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Izuku dropped down onto the bed, head numb and fingers shaking, face frozen in shock.


Positive. The pregnancy test was positive.


Izuku covered his mouth with his hand, barely able to muffle his whimper. Tears sprung in the corners of his eyes, heavy with the realization that he'd fucked up .


He was pregnant. He was pregnant at nineteen fucking years old .


Cold frustration made him throw the test against the wall. It didn't shatter like he'd wanted. Reality didn't shatter like he'd wanted.


Izuku dug the heel of his palms into his eyes, his sobs wracking his body like an earthquake. He cried into empty air, without his mom to placate him, or his mate to


His mate. Kacchan .


Dread ran down his spine when that name popped into his hazy mind. He had to tell him. Oh fuck , he had to tell him that he was going to be a father .


A fresh wave of distress hit him harshly, making his scent sour so much that he was sure the bedroom was going to smell for the whole evening. His nose twitched, yearning for his mate’s scent to calm him, but he knew that that comfort wouldn't last.


Tonight. He had to tell him tonight. Oh God, what would he even say? What would Kacchan say? They’d never explicitly discussed when they wanted pups They weren't even married yet but Izuku knew Kacchan well enough to know that the other man wanted to focus on being a pro hero. Ever since graduation, they’d climbed the ranks faster than any of their peers, and they were supposed to climb higher, higher, higher, until they could both become the best heroes.


They were supposed to. They wanted to. But with a pup on the way like this…


Instinctively, Izuku's hand traveled down to his abdomen, as if he could already feel the shape of his child.


He wanted pups. Of course he did. He’d wanted to build a family with Kacchan since the day they claimed each other during third year. The marks on their necks were proof that they wanted to be together, wanted to commit to each other just as much to being heroes.


But did that mean Kacchan would be okay with having a pup now? So soon? When they hadn't even discussed anything further than just living together after high school?


Another whimper escaped his throat, practically begging for his mate to come home and comfort him.


Slowly, Izuku stood up and walked over to the discarded pregnancy test. He picked it up gingerly, stared at the delicate two lines, and held it close to his chest.


In the midst of his sobs, a small laugh bubbled up, full of wonder and… and something else. Something warm. Something exciting .


He was pregnant. Him, a male Omega, born quirkless and deemed too rare to carry a child, was pregnant .


His laugh grew louder, and his tears fell harder.


The sound of jingling keys snapped him out of his reverie. “Deku, I’m home,” Kacchan's voice echoed down the hallway. “Oi. Deku?”


Izuku hurriedly wiped his face and hid the test in his pocket. “Y-Yeah, I’ll be right there, Kacchan,” he called out, hoping that his voice wasn't too odd.


But it seemed that he underestimated his mate's sharp ears, because before he could even reach for a tissue, Kacchan came barreling through their bedroom door, eyebrows furrowed with agitation. His red eyes rested on his face, and his scowl deepened. “The fuck happened?” He demanded, already taking big steps to get to him.


“N-Nothing, I was just— Ngh.” Izuku melted when his Alpha held him close, scent marked him so thoroughly and affectionately that his knees nearly buckled from relief. “Alpha… K-Kacchan…”


“Hey, hey, s’okay,” Kacchan murmured against his hair, still rubbing their glands together until there was nothing but musk and earth and spice in the air. “S’okay, Deku. M’right here.”


A hiccup wracked Izuku's body, and it made Kacchan pull him even closer, rumbling like an engine. Izuku couldn't help but return the embrace, wanting — needing — this emotional support from his love.


“Deku, what's wrong?”


Izuku shook his head.


“I have a fucking nose, Deku. I could smell that something was wrong from the front door.” Kacchan pulled away, ignoring his mate’s whining protest, and looked straight into his eyes, as if he could pry the information out of him that way. However, even though his gaze was sharp, his thumbs were gentle as they wiped the remaining tears from his cheeks. “Deku. Talk to me.”


Izuku sniffed, and his eyes fell to the side, ashamed for so many reasons.


Silence passed, and Kacchan sighed. He leaned down and kissed him briefly. “I’m gonna make dinner.”


“Ah, n-no, it's my turn to—”


I’m cooking .”


Izuku flinched as Kacchan slammed the door closed behind him. And was surprised to see Kacchan opening it again a second later to say, “Fuckin’— Sit down at the table or something, Deku. I’ll kill you with the spatula if you stay here and mope, got it?” And with that, he slammed the door shut again.


Needless to say, Izuku ended up sitting at the dining table as his Alpha prepared dinner. It was a little past seven, but Izuku didn't feel like eating. He was hungry , but he was too afraid of being nauseous before he could break the news to Kacchan.


But it was hard to resist the smell of Kacchan's cooking. The sizzling of the pan and the aroma of eggs invaded his senses, making the Omega in him purr from how well his Alpha could provide for him.


When the bowl of katsudon was placed in front of him, Izuku's mouth watered. Out of habit, he reached out for his chopsticks, a thanks ready on his tongue, but then he held himself back.


Kacchan, who had been in the middle of drinking some water, paused to look at him. “What? My cooking not good enough for you now?”


“N-No, that's not it. I’m just…”


What ?” Kacchan's tone grew annoyed. However, when he saw how his Omega shrunk in on himself, he exhaled softly from his nose. “Izuku,” he tried again, gentler this time. “What's wrong?”


Izuku fell quiet. He opened his mouth, words already at the tip of his tongue but too big to get through his teeth. He fumbled and stammered, trying and trying to say something, anything , but his fear and anxiety clogged his throat, made his hands shake, made his tears well up again—


Until Kacchan leaned forward and took his hand in his. The pad of his thumb swiped his knuckles, gently coaxing him back to reality. To him . “Hey,” Kacchan whispered. His mouth was a thin line, but his eyes were deep lakes of understanding. “Just… Just eat first. Okay? We can talk later.”


Izuku sniffled, took in a calming breath, and nodded. Kacchan squeezed his fingers one last time before pulling back. Wordlessly, he started to eat his own bowl of food, and Izuku eventually joined him.


The katsudon was good. So good that Izuku basically inhaled the whole bowl, completely abandoning his previous worries of feeling sick. Kacchan clicked his tongue at how fast he was eating, but still handed him a glass of water before he finished.


When Kacchan stood up with both of their bowls and chopsticks, Izuku hurriedly swallowed and said, “Ah, Kacchan, I’ll do the dishes—”


“Sit down, Deku, I’ll do 'em.”


“But Kacchan—”


“What the fuck, Deku? You’re acting like it's the end of the world or some shit. Just sit down and calm your tits before I—”


“Kacchan, can you please just—”


“What!? What the fuck is—”




The dishes crashed into the sink, the bowls no doubt cracking from the impact.


After the last echo passed, the next loudest thing was their breathing. Izuku hung his head in shame, with nothing to stop his hands from shaking on the tabletop. He was grateful that he was sitting, or else he’d surely collapse from the pressure of his words.


