the house, just two unmated, nicely scented and pretty omegas.

Izuku sighed and looked at the shower, trying to figure out the knobs, turning the one he thought was the hot water but after a minute, only cold water continued to run. He was fucking confused, he had barely gotten used to the showers at the university! He turned the water off and stood there, hands at his hips. He opened the bathroom door and called out for Denki, swallowing as Katsuki came up the stairs, dressed in a short robe.

“He went to the store for me, did you need something, hun?” Katsuki said nice words, but the smirk on his face told Izuku that the omega most likely didn’t mean them.

“Uh, the water, I-I can’t figure it out and-“ Izuku trying to hide behind the slightly opened door, suddenly embarrassed at his shirtless state. He had a nice body, worked hard to get his body in shape after being bullied when he was younger but still, in front of a more experienced omega. Shy was all he felt.

Katsuki pushed the door open, Izuku’s body tensing as the omega eyed his chest and stomach, red eyes gazing over muscled pecs and strong abs. The omega placed a hand on the edge of the tub, hips cocked out, turning the knobs.

“Hot…” Izuku mumbled, his eyes gazing down, bottom of short shorts peeking from underneath the black robe. He blinked when Katsuki looked at him over his shoulder, a sly smirk.

“Hot water it is…” Katsuki stood up straight, turning to Izuku, a hand touching the bare skin of the alphas chest. He swallowed at the omega leaned in close. Smell of sweet perfume and cinnamon filling his nostrils, he wondered for a moment what the omegas slick smelt like, what it tasted. “Let me know if you need anything else.”

“I-I will!” Izuku said a little too loudly, snapped out of his thoughts and closed the door, locking it. His heart hammering in his chest, he was at his friends house, his friends mom was just being nice. If Izuku could think with his brain and not his dick! This whole situation wouldn’t even bother him. He would take a shower, finish whatever segment of their project they were on, get some sleep and go back to the university tomorrow. Easy as pie, right!

He stepped in the shower and hissed slightly at the hot water that stung his skin, but he grew used to it. He stood there in the stream for a few moments, then looking down at the variation of shampoos and body wash. Izuku picked up a blue bottle, masculine, hopefully? Wrong. He immediately could tell this was Denki’s, the soft coconut scent reminded him of the hyper blond. He put down the bottle and picked up another bottle, giving it a whiff. Katsuki. He couldn’t describe it but it immediately reminded him of the older omega, mind shifting to his perverse thoughts and put the bottle down quickly.

At this rate he was just going to stand in the hot water, he ignored the scent of the next shampoo bottle, latering his hair quickly and rinsing it out. He washed his body and sighed, maybe coming was a bad idea, he didn’t know how well he would sleep in the house with omegas. It was too late to catch a train back to the university and he didn't want to insult either of them by leaving so suddenly. He would just have to soldier on until morning.

When he got out of the shower, he dried himself with the towel, slipping on his shorts and shirt. Throwing the towel onto his wet hair, picking up his bag and walking out, ruffling his hair with one hand.

Denki smiled at him from the stairs, waving the alpha over. Both of them going into the living room to finish their work, at least for now and gather their thoughts in the morning or at school. After an hour, Denki stretched, letting out a small squeak when his back let out a satisfying pop.

They stood and went up the stairs, Denki smiling at the alpha, opening one of the bedroom doors. Izuku walked over to him and looked in, it was plain, so most likely the guest bedroom. “You’re staying in here tonight.”

“Cool.” Izuku’s eyes nearly rolled to the back of his head, cool? Really? Fucking knot brain.

“Mhm, this is my room and my moms room is on the other side of the hall, just in case you need us.” Denki smiled, following Izuku into the room where he placed his bag and sat on the comfortable bed. Denki stood against the door frame, thinking for a moment, the alpha almost swore he could hear the gears of the blondes brain turning. “So, my mom, huh.”

Izuku groaned covering his face with his hands, knowing he was in a hellstorm of teasing but none of it came, he uncovered his face and looked up at Denki who was staring at the ground.

“Do you think… Eijirou would have the same reaction?”

Oh. That’s where this was going.

“No way, I think.. I think he really does like you. So, his eyes would be on you all the time.”


Izuku nodded and Denki brightened up, a shy smile on his face as he played with his hair. They talked for a bit, wishing each other goodnight, Denki closing the bedroom door and a moment later, Izuku heard another door close.

Izuku laid back on the bed, tired from his brain constantly pushing fantasies on him for the past couple of hours. He closed his eyes, hands on his stomach, thoughts of the beautiful omega flashing behind his closed eyelids. How Katsuki would look bent over, how he would moan for Izuku’s knot, how he would whimper and smile at the alpha. His hand trailed down and pressed against his groin, he really shouldn’t. He sat up straight and looked at the door, it was locked and he had a packet of tissues in his bag. The only thing stopping him was if either omega would be able to smell it, knowing how keen omegas could be to scent at the worst times.

He laid back down and willed himself to sleep, pushing away thoughts of the older omega.


Izuku looked at his phone, 2:10am, he groaned and sat up slowly. He had to piss so bad. He used the light of his phone to guide him out of the room and to the restroom, trying his best to be quiet. He closed the bathroom door, sighing out as he relieved himself, eyes blinking slowly in a drowsy state. He shook himself free of the last couple of drops and pulled his shorts back up. The alpha washed his hands and wiped them on his shirt as he exited the bathroom. Stopping in the hallway, body freezing, mind blank and focused on that sound.

A soft moan.

His legs guided him and before he knew it, he stood in front of a closed door, the complete opposite direction of his temporary room. His heart racing, salivating as he heard it again, the pitch a little higher but it was undeniable. Another sexy moan. He wanted to see, wanted to know the omega behind the door was moaning so nicely. Izuku’s mind putting in the work, was Katsuki touching himself, using a toy, was he moaning with the thought of the young alpha under his roof? His large hand gripped the handle and he turned it, alpha instincts kicking in wildly, pushing him to go to the omega. The sight better than he could have imagined. Katsuki on his stomach on the rumbled sheets, surrounded by a plethora of pillows, hips raised up, arm under him, pushing a slick toy in and out. Moaning into the sheets, body pink and his skin oh so soft looking, Izuku wanted to bruise the flesh under his hands.

The door creaked as he opened it more, the omega on the bed startled and Katsuki lifted his head, sitting himself up quickly. Face red with embarrassment.

“You fucking brat-“

“S-Sorry! I just- I heard!” Izuku snapped out of it, how could he purposely invade the privacy of an omega, guilt over taking arousal in his stomach.

“Close the door!”

Izuku jumped and closed the door behind him. Wait, behind him. The alpha swallowed and turned his head, yup, he had closed the door with himself in the room with the previously masturbating omega. His face was red and he tried to think, the scent of hormones filling the air and making him dizzy. He never considered himself such a horny alpha, always controlling himself around omegas and betas, even when they were in pre-heat. He never acted out to make them uncomfortable, but this was different, he was insanely attracted to Katsuki, causing his brain to malfunction.

Katsuki eyed the teenager in his room, narrowing his eyes but the alpha’s arousal was evident in both waves of scent as well as the obvious hard on that tented Izuku’s shorts. The omega thought for a moment, deciding on his course of action, he reached under him and slowly pulled the dildo out, letting fall onto the bed as he stood up. The alpha pressed himself flat against the door as the flushed omega walked up to him, hands on his chest, soft legs against his.

“You’re a naughty alpha, aren’t you?” Katsuki softly said, pressing forward, the alphas groin pressing against his lower stomach. His insides quivering at how big the teenager felt.

“I-I’m sorry.” Izuku lowly said, body hot and even hotter where the omega touched. He let out a grunt as Katsuki reached into the front of his shorts, grasping him and slowly stroking.

“You got a big dick for a pervert.” Izuku said nothing and looked down, glassy red eyes peering at him in interest. He swallowed and panted as the pace increased, the omega pulling his shorts down and fondling the alphas balls in his small hand. “You can make it up to me since you did interrupt me…”

Izuku groaned as he was kissed, his hands moving from being pressed against the door to the back of Katsuki’s head, another wrapping around the omegas small waist, bringing him closer.

Katsuki mewled softly as the sloppy inexperienced kiss of a teenager, remembering being kissed like this when he was younger and it lit a new fire in his lower stomach. He stopped stroking the alpha, fingertips over the head of the hard cock, pre-cum sticking to his fingers. Katsuki pulled away, green eyes on him as he brought his fingers to his mouth, licking over the salty fluid. The omega chuckled when he was picked up, carried the few feet to his bed, pushed down against the mattress in just moments. He looked up to the alpha, Izuku panting and growling, pulling his shirt over his head and tossing it aside, losing himself to a haze of arousal. Izuku ground his pelvis down, pressing in to kiss Katsuki’s soft lips again. The omega pushed the alpha away, fingers against the alphas hot mouth.

“Aren’t you eager?”

“Ye-Yeah… Wanna… Wanna…” Izuku couldn’t get a coherent sentence out, his mind filled with getting his dick wet with the pretty omega under him. Katsuki hummed and sighed softly, the alphas cock rubbing between his cheeks, the motion slippery from his slick.

“Get off.” Katsuki huffed, Izuku stopping his actions and looking panicked, like if he was the one who was forcing the omega down, he pulled off. The young alpha tried to spit out an apology but he was stopped, his arm being tugged and he found himself laid against the sheets, enveloped in the scent. “I’m always on top, understand?”

Izuku swallowed and nodded quickly, eyes trailing down to where his penis was grasped again. The omega lazily stroking him, drawing hot groans from the alpha. Katsuki leaned down, another kiss on the teenagers mouth, sweet nothings whispered as he raised himself. He gasped as he sunk down on the hard cock, whimpering as it was thicker than his toy and much thicker than his ex-husband. His soft hips gripped tightly in the alphas large hands, he was sure he would bruise under the grasp.

“Oh fuck…” Izuku panted as the omega sat down completely, his cock completely wet and hot inside his friends mom. His eyes trailed up the omegas body, the pink cock hard and against Izuku’s stomach, his stomach flat and lean, his chest heaving and pink nipples perk. The alpha finally landed on the omegas face, flushed and so very pretty, cheek pressed against his shoulder as the omega shuddered out a moan.

Katsuki slowly began to rock his hips, biting his lip happily as the cock sent sparks of fire up his spine, electrifying his brain. It had been so long since he had hard alpha cock inside of him, sticking to toys and fingers. Who would have imagined that Denki would have brought such a treat home. Slowly, they picked up a rhythm, Katsuki slowly rising, the help of Izuku’s hands on him, the alpha thrusting up to meet him halfway, the way his body jolted from the simple power of the alpha was so great. Quiet moans and kisses between them, the creak of the bed louder than body of them, the wet sound of their bodies meeting rang in their ears.

Katsuki pulled away, picking up the pace, unable to help the shrill moan that let him as the Alpha cock dragged along his prostate on entry. It was so good, so hot, the omega so happy and horny.

“I-I’m cumming..”

“You can’t.. I’m not there yet. Be a good boy and hold out, you’re young, you can do it.” Katsuki moaned against Izuku’s lips, his eyes fluttering shut as he focused as the alpha took the ropes, holding the omegas body up so that he could begin thrusting up with gusto. Izuku hoped he could get the pretty omega to cum on his cock first. The way Katsuki twitched and tensed, nails gripping into Izuku’s biceps let him know the omega was well on his way.

“You’re so hot, so pretty, wanted to… Wanted to fuck you since I met you.” Izuku groaned, a endless waterfall of words, whatever came to his mind as the omega cried, whimpering and clenching as he came, pretty tears dropping on Izuku’s face.

The alpha thrusted in however he liked now, chasing his own pleasure, the omega in his lap bouncing happily, letting the teenager use his body as he saw fit.

“Knot… Alpha…” Katsuki whimpered, over stimulated and brain short-circuiting at the continue assault of his body. He loved every movement of it, loved it as Izuku growled, one last hard thrust, bringing Katsuki’s body down as he knotted him, pushing hot cum into the omegas petite body.

Katsuki pushed himself up on shaky arms, hands on the alphas chest, the hard cock inside of him leaving a glorious burn where the knot stretched him. He let out a shaky breath and chuckled, his hips beginning to rock again, wondering if he could get the alpha to come again while they were tied. A gentle smack on his thigh telling him to stop, he looked down at the flushed alpha. Maybe the teasing should stop.

“What? Don’t tell me I have more energy than you?”

“I-I never knotted… Kind of hurts.” Izuku whimpered, swallowing as he winced when Katsuki rocked his hips in experiment.

“You’re just a pussy, you gotta get used to it.” Katsuki smirked, rocking his hips slowly as he leaned down to kiss the alpha, prying a pain moan from him. He continued until the moans turned breathy, whimpering as the alpha came again, another hot flush of cum inside of Katsuki. “That’s a good boy…”

Izuku’s head was fuzzy and he was sure if the omega tried to get anymore pleasure out of him, he’d pass out. Thankfully, the omega cuddled against his chest, pressing their cheeks together in regular omega fashion. Even peppering soft kisses against Izuku’s mouth, which he happily returned.

When the knot softened, Izuku helped the shaky omega off, swallowing as he watched his own cum drip from Katsuki’s soft hole. He looked away as Katsuki cleaned himself, stuttering when his cock was cleaned by the omega. Soft lips against his ears.

“You should head back to your room.”

Izuku nodded and turned to Katsuki, a small question on his mind, but it was cleared when he was kissed again, small hand on his jaw and on the back of his neck. Izuku pulled his shorts on and found his shirt, looking over his shoulder at the omega, who laid against the sheets, smiling at the love struck alpha. Izuku quietly made it to his room, falling back on the pillows with a sigh. Sleep threatening to take him there and then. He let it, a fantasy filled dream overtaking his rest.


Izuku walked down the stairs, yawning and a hand scratching his stomach, following the scent of breakfast. Denki knocking on his door a few minutes ago to come down and eat.

His mind fully woke up when he walked into the kitchen, Denki sitting at the table in short shorts, a tank top over his chest, Katsuki handing him a plate, dressed in leggings and a similar tank top. Both omegas looking at the alpha. This isn’t porn, this isn’t porn!

Izuku smiles awkwardly and sat down, a hot plate in front of him. He thanked the omega and stuffed his face to avoid saying something stupid. Denki talking happily of having the weirdest dream, of noises and the like. Izuku drank juice and nodded, wondering how loud he and the older omega had gotten. Denki finished first, saying he was going upstairs to call his dad to talk to him a bit. He left his mom and Izuku alone in the kitchen. The alpha placing his dish in the sink, when he turned, he was pushed against the counter, red eyes looking at him, a hot flash over his groin.

“You should visit more often, I’m sure Denki will love having a friend over.”

Izuku just nodded, sighing as lips met his, his hands trailing down to grope the omega in his leggings. They got carried away, Izuku turning them and raising Katsuki onto the counter, pressing between his legs. Neither of them noticed the hyper blond come back to the kitchen, his dad not answering his morning call. Taking in the sight of his friend and mom making out.

“What the fuck!”


Izuku let out a frustrated groan, he was beyond tired and with finals coming up soon, then his summer job, he didn’t know if he would have time to visit Katsuki any time soon. He opened his dorm room, immediately smelling an omega.

“Hey step-dad!”

The unison of their voices only amplified his annoyance. Denki sitting on Eijirou’s lap, both of them on the red heads bed, teasing smiles directed at Izuku.

“Stop calling me that!” Izuku dropped his things and face planted into his bed, trying to drown out the giggling of the pair. He didn’t have the patience, ever since the two started dating, their common goal was to irritate Izuku as much as possible, poking at him for his relationship with the bombshell omega that was Katsuki. He looked at his phone, a new text message, he felt his muscles relax as he responded to his lover.

He dropped his phone and buried his face into his pillow, letting out a yelp as Denki jumped onto his back, the omega didn’t weigh much, but the shock of it surprised him. Denki nuzzling his cheek, a smile on his face.

“Buy me something, step-dad…”

Denki laughed and Eijirou joined in, both of them beginning to bother Izuku all over again. Izuku let them, too tired to let their actions affect him too much. They quickly grew bored and went back to the redheads bunk to cuddle, giggle and kiss happily. Izuku let himself daze off, Denki’s giggle was just like his moms so he found comfort in that for now.

Dreaming of Katsuki under him, that sexy smirk on his face while he moved his hips so nicely, begging for Izuku’s knot…


Chapter Text

Deku does POV asmr videos where he talks to the watcher, studies with them, eats katsudon. Even has little videos calling the watcher baby and saying he loves them. Katsuki can’t help the flutter in his chest when he watched them, listening to them…


Katsuki was 18 years old when a friend of his sent him an mukbang, saying the chick was super hot and the way she ate was super seductive. The blond just rolled his eyes, telling him to fuck off and that he didn’t have time for that weird shit.

One night, after both his friends weren’t home, he ordered himself Chinese food and decided… Maybe it couldn’t hurt to watch the video his friend sent him. So there he was, sitting in front of his laptop in his room alone, a plate of stir-fry, sweet and spicy chicken with fried rice in front of him. He started the video and his brow furrowed at the woman on the screen, she had a decent amount of food in front of her, lipstick on her lips as she greeted the watcher.

Katsuki shrugged and began to eat when she did, blinking when she would talk and take pauses, as if she was talking to him. Her soft words and gentle laughter made him realize he… sort of liked it. He finished eating around the same time that she ended the video and his heart pounded in his chest.

What was that?

He put his plate aside and scrolled down to the comments, the first few were of how hot the woman was, how they jerked off to this. Katsuki rolled his eyes and scrolled down, smiling slightly of comments who said that this video calms them down, helped with their social anxiety of eating in front of people. Katsuki wasn’t sure why he liked it, it was just calming, he didn’t have to talk and she was pretty and would eat so neatly.

He closed his laptop and shook it off, needing to do some worksheet anyways. He doubted he would even watch that type of shit again, he rarely used his laptop anyways.

He was wrong.

Every so often, when he had a shitty day or just wanted something to watch while he studied or ate, he would find a video or two to relax, the calming voice of the person on screen usually helped. His mind at rest as his worked or ate. He was beyond embarrassed though, he would never tell anyone, how could he even tell them?

I watch asmr videos to relax and calm down because I get anxious sometimes?

Yeah right, he was a teenager, his pride would take a beating. He was sure most of the people who felt this way were chicks from the way they wrote their comments.

Katsuki continued this in secret, often watching the same few people, of growing bored and searching for more. Under one round brown haired girl who was doing a asmr about going to sleep, he saw to the sidebar, the top suggestion.

“Let’s study. ASMR.” By someone by the name of Deku, it only had a few thousand views and the guy had a couple thousand subscribers.

The blond smirked and clicked on it, the video starts off in a empty kitchen, books scattered on the bottom of the screen. Katsuki assuming it was the watchers textbooks.

“Sorry I’m late!” A soft voice apologized and walking into frame, dropping his books gently on the other side of the table, a flustered smile as the guy on the screen leaned in close. “Eh? Yeah I know… I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

Katsuki usually didn’t watch this type of video, but the guy on screen seemed nice and he talked happily, asking questions that the blond found himself answering. He blushed and looked down at his work, just listening to the sounds of pen on paper, page turning, this Deku guy talking about daily things, how he wasn’t sure how well he did on their last exam, or if next semester he should take Psychology 108 or Sociology 120. So he was in college too then? Katsuki looked up, the person on screen did look a bit older, maybe 20? He was never good at guessing ages. The video was almost over and so was the teenager, closing his textbooks and sighing, but he looked back at the screen. Deku reaching out, his hand off screen, leaning closing, Katsuki able to see ever freckle on the man’s face, the camera focusing.

“I’m really glad we did this… Our next date should be at a park…” Deku gave a bashful smile and blinked, looking away and a moment passed. The blondes heart racing in his chest. “Yeah, I’d like that… I have to go to work but… I’ll call you later, okay?”

“Okay…” Katsuki said softly, entranced by the man who smiled and nodded, collecting his books and standing. His face nearly exploded in red, his cheeks hot, tears watery at the embarrassing response. He couldn’t help it, it was the first time he found himself responding out loud. He was glad no one could hear him from him room, it was still extremely embarrassing. He closed the video and stood, trying to shake off the feelings. What the hell, he wasn’t some chick!

Nearly a week passed before Katsuki dared even to look at any asmr video. Slowly starting to watch some of the one that was recommended, walking Deku’s dog, eating Katsudon, watching a movie.

But his top suggested was one of Deku’s videos titled “Bed Time.” The blond nearly rolled at the embarrassing title, only giving it a listen to see how badly it would sound, not because his heart fluttered. When he clicked on the video, he realized it was just a 10 minute audio. He grabbed his earphones and turned off the lights, laying in his bed, maybe it was so boring it’d put him to sleep, right?

“Hey baby…”

Katsuki sat up so fast the dark room spun, he looked down at his phone, the video 8 seconds in. He didn’t expect it to start like that, the rasp of the man’s voice, how softly he was called baby… He swallowed and stayed sitting, pressing play to continue listening.

“I know you’re tired, but I wanted to talk… No, it’s nothing bad…”

Katsuki closed his eyes, his imagination taken over as Deku kept talking, the audio had little noises in the back, steps and sitting on the bed, cars outside. The audio continued for a few minutes but the teenager ate it all up, listening to ever words, answering in his mind when he was asked something.

“Okay… I’m going to say it… Promise you won’t freak out…” Deku took a pause, a small chuckle coming from him, then he continued. “I-I’m your boyfriend, and being with you is amazing…”

Katsuki bit his lip, the word boyfriend turning his body warm and fuzzy, swallowing as he took in every word.

“I love you… I want you to be with me… All the time…”

Katsuki’s face was red, he brought his knees up to his chest, resting his chin on them a he stared down at his phone. He wanted to hear it again, about to grab his phone to rewind the audio but.

“You want me to say it again? It’s embarrassing isn’t it? I-I love you…” Deku stuttered, Katsuki wondering if it was part of the asmr or just how the man was in person. The audio ended soon after and Katsuki was buzzing, he didn’t know if it was because it was the first time someone out of his family said those words so closely in his ears, if he was lonely or if… If something else? He wasn’t sure but the way his heart pounded and butterflies formed in his stomach was getting pretty annoying.

He clicked on the description of the video, a twitter link and a 18+ support a creator link.


As in porn? Deku did porn?!

Katsuki’s mind a mess but he didn’t dive deeper, turning his phone off and trying to think. While it was 18+ it was to support Deku… It’s not like a couple of bucks would hurt his wallet…

He opened his phone again, first going to twitter and following Deku. His profile picture of him and his large Labrador that Katsuki remembered his name being All Might from a video a while back. He retweeted the pinned tweet about a give away.

He went back and with shaky hands clicked on the 18+ link.

It opened to a page, tiers of supporting available. Each tier including the one above it if purchased.

$1 would let Katsuki watch videos before they were uploaded.

$5 would let Katsuki listen to 18+ asmr audio.

$20 would let Katsuki watch a 18+ POV video.

$50 would let Katsuki have one commission a month, nsfw or sfw, audio of 20 minutes or video of 10 minutes, of whatever the supporter would like.

Katsuki swallowed and thought, deciding this would be better done on his laptop where he could put in his details quickly. He got up, reaching for his wallet and turning his laptop on. His heart pounding, sure he had a porn subscription, but those ten bucks were used sparingly and he shared his account with his roommates. No one judging each other for what they found in the video history, though it was brought up at the worst times.

Katsuki decided on the $5 tier for now, maybe it wasn’t even that good, so he wouldn’t think twice about five dollars. He created his account quickly enough, entering his card information and returning to Deku’s page. He looked down the posts, the 18+ audios all ready to be listened to.

He got up and opened his door, listening for his roommates but when he heard nothing he locked his door. Feeling dirtier for listening to porn rather than watching it, he could never get caught. He would not live this one down.

He grabbed his earphones and plugged them into his laptop, legs brought up on his desk chair as he hesitated to press play. The audio only 24 minutes long. The description of the first time that the watcher and Deku get together.

Fuck it. He pressed play.

The audio began, the sound of a door opening and closing, a tired sigh from Deku.

“Oh, hey baby…”

Katsuki had to pause the audio, his face red as could be, why was he so embarrassed to be called baby?! It got him every time, he knew it was to keep ambiguity and the gender up to the listener but it was still… making his ears turn so hot. He pressed play.

“How was your day?” A pause and then a huff of a chuckle. “Yeah? Mine wasn’t that crazy… I missed you…”

Katsuki hugged his legs, staring at the screen, heart pounding as he could head Deku’s breath, the sound of a kiss ringing in his ears. He shut his eyes, imaging Deku coming home, kissing him and talking to him, listening to every word he said so happily. He listened for a while more, the conversation shifting around 8 minutes.

“I want you… I love you, baby…”

Katsuki let out a shuddering breath, the sound of clothes being removed and dropped, the soft sound of kissing, the sound of Deku’s soft moans and sighs filling his head.

“Is this okay? I-I don’t want to hurt you… You’re my first and… I’m your first, too? That.. makes me really happy…”

Katsuki’s thighs press together, he can’t ignore his growing erection, can’t ignore that he wants to touch himself in beat with the sound of skin on skin, the melodious sound of Deku’s grunts and his soft words.

“You’re so tight... Around me… I love you…” Deku moaned into his ears, he couldn’t help it, one leg falling onto the floor, his hand reaching down to palm himself. “Baby… You’re so beautiful, so amazing…”

Katsuki let out a soft moan as he grasped himself, heat already coiling tight in his stomach, already so worked up…

“I want to be gentle but… You’re making it hard…” the sound of Deku’s groans lowered, sounding heavy and like he was… close… Katsuki placed a hand over his mouth, he wasn’t going to last, he could imagine Deku over him, pushing into him, wrecking him and still able to say such nice words.

Katsuki finished at 21 minutes, body hot, cum on his hand but Deku’s groans continued, finishing a minute later.

“Ah! L-Let me clean you up, relax… I’ll take care of you, I’ll always take care of you, baby…”

There was some aftercare and the audio ended, Katsuki carefully grabbing a tissue from his desk to clean his hand. His face red as could be, he didn’t even get like that when watching actual porn! How could he get like this over someone’s voice and a little bit of noise supplementary.

He closed his laptop and huffed, what bullshit!


Katsuki didn’t go back into Deku’s page for two weeks, angry at himself for getting so worked up. But on his phone in class one day, he got the notification that Deku had followed him back. He tried to ignore it, but when he got another notification of a message he put his phone away until he got home.

He didn’t realize how he tore through his backpack looking for his found when he got home, staring at his phone and opening twitter.

Congrats! You’re the winner for the 5,000 follower giveaway. You get a free commission of whatever you’d like.

Katsuki’s heart pounded, his fingers shaking trying to think of what to respond but another message popped up in that moment, almost making him drop his phone.

I remember your username now, thank you for supporting me :)

The blond tried to think, would be it be a bad thing if he requested some nsfw audio? Where deku said his name and told him he loved him? The thought of his name and those words in the same sentence already had him feeling hot and bothered. He should reply right? He should play it cool.

Thanks and np. Commission of anything?

Katsuki waited, the little type bubbles making him anxious by the moment, letting out a shaky breath.

Yeah, you’re familiar with the tiers? It’s a free $50 tier. Whatever you’d like.

He thought for a moment, he didn’t know what the POV looked like, but he could find out himself, this was a great opportunity to find out what the highest tier was like, a little taste. He could do this right? He messaged Deku back, asking him to take liberties but to use his name, use male pronouns if that was okay, for it to be 18+. Katsuki’s face red as could be, feeling like a pervert, like if he was doing something forbidden… He sent the man his email where he would receive the audio.

Alright, Katsuki. Message me if you’d like anything added to it. It’ll take a week or two.

The conversation ended there but Katsuki couldn’t help but be giddy, knowing with whatever he was sent he’d be happy.

He tried to distract himself, listening to other content creators, at night drifting back to Deku’s page, constantly thinking of moving up a tier, wondering what the POV would be like… Would Deku be shirtless, would he be naked, would it be actual porn? Katsuki bit into the end of his pencil, distracted from his homework.

11 days after their first conversation, he got another message.

Hey Katsuki, check your email, the audio should work just fine if it doesn't, let me know.

Katsuki never abandoned his work faster, he said fuck this worksheet and closed the tab. Opening his email and scrolling past two spam, he saw the email titled. “For Katsuki, enjoy.”

He opened it and decided to download the audio for safe keeping, waiting while his laptop processed it and then opened it within the audio player, it was 21 minutes long. His heart pounded as he found his earphones and plugged them in. He swallowed and pressed play.

The sound of someone moving, a yawn and then Deku’s soft sigh.

“Morning, Kacchan…”

Katsuki’s heart almost gave out, what type of nickname?! He did give liberties, but still this felt a little too much already, right?

“Mm, you look so cute every morning…” Deku voice was soft, so gentle and more movement was heard, the bed creaking softly in the background. “I’m going to brush my teeth… Why? Don’t wanna kiss you with morning breath…”

Katsuki couldn’t help the idiotic smile that formed on his face, his chest warm. He listened as Deku ran the water, then spitting and then a sigh of relief. Deku spoke softly, talking about how work was getting rough sometimes but that Katsuki was the reason he was able to push through it. He asked Katsuki questions of school and if they should get All Might a little puppy brother or sister, not wanting to let the aging dog alone. The sound of the bed creaking gently, like if they sat down again.

