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we’ll meet in every world.

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When they were four and running around, there wasn’t a care in the world for the two little boys. They both aspired to be like their hero, All Might. Both had matching pajamas when they had sleepovers, had even gotten the same hero toy for their birthdays, they had spent time thinking of hero names. Their eyes glued to the screen when they sat in the Midoriya home, watching All Might save all those civilians, imitating his boisterous laugh.

“I’m going to be just like him!” Katsuki cheered, his eyes bright and smile wide, punching the air and kicking his foot out.

“You’re so cool, Kacchan!” Izuku smiled, punching the air clumsily, almost knocking himself off balance. Both the children laughing and pretending to be their hero.

Inko interrupting them only to say dinner was ready, the happy boys running towards the dining table. Their loud conversation didn’t falter even as they ate, didn’t change as they took a bath or when they laid in Izuku’s bed. They looked at a comic book with wide eyes, looking over the pictures and colors.

“When I get my quirk! I’ll be a hero! Just like him!” Katsuki excitedly said in a hushed voice, not wanting Ms. Midoriya to come in and scold them.

“Me too!” Izuku happily said, covering his mouth when he was too loud. They hid under the covers when Inko walked in, she could only smile when she heard their childish laughter. When she closed the door behind her, she could hear their little voices whispering again. Inko let them be, they didn’t have sleepovers all the time anyways.

She hoped they would stay this innocent forever.


Izuku was the first of his class to be told he was quirkless, the little boy in shock, little dreams even more out of reach now than ever. He experienced his first heartbreak then, letting his tears fall as he watched a video of his hero when he got home.

Katsuki didn’t get an amazing quirk, his parents almost thinking he was quirkless too. The doctor only confirmed that he had the same quirk as his mother, congratulating the boy and telling him that he wouldn’t suffer from any pesky pimples when he grew up. Katsuki screamed at the doctor, fat tears down his cheeks. He could never be a hero with this quirk, it was useless to him. His mother held him, trying to calm her child, knowing this was affecting her son more deeply than she thought.

Both boys had their dreams shattered, they would never be like All Might now.

Katsuki didn’t spend too much time with the other children, their casual display of their great quirks only made him upset. Even though he didn’t think less of Izuku for not having a quirk, somewhere deep inside… It made him feel better that at least he wasn’t quirkless.

Their journey through elementary was easy, quirks weren’t allowed on school grounds and all the students focused on their studies. Teachers often praising Katsuki for being at the top of his class, Izuku didn’t fall too far behind in most exams. They still played together, but as Katsuki grew older, his parents thought it would be best to expand his horizons.

Izuku once came over to the Bakugou home, his green eyes wide and joyful at the drum set and the guitar that were set up in the corner of his friends room. It had been a while since he last came over.

“Kacchan! You can play these?” Izuku asked, looking over the guitar, it looked heavy. Katsuki puffed his chest out, hands on his hips.

“Of course, there’s nothing I can’t do. Watch this!” Katsuki got behind his drums and played loudly, while he played at a beginners level, Izuku cheered for him and bounced where he stood.

“Shut up you two!”

The boys flinched at Mitsuki’s shout but they smiled at each other, deciding to abandon the drums and play a new All Might centric game that Masaru had bought Katsuki. They played without a worry until Inko got off work and picked Izuku up, giving Mitsuki and Masaru some mochi ice cream that she had bought at the grocery store.

“Bye Kacchan! Bye Mr and Mrs Bakugou!” Izuku waved, turning to talk happily with his mother, telling her that she just had to buy him the same game that he just spent all afternoon playing.

They were just happy 10 year olds. The world of quirks didn’t affect them too much yet.

Things really began to change as they started middle school, the hierarchy based on quirks showed its fangs and it didn’t let Izuku or Katsuki escape. Luckily the blond boy fought his way out of the bottom, even without a powerful quirk, he wasn't going to let himself get bullied. Izuku was a lot more timid and was bullied for being quirkless, being picked on for having to have his friend stand up for him.

