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A Great Team

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One Sunday, in early December, you leave campus with Yamada to visit the nearest shopping mall. After the two of you discovered that you were both having trouble deciding what to buy Aizawa and Kayama for Christmas, you two decided to go window shopping together in hopes of getting some inspiration.

Thankfully, you didn’t have to worry about Aizawa trying to tag along and discovering what you two were planning since he hates shopping. While he did warn you about staying out of trouble, the underground hero didn’t make a big deal about you leaving campus, obviously trusting the vocal hero to keep you safe.

After breakfast, Yamada picks you up at the dorm, and from there, the two of you head for the nearby mall which is where you spend the next several hours. Unfortunately, nothing really catches your eye despite all the stores you visit.

Looks like you might have to stick with looking at cat themed goods online for Aizawa. Kayama is another story. Apparently, Yamada always has a hard time shopping for her which only makes you feel more nervous since he has known her for years. Maybe you should ask some of the female students if they have any suggestions.

One good thing that comes out of this venture is that you’re getting ideas about what to get for the vocal hero’s present. You were hoping he’d point out things he’d like since you were debating about what to get him as well.

Despite not really accomplishing your goals, you and the blonde have a great time window shopping. It’s not really surprising to you since Yamada can make pretty much any situation fun.

There’s never an awkward moment with him. He always knows what to say to keep a conversation going and has the best stories. You especially love when he talks about his high school days since those stories are always so entertaining especially the ones involving his antics with Aizawa.

Unfortunately, all good things must eventually come to an end. When the two of you finally exit the mall, the sounds of people’s screams reach your ears.

Yamada’s jovial expression immediately turns serious. “Y/N-chan, I want you to stay here, okay? I’m gonna go see what’s going on.”

As he says this, the blonde pulls out his sunglasses, speaker, and headphones from his bag and puts them on. Once that’s taken care of, he runs off to investigate the situation occurring on the next street over.

Your body tenses when you hear him use his Quirk a few minutes later, followed by the yells of panicked civilians who start pouring into the street you’re on. Obviously, something big is going down considering how scared everyone looks.

For several minutes, you mentally debate over whether you should heed Yamada’s instructions or if you should check out what’s going on. You have no intention of getting in the way, but you would like to see if there’s something you can do to help like make sure all the civilians have evacuated since the police, who are usually in charge of doing that, haven’t arrived yet.

Unsurprisingly, you end up choosing the latter, resulting in you running into the alleyway Yamada used earlier. A few seconds later, you come to a stop at the spot where the alley connects to the neighboring street. Your eyes widen when you take in the sight before you.

Honestly, you don’t even know where to focus your attention because there’s so much going on. On one end of the street, there’s an actual elephant breaking into an armored car that appears to be full of cash.

Meanwhile, Present Mic is further down the street for some reason. You quickly realize why when a dark haired woman causes a nearby car to levitate, using what you’re assuming is some kind of telekinesis Quirk, before throwing it at the vocal hero.

Much to your horror, when he tries to stop the car using his Quirk, another woman with red hair whistles shrilly and somehow intercepts and negates the blonde’s Quirk, forcing him to jump out of the way to avoid getting hit. She must have some sort of sound nullification Quirk. That’s the only thing you can think of that could explain what just happened.

This is bad--really bad. That redhead is the worst possible opponent for Present Mic. As long as she’s around, he won’t be able to use his Quirk.

Quickly, you pull out your phone and send a text to Aizawa, letting him know what’s going on. His response is immediate, but before you can actually read what it says, the sound of someone wailing reaches your ears.

Your head snaps up as your gaze hones in on the source of the crying. There in the middle of the street near the armored car you see a little boy bawling his eyes out.

Several yards away, you notice a woman, presumably his mother, frantically calling out to him, asking for him to hurry over to her since two other people are holding her back, preventing her from running over to him, because the elephant is currently in between her and her son.

Without thinking, you shove your phone into your pocket and start sprinting toward the child, knowing that his chances of getting hurt will only increase the longer he stays in his current position. Shortly after you do this, the elephant turns away from the armored car to face the kid.