“Okay, come here, Kacchan…” Deku said, voice closer and Katsuki let out a embarrassing sigh at the sound of kissing, as it repeated ever so softly. “I never get tired of kissing you…”

Katsuki eyes fluttered, knees to his chest as he concentrated on the audio, fingers against his lips. A part of him wishing he was being kissed and loved like this, by who, he didn’t know.

Deku grunted and chuckled nervously, a bit more shuffling.

“K-Kacchan… You shouldn’t excite me like that… Aren't you sore from last night... No? I guess I didn't do it right, huh?”

Katsuki whimpered, thighs pressed together, he didn’t want to touch himself yet. Sound of clothes and the bed creaking again.

“You’re so pretty under me… Your blond hair on the pillow like this, your pretty red eyes… Makes me want to mess you up, is your neck sensitive?” Deku sighed softly, the sound of lips on skin, softer than kissing, but Katsuki dragged his fingers down his neck, a soft moan, feeling his skin on fire already. The details he was sure Deku got from his twitter, dozens of pictures with friends or with his parents dogs and cats.

The audio continued, Deku trailing his mouth down Katsuki’s body, praise on everything he did, praising Katsuki’s chest and stomach, his thighs and how he loved every part of him. Soon, a wet squelch made the blondes body sweat, a bottle tossed aside.

“Relax, okay? You can fall apart on my fingers, I love you…”

Katsuki paused the audio, heart pounding, he couldn’t take it. He took his earphones out and moved his laptop to his bed, placing it by his pillow. He rummaged through his drawer and pulling out a small bottle of lube, making sure his door was locked. He shimmed off his pants, slipping his shirt over his bed. He laid in bed, hiding under the sheets, the heat making him flustered but he liked it. Katsuki laid on his chest, hips and ass raised slightly, he pressed play. Lube over his fingers, wetting himself and at the first wet sound, Katsuki pressed a finger into himself, sighing out happily.

“Even if we did it last night, you’re so tight, Kacchan…” Deku voice in his ears again, soft moans on his end as the noises heavily implied he was fingering Katsuki. “You’re so perfect… You don’t know what you do to me…”

Katsuki buried his face into his pillow, imagining the man behind him, Deku’s fingers the ones that are inside him, praising him, touching his body, preparing him to take the man inside.

“I-Is it okay… Okay, I’m going to put it in… I love you, Kacchan…” Deku murmured, voice burnt into Katsuki’s soul, he wouldn’t forget it, it would litter his dreams for weeks to come. The man groaned heavily, grunting and making an effort. “You’re… so hot around me, baby…”

Katsuki moaned softly, pushing two fingers in and out, pushing against that spot that made his dick leak between his legs. He whimpered, the sound of skin on skin was so wet and nice, Deku groaning as it picked up. Katsuki couldn’t take it, his other hand coming to stroke his cock, whimpers and moans falling out of him so happily, moaning Deku… Deku…

“I’m going to cum… Kacchan, I can’t hold back…”

“Me too…” Katsuki whispered, needing to hear himself talk back, needed that to push his fantasy forward. Body shaking as he came into his hand and onto the bed, Deku moaning hotly in his ears, tha audio of skin slapping on skin stopped as the man said he came. Katsuki couldn’t move, his fingers slipping out, Deku’s panting making him blush and whimper.

“Are you okay? You did so good, Kacchan…”

Katsuki shut his laptop, he couldn’t take it, he didn’t want to get hard again, he didn’t care if he didn’t listen to the last three minutes. He slowly pushed himself up, he needed to wash, he should have laid a towel down. He bashfully looked at the mess, he didn’t expect to get so turned on at a little bit of audio. He sighed out and slowly stood to clean up, he needed to do it all before his roommates came home. They wouldn’t let him live it down.

Once he cleaned everything, threw his sheets into the washer and aired his room out. He grabbed his phone, he should thank Deku.

Wait, thank him for the audio… Not for turning Katsuki on so much he saw white? He decided on not think about it too much.

Thanks, sounded great.

Katsuki made a face when he sent it, it sounded so unappreciative. He quickly added another message.

I really enjoyed it.

His face red and he sighed, but the bubbles popped up and he waited.

That’s great, I had fun doing your audio, maybe I’ll see a commission from you soon?

Katsuki eyed the message, was this a ploy to get him to spend money? Was this just what Deku said to everyone? He responded a quick agreement and closed the application, he needed to finish homework but, he was too shy to open his laptop again, the audio would be the first thing that popped out at him. His poor body couldn’t take it…


Soon enough, Katsuki decided on the $20 tier, he was really curious about the POV videos. There was 4 NSFW videos, he clicked on the oldest one, dated to a year ago.

Katsuki didn’t expect to find himself, the watcher, under Deku who just smiled so kindly, shirtless and the V that lead down to his groin was the only thing exposed, a dark happy trail trailing off screen. His heart pounded when Deku hung his head, groaning, hips pushing down into the watcher. Deku’s words were so moan heavy, gentle, out of breath, so loving and cute. Katsuki laid on his back with his phone in hand, fingers buried inside of himself, face red as could be as he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the green ones. How those eyes were nearly black, Katsuki wondering for a moment if Deku actually masturbated to make these seem so real, if he was thrusting into a fleshlight or into his hands. He wondered how the man's cock would feel inside, how it would fill him up or make him cry.

This was his favorite way to spend his time alone now.


Katsuki leaned against his palm, a new semester of easy classes, not finding any of his college classes hard enough yet. He wanted a bit of a challenge, he sat in the second row of his Sociology class, the teacher going on and on. The door slammed open and the class turned and giggled at the blushing green haired man that joined.

“Izuku! So nice of you to join us.” The teacher chuckled, and when the man walked up and placed a stack of papers on the desk, she introduced him. “Class, this is my TA, Izuku Midoriya, if you want to fall into anyone’s graces, it’s his. He grades your papers.”

Izuku bowed his head, rubbing his hair as he blushed and tried to smile awkwardly. He didn’t stay up there too long, walking back to the desk and beginning to sort the papers. Katsuki’s heart raced, there’s no way, no way, no way! He never thought of actually meeting Deku, no matter how much Katsuki masturbated to the man. It was an invasion of privacy wasn’t it? Maybe Deku didn’t even recognize him? Well, he still followed Katsuki on twitter and Katsuki would post pictures of him and his friends so… Maybe he wouldn’t notice? The rest of the class was passed with Katsuki sneaking glances at the cute TA, even once their eyes meeting and the blond flushed, scribbling aimlessly on his notebook, making it seem like he was busy with the first week of class. 

Once class was over, Katsuki rushed to leave but the door was blocked by those who got there first. His hand patting quickly against his thigh and he jumped when someone touched his shoulder. He turned and his eyes widened as Izuku stood behind him, a sheepishly smile on his face.

“H-Hey.. Um…” The class filtered out, only them and a couple of stragglers who were peaking the teacher for the access code. “I wouldn’t have expected you to be here, I’m sort of surprised…”

Fuck, did he think Katsuki was a stalker, it was a coincidence and nothing more! He was about to explain this was just a recommended class that his counselor gave him, that there was nothing more than pure oops! in them meeting. Deku got the first word in to their awkward stand off. 

“Just, ugh, not to be weird but since your commission, I couldn’t stop thinking about you and…” Izuku started, face red and he looked away, Katsuki’s heart pounding, what the fuck was happening right now, was the guy that he jerked off regularly to, was he confessing?! “Do you wanna grab some coffee? It-it’s cool if you don’t! Just I’ve seen your pictures and you’re really-“

“Sure, I don’t have class for another hour.” Katsuki told him sharply, little bit of pride swelling inside of him at how flustered Izuku was in front of him. “You have to call me Kacchan, Deku.”

Izuku let out a huff of a chuckle and nodded, grabbing his things quickly and following Katsuki out, telling him about how he knew a great cafe they could visit while Katsuki waited for him next class. As they walked, Izuku got closer, Katsuki’s face flushed at the bold move, at the hand on his back, lips against his ear.

“I like you, Kacchan…”


Chapter Text


When they were four and running around, there wasn’t a care in the world for the two little boys. They both aspired to be like their hero, All Might. Both had matching pajamas when they had sleepovers, had even gotten the same hero toy for their birthdays, they had spent time thinking of hero names. Their eyes glued to the screen when they sat in the Midoriya home, watching All Might save all those civilians, imitating his boisterous laugh.

“I’m going to be just like him!” Katsuki cheered, his eyes bright and smile wide, punching the air and kicking his foot out.

“You’re so cool, Kacchan!” Izuku smiled, punching the air clumsily, almost knocking himself off balance. Both the children laughing and pretending to be their hero.

Inko interrupting them only to say dinner was ready, the happy boys running towards the dining table. Their loud conversation didn’t falter even as they ate, didn’t change as they took a bath or when they laid in Izuku’s bed. They looked at a comic book with wide eyes, looking over the pictures and colors.

“When I get my quirk! I’ll be a hero! Just like him!” Katsuki excitedly said in a hushed voice, not wanting Ms. Midoriya to come in and scold them.

“Me too!” Izuku happily said, covering his mouth when he was too loud. They hid under the covers when Inko walked in, she could only smile when she heard their childish laughter. When she closed the door behind her, she could hear their little voices whispering again. Inko let them be, they didn’t have sleepovers all the time anyways.

She hoped they would stay this innocent forever.


Izuku was the first of his class to be told he was quirkless, the little boy in shock, little dreams even more out of reach now than ever. He experienced his first heartbreak then, letting his tears fall as he watched a video of his hero when he got home.

Katsuki didn’t get an amazing quirk, his parents almost thinking he was quirkless too. The doctor only confirmed that he had the same quirk as his mother, congratulating the boy and telling him that he wouldn’t suffer from any pesky pimples when he grew up. Katsuki screamed at the doctor, fat tears down his cheeks. He could never be a hero with this quirk, it was useless to him. His mother held him, trying to calm her child, knowing this was affecting her son more deeply than she thought.

Both boys had their dreams shattered, they would never be like All Might now.

Katsuki didn’t spend too much time with the other children, their casual display of their great quirks only made him upset. Even though he didn’t think less of Izuku for not having a quirk, somewhere deep inside… It made him feel better that at least he wasn’t quirkless.

Their journey through elementary was easy, quirks weren’t allowed on school grounds and all the students focused on their studies. Teachers often praising Katsuki for being at the top of his class, Izuku didn’t fall too far behind in most exams. They still played together, but as Katsuki grew older, his parents thought it would be best to expand his horizons.

Izuku once came over to the Bakugou home, his green eyes wide and joyful at the drum set and the guitar that were set up in the corner of his friends room. It had been a while since he last came over.

“Kacchan! You can play these?” Izuku asked, looking over the guitar, it looked heavy. Katsuki puffed his chest out, hands on his hips.

“Of course, there’s nothing I can’t do. Watch this!” Katsuki got behind his drums and played loudly, while he played at a beginners level, Izuku cheered for him and bounced where he stood.

“Shut up you two!”

The boys flinched at Mitsuki’s shout but they smiled at each other, deciding to abandon the drums and play a new All Might centric game that Masaru had bought Katsuki. They played without a worry until Inko got off work and picked Izuku up, giving Mitsuki and Masaru some mochi ice cream that she had bought at the grocery store.

“Bye Kacchan! Bye Mr and Mrs Bakugou!” Izuku waved, turning to talk happily with his mother, telling her that she just had to buy him the same game that he just spent all afternoon playing.

They were just happy 10 year olds. The world of quirks didn’t affect them too much yet.

Things really began to change as they started middle school, the hierarchy based on quirks showed its fangs and it didn’t let Izuku or Katsuki escape. Luckily the blond boy fought his way out of the bottom, even without a powerful quirk, he wasn't going to let himself get bullied. Izuku was a lot more timid and was bullied for being quirkless, being picked on for having to have his friend stand up for him.

Izuku and Katsuki drifted apart throughout their first year, each finding a different group in their desperate classes. Katsuki even persuaded to join the soccer team his first year, Izuku joining the Hero Enthusiasts club with a couple of other quirkless students. They still hung out at times outside of school, when they ran into each other at the convenience store. When their mothers would have lunch together or when Masaru would try and spend time with Izuku to help him through puberty in the absence of his own father.

In their third year, they had to begin applying for high schools, to make sure they studied to get where they wanted.

Katsuki decided on a prestigious private school, Hosu Academy. His grades and spot on the soccer team would lead him towards a scholarship. He was at the top of his class and a scout had already spoken with his parents about getting the boy to come live in the dorms so that he could focus on his studies and his sport to the fullest. They accepted happily and Katsuki couldn’t feel better. Well until the teacher opened his fat mouth.

“Midoriya, you want to go to UA?”

The class began to laugh loudly, Katsuki looked back to see his friend turning bright red and nodding despite how he was being made a fool of. The blond scoffed and slouched in his chair, he was an idiot for even trying. Izuku could easily get into any other school, his grades would more than allow it. The Hero Course at UA was just too far out of reach without a quirk.

Quirkless people should know their place.

Katsuki’s opinion changed the sludge villain got a hold of him.

The way it suffocated Katsuki, entered his body and used him as a hostage. His eyes watered, fear filling his body. He was scared. He had never been this scared before, never felt this useless. No one was helping him, no one was stepping in, all too afraid, all just watching to see what would happen to the middle schooler.

All except one.

Izuku ran out, throwing his backpack off as he clawed at the slimey exterior of the villian, trying to save his friend. Even if Izuku wasn’t the one to save him, he was Katsuki’s hero. Even as All Might saved him, he was hugged by his friend, Izuku crying on his shoulder.

“I’m s-so happy you’re safe!”

Maybe having a quirk isn’t that made a hero…

Despite their moments of vulnerability with each other, Izuku was even more distant now. Suddenly running home after school, never being home when Katsuki wanted to visit. Inko telling him that Izuku wouldn’t be home until late, that she would tell her son he had a visiter.

The rest of their third year passed, he heard that Izuku actually went through with the entrance exam at UA. He wanted to feel angry but he couldn’t. A part of the blond wanted to tell him friend that he did a good job for trying, but he never said those words out loud.

One day, their finals just around the corner, Katsuki practicing his kicks at school. He wasn’t worried, finals would finish, he would have a small break and then move out to a dorm for the soccer training camp of Hosu Academy.


Katsuki stopped his soccer ball, stepping on it. He looked up to see Izuku running at him, a wide smile on his face.

“Hey…” Katsuki gave his friend a weird smile, what was going on?

“I-I got accepted into UA!” Izuku panted, the happiest smile on his face, tears in his eyes, cheeks pink from running or excitement. Katsuki didn’t know which, but he didn’t care, he wanted to run away.

“The general studies?“ he tried to show interest, he tried not to get defensive and say things he didn’t mean. Izuku shook his head.

“The hero course, isn’t that gre-”

Katsuki punched Izuku in the face, watching the boys nose bleed as he fell to the ground. The green haired boy blinked tears away and a hand over his nose, a questioning look on his face as he looked up at his childhood friend.

“You’re quirkless, aren’t you?! Have you been lying to me, Deku?!” Katsuki yelled, he didn’t wait for an answer. He picked his ball up and ran towards his things, he needed to get out of the school, go home and forget about this place. He couldn’t think of stupid things, he needed to focus on his new life, needed to focus on making a name for himself. Even if it wasn’t as a hero.

Izuku stayed on the floor, his head fuzzy from being punched, he didn’t want to faint from standing just yet. But his heart hurt more than his nose, he thought his friend would be excited. He didn’t think his friend would call him the name he was dubbed by other kids to bully him, to call him useless and quirkless. He felt hot tears roll down his face. Did he just lose a friend for following his dreams?


Hosu Academy was great as great could be. The school had strict rules about using quirks on school grounds or for any extracurricular activities. Being there opened Katsuki’s eyes, he wasn’t as smart as he thought he was, everyone at that Academy flew through exams with flying colors. Katsuki fell from the top spot, he had not seen number 1 in a while, hovering in the 5th or 6th spot more often than not. But in soccer, he could do it all, could defend and be offensive. His coaches praising him, his upper class men giving him pointers and tips on how to improve. His aggression taken out during games, quickly finding himself playing on the field more than his classmates. He could definitely do this. He would definitely ignore the pangs of loneliness, ignore the ache in his chest when he was smiles amongst close friends.

Hosu Academy had a slightly different year schedule than other schools, making it awkward for him to visit any friends during their breaks or for them to hang out during his. He had a odd week away from studies and from soccer, his coaches telling the team that when they returned it would be hell week! To be prepared. Katsuki smirked and was more than ready.

He took the train home and his dad picked him up, they talked and when they got home, he raised a brow to see Ms. Midoriya in his home. His mother hugged him and so did Inko, both mothers gushing over how much Katsuki had grown in the three months he was gone at school. He didn’t think he changed too much though.

“We’re watching the UA sports festival! Izuku is participating.” His mother said, a smile on her face as they walked into the living room. Katsuki scoffed but got smacked on his head, his mother forcing him to sit with the adults. His watched with bored eyes as the announcers, Eraserhead and Present Mic introduced the students, explaining the events that would lead up to the end battle.

Katsuki looked over and saw Inko look completely worried, what the hell.

The festival continued like regular, he had watched last years so he wasn’t all too excited. Though surprise seemed to smack him in the face when Izuku came out first from the obstacle race, Inko crying worried tears but cheered her son on. Mitsuki cursing at the television but she also cheered Izuku on. Katsuki wanted to see it. Wanted to see the thing that was hidden from him all these years. Before he knew it, shock filled his chest, a powerful display of quirk that Izuku couldn’t control, the festival was over.

Izuku Midoriya placed third in the UA sports festival, his arm in a cast, his face bruised and a bandage in his cheek. He looked sheepish as All Might placed the bronze medal around his neck, hugging the young student. Izuku was one of All Might’s students, the strong promise of being a hero one day. It was too much...

Katsuki left the room in a hurry, locking himself in the bathroom. He threw up. His stomach turning and unrelenting, horrible emotions clouding his mind. Guilt, shame, depression. When he finally unlocked the door, Inko offered him a worried smile, his mother watching him, daring him to have an outburst with the sweet older woman.

He said nothing and went to his room, slamming the door, laying face down in his bed and falling asleep. He was exhausted.


Katsuki didn’t return home for the rest of the year, he needed concentrate. Championships came and went, the blond holding the trophy over his head as he smiled wide. His team had won, the third years crying joyfully at a successful victory, glad they could retire with another win on their belts.

His first year was over and he wasn’t all too happy to return home for a month, almost dreading being home. Things seemed too normal when he was back home, his mom scolding him for not visiting but other than that. Nothing. He kept to himself mostly, a few old friends inviting him out to karaoke where he laughed at their terrible singing. It was nice in a way, able to distract himself.


Katsuki stopped mid-step, his hand tightening on the convenience store bag. That stupid voice, that traitorous voice was! Was deeper? He dared to turn, his eyes widened as he came to face Izuku.

“What the fuck.”

Izuku was taller than him now? Two inches at most, the mop of green hair making it hard to tell. His childhood friend was also bigger, width wise. While Katsuki stayed lean and mostly worked his legs and core, Izuku looked like he could bench press a fridge. His arms beefy. Katsuki’s eyes landed on the scars that littered Izuku’s arm up to his neck, was this the effect of his quirk.

The young hero did most of the talking and walking along side Katsuki as they walked home together. Izuku asked so many questions, any timid attitude he held from middle school long gone. Katsuki would answer them in short answers, wanting to get home quicker, this walk was talking too long.

“Your mom showed me clips of your last game, you were so cool when you would kick goals! Uh, I don’t know too much about soccer, what position do you play?” Izuku questioned but before Katsuki could answer, they were approached by two younger kids.


Deku? Were some kids bullying Izuku?

“H-Hi.” Izuku stammered, embarrassed as the kids approached him, talking excitedly of seeing the teenager on TV. They continued calling Izuku by that nickname, every time it sent horrid memories through the soccer player. Katsuki watched the whole interaction, would people approach him like this? Would he be popular like his kind-hearted friend? He doubted it. The kids finally ran off, wide smiles on their faces.

“What’s your quirk.” Katsuki questioned, an angry scowl in his face as he faced his friend at the intersection where they would go on their own ways. “You always said you were quirkless… and now! It doesn’t make sense!”

“K-Kacchan… It-It’s a power up type…”

“You’re lying! You’re a fucking liar!” Katsuki accused, he always knew when his friend was lying. The blond dropped his snacks and shoving at the young hero. His hands were grabbed before he could push Izuku again. He yanked his hands away, glaring at the other expecting a real answer.

“I-I… If I tell you the truth, you can never tell anyone, ever….” Izuku said lowly, looking around. Katsuki almost took a step back when Izuku got closer, close enough that he could count every freckle, that he could see a faded scar of a cut along the hero’s brow.

Katsuki listened, his stomach clenched as Izuku told him the whole truth, not sparing any details. From meeting All Might after the Sludge villian attack, from training his third year, to now having much better control of his power, though not 100% of it. Izuku explained how some really bad people were after him, how they knew he was the successor of One for All.

“I’m sorry… For not telling you before…” Izuku said in a shaky voice, tears in his eyes.

“You’re still a crybaby, huh?”

Izuku chuckled and nodded, he made a face and Katsuki expected the hug. He patted his friends back roughly but he was comfortable and for once since seeing Izuku almost over a year ago.

He was a little happy.

They started to get back in contact again, any weird tension that had developed since Katsuki punching Izuku was gone. The blond even murmured an apology that made his friend tilt his head in question, Katsuki got mad and Izuku laughed so freely that it made Katsuki’s heart swell a bit.

Izuku would often text him pictures of him and his classmates, or snap him pictures of hero’s that Izuku had the pleasure of learning under. Katsuki would save those pictures, for the heroes of course, not his idiotic smiling friend. They texted often, asking about each other’s days, more so Izuku with all that friendly stuff but Katsuki would respond anyways. He hadn’t realized how much he missed his childhood friend. Some nights, even having a phone call, Katsuki’s roommate teasing him about it all the time. He didn’t care though, Izuku’s happy voice in his ear was amazing, always so cheerful, always so warm.

Katsuki felt like a kid again, he was happy and felt like whatever he took on, he would give it his all.

Now in their third year, the previous captain of his team nominated Katsuki to be the new captain. He didn’t expect his other teammates to be as supportive as they were.

“You’re really honest! You’ll push us!”

“Being straightforward is what captains do, right? You can tell us what we do wrong!”

“You deserve it, Bakugou!”

The words of encouragement leading him to accept the role, the pressure pushing him on and he loved it. Nothing could drive him to his own dreams other than himself. If he wanted to become a pro, he had to work hard to get people to notice him, climb to the top and continue being a great player.

It was a little hard he had to admit, he wasn’t the best leader and would sometimes say hurtful things but slowly his team adjusted, listening behind his cruel words and following instructions. He always pushed himself harder but it seemed to stop suddenly, during a game, a huge accident happened.

He broke his leg, he cried in the hospital when the doctors there said it was better to let it heal by itself and his school gave him leave to go home.

Izuku came to visit him when he got home, telling him that there were some amazing healing quirk students amongst the second year support class. He explained they often had to help him out when he pushed himself too far and got hurt. Explained that Katsuki just had to say the word and they could meet somewhere, heal Katsuki’s leg as if nothing happened. Izuku would even show him 1% of his quirk to break the cast off, both of them chuckling. The soccer player could go back to school and start playing again. Katsuki thought about it for less than a moment, not expecting his friend to lean in and kiss him quickly.

“I-I don’t want to see you hurting, Kacchan…”

They both looked away, pink on their cheeks. Katsuki murmured a soft agreement and Izuku nodded, pulling out his phone to make a call to one of his underclassmen. When the phone call was over, they sheepishly look at each other, small awkward smiles on their face. They can’t help but lean towards each other again, soft kisses shared between them. Izuku whispering soft promises of always protecting Katsuki.

Yeah, he was definitely happier with this idiot in his life.

They graduated a lot faster than they could have thought, the year passed in a blink of an eye.

Katsuki had been recruited by a professional soccer team. The first person he told was Izuku, holding the phone close to his ear as his boyfriend cheered him on happily. He almost cried when the young hero’s voice went soft congratulating him again. Even without a powerful quirk, his life was turning out great, wasn’t it?

Now 22, he lived with Izuku on off-season, both of them deciding to live closer to a training center so that Katsuki wouldn’t lose his touch in the few months off he had every year. Izuku ate up every moment, missing his boyfriend when he left for more than half the year to travel and play all over Japan, sometimes across the world. They would cook together, clean together, sleep together. They would argue and fight, make-up and kiss. Katsuki’s fingers would trace over Izuku’s scars, a scowl on his face when he found a new one every so often.

“You’re so reckless…” He sighed, a weird squeaky laugh erupted from him when Izuku grazed his fingers over Katsuki’s ribs, kissing his neck as an apology.

“I know, I know…But, I’m a hero, I gotta save everyone.” Izuku chuckled when his face was pushed away, Katsuki blushing a glowing pink when hands trailed lower below his waist.

Izuku was a hero. He could save everyone!


Katsuki could see the fluorescent lights of the hospital above him, his ears blown out, a strange sound drowning out the bustling nurses and doctors that surrounded him. What happened? He remembered going on a run in the morning, he remembered arriving at the training center, he remembered… An explosion…

Katsuki let out a sharp gasp, pain returning him to reality, his heart thrashing in his chest. Noises rushing into his head, ripples of pain over his body. The doctors try to calm him, sedating him, everything would be okay. When he woke up, everything would be fine and he could get back to his own life.

Except he didn’t, he could never go back to his own life again.

Izuku cried, his head on Katsuki’s chest, the soft beeping of the heart monitor ringing throughout the hospital room. His face burying into the sheets, broken sobs pushed into the cotten.

He couldn’t save the one person that mattered the most to him, he had gotten to the scene too late. Nearly half the block was destroyed, the entrance of the training center crumbling. His heart racing as other heroes arrived to help apprehend the group of villains. Green eyes scouring over the victims, fists clenched, jaw locked as he watched paramedics pushing the gurney, Katsuki’s injured state burnt into the hero’s memories forever.

Izuku wasn’t a hero. He was a failure. The person he loved the most would suffer for the rest of their lives because Izuku wasn’t fast enough. He sat there awake for hours, the doctors trying to console him, to tell him that Katsuki would wake up soon.

Soon couldn’t come any faster.

Katsuki’s face twitched, his fingers curling slowly, a small pained groan. Izuku was holding his hand instantly, pushing any lingering strands of hair from his lovers face. Katsuki slowly opened his eyes, vision blurry for a few moments. He didn’t know where he was.


His body was stiff, he couldn’t even turn his head to the call of his name. His sights shifted from the ceiling to the man leaning close to him.

“Wh-Where…” His throat was killing him, dry as hell. Izuku noticed and quickly got him water, tilting the straw and watching Katsuki drink eagerly. The knot in his throat was still there, the hold that guilt had on his stomach hurting now more than ever.

“You-You got caught in a dangerous situation…” Izuku felt his eyes sting with fresh tears, his words shaking and he stared at the stitches across Katsuki’s forehead, all four of them. “They brought you to the hospital… And-And everything was supposed to be okay!”

Izuku couldn’t stop his sob, his grip a vice on Katsuk’s hand. His head hung low, the sudden jump of beeping alerted him to the panic he must have been putting his poor lover through.

Katsuki couldn’t breath, his body wearing off the last effects of the anesthesia. He turned his head, wide eyes watering as Izuku cried in frustration and pain. He dared to look down at himself.

His heart nearly stopped right there and then.

He only had one…

One leg...

Katsuki let out a scream, pain washing over him like a tsunami. Memories flooding his mind.

Running up to the training center, a large explosion throwing him back, another explosion causing heat through his body. The sound of people yelling for help, the weight he longer felt on one side of his body. He was caught in the explosion, he was hurt by those villains.

Those villains… Took his right leg…

Darkness spiraled inside of Katsuki. His life was over. He would never play on his team again. He would never shout to the skies in joy as he kicked the last goal that won that game again.

He could never go back to his own life again.


Chapter Text

Angels were allowed to roam the heavens, eat their delicious foods, love each other and laugh in harmonious peace. There wasn’t many things that the angels were punished for, love amongst themselves was a pure form that their lord accepted. They were left to frolic and learn anything they wanted within reason from the holy library. They were not sinners, simply shadows of their human selves. All of them loved by their father, all of them content and satisfied with what he provided them.

All of them? No, most of them. Some angels would feel something missing, they would confide in their father and he would soon help them realize what they missed. The few who could not find any pleasure in the heavens were casted away, their greed was a complete sin. They were offered everlasting peace and yet, they desired more.

Izuku was one of those that were cast away from the sanctuary, forever to wander the hopeless plains on the edge of heaven. He could see the other angels, kissing and smiling, laughing and eating happily. This pained him more than being cast down to hell.