Kacchan, on the other hand, was as still as stone. He had a hand on the counter, but that was all Izuku could see. He had his back to him, so he couldn't make out what kind of expression his mate was sporting. Shock, for sure, but what else? Disgust? Horror?


Izuku inhaled painfully. “Kacchan…” He cleared his throat, but his voice still continued to crack. “Kacchan, I’m pregnant.”


Kacchan swayed, and for a moment, Izuku thought that he was going to fall, but he righted himself quickly. He turned around then, and his face was unreadable. Serene. The calm before the storm, Izuku guessed.


A harsh breath left his mouth, almost like a chipped laugh. “You’re… Deku, you're a guy .”


“Male Omegas can get pregnant, too, you know.” He hadn't meant to, but his sentence came out angry. Impatient. Where was the yelling? Why wasn't he yelling?


Kacchan gripped his hair with one hand, bowing. “Deku…”


Despite his banked tears, Izuku still sniffed. “I’m…” He sniffed again, and a teardrop finally fell from his right eye. “I-I’m… K-Kacchan, I’m so—”


“It's mine?”


Izuku stopped. “W-What?”


“The pup. It's mine?”


“Y… Yes,” he answered, hesitant at first, and then indignant the next. Fury boiled over his chest when the implication of his mate’s words finally struck him. “Yes, of course it's yours! Who else's would it be!? Do you— Do you honestly think I’ve been cheating on you!? With some other Alpha just to get knocked up!? Fuck you, Kacchan, how dare you—”


Strong arms pulled him up into an embrace, a sloppy kiss, and Izuku — a ball of stress that was just a second away from lashing out — shoved his Alpha away. A curse was ready on his tongue, but before the first word could manifest, Izuku froze.


Standing right in front of him, just inches away from his warmth, was his Alpha — his longest friend, his rival, the love of his life — grinning widely and crying.


The contradicting reactions made Izuku waver, his previous rage forgotten, replaced by caution. “Kac… chan?”


A breath wracked his entire frame, a shiver so great that even Izuku could feel it in his bones. The arms around him tightened their hold, bringing him closer, closer, closer , until the air between them disappeared.


Kacchan nuzzled against his neck, right where his mating mark was. A shaky exhale made the smaller one shudder, and a kiss on his jaw made him sob. “Kacchan?”


“It's mine ,” Kacchan rasped, half from disbelief and half from… oh.


“Oh…” Izuku breathed. With his arms wrapping tighter around the other's neck, he huffed a small, elated laugh. “ Kacchan …”


“A-Are you sure, Deku? Are you really fucking sure?”


Izuku nodded firmly, shaking like a leaf, but not from distress. “I’m sure. I-I’ve been feeling sick lately, a-and hungrier than usual—”


“I-I’ve noticed that, yeah.”


“Yeah, and, umm, s-so I googled it, you know? And, heh, t-there were so many possibilities, but the one that caught my eye… That made me feel like…” Izuku scoffed wetly, shaking his head. “S-So I bought a pregnancy test. I took it before you got home, and it was… It was positive.”


“Positive…” Kacchan's shoulders shook from a brief laugh. “It was positive ? Like, double pink lines and shit?”


Instead of answering, Izuku dug into his pocket for the test, and handed it over to Kacchan to inspect. As his red eyes scanned the object, Izuku cradled his face in his hands, his skin cold and damp from tears. With their foreheads gently bumping together, Izuku whispered, “Katsuki, we’re having a pup .”


The greenette squealed and laughed as his Alpha abruptly hoisted him into the air, spinning him in a circle and making such a ruckus that only Izuku could identify as utter joy . They shared kisses after kisses, each more emotional than the last, until Kacchan perched him onto the table. He slotted perfectly between his legs, his hands running down from his face, to his shaking shoulders, and finally to his belly.


Kacchan huffed. He kissed his cheek sloppily, his eyes glued to his abdomen as if there was a bump already.


When the blond didn't say anything for a minute, Izuku grew restless. His scent must've shifted, because before he could utter a word, Kacchan was meeting his gaze again. Red eyes glistening, Kacchan swiped his thumb under his eye, catching the remnants of his tears.




“A-Are you not mad?” Izuku stammered, quiet and fearful, his previous anxieties threatening to drown him once again.


Kacchan furrowed his brows. “Mad?”


Against his better judgement, Izuku scoffed, throwing up his hands. “Yes, Kacchan, mad ! We're— We’re going to be parents ! You’re going to be a parent! At twenty years old!” He snatched the test from his mate's hand, ignoring his shout of protest, and all but shoved it into his face. “I’m pregnant , Kacchan! Aren't you— Aren't you even a little bit freaked out!?”


“Oi, oi, oi, Deku, calm down.”


“Calm do— Fuck you , Kacchan, how am I supposed to c-calm down after finding out I’m fucking pregnant !? We— W-We have nothing figured out, a-and we aren't even legally married, and we still have our jobs , a-and—”


“Hey, hey, shhh,” Kacchan crooned, voice dipped in cotton, the softest Izuku could remember. It was enough to make him halt, and add on Kacchan gently scenting him, Izuku fell even more pliant. “Deku, why would I be mad at you?”


The greenette whined, instinctively craning his head back to let Kacchan scent him further. “I-I…”


Kacchan kissed his jaw before pulling him closer, letting him be encased in his warmth. His gunpowder and burnt sugar scent soothed Izuku enough to stop sobbing.


“Deku,” Kacchan started carefully. “Do you… Do you not want this pup?”


Izuku's whole body seized. He straightened and shouted, “Of course I do!”


“Then why the fuck are you anything but happy?”


“I’m…” Izuku paused. “I’m… I am happy. I was happy, I guess, when the test came out positive. But more than that, I was… I was scared.”


Kacchan's expression morphed into one of understanding. “Fuck. Fucking hell, Deku, did you honestly think I wouldn't want a family with you? A pup of our own?”


“I-I…” Izuku turned away to wipe his eyes, to avoid his mate's questioning glare. “I thought… you didn't want one right now. I mean, we’re so young, a-and we’re both dead set on becoming top heroes, so I…”


“... So you thought I’d, what, storm out the door and leave you so I can focus on work ?” His hand shot out then, grabbing Izuku's chin and forcing their gazes to lock. And with eyes burning with fury, with finality, he said, “Deku, I love you . Why the fuck would you think that?”


“I-I don't…” A hiccup broke through his throat, and soon, he was crying all over again. “I don't…”


Kacchan cursed under his breath, but his hands didn't hesitate to catch his tears before they fell to his lap. The brash — but incredibly kind — gesture only fueled his distress.


“Fucking God, you’re, what, a month pregnant at most, but you're already so fucking hormonal.” Despite his mean words, there was a lopsided grin plastered on his face. “What am I gonna do with you, huh?”