When its trunk moves to slam down on the child, you dive forward and grab the kid, just barely getting the two of you out of harm’s way. You quickly scramble to your feet after hitting the ground and reach toward your bag when the animal starts to approach you and the terrified child in your arms.

Before it can take another step towards you, you throw several smoke and sleeping gas bombs at the elephant before turning to run. Thankfully, your plan to hide your escape works since the creature doesn’t immediately chase after you.

The crying mother thanks you profusely once you hand her the kid. After you do this, you order the few stragglers to leave before it’s too late. Thankfully, no one tries to argue with you.

Once they vacate the premises, you return your attention to where the elephant previously was. Instead of an elephant, you now see an unconscious bald man. Obviously, he must have a transformation Quirk that allows him to turn into an elephant.

Just as you had hoped, it looks like the sleeping gas had gone undetected thanks to the smoke from the smoke bombs concealing it. By the time the man realized something was wrong, it was too late.

That’s one villain down. Maybe Present Mic has found a way to stop the other two.


The vocal hero’s urgent shout has you looking in his direction just in time to see a lamp post flying straight toward you. Wide eyed, you immediately dive out of the way, just barely missing getting hit.

Quickly, you rise to your feet and notice that you’ve unfortunately earned the attention of the other two villains. No doubt they’re pissed about you taking out their partner in crime. They were probably counting on him to carry all the cash from the armored car.

Realizing you need to get the hell out of dodge, you make a break for the nearest alley. Before you can reach it, however, the telekinetic villain uses her Quirk to move a car into your path, preventing you from escaping.

“You’re not going anywhere!”

As she shouts those words, the dark haired woman picks up nearby debris with her Quirk and hurls it at you. Present Mic tries to intervene with his Quirk, but the redhead negates it just like last time.

Dimly, you wonder why his attacks seem different from how they usually are. It’s after you barely dodge the attack aimed at you that you finally realize what the problem is.

Present Mic is holding back on your account. If he were to go all out with you here, he’d risk taking you out along with the two villains. The women are strategically placed in between you and the blonde, so any attack he throws at them would also hit you if he were to manage to somehow overpower the sound nullification Quirk.

Realizing the villains have no intention of letting you escape, you decide the only chance you have of getting out of this is by moving out of the strike zone. Once you’re out of range, Present Mic can try using a stronger attack against the women.

Unfortunately, that’s not as easy as it sounds. The telekinetic villain is doing a good job of keeping you on your toes while her partner prevents the vocal hero from interfering.

When she’s not whistling to cancel out his Quirk, the redhead is engaging him in hand-to-hand combat. This is your first time watching Present Mic having to fight in a way that doesn’t involve his Quirk. Regrettably, you don’t have the time to admire the blonde’s fighting skills since you’re too busy running for your life.

At this point, you figure staying out of this fight is impossible, so you might as well make yourself useful by taking out one of the two remaining villains. Unfortunately, the telekinetic villain is making it near impossible for you to approach her or her partner.

You’re reluctant to try throwing a sleeping gas bomb since it’s likely she could just use her Quirk to toss it back at you. So, instead, you throw a few smoke bombs at the ground near your feet, figuring she won’t be fast enough to stop them from her position.

Thankfully, your theory was correct. As soon as the smoke fills the area, you dash toward where you last saw Present Mic, throwing more smoke bombs along with some sleeping gas bombs as you run. While the chances of the women falling for the same trick that their partner did is low, you figure it won’t hurt to try.

The one downside of your plan is the fact that just like how the dark haired woman can’t see you, you also can’t see her. That’s why you decide to activate your Quirk to see into the immediate future, hoping it’ll give you enough warning in advance.

Shortly after you do this, you foresee the telekinetic villain’s next attack. Immediately, you hit the ground, just in time to dodge the shards of glass that soar through the spot where you were just standing moments ago.

Around that time, a gust of wind blows past, successfully dispersing the smokescreen you created. Once the smoke clears, you realize the dark haired woman created the breeze by using her Quirk on several paper fans she must have obtained from the store with the broken window behind her. That also explains where the glass came from.

