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we’ll meet in every world.

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Katsuki exhaled slowly, his hand pinching Izuku’s cheek, they had laid there for a little too long, all sexual heat replaced with simple annoying summer heat. He felt gross most of all. When Izuku didn’t move from between his thighs, he pulled at the curly green hair, tugging his lovers head up to glare at him.

“Get off me, it’s too hot to cuddle.”

Izuku pouted and pushed himself up by his arm, one hand going between them, pulling himself out from the blond. Low groans from both of them. He pulled the rubber off and threw it away in the bin by the bed.

“It wasn’t hot enough for that…”

“Hah? What’d you say?”

“Nothing, Kacchan.”

Katsuki hummed triumphantly and sat up, a hand pushing his hair out of his face, sweat sticking to his forehead. Maybe it was too hot for sex, but after an amazing fight against a villain, Katsuki got home and grabbed Izuku by the back of his shirt, pulling them towards their bedroom. He figured it wasn’t so bad to take intimate initiative with his lover every once in a while. Katsuki stood off the bed and walked towards the bathroom, looking over his shoulder to his sleepy boyfriend who eyed his whole backside.

“Cold shower?”

Izuku stumbled to stand, jogging over and hugging Katsuki’s waist tightly. The blond let out an unflattering squawk when his boyfriend lifted him and carried him into the bathroom.



Katsuki patrolled as usual, interns behind him, both of them laughing and joking amongst themselves. Some UA second-years and by the looks of it, it was all flirting. He sighed and felt annoyance creeping up on him, was he like this with Izuku? He quickly answered his own question, Izuku was the one who said they should limit PDA to just around close friends or to have that sort of love remain private. Before Katsuki could get angry, Izuku kissed him, a bashful look.

“I just don’t want anyone to see Kacchan’s smile…”

Katsuki remembered well enough and when he heard a louder giggle – it snapped him out of the pleasant memory. The hero shouted at the two teenagers to quit goofing around. Horny little brats…

“Yes, Sir!”

The two shuffled a bit apart, clearing their throats as they continued following. The three of them came to a stop when Katsuki saw a crying little boy, standing by some bike racks. He walked over and the boy seemed to recognize him, immediately running to the hero.

“I-I can’t find mommy!”

Katsuki grudgingly knelt down, gloved hand patting the kids head.

“Listen kid, no more crying, we’ll find her.”

The boy nodded and rubbed his teary eyes, moving in to hug the hero. Katsuki let him but something didn’t feel right.

He looked down and blinked, the kid wasn’t there anymore, he wasn’t even patrolling.

He looked up and found himself sitting in his high school classroom, in his desk at the front of the classroom, in hero garb and everything. A younger Present Mic looked like he was slapped as he broke a piece of chalk on the board, English lesson long forgotten.

“What the fuck...”

Katsuki whispered to himself, sudden panic settling in, standing and knocking his chair over, desk scraping on the floor as he pushed it out of his way. He turned around and faced the younger faces of his colleagues, their shocked faces looking right back at him.

“What the fuck?!”


Katsuki Bakugou, 25 years old, number 4 and rising Pro-Hero, confused as ever loving fuck.

He didn’t know what to make of the situation, he had heard of extremely rare time-traveling quirks but had never encountered it himself. Izuku had told him about a villain that could teleport minutes back in case of injure, Izuku had to unfortunately knock her out to prevent the fight from elongating.

He sat across from All Might, albeit skinny and looking rung out—Katsuki was extremely joyous to see the older man, not that he allowed much of it to show on his face. He was explaining what was happening moments before he appeared suddenly in his desk from years ago.

“This is tricky, best not to share much with the students. Time travel quirks are mishaps on their own.” All Might explained, cup of tea under his nose before taking a silent drink. “Though… It’s good to see you mellowed out, young Bakugou.”

Katsuki ignored how his chest clenched at the way the man spoke, he shook it off by taking a noisy drink of coffee. He long left tea behind, it never did it for him like a bitter caffeinated drink.