All he had wanted was more knowledge, more information than what was set in his father's library. Going as far as demanding of the holy being to add more information, Izuku wanted to know everything that his father knew. He was scolded once and only once, that some information was simply forbidden. Information that a little angel should never know. Time passed and there was still so much more to learn, about heaven and hell, about earth and the sky. About his existence since his falling on earth, waking up in robes and soft clouds surrounded by orange lights.

He wanted to know why his body was so broken, scars that littered his body would scare him and when he arrived, his new father would not tell him what happened in his previous life. Only informed him of his name. The holy being told him to not think of his past self, to enjoy that for the rest of eternity he would be happy and joyful.

A small part of Izuku was glad.

A bigger part of Izuku wished he had gone to hell instead.

Izuku wandered aimlessly, his stomach empty but he felt no hunger. His throat itchy but he felt no thirst. His body ached but he would not stop even when he witnessed blood for the first time since arriving in heaven. He wondered if he would ever return, to see the smiling faces of his brothers and sisters, to eat delicious fruit, to play with the gentle animals of heaven. His thoughts were his only real company, unsure of how much time had actually passed since his casting. Years? Weeks? Days? Time was non-existent to Izuku, he never thought of it when he laid on the soft clouds with girls and boys, kissing and feeding each other.

He was the only one to blame, his greed for knowledge was his own downfall.


Izuku blinked, he turned his head and saw a beautiful angel. Blond hair framing a soft face, a thin crown of olive tree leaves resting on top of pale ears. The boy laid against the fluffy pink clouds, last little remainants that touched the vast plains, soft white meddling with the consuming black of the land Izuku had walked aimlessly. The angel wore a white tunic much like other angels, strapped sandals on his legs as they kicked with interest. Small wings of youth resting on his back and feathers laid over the clouds, completely lethargic. The boy seemed younger than Izuku, a small ache in his chest. The boy had fallen on earth at a younger age, the gash across his neck and the youthful size of his wings were proof enough.

“You’re not supposed to talk to me…” Izuku told him softly, backing away a few steps to continue his path along the edges of heaven. He didn’t want to be at fault for such a beautiful angel’s falling.

“Who said that?” The angels snarky remark left Izuku quickly running through his thoughts. It was never explicitly told to them that it was forbidden, he knew of some angels who would find themselves curious at the few stragglers who wandered too close to their safe haven. No one ever seemed to be in trouble but, the worry still lingered in Izuku’s chest.

“I-I said that.” He finally returned, unsure how to proceed as the angels beautiful red eyes looked at him, a smug smile on soft lips. Izuku wondered if he were still in the sanctuary if he would be allowed to kiss such a pretty angel.

“Well, I don’t have to listen to you, do I?” The angel tilted his head, one hand hanging off the clouds, fingers grazing against the black grasses. He plucked some and held it up, black eyes inspecting the degrading grass, winds of heaven blowing it back into the darkness. “Why were you banished?”

Banished seemed harsh… Banished would mean being sent to hell, he was just sent away from heaven, reminder of his mistakes until he would be summoned on earth again, forced to live another life and hope that he made it to heaven again.

“I wasn’t banished.” Izuku answered, his green eyes turning away from heaven, memories flooding his mind as he heard a distant giggle. His eyes trained on another lost soul, watching her walk until she was no longer visible.

“You were banished, you can never return in this life.” Izuku didn’t have to turn to see the smile the boy had plastered on his face, he was enjoying that he was bothering the fallen angel. “You’ve lost your wings, devil.”

The fallen angel turned his head quickly, green eyes narrowed as eyes that were filled with delight. The angel hummed and turned on his back, pretty legs shifting and crossing. Izuku could see down the soft skin of the boy, over his scarred neck and supple chest, down his lean stomach to his shapely legs. He shook his head, he could not indulge in that so happily anymore. Only those blessed by their father were allowed within the sanctuary.

When Izuku said nothing, the boy scoffed and stood, floating away in boredom, returning to the kingdom of light. Leaving the fallen angel even more hopeless now than ever.

Izuku didn’t know how long it was before he found himself at the edge of heaven again, his eyes empty as he was lost in his thoughts. He always tried to remember his previous life, he thought if he left anything behind, anyone. Was he loved and cherished? Did he love and cherish anyone? Was he missed or was he-


Izuku almost tripped over his own feet, stopping and turning his head. The beautiful blond angel leaning against the edge of heaven again, pink cheeks in his palms as he stared at the fallen angel. His wings fluttered gently until they rested on his back and on the clouds. A moment passed, Izuku pursing his lips, what was the little angel going to tell him today? Tease him like their last meeting.

“Why were you cast away?”

“Greed.” He answered quickly, there was no need to hide or lie for the removal of his wings.

The angel nodded and tilted his head, Izuku unsure of what the boy could be thinking.

“You’re an idiot then.” The angel hummed, pushing himself up to sit on his legs, soft thighs on sight for Izuku to look at. Another moment, the fallen angel didn’t know what to say. He was an idiot, if he had held his tongue and accepted the vast knowledge he was provided. “If you were in heaven, I wouldn’t mind being with you.”

Hunger. The first time in Izuku doesn’t know how long that he felt a type of hunger he had the pleasure of indulging in with the permission of their father. Hunger he could only satisfy when he came across another hopeless soul, their joining sad and wishing for a warmth of the clouds and warm sun in heaven.

“Too bad, angels don’t join with devils.” The boy smirked, and played with a loose leaf of his olive crown.

“I’m not a devil, I’m Izuku…”

Katsuki just hummed and expected more from the fallen angel. Izuku swallowed and clenched his fists, he looked down and more moments passed.


They both looked towards the voice, a beautiful young girl and a handsome young man waving at the blond angel. The angel huffed out a small laughter and looked back at Izuku.

“Maybe I’ll see you around, Izuku the devil.”

Before Izuku could correct that he wasn’t a devil, the angels wings fluttered to help him stand and join his friends. Leaving behind the poor man who began to think if his greed for knowledge hadn’t led to his demise, would he lay with such a pretty angel, if he would have the privilege of touching such soft legs.


Izuku never saw the beautiful angel again, even when he came across the young girl that called to Katsuki that one time.

“Katsuki? He’s one of father’s favorite angels, he stays by his side at all times.”

Izuku nodded and left her there, leaning on the clouds as she called after the fallen angel. He would close his eyes and think of the pretty angel, even if the couple of times they met was filled with somewhat cruel words. He deserved them.

He soon fell into darkness, he hadn’t seen another soul in so long, his soul aching to even speak to the saddest of souls. He could not even see the glowing of heaven in the distance. How far had he gone? His feet ached, his body was wasting away.

A light.

Izuku blinked his tired eyes, it was coming closer and his hand reached out, if he could touch it. If he could bask in the warmth of the sun just once more… than maybe…

Maybe he would meet Katsuki again…



The boy jumped in his desk, head raising quickly to look around. He was in class and he blushed a bright red. He apologized and tried to concentrate on his lesson. He had that dream again, visions of a angels, of a coy smile and stinging words. He wondered why. He had never met anyone like that in his life. He didn’t even really believe in that heaven or hell stuff.

That stuff existed for people who had nothing else to believe in, they needed to know something else was there after death.

Izuku continued daydreaming as he walked home, his mind too occupied to realize he crossed the street at the wrong time. His eyes wide as a truck honked at him, the screech of breaking ringing in his ears.

He couldn’t get out of the way on time.


“My name is… Izuku…”

The angel made a face and nodded, looking up at the holy being that called himself the young angels father. He was guided to a beautiful garden, sweet fruits hung from the trees, angels played in the pond, splashing each other and laughing. Angels laid on clouds and fed each other, kissing softly and holding each other so tendering.

Tears slipped down Izuku’s freckled cheeks, he had seen this before in his dreams…

His dreams? No, he had just awoken, his past life completely erased as he awoke in heaven. He didn’t remember anything, but the scenery was so nostalgic that he found himself looking around, looking for someone. A warm comforting hand on his shoulder, he was given a small push towards the garden. He was told to enjoy the sanctuary, he would never need of anything.

He was greeted happily, angels, men and women alike coming up to him. Petting his soft hair, kissing his burning cheeks, hugging him so softly that he couldn’t help but cry. He was hurting and he felt like he was finally home after a long trip.

Soon, he found a group of angels who treated him so nicely, pushing juicy grapes past his lips, kissing him gently and smiling at his flushed state, who would lay with him and whisper his name so happily. He never imagined heaven like this, so soft and gentle. Though, sometimes he looked over his shoulder as if searching for someone, his brothers and sisters asking if he wanted to find anyone to let them know. The name on his tongue but the sound never came out. He assumed it would come to him sooner or later.

Something was missing… He wanted to know more. He had soon read every book provided in the library, asking other angels if there was any more information. He sat against a sleeping lion, reading over his favorite book. He was growing tired and wanted to know more! For some reason, this made him feel horrible. Why shouldn’t he want to know more, his father always telling the angels that they would want for nothing in heaven.


Izuku blinked and looked up, a blond angel standing over him, a glare on his face.

“Are you an idiot? You’re going to make the same mistake as last time.” The angel huffed as he sat down near Izuku, leaning in so close that the boy thought he was about to be kissed. Wait, last time? The angel rolled his red eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. “You don’t remember me but… I’ve missed you…”

Izuku blushed and tried to lean back but the rumbling lion stopped him, trapped between the fur and the beautiful angel. He knew that some angels left and came back, he had even thought that maybe that why he always felt like he had seen heaven, how he knew which fruits grew the sweetest, what animals loved to be played with. He was brought out of his thoughts as soft lips pressed into his, his green eyes wide as he stared at the angel kissing him.


“I’m Katsuki… I’m so happy to meet you again, Izuku.”

The angel just nodded, flooded with memories once again, memories of a dark place, memories of the glowing angel. He began to cry softly, fat tears down his cheeks as he hugged Katsuki, his hands touching the soft feathers of the blondes wings. He felt complete now, he had found what he was looking for, heaven finally complete as he found the missing piece of his peace.

“K-Katsuki! I-I didn’t know what I was looking for but i-it was you..” Izuku sobbed, a hand in his curly hair soothing him, another hand plucking at one of his loose feathers.

“I found you, you’re never leaving my side, got that, devil?” Katsuki smirked as he pulled back, his forehead against Izuku’s, a breath of a chuckle against the boys lips. They kissed softly again, the lion rumbling and standing leaving the boys to tumble to the ground and laugh together. They laid like that, kissing and smiling at each other. They had found their soulmate in heaven, wishing that even if they were separated, they would find each other again.

Through Heaven or Hell, through every walk of Earth, they would be in each other’s arms once again.

“Wait… Devil?” Izuku asked, only to be shut up with another warm kiss. He forgot about it for now, he wasn’t looking for the warmth of the sun or the soft clouds. He was looking for the light that Katsuki had brought into his life.


Chapter Text

Izuku could not stop staring at his laptop screen. His heart pounding so hard in his chest, he thought it would pop. This would be his third heat without an alpha, having spent years with his boyfriend, only to have a mutual break up when they began drifted apart. He shook the distasteful thought out of his head and looked over his choices.






Izuku scrolled down, checking off the boxes of helping with meals, pre-heat as well as staying after to make sure the omega was back on his feet. He thought back to his past two heats, horrible, lasting days longer without the help of an alpha, causing horrible cramps in the process. The omega huffed as he continued scrolling down, making sure he properly checked off his desired do’s and don'ts. His face flushed as he typed in some of his kinks-

spanking, overstimulation, pregnancy, and praise.

Nothing crazy… right?

He wrecked his brain to find other things he liked, but he was sure it all fell into regular heat nature. It was listed at the bottom that anything extra could be discussed with the alpha in person when they arrived to the location. Izuku bit his lip as he submitted his form to the Omega Heat Association. He had heard often of other omegas getting matched up with great alphas during their heats, always happy and even requesting the same person to help when the next heat rolled around. His heat was two weeks away, nervous if he would be sent an alpha.

Izuku knew he didn’t put anything too strange or out of line, just wanted an alpha to hold him down… Treat him a little roughly, help him forget how gentle his ex-boyfriend was, even when Izuku asked him to do it a little harder. The omega slapped his freckles cheeks, to snap out of it, the sting leaving his cheeks warm and red. He really could only wait, he would receive an email and then give the exact date for his temporary alpha to arrive, spend the days with the stranger and bye-bye. Never see them again if Izuku didn’t want to. He closed his laptop and sighed, standing up, needing to distract him. He supposed he could start cleaning bit by bit his messy apartment, air out the place for any lingering scent of his ex.


Izuku couldn’t stop moving, it was the day before his heat was supposed to set in and the alpha hadn’t shown up yet! He requested that the alpha show up in the afternoon, so that they could scent things and arrange stuff so that in heat, Izuku wouldn’t panic at the alpha with him. He had gotten the confirmation, receiving the name and details of the man who was supposed to show up.

Katsuki Bakugou.

The alpha that hadn’t shown up yet! Granted it was only twenty minutes, any hold up in traffic or maybe he forgot something. The omega needed to relax, deciding to put on a movie to distract himself. He didn’t need to stress out so much, just relax and let the alpha help care for him.

Izuku didn’t realize he was dozing off, his body trying to catch up sleep for the inevitable heat that would keep his sleeping hours to a minimum. His eyes drowsy as he heard a knock at the door.

Oh god.

He looked at the door and stood slowly, his body trembling, what if he didn’t like what he saw? What if the alpha was unattractive or smelled weird? What if he was a leecher? A hundred thoughts ran through the omegas mind as he reached the door, swallowing as he opened it.

His eyes staring at a chest, an impressive, muscled chest. His green eyes peered up, red eyes staring down at him. The alpha was stunning, striking eyes, strong features, he couldn’t deny the man was beyond handsome.

“Izuku Midoriya?”

The voice that came from the man was hot, melting Izuku’s worries about not wanting to man in his small home. He realized he was staring when the alpha smirked and asked again.

“Y-Yes!” Izuku felt the room spinning, he began stuttering with nerves, wandering what the next step was, maybe invite the alpha inside? No! Anyone could know his name, he should confirm it right? This was a stranger he was letting into his house. “B-Bakugou?”

“Katsuki is fine.” They stood there for a moment and when Izuku caught the alpha looking over his shoulder to the inside of his home. He quickly invited him in, closing the door gently and watching the alpha look around. Katsuki placed his duffle bag on the coffee table, digging inside and pulling out a folder, handing it to Izuku. The omega tilted his head and opened it, blushing at seeing his survey printed out, signed at the bottom and stamped by the woman at the association who helped him before. “Sign the bottom, make sure everything is good.”

Izuku nodded and took the pen handed to him, signing the bottom quickly. Katsuki moving to stand next to him, pointing out where else to sign. The omega signing mindlessly, the alphas scent was so powerful, clouding his mind in his pre-heat state, wanting to cuddle the man’s neck and lay on the couch until he actually began to heat. He blinked when he signed the last dotted line, Katsuki taking the folder and putting it away.

“Are you hungry?” The alpha said, zipping up his bag and placing it in the floor by the couch until further notice.

“S-Sure.” Izuku tilted his head at the annoyed look that Katsuki got, wondering what he said wrong.

“Yes or no.” Katsuki said, standing, more so towering over the green haired omega, fingers under Izuku’s chin. The attitude change left the omega wanting to please, Izuku blushed and nodded.


“I’ll make us something to eat.”

Izuku stood in a daze, watching the alpha walk to towards the kitchen. Slowly he made his way over, leaning against the counter island, fiddling with his fingers as the alpha opened the cupboards and then the fridge. Katsuki seemed satisfied with what he found and began pulling out ingredients. The omega watching as the blond worked, cutting up vegetables and meat to throw onto a greased frying pan. He didn’t realize how much time had passed until the alpha placed a hot plate of food in front of him as well with glass of water.

“Make sure you eat it all.” Katsuki said sternly, standing in front of his own plate as he began to eat. Izuku began to eat as well, a smile on his face at the tasty food, the chewy meat, the crunchy vegetables, savory flavor in his mouth. Katsuki finished before him, the alpha watching the omega finish his plate.

Katsuki took in the omegas features, soft freckled cheeks, plump lips that wrapped around the fork and smile at the taste of the food, thick eyelashes around big, green eyes. Curly hair that the blond was sure was a hassle to care for. The omega was cute, Katsuki satisfied to where he was assigned. When Izuku finished, he took both their plates and got up to wash them. Katsuki’s eyes followed, the arch of the omegas back leading down to a round ass, down shapely legs. Izuku finished quickly enough, turning his head towards the alpha, seeming in thought. The alpha speaking first.

“On your paperwork, you put that you needed pre-heat help. You already ate. Where’s your nest?”

Izuku blushed and pursed his lips, walking out of the kitchen and down the hall, Katsuki following behind. The omega opened the last door down the hall, going inside and walking over to a comfortable but disorganized nest. Katsuki watched Izuku plop down on the large mattress on the floor, a canopy hanging from the ceiling over the nest, draping the whole thing with sheer blue curtains. The bed covered in pillows and blankets, a few plushies of fiction superheroes that Katsuki recognized from other omegas homes, usually seeing the fluffy plush near other children toys. Fairy lights littering the room, blackout curtains on the window.

Other pillows thrown in the floor, a small cabinet next to the mattress for things or toys that Katsuki imagined most omegas had when spending heats alone. In the corner, a trash can and a mini fridge so that the pair wouldn’t need to leave the room too often.

“Sorry it’s messy, Shouto was usually the one who cleaned around.” Izuku mumbled, distracted with scenting a pillow, his green eyes closed in concentration. Katsuki didn’t ask, the way the omega was jumpy around him and from his file let him know that this was the first time that Izuku had used the service of the association. “Oh! We-We don’t have to stay in here, my room is nicer and-“

“You’re comfortable in here, so we’ll stay in here.” Katsuki cut him off. Izuku watched the alpha walk over and crouch down next to the mini fridge, pulling out a protein shake and inspecting it. The omega wondered if this was normal behavior for the alpha or just part of his job. Izuku stood, holding his favorite plushy, face red and lips trembling as he stood next to Katsuki who looked up at him, then stood up straight.

“Can you.. Can you scent things in here… I don’t want to panic when we-we’re doing it…” the omega looked at the floor, pushing the stuffed toy into the alphas chest. When the toy was taken from his hands, Izuku turned his head, shyly watching as Katsuki rubbed the toy against his cheek for a few moments and then handing it back to the omega.

“There, what else?”

Izuku smiled, much of his nerves leaving at he got back onto the mattress. His face thoughtful as he began to hand Katsuki blankets and pillows, watching in satisfaction at the alpha scented them, putting them somewhere else on the bed. They did this for half an hour, Izuku body warm and happy at the sight. Katsuki sat on the edge of the mattress, watching Izuku begin to cuddle with the newly scented items, rubbing them against his cheek and neck, a soft purring filling the room. Most alphas turning red and hard at the sight, but Katsuki was used to it, seeing it done a few times already. He liked to keep his mind steady and calm, needing to concentrate on his job so that he could get the best pay and best performance review. Though, the cute omega seeming so happy made Katsuki want to see what other faces his hire would have.

Izuku sighed happily after another half hour, pushing the pillows where he wanted, blankets draping off the bed, Katsuki turning the mattress sideways for him when he asked. He and the alpha stood in front of the bed, Izuku completely happy with how it was, his face a soft pink, glowing in the dimly lit room.

“Where’s the shower? I should clean up and so should you.”

“This way.” Izuku said softly when they exited the room, showing the alpha where the bathroom was. He left Katsuki in there, wandering off somewhere else in the house.

Izuku in his room, picking out some comfy clothes to wear while he slept shortly before his heat began. His nerves picking up again, now what? They shower, sleep? Waiting until Izuku’s heat bloomed and brought the two to the nested room to-to!

Izuku sat in front of his dresser, looking down at the shirt in his hands. It was old and worn, the omega wearing it often before his heats, a small frown on his face. It was Shouto’s, he brought it up to his face, inhaling and blinking away tears at the small lingering scent of his previous alpha. He didn’t realize how long he spent there until the wet alpha in his home stood at his doorway, bringing him out of his sad thoughts.

“If you need to talk, it’s in the job description.” Katsuki grumbled, looking at the patch of carpet next to Izuku’s legs. Usually omegas didn’t want to talk about past experiences, leaving it in the hands of the alpha to just care for them. Izuku wipes at his eyes, pushing the shirt into the back of the dresser, grabbing some clothes, standing up to face Katsuki.

“Y-Yeah…I’m going to shower and we can do that.” Izuku walked past the alpha and went into the bathroom, the running of water sounded through the pipes.

Katsuki turned his head back into the omega’s room, daring to step in and look around. It was littered with posters, anime and superheroes, little figurines littering a nightstand and extra table. He stepped towards the bed, one side had the sheets messed up from where he assumed Izuku preferred sleeping. The other side untouched, he noticed a picture frame face down on the empty side. He walked over to it and picked it up, finding himself looking at a picture of Izuku blushing and smiling at an amusement park, a tall alpha next to him, heterochromatic eyes looking at the omega. Katsuki could help but stare at the scar that painted the alphas eye. This was Shouto? Obviously, the omega was harboring emotion still or just out of habit, Katsuki wondering how long they were together.

He walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. The alpha made his way over to the living room, deciding that cleaning up a bit usually put omegas at ease before their heat. He eventually found the vacuum in a small closet, throwing trash away and moving to the kitchen. Cleaning the counters and putting away the now cold leftover food from earlier, soaking the pan. He heard the bathroom door open and soft footsteps coming towards the kitchen. Izuku gave him a warm smile, looking refreshed from his shower.

“Can… We do that talking now?”

Katsuki nodded and stood behind the omega, who seemed in thought, head turning between the couch and down the hall. The alpha rolled his eyes, from the file, knowing the omega had a lot of decisions made for him. His hand on Izuku’s lower back, guiding him back to the nest. Once they were inside, Katsuki closed the door, Izuku crawling onto the bed, hugging a plushie to his chest, laying against the pillows. The alpha moved when his partner patted the space next to him.

Izuku swallowed and watched Katsuki make himself comfortable, arms behind his head. The omegas eyes trailing down, the tank top the alpha wore left little of the man’s figure to imagination. His eyes wandering from Katsuki’s chest to his armpits, tilting his head at the groomed patch of hair, over his muscular biceps. He blinked and looked at the alpha, blushing when red eyes were already on him. He guessed this was the part where he started talking or more venting before they slept.

“This is my-my first time using this service… I thought I could be alone but… I guess not.” Izuku started, fingers playing with the soft arm of the plush, fiddling it between his fingers. Katsuki saying nothing, just listening. “I-I had a boyfriend and I guess I got boring after being together so long, I guess he got boring too…”

Izuku turned on his side, his whole body facing Katsuki, eyes trained down.

“Some friends of mine said it’s because I didn’t want kids, that alphas get bored… Doing a little pregnancy talk when we have sex is fine but-but I think Shouto wanted it to be real.”

Izuku sighed, his brows furrowed in frustration, then he really began, ranting about his job and how a kid while being so young would deter him. Saying how his ex-boyfriend didn’t understand that because he already had his career in hand, inherited from his family. Katsuki watched, a bit of amusement as Izuku became angrier, a permanent pout in his face, eyes narrowed as he continued talking. Blame shifting from his ex to the people around them, presuming they wanted things when they didn’t. Katsuki adding input, cursing out of habit, calling some of those people fuckers and telling him Shouto was also at fault for not trying to understand Izuku. It made the omega a bit happy, finding extreme comfort in the alphas honesty.

Izuku soon ran dry, most of his thoughts out in the open and he pressed his cheek into the pillows, trying to think of what else to say, but nothing came up, slowly the only thought on his mind was the alpha in his nest with him.

“C-Can we cuddle?”

Katsuki nodded and Izuku smiled happily, scooting closer dragging a blanket with him. Both of them shifting to fit together. His head laid on the alphas chest, blanket over their legs. The omegas hand over the man’s waist, a leg raising and hooking on Katsuki’s. The omega purring as the scent enveloped him.

The alpha running his hand over Izuku’s head, playing with a off curl or two. He looked down and realized the omega had fallen asleep when the shifting stopped, purring coming to a halt. Katsuki turned his head and took in the omegas scent, strengthened as heat drew closer and closer. He let sleep take him, knowing he probably wouldn’t rest too much for the next few days.


Katsuki blinked his eyes away, the omega no longer cuddling against his side, now on top of him, cheek pressed against alphas chest, a leg between Katsuki’s.

His body hot from the omega, slowly he shifted them so that Izuku would lay on the bed again. The omega mumbling and whimpering, attaching himself to the alpha again. Katsuki let him, once situated, he looked at Izuku. The omegas cheeks pink, a bead of sweat on the exposed forehead, scent amplified now. He knew if he left and Izuku woke up, it would lead to a full blown panic attack, he learned his mistake from his first client and never repeated it again.

He tried to sleep again but couldn’t, knowing if he slept, he would only be woken by the horny omega. Instead he threw the blanket off them, not wanting Izuku to warm up too much. His fingers tracing down the omegas arm, over his side, dipping into the small waist, over hips, allowing himself to continue and grope the omegas ass.

“Shouto…” Izuku hummed, his face pressing into Katsuki’s neck, purring.

“Katsuki…” the alphas reminded, for some reason wanting to hear his own name from the sleepy omega.

“Mm, Katsuki…”

Katsuki swallowed, Izuku licking his neck, pressing soft kisses into the alphas Adam Apple. He looked down and the omega looked at him happily, green eyes cloudy and nearly completely black, illuminated by the fairy lights in the room. Ah, the heat was there. They stayed like that, letting Izuku lick and suck hickies into the alphas neck as he pleased. Katsuki let out a breath, sitting up, the omegas eyes on him as he slid his tank top over his head to give Izuku new space to scent. He would need to get into it, thinking back to the list of desires the omega had. Praise being the first one that popped into his head, the easiest to do at the moment. When Izuku kissed his shoulders and chest, soft giggles from the omega as Katsuki wrapped an arm around him.

“Are you going to be a good omega?”

Izuku immediately nodded, eyes peering up at the alpha, eagerness written all over his face, wanting to please.

“Take your clothes off then.” Izuku sat up to pull his shirt over his head, showing off small omega breasts, pink nipples soft, looking ravishing. Exposing his stomach and back, lean and muscled lines showed evidently. Izuku laid back down, pushing the waist of his shorts down thick thighs and muscled calves, leaving his cocklet exposed and the scent of slick blooming through the air. Katsuki’s nostrils flaring at the savory scent, venom in his mouth of wanting to mark and bite the omega. The reaction leaving his heart pounding in his chest. Once naked, Izuku laid on his side, big eyes expecting another order from the alpha, a lewd smile on plump lips. “Show… Show me how you do it by yourself.”

Izuku nodded, shifting a couple of inches away to lay against the pillows on the wall and give Katsuki a view of his hairless groin, soft and pink for the alpha's eyes to take in.

The omegas hand drifted over his chest, cupping his small breast and pinching his nipple. Soft sighs left Katsuki wanting to see more, wondering if he could manage to push the tits together to fuck between them. Izuku’s hand continued down, ignoring his hardened flesh and slipping over his wet hole, teasing the rim before slowly slipping in a finger. The omegas eyes fluttering shut at the gentle entry, pushing himself to add another. Katsuki sat on his haunches in front of the omega, rough hands on the omegas knees as he watched.

“That’s a good bitch… Add another finger…” Katsuki rasped, dick twitching in his sweats, wanting to feel the heat of the omega. Izuku complied, opening his eyes and catching Katsuki’s the two of them staring at each other as the omega keened, another finger inside. Sounds of sloppy wet fingers thrusting in and out, moans from the omega, heavy breathing from the alpha. Izuku whimpered, fingers stopping as he felt the rolling pleasures of his orgasm, cumming from his pink cock, a fresh splash of slick on his fingers. Katsuki watched Izuku come down from his high. His fingers pressing forward, a digit slipping in alongside the omegas, a wanton whimper as the boy rocked his hips into the fingers.

“Katsuki… Katsuki… Kacchan…” Izuku moaned, soon not finding that the fingers weren’t satisfying him anymore, pulling his fingers out and grabbing the alphas hand with slick covered fingers. “Alpha, more…”

Katsuki watched thick thighs spread in front of him, slick shining softly from the little lights. He pushed his sweats down, stroking his cock a few times, small eager whispers from Izuku at the sight. He found himself fitting perfectly in the omegas thighs, small hand between them and grasping the alphas length, teasing his own hole.

“You want it? Beg for it.” Katsuki growled, face over the omegas chest, teeth sharp as he bit into the small breast, nearly able to take the entire flesh into his mouth, tongue rolling against the hard nipple. Izuku whimpered, his free hand scratching the man’s shoulder, body trying to grind down, get the man to enter him.

“Please… I-I don’t know what to say…” The omegas words slurred, thighs spreading wider urging the alpha to hurry.

“We’ll work on it…” Katsuki growled, the omegas hand guiding him to push his cock into the wet heat, pushing until his hips met Izuku’s ass. This heat was going to be Katsuki’s favorite one so far.