After releasing her hold on the fans, the telekinetic villain lifts the nearby fire hydrant with her Quirk and throws it at you, grinning all the while. “Face it, dear. You’re outmatched. You obviously don’t have a long distance Quirk, so your chances of reaching me are zero, understand?”

Having predicted her attack, you’re able to avoid it by rolling to the side. A scowl forms on your face at her words as you rise to your feet. “Aren’t you cocky? Let me guess. With a Quirk like yours, no one has ever been able to land a hit on you in a fight.”

Her grin grows as the debris around her begins to float. “Bingo. I can stop anything that’s thrown at me. Nothing can ever reach me.”

Your head starts to pound when you deactivate your Quirk. Since you know how this situation is going to turn out, you know you won’t need it anymore.

Pulling out your sunglasses from your bag, you put them on as you smirk, “Well, there’s always a first time for everything.”

Before she can question your words, the telekinetic villain gets knocked to the ground after her partner is thrown at her from behind. Apparently, the dark haired woman can’t block attacks she can’t see.

As the squabbling women try to sit up, you run over to Present Mic who meets you halfway and give him a grin. “Nice throw.”

He aims some finger guns your way. “Nice distraction. That telekinesis Quirk was becoming a real pain in the ass. Thanks to you, I didn’t have to worry about her while dealing with her partner.”

Just as you’re about to reply, the vocal hero tackles you to the ground, preventing you from getting hit by the debris aimed your way. Looks like the villains are ready for round two.

Unfortunately for them, this round is going to be a lot different now that Present Mic doesn’t have to worry about you getting caught in the crossfire. Much to your surprise, rather than immediately attack once he’s back on his feet, the blonde takes off his headphones and puts them on your head.

He grins at your confused expression. Your eyes widen when his mouth moves, but you hear no sound. These noise-cancelling headphones must be heavy duty if they can even block out his voice.

Once that’s done, Present Mic turns to face the women just as the telekinetic villain hurls several pieces of furniture from the nearby store at the two of you. While you can’t hear it because of the headphones, you can definitely see when the vocal hero uses his Quirk.

Despite the redhead attempting to nullify his attack with her Quirk, she fails, proving that his Quirk at full power is far stronger than hers. As a result, all the furniture pieces get blown back, forcing the women to move out of the way to dodge.

All the while, the villains clutch their ears in a vain attempt to block out the hero’s attack, but it’s no use. Within seconds, they fall to the ground unconscious with blood dripping from their ears.

It actually catches you off guard how quickly the women lose consciousness. Present Mic must have used a particularly strong attack to cause that amount of damage so fast.

After taking off the headphones and leaving them to rest around your neck, you open your mouth to speak but freeze when you catch sight of the blonde’s ears. Your eyes widen in horror when you see the blood trickling out of them.

Realization dawns your features. That’s why he wears the noise-cancelling headphones. Of course, a powerful Quirk like his would have a negative effect on its user. He risks damaging his ears every time he uses his Quirk, so he has to wear those headphones when he fights.

Yet, despite knowing the risks, Present Mic gave you the headphones in order to protect your ears. He didn’t care what damage he’d bring to himself as long as you were safe.

Blinking back tears, you wrap your arms around the blonde who jolts in surprise before turning to look at you. Your eyes shine with guilt as you frown, “Your ears. Because you had to protect me, you got hurt. I’m so sorry, Mic-san.”

His expression softens as he returns the hug and ruffles your hair. “Don’t apologize. You didn’t do anything wrong, Y/N-chan. Between protecting the ears of a cute girl and my own, the choice was obvious. Plus, Shouta would’ve totally killed me if I busted your eardrums.”

Some of the tension in your frame eases at his words. Maybe the damage done to him wasn’t as bad as you originally thought. Since he understood what you said, that means he can still hear. What a relief.

“Y/N! Mic!”

Pulling away from the vocal hero, you turn to see Aizawa running toward you. You can also hear the sounds of police sirens in the distance. Well, at least, the police are here in time to arrest the villains.