“Yeah, but if I’m here, that punk is over there with a crying kid.” Katsuki smirked to himself, already imagining the screaming child in the arms of a younger version of himself.

All Might chuckled and nodded. “Maybe it’ll teach him to calm down in certain situations.”

Their conversation quieted, the old man fidgeting as if he wanted to ask something so badly, Katsuki could already hear it.

“Deku’s doing great, in my time.” Katsuki chuckled as All Might looked preened, lighting up at the mention of his student. It must have been killing him from the moment of seeing Katsuki when the blond was escorted to the teachers lounge. “He’s not number one but… After I retire, he might have a chance.”

“I see, that is good to hear. Is he still reckless?”

“Reckless as ever, that idiot never learns.”

They chuckled in unison, All Might could only imagine what an older Izuku would act like. They chatted about mundane things, not asking or giving to many details of Katsuki’s time. Two hours passed, the bells of the school chiming melodically. The young hero began to worry slightly, how long would this quirk take, was he stuck permanently? As much as he liked seeing All Might again, he rather be kicking some criminal ass or starting up dinner for him and Izuku.

“As great as this as has been, Young Bakugou, there is a sparring session between the students and I promised them to go go advise.” All Might let out a small grunt as he stood, Katsuki held back from helping out, standing slowly as well. “Would you like to come watch? I’m sure your classmates wouldn’t mind.”

“Not my classmates… They’re my lame ass coworkers.” Katsuki huffed, a thin hand patting his shoulder as the taller man nodded, a boisterous laugh as he was entertained. They walked over to ground delta, a walk brisk, the afternoon breeze against Katsuki’s face. This was a lot different from the smothering heat of the recent weeks he had experienced, the heat reminding him of his lover. Izuku usually calling around now to beg Katsuki not to be mad that he was pulling extra hours or if he should pick anything up on his way home for dinner. Katsuki closed his eyes and took a deep breath, warmth in his chest. It had been a while he had visited UA anyways, he decided to make the best of it, to tell Izuku all about it once he got back, share about how well All Might looked.


“G-Ground Zero, Sir, is that you? What’s happening?!”

Katsuki blinked and looked at the crying kid in his arms, where was he, he was just sitting in class bored out of his mind. English was easy and he had already read the lesson plan the night before, messing with his pen. Instead of a pen, he had a whole brat, in a hot city. He was in his summer’s uniform, his shirt already starting to stick to his body as the heat bore on him.

He turned his head and glared at two unknown people, he couldn’t get the kid to let go of him, he huffed and wrapped an arm under his bottom. Katsuki lifted him and stood up.

“Who the hell are you two?!”

“Blockade, Sir!” The guy said, his hand at his forehead like a soldier.

“Nymph, Sir!” The girl responded next, her voice pitched, her blue skin glowing in the city setting. From the way they spoke to him, the way the city looked advanced, he took it that it was years different from where he was minutes ago. A sense of pride at realizing these two were his interns and that he was a Pro. “W-We should call Deku!”

“No! Red Riot! His agency’s closer anyways.” The guy, Blockade, hurriedly said, pulling out his phone, pressing a bunch of buttons, pulling the phone up to his ear chatting quickly that an emergency had happened with Ground Zero. The girl, Nymph, pouted her cheeks out, pulling out her phone as well, repeating the same thing to someone else.

Katsuki glared but something about hearing a familiar name or two eased him for a moment. He turned when he heard a woman’s shout, he hoped not another annoying character to confuse him. The kid in his arms fussing to be let go, as soon as his little feet dropped to the ground. The child ran start to his mother's arms, hugging her tightly, crying loudly.


Katsuki listened as Blockade and Nymph quickly explained what had just happened, the woman flushed, touching her cheek.