“S-Shut up, you jerk.” Izuku laughed as he pushed his shoulder half-heartedly. Then, he paused. Biting his lip, Izuku asked, in a very quiet voice, “Kacchan, are you really fine with this?”


“With what?”


“With me. And our pup. Will you…” Izuku shook his head. “Will we be okay?”


Kacchan sighed through his nose, not so much tired but rather flabbergasted by his question. “Stupid nerd. I’m your fucking Alpha, aren't I? It's my job to make it okay.”


Through his snot and tears, Izuku grinned. “Big words for someone who's not my husband yet.”


“You keep bringing that up,” he immediately pointed out, as sharp as ever. “Are you expecting me to propose to you right now, in the kitchen, with you ruining our clothes with your gross crying?”


Izuku gave him a look. Kacchan sighed, rolling his eyes. With a careful hand, Kacchan traced the greenette's mating mark. The wound had already healed with time, but the promise behind it still felt raw. Scorching. New . “Does being unmarried really bother you that much?” He whispered.


For a moment, Izuku looked at him, but not exactly. He was looking at his Kacchan from two years ago, still spiteful and rude and so in love . So nervous with his his teeth braced against his scent gland. And so determined and euphoric after they sealed their vows with a bloody kiss. Izuku looked at him, and in that moment, he knew. He knew he didn't have to be afraid anymore.


Izuku leaned down and kissed him, slow and sweet, making sure that his Alpha knew it as well. “No,” he breathed against his Alpha’s lips. “No, it doesn't.”



That night, Kacchan was gentle with his touches.


“Don't wanna hurt you or the pup,” he explained between shallow thrusts.


Izuku, on the other hand, was desperately moving his hips, coaxing his Alpha to hurry up and claim him properly . “Kacchan, Kacchan, come on , just fuck me already !”


“Hey, easy, easy.” Despite the smaller man’s biting attitude, Kacchan was calm, patient — an unsettling switch of demeanour. “Gotta— Ahh, fuck — G-Gotta take it easy tonight.”


“Nooooo,” Izuku whined pathetically, thrashing his head side to side. “Want you. Wanna feel everything , Kacchan, please .”


“You are. See?” Kacchan gave a slow, deep thrust of his hips, not quite forcing his knot inside just yet. He groaned when Izuku sobbed and clawed at his biceps. “Deku, baby, wanna make love to you. Wanna show you how fucking happy I am, okay?”


Izuku hiccuped, overwhelmed by the slow fire building inside him, by his lover’s rare show of tenderness, by his own relief, his happiness of bearing a pup that terrified and completed them both. Tears ran down his temple as he threw his head back, moaning from every drag of his Alpha’s cock. “K-Kacchan…”


“Mm, can't wait to see you round and fat with our pup, Deku. You’d look so fucking adorable , fuck .”


“I-I… I want that, too. Want everyone to know. Want— Ah , want them to see me with you like that, Kacchan.”


“Fuck yeah, fuck yeah —”


“K-Kacchan, Katsuki .” Izuku dragged his blunt nails over sensitive skin, relishing in the delirious mix of their cries as if it were their first time all over again. “Oh, oh, I love you, Katsuki. I love you so much !”


“Love you, too, Izuku. Love you. Love you. Ah, nnghh— I-I love you so much. For being with me. For the pup you’re giving me.” His breath hitched, his movements stuttered. There were tears gathering at the corners of his eyes, and Izuku did his best to wipe them away. “Izuku, Izuku, Izuku , you have no fucking idea how much I’ve wanted this.”


A sob was ripped out from his mouth as his Alpha's cock finally hit that sweet spot deep within him. The continuous strikes made his back arch, his toes curl, and he knew he was going to shatter soon. “K-Ka— Katsu— Oh, shit, I-I can't—”


“Let go,” Kacchan pleaded in his ear. “Just let go .”


Restraint snapping, fear and insecurities dissolving, Izuku cried out his mate's name. They fell together into the bottomless unknown, with no safety harnesses or wings to bring them back to the blinding surface. They just fell, just let go , and accepted the crash for what it was, for what it was going to be — painful, grueling, loving, passionate, and beautiful .



Izuku couldn't help but hiss as his stomach was coated with cold gel. He gripped Kacchan's hand tightly, seeking some comfort from his warmth as he willed his heartbeat to calm down. The doctor was moving a device across his belly, the sensation tickling him oddly. Then, she stopped.


“H-How’s the…”


The middle-aged doctor shot Kacchan a smile. “Here, take a look.” She angled the screen so the couple could see better.


To be honest, Izuku had no idea what he was supposed to be looking at. The screen was a disoriented blur of black and white, kind of how the sea would look like if it was devoid of any color.


“See this part here?” The doctor adjusted the device and pointed to a blob at the center of the screen. The woman smiled kindly. “That's the pup.”


Izuku's eyes widened, his chest threatening to burst. “Our pup…”


Katsuki kissed his temple then, long and grateful and so full of adoration. Izuku reached back and held his mate's head, sobbing quietly at the gesture, at the image of their child.


Their pup was so small , so delicate in the midst of all that black and greys. Even though it didn't have a face yet, or a body that he could cradle, or a hand he could hold, he already felt such immense protectiveness for it. The black void backgrounding the small fetus suddenly felt so big, so vast. So lonely.


And in that moment, Izuku made a vow — to himself, to his mate, to his child — that he was going to protect this life no matter what.





Midoriya Inko threw herself onto her son, openly sobbing and trembling with happiness.


“M-Mom!” Deku hiccuped, his own emotional tears falling. “D-Don't cry, or else I’ll cryyyy!”


“Oh, but I’m so happy for you, Izuku!” Inko pulled away and cradled his face. She smiled wobbly and said, “You'll be wonderful parents, sweetheart. I just know it.”


That did it. With those words finally out in the open, Deku hugged his mother and bawled.


His mate, who had been sitting next to them, patted his head awkwardly. “Deku, I swear to God, you're more of a crybaby than any other pup I’ve met.”


Bakugou Mitsuki slapped him upside the head, looking annoyed if not for her own joyful sobs. “Y-You shut the hell up, b-brat! Let your p-pup’s dam cry! It's what he should do anyway, a-after you k-knocked him up!”


“Hey! Don't fucking make it sound like I put the damn brat in him against his will! AND STOP FUCKING CRYING, GODDAMMIT, YOU'RE RUINING MY SHIRT!”


“Shut up and let me have this! I’m going to be a fucking grandma and I can't be any happier that it's going to have sweet little Izuku's genes!”


“Oi, oi, oi, it's my kid, too!”


“Yes, that's the only downside.”




“Kacchan, please, don't yell in front of the pup!” Deku hissed.