Present Mic grins as he waves energetically. “SHOUTA! Were you worried about us? That’s so sweet! I knew you loved us!”

The underground hero gives him an irritated look before directing his attention to you. His eyes narrow when he takes in your shabby appearance and the fact that you’re wearing sunglasses. “You got involved in the battle.”

It’s a statement not a question. You sheepishly nod. “It wasn’t my intention, but there was a kid who was about to get hit by the elephant man over there. I took him out with the sleeping gas bombs, and his partners got pissed as a result.”

With a sigh, Aizawa starts looking you over, checking for injuries. While there are some scratches and bruises here and there, you’re overall alright, just tired.

As the dark haired man is doing this, his friend frowns guiltily. “It’s my fault, Shouta. I was responsible for her, but I got held up by the other villains. One of them had a sound nullification Quirk which was a total pain in the ass by the way. I’ve officially found my least favorite Quirk. The only thing worse is one that summons bugs.”

You giggle at his remark while Aizawa just shakes his head. “Let’s get the two of you to Recovery Girl. The police can handle the rest from here.”

Nodding, you point at the vocal hero. “He’s gotta see her first. He’s worse off than me. I’m worried about his ears.”

Present Mic grins as he hugs you. “Aww, could this be my chance to get doted on by everyone’s favorite TA? Looks like you have to share her today, Shouta.”

Aizawa rolls his eyes. “Less talking, more walking.”

After checking in with the police and giving your statements on what happened, you and the two heroes head back to UA. Thankfully, Aizawa came in one of the school’s cars, so none of you have to worry about taking the train for the trip back.

During the drive, you take some pain relievers for your headache before pulling a handkerchief out of your bag so you can use it to clean up the blood in Yamada’s ears. When Aizawa tells you that his friend can do it himself, the blonde loudly complains, saying it’s his turn to be spoiled. According to him, it’s usually the underground hero who gets doted on, so Yamada wants to make the most of this moment.

He’s probably the first hero to actually welcome being spoiled by you since Aizawa always tries to refuse your offers while Taishiro prefers to be the one doing the doting. While you love the two dearly, you do like this change of pace.

Despite often being called a mother hen, it was never your intention to become one. You just like to look after people. Rather than spend your time worrying over whether they’re alright or not, you prefer to take action and do whatever you can to make sure they’re properly taken care of.

While you can’t say this for sure, you have a feeling the blonde knows this. So, he has no problems with letting you dote on him. Of course, you think it’s also partially because he enjoys being the center of attention.

After your group arrives at UA, you all immediately head for the infirmary. Aizawa let Recovery Girl know ahead of time what happened, so she’s there waiting when the three of you arrive.

Yamada tries to get you looked at first, but you’re adamant that he goes first since his injuries are far worse. Thankfully, Recovery Girl notices this as well and takes your side.

So, once he removes his hero equipment, including the headphones you returned to him which he kept around his neck, she examines him. Once she’s done, the heroine gives him a smooch on the forehead, and the blonde promptly passes out and starts snoring.

Noticing your worried expression, Recovery Girl gives you a reassuring smile. “It’s alright, dearie. It just took a bit out of him to repair his eardrums. The damage was extensive, but it’s fine now.”

All you can do is stare horrified once you realize the damage was worse than you thought. “But, he could hear us, couldn’t he? How could he do that with busted eardrums?”

Aizawa sighs, “He knows how to read lips. That’s how he knew what we were saying and when he needed to respond. He couldn’t actually hear us.”

That….makes a lot of sense. Considering what his Quirk is capable of, it’s not that surprising that Yamada would learn different ways to communicate in case he happened to lose his hearing thanks to his Quirk.

A frown forms on your face. You had no idea. The vocal hero was suffering in silence that whole time, and you were none the wiser. You feel awful. You should’ve noticed that something was wrong. Why didn’t you?

You’re drawn out of your thoughts by a sharp flick to your forehead. As you rub the sore area, you look up to see that Aizawa is now frowning. “It’s not your fault, Y/N. He didn’t want you to notice. That’s just how he is. He didn’t want you to worry more about him.”