“It’s only ever happened a few other times… The doctor says it should only take about 6 to 24 hours for the person to come back. I’m extremely sorry!” The woman bowed her head in apology for her son, the two interns nodded and took her information in case something like this ever happened again, to contact Ground Zero’s agency. Katsuki didn’t like it, but he didn’t know where he was, didn’t know who would benefit from seeing him this young.

Katsuki walked with the pair, making sure to memorize exactly where he was going, he didn’t want to get lost. His phone left in his bag hanging off his desk. They arrived in front of a building, Katsuki could already see into the first floor, the walls all made of glass. He could see the large gym that made up the first floor.

“POWER, MANLY, DUTY” in bright red letters hanging off a long banner on the back wall. This was definitely Kirishima’s agency. He grimaced at the typical overly masculine display but could see a familiar mane of red running towards the front door. The hair was the only familiar part it seemed.


Katsuki let out a very unmanly squeak as he was hugged tightly and lifted from the ground.

“Let go of me you dumbass!” Katsuki squirmed and struggled, his palms crackling with explosions as a warning. He was put down and large hands patted his shoulders. Kirishima looked like a whole bear, he had gained a lot of weight, muscles and thick all over, hair on his chest and a chin full of stubble. This didn’t really look like the idiot who trailed along side him and went on hikes with him.

“Yer so tiny!” Kirishima laughed his same idiotic smile, his voice much deeper now, new scars on his face, one his chest, a nasty one that wrapped around his stomach and side. Kirishima stopped, head tilting—listening—and looked to his side, his hands coming off Katsuki. The blond blinked and then he heard it.

Thumping from blocks down, that’s when he looked up, a green and black dressed man in the air. Katsuki blinked and took a step back with the man landed just feet away from the pair, a few stumbling steps from the hard landing.

“K-Kacchan! I’m glad you’re okay!” The man, Deku, came forward, his large hand reaching for Katsuki, who took another step back.

“Don’t touch me, Deku!” Katsuki shouted, a glare directed at the taller man. Deku also looked so much more different, scars on his neck and cheek, taller, wider. His mop of a hair now cut shorter, a buzzed cut on his sides. Katsuki hated to admit it, Deku actually looked like a half-decent hero.

But that same worried look, those frantic eyes, it was all the same, same now and same ever.

Equally irritating.

Izuku stopped and didn’t pursue forward, a curt nod before turning towards the two interns.

“Fill me in, what happened? How long has it been?” Deku hastily asked the two, listening intently to their story. He pursed his lips before turning to Kirishima. The two men chatted quietly between them, keeping their secrets to themselves.

“What? Dude, I can’t keep him at my place! My wife’ll kill me, anyways the kids would bother him too much!”

Katsuki perked up at that.

Wife? Kids? Kirishima had a whole ass family?

He didn’t know what year it was, how much time had passed since he was sitting in his desk. Ten years? The way that Deku and Kirishima both looked, it was possible.

“I’m not staying with either of you! Don’t I have my own place?” Katsuki interjected and he didn’t miss the weird look the men gave him before they looked elsewhere, thinking.

“Your place uh, it’s uh-“

“It’s being remodeled! So you’re staying with me for a little while.” Deku cut Kirishima off, a glare directed at the red hero. Kirishima just nodded and agreed, Katsuki could catch a lie like that a mile away but he didn’t push any further.


Katsuki watched completely entertained as his younger co-workers looked almost like little ducklings, practicing new moves on each other, complimenting little new advances of their hard work. He wanted to laugh out loud, his crossed an arm over his chest, a hand over his mouth to hide his wife grin. To the students, he looked like he was studying them, but he was just trying not to their their young egos. He was more comfortable now, out of his hero costume, borrowing some clothes from Aizawa, stiff jeans and a grey shirt.

“Here I go!”

Katsuki’s eyes looked over to where a very young Izuku and a very young Tokoyami stood, their stances firm as All Might gave the go. Dark Shadow encasing Tokoyami as armor and new power, Izuku’s body lighting up with green lightning for a moment. They rush at each other, Izuku making work with his legs, Tokoyami maneuvering easily and escaping Izuku’s kicks and assaults. Birdhead has much better control of his quirk anyways.

