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Ride Or Die (Highschool AU)

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Optimus Prime - TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

2 February, 9:03pm


Onebigbulk: ......So. Freshmen orientation


Ontheprowl: I can still feel my back breaking from carrying all those useless boxes even though I'm a gymnast.


Beegonethot: I can't believe you're flexing right in front of my soup


Onbigbulk: How big do you think this year's juniors are going to be?


Beegonethot: I call dibs on the cool kids



TooOP: You can't call dibs on juniors.


Beegonethot: too bad, already did


Ontheprowl: 5 dollars they'll forget you five seconds after meeting you


Beegonethot: why 5 dollars?


Ontheprowl: Because you're a broke student that spends his money on parties


Beegonethot: :(


Beegonethot: bold of you to assume its on parties


Onebigbulk: Did you see Sentinel this afternoon? He went nuts at the design crew because the flowers were "too off center"


Beegonethot: bitch needs more than just glasses


TooOP: I don't know, maybe he's just stressed.


Beegonethot: you and I both know Sentinel just likes being an asshole to anyone


Onebigbulk: Its true. At least Jazz had it under control.


Beegonethot: Jazz my man


Ontheprowl: I believe he's my man


Beegonethot: Wow okay we get it hes your bro agressive much???


TooOP: On the brighter note at least they let us go late in the morning after all that.


TooOP: Wait they're messaging me. Hold on.





"Autobot Committee"

Ultra Magnus - UltraM

Sentinel - Americandream

Optimus Prime - TooOP

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Longarm - LonginglyLong

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

2 February, 9:04pm


Americandream: @TooOP @SmoothJazz @Stormjet @Firejet @g2gfast @Longinglylong We're moving the meeting time to 7am.


TooOP: Wait why?


Americandream: If we're going to beat the Deceptitwats at this orientation, we have to be there sharp and early to greet our first few juniors coming in


g2gfast: But don't they come at 9am?


Americandream: NO EXCUSES.


TooOP: Okay.





Optimus Prime - TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

2 February, 9:05pm



TooOP: I hate him.


Beegonethot: Don't we all


TooOP: We're going to have to go to school at 7am.


Beegonethot: WHAT


Ontheprowl: Kms


Onebigbulk: Why????


TooOP: Because Sentinel hates us.




Beegonethot: I dont wanna die blease


Onebigbulk: Who put him in charge in the first place?


TooOP: His rich parents that pay for his two Lamborghinis and bribing the school.


Beegonethot: Primus I wish that were me


Ontheprowl: Get a job first


Beegonethot: I will when I find one that lets me not work


Ontheprowl: You really frustrate me.





Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

2 February, 9:10 pm


Shockinglyhandsome: Megs can I please leave the Longarm life behind I'm dying akskdkkdsk


Megaslut: What is it this time?


Shockinglyhandsome: They're making us go at 7 in the morning and I want to commit seppuku.


Starringme: Sucks to be you :)


Shockinglyhandsome: Fuck you scream


Blitzbrainiac: How about you just don't go?


Shockinglyhandsome: I don't want to blow my cover but at the same time I really want to please send help


Megaslut: As a formidable ally of the Decepticon cause, I'll reward your loyalty with a free starbucks drink


Shockinglyhandsome: Kinky


Megaslut: Take it or leave it


Shockinglyhandsome: Fine, but if I die the next day I'm haunting your ass


Blitzbrainiac: 👀


Shockinglyhandsome: #PrayforShockwave


Blitzbrainiac: I will be doing no praying


Shockinglyhandsome: #Fuckyouall


Blitzbrainiac: Me?~ U//w//U


Shockinglyhandsome: Fuck you Blitzwing.


Megaslut: I've been trying to sleep but you all keep bitching around like that


Luggingbaggage: Let us SLEEP


Starringme: Whatever sluts I need my beauty sleep anyway.


Shockinglyhandsome: You're going to have to come up with a new sleeping routine with a face looking like that all the time




Shockinglyhandsome: AHAHAHAHAHAH






3 February, 8:03am


Shockinglyhandsome: @Luggingbaggage is your spine breaking offer still up? My back is killing me and Sentidick won't shut up.