Your gaze falls to the floor. “He only got hurt because of me. If he hadn’t given me his headphones, then-”

Aizawa pinches your cheek, successfully cutting you off mid-sentence. “He did what he was supposed to do. He dealt with the villains while also making sure that no civilians were hurt by his Quirk. Remember, it’s our job to protect you. You shouldn’t feel guilty about us doing our jobs.”

Recovery Girl gestures for you to take a seat on the other bed so she can examine you. “He’s right, dear. I would’ve been much more upset if you were the one who came in with ruptured eardrums.”

Judging from the underground hero’s expression, you can tell he feels the same way. Nevertheless, despite knowing they’re right, you still feel bad about what happened.


At the sound of Aizawa’s voice, you look up to meet his gaze. That’s when you notice the soft expression he’s now wearing. “Rather than feel guilty and try to apologize, how about you think of what else you can tell him? I’m sure you already know what he’d like to hear more than an apology.”

Blinking, you ponder his words for a few seconds before realization dawns your features. Then, a small smile forms on your face. “Okay.”

He ruffles your hair while Recovery Girl finishes her examination. Rather than use her Quirk, she just puts a few band-aids on your scrapes and gives you some gummies, claiming that you’ll be fine after a good night’s sleep.

Not long after that, the heroine heads home. Considering it’s a Sunday, you’re sure hanging around the school on her holiday is the last thing she wants to do, so you don’t blame her for leaving once everything is settled. You and Yamada are lucky she made time to look over you both despite it being her day off.

Since the vocal hero is still fast asleep, you make yourself comfortable in one of the chairs by his bed. While you could return to the dorm, you really want to stay until the blonde wakes up.

As you’re texting Iida and Yaoyorozu to let them know you’ll be late coming back to the dorm, Aizawa takes a seat in the chair beside yours. Looks like he plans on staying as well.

Unsurprisingly, he eventually asks what happened with the villains since the report to the police was mostly given by Yamada, so the underground hero doesn’t know what all happened on your side.

That’s how the next several minutes pass with you telling him everything that happened. Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t pleased that you didn’t stay away from the danger like Yamada asked you to, but surprisingly enough, the older man doesn’t scold you for running into the danger zone.

Instead, after you finish your story, Aizawa pats your head. When he sees your surprised expression, he raises an amused brow. “Did you really think I’d scold you for saving a kid’s life? Despite it being reckless, I can’t get mad about something like that. Mic was preoccupied with the other villains, so you were the only one who could help. It’s true I would’ve liked for you to stay out of danger, but because you didn’t, that kid is alive and safe now. Good job.”

Warmth blossoms in your chest at his words. It’s not long before you find yourself beaming at the older man. “Thank you!”

The corners of his lips quirk upwards just a tad as he ruffles your hair. “I would ask you to not make a habit of getting into situations like that, but I know how pointless that is. However, as long as you be careful, I won’t complain.”

A sheepish grin forms on your face. “I’ll do my best.”

After that conversation, you decide to kill time by showing Aizawa some new cat videos you found. You scooch your chair closer to his before pulling out your phone while he leans more in your direction so he can get a better view of the device. And, that’s how the two of you spend the next few hours as you both wait for the sleeping hero to wake.

It’s the sound of a loud yawn that eventually announces Yamada’s return to the world of consciousness. A large smile forms on your face as you stash your phone in your pocket. “Good evening, Yamada-san!”

He groggily reaches for his prescription glasses on the nightstand. After a few fumbled attempts, the blonde finally grabs them and puts them on.

Once he can properly see who’s with him, Yamada grins, “Aw, Shouta! Did you stay ‘cause you wanted to be my nurse too?”

While Aizawa scowls at his friend, you giggle at the mental image those words give you. Nurse Aizawa. Wouldn’t that be a funny sight to see?

The underground hero moves to stand. “Alright, he’s fine. We can go home now. Let’s go, Y/N.”

His friend pouts, “What?! No fair! I want to be pampered more! I don’t get this opportunity often, you know!”