Chapter Text

Izuku sat in his home office, reading over a proposal and trying to get as much work done for his company. He corrected a few things on the proposal, adjusting the budget. It was becoming a bit hard as he could hear his three kids and their nanny laughing downstairs. He sighed and leaned back in his office chair, his hands over his face, dragging down. Maybe he should have stayed at his office instead of coming home. The man sighed out and chuckled tiredly, he stood and closed the his home office door behind himself. He walked down the stairs to his home and walked until he saw his nanny bouncing his two year old daughter on his lap.


Izuku smiled wide and knelt as his 11 year old daughter and 9 year old son came running up to him, he opened his arms wide as he hugged them tightly. Their little cheeks pressed against his. Akane and Ryou began chatting happily about their days, they hadn’t seen their father when he arrived, they had snack time with the nanny and their little sister, Haruka.

“I think she wants a hug, too.” The nanny, Katsuki, smiles as he put Haruka down so that she could run to her father as well. Katsuki smirked at the happy family, then put himself to gather up the toys the children left on the ground. He listened to Akane talk about soccer loudly, happily inviting her father to her game that weekend. Ryou pouting and demanding that his father come to his recital that same day. Haruka just saying nonsense as Izuku pet her hair gently.

Izuku looked at his children’s nanny, the small voices of his children drowned out as he allowed himself a moment to ogle at the young omega. Short for a males height, yet perfectly petite and small as an omega. Izuku’s ex-wife, Ochako had hired Katsuki a few months ago. Katsuki was one of Ochako’s friends son, both adults agreeing that the children would thrive better in a home with an omega present. Izuku was an alpha and Ochako was a beta. They worked things out as best they could, Ochako realizing she might have been in love with another beta woman when she was pregnant with their youngest child. There wasn’t any fighting, no horrible disputes. The children stayed one week with their mother and one week with their father. So far, it worked out great, the past year and a half going smoothly, even better when they hired Katsuki.

The omega either caring for the children at Izuku’s home or at Ochako’s, it didn’t matter since he lived right in the middle. The alpha’s green eyes trailed up and down Katsuki’s body, over his back and down his legs. Sometimes, just doing mundane things around the house, helping clean or even just calming the children had Izuku wanting to see the omega round and fat with pup. Katsuki blinked and looked at his boss, offering a small smile as a dust of pink went across the omegas cheeks. They both knew that the alpha was ogling at him, both acting like they wouldn’t be interested in one another.

“Kacchan, I was thinking of taking the kids to dinner. Do you want to join us?” Izuku quickly tried to recover, pretending to be interested in Ryou’s brown curly hair.

“Oh, yeah, sure.”

They enjoyed dinner and the kids were all but falling asleep in the back seats, Izuku and Katsuki sitting in the front as they pulled up in front of the omegas home. Katsuki looked at his boss, a bashful smile as Izuku opened his wallet, rummaging through it to pull out Katsuki’s weekly pay. Since the kids were at his house that week, he was the one to pay up.

“Uh, 600? You helped out a couple extra hours, right? Sorry about that, again.”

“Yes, Sir. It's no problem, I love the kids anyways.”

Izuku swore his cock twitched in his slacks at the polite tone of the young omega sitting next to him. He exhaled and tried to calm himself, counting out the money and taking it out of his wallet. Their fingers brushed and Izuku relished in how Katsuki almost flinched away, blushing and looking down at his lap bashfully to count his money quickly.

Katsuki put his money away and a moment of awkward silence over fell the car. Haruka’s sleepy talk making both of them chuckle.

“Alright, Goodnight, Mr. Midoriya.”

“Goodnight, Kacchan.”

Katsuki gave a strange smile and opened the door, Izuku making sure he got inside before driving off. Maybe he should have told Ochako to hire a beta…


Katsuki’s heats were still irregular, even after two years, he had a hard time keeping track and he always somehow saved himself within hours of his starting time. Crawling home, locking himself in his nest. It was only once every three months, at least it wasn’t too often and almost every time alone or near home. Though, not this time. He was cuddled up with a napping Haruka, Akane and Ryou were at sports and would walk home together when they finished. Izuku at work and not expected home until a few hours. Haruka was an angel that day, eating what Katsuki made her, cleaning her mess up and napping when it was nap time. He loved the little girl, rubbing her back gently as she crumbled away her last waking words.

His own eyes heavy, his body almost too warm and he was feeling peckish. Katsuki supposed that after a nap, he could start dinner for when the two oldest came home hungry from practice. They slept for an hour, Haruka waking first and whining for her nanny to wake up so they could have a snack before dinner.

“Alright, what do you wanna snack on?” Katuski asked lowly, his throat itchy and dry. He carried Haruka into the kitchen and sat her in the high chair, letting her watch as he opened the refrigerator to see their options.

“Grapes! Oh! Orange!” She was almost too energetic after her nap, Katsuki’s body was warm and he wondered if he was coming down with a fever. He shook it up, grabbing grapes in a bowl and washing them, peeling a small orange for Haruka. He sat next to her and let her feed him the occasional slice of orange or a single grape from her sticky hands. Katsuki wondered if his kids would be this cute, it probably depended on the father. Haruka looked just like Izuku always.

The blond blinked and blushed, he let the little girl wander into the living room to play with her toys. He sighed, taking the toddlers empty bowl and rinsing it in the sink. He shook his head to get the thoughts of his boss, his insanely attractive and fit boss, out of his head. It was beyond inappropriate.

Katsuki was barely 19 and Izuku was almost in his forties, old enough to be his father!

Katsuki was a full time nanny and an unmarked omega, it wasn’t something someone his age should be thinking about. Granted, some of his other omega classmates were already mated and well into pregnancy. Katsuki tried not to scowl and glare at their swollen bellies and their smiles and gleeful laughter. It wasn’t that he didn’t like alphas, just the alphas his age were all idiots and only thought with their knots. All of them working part time or not even having a stable job to support Katsuki if he did end up pregnant.

Izuku would take care of him, pay for everything, love their child. He’d bend Katsuki over and-


Katsuki jumped and dropped the glass he was washing, yelping when it shattered at his feet. He looked up, face flushed as Izuku stood in the doorway of the kitchen. The alpha staring him down with a look in his eyes, his jaw set, brows furrowed.

“Why didn’t you tell me? You shouldn’t be working, I can call Ochako and-“ Izuku has stepped into the kitchen, unable to help himself from wanting to get closer to the pretty omega so close to heat.

Katsuki panted as the alpha came closer, his heart thumping in his chest. He could feel himself grow wet in his briefs, shame building up in his stomach for the first symptoms of arousal in front of his boss. He probably looked like a kid who only had a couple of heats, unable to protect himself or care for himself. He probably looked so immature and idiotic for not being able to track his own heat, for not realizing the symptoms.

“I-I can go home! I’ll call a taxi or, or…” Katsuki felt like he was fumbling his words, the alpha in front of him only arms reach away. Izuku’s shoes snapping and crunching down on the broken glass. The rest of the omegas words caught in his throat, the savory scent of a mature alpha quickly speeding along his pre-heat. He leaned into the alpha's touch, cool hand on his hot cheek, his own thin hand on Izuku’s wrist. He thought he was going to be kissed if it wasn’t for Haruka’s happy cry, her little feet padding as they entered the kitchen.


Izuku pulled away and reached for her before she got closer, he didn’t want her to step on the shards of glass. Katsuki quickly went for the broom and began to clean up the glass, making sure to get every little fragment. His thoughts swirling in his head about what could have happened if the toddler didn’t interrupt them. When he was done, Izuku came back into the kitchen, Katsuki immediately gravitating towards him, his red eyes warm and soft as he looked at the alpha.

“Can you call Uraraka-San… I don’t wanna go home…” Katsuki’s voice so uncharacteristically whiny, his hands on Izuku’s chest, on his toes as he rubbed his cheek against the alphas. A little omega gesture to entice others to doing what they wanted, at this point, Katsuki wasn’t against stereotypes to get what he wanted.

Izuku marking him, knotting him, making him heavy with the alpha’s pup.

“You sure?” Izuku’s voice low, his head tilting to press his lips into the omegas neck, nosing at the area for the gland. Inhaling deeply at the sweet scent of an unmarked, unmated, fertile omega.

“Please…” Katsuki watched with glee, his head beginning to grow warm and at this rate, it was only about an hour until he was an full heat. Izuku’s scent driving him up the wall, accelerating it all, never had he felt so impacted by heat before. Izuku pulled his phone out, explaining with a red blush to his ex-wife what was happening. Katsuki could hear her giggle and say she was on her way for Haruka and that she would pick up her other children from their respective practices. Katsuki blinked when Izuku pressed the phone to his ear, Ochako’s voice melodious and soft.

“Have fun!”

And with that she hung up, Izuku stuffing his phone in his pocket.

“Let’s take you upstairs… I’ll take care of Haruka until Ochako gets here and then…” Izuku pressed his forehead against Katsuki’s, his large hands wrapped around the omegas upper arms, holding him tight. “I’ll show you how pretty omegas like you should be treated.”


Katsuki laid against Izuku’s pillows, cuddled up with them, inhaling the hot scent and smiling to himself as he writhed in the sheets. He had long discarded his clothes and laid nude on the bed, the fabric so nice against his hot skin. The omega wanted to make sure their scents mixed, wanted to have his scent over everything that Izuku owned. He perked up as he could hear the front door open, Haruka’s happy scream for her mother and the door shutting.

He sat up slowly, hands gently holding himself up, Izuku’s heavy steps up the stairs had Katsuki biting his lip in anticipation. He whined out as the alpha opened the door and slammed it behind himself, pulling on his tie and dress shirt, discarding them as he got closer to the bed and closer to the heating Omega.

“Kacchan, come here.”

Katsuki crawled to the edge of the bed, his chin taken to look up at the alpha, a loopy smile on his face as he cooed at the man. He purred as his hair was played with, hand caressing his cheek and he eagerly took the thumb into his mouth, sucking on it as his eyes stared up at the alpha. Their eyes locked as Katsuki licked over the appendage, his lips pink and wrapped around Izuku’s thumb. He nibbled on it when it pressed down on his tongue.


Katsuki was in heaven, he had always taken his own fingers, even a toy here and there that he had bought in an embarrassed fever. None of that compared to the alpha cock that rested inside of himself, he sat on Izuku’s lap, drooling and panting. The alpha wasn’t moving, his hands over Katsuki’s legs and waist, letting the omega adjust to his girth and length. It was a extremely tight fit, though it didn’t seem like the omega minded the large cock that had been pushed inside. The heat and tightness making Izuku bite his own lip, he had to hold back from pushing the omega down and fucking into him without reserve.

“So big… Hurts… Feels good… ‘M cumming…” Katsuki’s words came out slurred and hot, Izuku wasn’t even moving and he already felt fucked out, his insides twitching and shifting to adjust. His own pink dick dripping clear fluid between his thighs and onto Izuku’s lower stomach. Katsuki leaned forward, placing his hands on Izuku’s chest, fingers grazing against the manly hair and whimpering as the cock moved an inch inside of him. He wanted to fuck himself on it so badly, but the fear of the unmeasurable pleasure keeping himself still. It was the first time he shared his body with anyone, he never expected it to be with such a prime alpha.

Izuku said nothing, just watching the inexperienced omega try and decide his next actions. How Katsuki’s cute flushed face twitched and how he licked over his swollen lips, how his fingers fidgeted on his chest and how his hips would move sporadically when Izuku’s cock would shift even the slightest. The alpha had the stamina and patience to let his cock be warmed for hours inside of Katsuki, but the continuous teasing of the omegas lean and flat stomach was the biggest torture. He wanted to see it swollen and extended, wanted to feel his pups under his hands as he would fuck into Katsuki. It had been minutes since Katsuki had moved, Izuku decided if he really wanted to get this beautiful omega pregnant, he was going to have to cum, wasn’t he?

Izuku slowly pushed himself to sit up, his arm around Katsuki’s lower back. Their faces so close and Katsuki whimpered at the movement, the cock inside pressing so nicely against his spot. The only thing heard was the beds soft creaking, a small noise from Katsuki and the slick movements of their body meeting.

Katsuki swallowed and bit his lip to try to hide his smile, but failed, his head tilted back as Izuku kissed his neck, licking oved the flushed flesh. His hips slowly beginning to rock into the omega, the motions wet and fluid, Katsuki’s young body eagerly producing slick and accepting every shallow thrust.

“Oh… Ngh…” Katsuki sighed out happily, his arms around Izuku’s broad shoulders, arching his back and moving his thighs to try and meet Izuku on every thrust. Izuku pulled back and Katsuki met his eyes, they panted against each other’s lips, the omega cane silently between them, wanton moans spilling out of him. His body slack as he was held up by Izuku. He cried out as he was knotted and scratched the alphas shoulders, drinking up every spurt of alpha cum.

Izuku kissed over his sated face, chuckling as Katsuki whined and tried to push the energetic alpha. He didn’t know if he could go another round just get, even in heat he needed to relax, his body more than satisfied with finally getting so nicely fucked by an alpha. Though, Izuku’s cock wanted to go again, growing hard inside of the omega.


Katsuki felt tears in his eyes, he sat on the toilet seat of Izuku’s bathroom, a pregnancy test in his hands. He had his suspicions over a month after Izuku helped him with his heat, things were going so well. Izuku so happily kissing him when he came home from work, the kids were so great around him, Ochako always teased him and gave him smiles. Wouldn’t that change with an unexpected baby on the way?

He wiped at his eyes and sniffled, Izuku was older and had children, having a brat with a brat was probably not in his best interest. They weren’t together explicitly, even if Katsuki considered himself Izuku’s. He wouldn’t be able to hide it, he didn’t want to lie to the alpha. He told himself that he would tell the alpha and if the alpha wasn’t ready for it then Katsuki would raise his child by himself. As much as it hurt, he needed to do it.

He blinked and pocketed the test, exiting the bathroom as Haruka began to cry after waking up alone from her nap. He soothed her and tried to distract himself until Izuku came home hours later.

The kids came from practice and so excitedly told Katsuki everything about their days, how Akane was going to have a big game that weekend and how Ryou had first chair and a solo for his concert. He smiled at them and pet their heads in praise, their faces so happy and they invited Katsuki to come see them. He agreed to go and began to work on dinner, they went to go do homework and Haruka danced in the living room alongside her favorite cartoon as the front door opened.

Katsuki swallowed as he heard the front door open and close, the alphas low voice, announcing he was home. Izuku greeted his youngest daughter and walked into the kitchen, carrying her.

“Kacchan,” Izuku greeted, leaning down to kiss the crown of Katsuki’s hair, inhaling the omegas scent and pulled away, his face evident with confusion at the stressed scent. “Everything okay?”

Izuku let Haruka down and she immediately ran back towards the living room, not interested in the adults conversation. Izuku waited as Katsuki bit his lip, making the decision to just say it. He reached in his back pocket and placed the pregnancy stick in the alphas hands.

“I’m pregnant.”

Izuku blinked, his chest blooming in alpha pride, his eyes trailed down from the test to Katsuki’s still flat stomach. It had taken, his seed deeply planted inside the beautiful omega. He wanted to cheer and yell that he was going to be a father again, but he didn’t, only because of how Katsuki looked so downcrested.

“I-I want to keep it.” Katsuki all but glared at Izuku, as if he would have it any other way. He was most proud that the omega carrying his child was so fiery and adamant on protecting their little bundle of joy.

Izuku growled, pressing himself against Katsuki’s back, his large hands over the omegas stomach and waist.

“Of course you’re keeping it.” The alpha said in the omegas ear. Katsuki blinked and turned his head, his eyes watery and his face pink with happiness. “You’re going to be a beautiful mother, Kacchan.”

“I’m going to be a mom…”

Izuku nodded and smiled, kissing the omega, the pair happy as could be.


Katsuki had a beautiful pair of twins, both of them a mop of curly green hair like their father. He cried so happily as he held them and kissed their pink faces as they slept in their mother’s arms.

Izuku was over the moon, snapping a hundred photos. He had a collection of Katsuki glowing and pregnant, he didn’t want to miss any moment of this.


The twins were a year old when Izuku switched out Katsuki’s birth control. The action horrible and had Izuku feeling horribly guilty until Katsuki fumed that he was pregnant again, throwing the pills in the trash. He kissed Izuku so softly and told him maybe the pills couldn’t work against such a prime alpha as his husband’s. The alpha growled and fucked his omega on the counter of their shared bathroom, unrelenting even as Katsuki cried with a trembling orgasm.


They had been married for seven years, Katsuki gave Izuku four children in those years, all of them under of the stealthy guise of Izuku wanting to see his mate beautifully pregnant.

The only time Katsuki begged for a child was when Akane graduated High School and moved across the country to a prestigious University with a soccer scholarship. She was leaving the nest and the omega tried not to hold her back and cry as she left. She promised to visit as often as her father would pay for her ticket. After waving goodbye to her at the airport, Katsuki was upset all the way home, hiding in their room until Izuku put the other children in bed, kissing the children goodnight for Katsuki as well.

Izuku walked into their bedroom, barely closing the door behind himself when the omega pressed him into the door, pulling his pants down enough to stroke his husband’s cock.

“I want a baby, ‘zuku… I want another baby, please…” Katsuki lowly said, dropping to his knees to take his alpha's cock into his mouth, licking and sucking until it was completely hard. The omega stumbling to stand and pull of his own clothes, his body still the most beautiful thing Izuku had ever seen. He followed his wife to their bed, his mouth watering as Katsuki rose a knee on the bed, presenting himself to the alpha behind him.

Who was Izuku to deny his beautiful wife exactly what he wanted?


Chapter Text

Katsuki exhaled slowly, his hand pinching Izuku’s cheek, they had laid there for a little too long, all sexual heat replaced with simple annoying summer heat. He felt gross most of all. When Izuku didn’t move from between his thighs, he pulled at the curly green hair, tugging his lovers head up to glare at him.

“Get off me, it’s too hot to cuddle.”

Izuku pouted and pushed himself up by his arm, one hand going between them, pulling himself out from the blond. Low groans from both of them. He pulled the rubber off and threw it away in the bin by the bed.

“It wasn’t hot enough for that…”

“Hah? What’d you say?”

“Nothing, Kacchan.”

Katsuki hummed triumphantly and sat up, a hand pushing his hair out of his face, sweat sticking to his forehead. Maybe it was too hot for sex, but after an amazing fight against a villain, Katsuki got home and grabbed Izuku by the back of his shirt, pulling them towards their bedroom. He figured it wasn’t so bad to take intimate initiative with his lover every once in a while. Katsuki stood off the bed and walked towards the bathroom, looking over his shoulder to his sleepy boyfriend who eyed his whole backside.

“Cold shower?”

Izuku stumbled to stand, jogging over and hugging Katsuki’s waist tightly. The blond let out an unflattering squawk when his boyfriend lifted him and carried him into the bathroom.



Katsuki patrolled as usual, interns behind him, both of them laughing and joking amongst themselves. Some UA second-years and by the looks of it, it was all flirting. He sighed and felt annoyance creeping up on him, was he like this with Izuku? He quickly answered his own question, Izuku was the one who said they should limit PDA to just around close friends or to have that sort of love remain private. Before Katsuki could get angry, Izuku kissed him, a bashful look.

“I just don’t want anyone to see Kacchan’s smile…”

Katsuki remembered well enough and when he heard a louder giggle – it snapped him out of the pleasant memory. The hero shouted at the two teenagers to quit goofing around. Horny little brats…

“Yes, Sir!”

The two shuffled a bit apart, clearing their throats as they continued following. The three of them came to a stop when Katsuki saw a crying little boy, standing by some bike racks. He walked over and the boy seemed to recognize him, immediately running to the hero.

“I-I can’t find mommy!”

Katsuki grudgingly knelt down, gloved hand patting the kids head.

“Listen kid, no more crying, we’ll find her.”

The boy nodded and rubbed his teary eyes, moving in to hug the hero. Katsuki let him but something didn’t feel right.

He looked down and blinked, the kid wasn’t there anymore, he wasn’t even patrolling.

He looked up and found himself sitting in his high school classroom, in his desk at the front of the classroom, in hero garb and everything. A younger Present Mic looked like he was slapped as he broke a piece of chalk on the board, English lesson long forgotten.

“What the fuck...”

Katsuki whispered to himself, sudden panic settling in, standing and knocking his chair over, desk scraping on the floor as he pushed it out of his way. He turned around and faced the younger faces of his colleagues, their shocked faces looking right back at him.

“What the fuck?!”


Katsuki Bakugou, 25 years old, number 4 and rising Pro-Hero, confused as ever loving fuck.

He didn’t know what to make of the situation, he had heard of extremely rare time-traveling quirks but had never encountered it himself. Izuku had told him about a villain that could teleport minutes back in case of injure, Izuku had to unfortunately knock her out to prevent the fight from elongating.

He sat across from All Might, albeit skinny and looking rung out—Katsuki was extremely joyous to see the older man, not that he allowed much of it to show on his face. He was explaining what was happening moments before he appeared suddenly in his desk from years ago.

“This is tricky, best not to share much with the students. Time travel quirks are mishaps on their own.” All Might explained, cup of tea under his nose before taking a silent drink. “Though… It’s good to see you mellowed out, young Bakugou.”

Katsuki ignored how his chest clenched at the way the man spoke, he shook it off by taking a noisy drink of coffee. He long left tea behind, it never did it for him like a bitter caffeinated drink.

“Yeah, but if I’m here, that punk is over there with a crying kid.” Katsuki smirked to himself, already imagining the screaming child in the arms of a younger version of himself.

All Might chuckled and nodded. “Maybe it’ll teach him to calm down in certain situations.”

Their conversation quieted, the old man fidgeting as if he wanted to ask something so badly, Katsuki could already hear it.

“Deku’s doing great, in my time.” Katsuki chuckled as All Might looked preened, lighting up at the mention of his student. It must have been killing him from the moment of seeing Katsuki when the blond was escorted to the teachers lounge. “He’s not number one but… After I retire, he might have a chance.”

“I see, that is good to hear. Is he still reckless?”

“Reckless as ever, that idiot never learns.”

They chuckled in unison, All Might could only imagine what an older Izuku would act like. They chatted about mundane things, not asking or giving to many details of Katsuki’s time. Two hours passed, the bells of the school chiming melodically. The young hero began to worry slightly, how long would this quirk take, was he stuck permanently? As much as he liked seeing All Might again, he rather be kicking some criminal ass or starting up dinner for him and Izuku.

“As great as this as has been, Young Bakugou, there is a sparring session between the students and I promised them to go go advise.” All Might let out a small grunt as he stood, Katsuki held back from helping out, standing slowly as well. “Would you like to come watch? I’m sure your classmates wouldn’t mind.”

“Not my classmates… They’re my lame ass coworkers.” Katsuki huffed, a thin hand patting his shoulder as the taller man nodded, a boisterous laugh as he was entertained. They walked over to ground delta, a walk brisk, the afternoon breeze against Katsuki’s face. This was a lot different from the smothering heat of the recent weeks he had experienced, the heat reminding him of his lover. Izuku usually calling around now to beg Katsuki not to be mad that he was pulling extra hours or if he should pick anything up on his way home for dinner. Katsuki closed his eyes and took a deep breath, warmth in his chest. It had been a while he had visited UA anyways, he decided to make the best of it, to tell Izuku all about it once he got back, share about how well All Might looked.


“G-Ground Zero, Sir, is that you? What’s happening?!”

Katsuki blinked and looked at the crying kid in his arms, where was he, he was just sitting in class bored out of his mind. English was easy and he had already read the lesson plan the night before, messing with his pen. Instead of a pen, he had a whole brat, in a hot city. He was in his summer’s uniform, his shirt already starting to stick to his body as the heat bore on him.

He turned his head and glared at two unknown people, he couldn’t get the kid to let go of him, he huffed and wrapped an arm under his bottom. Katsuki lifted him and stood up.

“Who the hell are you two?!”

“Blockade, Sir!” The guy said, his hand at his forehead like a soldier.

“Nymph, Sir!” The girl responded next, her voice pitched, her blue skin glowing in the city setting. From the way they spoke to him, the way the city looked advanced, he took it that it was years different from where he was minutes ago. A sense of pride at realizing these two were his interns and that he was a Pro. “W-We should call Deku!”

“No! Red Riot! His agency’s closer anyways.” The guy, Blockade, hurriedly said, pulling out his phone, pressing a bunch of buttons, pulling the phone up to his ear chatting quickly that an emergency had happened with Ground Zero. The girl, Nymph, pouted her cheeks out, pulling out her phone as well, repeating the same thing to someone else.

Katsuki glared but something about hearing a familiar name or two eased him for a moment. He turned when he heard a woman’s shout, he hoped not another annoying character to confuse him. The kid in his arms fussing to be let go, as soon as his little feet dropped to the ground. The child ran start to his mother's arms, hugging her tightly, crying loudly.


Katsuki listened as Blockade and Nymph quickly explained what had just happened, the woman flushed, touching her cheek.

“It’s only ever happened a few other times… The doctor says it should only take about 6 to 24 hours for the person to come back. I’m extremely sorry!” The woman bowed her head in apology for her son, the two interns nodded and took her information in case something like this ever happened again, to contact Ground Zero’s agency. Katsuki didn’t like it, but he didn’t know where he was, didn’t know who would benefit from seeing him this young.

Katsuki walked with the pair, making sure to memorize exactly where he was going, he didn’t want to get lost. His phone left in his bag hanging off his desk. They arrived in front of a building, Katsuki could already see into the first floor, the walls all made of glass. He could see the large gym that made up the first floor.

“POWER, MANLY, DUTY” in bright red letters hanging off a long banner on the back wall. This was definitely Kirishima’s agency. He grimaced at the typical overly masculine display but could see a familiar mane of red running towards the front door. The hair was the only familiar part it seemed.


Katsuki let out a very unmanly squeak as he was hugged tightly and lifted from the ground.

“Let go of me you dumbass!” Katsuki squirmed and struggled, his palms crackling with explosions as a warning. He was put down and large hands patted his shoulders. Kirishima looked like a whole bear, he had gained a lot of weight, muscles and thick all over, hair on his chest and a chin full of stubble. This didn’t really look like the idiot who trailed along side him and went on hikes with him.

“Yer so tiny!” Kirishima laughed his same idiotic smile, his voice much deeper now, new scars on his face, one his chest, a nasty one that wrapped around his stomach and side. Kirishima stopped, head tilting—listening—and looked to his side, his hands coming off Katsuki. The blond blinked and then he heard it.

Thumping from blocks down, that’s when he looked up, a green and black dressed man in the air. Katsuki blinked and took a step back with the man landed just feet away from the pair, a few stumbling steps from the hard landing.

“K-Kacchan! I’m glad you’re okay!” The man, Deku, came forward, his large hand reaching for Katsuki, who took another step back.

“Don’t touch me, Deku!” Katsuki shouted, a glare directed at the taller man. Deku also looked so much more different, scars on his neck and cheek, taller, wider. His mop of a hair now cut shorter, a buzzed cut on his sides. Katsuki hated to admit it, Deku actually looked like a half-decent hero.

But that same worried look, those frantic eyes, it was all the same, same now and same ever.

Equally irritating.

Izuku stopped and didn’t pursue forward, a curt nod before turning towards the two interns.

“Fill me in, what happened? How long has it been?” Deku hastily asked the two, listening intently to their story. He pursed his lips before turning to Kirishima. The two men chatted quietly between them, keeping their secrets to themselves.

“What? Dude, I can’t keep him at my place! My wife’ll kill me, anyways the kids would bother him too much!”

Katsuki perked up at that.

Wife? Kids? Kirishima had a whole ass family?

He didn’t know what year it was, how much time had passed since he was sitting in his desk. Ten years? The way that Deku and Kirishima both looked, it was possible.

“I’m not staying with either of you! Don’t I have my own place?” Katsuki interjected and he didn’t miss the weird look the men gave him before they looked elsewhere, thinking.

“Your place uh, it’s uh-“

“It’s being remodeled! So you’re staying with me for a little while.” Deku cut Kirishima off, a glare directed at the red hero. Kirishima just nodded and agreed, Katsuki could catch a lie like that a mile away but he didn’t push any further.


Katsuki watched completely entertained as his younger co-workers looked almost like little ducklings, practicing new moves on each other, complimenting little new advances of their hard work. He wanted to laugh out loud, his crossed an arm over his chest, a hand over his mouth to hide his wife grin. To the students, he looked like he was studying them, but he was just trying not to their their young egos. He was more comfortable now, out of his hero costume, borrowing some clothes from Aizawa, stiff jeans and a grey shirt.

“Here I go!”

Katsuki’s eyes looked over to where a very young Izuku and a very young Tokoyami stood, their stances firm as All Might gave the go. Dark Shadow encasing Tokoyami as armor and new power, Izuku’s body lighting up with green lightning for a moment. They rush at each other, Izuku making work with his legs, Tokoyami maneuvering easily and escaping Izuku’s kicks and assaults. Birdhead has much better control of his quirk anyways.

“Your lunge is still too big!” Katsuki shouted out, a smirk on his face when Izuku blinked at him in surprise resulting in Dark Shadow to get a solid punch in. The boy got thrown out of the small ring and stayed laying on the ground. All Might chuckled and went to stand next to Katsuki.

“You did that one purpose, young Bakugou.” The man scolded, but held no bite in his voice, almost as amused as Katsuki.