Izuku and Katsuki drifted apart throughout their first year, each finding a different group in their desperate classes. Katsuki even persuaded to join the soccer team his first year, Izuku joining the Hero Enthusiasts club with a couple of other quirkless students. They still hung out at times outside of school, when they ran into each other at the convenience store. When their mothers would have lunch together or when Masaru would try and spend time with Izuku to help him through puberty in the absence of his own father.

In their third year, they had to begin applying for high schools, to make sure they studied to get where they wanted.

Katsuki decided on a prestigious private school, Hosu Academy. His grades and spot on the soccer team would lead him towards a scholarship. He was at the top of his class and a scout had already spoken with his parents about getting the boy to come live in the dorms so that he could focus on his studies and his sport to the fullest. They accepted happily and Katsuki couldn’t feel better. Well until the teacher opened his fat mouth.

“Midoriya, you want to go to UA?”

The class began to laugh loudly, Katsuki looked back to see his friend turning bright red and nodding despite how he was being made a fool of. The blond scoffed and slouched in his chair, he was an idiot for even trying. Izuku could easily get into any other school, his grades would more than allow it. The Hero Course at UA was just too far out of reach without a quirk.

Quirkless people should know their place.

Katsuki’s opinion changed the sludge villain got a hold of him.

The way it suffocated Katsuki, entered his body and used him as a hostage. His eyes watered, fear filling his body. He was scared. He had never been this scared before, never felt this useless. No one was helping him, no one was stepping in, all too afraid, all just watching to see what would happen to the middle schooler.

All except one.

Izuku ran out, throwing his backpack off as he clawed at the slimey exterior of the villian, trying to save his friend. Even if Izuku wasn’t the one to save him, he was Katsuki’s hero. Even as All Might saved him, he was hugged by his friend, Izuku crying on his shoulder.

“I’m s-so happy you’re safe!”

Maybe having a quirk isn’t that made a hero…

Despite their moments of vulnerability with each other, Izuku was even more distant now. Suddenly running home after school, never being home when Katsuki wanted to visit. Inko telling him that Izuku wouldn’t be home until late, that she would tell her son he had a visiter.

The rest of their third year passed, he heard that Izuku actually went through with the entrance exam at UA. He wanted to feel angry but he couldn’t. A part of the blond wanted to tell him friend that he did a good job for trying, but he never said those words out loud.

One day, their finals just around the corner, Katsuki practicing his kicks at school. He wasn’t worried, finals would finish, he would have a small break and then move out to a dorm for the soccer training camp of Hosu Academy.


Katsuki stopped his soccer ball, stepping on it. He looked up to see Izuku running at him, a wide smile on his face.

“Hey…” Katsuki gave his friend a weird smile, what was going on?

“I-I got accepted into UA!” Izuku panted, the happiest smile on his face, tears in his eyes, cheeks pink from running or excitement. Katsuki didn’t know which, but he didn’t care, he wanted to run away.

“The general studies?“ he tried to show interest, he tried not to get defensive and say things he didn’t mean. Izuku shook his head.

“The hero course, isn’t that gre-”

Katsuki punched Izuku in the face, watching the boys nose bleed as he fell to the ground. The green haired boy blinked tears away and a hand over his nose, a questioning look on his face as he looked up at his childhood friend.

“You’re quirkless, aren’t you?! Have you been lying to me, Deku?!” Katsuki yelled, he didn’t wait for an answer. He picked his ball up and ran towards his things, he needed to get out of the school, go home and forget about this place. He couldn’t think of stupid things, he needed to focus on his new life, needed to focus on making a name for himself. Even if it wasn’t as a hero.

Izuku stayed on the floor, his head fuzzy from being punched, he didn’t want to faint from standing just yet. But his heart hurt more than his nose, he thought his friend would be excited. He didn’t think his friend would call him the name he was dubbed by other kids to bully him, to call him useless and quirkless. He felt hot tears roll down his face. Did he just lose a friend for following his dreams?


Hosu Academy was great as great could be. The school had strict rules about using quirks on school grounds or for any extracurricular activities. Being there opened Katsuki’s eyes, he wasn’t as smart as he thought he was, everyone at that Academy flew through exams with flying colors. Katsuki fell from the top spot, he had not seen number 1 in a while, hovering in the 5th or 6th spot more often than not. But in soccer, he could do it all, could defend and be offensive. His coaches praising him, his upper class men giving him pointers and tips on how to improve. His aggression taken out during games, quickly finding himself playing on the field more than his classmates. He could definitely do this. He would definitely ignore the pangs of loneliness, ignore the ache in his chest when he was smiles amongst close friends.