All you can do is laugh. “You should be nicer to him, Shouta-san. Yamada-san worked really hard today. I don’t see the harm in doting on him for a little while.”

Beaming, Yamada throws his arms around you. “Y/N-chan gets it! At least, she understands me! Unlike some people!”

Aizawa rolls his eyes. “You spoil him too much, Y/N.”

Maybe so, but it’s not like the blonde ever really takes advantage of it like he probably could. Honestly, it feels like the times he asks for your attention the most are the times when you need someone to focus on to distract you from your worries. When you think of it like that, then it’s really more him helping you than the other way around.

Returning the hug, you tell the vocal hero, “Yamada-san, I know how badly you hurt your ears. You didn’t tell me ‘cause you didn’t want me to worry. I wish you would have.”

His posture stiffens. “O-Oh really? I didn’t say? Must have slipped my mind. Oops.”

You huff at his words while the other hero snorts. While you would like to scold him, you know you shouldn’t since he did it for your sake.

So, instead of a scolding or an apology, the next words to pass your lips are: “Thank you for protecting me, Yamada-san. You were really cool, dealing with those villains. I was really impressed.”

When he looks down to see your smile, it doesn’t take long before a large one forms on his face. He hugs you tighter as he beams, “What can I say? The cool thing just comes naturally to me.”

With a wink, he adds, “Just don’t fall too hard for my cool charms, Y/N-chan, or Shouta will really have my head.”

Unsurprisingly, that earns him a smack to the head courtesy of an annoyed Aizawa. Meanwhile, you can’t stop yourself from giggling at the two.

Not long after that, the three of you finally leave the infirmary. As you’re all walking, Yamada comes up with the idea of you all having dinner at Aizawa’s place. As expected, the dark haired man isn’t too thrilled about the idea.

When Aizawa asks why his place, the blonde says it’s because he’s low on groceries, and he knows that you keep the underground hero’s apartment well stocked. Now, you’re wondering if you’ll need to start taking the vocal hero grocery shopping in order to make sure he also doesn’t run out of food. At least, you don’t have to worry about him developing poor eating habits like his friend.

In the end, with you and Yamada giving him the puppy dog eyes, it doesn’t take long before Aizawa finally concedes. You give him a hug as thanks and are quickly joined by the blonde which results in the dark haired man issuing threats to get himself released.

Of course, despite how he’s acting, you know Aizawa really isn’t as irritated as he’s trying to make you two believe. Considering how Yamada starts teasing his friend, you’re sure he notices as well.

Later on, when you all arrive at the underground hero’s apartment, you head for the kitchen to feed the cats before starting on dinner. Just like with his old apartment, Aizawa says the other man is not allowed to cook in his kitchen much to the blonde’s disappointment.

However, Yamada does get to hang out with you in the kitchen while his friend dozes on the couch with the cats who join him after they finish eating. As he comes up with one conversation topic after another, the vocal hero also helps out by handing you ingredients along with anything else you may need.

Since it’s his day to be spoiled, you make whatever Yamada requests much to his delight. You always get a really warm feeling in your chest whenever you see people get excited about your cooking. It’s the main reason why cooking is so enjoyable for you now when before it was just one of the chores assigned to you each day.

“Hey, Y/N-chan, since this is my day of fun, can I make a special request?”

Amused, you raise an eyebrow at him. “I guess it depends on what you ask. If it’s something that will annoy Shouta-san, I don’t think we should since he’s letting us use his kitchen.”

He laughs as he shakes his head.“Nah, it’s nothing like that, I promise.”

You tilt your head. “Alright. What’s the request?”

A large grin forms on his face. “I want you to call me by my given name like you do Shouta. While I know you’re just being polite, every time I hear ‘Yamada-san’ I think of my dad. Plus, I’ve never been one for formalities. My friendship with Shouta is proof of that.”

Your eyes widen in surprise. “Really? It’s okay?”

Yamada gives you some finger guns. “Of course! You totally have my permission.”