“Your lunge is still too big!” Katsuki shouted out, a smirk on his face when Izuku blinked at him in surprise resulting in Dark Shadow to get a solid punch in. The boy got thrown out of the small ring and stayed laying on the ground. All Might chuckled and went to stand next to Katsuki.

“You did that one purpose, young Bakugou.” The man scolded, but held no bite in his voice, almost as amused as Katsuki.

“Just a slip of the tongue…” Both men watched Izuku finally get up and run over to them, a determined look on his face.

Katsuki listened to how Izuku went off on asking for advice, asking how to make his kick power ups shorter and quicker. Katsuki flicked the forehead of the younger version of his lover, a scowl on his face.

“I’m not giving you tips on how to be better than me, Deku, learn it yourself.” Katsuki scolded, Izuku blinked and nodded sheepishly, a strange smile on his face. His green eyes wandered for a second and he ran off to watch the next sparring session. Katsuki already knew of the crush that this Izuku had on him, his boyfriend confessing after months of dating when his infatuation started. Somewhere around the time of their late night fight, saying how strong Katsuki was, how amazing he looked when he wouldn’t back down.

He had to admit, seeing Izuku still be shorter than him had his chest warm and nostalgic. As much as he loved the large teddy bear of his Izuku, this little version was cute too. He wanted to hug this Izuku, cuddle him on a cold night, hold him to his chest and play with his still shaggy green hair.

Training ended and the class groaned at their early day that would come too quick, Aizawa giving them orders to shower up and head to bed. They would meet on ground gamma at exactly 7am for a simulation of rescue missions.

Aizawa patted Katsuki’s shoulder and sighed out, he looked like he needed a vacation.

“You staying in the dorms, kid?”

“Unless Nezu gives me a hotel, then yeah, I’ll stay in the dorms.”

Aizawa nodded and they walked next to each other, comfortably silent, no need to push conversation.

Katsuki got to the dorm, everyone heading to their showers or to the bath. He made his way over to the elevator, finding his way to his room was easy enough. How could he forget? He only lived here for almost three years until the day he graduated. He opened his door with the temporary key card that Aizawa handed him.

Insanely neat.

Katsuki could admit, he was OCD about things like this when he was younger, having to control every aspect that he could get his hands on. He closed to door behind him, a poster of All Might behind the door, just in case someone peeked in while he door opened. Izuku being as hectic as he was, they somehow found a comfortable middle when they started living together. Izuku became more organized and Katsuki didn’t freak out over not making the bed in the mornings.

He laid on his bed and closed his eyes, thinking for a while.

It had been the first time in months that he slept alone, Izuku had been doing so good to get home by the time Katsuki was ready to do their shared skin care routine. His boyfriend really enjoyed those masks and rubbing Katsuki’s mud masks in, loving laughter between them.

Katsuki sat up, he couldn’t sleep, he hated to admit it, but he hadn’t done anything physical, he was too wired to running around and fighting. He was insanely lonely. He walked out, taking the elevator to the first floor, blinking as the girls looked back at him. That’s right, they had their own little group of skin care to hang out. He walked over, leaning against the back of the couch. He offered a smile at Mina who had a small basket full of little bottles and tubes.

“Got any peel off masks?”

“Oh! Totally!”


Katsuki glared at Deku’s wide back, he felt insanely short compared to the giant. He just passed the nerd that morning, being inches taller than him. The man had changed out of his hero costume at his agency, wearing a sweater and jeans as they made the short walk to Deku’s apartment.

“Wait out here, Kacchan, I’ll be real quick.” Deku fumbled with his keys and opened the door, shutting it loudly behind him. Katsuki standing outside, he took the chance to look around. The apartments had a little area of garden and grass in front, a pond and manmade waterfall. It looked expensive to say the least, how much did Deku make as a pro? Katsuki wondered what his own apartment in this time looked like. He turned back to Deku opening the door, his hair messy.