Hosu Academy had a slightly different year schedule than other schools, making it awkward for him to visit any friends during their breaks or for them to hang out during his. He had a odd week away from studies and from soccer, his coaches telling the team that when they returned it would be hell week! To be prepared. Katsuki smirked and was more than ready.

He took the train home and his dad picked him up, they talked and when they got home, he raised a brow to see Ms. Midoriya in his home. His mother hugged him and so did Inko, both mothers gushing over how much Katsuki had grown in the three months he was gone at school. He didn’t think he changed too much though.

“We’re watching the UA sports festival! Izuku is participating.” His mother said, a smile on her face as they walked into the living room. Katsuki scoffed but got smacked on his head, his mother forcing him to sit with the adults. His watched with bored eyes as the announcers, Eraserhead and Present Mic introduced the students, explaining the events that would lead up to the end battle.

Katsuki looked over and saw Inko look completely worried, what the hell.

The festival continued like regular, he had watched last years so he wasn’t all too excited. Though surprise seemed to smack him in the face when Izuku came out first from the obstacle race, Inko crying worried tears but cheered her son on. Mitsuki cursing at the television but she also cheered Izuku on. Katsuki wanted to see it. Wanted to see the thing that was hidden from him all these years. Before he knew it, shock filled his chest, a powerful display of quirk that Izuku couldn’t control, the festival was over.

Izuku Midoriya placed third in the UA sports festival, his arm in a cast, his face bruised and a bandage in his cheek. He looked sheepish as All Might placed the bronze medal around his neck, hugging the young student. Izuku was one of All Might’s students, the strong promise of being a hero one day. It was too much...

Katsuki left the room in a hurry, locking himself in the bathroom. He threw up. His stomach turning and unrelenting, horrible emotions clouding his mind. Guilt, shame, depression. When he finally unlocked the door, Inko offered him a worried smile, his mother watching him, daring him to have an outburst with the sweet older woman.

He said nothing and went to his room, slamming the door, laying face down in his bed and falling asleep. He was exhausted.


Katsuki didn’t return home for the rest of the year, he needed concentrate. Championships came and went, the blond holding the trophy over his head as he smiled wide. His team had won, the third years crying joyfully at a successful victory, glad they could retire with another win on their belts.

His first year was over and he wasn’t all too happy to return home for a month, almost dreading being home. Things seemed too normal when he was back home, his mom scolding him for not visiting but other than that. Nothing. He kept to himself mostly, a few old friends inviting him out to karaoke where he laughed at their terrible singing. It was nice in a way, able to distract himself.


Katsuki stopped mid-step, his hand tightening on the convenience store bag. That stupid voice, that traitorous voice was! Was deeper? He dared to turn, his eyes widened as he came to face Izuku.

“What the fuck.”

Izuku was taller than him now? Two inches at most, the mop of green hair making it hard to tell. His childhood friend was also bigger, width wise. While Katsuki stayed lean and mostly worked his legs and core, Izuku looked like he could bench press a fridge. His arms beefy. Katsuki’s eyes landed on the scars that littered Izuku’s arm up to his neck, was this the effect of his quirk.

The young hero did most of the talking and walking along side Katsuki as they walked home together. Izuku asked so many questions, any timid attitude he held from middle school long gone. Katsuki would answer them in short answers, wanting to get home quicker, this walk was talking too long.

“Your mom showed me clips of your last game, you were so cool when you would kick goals! Uh, I don’t know too much about soccer, what position do you play?” Izuku questioned but before Katsuki could answer, they were approached by two younger kids.


Deku? Were some kids bullying Izuku?

“H-Hi.” Izuku stammered, embarrassed as the kids approached him, talking excitedly of seeing the teenager on TV. They continued calling Izuku by that nickname, every time it sent horrid memories through the soccer player. Katsuki watched the whole interaction, would people approach him like this? Would he be popular like his kind-hearted friend? He doubted it. The kids finally ran off, wide smiles on their faces.