“Just a slip of the tongue…” Both men watched Izuku finally get up and run over to them, a determined look on his face.

Katsuki listened to how Izuku went off on asking for advice, asking how to make his kick power ups shorter and quicker. Katsuki flicked the forehead of the younger version of his lover, a scowl on his face.

“I’m not giving you tips on how to be better than me, Deku, learn it yourself.” Katsuki scolded, Izuku blinked and nodded sheepishly, a strange smile on his face. His green eyes wandered for a second and he ran off to watch the next sparring session. Katsuki already knew of the crush that this Izuku had on him, his boyfriend confessing after months of dating when his infatuation started. Somewhere around the time of their late night fight, saying how strong Katsuki was, how amazing he looked when he wouldn’t back down.

He had to admit, seeing Izuku still be shorter than him had his chest warm and nostalgic. As much as he loved the large teddy bear of his Izuku, this little version was cute too. He wanted to hug this Izuku, cuddle him on a cold night, hold him to his chest and play with his still shaggy green hair.

Training ended and the class groaned at their early day that would come too quick, Aizawa giving them orders to shower up and head to bed. They would meet on ground gamma at exactly 7am for a simulation of rescue missions.

Aizawa patted Katsuki’s shoulder and sighed out, he looked like he needed a vacation.

“You staying in the dorms, kid?”

“Unless Nezu gives me a hotel, then yeah, I’ll stay in the dorms.”

Aizawa nodded and they walked next to each other, comfortably silent, no need to push conversation.

Katsuki got to the dorm, everyone heading to their showers or to the bath. He made his way over to the elevator, finding his way to his room was easy enough. How could he forget? He only lived here for almost three years until the day he graduated. He opened his door with the temporary key card that Aizawa handed him.

Insanely neat.

Katsuki could admit, he was OCD about things like this when he was younger, having to control every aspect that he could get his hands on. He closed to door behind him, a poster of All Might behind the door, just in case someone peeked in while he door opened. Izuku being as hectic as he was, they somehow found a comfortable middle when they started living together. Izuku became more organized and Katsuki didn’t freak out over not making the bed in the mornings.

He laid on his bed and closed his eyes, thinking for a while.

It had been the first time in months that he slept alone, Izuku had been doing so good to get home by the time Katsuki was ready to do their shared skin care routine. His boyfriend really enjoyed those masks and rubbing Katsuki’s mud masks in, loving laughter between them.

Katsuki sat up, he couldn’t sleep, he hated to admit it, but he hadn’t done anything physical, he was too wired to running around and fighting. He was insanely lonely. He walked out, taking the elevator to the first floor, blinking as the girls looked back at him. That’s right, they had their own little group of skin care to hang out. He walked over, leaning against the back of the couch. He offered a smile at Mina who had a small basket full of little bottles and tubes.

“Got any peel off masks?”

“Oh! Totally!”


Katsuki glared at Deku’s wide back, he felt insanely short compared to the giant. He just passed the nerd that morning, being inches taller than him. The man had changed out of his hero costume at his agency, wearing a sweater and jeans as they made the short walk to Deku’s apartment.

“Wait out here, Kacchan, I’ll be real quick.” Deku fumbled with his keys and opened the door, shutting it loudly behind him. Katsuki standing outside, he took the chance to look around. The apartments had a little area of garden and grass in front, a pond and manmade waterfall. It looked expensive to say the least, how much did Deku make as a pro? Katsuki wondered what his own apartment in this time looked like. He turned back to Deku opening the door, his hair messy.

“Took you long enough…” Katsuki grumbled as he walked last Deku, subtly looking around the apartment.

“Uh, I’ll make dinner…” The man said to himself, grumbling as he walked away, but Katsuki heard what he mumbled as he turned into the kitchen. “I wonder if Kacchan left any curry…”

The teenager glared in the direction Deku disappeared in, so his future self cooked here. Well, if Deku was nice enough to offer Katsuki room while he place was being done, then cooking should be fine. Once he heard some commotion in the kitchen, Katsuki let his curious mind lead his feet around.

There was spaces in the apartment that looked to be full of pictures, but nothing was there, as if taken down recently. Katsuki furrowed his brow and looked around some more, walking down the hall and seeing only two rooms. One was a office space, he opened the door further and went inside, he recognized his hand writing on some papers. Little decorative things that he was sure Deku had put in there, but no bed, just a stiff looking couch in the corner. He left that room and went into the next.

His heart thumped when he realized it was Deku’s room, a large bed in the corner, two dressers, a double door closet. Was Deku dating someone to need all that extra space? He walked in and bumped into the corner of the dresser by accident, his hip sore. He knocked over a couple of figurines and a heavy picture album.


Katsuki hastily picked up the figurines, blushing when he picked one of his future self up, his hero costume still similar. He placed them carefully on the dresser again and reached down for the photo album.

He peeked out of pure curiosity to know more of the time he was in. Katsuki expected to see a bunch of smiling heroes and a grinning Deku.

He got the grinning Deku but he always got his future self smiling, cuddled up next to the green haired nerd. Katsuki’s heart raced in his chest, flipping through the pictures, he could see them get older and older, pictures of them hugging, kissing, in bed, laughing, being so hopefully in love. Katsuki slammed the book shut and placed it back on the dresser, his steps heavy as he rushed to the kitchen.


“Kacchan?” Izuku looked at him, his arms crossed as he leaned against the sink, a shimmering pot in front of him on the stove.

“I don’t have my own place, do I?”

Deku looked like he wanted to lie, looking away with a pained look.

“No… We live together.”

Katsuki frowned, he didn’t know why he felt betrayed, hurt and vulnerable. He didn’t want to get lied to, didn’t want to see that face Deku made when he wanted to steer from the truth. Katsuki was tired of being kept in the dark. “You brought me here, for what? Some perverted fantasy? Why do you care so much?!”

“Because I love you!” Deku turned to him, almost a tinge of anger in his features, his hands in front of him, open as if to explain himself. Neither said anything for long moments. Deku’s hand pushing his short fringe back, a frustrated sigh leaving him. “I was worried, when your interns called that something happened, I thought… I thought the worst happened, I can’t lose someone I love.”

Katsuki watched his face fall, the pain of memories flooding Deku’s mind. He almost felt bad for assuming something horrible of Deku. Katsuki knew they were both heroes in this time, dangerous things happened all the time. Heroes died all the time...

“I almost lost you once, I couldn’t.. I wouldn’t be able to live without you… I wasn’t trying something like that, I promise…” Deku’s voice trembled, his hands clenched at his sides as he looked down. Katsuki pursed his lips, swallowing as he thought his next words.

“How long? Have we…” Katsuki looked away as Deku looked at him, wide green eyes asking their own questions. “Been together or whatever…”

“Since our second year.”

“Of college?”

“High School, Kacchan.”

Katsuki nodded at the pot of hot curry, Deku jumping and moving the pot from the fire, taking the lid off to stir it. The man told him to go sit down, pulling bowls out of the cupboard for both of them. Katsuki sat down and crossed his arms, he looked at the plate set in front of him, the delicious aroma making his stomach grumble and catch up with his hunger. Two glasses of water placed on the table. He was about to open his mouth when Deku put a paste in front of him.

“It’s spicy, you usually add it when you eat curry.”

Katsuki grumbled out a thanks before spooning the paste and mixing it into his food. Deku smiled and sat down in front of him, eating his own food.

“Who asked who out?”

Deku chewed and shrugged, thinking for a moment. “You probably did, we kind of just dated without properly asking each other.”

“We’re fucking, right? Who’s on top?” Katsuki asked out of nowhere. Deku coughed, choking on his food, reaching for his water. He drank and rubbed his throat. He didn’t answer, just looked off to the side. “No fucking way… You to me!?”

“You do it too! Uh, once in a while…”

“Once in a while?! You’re saying I’m usually your bitch?” Katsuki slammed his hand on the table, their water trembling in their glasses.

“No! You’re one of the manliest men I know! Just, I don’t know, it’s easy to give in, when you’re so dominant?”

Katsuki flushed and glared at Deku, showing rice and curry in his mouth, it what he deserved for asking too many questions. The food was good enough and Deku took their plates and glasses to wash them, grumbling about how Kacchan would be mad if he found dishes unwashed.

He pursed his lips as he watched him stand, red eyes glaring in the direction of Deku’s waist. He sort of wanted to know what he was getting into with the man.


Katsuki cracked his knuckles as he walked back to the elevator, feeling better after his face mask, at least a little bit of normalcy to his strange day. The girls staying behind for a bit more gossiping between them. He got to the elevator and blinked when a short Izuku looked stunned to see him.

“Kacchan? I thought you went to your room?”

“I thought you were supposed to shower and get to bed.”

Izuku blushed a bit and rubbed the back of his head. “I was training a bit to make my legs faster…”

Katsuki nodded and they both got into the elevator.

“How old are you now, Kacchan?” Izuku asked when he pressed the second floor button.


“Hm, uh, are-are you married?”

Katsuki smirked and looked at Izuku, completely amused. The poor kid insecure as every, trying to find out if his crush was with someone else.

“No,” Katsuki told him quickly, Izuku looked physically relaxed immediately. “Only because you haven’t asked me yet.”

“Wh-What?” Izuku turned red as could be, his freckles almost completely hidden under that cute blush.

Katsuki leaned in, maybe one little kiss wouldn’t hurt and he did it. Soft and sweet, Izuku’s lips trembling against his, Katsuki smiled at him, a hand on Izuku’s cheek.

He blinked when everything warped around him. He found himself on the kitchen floor, straddling his lover, his Izuku much bigger and older, huffing. He looked down and glared to see his lovers jeans pulled down his thighs, the man half standing to attention.

“You fucker... So, any version of me will do, huh?”

“Wait! No! This is a misunderstanding, Kacchan! Don’t go!” Katsuki stood and walked to their shared bedroom, he could hear shuffling behind him and he knew Izuku followed. He pulled his shirt over his head and pulled his pants off, naked as Izuku stumbled into their bedroom. “Oh…”

“I’ll have to teach you a lesson then.”



Katsuki blinked, finding himself face to face with a cherry red Deku, the one from his time. Both teenagers staring at each other, with wide eyes, they pull apart, a soft kiss shared between them because of the older Katsuki.

“Deku…” Katsuki began, face matching the nerds, angry sparks at his hands as the elevator doors opened. “You piece of shit!”

The 16 year old Deku let out a scream and ran out from the elevator, memories of the small kiss, how soft Katsuki’s lips were against his all on his mind, repeating over and over. He shut his door loudly and leaned against it, he really should hurry up and confess already.

Katsuki fumed in the elevator, a hand covering his mouth, face hot as could be.Every version of Deku was shitty, this one, the older one. Though, the glimpse he caught from the Deku of the future made him sweat and feel hot all over. When he got in his room, he glared at the little note on his messy bed.


Don’t be a bitch and make a move.


He ripped up the note in his own handwriting, fuck everyone. He’ll make a move when he fucking wants to make a move. Katsuki blushed and threw away the shredded pieces of paper.

He wouldn’t mind being with that nerd…


Chapter Text


“I have to tell you… Being married is way too different than how I imagined!”


The man just stared at him, dark eyes half lidded. Izuku sighed to himself, a cloth cleaning his hands, he was always so messy.


“Like, when I say my wife is the most beautiful thing in the world, I mean it. I really hit the jackpot with him.” Izuku’s head tilted side to side, humming to himself, his hands finally clean. A bit of mess under his nails but good enough for now. He turned his head to the other man sitting in front of him.




“Shh, shh, I’m barely getting to the good part. Kacchan’s always so good at keeping the house clean, he’s such a great cook and ooh, his mouth is heaven, my dick couldn’t be happier, I’ll tell you that.”


The man struggled against his restraints, tears in his eyes as he thrashed and kicked. He needed to get away from this madman. His companion sat dead in the chair next to him, his throat slashed open, countless stab wounds in his chest and stomach. Izuku said one for every thousand dollars that he was owed.


“Mmph! Hmph!” The gag in his mouth making his shouts muffled, the corners of his lips rubbed raw. He had to watch his best friend be stabbed to death and he had to listen to the criminal go on and on about some omega. Every moment just counting down moments to his death.


Izuku shook his head and picked up a beautiful pair of brass knuckles. He slid them on and showed the tied man, a wide proud grin on his handsome devilish face.


“Kacchan calls me Daddy when we’re home, I thought I’d commemorate that here.”


Daddy and Daddy written across the brass knuckles, Izuku looking extremely smug and cocky.


“But between you and me… Daddy’s a little frustrated today!”


The first punch always hurt the most, they don’t expect the pain to radiate through their whole body. The way the metaled knuckle comes down into the man’s cheek, the way it teeters the chair and how it topples over from Izuku’s sheer force. The knuckle shatters the bone it comes in contact with, the first splash of blood on the concrete floor.


Izuku kicks him in the stomach, once, twice. Kicks him once in the groin.


The man is saved by a little rhythmic ringtone that comes from abusers pocket. Izuku blinks and pulls his phone out, green eyes peering down at it. He took note of the time.




He was going to be running a little late to dinner.


Wifey on the screen, a beautiful picture of Katsuki in heat, flushed and smiling.


“Hey, baby…”


Are you on your way? I need to know to put desert in the oven .”


The man in the floor yells around the gag, Izuku’s foot immediately kicking him in the mouth, broken teeth is already given.


“Im just…” Izuku presses his foot on top of the man’s head, making his face grovel into the floor. “Just stuck in traffic, baby. I’ll be home in thirty minutes. Is that okay?”


I’ll hold you to it… ” Katsuki’s voice scolds him but it’s so soft and warm, Izuku wants to get home already.


“I know, I love you, baby.”


Love you, too .”


The call is over, Izuku’s attention back to the bleeding man, the man squirming and trying to move away even with the chair strapped to his body.


“Now… Let’s finish up, wife’s making Katsudon.”




“You’re late!”


Izuku hummed softly, sitting on the doorway step to remove his shoes, placing them neatly on the shoe rack. He stood and removed his jacket, handing it to Katsuki who hung it in the small hallway closet.


“Sorry, sorry… Work got a little hectic towards the end, they can never do anything unless I show them how.”


Izuku places his keys on the little table by the door, a bowl for his keys and wallet very convenient. A small brown box for his gun. Katsuki had a strict, out of sight, out of mind, policy in their home.


The criminal rolled his shoulders and leaned down to kiss his wife’s neck, skin exposed in Katsuki’s loose tank top. The omega waved him off, he couldn’t meet Izuku’s gaze. They both knew why. Katsuki must had seen the streaks of blood on his shirt, how blood remained under his fingernails. Izuku kissed him once again before jogging up to their master bedroom, a scrubbing shower before he would receive affection from Katsuki.


Izuku found it a little entertaining how Katsuki knew what he did, yet, pretended like it wasn’t happening. He knew how Katsuki would tense at the smell of gunpowder on Izuku’s hands, he would avert his eyes at the sight of drugs, how he would leave the room when Izuku came home covered in some poor idiot’s blood.


He scrubbed himself clean in the shower, the warm water washing away any remnants of blood. Izuku pushed his hair out of his face, letting himself look at his knuckles. While the brass knuckles were fun and looked beautiful when tearing into people who crossed him. They left his skin rather bruised. Maybe it was the force that Izuku used, how he lost himself for a moment.


He finished up, dressing in some loose jeans and a grey t-shirt. He went downstairs and found Katsuki in the kitchen. Izuku wrapped his arms around the omegas waist, pulling him flush against his body. His nose pressed into his wife’s neck, inhaling deeply, missing the scent throughout the day.


“Okay, now, I’m all clean…I’m home, baby…”


Katsuki turned his head, a fond look on his face and Izuku kissed him softly. The omega first to pull away, a smile on his face, red eyes warm.


“Welcome home, Daddy.”




Katsuki kissed Izuku goodbye, the man nuzzling their cheeks together, promising to bring home some take out. Katsuki had cooked every night these past two weeks, he deserved a break every once in a while.


The omega let out a breath as the door closed, he could hear Izuku’s expensive car rev up loudly before it pulled out of their driveway.


Then… Silence.


Complete and utterly heartbreaking silence.


Katsuki sighed and walked into the living room, sitting down in the couch.


Married three years, living in this beautiful home for two of those years and yet, so very lonely.


Katsuki had almost expected to end up pregnant from their honeymoon alone. Izuku was a beast, biting him, knotting him at every possible chance. Shortly after returning, Katsuki put himself on birth control and Izuku didn’t oppose the idea. During his last visit last week, he had gotten the implant removed. He had told Izuku and the alpha didn’t seem to oppose that either. It was hard for Katsuki to exactly gauge that reaction.


Of course, he would want to start a family with his husband and yet, he debating going and getting his birth control again. Izuku was dangerous, never to Katsuki and if they had children, never to them. That didn’t change the fact Izuku lived a dangerous life with many enemies, even as much as he sheltered Katsuki and kept him hidden from prying eyes.


He didn’t know just how willing he was to bring a new life into the world with his husband living life day to day this way.


Katsuki laid on the couch, hugging the little decoration pillow. A hand trailed down to his flat stomach and he shut his eyes tightly.


He was just lonely… It would pass.




It didn’t pass, his heat was approaching and he sat with a little packet of birth control in his hands. Katsuki sat on their bed and sighed, Izuku flopping down next to him, wet hair tickling his pale thighs.


“What’s wrong, baby?”


“Do you want kids?”


That question seemed to get most of Izuku’s attention, the criminal propping himself up on his arm, brow raised in question.


“Do you want kids, Kacchan?”


Katsuki chewed on the inside of his cheek and tilted his head, he shrugged.


“I don’t know.” Katsuki murmured, he placed the birth control on the nightstand. He’d think about it later, really sit down and just think of a year from now, ten years from now and then decide.


“We could always practice, you know, for when you do want a baby.” Izuku told him, voice sultry and low, a hand running down Katsuki’s back to his ass to grope the soft flesh.


Izuku laughed as he got hit with a pillow, Katsuki smacking him over and over, calling him a knothead and a dumbass.


The omega stopped after a minute and made an cute little face—at least Izuku thought—his eyes training on a portrait of his own face tattooed onto Izuku’s large bicep. It was a picture from their wedding day, the photographer catching the moment Katsuki had said “I do.” His eyes closed in glee, his cheeks rosy, lips turns up in a smile.


He was the definition of breathtaking that day Izuku said.


“Well… You’ve been so busy… So, I might have forgotten why I call you Daddy…”


Izuku smirked and pushed down his wife, mouth immediately against Katsuki’s neck, licking and biting over his bond mark. Hips pressed down against the blondes, thighs spread under him, knees pressed against his ribs as the omega held on.


“I’ll just have to remind you, won’t I, sweet?”




Katsuki’s heat came and went, Izuku happily and greedily giving him all the sex his body craved. The omega had decided to take the birth control, to give himself time to think. The emptiness he felt after heat made him cry once Izuku left to care for the business that had accumulated over the past three days.


Nearly his entire being wished he had forgone the birth control and started trying for a child with his husband.


Katsuki spent the day cleaning slowly, dusting and vacuuming, distracting himself by cleaning his home. He wandered into their spare bedroom, a space for Katsuki, paint and canvases, instruments and music sheet.


He sat at the window nook, looking out. Large trees, little trails that Izuku had made clear, their large back yard. Their house almost in the middle of nowhere, the land secured by Izuku’s men, they were sure not to be seen because Katsuki would have a fit.


He leaned against the window and placed a hand on his stomach. He wanted to have Izuku’s child.


Katsuki’s eyes turned towards the room, imagining it being cleared out. Painting maybe a soft blue, maybe Katsuki could paint clouds and animals himself. He imagined a large green crib, beautiful craftsmanship on the wood. A changing table, a rocking chair, toys on toys.


His lip trembled. He looked back out the window, he daydreamed of what his children would look like, how they would play and laugh. How Izuku would be as a father.




Katsuki jumped at the hand on his shoulder, his head turning to look at his standing husband. He flushed and stood up, he must have daydreamed longer than he thought.


“Don’t fucking scare me like that.” Katsuki said, giving Izuku the once over, he looked clean and still smelled like his cologne. His eyes landed on his husband’s face and scrunched his nose at the fond look he was receiving.


“I called your name, usually you greet me. I brought Thai, by the way.” Izuku leaned in, hugging Katsuki tightly, letting on that he knew more than he was showing. The omega buried his face into Izuku’s shoulder.


“I want kids… With you...”


“Okay, then let’s have kids, you know I’d give you the world...” Izuku told him, his chin on top of Katsuki’s head, blond hair tickling his jaw and neck.


“You can never, never, show them what you do.” Katsuki said, his chest tight. Izuku’s hand running up and down his back soothing him enough. The lack of space between them warm and safe. He swallows and pushes himself away, his hands on his husbands chest. He glared up at Izuku. “Promise me.”


“I promise, Kacchan.”


“You can be whatever dickhead out there, in my house, you’ll be their doting father. Promise me.”


“Kacchan… I get it, I promise a million times over… Out there I’m someone else, at home I’m yours and their dad.” Izuku smiled at him, his forehead against Katsuki’s. He always liked it when Katsuki referred to their house as his house, the omega owned everything, the house, the criminals heart and soul.


“Okay…” Katsuki gazed into his husband’s eyes, green eyes glistening and so warm, so fond. “I’m serious. Don’t pull that shit where you come home with blood or smelling like you just shot someone… I’ll stab you in your sleep.”


“Oho?” Izuku made an amused noise, his brow raised. He pulled Kacchan closer, hip to hip, this whole conversation about their future children was making his rise to attention. Katsuki blinked and smirked, his eyes gazing down and then back up at his husband. He wrapped his arms around Izuku’s shoulders, nails scratching softly at the bottom of his alpha’s undercut.


“Which part do you like? Us having kids or the threat of me stabbing you?”


“I dunno, you usually don’t talk about things like that, my dicks confused… But I think he likes it when Kacchan is mean.” Izuku emphasizes by rutting against his wife for a moment, Katsuki letting out an amused chuckle.


“I can say all sorts of things.”


“Yeah? Show me, baby.”




“Okay, I’ll be back in time for dinner.”




The criminal hummed in acknowledgement as he slid his shoes on.


“No more drugs.” Katsuki grabbed Izuku’s jacket from the closet, handing it to the surprised man.


“Hun, that’s a lot of my money, our money, how am I-“


“You, no more drugs.” Katsuki corrected, patting down the front of Izuku’s shirt. “I don’t want you coming home high out of your fucking mind if we’re trying for a baby.”


“Ooh, okay, okay. No more. I’ll see you for dinner, love you.” Izuku kissed Katsuki chastely before walking out the door, keys in hand.


Once his car was out of the driveway, Katsuki placed his hands on his hips. He thought for a moment on what he wanted to go that day.


Time to start up a garden! He wanted to grow his own vegetables and fruit, it’d be so nice to just go into the backyard and pick fresh produce.


He also needed to change their meal plan, while it was healthy; Katsuki wanted it to be the best, he knew nutrition had a big part in getting pregnant and staying pregnant.




“The wife’s driving me up the fucking wall! Izuku, don’t do coke. Izuku, don’t come home covered in blood.” Izuku mimicked Katsuki’s angelic voice, a nagging finger as if imitating how Katsuki had told him.


He didn’t necessarily mind. He allowed Katsuki to make rules in their home, Izuku had control everywhere else at the end of the day. At home, he’d let his pretty omega dominate any little structure of their house so that Katsuki would always show that sexy little ass whenever Izuku wanted it.


Izuku stood in a cold room storage, large frozen pigs hanging alongside the walls, pushed away for the center of attention.


A thief who hung by his ankles, tied up and swaying side to side. Angry eyes glaring at Izuku, how dare this criminal talk about his personal life as if he wasn't about to kill? The thief wished it to be over with already, the anticipation weighing heavier than when he stole from Izuku.


“I want Kacchan to have the world, I’ll put up with it for the rest of my life. I love him sooo much, after all.” Izuku stepped closer to the man, a metal baseball bat at his side. The thief struggled and tried to yell around his gag. Izuku gave him the liberty and pulled the cloth away,  “Does the piggy pig have any last words?”


“I’ll fucking kill you! That bitch of yours, too! Midoriya, you’re dead! I’ll fuck your whore in front of you, you’re nothing!”


Izuku instantly sighing at the profanities that shouted from the thief.


“Now, now.” Izuku held the bat under his arm as he gagged the man once again, he didn’t need all that negativity while he was going through a bit of withdrawals. “Let’s get this over with, I want to go home and-”


He raised the bat, swinging it to his side and bringing it with force to the temple of the thief’s head. A sickening cracking of the man’s skull as the bat followed through with Izuku’s strength.


“-Fuck my wife!”




Katsuki’s first heat without any sort of birth control and he was buzzing to say the least. They would eat dinner, sleep cozy and Katsuki’s cycle should start in the morning. He made a big tasty meal, he was craving all sort of things. He wanted to give Izuku the energy to fuck him raw for the next three days. He couldn’t help but smile to himself, he really was excited to start actively trying for a baby. He could hear the car pulling into the driveway, he left the soup to simmer and went to the doorway entrance.


The first thing Izuku could smell was a pot roast, he licked his lips and looked up to see his glowing wife smile at him from the hallway.


“You’re clean?”


“As a whistle.”


Katsuki stepped closer, Izuku didn’t get a chance to take his shoes off or slide off his jacket before soft lips pressed against his. He placed a hand on Katsuki’s cheek, tilting his head to deepen it, a small hot tongue against his. Izuku pulled back, enjoying how the omega’s tongue hung past his lips, eyes half-lidded.


“You smell nice.” Izuku buried his nose in Katsuki’s hair, taking a deep breath, hands trailing down, cupping the swell of the omega’s ass.


“I know.” Katsuki helped Izuku take his jacket off, taking it to the closet. “Well, are you hungry?




“Are you hungry, Kacchan? You’re hungry for some cum, aren’t you?” Izuku rubbed his cockhead against Katsuki’s wet hole. A little whimper was all he received, hips shifting to press even just the first inch of his husband inside. “Come on, baby, Daddy’s not going to give it to you, until you say please…”


“Please. Please. Please, Daddy.” Katsuki whined, pushing back. He cried out, he was in heaven when he was filled so full with just one wet thrust. Izuku didn’t care how much smaller his wife was than him, he immediately began a brutal pace. He knew Katsuki could take it, he knew Katsuki loved it like this.


“Fuck… Take it, take it… You look so good when I fuck you on my cock.”


Katsuki let out a gutted moan, the heavy hand  pressing on to the back of his neck pushing him into the mattress, cheek squished, tongue against the sheets. Izuku’s other hand on his asscheek, spreading him as he pushed his cock into the wet mess of his ass.


“So hot, I love you. Let me, just, Let me wrap my hand around your pretty neck, baby.” Izuku mumbled behind him, his hand letting up from the back of Katsuki’s neck. It wrapped around and squeezed his throat, a sharp gasp as the squeeze was accompanied by a hard thrust. His heart thumped against Izuku’s fingers, he swore the alpha behind him was matching his thrusts to that little beat.


Katsuki knew his face was red, everyone was so hot. The large, greedy hands over his body. Hotter cock relentless inside of him. Every thrust and grind shooting spark of pleasure and ecstasy up and down his spine. Izuku always knew exactly how he wanted to do it.


Outside of heat, Izuku was a more teasing lover, edging poor Katsuki, making his beg for hours in end.


In heat, Izuku went feral, growling, biting, fucking as deep as possible with every movement. If Katsuki had any energy after the three days, Izuku obviously didn’t do a well enough job. Katsuki took the next entire month to actually recover from how rough his husband was.


“Ah, fuuuuck , so good, alpha…” Katsuki gasped as soon as Izuku released his throat, intaking large gulps of oxygen. Though, every thrust continuously leaving him breathless. He grasped the sheets, he needed to hold onto something, anything. He was losing his fucking mind from the haze of heat. Izuku pulled him up by his shoulders, his palms firm on the omegas skin as he smacked his hips in once. “Ah!”


“Kacchan,” Izuku hummed, a hand trailing down to hold Katsuki by his lower stomach. “Tell me you want, right here?”


“A-A baby!”


A sharp thrust.


“I want a baby, pl-please!”


Izuku started rocking his hips in, he kissed Katsuki’s back, right in between his beautiful shoulder blades. He groaned against the omega’s skin, the sweet, alluring scent of his wife was making his head spin. Sweat sheer over their skin, the room bustling with pheromones and musky, hot air.


Katsuki trembled under Izuku’s hands, the first round of heat was going to end soon enough and they both knew it. Izuku’s hand went from his stomach down to stroke his weeping cock, Katsuki jerking and bucking as he cried. He came with only a few strokes of his dick and even more thrusts inside of him.


“I-I love you, Kacch-“ Izuku cut himself off by groaning, his knot finally popping inside of his wife, splurges of hot cum inside of the little omega. “Oh, fuck, stop, stop tightening up, slut.”


“Shut up, I-idiot, it’s not my, oh shit , not my fault.” Katsuki weak retort was soft and his thighs shook. He wanted to laid down but Izuku’s hold on his body didn’t allow it. Katsuki’s eyes widened as Izuku started grinding against him again, his head turning to glare at the smirking alpha.