“Took you long enough…” Katsuki grumbled as he walked last Deku, subtly looking around the apartment.

“Uh, I’ll make dinner…” The man said to himself, grumbling as he walked away, but Katsuki heard what he mumbled as he turned into the kitchen. “I wonder if Kacchan left any curry…”

The teenager glared in the direction Deku disappeared in, so his future self cooked here. Well, if Deku was nice enough to offer Katsuki room while he place was being done, then cooking should be fine. Once he heard some commotion in the kitchen, Katsuki let his curious mind lead his feet around.

There was spaces in the apartment that looked to be full of pictures, but nothing was there, as if taken down recently. Katsuki furrowed his brow and looked around some more, walking down the hall and seeing only two rooms. One was a office space, he opened the door further and went inside, he recognized his hand writing on some papers. Little decorative things that he was sure Deku had put in there, but no bed, just a stiff looking couch in the corner. He left that room and went into the next.

His heart thumped when he realized it was Deku’s room, a large bed in the corner, two dressers, a double door closet. Was Deku dating someone to need all that extra space? He walked in and bumped into the corner of the dresser by accident, his hip sore. He knocked over a couple of figurines and a heavy picture album.


Katsuki hastily picked up the figurines, blushing when he picked one of his future self up, his hero costume still similar. He placed them carefully on the dresser again and reached down for the photo album.

He peeked out of pure curiosity to know more of the time he was in. Katsuki expected to see a bunch of smiling heroes and a grinning Deku.

He got the grinning Deku but he always got his future self smiling, cuddled up next to the green haired nerd. Katsuki’s heart raced in his chest, flipping through the pictures, he could see them get older and older, pictures of them hugging, kissing, in bed, laughing, being so hopefully in love. Katsuki slammed the book shut and placed it back on the dresser, his steps heavy as he rushed to the kitchen.


“Kacchan?” Izuku looked at him, his arms crossed as he leaned against the sink, a shimmering pot in front of him on the stove.

“I don’t have my own place, do I?”

Deku looked like he wanted to lie, looking away with a pained look.

“No… We live together.”

Katsuki frowned, he didn’t know why he felt betrayed, hurt and vulnerable. He didn’t want to get lied to, didn’t want to see that face Deku made when he wanted to steer from the truth. Katsuki was tired of being kept in the dark. “You brought me here, for what? Some perverted fantasy? Why do you care so much?!”

“Because I love you!” Deku turned to him, almost a tinge of anger in his features, his hands in front of him, open as if to explain himself. Neither said anything for long moments. Deku’s hand pushing his short fringe back, a frustrated sigh leaving him. “I was worried, when your interns called that something happened, I thought… I thought the worst happened, I can’t lose someone I love.”

Katsuki watched his face fall, the pain of memories flooding Deku’s mind. He almost felt bad for assuming something horrible of Deku. Katsuki knew they were both heroes in this time, dangerous things happened all the time. Heroes died all the time...

“I almost lost you once, I couldn’t.. I wouldn’t be able to live without you… I wasn’t trying something like that, I promise…” Deku’s voice trembled, his hands clenched at his sides as he looked down. Katsuki pursed his lips, swallowing as he thought his next words.

“How long? Have we…” Katsuki looked away as Deku looked at him, wide green eyes asking their own questions. “Been together or whatever…”

“Since our second year.”

“Of college?”

“High School, Kacchan.”

Katsuki nodded at the pot of hot curry, Deku jumping and moving the pot from the fire, taking the lid off to stir it. The man told him to go sit down, pulling bowls out of the cupboard for both of them. Katsuki sat down and crossed his arms, he looked at the plate set in front of him, the delicious aroma making his stomach grumble and catch up with his hunger. Two glasses of water placed on the table. He was about to open his mouth when Deku put a paste in front of him.

“It’s spicy, you usually add it when you eat curry.”