“What’s your quirk.” Katsuki questioned, an angry scowl in his face as he faced his friend at the intersection where they would go on their own ways. “You always said you were quirkless… and now! It doesn’t make sense!”

“K-Kacchan… It-It’s a power up type…”

“You’re lying! You’re a fucking liar!” Katsuki accused, he always knew when his friend was lying. The blond dropped his snacks and shoving at the young hero. His hands were grabbed before he could push Izuku again. He yanked his hands away, glaring at the other expecting a real answer.

“I-I… If I tell you the truth, you can never tell anyone, ever….” Izuku said lowly, looking around. Katsuki almost took a step back when Izuku got closer, close enough that he could count every freckle, that he could see a faded scar of a cut along the hero’s brow.

Katsuki listened, his stomach clenched as Izuku told him the whole truth, not sparing any details. From meeting All Might after the Sludge villian attack, from training his third year, to now having much better control of his power, though not 100% of it. Izuku explained how some really bad people were after him, how they knew he was the successor of One for All.

“I’m sorry… For not telling you before…” Izuku said in a shaky voice, tears in his eyes.

“You’re still a crybaby, huh?”

Izuku chuckled and nodded, he made a face and Katsuki expected the hug. He patted his friends back roughly but he was comfortable and for once since seeing Izuku almost over a year ago.

He was a little happy.

They started to get back in contact again, any weird tension that had developed since Katsuki punching Izuku was gone. The blond even murmured an apology that made his friend tilt his head in question, Katsuki got mad and Izuku laughed so freely that it made Katsuki’s heart swell a bit.

Izuku would often text him pictures of him and his classmates, or snap him pictures of hero’s that Izuku had the pleasure of learning under. Katsuki would save those pictures, for the heroes of course, not his idiotic smiling friend. They texted often, asking about each other’s days, more so Izuku with all that friendly stuff but Katsuki would respond anyways. He hadn’t realized how much he missed his childhood friend. Some nights, even having a phone call, Katsuki’s roommate teasing him about it all the time. He didn’t care though, Izuku’s happy voice in his ear was amazing, always so cheerful, always so warm.

Katsuki felt like a kid again, he was happy and felt like whatever he took on, he would give it his all.

Now in their third year, the previous captain of his team nominated Katsuki to be the new captain. He didn’t expect his other teammates to be as supportive as they were.

“You’re really honest! You’ll push us!”

“Being straightforward is what captains do, right? You can tell us what we do wrong!”

“You deserve it, Bakugou!”

The words of encouragement leading him to accept the role, the pressure pushing him on and he loved it. Nothing could drive him to his own dreams other than himself. If he wanted to become a pro, he had to work hard to get people to notice him, climb to the top and continue being a great player.

It was a little hard he had to admit, he wasn’t the best leader and would sometimes say hurtful things but slowly his team adjusted, listening behind his cruel words and following instructions. He always pushed himself harder but it seemed to stop suddenly, during a game, a huge accident happened.

He broke his leg, he cried in the hospital when the doctors there said it was better to let it heal by itself and his school gave him leave to go home.

Izuku came to visit him when he got home, telling him that there were some amazing healing quirk students amongst the second year support class. He explained they often had to help him out when he pushed himself too far and got hurt. Explained that Katsuki just had to say the word and they could meet somewhere, heal Katsuki’s leg as if nothing happened. Izuku would even show him 1% of his quirk to break the cast off, both of them chuckling. The soccer player could go back to school and start playing again. Katsuki thought about it for less than a moment, not expecting his friend to lean in and kiss him quickly.

“I-I don’t want to see you hurting, Kacchan…”

They both looked away, pink on their cheeks. Katsuki murmured a soft agreement and Izuku nodded, pulling out his phone to make a call to one of his underclassmen. When the phone call was over, they sheepishly look at each other, small awkward smiles on their face. They can’t help but lean towards each other again, soft kisses shared between them. Izuku whispering soft promises of always protecting Katsuki.

Yeah, he was definitely happier with this idiot in his life.

They graduated a lot faster than they could have thought, the year passed in a blink of an eye.