“Won’t be able to be this rough when you’re pregnant…”


Katsuki looked away and flushed, he let his husband grind against him, groans on his skin. Licks and kisses on his neck and then a sharp moan, another wave of cum spilling inside of him. He really wanted to lay down, he didn’t know if he had it in him to keep himself up on his knees. Izuku soon got the hint and laid both of them on their sides, his hands running over Katsuki’s waist and hip.


They rested until Izuku opened his mouth.


“I was thinking… Kota for a boy.” Izuku started off, Katsuki turning his head, blinking slowly at his husband. A moment clear of haze and Katsuki smiled slightly. “Eri for a girl…”


“You’ll just have to put both of them in me.” Katsuki answered, relaxing against their pillows. Izuku chuckling and kissing his wife’s neck, knot deflated and he could pull his cock out. Izuku turned him onto his back, placing himself between Katsuki’s thighs. He kissed the the omega’s knee, down his thigh, licking over the half hard pink dick.


“I’ll put more than just those two, you’ll be begging me to stop…” Izuku took Katsuki’s cock into his mouth, watching every little buck and mewl from the omega.


“Hah, ooh, I’ll never tell you stop…” Katsuki gripped Izuku’s curly hair, thighs around his husbands head. He arched his back and moaned out, Izuku swallowing around him. He didn’t last, he came embarrassingly quick. His chest heaving as Izuku kissed his cheeks, a smirk on his lips as he pulled away. Katsuki’s heat acting up again, his eyes foggy as he finally looked at Izuku. “Daddy…”


“I know, baby… Daddy’s taking care of it…”




Katsuki sat on the sink, he was impatient. Izuku sitting on the toilet seat.


They were waiting for the little pregnancy test to give them results. Katsuki’s heat was late one whole week, it could just mean he was stressed with trying for a baby, it wouldn’t be the first time he was late.


Izuku stood and took the test into his hands, green eyes looking down at the test. He said nothing and Katsuki glared, he hopped off the skin. He wanted to go bury himself in house work to forget this.


“I said… Kota or Eri, right?”


Katsuki stopped halfway out the door, he turned towards his husband and blinked. Izuku grinning and showing him the positive test.


They grinned at each other and Katsuki wrapped his arms around Izuku’s neck, kissing him over and over again.




Izuku woke up, knife at his throat, his glaring wife on top of him.


“Do I look like a fucking joke to you, Midoriya?”


Izuku raised a brow and averted his eyes. He should have expected this, he was crazy so it was natural he married a crazy omega. It was his fault really.


He had come home, stumbling and high out of his mind. They had just sealed a huge deal with an international drug ring, they had made so much money off of it. Izuku and his men making some fun out of hunting some traitors and beating them to death.


Izuku had come high, covered in blood, horny as hell and the first person to see him was his seven year old son, Kota. The boy glared at him and punched him in the groin before running off calling for his mother.


Katsuki left their two year old daughter, Eri, in the living room before pulling Izuku by the hair towards their bedroom, tossing him in there and telling him he would be dealt with later. The criminal just laid in bed and dozed off, he was sure he could win back their forgiveness easy enough the next day.


Apparently not. Katsuki straddling him, glaring at him, red eyes caught light from the little lamp on the nightstand. Izuku much more clear minded now.


“Babe, I can explain-“


“You’re lucky Eri didn’t see you, I would have stabbed you on the spot.” Katsuki huffed and Izuku felt the knife dig into his skin, burning blood from the first little cut.


“Kacchan, get off me.”


“I told you, I told you! You promised me!” Katsuki shouted, his expression turning from anger to hurt, to betrayal. “You haven't changed!”


Izuku couldn’t say anything, he knew better and still came home looking like that. He couldn’t help it, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Katsuki dropped the knife on the bed, his hands going up to his face. Izuku realized he was crying, he sat up and held his crying wife. Guilt pitting in his stomach heavier at that. Katsuki fought him, tried to get out of his hold, tried to get off the bed but Izuku didn’t let him.


“Let go! You liar, you don’t care about them!”


“Katsuki, don’t say that.”


“If you did, you wouldn’t come like that, what are you going to tell Kota?”


Izuku nuzzled his face into Katsuki’s neck.


“I’ll tell him his dad’s an idiot and how he’s so sorry…”


Katsuki sobbed and he shook, he pushed Izuku’s face away.


“I’m sorry, baby… It won’t happen again, I promise…” Izuku told him, a part of him knew he was lying but he wasn’t going to tell his distraught wife that. He held Katsuki tightly and began kissing his neck, the omega shaking but didn’t push him away. “Forgive me?”




“How about… I take all of us out tomorrow? Eri loves the playground and we can have a nice day. You, me and our beautiful kids.” Izuku hit the best spot, Katsuki turned his head and he looked convinced.


“Okay… Just us…”


“Just us, baby.”


Izuku grabbed the knife and placed it on the nightstand. He hugged the omega to his chest, rubbing his back slowly. He apologized over and over, Katsuki forgiving him every time. He promised it wouldn’t happen again.


Except, Izuku was a horrible liar when it came to his wife.


One month later, Izuku came home, his daughter eagerly running to greet her father. Izuku leaned against the hallway, a loopy smile on his face, face streaked in blood and powdered white on his nose and lip. Eri stood there and let out a loud cry, Katsuki running out to see what had happened.


The omega picked the little girl and hid her face in his chest as he glared at Izuku stumble up the stairs to their bedroom.


Katsuki ran a knife through Izuku’s side that night, yelling every profanity he could think of.



Chapter Text

Izuku Midoriya was an idiot.

He stared up at the ceiling, his eyes hot but he was out of tears to cry. He couldn’t shed another sad tear even if he forced it.

He had been told time and time again.

“Midoriya, if you continue using your arms like this… Midoriya, this is your last warning… Midoriya, your arms can’t take another power up like that...” Izuku mumbled to himself, voice low and empty.

Memories of every single one of his doctors telling him the same thing every time he pushed his quirk too far. He wanted to scream, shout, pray or beg, whatever it took to return him to what he was just days ago. To return him to what he was just moments before throwing that decisive punch.


He turned his head away from who entered, he couldn’t dare look at her, his lips trembled at her soft, maternal voice.

“Mom, please, leave…” It hurt him to move but he did so anyways, turning on his side, hiding what used to be there. He felt the hot warmth of his stitches reopening but he didn’t care, he didn’t want his own mother to see that his arm was completely gone. It was unsaveable, it would rot the skin and kill Izuku if they didn’t remove it. He didn’t have much of a choice.

“Inko… Dear, let's not push him.”

Izuku shut his eyes tightly, his father finally returning back to Japan at the word of the tragic event. Hisashi wanted to support his wife and son where he could, though, his appearance only a bitter taste in the young hero’s mouth. He didn’t want either of them in here, he didn’t want to see anyone.

Izuku wanted to rot away like his arm, be eaten by maggots, dissolve into the earth and decay into a painful death.


He dreaded going back to his apartment, he had gotten too used to the pathetic hospital room. Doctors and Nurses simply lurking by, making sure he was as physically well as could be. He almost scoffed when his two doctors told him it was alright to go home.

Izuku’s left hand trembled slightly with the handling of his keys, he’d have to learn to write again, do everything with his left hand. He finally got the key through and almost tore the door down with frustration, the key snapped in half. Izuku sighed and looked at the little piece of metal in his hands. He bent over to look into the keyhole, there was no way he’d be able to get it out. He’d worry about it later.

Only a few steps in his home and already he felt the heavyweight nausea. He walked over and looked inside the box labeled — Deku Fanmail. Izuku pushes off the lid and his lips trembled at the hundreds of fan written letters. One after another, he managed to open them and read those gentle words.

Nicely written words, messy scribbles, childish drawings. All of them with one message in common.

Get better, Deku! You’re still our hero!

Izuku let out a shuddering breath, he couldn’t bear it. His knees buckled, knocking over the box on the table. Hundreds of letters cascading around him as he sobbed loudly, he had no tears left so he let his body wrack with crying shout and scream. His only hand gripping at his chest. He couldn’t breath, he couldn’t think of anything other than his pain.

The young hero had his heart broken once again since waking up after surgery and realizing he had lost one of the very arms he used to hug fans, to defeat villains, to carry those who needed lifting. His heroic heart broken by all the beautiful words of those who still loved him, even when he was half a man.


“Midoriya, it’s good to see you.” Nezu’s cute voice in Izuku’s ear as his former principal sat on his healthy shoulder.

“I see, it’s good to see you too, principal.”

Nezu stayed on Izuku’s left shoulder as they walked towards the conference room.

It had been three months since the incident, Izuku stayed holed up in his apartment. He only allowed a few of his closet colleagues to come visit him, their sympathy didn’t show through. Chatting away afternoons like Izuku was his regular self, a huge part of him appreciated it. He cried when Tsuyu and Ochako got up to leave, saying they should go drinking sometime. He hugged both women tightly with an arm, their hands patting his back.

Nezu has called him with that cheery voice, loud and all too convincing.

“Like I said on the phone, there is someone I’d like you to meet.” Nezu began when they were just a minute away from their destination, furry tail tickling Izuku’s ear when it wrapped around the back of his head. “They were a student here, around the same time as you were, in the support class.”


“Yes, well, he asked if I could arrange a meeting with you.”

Izuku nodded and pushed the door open with his left hand, wondering what type of person would be on the other side.

“Bakugou!” Nezu greeted, hopping off Izuku’s shoulder to sit on the couch between the two men in the room. “I brought him like you asked.”


The blond man turned his attention from their former principal to the hero in front of him.

“Oh! Hello, I’m-“ Izuku was cut off when this Bakugou raised a hand, stopping him before he could even start.

“I know who you are, Deku. I’m Katsuki Bakugou and I want to give you your arm back.”

Izuku blinked and his head tilted to the side, shocked by why he just heard. “Hah?”

“I’m a Mechanical Engineer with a focus in robotic appendages. I want you to try out my prototype and hopefully, get you back out there.” Katsuki frowned, as if he wasn’t being clear enough, Izuku’s dumbfounded face was more than enough to start pissing him off.

“I-I don’t, wait, wait, wait!” Izuku’s hand waved in front of him, he took a few steps closer, a coffee table between them. “I’ve tried prosthetics, I can’t be a hero with a barely functional piece of metal. I’m sorry but-“

“Fuck you.” Katsuki stomped around the table, the same height as the hero, glaring fiercely at Izuku. “My work is anything but a piece of metal! It’s a work of art, it’s far advanced than anything those other lowly idiots scientists are creating.”

“Midoriya, Bakugou is quirkless, yet, he was at the top of his class when he was here and went to one of the best engineering schools in Europe as well.” Nezu interjected before things got too intense, he knew his students were hotheaded and it could escalate rather quickly.

“Quirkless…” Izuku murmured to himself, he took a step back to give them both some space. He looked down for a moment and pursed his lips in thought. He already made the trip from his home to the school, it was worth at least listening to what the man had to say. “What do you have… Your prototype, I mean.”

Katsuki scoffed but turned towards a large case he had set on the coffee table. He knelt in front of it and Izuku followed. His green eyes looked down at a beautiful arm, black in color, orange accents and even if it was obviously metal. It looked like a human arm, it also held the same shape and definition like his previous right arm.

“Like I said, it’s a prototype and you’ll be to get surgery to properly connect this to your nerves and to your brain.” Katsuki said almost fondly, his fingers against the groves of the robotic arm, tracing along the biceps and Izuku could see two black dots on the inner arm. He figured it was Katsuki’s signature. “The surgery will take place at my lab, it starts with removing the end of your shoulder, exposing every nerve and placing a base for the arm itself to connect to.”

“I see…” Izuku nodded and his eyes peeked over at Nezu, sipping tea, looking satisfied with himself.

“So, when do you want to become a hero again, Deku?”

Izuku huffed out a laughter, he had nothing else to lose, better to try this out before giving up for sure.



Izuku had to admit, the surgery itself hurt a whole lot more than actually recovering from his initial losing of his arm. After the surgery had been completely, he had woken up to the sharp pain of Katsuki sitting next to him, two hot tools in his hands as he touched the circuit board to his new arm base.

“Wh-What are you doing?”

“Making sure the arm will fit… Those idiots could have missed something and it’ll fuck my whole project.” Katsuki grumbled before a small spark, Izuku letting out a yelp and the blond nodded to himself. “Alright, for now it’ll have to do. Recover and come back in two weeks, I’ll make the proper adjustments.”

Izuku nodded and sat up, he looked to the base. It was black like the arm, the skin connecting to it looking bruised and irritated.

Over the course of the two weeks, Izuku experienced phantom pains for the first time. When he walks too close to things in his home or the off chance he went to the convenience store, he’d say “ouch” or “oops” even though nothing was touched, nothing was knocked over. He didn’t know if to be irritated or to be hopeful, all he knew is that he was more than ready for the next step in the operation.

“Let’s do this!”

Katsuki raised a brow and smirked at a overzealous Izuku who busted into his laboratory, exactly at 8 in the morning as they arranged.

“Alright, first, those adjustments.”

Katsuki has Izuku sit on a stool, pulling out some goggles and those tools again, tapping at the circuit board on the back of the base. After twenty long and little electrifying minutes, the blond pulled away. Izuku watched him walk over to a large work desk, opening the same case and pulling out the beautiful robotic arm. He walked back and placed it in his lap as he sat down again.

“This one might sting.” Katsuki promised, a smug look on his face as he opened a latch on the end of the arm, placing it against the base. A moment based and Izuku bit his tongue when he suddenly felt pain through his base, his shoulder and in his head. A soft series of clicks and latches and Katsuki pulled away.

Izuku blinked and let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding, turning his head towards the other man.

“Now what?”

“Now, you move your hand.”

Izuku looked down at the robotic arm, no, his arm. He nodded and felt idiotic for thinking so hard but when the fingers of his new arm twitched, he let out a hopeful sob.

His black fist clenched into a fist and he slowly lifted it, he could hear the soft gearing of the arm as it moved just like he wanted. His left hand and right hand side by side.

Izuku felt real hope for the first time in months, his tears no longer miserable as they slid down his cheeks, dropping into his palms. Tears slipping off the metal of his right hand, he spat out a sob.

“Th-Thank you… Thank you…” Izuku cried, his vision blurred with salty tears, an outline of the man who saved his life in front of him. A hand on his shoulder. He sobbed and laughed at the same time, a strange reaction but he felt like he had happiness seeping out of every pore. Hope taking every little morsel of depression that had set in his soul over these months.

“Don’t thank me yet, idiot. I still gotta get you out there again.”


Izuku began training under the watch of Katsuki, his personal trainers and a select number of Doctors that were picked by Katsuki.

Izuku feared using his quirk in his new arm, even after Katsuki had smacked him on the head one too many times that the whole point of this prototype was to withstand a portion of his power. As someone who was already putting so much effort towards Izuku’s arm, the hero only saw it as fair to explain the full extent of his quirk. From the start to now, Katsuki frowned and yelled about how he would have to make certain adjustments to the arm before it could properly be used by the Hero.

“Kacchan! Are you ready?!” Izuku yelled from the training room, he knew he was being watched and when the affirmation came over the speaker. He waited for a small army of robots came out, ready to be destroyed by his power, compared much to the entrance exam at UA. He took a stance, his fists clenched as he was ready to fight.

He was scared but if Katsuki told him it was okay, he should just go for it. He started at five percent, for now. Izuku pleasantly surprised at how well the arm held up, as if it was his own. The next round of robots came, Izuku using ten percent.

Fifteen percent.

Twenty perfect.

He got a little too excited, 30 percent and he punched a giant robot into the wall. That’s when he heard it, a small cracking sound, the robotic pinky going slack as if he had broken his bone there.

“Kacchan! Somethings wrong!” Izuku ran over to the glass separating everyone from the training fights.

“Hah? What the fuck did you do?” Katsuki came rushing out into the training room. Izuku went towards him and showed him the arm, both of them looking it over.

“Ah! Here, there’s a crack.” Izuku raised his arm towards Katsuki, pointing out a crack on his forearm and they both blink as the crack split wider and then completely shattered half the arm. They watched the metal fall apart and fall between them. “O-Oh, sorry.”

“Deku… You idiot!”


The first prototype could withstand about 25% of Izuku’s power, it was an amazing start. Even just doing simple things like writing or grabbing things was a miracle in itself, Izuku missed it during the next three weeks that Katsuki and his team created a stronger arm.

“Okay, so we made two this time, in case you want you destroy my work again.” Katsuki scowled, latching the arm in place, satisfaction in Izuku’s little yelp as his nerves connected with the next arm. It was similar but thicker, a few exposed wires that Katsuki played with. “Alright, so, let’s do this again, start at 30 percent and work up to 45 percent.”

“Alright, I can do that.” Izuku stood and moved the fingers of his newest arm, rotating his shoulder and moving around to make sure it was comfortable enough to throw a punch.

Training went well and when he came back into the office, Katsuki fixed a few things, collaborating how Izuku’s fingers grabbed things.

“Alright, copy me.” Katsuki said as he pulled back, he made simple hand signals and watched intently as his creation did the same. He nodded to himself and rolled in his chair over to his work station. Writing notes quickly and finally standing. “We’ll start making another arm with the intent to withstand 60 percent, until then, do not! And I cannot clarify this anymore if I tried. Do not go over 45 percent, even if I have a spare, I’ll let you sulk for days.”

“I understand, I understand.” Izuku smiled and stood, pulling on his hoodie again. His first day back at work was in one week exactly, some light stuff but he was beyond excited to get back out there, even just patrolling would put his active mind to some ease.

“Before you go, do you want any certain adjustments to your next arm?” Katsuki asked him as he was about to head out.


“I won’t change the work itself but, maybe, like color scheme or any add ons.” Katsuki said from his work table, picking up little pieces of machinery, eyeing it before putting it back down.

“Oh,” Izuku looked at his hand and turned it side to side, wondering if he could even think of adding anything to an amazing arm like this. “No, it’s perfect, whatever you make, I’ll wear it, Kacchan.”

“Flattery isn’t going to make me work faster, get out of here, dumbass.” Katsuki turned to him, a smirk on his face as Izuku waved goodbye, leaving the laboratory.


“Pro Hero Deku is back on the scene! He just took down a gang of villains! Oh! There he is, Deku!”

Izuku felt his body buzzing with energy, his first day back to work and already a bank robbery and a group of villains claiming to take the city now that Deku was out of commission. Only for Izuku to lift their car and shake them violently off it, a wide grin on his face through the entire ordeal. His arm holding up extremely well, not a single crack or even a single scratch in sight.

His manager telling him to take it easy, to call onto other heroes if the mission seemed too risky. Izuku doubted he would ever learn his lesson of listening to others.

“Deku! Deku!”

The young hero turned and smiled at the reporter who ran up to him, her bright face already so close. He smiled at the camera pointed at him, a wave of his new arm.

“You are amazing out there! It didn’t even seem like you came out of retirement!” The reporter was bouncing with energy, Izuku recognized her as a one of the first new outlets that would be on scene. Wherever he went, she went it seemed. “Tell us about your arm, it’s amazing!”

“This is the work of Katsuki Bakugou!” Izuku made show of flexing his robotic arm for the camera, toothy grin as the reporter made a noise of astonishment. Izuku bombarded with question, stuck in a now 32 minute long interview.


Katsuki sipped on his coffee, watching the online interview of “Deku! Back on the scene!” He chuckled at the annoyingly large title, he watched Izuku fight momentarily before the interview actually began.

“This is the work of Katsuki Bakugou!”

Katsuki raised a brow, smirk hidden by his coffee mug, he listened to the details Izuku gave about his work. For a big muscle head, the idiot gave easy information, boasting about Katsuki’s brilliant work of art. The blond watched the entire video, pleasantly surprised at how much credit the hero gave him. He knew of other heroes who boasted about their costumes or gadgets but failed to even mention the creator, not a whisper of credit.

His phone rang in his coat pocket, he retrieved it and answer it.



“This arm is amazing! I know it was great during tests and stuff but… Wow…”

Katsuki raised a brow, entertained by the babbling hero in his ear. They chatted about the functions of the arm, how it held up, until he heard more voices on the other side.

“Kacchan, I’ll pass by the lab tomorrow?”

“Yeah, gotta make adjustments just in case you messed anything up.”

“Me? I was suuuuper careful, there’s not even a scratch on it!” Izuku whined and then a sigh. “Okay, I’m at the agency, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See ya.”

Katsuki pulled his phone away, letting it tap against his lips as he thought. The next prototype was already in the process of being made, if Katsuki made Izuku something that could take 100% of his power. Would Izuku even really need him anymore other than repairs?

A small pang in Katsuki’s chest.

He wouldn’t be needed so much...

He shook his head, stuffing his phone into his pocket. He couldn’t think of idiotic things. He had to give the number one hero the arm he so rightfully deserved.


One year. One entirely amazing and productive year for Izuku and Katsuki.

Katsuki gaining recognition and funds to continue his projects, his clientele growing immensely. Though, Izuku was definitely his favorite client, his best work yet!

Finally, they had reached an arm that could withstand 92% of Izuku’s power! He was unstoppable. Katsuki had also created a brace for his other arm, it wrapped around his elbow and supported up into his shoulder.

Every month—sometimes every week, depending on how idiot Izuku wanted to be—had become routine for Izuku to show up with a variation of food and smiles for Katsuki, get his arm fixed or reworked. It was nice and with each passing meeting, Katsuki thought he was falling in love.

Katsuki had decided that the next time Izuku came to his office, he would confess. If it didn’t pan out, he would move on with his life but if it all went well, maybe he could see Izuku every day.

Love him or just talk.

Talking was nice, Katsuki thought.


Izuku never came to his office again.

Izuku never took a step on the street again.

Izuku never did anything as a hero again.

Katsuki sat in his office, back hunched as he worked on the final arm. An arm that could withstand 100% of One for All, that could take anything that Izuku dishes out with it.

The blond finished and looked at the arm, a sad smile on his face. The arm was complete, a perfect project now. He didn’t expect to cry even more now than he did at the actual funeral. Fat, hot tears streaming down his face as he touched the flawless surface of the metaled arm.

“I-It’s done… Fucking done…” Katsuki wiped his face, he was so angry with himself. He stood and turned around to a different work table, his arms swiping across little gadgets and tools, all them clattering as they crashed onto the wall or onto the floor. “Fuck!”

He screamed and shouted, his wails bouncing off the walls as he began destroying his office. Everything throw except for the lone arm, displayed on his desk.

“I’m sorry!” Katsuki crumbled to his knees, his face in his hands, his head hurt, his heart ached.

For three months he blamed himself, he still remembers exactly where he was when Izuku fell.

Katsuki was at a bar with his friends, the news playing in the background, at the mention of Deku… Katsuki regretted looking up to the screen. The reporter speaking of Pro-Hero Deku had been killed, how his arm had exploded on impact with one of his infamous United States Smash. Katsuki covered his mouth, almost puking right there and then.

The engineer stood on shaky legs, walking over to his finished work. Fingers dance on the metal.

“I’m sorry… I’m going to do right by you… I’ll see you soon, Deku…”


Katsuki never made another project.

Katsuki never failed anyone else again.


Chapter Text

Izuku began taking care of Katsuki when he was 16 years old, their parents knew each other so when Mitsuki and Masaru started traveling a lot for work they decided that Inko’s sweet Alpha Son would be the best bet. Katsuki was to be an alpha with Mitsuki’s strong genetics, her seed could have no less! Having an alpha figure around would do Katsuki good to learn mannerisms and attitude even if Izuku was on the softer side of alphas.

Katsuki was a loud 10 year old, energetic and even somewhat of a bully to his babysitter. He would get on Izuku’s back, hold on for dear life when the alpha tried to clean or cook in the Bakugou home. He would yell at Izuku for trying to pick him up from school rather than their meeting point between the elementary and high school. Izuku would just smile and ruffled his blond hair, Katsuki was almost sure the alpha was messing with him.

Izuku was paid before the Bakugous would leave on their trip, always including extra money in case Katsuki needed to do a project or if food ran out. They left for weeks at a time but spoiled their son horribly when they were home, Katsuki didn’t seem to mind, he video chatted with them, called them often or even texted Masaru to complain that Izuku didn’t make the food like him or that Izuku stayed up until 1 am doing homework.

Katsuki was now 13 in middle school with no sign of presenting anytime soon. He had a little growth spurt, his face wasn’t as round but no scent. Masaru would cuddle his only son near heats and tell him he still smelled like when he was born, soft and gentle. Katsuki let his bearer coddle him because once he presented as an alpha there would be no more of this.

Izuku still cared for him even if he had graduated the year before, he went to college in town so he was on call if Katsuki needed something. He stayed the night when the Bakugous left the city or even the country for work. That night Bakugou insisted that Izuku tried some of his cooking. Izuku held his tongue because eagerly cooking was something omegas did but after the big salty bite he took, maybe Katsuki didn’t have the nature in him to cook.

“If you don’t like it, don't eat it! Idiot Deku!” Katsuki reaches for the plate but Izuku takes it and holds it over his head. The alpha had also hit a huge growth spurt, growing like a tree both in height and width, Masaru's larger clothes didn’t even fit Izuku anymore.

“I’m eating! Just give me a glass of water!”

Izuku forced himself to eat the whole thing, even under Katsuki critical eye.

“Maybe less salt next time? It was delicious, thank you.”

Katsuki glares at him and Izuku notices how the boy puts a hand on his stomach.

“My stomach hurts…”

“From your food?” Izuku gets a little worked, Katsuki almost never got sick.

“I dunno. Whatever, let’s watch the new superhero Movie the hag got me!” Katsuki is quick to make a beeline for the living room and left Izuku to rinse their dishes.

Izuku notices something right away, Katsuki sat next to him for the movie. It was fine but usually, the boy sprawled out on the other couch or on the bean bag chair in the corner of the living room. He put it off as Katsuki feeling sick and without his parents there he must feel lonely. The movie is going well, the sun is setting and it’s getting dark quickly. Izuku crosses his arms over his broad chest, biceps bulging under his tight shirt, his thighs spread as he relaxes into the couch. Katsuki peeks at him from the corner of his eye, he knows what the little warmth in his stomach means, he knows what feeling wet is like.

Wait… Wet?

Katsuki’s heart rate shoots up, thumping in his chest and throat. He brings his knees to his chest, resting his chin on his knees and thinks for a moment. Alphas don’t get wet, Betas don’t get wet. Only omegas… Katsuki was smart, he knew what the signs were. Wanting to be in the proximity of an alpha, cramps, wet slick, fever. He felt flushed but when he peeks at Izuku again the alpha seemed to have drifted off. Katsuki waits another ten minutes once he’s sure Izuku is asleep he scoots a little closer, places a hand on the alphas thick thigh to push himself up. He had to confirm his own suspicion. If he could smell Izuku’s alpha scent then he really was presenting.

His little nose twitched as he buried his face into the teenager's neck, his face turned red as the scent made him release a splash of slick. Everything was so hot…

Katsuki licked his lips and sighed softly, Izuku smelled so nice and he always helped Katsuki out. Was this different?

“K-Kacchan…” Izuku’s large hands push at his small shoulders and they’re staring wide-eyed at each other.

“Deku… I’m... I’m an omega..” Katsuki thinks he’s gonna cry but as he says it, he almost sounds happy, ecstatic because now that he’s an omega. An alpha like Izuku will have to take care of him. “Help? My tummy hurts.”

Izuku swallows hard as the childish language but he loses resolve for a moment, Katsuki climbing onto his lap. Izuku takes a sharp inhale of breath, he can feel the omega slick already wetting his pants.

“Kacchan! We-We have to call your parents!”

“Why! They’re not here! Please… I won’t tell them you’re touching me…”


Izuku’s hand had wandered and grasped handfuls of the boy's soft ass, Katsuki presses his chest against his caretakers and with soft pink lips pressed a kiss on Izuku’s cheek.

“Please, please…”

“Stop, we cant…” Izuku shoves Katsuki onto the couch and stands up when Katsuki grabs his hand, he doesn’t mean to use his alpha voice but he does. “Stop!”

Katsuki’s eyes well with tears and he sits on the couch, his nose twitching, lips trembling and he’s crying. Izuku immediately loses any anger and gathers the boy in his arms.

“Sorry, I’m sorry. Let’s call your parents and I can call my mom to come to stay with you, she’s a beta so it’ll be easiAH!” Izuku jumped as two hands grab him by the groin, curse his anatomy for being hard around the cute crying omega.

“I want you... To do all the things alphas do, Deku…” Katsuki’s voice is low and Izuku remembers that Mistuki always used alpha voice in the home because Katsuki would not listen most of the time. Izuku groans accidentally, hands are so clumsy and small, feeding his ego to the max.

He can’t take it, he’s losing himself to rut by being around this omega too long. Izuku wants to bite Katsuki’s pretty neck, wants to shove his big alpha cock into the blondes virgin ass, wants to breed him, make him fat with pups, make him cry and scream as he cums. Izuku blinks away is haze and shakes his head. He can’t, it’s not right. The courting age is 15, Katsuki is close but without his parent's consent—Izuku would be in a world of hurt.