“Bitch, it don’t got ears yet!” Katsuki growled, but still lowered his volume. Because he was a good fucking sire and could sense that his pup didn't like the noise, not because he was a pussy for his mate. Fuck off.


However, his face must've changed, because then Deku was headbutting him affectionately as if he'd just given him flowers. Katsuki huffed, feigning annoyance, and placed a reassuring hand on Deku's stomach.


“Love you, Kacchan.”


“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Katsuki pecked his temple. “Same to you, nerd.”


Then, the sound of something clicking caught his attention.





A few days later, when the sun was barely peeking through the curtain, Deku leapt out of Katsuki's arms.


Now, they were pro heroes, and they've been practically conditioned to be snapped awake the moment there was an emergency — whether it be a phone call or the banging of their door. So when Deku stumbled off the bed like his collection of All Might figurines were being set on fire, it was Katsuki's first instinct to kick the blankets off and hurry to Deku's side.


“Deku, what's—”


The greenette flipped the toilet seat up and retched.


“Fucking—” Katsuki didn't know if he should feel sorry or sick. With a disgusted twist of his face, Katsuki knelt down beside his mate and rubbed his back. When Deku threw up another part of their dinner from last night, Katsuki cringed and looked away. He didn't say anything — didn't even know what to say in this situation — but he stayed with him until the toilet was flushed and everything was up and gone.


“W-Water,” Deku croaked.


Katsuki silently got up, combed back his curls once, and fetched a tall glass of water for him. When he came back, Deku was leaning back against the sink, half his face wet from a brief wash.


“Thank you, Kacchan.” He accepted his offer and, out of habit, leaned in close, but Katsuki scowled and stopped him with a hand to his forehead.


“Don’t fucking kiss me when your breath reeks of literal garbage, asshole! Brush your damn teeth first!”


Deku paused for a second. He frowned into his glass of water, his lower lip trembling, and a second later, a flood of tears fell from his eyes, and heartbreaking sobs wracked his body.


Katsuki flinched from the complete 180. “O-Oi, Deku, why are you—”


“If you d-don’t wanna l-love me anymore because I’m g-gross then fine !” Deku cried. “I c-can handle a little distance. That's perfectly fine ! What Alpha wants to w-watch their disgusting O-Omega throw up, right? You’re right, you're right, I shouldn't have tried to ki—”


“Oh my fucking—” Katsuki dragged a palm down his face, sighed as if he'd just lost ten years of his life, and smacked his lips to the center of Deku's forehead. Deku hiccuped, and Katsuki opted to discard the water from Deku's hand to the counter, and held him close against his bare chest.


“N-No, I-I’m dirty, a-and I probably smell—”


“Shut up, Deku,” Katsuki grumbled. He nuzzled his wild green hair, down to his ear and cheek, and finally his neck where he scented him. The smell of pine and burnt sugar urged Deku to calm down, but he was still sniffling like a baby, so Katsuki kept holding on.


“How many weeks are you again? Five?”


“Almost,” Deku mumbled, suddenly sounding exhausted. Well, it was an improvement from the soul-wrenching crying, Katsuki supposed.


The blond clicked his tongue and proceeded to rub their scent glands further, making them both sigh. “Mood swings. Morning sickness. It's normal, Deku. S’fine. You’re fine.”


“B-But you said I was gross.”


“Your vomit was gross. God, I didn't— I didn't mean my fucking mate was gross. Well, okay, you are when you don't do your laundry—”


Deku whined. “Shut up.”


Katsuki scoffed and kissed his jaw. “Point is…” He paused for a moment. “Like, I’m not gonna pay to watch you throw up the food I cook all over the toilet, but I’ll still be here to take care of it. Of you. M’not some shitty Alpha, okay? You’re bearing my pup, and God fuck me if I don't do my part right.”


Deku gaped at him, blinking his big, shining eyes in wonder and amazement, as if he'd just declared that he was going to give him the moon. “R-Really?” He whispered. “Y-You don't mind me… being…”


“What? Fucking pregnant ? Having pregnancy SYMPTOMS ? Goddamn idiot, I said it was fine, didn't I?” Katsuki rolled his eyes, but he didn't miss the way Deku's face split into a marvelous grin.


He handed him the glass of water again. “M’gonna make breakfast. Hurry up, or else we’re gonna be late for work.”




He paused at the door, an inquisitive eyebrow raised.


And out of nowhere, Deku shot him this devastating, lovestruck smile and said, “I love you. So much.”


Years worth of kissing and making love couldn't even begin to prepare him for the harsh pang the words struck to his heart. His ribcage felt too restrictive suddenly, and he swore that his heart was going to burst.


Katsuki quickly looked away, hiding his blush like a teen. “Yeah. I know.”



Six weeks in, when all of their friends were finally in the same city, they dropped the bomb.


Uraraka was the first to cry. Ashido and Hagakure immediately started planning for a baby shower. Jirou took it upon herself to make a CD of every classical music known to man. And Yaoyorozu was quick to pull Todoroki into her plan of hosting and sponsoring their wedding, and the possibility of having a taylor made suit that could be frequently adjusted for Deku.


At that last part, Izuku smiled hesitantly. “We aren't planning on that just yet.” Was all he said, and the two dropped it quickly.


However, the guys were a lot more shameless in their approach — or in Kacchan's words, their “dumb congratulations”.


“Damn, Bakugou, and here we all thought I’d be the first one to get my mate knocked up!” Kaminari hollered.


At this, Jirou flushed red, and tossed her spoon square into his nose. “S-Shut up, you idiot! Why the hell would you think that!? We’re betas!”


“Just because he can't get it up as often, doesn't mean he wouldn't be stupid enough to forget how to work a fucking condom,” Kacchan jabbed, and the rest of their friends cackled.


Kaminari leaned back against his chair and groaned. “I ask you about sex advice once and you're already so evil to me.”


“You did what !?” Jirou shrieked. Her face rivaled the tomato sauce on her plate.


“J-Jirou, babe, I asked for us !”


“Oh my God.”


“Well, if it wasn't gonna be Kaminari, we all did think it'd be me and Ashido.” Kirishima made a show of dragging his Omega onto his lap, kissing her stupidly until she was squealing and shoving his face away.


“Baby, not here!”


“Come on, sweetheart, Midoriya already has one on the way. When’s our turn?”


“Blockhead Alpha.” Ashido flicked his nose affectionately, a gesture that Izuku couldn't hope to do to his own mate unless he didn't mind losing a finger. “You know I still wanna kick butt. I can't have a pup dragging my game down!”


Izuku suddenly flinched.


I can't have a pup dragging my game down!


Why did he feel like he'd just swallowed his own bile?


His expression must've shifted, or his scent must've soured, because in the next moment, Kacchan was pulling him closer to his side. In the veil of their friends’ loud laughter, and the restaurant’s clinks and clanks of utensils on plates, Kacchan asked, “You tired? Sick?”