Katsuki had been recruited by a professional soccer team. The first person he told was Izuku, holding the phone close to his ear as his boyfriend cheered him on happily. He almost cried when the young hero’s voice went soft congratulating him again. Even without a powerful quirk, his life was turning out great, wasn’t it?

Now 22, he lived with Izuku on off-season, both of them deciding to live closer to a training center so that Katsuki wouldn’t lose his touch in the few months off he had every year. Izuku ate up every moment, missing his boyfriend when he left for more than half the year to travel and play all over Japan, sometimes across the world. They would cook together, clean together, sleep together. They would argue and fight, make-up and kiss. Katsuki’s fingers would trace over Izuku’s scars, a scowl on his face when he found a new one every so often.

“You’re so reckless…” He sighed, a weird squeaky laugh erupted from him when Izuku grazed his fingers over Katsuki’s ribs, kissing his neck as an apology.

“I know, I know…But, I’m a hero, I gotta save everyone.” Izuku chuckled when his face was pushed away, Katsuki blushing a glowing pink when hands trailed lower below his waist.

Izuku was a hero. He could save everyone!


Katsuki could see the fluorescent lights of the hospital above him, his ears blown out, a strange sound drowning out the bustling nurses and doctors that surrounded him. What happened? He remembered going on a run in the morning, he remembered arriving at the training center, he remembered… An explosion…

Katsuki let out a sharp gasp, pain returning him to reality, his heart thrashing in his chest. Noises rushing into his head, ripples of pain over his body. The doctors try to calm him, sedating him, everything would be okay. When he woke up, everything would be fine and he could get back to his own life.

Except he didn’t, he could never go back to his own life again.

Izuku cried, his head on Katsuki’s chest, the soft beeping of the heart monitor ringing throughout the hospital room. His face burying into the sheets, broken sobs pushed into the cotten.

He couldn’t save the one person that mattered the most to him, he had gotten to the scene too late. Nearly half the block was destroyed, the entrance of the training center crumbling. His heart racing as other heroes arrived to help apprehend the group of villains. Green eyes scouring over the victims, fists clenched, jaw locked as he watched paramedics pushing the gurney, Katsuki’s injured state burnt into the hero’s memories forever.

Izuku wasn’t a hero. He was a failure. The person he loved the most would suffer for the rest of their lives because Izuku wasn’t fast enough. He sat there awake for hours, the doctors trying to console him, to tell him that Katsuki would wake up soon.

Soon couldn’t come any faster.

Katsuki’s face twitched, his fingers curling slowly, a small pained groan. Izuku was holding his hand instantly, pushing any lingering strands of hair from his lovers face. Katsuki slowly opened his eyes, vision blurry for a few moments. He didn’t know where he was.


His body was stiff, he couldn’t even turn his head to the call of his name. His sights shifted from the ceiling to the man leaning close to him.

“Wh-Where…” His throat was killing him, dry as hell. Izuku noticed and quickly got him water, tilting the straw and watching Katsuki drink eagerly. The knot in his throat was still there, the hold that guilt had on his stomach hurting now more than ever.

“You-You got caught in a dangerous situation…” Izuku felt his eyes sting with fresh tears, his words shaking and he stared at the stitches across Katsuki’s forehead, all four of them. “They brought you to the hospital… And-And everything was supposed to be okay!”

Izuku couldn’t stop his sob, his grip a vice on Katsuk’s hand. His head hung low, the sudden jump of beeping alerted him to the panic he must have been putting his poor lover through.

Katsuki couldn’t breath, his body wearing off the last effects of the anesthesia. He turned his head, wide eyes watering as Izuku cried in frustration and pain. He dared to look down at himself.

His heart nearly stopped right there and then.

He only had one…

One leg...

Katsuki let out a scream, pain washing over him like a tsunami. Memories flooding his mind.

Running up to the training center, a large explosion throwing him back, another explosion causing heat through his body. The sound of people yelling for help, the weight he longer felt on one side of his body. He was caught in the explosion, he was hurt by those villains.

Those villains… Took his right leg…

Darkness spiraled inside of Katsuki. His life was over. He would never play on his team again. He would never shout to the skies in joy as he kicked the last goal that won that game again.

He could never go back to his own life again.