Katsuki’s soft wet lips kiss his jaw and under his chin, his face red and flushed, he’s lost in heat now.

“Deku… Please… Here…” he takes Izuku’s left hand, guiding it into the back of his pants, the alphas growling as he’s met with a splatter of slick. He can’t take it, he pushes the omega onto the couch, forcing his pants down dainty legs. Katsuki cute pink cock weeping copious amounts of pre-cum. His pink little hole is twitching and goblets of slick dribble out.

Izuku pushes a finger inside and Katsuki’s voice is so high and needy, a gasping whimper.

“Deku… Deku…”

Katsuki bucks his hips and slips a hand under his own knee, pulling it up to give the alpha more space, red eyes cloudy with pleasure. Izuku makes quick work, the hole slippery and loose around his fingers, omegas are always eager around alphas they like.

Izuku shoves his jeans down to pull out his cock, it’s huge and heavy in comparison to Katsuki’s. He slaps it down against the omegas, bucking his hips and Katsuki let’s put a shrill cry, throwing his head back.

“Please please please.” Katsuki doesn’t know what he’s begging for but he wants whatever Izuku will give him.

Izuku is only able to push about halfway in, Katsuki trying his best to stay loose but it’s not enough. Izuku growls and pushes Katsuki’s legs up, a leg raising onto the couch and he’s lost too. He’s growling and biting at Katsuki like an animal, the boy moaning and biting back, both covered in bruises of a feral meeting.

Izuku’s cock is meeting the deepest of his parts, it’s in his stomach, making his toes curl, making him sound like the girls in the porn videos he had snuck out to watch with his friends. He’s so thick and long, his alphas scent covering Katsuki. He’s thrusting so hard now, he’s using the omega as a cocksleeve with the intent to knot and cum inside the boy, with the intent to breed the barely presented omega.

Izuku wraps an arm around Katsuki’s back, forcing him to arch and he digs his teeth into the boy's neck, the taste of Pheromones and blood filling his senses. He pushes in his fat knot even against the protests of the boy, even as he’s slapped and as hands push as his chest. He’s cumming so much he’s not sure his knot will keep all of his cum inside, he keeps grinding into Katsuki. By the way his walls twitch and then tighten, the way a new smell enters the room he knows Katsuki came by instinct. Omegas always had a higher chance of pregnancy if they orgasm while knotted.

Izuku takes the time while knotted to lick at Katsuki’s tears and red cheeks, to lick at all the bites and at their bond mark, lapping up the last of the blood. He wants to go again and again already, he wants to have the boy stretched out and loose to fuck at any moment.

It’s like that for three days, moving from the living room to Katsuki’s bedroom. Izuku in alpha rage ripping bedsheets and breaking the bed to have it exactly
How his omega wanted it. Katsuki rewarding him by some inexperienced riding, his pale thighs trembling, his chest heaving, his pink dick coming over himself as he begged Izuku for his fat knot Over and over.

Katsuki purring as his alpha enveloped his body with all that muscle, nice and warm for them to sleep

Izuku blinked and immediately covered Katsuki’s body as the scent of alphas drew closer to their room. Mitsuki slammed open the door and stomped over, grabbing Izuku by the hair and wrist to throw him off the makeshift nest as if the teenager wasn’t naked. He’s growling but under the guise of an older, fatherly alpha he had to submit, Katsuki’s big worried eyes making him submit. He could never fight his omegas sire.

Izuku isn’t allowed around anymore, Mitsuki says not until Katsuki turns fifteen to at least be at a suitable age to court. That doesn’t stop Izuku from walking Katsuki home through back alleys, getting a quick fuck in public restrooms, he’s angry that Mitsuki put Katsuki on birth control.

He’s not worried, the second Katsuki is 15, he’ll legally become the boys alpha. He’ll take the omega off the birth control and force him to have all of his pups. Katsuki looks blissed out the more Izuku talks about it, just calls his alpha an idiot before kissing him and running home so that his parents don’t get too suspicious.

Izuku didn’t realize how possessive he was but when Katsuki turns 15 no one will stand in his way.

Chapter Text


Izuku was an alpha with a mild temperament, as a child he was timid and often bullied. Through hard work and determination, he had learned to stand his ground—confidence came easily to him now.

From other alphas or betas at least.

He was an idiot when it came to the topic of mating, not a clue on what to say or how to act around omegas. Their teasing smiles, fluttering touches, warm eyes as he stuttered while being surrounded by their scent. Given omegas attended a different school system than alphas and betas, it was hard on trying to find similar interests.

He had graduated from University, almost tradition for his fraternity to have a party with one of the omega sororities from a different school. In past years it was a successful event to get paired up, some couples still together to this day. Alphas preening themselves for the cute omegas that would bring a breeze of fresh air to their musty fraternity. They were all tired of smelling each other’s stench and alpha pheromones.

They all desired the sweet heat of a fertile omega, they weren’t asking for too much.

Izuku didn’t expect only females, but males as well, under his own opinions, they were equal weren’t they? He wanted to attend as a celebration of his hard work and of being part of this brotherhood—is what he told himself over and over as he put on the slightest of cologne on his wrists, as he made sure his face was shaven clean.

He was sent out on a last minute beer run with two other undergrads, he didn’t mind, it was his peer's money. Izuku would exact his revenge by buying quality beer rather than that cheap garbage they had told him to get.

When he returned to the frat house, a large bus parked down the street, and he licked his lips.

The omegas had arrived.

He could even see a couple sitting on their porch, blatantly flirting with a couple of alphas.

Izuku tried to calm himself but as he walked into the house, a dainty hand on his bicep, a gentle hand on his chest. The omegas he passed obviously trying to flirt, but he would stutter and hold up the beer.

“Gotta get these in ice! Wouldn’t wanna drink warm beer, ya know?” Before any of them could respond, he had already moved past them and finally got to the kitchen. A breath of relief to see only other alphas, all of them getting drinks for omegas they already had an interest in.

Izuku got a couple of shots down to calm himself, he wasn’t the heaviest drinker but it was known that he got loose once drunk. Lost memories and wild stories still haunt him to this day.

He had his stereotypical red cup with more than the recommended liquor per ounce of soda recommended, its strong but it's easy to sip on as the party starts picking up more. He’s talked to a few girls, a couple of boys, they’re all nice but when Izuku doesn’t make an immediate move, they carry on to the next alpha.

The music is loud, and he walks around the corner to the stairs when right on the third step is a smirking omega. The omega has a red cup in his hand as well, but by the looks of it, it isn’t his first drink of the night either.

Even under the colored lights, Izuku can see the pink flush at the top of his sharp bone cheeks. This omega is a bit more built by the shape of his arms and chest in the tight red shirt, fishnet stockings under a pair of overly ripped black skinny jeans, heavily chained boots at his feet. His midriff hidden by sitting on the stairs in that way.

It’s a first that Izuku ever thinks of how he wants to rip at an omegas clothes.

Much of the other omegas were dressed a tad bit more modestly, this type made Izuku swallow the poison in his mouth.

He has a style and Izuku is sure that’s why the omega isn’t wearing a collar either, with no visible mating mark—it’s open season on this blond.

“Hey, mutt.”

Izuku bristles a bit and looks up when the omega holds out his empty cup, the insides splashed with droplets of brown soda.

“Go get me another drink if you want to keep looking at me.”

Izuku doesn’t know why but the omegas deeper toned voice makes him reach out and take the empty cup; he noticed how much larger his own hand is in comparisons to the blond.

He takes a brave sniff of the empty cup.

“Coke and rum?”

“Wow, a mutt with a nose. Get to it then.” The omega waves him off as if waving off a servant and goes back to looking out onto the crowd with a slight smirk. He’s obviously watching any number of his horny omega peers bump and grind on desperate alphas even for fun.

Izuku goes back to the kitchen, and he’s making the drink as well as his own. He licks over his canines and tries to think over the music. He’s only doing this because he wants to make that omega his, wants to fall under his good graces. The ball is in that blondes court now.

He quickly goes back and hopes the blond—Izuku really should catch his name—is still on the stairs. He gets there, and he’s right, the omega is still there, this time crowded against the wall by an already drunk first year.

Izuku rolls his eyes, what a lightweight, probably drunk off sweet mixed drinks or wine coolers. The omega that once looked bothered and annoyed noticed Izuku.

The attitude quickly changed, an annoyed sneer turning up into a flirty smile.

The blond let the younger alpha crowd him against the wall. Thigh to thigh, chest to chest, stinky alpha mouth to sweet omega neck. A hand on the alphas skinny thigh.

Izuku holds the rims of the red cups in one hand, his free hand reaching out and grabbing his junior by the back of his shirt.

“The fuck?! Oh! Midoriya! I’m in the middle of something if you don’t mind!” The kid has a smile on his face but the glare and words don’t match up. Izuku becomes irked at how the kid had touched the omega he was trying to claim as well as the lack of respect from someone who barely got into their fraternity.

“Time to air out!” Izuku tosses him away from the stairs, he doesn’t mean to use so much force but the kid tumbled to the ground and glares at the older alpha. He disappears into the crowd and Izuku turns back to the blond, he doesn’t apologize or say another word. He just holds out the mixed drink and the omega raises a brow.

“So, Mutt,” the blond takes a sip from his drink, licking his pink lips in satisfaction. “You got a name or are you gonna take insult.”

Izuku sits next to the omega, his arm behind the omega and leaning on the cheap wallpaper.


The omega hums and eyes him, a certain amused fire burning in his red eyes.


Izuku blinks and nods, he drinks from his own cup. Fuck, now not to sound awkward in front of the gorgeous omega—

The omega cuts his thoughts off by opening that pretty mouth.

“So, you have a room in this place?” Katsuki asks, Izuku nods again quickly in response. The blond drinks down his coke and rum. The red cup on the floor a moment later. “Show me then.”

“Okay.” Izuku stands, and he misses, he grabs the omega's wrist instead of hand. A mistake, but he can’t back down now, he has to stay confident in every single one of his actions. He takes Katsuki up the stairs and down the hall. A locked door which Izuku unlocks were a short stumble of keys in his hand.

It’s neat for now, aired out and some of his posters taken down to make him seem like an adult who likes heroes—not an actual fanatic.

“What a nerdy room.”

It seemed like he failed in that portion.

Izuku locks the door behind himself and Katsuki pushes him up against it.

“Any other alpha would have slapped me for talking to them like that.”


“Are you going to slap me for being a bad omega?”

“Do you want me to?”

Katsuki raises a brow and licked over his lips, he pulls Izuku down by the front of his shirt and their lips mold together easily. Different tastes of alcohol mixing.

Izuku lets himself wrap an arm around Katsuki, he can feel muscle under his hold, the strength this omega has makes him only want Katsuki even more now.

He tilts his head for another kiss and Katsuki pulls away—just an inch, far away enough to toy with Izuku.

“Aren’t you handsy, what a pig.” Katsuki makes a condescending face, patting Izuku cheek roughly as if speaking to a little, eager dog.

Izuku lets out a half-amused chuckle, his hand coming up and grabbing the omega's wrist from touching his face again. He keeps Katsuki close, and he’s looking from beautiful red jewels to those soft, plush lips.

“You smell nice.”

Izuku wanted to punch himself in the face, of course, he smelled nice. What idiot alpha would tell an omega in their room that they smell rank? Katsuki lets out a short snorted laugh. This time he doesn’t keep himself away, he presses forward. Izuku’s thigh slipping between Katsuki’s, their bodies flush against one another.

Katsuki pulls his hand away from the alphas grip, his hands reaching behind and tightly grasping the back of Izuku head—handfuls of green hair in his pale hands.

Their kiss melts quickly from chaste to open-mouthed, tongue against tongue, teeth clinking but neither cared as they both shift to make it right. Katsuki sighs softly against his lips and Izuku ruts forward, he’s getting hard fast.

The alcohol, blood rushing, the savory scent of the omega.

His head is spinning and Katsuki is at the middle of his whirlwind, he can’t even hear the music downstairs over the heavy beat of his heart ringing in his ears.

“You’re going to,” Katsuki is cut off by another kiss, he melts into it for a moment before licking from Izuku’s lips up to his cheek. “Going to fuck me.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m going to.” Izuku lowers his arms and grasps the omegas thick thighs in his large hands, lifting him is easy and he has to concentrate his step to not bring them both tumbling down.

That would be embarrassing, he thinks.

Katsuki peppers his jaw in kisses, licks at his chin, bites his cheek. This omega was on the rougher side and Izuku was fine with that. His hard dick was enough evidence for him.

For the second time that night, Izuku doesn’t mean to use strength but he tosses Katsuki on the bed. The blond bounces three times and on the last bounce, there’s an angry glare directed at Izuku.

“Fuck you.”

“Sorry, sorry.”

He’s not really sorry but he was sure if he didn’t say anything and everything to appease the prickly omega, well, he wouldn’t get his dick wet.

Izuku grabs the back of his shirt and pulls it over his head easily enough, his belt clanking as he roughly pulls it off. When he holds it in his hand, Katsuki is biting his lip with his eyes planted on the leather. Izuku thinks for a second before folding it in half, pulling it tight and even himself jumping at the sharp noise it made.

“Kind of like a stripper.” Katsuki’s voice raises in a light giggle and Izuku smiles in response, he drops the belt and crawls on the bed.

“Maybe next time, I’ll show you my routine.” Izuku pulls Katsuki’s shirt over his head, blond hair puffing like a dandelion. Katsuki kisses him as soon as the garment is on the floor, he’s holding the alphas face in his hands.

“I’ll bring a bunch of dollars then,” Katsuki whispers against his lips and the alpha nods, it is getting harder to find his own resolve and just let the omega lead the way.

Izuku finds the determination to separate, reaching down and grabbing the omega's boots, giving a hard tug to get them off.

They land on the floor with heavy thuds.

When he turns back to Katsuki to slip between his thighs, a black-socked foot pushes against his shoulder. Katsuki is laid on the bed, pushed up by his elbows. Hard lines of muscle from his chest to his stomach yet, Izuku notices, how small Katsuki’s waist is.

“I’m always on top.”

Izuku blinks and gives a nervous grin. Did he bring a gay omega up to his room? He was fine with taking it, Katsuki was so gorgeous. He wouldn’t mind in the slightest, he was only confused by the wording the omega had used before. He didn’t have much lube on hand unless they did it like porn, the omega using their own slick to wet the alpha and-

“Holy fuck, I can hear the gears in your knot-brain.” Katsuki lets his ankle rest on Izuku’s shoulder, head tilting to the side. “Relax, jeez.”

“You can top, I don’t mind, I took a class in Omega Sciences and-“

Katsuki covers his mouth to horribly stifle his laughter, Izuku flushes a bit and purses his lips.

“The hot, buff alpha is telling the omega, in his bed, he’ll take it up the ass?”

“Yeah! You’re so, uh, sexy. I don’t mind.”

Katsuki pulls his leg away and goes on his knees, he grabs Izuku’s arm and pulls him to lay down on the bed. The alpha sputters for a second and his breath hitches as the omega straddles him, ass pressed down on his erection.

“As sweet as that is, you’re going to fuck me.” Katsuki’s hands flat on Izuku’s hard stomach, his hands searing heat into the body of the alpha. His hands slid up, a trail of blistering heat left behind, Izuku feels his body temperature skyrocket. “But like hell, I’ll let some alpha make me submit.”


“Okay.” Katsuki mimicked him, a little kiss to Izuku’s lips, he pulls away before the alpha can reciprocate. Katsuki licks at his lips, in a disgusting manner, licks up his nose and up to his forehead, a funny cowlick at the end of the omegas tongue.

Izuku winces, his hands already found purchase on Katsuki’s waist, long fingers splayed over the warm skin. He was tipsy and so was Katsuki, but this whole situation was turning him on so much. His hips buck as Katsuki bites his cheek for the second time, the omega jumping slightly in his lap.

“Don’t cream yourself, we’re getting there.” Katsuki licks his lips and shuffled down Izuku’s body, placing himself between the alphas thighs, ass raised for show. “Let’s see what this mutt has here...”

Izuku raises his hips to help Katsuki pulls his jeans down, pants halfway down his thighs before his boxers are pulled down as well. Katsuki hums slightly and Izuku pushes himself up on his elbows to see if that noise was a satisfied one or a displeased one.

Izuku cock lays against his hip, he’s nervous because Katsuki has the same smirk on his face.

Was it good? Was it bad?

Katsuki touches the underside of his dick and then pinches the skin under the tip. Izuku inhales sharply through his nose.

“Didn’t take you for the piercing type.” The omega says as he pulls on the metal rod before rubbing the tip of the alpha cock in his hand.

“It, it was the initiation. Tattoo or piercing.”

Katsuki grins widely and looks up, brows furrowed in question. Izuku’s face feels hotter than the hand lazily stroking his dick and he swallows. Why does he have a dry mouth?

“Do tell.”

“I couldn’t get a tattoo, eh, and a piercing on my face would give my parents a heart attack, so, I got that one.” Izuku rolls his shoulders and tries to keep his breathing even, Katsuki’s pace picking up slightly, grasp tight around him, the amount of clear liquid pouring from his slit making the action sloppy and wet.

“I like it, maybe reverse to feel it on my princess spot.”

“P-Princess spot?”

Katsuki nods and grins, “Omegas can’t be vulgar! That’s for mutts with big cocks like you.”

Izuku isn’t about to mention what’s wrong with that statement, he’s more focused on when Katsuki brings his head down and slides the flat of his tongue over his frenum piercing and up over his cock head. Izuku groans out loud, his fingers grip at his sheets. Katsuki never takes his dick into that sweet mouth, only licks hard over his shaft, maybe an occasional kiss on the tip.

“Stop it, stop it.” Izuku pants out, Katsuki licks his lips and looks up. He lets Izuku’s dick go and it flops onto the alphas stomach. “I’ll do you, too.”

Katsuki blinks and after a moment, smirks. He shuffles his black jeans down, left only in his fishnet stockings. No underwear, skin squeezed amazingly, hard omega dick slid through one of the spaces, bouncing as he finished undressing.

Izuku swallows the poison that fills his mouth, he wants to bite at every inch of skin that Katsuki continuously shows him. He makes a move to get up but Katsuki pushes him back down, crawling forward and sitting on Izuku’s chest. The alpha looks up and the omega grabs his hard dick, smacking it against the alpha's mouth.

“Am I heavy?”

“Never.” Izuku wraps an arm around Katsuki’s ass, opening his mouth and the omega lets out the sweetest little moan out as the alpha takes his cock so nicely. Katsuki’s rocking his hips slowly, Izuku sucking and licking at him is like a dream.

A hot, wet dream. Most alphas unwilling to give him oral, most won’t even touch his dick as a way to feel less gay for sleeping with a male omega.

“You!” Katsuki gasps out as Izuku slips two thick fingers inside his wet hole, it makes him stop for a moment. Fingers easily stretching him wider than three or even four fingers could, thick and long and after a few thrusts, they push against his prostate. Izuku takes charge, moving Katsuki’s hips for him, making him continuously thrust into the alpha's mouth and thrust back on to delicious fingers.

He reaches down and grasps a handful of Izuku’s hair, it’s the only warning before he cums. It’s not much but enough to make Izuku choke before desperately swallowing around Katsuki’s cock.

Katsuki lets his weight drop, overstimulated when the fingers inside him push in again fully. His dick softening between his thighs.

“You okay?” Izuku asks him, fingers slipping out and he maneuvered them a bit to get Katsuki to sit in his lap, the alpha sitting up. He ignores how badly he wants to cum and knot Katsuki for a minute, the omega needed some recovery time.


Izuku smiles a bit and rubs his slicked hand up and down Katsuki’s back, he was sure he had a sealed water bottle in here somewhere but he didn’t know if he wanted to look for it at that moment. Katsuki audibly sighs and when Izuku least expects it, the omega grinds down on his cock.

“Now, to the real event.” Katsuki pushes Izuku back down into the bed, he’s leaned over the alpha and his hot tongue licks over Izuku’s mouth, slipping back his lips, licking over his teeth. “I’m on birth control, do you wanna use a condom?”

Izuku shakes his head, his hands sliding down and grabbing handfuls of stocking covered ass cheeks.

“Fuck no.”

“Good.” Katsuki’s chest raises a couple of inches from Izuku’s, his head hung as he looks down between them. He reaches down and grabs the base of that hard alpha cock, holding it up as he raised his hips. Izuku groaned low and long as the omegas wet heat slipped over his cock and took him down to the base.

“Katsuki... It’s so fucking hot...”

“Oh fuck, so deeeep...”

They both are surrounded in their own worlds of pleasure. Katsuki sighs sweetly as he leans down and kisses Izuku, sloppy tongues sliding against one another, wet lips and Katsuki can’t help but drool. The alpha knows he’s losing control quickly, his hands move slowly from the omega's ass to his round hips. In the back of Izuku’s mind, his inner alpha is overly satisfied with how his hand covers the entirety of the hip.

“Tell me you want to fuck me...” Katsuki whispers against his lips, the fluttering breath tickles Izuku’s lips.

“I want to fuck you,” Izuku repeats as instructed, he’s rewarded with Katsuki lifting himself and pushing Izuku inside again. The couple moaned in unison.

“What do you want to do to me?” Katsuki’s voice shudders as he rises higher and sinks down, his hips rocking, every time he comes down it's a muted slap of skin on skin.

“Whatever... Whatever you’ll let me do.” Izuku groans, Katsuki’s nails scratching his chest. “Fuck, want to claim you, bite you...”

“A mutt wants, wants to do that to any bitch.” Katsuki grunts as he sits up straight, his knees digging into Izuku’s ribs as he adjusts himself to start riding Izuku properly. No more pathetic fucking, no more grinding like virgins.

Katsuki starts riding with earnest, his hips raised and slapping down, his hair bouncing freely, skin starting to sweat, his fringe against his forehead. Izuku wants to take control, bring Katsuki down and call him Alpha rather than the mutt.

He can see the omegas thighs beginning to shake after a couple of minutes of moaning and whimpers, his cock bouncing between milky thighs. Izuku’s pubic hair and balls are covered in slick, Katsuki is producing so much, he’s so wet, his heat is so delicious and addictive.

“T-Tell me you love it.” Izuku’s voice shakes, his hand's grip at Katsuki and hold him down, he can feel the restraint of Katsuki wanting to rise up and fuck himself on the alpha.

“No, no way. This is all your good for, I’m not praising a mutt.”

Izuku feels a bit of his confidence chip away, and like a stereotypical alpha, he growls at Katsuki.

The omega raises a brow and the pleasure that hazed his mind is faded a tad away. Since he’s not allowed to ride how he wants, he grinds down slowly. Izuku’s cock rubbing against his prostate.

“Aw, did I hurt the alphas feelings?” Katsuki teases, he leans in his nose against Izuku’s. “If you want to cum, let me do what I want.”

“Then tell me you love my dick.”

“Fuck you.”

“Say it!”

Katsuki pulls away and glares at Izuku, their eyes locked into each other as Katsuki spits at Izuku.

Saliva landing on the alphas cheek.

Izuku pulls a hand away from Katsuki’s hip to slap across the omegas cheek. Katsuki smirks and without a hand on his hip to stop him, he rises and fucks himself down on the alpha.

“Maybe you are an alpha, but you’re still a pathetic fucking-“

Izuku slaps him again and the omega moans out loud, the action making Katsuki squeeze the alpha inside of him. The omega looks back down at him, his left cheek bright red from the two heavy hands slaps from the man.

“I should push you down and make you cum on my dick.” Izuku’s hand wraps around Katsuki’s elbow to pull him down, the omegas pace quick and so good.

“Why don’t you, huh? Breed me, fucker.”

Izuku glares at him, his lips pulled back, he’s growling and groaning like an alpha in a rut.

He sits up, Katsuki blinking as the alpha gets in his face. Izuku’s cock slipping out as the alpha stands with the omega in his arms, the next thing Katsuki knows, the air is knocked out of his lungs as he pushed up roughly against the wall next to the bed.

His eyes are wide, Izuku’s arms under his thighs keeping him in the air, even if the grip loosens a bit he might go tumbling down.

“Put it back in,” Izuku says lowly in his ear, Katsuki nods before reaching between them, the hot cock held and he cries out at how quickly the alpha pushes back in. Izuku sighs out at being enveloped by that omega heat once again. “Tell me you want me to fuck you.”

Katsuki pouts and his lips fall open as Izuku pulls out slowly, cock dragging down his walls before sharply thrusting back inside, a delicious rub on his prostate has his cock leaking between them again.

“Say it.”

“I want you,” Katsuki throws his head back, a small ache as it hits the wall, he chuckles dryly. “I want you to shut up.”

Izuku frowns and doesn’t move, the omega looks back at him and lets out a bratty scoff.

“Hurry the fuck up.”

“Say it. Once you do, I’ll fuck you, breed you, whatever you want.”

Katsuki huffs air through his nose and his eyes look down between them. Izuku can tell the omega is used to getting exactly what he wants right up until now. He leans in, his face in Katsuki’s neck, nibbling right over the omega gland, swollen and radiating that savory scent. It’s filling Izuku’s brain and he’s not sure how much he can hold off on fucking Katsuki’s brains out.

The omega wraps his arms around Izuku’s neck and scratches at the skin of the alpha.

“Fuck me...”

Izuku almost misses it over his scent craze, but he hears it. It’s airy, needy, everything he wants to hear, but he decides to toy with the omega.

Izuku thrusts into him shallow, “What was that?”

“Fuck me! Stop being an idiot!”

Izuku licks the skin and without any warning, bites the omegas neck, hips pulling back and burying his cock over and over in the omega. Katsuki is bouncing with every thrust, he’s sure his back is raw from being rubbed against the shitty paint. At some point, he’s impressed how Izuku has the strength to keep fucking him against the wall without any sort of break, others usually slowing down as to ease their burning and shaking legs.

“F-Fuck! I’ma cum!” Katsuki moans out, his cock rubbing against Izuku’s abs with every thrust, the alpha's hands bruising his thighs. Izuku’s teeth biting every inch of skin he can find.

His glands, his throat, his shoulders.

Izuku finally presses his forehead against Katsuki’s, he’s a sucker for looking his partner in the eyes while fucking.

“Cumming? Because of this dick?”

Izuku slows down, his deep inside, grinding into Katsuki, the way the omega trembles tells him he’s rubbing that princess spot.

“Yes! I am, I am!”

Katsuki’s brows drawn up, his face is red, his breath was heavy with every exhale.

“I’m going to put you down.”


Despite Katsuki’s complaints, Izuku gently sets him down. He’s leaning against the wall, his legs feel like jelly and the alpha in front of him is smiling gently. A hand touches Katsuki’s cheek, then pressing lower and grasping his sore throat. Katsuki’s eyes widen and he blinks, his stomach clenches as Izuku presses flush against him, cock against the omegas stomach.

“You said something about reverse, right?” Izuku’s green eyes are looking down at him, the hand around Katsuki’s throat is tight and the omega’s asshole clenches around nothing.

He wants Izuku back inside of him.

Izuku lets his throat go and leads him back to the bed. The alpha stripping himself of his jeans and underwear quickly.

The alpha sits on the edge of the bed and Katsuki stands in front of him, he’s glaring at the alpha, he could have came already but this jerk was playing game after game.

“Come on, don’t be shy.” Izuku pats his thigh and Katsuki makes a displeased noise in the back of his throat as he steps closer. He turns around and guided by Izuku’s hand, sinks down on the alpha's cock. Katsuki can’t help the happy smile that spreads on his face of having Izuku back inside of him, he’s so close, he won’t last too long.

Katsuki’s ass is sat perfectly against Izuku’s hips, the alphas thighs spread to give him space to ride at his own pace.

Izuku’s hands on Katsuki’s waist, squeezing him slightly when the omega rocks his hips to try to subdue the pleasure they both feel.

The omega's breath shuddered as he rose and dropped down, he tried to concentrate on his own pleasure. Not on the groans of the hot alpha behind him and not on the searing hands on his body.

Izuku’s hands slid up from his waist and touched his chest, pinching and rubbing at puffy nipples.

“You’re so beautiful, I’ll never get tired of how fucking hot you are...” Izuku tells him between moans, bucks up into Katsuki, meeting his thrusts. His hands slid up past the omegas chest and grasp the omega's throat, Katsuki moans out and his hips grind down. For a moment of clarity, Izuku realizes he’s done a lot that Katsuki hadn’t explicitly asked for. “Should I stop? Is that too far?”

“No! I’ll kill you if you stop!” Katsuki almost shouts, his nails digging into Izuku’s thighs. The alpha licks his lips and tightens his grip on the omega's throat, squeezing at the sides just enough to keep it safe.

Katsuki rides Izuku, choked moans and cries as he’s approaching his orgasm. Izuku isn’t far behind, his knot starting to swell just a bit, catching on Katsuki’s rim as he pulls and pushes the cock in and out.

The alpha leaves one hand on the omega's throat, his other hand reaching down and quickly beginning to stroke Katsuki’s cock.

“C-Cum!” Katsuki cries out. Izuku isn’t sure if it’s a warning or if it’s a command, either way, it happens at the same time.