Katsuki grumbled out a thanks before spooning the paste and mixing it into his food. Deku smiled and sat down in front of him, eating his own food.

“Who asked who out?”

Deku chewed and shrugged, thinking for a moment. “You probably did, we kind of just dated without properly asking each other.”

“We’re fucking, right? Who’s on top?” Katsuki asked out of nowhere. Deku coughed, choking on his food, reaching for his water. He drank and rubbed his throat. He didn’t answer, just looked off to the side. “No fucking way… You to me!?”

“You do it too! Uh, once in a while…”

“Once in a while?! You’re saying I’m usually your bitch?” Katsuki slammed his hand on the table, their water trembling in their glasses.

“No! You’re one of the manliest men I know! Just, I don’t know, it’s easy to give in, when you’re so dominant?”

Katsuki flushed and glared at Deku, showing rice and curry in his mouth, it what he deserved for asking too many questions. The food was good enough and Deku took their plates and glasses to wash them, grumbling about how Kacchan would be mad if he found dishes unwashed.

He pursed his lips as he watched him stand, red eyes glaring in the direction of Deku’s waist. He sort of wanted to know what he was getting into with the man.


Katsuki cracked his knuckles as he walked back to the elevator, feeling better after his face mask, at least a little bit of normalcy to his strange day. The girls staying behind for a bit more gossiping between them. He got to the elevator and blinked when a short Izuku looked stunned to see him.

“Kacchan? I thought you went to your room?”

“I thought you were supposed to shower and get to bed.”

Izuku blushed a bit and rubbed the back of his head. “I was training a bit to make my legs faster…”

Katsuki nodded and they both got into the elevator.

“How old are you now, Kacchan?” Izuku asked when he pressed the second floor button.


“Hm, uh, are-are you married?”

Katsuki smirked and looked at Izuku, completely amused. The poor kid insecure as every, trying to find out if his crush was with someone else.

“No,” Katsuki told him quickly, Izuku looked physically relaxed immediately. “Only because you haven’t asked me yet.”

“Wh-What?” Izuku turned red as could be, his freckles almost completely hidden under that cute blush.

Katsuki leaned in, maybe one little kiss wouldn’t hurt and he did it. Soft and sweet, Izuku’s lips trembling against his, Katsuki smiled at him, a hand on Izuku’s cheek.

He blinked when everything warped around him. He found himself on the kitchen floor, straddling his lover, his Izuku much bigger and older, huffing. He looked down and glared to see his lovers jeans pulled down his thighs, the man half standing to attention.

“You fucker... So, any version of me will do, huh?”

“Wait! No! This is a misunderstanding, Kacchan! Don’t go!” Katsuki stood and walked to their shared bedroom, he could hear shuffling behind him and he knew Izuku followed. He pulled his shirt over his head and pulled his pants off, naked as Izuku stumbled into their bedroom. “Oh…”

“I’ll have to teach you a lesson then.”



Katsuki blinked, finding himself face to face with a cherry red Deku, the one from his time. Both teenagers staring at each other, with wide eyes, they pull apart, a soft kiss shared between them because of the older Katsuki.

“Deku…” Katsuki began, face matching the nerds, angry sparks at his hands as the elevator doors opened. “You piece of shit!”

The 16 year old Deku let out a scream and ran out from the elevator, memories of the small kiss, how soft Katsuki’s lips were against his all on his mind, repeating over and over. He shut his door loudly and leaned against it, he really should hurry up and confess already.

Katsuki fumed in the elevator, a hand covering his mouth, face hot as could be.Every version of Deku was shitty, this one, the older one. Though, the glimpse he caught from the Deku of the future made him sweat and feel hot all over. When he got in his room, he glared at the little note on his messy bed.


Don’t be a bitch and make a move.


He ripped up the note in his own handwriting, fuck everyone. He’ll make a move when he fucking wants to make a move. Katsuki blushed and threw away the shredded pieces of paper.

He wouldn’t mind being with that nerd…