Izuku hurriedly shook his head and plastered on a smile. “No, I’m fine. I’m fine.”


Kacchan's eyes narrowed, and he didn't waste any time in pushing him to sit down on a chair adjacent to Uraraka and Iida. “Wait here. I’m getting you some water.”


At the sudden notion of being left alone, Izuku reached out and grabbed his mate's shirt. “A-Alpha!”


Kacchan whirled, stunned that he'd used such an alarmed tone and an intimate name. That one magnetic word managed to catch the attention of every Alpha in their circle of friends — Kirishima, Todoroki, Uraraka, Shouji, Satou, and Sero — and Kacchan did not like that.


The blond’s scent exploded in a flurry of gasoline and jealous rage. He snarled and bared his teeth, securing his hands on Izuku's shoulders; a clear sign of ownership. “The fuck are you extras lookin’ at, hah!?”


“K-Kacchan, no, it's alright.” Caught up with his Omegan instincts to soothe his Alpha, Izuku crooned and rubbed his wrist against Kacchan's neck, smearing his earthy scent on top of his pungent one. “Alpha, my Alpha, it’s alright. Shhh, it's alright.”


Every person who had turned their heads coughed and looked away, respecting the mated couple’s private show of comfort and security. Only when Kacchan heaved a content sigh did they murmur their apologies.


“No, no, no, it's okay!” Izuku waved his hands to placate their concerns. “I-I shouldn't have called out like that so carelessly! It was just a natural reaction, so you're all not to blame!”


Kacchan, however, scowled deeply. He suddenly hoisted Izuku out of his seat. “Come with me,” he said curtly, and Izuku barely had time to stammer out an “Excuse us” before he was taken to the bathroom.


“Kacc— Oh.” Izuku gasped when he was expertly lifted onto the granite sink. He bared his neck immediately, letting himself submit — always submit, always so weak in the presence of his beloved Alpha — and was rewarded with possessive kisses and nips along his scent gland.


“Ah! A-Ah, Kacchan, Kacchan, what— Mmm, w-what's wrong? What's the matter?”


“You’re mine,” Kacchan snarled, not answering his question. “Mine, mine, mine .”


“I-I am.” Izuku gasped, whimpering quietly as his Alpha struggled with the button of his jeans. “K-Kacchan, you know I’m yours— Hah!” He threw his head back, moans barely bitten back, as the blond palmed him through his underwear. “Y-You’re kidding me— Here ?”


“You make it sound like we’ve never done this shit before.” Kacchan scoffed. With his mouth directly against his ear, he murmured, “In a bathroom, where anyone can hear you moan for my knot. Ring any bells, Omega ?”


“Kacchan, please—”


“Our first date in high school. Remember that, Deku?” There was the loud clinking of a belt buckle, and then the sound of a zipper. Kacchan groaned, a low rumble that Izuku could physically feel with his palm against his chest. “Remember how you dragged me into that cramped stall? How you fucking begged me to knot your fat ass?”


“Kacchan, my heat hit me out of nowhere, you know that!” Izuku protested, tears of embarrassment and arousal gathering on his lashes. “I-I didn’t know— Oh. Oh my God, Kacchan—”


“Turn around,” his mate ordered. “Bend over now .”


Izuku sobbed, his blood too hot in his veins, his mind too hazy to remind him how much trouble  their passion was going to get them in. All he knew was that his body was moving, that his pants and boxers were shoved down to his ankles, and that there were warm, possessive hands around his hips.


“Tell me, Deku. Do you remember what you told me that day?”


Izuku growled, frustrated now because his slick was running down the back of his thighs, making him uncomfortably sticky and empty , and his mate was right there and he wasn’t doing a damn thing about it. “Kacchan, just get on with it!”


A harsh slap was directed to his ass, the sound painfully loud in the small bathroom. “ What did you tell me that day, Deku ?”


I fucking told you that I belonged to you, now KNOT ME !”


His demands were beautifully compensated with a quick, harsh thrust, and he didn't bother to muffle his delighted shriek as his mate joined them as one.


“My mate,” Kacchan panted in his ear, his hips moving deliciously fast, pulling out moans after moans from them both. “My Omega. God, I love you. Wanna take you home and shove you into our nest. Wanna knock you up all over again, fuck .”


Izuku laughed, all breath and no voice, and turned his head around to kiss his Alpha's jaw. “I love you, Kacchan. You know that, right?”


“Yeah.” Kacchan tightened his hold on him, his palms splayed protectively over his stomach. “I know.”



Katsuki was awoken one night to a finger poking his cheek. “Urgh…”




“Hngg…” Katsuki smacked his lips, not yet conscious enough to open his eyes. “Wut?”


“I’m hungry.”




Kacchan .” An insistent shake to his shoulder. “I want broccoli.”


“The fuck ?” Katsuki rubbed his sleepy eyes, groaning as he stretched and popped his joints. “What are you talking about? It's fuck o’clock, go to sleep.”


“I caaaan't!” Deku whined, not unlike a child. “I’m so hungryyyy!”


Katsuki clicked his tongue, kicked the blanket off his body, and started grumbling, “Fine, I’ll heat up the leftover curry—”


“No,” Deku suddenly snipped. “I want broccoli.”


“... Bitch, it's the middle of the night, you can't expect me to cook—”


“Actually…” Deku put a finger on his chin, contemplating. “Well, I don't mind raw broccoli. I mean, it'd be nice if there's spice, but raw is also good.”


This time, Katsuki stayed silent.


Deku looked up at him, his eyes wide and twinkling as if he hadn't just requested the weirdest snack in the history of snacks. “Kacchan? Is something wrong? Are we out of broccolis?”


“... So, raw?”


Deku nodded.


Katsuki pinched the bridge of his nose, sighed, and gave the OK sign with his other hand. When he trudged into the kitchen, Deku followed close behind him. Good, at least he wasn't going to make a mess of their bed.


Washing the broccolis wasn't hard, but watching his mate inhale them like they were fucking cocaine was. At one point, Katsuki had tried to take the plate away, insisting that he'd had enough, but the Omega had growled and attempted to bite his finger off, the fucking bitch. He even dipped it into last night's curry!


Katsuki was going to be sick.


Truthfully, he knew he ought to just go back to sleep and let his mate scarf down his snack in peace, but his instincts told him to stay. Maybe to clean up the mess afterwards, or to make sure that Deku didn't choke himself to death. He was sleepy, and tired as all hell from their late shift, but…


Deku lifted his gaze from the snack in his hand — the first time since he started eating — and, as if sensing his fatigue, offered the half-eaten broccoli to him. “Wan shum?” He asked, mouth full and dotted with green. Like a hamster.


Katsuki snorted, his lips stretching, his chest warming. He reached forward and started wiping the corners of Deku's mouth with a tissue. “Like hell I wanna eat that. It's yours, so hurry up and finish.”