Katsuki cums first. Izuku lets his throat go and he almost falls forward if it wasn’t for Izuku wrapping an arm around his waist. Katsuki’s white cum spilling onto the dirty carpet below, his walls clenched around Izuku’s swelling knot. Izuku gasps and looks down, his thighs wetting with waves of omega slick. He’s heard of omegas cumming anally before but he hadn’t experienced it before.

Katsuki’s shaking and trembling all over, constant moans with wave after wave of pleasure washing over his body. Despite orgasming, Izuku starts thrusting into him with vigor, it doesn’t take more like six rough thrusts for the alpha to bring the omega down completely and knot him. The omega let out a weak whimper at being filled with ribbons of thick, alpha cum.

“Kacchan...” Izuku’s jaw trembles and he leans forward, biting down on the back of Katsuki’s neck, this bite deeper than the others. He can immediately taste blood, but he doesn’t let go, even when Katsuki cries out and tries to pull away.

“Th-that hurts! Izuku!”

The alpha’s grip and bite are solid, no matter how much Katsuki slaps at his thighs or arms, no matter how much he pulls on Izuku’s hair.

He’s entered an instinctive bliss that no one can pull him from, he’s marked the omega he wanted, he’s knotted and placed his claim deep within the omega. No one can tear it from him now.

Izuku’s growling and even with his knot locking them together, he still forces Katsuki back and forth, making him grind down on the alpha's cock.

It takes minutes for Izuku to finally let go, he’s panting and licking over the bleeding wound, he’s moaning at the taste of the omegas sweet blood. His knot only lasts seven minutes before he’s able to pull Katsuki off. The omega glares at him and when he’s sat on the bed.

“Are you okay? I’ll get you a towel-“

Izuku is slapped, he knows he deserves it, and his cheeks pinched roughly. The alpha can’t help but smile a bit.

“You idiot! You know you made me cum again!? You think you’re hot shit, huh?”


Katsuki pulls on his cheeks until he’s sure Izuku regrets it, the omega glares at him as the alpha rubs his own cheeks.

“You should ask for my number.”

Izuku blinks and immediately does so, looking for his jeans to pull his phone out. Katsuki takes it and inputs his number with his name.

“Now, if I find out your dating someone else, I’ll kill you.”

“I’m not!”

Katsuki narrows his eyes at the alpha, watching as Izuku grabs a tissue to clean his dick before pulling in his pants—with no underwear—as well as his shirt. He’s grabbing Katsuki’s clothes, too, putting them on the bed.

“You should get me a drink.”

“I should, but are you still going to be up here?”

Katsuki tilts his head and shrugs.

“Doubt any other alpha is going to want me smelling like you.”

Izuku grins and nods, he’s brave and leans in, kissing the top of Katsuki’s head before sliding his red sneakers on. He runs out the door and closes the door behind him.

As soon as he gets into the hallway, he can smell the overwhelming scent of sex coming from other bedrooms. He gets downstairs and the party has weaned off a bit, people more talking drunk rather than trying to pair off right away. He gets water and mixes up a drink with whatever’s left, grabbing himself a beer from the bottom of the melted ice bucket.

He runs up the stairs, taking two at a time to his room. He enters and Katsuki is dressed in one of Izuku’s shirts and from the looks of it, no bottoms. His hair was messier than when he first laid eyes on the omega.

“I brought vodka?”

Katsuki just hums and turns around, Izuku quickly goes over and places the drinks down on the desk. Katsuki grinning and holding a hand out to push on Izuku’s chest. He’s holding the alphas high school yearbook.

“What a nerdy kid.”

“Don’t look at that!”

Katsuki chuckled and closed the book, his lip bit and brows raised.

“Why were you so scrawny? Didn’t expect that to turn into this.”

“I just was, were you beautiful since high school?” Izuku asks and he expects Katsuki to frown and act bratty. Instead, Katsuki pulls out his phone and scrolls down his social media. He shows Izuku the phone and the alpha looks at a picture of younger Katsuki, a wide grin as he wore a cheer uniform, big parade in the background. Katsuki really was beautiful even in high school. “Cheer?”

“The only sport omegas could join besides booty short volleyball.” Katsuki turned his phone off and places it face down on Izuku’s desk. He leans up and wraps his arms around Izuku’s shoulders. “So, I’m going to sleep here because I think the bus left already.”

“Okay, you’re going to sleep here.” Izuku nods and kisses Katsuki when offered.

“And we’re going to have hangover sex in the morning.”

“Sure, we’ll have hangover sex.”

“Then you’ll take me to breakfast.”

Izuku’s grinning and nodding once again. Katsuki kisses him and licks over his cheek.

“Why do you like doing that?” Izuku asks, something Katsuki did that confused him the whole night.

“Cuz you’re mine,” Katsuki answers honestly, a soft kiss on Izuku’s jaw. “Don’t want any omegas near you.”

“If you’re around, I don’t think anyone will get near me.” Izuku chides with a hum.

“Hah? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Feral.” Is the simple one-worded response Izuku offers.

Katsuki glares at him and smacks him on the back of the head.

“Shut up! You’re the one who wouldn’t stop biting me like a dog!” Katsuki drowns, pulling on some of Izuku’s hair.

Izuku grins and snaps his teeth at Katsuki, who just licks over his teeth and top lip.

“Does the sex have to wait until morning? You’re getting my dick hard, Kacchan.”

“There’s that nickname again! Don’t give me a cutesy name without my permission!” Katsuki tries to pull away but Izuku’s grip is solid as always. “I’ll give you one! Uh, Deku!”

“What? That’s not fair! That’s mean! Kacchan, not that one!”

“If Deku doesn’t like it, he should use dicku to stop me.”

Izuku blinked, it was supposed to be mean on Katsuki’s part but it sounded so fucking cute...

He was definitely going to use dicku to make Katsuki cry his real name.


Chapter Text


“Hah? What the fuck..”

Katsuki flipped through the mail he had received. A large yellow envelope filled with paperwork from the state. It was a final notice and if he didn’t comply he would be fined or even worse, had his hero license suspended. He sighed and tossed the papers on the coffee table, flopping down his couch.

Katsuki Bakugou had the so-called privilege of presenting as the 2% of the population of omegas. With declining birth rates, ten years ago, the government issued that if an omega was unmarked or unmated by the age of 25, they would be issued an alpha.

It was a load of bullshit really, Katsuki was one of the best heroes in Japan. That in itself should excuse him from idiotic laws made by the government. Whatever alpha they sent him could suck their own knot if they tried to dominate him.

The only thing was, Katsuki worked so hard against Alphas and stereotypes to let something like this bring him down. If the government wanted him mated then so be it, he would get some mutt to fuck whenever and he would continue his job. He pushed his hair out of his face and sat up straight, he might as well go through this paperwork.

He filled out his information, rolling his eyes at the already filled in blanks of his gender and cycles. Katsuki was hoping to be able to choose the specifics on an alpha but there wasn’t anything other than the consent to live together. The hero decided it’d be easier for the alpha to live with him, his territory, his rules. It was as simple as that.

Katsuki wasn’t too worried, there weren’t many alphas that could actually beat him and all alphas put through the system were tested and regulated for aggressive behavior. He looked over the pages and when he filled in as much as he could, he placed it all back into the envelope and sealed it. The hero would just drop it off in the morning on his way to patrol.

He would drop it off and not worry about it, he’ll maybe they’d even lose his file and he could move on with his life.

Yeah fucking right.

He received a letter and a check. The letter from his case worker, the check was a small amount for Katsuki to use to give the new alpha a room if needed. The omega sighed and pocketed the check. He read the rest of the letter, entailing dates of the alpha’s arrival and details.

Izuku Midoriya; 18 years old; Alpha.

That was all the information currently given to him, it didn’t make him feel better knowing the name of the mutt that was going to live in his home.

Katsuki raised a brow, not only did he have to care for an alpha but also that alpha was a brat? The government must be shitting on him for all those times he caused mass property damage, a little fuck you to the hero. He sighed and tapped the letter against his chin as he walked into his apartment. It would be a lot easier if the alpha was younger, more willing to listen, less experienced.

Katsuki ended up cleaning obsessively, even if he didn’t want someone in his home, he wasn’t about to have them look at a dirty place. He rearranged the living room, took everything out of the fridge and glared at all the contents before shoving them back in.

He laid in his bed that night and glared at the ceiling, a permanent scowl on his face. He would get some sleep, go to work, then at the end of the week.

Some alpha brat was going to be moving into his apartment.


Katsuki opened the door and gave his case worker an annoyed smile, she just waved him off and stepped inside. Katsuki looking behind her to see the alpha brat for the first time.

Short and… Cute?

At first glance, this kid could easily be mistaken for an omega. Wide green eyes, rosy freckled cheeks, a nervous smile on his face. Hands clasped together, fingers twiddling with nerves of entering the omega’s home. A heavy looking duffel bag across his chest. Katsuki said nothing and closed the door behind them, she walked into the kitchen, a file dropped onto the table.

“Alright, so we’ll need your signatures and we’ll have monthly check ins for the next six months but if everything goes smoothly… You’ll be all set and ready to go.” She handed Katsuki a pen and he felt strange signing his name down, the alpha just standing off to the side watching the whole interaction. She turned to the boy next.

“Izuku, this is my number, if he’s too rude just give me a call and I’ll get ya out of here.” She smirked and the alpha–Izuku–took her card and nodded, he didn’t look upset or anything. Just looked content. They chatted about things and took the paperwork, leaving as soon as she came.

Katsuki returned to see the alpha looking around, nose twitching as he smelled the air in the apartment.

“Oí, kid.”

Izuku blinked and turned to the hero, brows raised in question.

“I have some rules.”

“Oh-Okay.” Izuku nodded and licked his lips, standing up straight.

“First, I’m not your bitch, you do not scent me, you do not bond me.” Katsuki snarled, his lips pulled back to show his teeth, asserting his dominance. The boys fluffy green hair bounced as he nodded quickly. “Second, this isn’t a free gig. You’re here, you clean, you cook. I work all fuckin’ day, I don’t want a dirty place, understood?”


“Third, you’ll have a room, it’s your room. If you ever come in my room without me inviting you, I’ll blast that little knot off you. Understood?”

“Yes, sir!”

Katsuki nodded to himself, a hand on his hip. “Hand me your phone.”

The alpha scrambled to retrieve it out of his pocket, placing it in the hero’s hand. Katsuki inputted his number quickly.

“Text me if you ever need something, I’ll respond when I can. Call me only on emergencies, like you’re being killed emergencies.” He handed the phone back to the boy and nodded towards the hallway. “I’ll show you your room.”

Izuku followed behind the omega into a smaller room. He assumed the closed door led to the master bedroom. Izuku looked at the plain room, a small TV on top of the dresser, a full sized bed. Simple but he already really liked it. He smiled at the hero.

The omega crossed his arms and looked awkward for a second, a moment passed. Katsuki reached out, his fingers touching the young alphas head, the boy standing tensely at the small gesture. He leaned closely and buried his nose in the green fluffy hair, he needed to memorize his scent. When Katsuki had nightmares, the smell of this alpha could send him into a full blown panic. As awkward as it was, it was over quickly enough and Katsuki pulled away.

“I’ll make dinner, put your shit away and come out when you’re done.”

Izuku looked in a daze but he snapped out of it quickly enough, he nodded and placed his duffel bag on the bed. Katsuki left the room and sighed to himself—now, what to cook.


Three weeks into living with this alpha and Katsuki could officially say, this wasn’t a nasty, aggressive mutt.

No, this was a whole wagging tail, energetic puppy.

Izuku was a quirkless alpha, a hero enthusiast, a giant nerd who greeted Katsuki every day when he came home from work. Izuku was a puppy who looked sad when Katsuki had a mission that lasted three days and he had left the kid alone at home. Izuku was wide eyed, head turning every which way when Katsuki took him to see the inside of a real hero agency.

Even at 18, Izuku was only about 5 foot 4 inches, maybe around 130 pounds with chubby cheeks and eyes too wide, a smile too bright. Katsuki was over 6 foot, had almost eighty pounds of muscle on the kid and damn if it didn’t feel good most of the time.

Katsuki, an omega, towering over Izuku, an alpha, in his home.

Maybe his ego was being fed constantly by the childish praises and happy chatter that filled his home. Simply having company was nice, not that Katsuki was happy that the alpha was happy.

No, none of that.

As cute as the kid was, Katsuki’s heat was coming up, he knew it and by the little blushing glances Izuku gave him. He assumed the kid knew it as well.

It was his designated heat week and even if he didn’t like it, legally he was given the whole seven days. He couldn’t work, he couldn’t fight villains. If he as much as accidentally walked into a scene, his license would be under review. A hassle, a one time mistake that Katsuki would never repeat.

Day one and he wouldn’t start until the middle of day two. He cleaned around the house, sent Izuku with an extremely detailed list of groceries and extra supplies they might need.

Izuku had flushed at the they part. Katsuki wouldn’t push the boy but that would also mean his license would be in jeopardy and Izuku would be essentially homeless throughout the duration of his heat.

Katsuki went into his room as soon as Izuku left, he looked at his bed and decided the mess it was was good enough for now. He walked into the bathroom, made sure he had supplies and toiletries. Once satisfied, he sat on his bed, his nest for next couple of days.

He had sex plenty of times, with multiple partners, so why was the idea of fucking someone who would be his mate making his mind a muddled mess and his stomach queasy?


“Y-You want me to what?!”

Izuku stood in front of Katsuki, the omega lounging on the couch, an annoyed look on his face.

“Show me what I’m working with. Heats tomorrow, I need to see your dick, nerd.”

Izuku sputtered some more, face so red that his freckles were almost completely hidden, his hands and arms moving wildly. Katsuki was amused to say the least. The alpha kept this little act for another minute before Katsuki gave him a kick to his leg.

“I-I just? I pull it out… I-It's not hard, so…” Izuku trailed off, his lips pouted as he gripped the waistband of his sweats and looked down.

“Yeah, yeah, hurry up, I gotta get started on dinner.” Katsuki waved it off, as if this wasn’t a big deal. He just wanted a glance, that’s all.

“Uhm… Okay.”

Izuku swallowed and licked his lips, he pushed his sweats down, revealing a pair of All Might briefs that made Katsuki snort with laughter. The little alpha almost glared at him if he wasn’t met with an equal glare immediately. He pulled the underwear down and Katsuki trained his eyes on the boy’s groin.

“What the fuck…”

Even soft, Izuku’s dick was thick, long, mouth watering? Katsuki glared at it, half hoping that he would be met with something unimpressive. Obviously the alpha had yet to grow into his own dick, the size something you’d see on a grown, huge alpha male. Not some 18 year old nervous wreck of a kid.

“What? Is-Is it bad?”

“Stop worrying, put it away.” Katsuki huffed, he stood off the bed and left the room, aggressively making dinner.

He didn’t know why he was so angry. Maybe he was angry to have this inexperienced, big dicked kid fuck him through his heat.

They’re eating but Katsuki is constantly distracted by Izuku’s little nervous glances, his flushed cheeks round with stuffing his face.

“Oh my god! What? What is it?” Katsuki snaps, he’s on edge so close to his heat, he doesn’t have time to be guessing Izuku’s every last little thought.

“It’s-Its going to be my first time, is there–” He chokes from speaking too quickly, reaching for his water to gulp down a mouthful of water. He coughs for a second and Katsuki almost wants to strangle him for some reason. “Is there anything I need to do, besides, the regular… stuff…”

Katsuki scratches his stubbled cheek and thinks for a moment, aside from regular heating sex.

“I can take care of myself, water, bathroom, all that shit.”

“I know! Just, like, as-as mates… Is there anything you… Want me to do?” Izuku’s voice loses power, crawling down to a whisper and Katsuki glares at him, but decided to mess with the poor kid.

“Call me daddy while we do it.”


“Yeah, unless you can’t even do that to satisfy me.”

Izuku shakes his head quickly, almost looking like a blur of green hair and red cheeks.

“I-I can do it!”

“I also like topping every once in a while, so be ready for that.”

“I-I’ll prepare myself!”

Katsuki hides his smirk by drinking water, it was so much fun to mess with this kid a little. What he was suggesting wasn’t completely out of the ballpark, it’s been mostly omegas that he’s been the dominant one and they’ve been the ones to call him such title.

If Izuku was willing, then it should be fine.


Katsuki stood under a cold stream of water. It was already noon and his heat, if it was as regular as he hoped, should officially be in full affect within the hour.

His body already feeling too warm, making him almost sleepy and groggy. The water woke him up a little and cooled him down enough to make something light to eat before he was subdued to three days of his heat cycle. He turned the water off and stepped out, letting water drop freely onto the mats on the floor. Katsuki looked at himself in the mirror, his stubble dark and he decided he should shave; he knew he didn’t want to bother to shave until going back to work next week.

He dressed in some loose sweats and a tank top, drying his hair as he walked into the kitchen. He made himself a sandwich and once he ate half, he realized he hadn’t heard Izuku yet. The young alpha usually chatting with himself in the living room or even making a ruckus in his room over a video game or comic book.

Katsuki checked the living room, not a sight or whiff of the kid. He knocked on Izuku’s bedroom door, the alpha opening the door a few moments later, smelling absolutely hormonal.

“Geez, you smell like you’re the one in heat.”

“So-Sorry, I’ve never been around omegas in heat. My body’s… Reacting…”

Katsuki nodded and looked down, an obvious bulge that Izuku tried to hide the second he realized what the omega was looking at. He tried his best not to grin too much but stood there in the doorway, letting Izuku squirm under his gaze as he finished his sandwich.

“Well, come on.” Katsuki said as he turned and walked to the other side of the hallway into his room, sighing audibly when Izuku has stayed frozen in place. “Get the hell over here!”

Izuku scrambled and tripped over his own feet before running over to where Katsuki was. His hands tugging the bottom of his shirt down to hide the growing hard on.

The omega walked over to his bed, extra pillows and blankets already a careful mess on the bed in a makeshift nest. He laid against his pillows, a pleased sigh escaping him as his body relaxed visibly.

“Get over here, let’s take a nap.” His heavy hand almost pounded at the empty space next to him. Katsuki felt the bed divot, a small, warm body pressing against his side.

He turned and threw a muscular arm over Izuku, his eyes closing. This early into his heat, just being with an alpha was enough to calm him down. He grumbled and tightened his hold against the squirming alpha, he clenched his teeth and looked down. He raised his thigh and trapped the boys legs—he caught Izuku in a bear hug.

“Quit moving, just fucking relax.”

Katsuki sighed out again, a small snort as he felt himself drift into a small slumber.


Katsuki had woken up to the sun setting, his heat in full effect, the seat of his boxers soaked and ruined. He pulled his sweats and underwear down, globs of slick painting the inside. The next thing he registered was Izuku moaning in his sleep, he was no longer in Katsuki’s hold. About an arms reach away, rutting against the mattress, one of Katsuki’s pillows hugged under his head.

The omega raised himself on his elbow and got a bit closer, his cheek in the palm of his hand. He was more entertained with the horny little alpha than he would like to admit.

Having Izuku in his bed meant permission, right?

He wanted to fuck the little alpha in more ways than one at this point.

Katsuki slipped a hand between his thighs, his fingers immediately wet with how much slick he was producing. His fingers shiny and slippery as he looked at Izuku again, his hand slipping down the back of the boys shorts.

His wet fingers met a puckered little asshole and Katsuki smirked, slipping the first finger inside was easy with his slick. Izuku groaning and burying his face into the pillow, his hips nonstop against the bed.

Katsuki never considered himself a pervert but the way that Izuku didn’t wake up had his heart racing, his dick twitching against his thigh.

Izuku was so hot and tight around his finger, he hardly had to move it as the sleeping alpha rutting back and forth, the finger slipping in and out with wet motions.

“Mm… Ngh…” Izuku moaned softly, his hips twitching and Katsuki decided to add another finger into the alpha—his second finger met with the slightest resistance.

That seemed to be the catalyst because Izuku’s eyes shot open, his hips beginning to buck harder against the bed. He sees those teary eyes look at him as Izuku’s hot ass clenched down around his fingers. Katsuki smirked and leaned in, wide green eyes meet with his as he curled his fingers, thrusting them freely now. The alpha’s mouth hung open, drool slipping past the corner of his mouth—for an alpha, he moaned just like an omega.

“K-Kacchan, that’s-“

“Come on, don’t tell me you can’t take this?”

Izuku didn’t answer, just hung his head. He rose to his knees, back arching. Katsuki adjusting to keep fucking him with his fingers. He watched the alpha push down his shorts down to his thighs and grab the base of his hard cock.

“I’m, I’m, I’m!” Izuku whimpered, unable to form a proper sentence as he stroked himself quickly.

Katsuki adding a third finger and enjoyed the little pathetic groan that Izuku lets out.

He could smell the cum before he looked down and saw thick white ribbons coat Izuku’s hand and his sheets, Katsuki was amazed just how much was coming out of a little alpha. He smirked and pulled his fingers out of Izuku, his wet hand coming down to stroke his own dick.

“You remember what I told you?”

Izuku blinked at him with heavy lids and sat back on his thighs—the alpha panting as he tried to think.

Katsuki turned on his back and patted his thigh, his fingers teasing the wet head of his cock.

“Come sit in daddy’s lap, Deku.”

Izuku flushed and shifted awkwardly to throw a leg over Katsuki’s lap, the omega rubbing his dick up against the cleft of the alphas ass.

“Kacchan…” Izuku said lowly, his hands on Katsuki’s chest, his head hung as he looked past his soft dick to where Katsuki’s cock rubbed against him.

The omega groaned as he finally pushed into Izuku, the alpha’s virgin ass clamping down around him so well—he needed to take a moment to breathe. It had been quite a while since he had put his own cock to use. Katsuki let his hands rest on Izuku’s hip, rubbing small circles with his thumbs as the little alpha bite his lip, walls clenching around the cock to adjust.

“After this, you’re going to fuck me,” Katsuki raised a hand and grabbed onto Izuku’s throat, growling at him in rouse of his heat making him seek his own pleasure rather than his partner. When Izuku didn’t answer him, he bucked up into the alpha. “Got it?”

“G-Got it!”

Izuku kept himself steady in the omega’s chest, more so staying in place as Katsuki fucked in and out of him. The pace picking up, the omega’s hips slapping against him and making the bottom of his ass feel raw. Izuku moaned and he drooled as Katsuki fucked into him, rubbing his prostate. The omega’s hand still grabbing onto his throat, not squeezing but as if for purchase to bring Izuku’s body down with every thrust.

Katsuki knew he wasn’t going to last long, his body just wasn’t designed to be the one doing the fucking. His innards ached and clenched around nothing, he wanted to be fucked, knotted, claimed. Katsuki was losing his mind, imagining if Izuku was the one fucking into him. Maybe he could get an omega to join them, Izuku could fuck his ass and make a sloppy cum filled mess of him while Katsuki fucked an omega on his cock.

The thought pushing him over the edge, he pulled out too far, his cock slapping against his stomach as he came. Izuku’s weight coming down, hard alpha cock rubbing against his. It took him longer to recover, penial orgasms always took more out of him during his heat.

He shuddered as Izuku leaned in, rubbing his soft cheek against his rough one. He wanted to push the cuddly alpha away, but he couldn’t. Instead, Katsuki hugged his waist and turned over. Izuku letting out an undignified squawk as his side met the mattress.

“Not bad, kid.”

Izuku looked up and saw Katsuki already falling asleep again, he wasn’t sure how he felt about the omega’s cooling cum against his skin.


“Like-Like this?”

Katsuki was on his back again, Izuku looking horribly small between his thighs. His strong legs raised and over Izuku’s thin hips. The alpha’s fat cock fucking into him with little shallow thrusts, sometimes it hit his prostate, making him quiver in delight. Though, the only thing Izuku had going for him right now was his size. His technique was off, he was already wanting to cum, it had only been a few minutes.

Katsuki knew that if he was much younger, he probably would be in the same boat of being on the verge of cumming with just some sloppy thrusting. Hell, that was him when he first started having sex, the mistakes he made over three minute men and women.

Izuku, however, was eager to learn.

“Slowly, dammit! Don’t rush, you got time!” Katsuki growled at him, the alpha nodding quickly. Izuku’s arms on either side of the omega’s hips, clenching tightly at the sheets to help himself hold back. Even in heat, Katsuki was the bossiest person he knew. “Slow… Slow… Shit, like that…”

Katsuki’s leg hooked around the alpha, his heel pressing on Izuku’s ass cheek, pushing him back in when the alpha pulled out.

The omega let out a moan as he closed his eyes. Izuku watching in wonder as Katsuki melted, his cheeks red, his mouth hung open as he almost mewled at the alpha cock inside of him.

Izuku blinked as he was pushed away, bouncing on the bed.

“Did I do something wrong?” He asked frantically, Katsuki holding his shoulder down, making Izuku lay against the bed. The alpha thought for a second he would be on the receiving end once again.

“Just, shut up.”

Katsuki straddled him, Izuku’s waist disappearing as thick thighs surrounded him. The alpha moaned out as he was pushed back inside of the wet heat. The bed creaking loudly as Katsuki raised and dropped down, using Izuku’s cock as he would any dildo.

Izuku watched him, how the omega managed to ring moans from his throat just by riding him. He looked down, Katsuki’s leaking cock bouncing happily. The alpha reached forward, he had masturbated countless times, he knew his way about stroking dick. One hand gripping the base, fingers sprawled out through soft pubic hair; his other hand stroking upward each time Katsuki sat himself down on Izuku’s cock.

“That’s it, that’s it!” Katsuki reaches behind himself, his hands on Izuku’s knees as he rocked his hips back and forth quickly. Cock pressed and abusing his prostate, slipping in and out of his loose, slicked asshole.

Katsuki gasped, looking down as Izuku cried out, knot popping inside of the omega, hot sperm gushing inside of him. He stayed seated, the cum making his head spin, making his heat officially make him lose his mind.

The only thing on his mind was mating, getting fucked, being bred over and over.

Katsuki let out a breathless chuckle, his eyes wide, his grin almost criminal as he began rocking his hips down onto the sensitive knot inside of him.

“N-No!” Izuku’s hands left the omegas weeping cock to grab at his hips, futile in stopping Katsuki from chasing his orgasm and overstimulating Izuku. “N-Not yet, Kacchan!”

“Shut up! I’m-I’m almost!” Katsuki panted, his hand coming around and stroking himself quickly—if Izuku wasn’t going to be any help, he would just do it himself. The alpha’s nails dig into his hips, his teeth clenched as he shut his eyes tightly.

Katsuki was so close, so close.

He slowed down instantly, his jaw shuddering. He inhaled and let out a laugh. The hand stroking his dick slowing down as well, slow, lazy strokes; with every upstroke, he teased the tip of his cock.

Izuku blinked up at him, his pupils blown. Katsuki leaned down, his mouth over Izuku’s ear.

“Don’t you wanna bite me? Mark me as yours?” He asked, teasing the poor alpha with every word. He could feel the tug of the knot against his rim—the fear of it popping out and tearing him made his walls clench in desire.

“I want! I want to!” Izuku exclaimed, Katsuki’s neck only inches away from his mouth, if he leaned in, if he sank his teeth into the omega. Katsuki would be his, he would be Katsuki’s. He wanted it, wanted it more than he wanted to breathe.

“Say please…”


“Please, what?” Katsuki pulled back and watched Izuku’s face flush red, they both knew what the omega wanted. The boy’s lips trembled, he swallowed and shut his eyes tightly.

“Please, d-daddy!”

Katsuki leaned in close, biting the shell of his ear, “That’s a good boy, you can do it now.”

Izuku didn’t have to be told twice, he lurched forward, his arm raising to wrap around the omegas broad shoulders. His teeth breaking the skin easily, blood from the wound spilling over his teeth and lips. Izuku couldn’t help but buck his hips, he felt drunk off the taste of Katsuki.

“Fuuuuuck…” Katsuki drawled out, his hips beginning to rock feverishly; his body burning up from being marked. His eyes rolled back, his hand stroking his cock quickly and he came.

His jaw shut with a clink if his teeth, his brow furrowed, his body locking up from pleasure. Katsuki was sure that if he was a girl, his orgasm would feel equivalent to that of squirting. Izuku wouldn’t let go in his skin, his teeth almost sinking further in, an uncharacteristic growl when Katsuki tried to move.

After a couple of minutes, the omega finally gained strength in his limbs. He placed a large hand on Izuku’s forehead and forced the alpha off of him—when he pulled away, Izuku had a large content bloody smile. Katsuki scoffed before kissing him, a little reward for being such a good dildo for the omega to use.

“I’m hungry, Kacchan…” Izuku said against his lips, his words drowsy. He looked down as Katsuki pulled off his soft dick. The omega falling onto the bed with a heavy bounce.

“Fuck off…”

“Do you want water?”

Katsuki groaned and shook his head, “I want to sleep.”

“I’ll get you some water.”

The omega ignored the bed moving as the alpha stumbled out of bed, listening as Izuku tried to walk on weak legs towards the kitchen to grab them both a water bottle.

His neck hurt, his stomach was cramping, he could feel cum seeping out of his ass and yet, Katsuki was completely content.

Until Izuku pressed a cold water bottle against his cheek.