Even though you currently call two heroes by their given names, it’s still a surreal experience when someone else tells you it’s okay. You never thought you’d one day be close enough to someone that you’d be allowed to call them by their given name.

Warmth blossoms in your chest as you smile brightly. “Hizashi-san.”

For some reason, the vocal hero suddenly freezes, confusing you. Before you can ask if he’s alright, Yamada abruptly pulls you into a hug. “Okay, now I know why Shouta is so damn happy about the name thing. That was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. I never thought I’d feel so giddy over someone saying my name. How dare you attack my heart with these feels. I was not ready.”

Unable to help yourself, you start giggling. His reaction is just too funny for you not to laugh. “But, you were the one who asked me to do it, Hizashi-san.”

“Ah, there it is again. What is with this overwhelming feeling of joy? Is this what a parent feels the first time they hear their child say their name? I thought Shouta was the parent not me!”

Your laughter increases at his words. Now, he’s just being silly. Before you can tell him as much, you hear Aizawa’s voice from the doorway. “Yamada, you’re too loud. You woke me from my nap. And, knock it off with all that parent nonsense. I keep telling you I’m too young to be her dad.”

After he releases you, Yamada turns to face his irritated friend. “Even if you say that, you can’t deny that you’ve all but adopted her. When anything ever happens to her, you’re worse than a mama bear protecting her cubs. I was seriously more worried about what you would do to me if she got hurt than I was about what the villains would do to me, and that’s saying something.”

When the dark haired man scowls, you teasingly remark, “Shouta-san loves me~”

With a laugh, the blonde ruffles your hair. “Hell yeah, he does. I do too, of course, but even I know when to admit defeat. The only real competition Shouta has is Fatgum. Now, that is a match I’d love to give commentary on.”

While you snicker at Yamada’s words, Aizawa silently glares at the two of you for several seconds before finally turning to leave. Either he’s going to get his revenge later, or he’s too tired to bother trying period. Guess you’ll have to wait and see which it is.

Shortly after that, you finish the dinner preparations. The vocal hero helps you bring out the food to the couch since his friend still hasn’t bought anymore furniture for his apartment despite how much you both like to visit him.

Thankfully, despite still appearing to be annoyed, Aizawa accepts the food Yamada offers him before the blonde takes a seat on the opposite end of the couch, leaving you with the middle seat. The vocal hero quickly calls dibs on the TV remote and starts flipping through the channels in hopes of finding something good to watch.

He eventually ends up stopping on a news channel once he sees that it’s about the villain attack on the armored car from earlier today. Yamada proudly puffs up his chest when the reporters talk about how he bravely took on three villains all by himself all while protecting the civilians caught in the crossfire.

Just as you’re about to tell him again how cool he was, you find yourself freezing at what appears on the screen next. Your eyes grow large when they play a video of you rescuing the child seconds before he got attacked by the elephant Quirk user.

Your jaw drops as the video continues to play, showing how you used Hatsume’s inventions to subdue the elephant. It ends shortly after you return the child to his mother and ask the remaining civilians to run to safety.

According to the reporters, the video came from one of the civilians watching the fight. You had no idea someone had been filming you. What’s even more shocking is the fact that the news reporters are actually wondering what your hero name is, meaning they seriously think that you’re a pro hero instead of a civilian.

Dimly, you’re aware of the buzzing of your phone in your pocket, alerting you of the many text messages currently filling your inbox. No doubt the students are seeing the same thing you are.

Before you can check your phone, an arm drapes across your shoulders while a different hand moves to gently ruffle your hair. Surprised, you turn to see Yamada wearing a proud grin while Aizawa is giving you one of his rare, small smiles.

Flushing at the attention, you shyly avert your gaze back to your food, making the blonde laugh. “You know, Y/N-chan, if you ever decide to become a hero, I would totally welcome you as a sidekick. After all, I think we make a great team, don’t you?”

At his question, memories of the battle move to the forefront of your mind. Even though neither of you intended for things to turn out the way they did, it's true that, in the end, the villains were defeated as a result of your and Yamada's spur of the moment teamwork.

Once you realize this, a large smile forms on your face. “Absolutely.”