Deku whined as Katsuki kept cleaning his face like the big baby that he was. When he was done, Deku continued on his eating spree, with Katsuki steadily watching him until the plate was spotless.



Izuku sighed and tipped his head to the side. “Kacchan…”


His mate grunted in reply, mouth too distracted with his pale neck. Hot, open-mouthed kisses littered his skin, painting it in pink. His big hands squeezed his hips sensually, occasionally sliding around to rub his swelling stomach.


“Want you…” Kacchan rasped in his ear. His fingers closed around the button of his jeans, but Izuku stopped him.


“No, bad Alpha,” Izuku scolded, pathetically breathless. “N-No sex. We have an appointment soon.”


Kacchan growled against his shirt, still not letting up his grip. “One round, Deku, come on. We can still make the drive.”


With faux determination, Izuku ducked away. “No, it's our third appointment, and I will not let us be late for the third time .”


Kacchan growled, clearly unhappy about his failed attempt at seducing his mate, but he still grabbed the keys from the counter and led him to their car.


“The faster we get this over with, the faster we can get home.”


Izuku grinned and stood on his toes to give his grumpy mate a kiss on the cheek. Then, feeling playful, he nipped the shell of his ear. He felt Kacchan shudder, felt a warm hand grab his waist in warning. In pent-up lust.


“Deku, I’m literally two seconds away from fucking you in the backseat.”


Izuku laughed, all giddy and youthful. “No sex,” he repeated, smacked Kacchan's ass — earning himself an indignant yelp — and hopped into their car.


When Kacchan sat down on the driver's seat, he was pouting adorably, his denied arousal still evident from the awkward way his pants hugged his crotch.


“If we get there with a few minutes to spare—”


I said no sex , Kacchan .”



And now, the day that Izuku had been dreading.


Maternal leave.


Izuku groaned, loud and petulant and bored out of his mind , as he sprawled on the bed like a careless starfish on a beach.


His Kacchan was out there being cool and flashy while he was doomed to staying his butt in the house until the pup was due, or until he died from lack of adrenaline.


So unfair.


Izuku groaned again, hoisted himself into a sitting position, and contemplated on what to do for the day.


Just when he was about to stand up and go take a shower, he felt a small pressure on his stomach.


Izuku froze. Slowly, he blinked, holding his breath.


Another pressure, this one lasting a second longer. More insistent. Stubborn.


Izuku choked on a laugh, one hand going to his mouth and the other going to his rounding stomach.


A small, undeniable kick was given to his palm.


He’d never dialed Kacchan’s number so fast in his life.


Suffice to say, his Alpha wasn't happy that he’d missed their pup’s first belly kick. He’d been enraged enough to blow a warehouse up and storm straight home without bothering to take a shower or finish his report. And as he yelled at his stomach for “being an impatient piece of shit”, Izuku could only pat his dirty hair and laugh.



“It's gonna be a girl,” Kacchan said one night. “I can feel it in my gut. It's gonna be a girl.”


Izuku huffed, and without ceasing his ministrations on Kacchan's scalp, asked, “How would you know?”


Kacchan brushed his lips over Izuku's bare stomach. It was getting so round that he was sure his sweatpants were going to be useless by the time he gave birth.


“It's my pup, so of course I fucking know.”


“Mom says that it might be a boy. It's so restless and hyper. And it keeps kicking my bladder every five seconds, the little brat.”


Kacchan laughed. “Ah, that's definitely my pup.”


Izuku twisted the shell of his ear playfully, and his mate countered it with a slap to his thigh.




“Mm?” Izuku combed back his blond hair from his forehead, giving himself a full view of his ruby eyes.


Kacchan sighed gently against his skin, gaze wistful, almost drunk. The corners of his lips twitched, like he wanted to smile. Eventually, after a minute of calm silence, he murmured, “I love you.”


Warm honey poured over his heart, making it beat harder against his ribcage. A blush surfaced on his cheeks, broken briefly by a stray tear.


Izuku giggled, breathless. “I love you, too, Kacchan.”



Izuku was standing in front of the mirror, eyeing the way his new clothes hung around his six-month belly. His mate was behind him, whispering reassurances against his neck, holding him close and rocking them gently as their pup woke up with a fit.


Izuku winced when a fierce kick was aimed right below his navel. Kacchan crooned and kissed his tear-stained cheek.


“It hurts…”


“I know, Deku, I know… But at least the new clothes help, right?”


The greenette weakly nodded. “They aren't so tight anymore, yeah…” Another kick, and Izuku whined. Kacchan got the message, and he guided him back to his nest of blankets, pillows, and old shirts. When the familiar scent of caramel and gunpowder and smoke entered his nose, he relaxed a bit.


Kacchan squeezed his shoulder once. “I’ll call off work and stay with you.”


“No,” Izuku immediately groaned. “You go work. M’fine.”


“Yeah, sure you are,” Kacchan drawled, unimpressed. “Seriously, Deku, you can't expect me to leave you on your own like this. I’ll fucking stay so I can—”




A sharp sigh. “Deku—”


Izuku held his hand close, nuzzling the scent gland on his wrist. His annoyance mellowed out into concern, but Izuku quickly said, “I’ll call mom to come over, okay? I’ll be fine. Really.”


Kacchan was still unconvinced. “I don't have to go,” he said again after a pause. “I can stay and take care of you.”


“Silly Alpha.” Izuku kissed his knuckles before releasing him. He turned to his side with a grunt, automatically clawing for one of his mate’s shirts to sniff. “The city needs you. It needs at least one of us, the Wonder Duo. Please go, Kacchan.”


The blond growled, clearly not happy that he had to leave, but Izuku nudged him off the bed with his foot. After a few more pleas and protests, Kacchan finally relented, but had insisted that he’d wait for his mom to come before departing.


“Call me if you need anything!” Was the last thing he said before Izuku was left alone with his mother.


“Oh, my poor baby.” Inko patted back his sweaty curls, a sympathetic smile gracing her face. “Is the pup kicking?”


“Y-Yes.” Izuku groaned in pain. “D-Don’t get me wrong, I love this pup, but it’s such a brat in the morning, ughh.”


Inko giggled. “Which is why I say it's going to be a boy.”


“Kacchan thinks it's a girl,” Izuku laughed along, but it died quickly when his bladder was given a tiny Detroit Kick. “Ooww…”


“Alright, lay back and relax, Izuku. Rub your stomach the way I taught you. Remember that?”


“Mm-hmm.” He groaned as he got into position. “God, mom, I’m so sorry you had to go through this with me.”


“You were very restless, yes,” Inko laughed and patted his knee. “But you were wonderful still. I’m sure you know what I mean, dear.”


“Yeah.” Izuku smiled tiredly up at his mother. “I think I do.”



Seven and a half months, and the gossip mags started up.


In hindsight, it was a miracle that the nosy journalists hadn’t started this crap ages ago; the questions and theories of whether or not Izuku was going to leave the hero business to raise a pup had been a buzzing discussion on many forums after all. But still, it didn’t make the pill any less bitter to swallow.


When he read the article on his tablet, his mood immediately soured.


Now, deep down, he knew that the article was nonsense. He knew that he was a capable hero, and would be an even more capable dam to his child. It wasn’t impossible to juggle both duties. He had been taking notes and tips from other heroes that had their own families. Had dug for further research on the internet. He was prepared, he really was!


But still…


“Which would pro hero Deku prioritize? Japan or his pup?” Kacchan read outloud.


Izuku jumped. “K-Kacchan, y-you’re reading that, too!?”


His mate huffed, clearly annoyed, and closed his laptop with a loud snap. “It’s a load of bullshit,” he said as he drank his coffee. “I’m gonna go to the agency and have our agent deal with it. I’m not gonna let this asshole talk shit about us or our pup and get away with it.”


Izuku stared at him. “Kacchan…”


Kacchan stood up and brought their plates to the sink. “Don’t worry about it, Deku. Just go back to bed and rest. I might be home late, so you shouldn’t—”


Izuku plastered himself to Kacchan’s back, arms winding around his torso tightly. He sniffed quietly against his shirt, but it was enough to alert his Alpha. His smokey scent shifted, changing into one of concern. “Deku?”


“Do you think I’ll be able to handle it?” Izuku asked slowly. “All this responsibility. Being a hero, a-and then a dam. Do you think…” He hiccuped, and just like that, seven-month’s worth of self-doubt and insecurities came rushing through him, drowning him, overflowing from the inside out. He cried softly, and Kacchan wasted no time in turning around and scooping him up into his arms.


“Oi, oi, oi,” Kacchan scolded, biteless. “What’s with this, hah? You gonna let some brain-dead journalist tell you what you can and can’t do? Screw him, Deku, and screw everyone else that think that you have to sacrifice something to make the other work. Lots of people can do it, so naturally you can, too.” Kacchan nuzzled their foreheads together, calming him, his thick scent overpowering Izuku’s distressed one. “And anyways, I’m here, too, aren’t I?”


His words struck something solid in Izuku’s chest, a plaque made of pent-up stress and second-guessings and what-ifs, one that he had let manifest since the day he knew he was pregnant, had ignored in favor of not making anyone worry. It crumbled from the strong resilience in Kacchan’s tone, from the way he held him and rocked him, falling away until Izuku could finally breathe again.


Izuku choked on a sob, and he held his mate closer, tighter, without any intention of letting him go. “I love you,” he whispered wetly. “Kacchan, I love you so much. And I love our pup so, so, so much.”


“Well no shit, Sherlock.” Kacchan scoffed, kissing his temple. “I know that. Anyone with a brain knows that.”


“Yeah.” Izuku laughed. “I guess… I guess I just needed someone to remind me of that.”


“Dumb Deku.” The blond huffed and disentangled himself from the clingy Omega. “Of course I know you love our pup. And you love being a hero, too, right?”




“Then that’s all that matters. We can figure out the details as we go. Okay?”


“Okay.” Izuku wiped his face from any remaining tears. He felt a hand ruffle his hair, and it made the affection in his heart swell impossibly larger.


No matter what reporter or journalist or random person on the internet said, Izuku knew that they’d be okay.



Izuku was not okay.


“Deku-kun, of all the times you could go into labor, why did it have to be on movie night!?” Uraraka shrieked, her eyes never leaving the road as she swerved the car into a sharp turn.


Izuku yelped, half from his best friend’s insane driving and half from his brat of a pup’s kicking. His face was still caked with guacamole from their facial routine, his pants were soaked from his water breaking, and Iida was beside him in the backseat trying to calm him.


“Don’t worry, Midoriya! We’ll get you to the hospital safely!” Iida said, and just as he said this, Uraraka made another sharp turn, nearly flinging their souls out the window. “I SAID SAFELY, URARAKA!”


“Buzz off, Iida, the hospital is miles away!” Uraraka screamed back. “We won’t make it in time if we let you drive!”


“But at the very least I can guarantee us actually— BUS!”


The car bounced to the right, narrowly missing an oncoming bus from the other lane. The bus driver honked loud and long, and Uraraka poked her head out of the window to shout, “WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING, YOU SON OF A BITCH!”


“Uraraka, your road rage is worse than Kacchan’s,” Izuku joked, but it ended in a sharp cry as another contraction reduced him into a pile of puty. “Owwww ow ow ow…”


“Deku-kun, are you okay?” Uraraka’s furious mask instantly melted into one of pure worry.


“S-Stupid question…” Izuku huffed, struggling to regulate his breathing. “Just— Just get the car moving.”


“I’ll drive,” Todoroki, who’d been silently gnawing his lip on shotgun, spoke up. “Uraraka, move, please.”


The two at the front apparently didn’t have the time to get out of the car to switch places, so instead, they shimmied over the gear stick and hopped into the other’s seat. Uraraka hadn’t even finished putting on her seatbelt when Todoroki started up the car again.


Izuku whimpered as he settled back against Iida. His stomach was killing him, and the pain was making him so dizzy and nauseous, but at least Todoroki’s driving didn’t make the feeling any worse.


Just then, his phone went off in his hand. Knowing who it was, Izuku blindly answered the call and said, “Kacchan, I told you not to call while you’re driving!”


“Screw you, you ain’t a cop, Deku!” His mate’s shaky voice answered. “Fuck, fuck, where the hell are you? Are you almost there?”


“Are we almost there?” Izuku asked out loud.


“Maybe half on hour,” Todoroki said.


“Half an hour.”


Fuck , that’s way too long!”


“We’re going as fast as we— Ahh!” Izuku cried as another wave of pain stabbed his stomach.


He could almost physically feel his mate’s mounting anxiety. “Baby, baby, listen to me. You need to breathe, okay? Put— Put me on speaker and put the phone down so you can relax.”


After a few seconds of whimpering, Izuku did as he was told. His Alpha’s next words were louder now, the uneven tone in his voice more prominent. “Who’s driving?”


“Me,” Todoroki answered.


Kacchan sighed in relief. “Oh, good, I thought it was Round Cheeks for a second.”


Everyone fell into an awkward silence. Uraraka grimaced, probably envisioning how her life would end if Kacchan found out otherwise. “W-We’re on our way there, Bakugou!” She said. “Don’t worry, we’ll get Deku-kun to the hospital sooner than you think!”


“Uhh, actually…” Todoroki slowed the car into a stop, right in front of a major traffic jam. “We might… take a little longer than half an hour.”


“Fucking shit !”


“W-What do we do?” Uraraka asked, panicked.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck, is there no other road you can take?”


“We’re boxed in.”


“Shit… Uhh…”


Uraraka suddenly lit up. “Wait a minute. Iida!”


“Four Eyes?”


“Iida!” Uraraka turned around in her seat, a crazed glint in her eye. “We need you!”


Iida, who had been in the middle of wiping the guacamole off Izuku’s face with a tissue, paused, blinking. “Yes?”


“... Oh, no.” Kacchan’s voice flitted through the car. “Oh, hell no.”


“What?” Iida asked.


“It’s the only way!” Uraraka retorted. “We can’t hope to get out of this traffic, Bakugou!”


“What? What is it that I must do?” Iida asked again.


“Ugghh, fine! Iida, I swear to God if you so much as crash my mate into a fucking fly , I will rip your engines right out of your legs!” Kacchan shouted. “Now fucking hurry, I can hear Deku dying over there! Get him to the ER now !”


“R-Roger that!” Iida saluted, and when the call ended, he looked around the car, his determination shifting into confusion. “Umm… What exactly am I doing again?”



“I take that roger back!” Iida screamed over the whistling of the wind. “This is deeply unsafe, Midoriya! Perhaps we should stop and—”


“Iida, I love you, but if you stop and make us hail a cab in this shitty traffic, I will personally order my pup to kick you in the glasses!” Izuku shrieked and held on tighter when another jolt of pain ran up his body. “Just hurry !”


Iida grunted, like he was forcefully swallowing his words, and ran as quickly as he could with Izuku in his arms.


They made it much faster than they would have with a car, and the adrenaline had distracted Izuku enough to not think about how much pain he was in for most of the ride. When they made it to the hospital, Kacchan was already there, worried out of his mind, and hurriedly picked his mate out of Iida’s arms.


His Alpha crooned and scented him, effectively calming his whimpers and cries until the nurses came with a bed. “S’okay now, Deku. I got you. I got you,” his Kacchan kept repeating as the hallways whizzed past him, as the light overhead blinded him over and over again with each rushing step.


Izuku whined, clutching his stomach. “It… hurts…”


“I know, I know. You’re gonna be okay, love. Just keep breathing.”


“Kacchan,” he sobbed. “Kacchan, I’m scared.”


“No, no, no, don’t be.” Kacchan kissed his knuckles. “I’m right here.”


“Sir, we’re going to need you to stay out here,” a nurse said.


Izuku's heart seized. “No, no, I want my mate! Kacchan! Kacchan !”


“Hey, hey, shhh. Shhh.” Kacchan kissed his forehead, long and so, so full of love. “Baby, it's okay. I’m gonna wait out here, okay? I’ll come see you and the pup in a few minutes.”


“Kacchan…” Izuku heaved a deep breath, difficult now that the contractions were at full blast. “Kacchan, I love you…”


“I love you, too.” Kacchan leaned closer, meeting his desperate lips with his own. When they pulled apart, it felt like a band-aid had been ripped off his skin. “You have to go now, okay? You’ll do great. I know you will.”


Izuku hesitated for a second, the Omega in him crying for his Alpha to hold his hand, but he eventually relented. Izuku nodded, and with one last lingering look, he was ushered inside the delivery room.



Now came Katsuki's most dreaded time: Waiting.


It was fucking agony to just sit in the hallway and do absolutely nothing as his mate struggled to bring their pup into the world. He could vaguely hear Deku's pained grunts and yelps, and every time his body would seize, his hackles would rise, and a strong sense to protect dropped onto his shoulders like bricks.


And he couldn't do shit about it.


He was somewhat thankful that his former class president was there to talk his ear off. It served as an annoying distraction, one that he was, for once, happily welcoming. It wasn't long until his parents and Inko came barrelling to his side, asking him questions that he couldn't answer. Kirishima also showed up, giving him a hearty pat on the back and telling him to have faith in his Omega.


Time flew by in a haze, filled with phone calls and prayers that Katsuki was deaf to. The loudest thing in his ears was the pounding of his heart, and he just wished that the clock could go faster, that the doctor would just come out and let him in, that his pup would—


A shrill cry slammed the breaks on his train of thought.


Everyone sighed in relief as a pup’s cry — his pup’s cry — floated through the double doors. There were shouts of congratulations, a slap to his shoulder, but none of it registered quite as clearly as the door swinging open.


And Katsuki lunged .



Izuku was not okay.


No, he was wonderful .


Izuku was crying big, big tears of utter happiness , cradling his crying pup close to his chest. His mate all but burst into the room, looking frantic, like he was stepping into an unknown world, but when his red eyes settled on them, his shoulders dropped, his mouth opened, and he ran.


The first thing he did was kiss him, whispering how amazing he was, how glad he was to see him, before he slowly looked over to the their small but fussy bundle of joy.


“You were right,” Izuku laughed through his tears. “It's a girl.”


Katsuki huffed in disbelief, as if he ever doubted his instincts, and gently, oh so gently, pulled down the blanket enough to reveal their pup’s round face.


She was beautiful, with ash blonde hair and a pout to match her Alpha father. She was loud and restless, but when Katsuki touched her small fist, she quieted, and opened her eyes curiously. They were big and vibrant green, like a meadow in the mountains. They lit up when they saw her parents, and her cries turned into delighted giggles.


Izuku sobbed again, so full of emotion, so light and tired and just so, so elated that he didn't know what to do with himself besides cry. Katsuki sniffed beside him, and Izuku nuzzled under his chin, preening.


“She's gorgeous…” Katsuki whispered, completely in awe. “God… God , Deku, she's… She's everything I could ever hope for.”


Izuku nodded, the grin on his face permanently engraved, and asked, “Do you want to hold her?”


Katsuki’s eyes widened, like he was just given the title of number one pro hero. He was speechless, but he nodded his agreement, and gently took their pup into his arms. The pup’s giggle rang louder, like she wanted the whole world to know of her arrival.


“I love you,” Katsuki told her, his voice hoarse and uneven, like when he spoke on the day they had to bury their beloved hero. It was barely audible, weak, but his eyes were solid glass, never straying from reality, from now. “I love you so, so much.”


Izuku leaned over his shoulder, kissing him on the cheek gently, too afraid to shatter this moment, this little bubble of utter happiness and joy. “I love you both,” he said, like a promise. Like a vow. “I love you. I love you.”


Katsuki turned his head and kissed him, pouring every bit of love, every bit of gratitude, every bit of himself , into that one simple contact, until his mate could never question what this moment meant to him. How big his world had grown from just this one day.


“I love you, Izuku,” he said, his tears finally cascading down his cheeks. His mate brushed them away, but the tear tracks didn't make him feel ashamed this time. It made him feel alive. Like he was truly here, experiencing this, with the love of his life and his pup.


And if this euphoria made him forget about the ring in his coat pocket, then it was okay. They still had tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day.


It was okay, because they had all the time in the world.