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Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

3 February, 09:53 am


Beegonethot: Freshmen_chickens.png


Beegonethot: look at all these chickens


TooOP: Bee where are you? I don't see you handing out fliers.


Beegonethot: you know the secret backstage room that no one enters because everyone assumes theres a ghost?


TooOP: Yeah


Beegonethot: Im playing mario kart in here.


TooOP: Bee wtf


Beegonethot: I deserve my break


Onebigbulk: You just took selfies with the freshmen and told them your instagram and snapchat accounts.


Beegonethot: What can I say? I'm just irresistable.


TooOP: I can't believe we're working ourselves to the bone while you sit in the haunted room and play mario kart.


Beegonethot: Its not even haunted nothing has happened to me and something always happens to me on a daily basis. I think some kid made the rumors to scare people and pranked kids with fake ghosts or smh.


Beegonethot: @Ontheprowl Come and play mario kart with me i havent got the chance to kick your ass


Onebigbulk: I think Prowl went to the main gate? He's not here in the auditorium.


Beegonethot: At least he don't get to hear Sentinal bitching about his rich ass life and his student leader creds.


Beegonethot: Holy shit wait some kid just came in here.


TooOP: Freshmen?




TooOP: Hello?




3 February 11, 9:53am


Beegonethot: Sorry Prowl, I just found myself a new challenger.





Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

3 February, 10:01am


Megaslut: There's this guy handing out papers to the freshmen and honestly I've never seen him before??? Who is he??


Arachnophobia: Send me a pic I want in on your drama.


Megaslut: kid.png




Arachnophobia: That "kid's" in the same grade as me.


Megatron: You know him?


Arachnophobia: I'd rather not talk about it so fuck off


Megaslut: Okay geez you don't have to be a raging bitch all the time :/


Arachnophobia: If I were not laying on this bed I would've choked you.


Luggingbaggage: His name's Optimus Prime I believe. I think he joined the Autobot committee just this year.


Blitzbrainiac: Something wrong?


Megaslut: Why have I never seen him around at all???? And he's in the autobot committee, so I'm like confused comparing him to Sentibutt.


Luggingbaggage: Maybe that's because he didn't attend school for half a year. He was always quiet.




Megaslut: He did that? What'd he do?


Blitzbrainiac: I don't know. Some people said he murdered someone and went to juvie, but those were just rumors.


Megaslut: He doesn't look like the kind of guy to kill someone??? So I don't think so?????


Luggingbaggage: Why the interest?




Megaslut: I don't.


Arachnophobia: It took you five more seconds to type and send that




Megaslut: You're being a child




Megaslut: Said the guy who drove to the shopping mall at 2 am in the morning to get honey flakes cereal for breakfast even though he's a rich kid with avacado in his pantry.


Luggingbaggage: Oh my primus




Arachnophobia: If anyone is video recording their little cat fight send it to me thx.





Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

3 February, 10:10pm





Onebigbulk: Has anyone tried breaking it off?


TooOP: It's Megatron and Blitzwing so NO WAY am I touching any one of them if it gets me killed.


Onebigbulk: yikes


Beegonethot: Sorry guys, I'm currently whooping someone's ass in mario kart. My priorities are in this room.


Beegonethot: I can hear the freshmen chanting like a cult. Its taking me back to that time the seniors chanted at me to jump off the roof of the frat house


TooOP: The teachers aren't even doing anything?


Onebigbulk: Because the last time they tried one came out with a broken tooth.


TooOP: How on earth are they still in school????


Onebigbulk: They're rich kids.


TooOP: Oh


Beegonethot: Get their gucci gang or smh


TooOP: No way I'm talking to anyone in the Decepticon Committee.


Beegonethot: Your lose




"Autobot Committee"

Ultra Magnus - UltraM

Sentinel - Americandream

Optimus Prime - TooOP

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Longarm - LonginglyLong

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

3 February, 10:12pm



UltraM: What's happening?


TooOP: A fight broke out and its between Megatron and Blitzwing.


Americandream: Why aren't you stopping them???


TooOP: Maybe I don't want to get decapitated by either one of them.


Americandream: Well do something or our plans are going to waste over some fight freshmen are stupidly interested in.


TooOP: I'll think of something.


Firejet: Have you tryed the throwing of a fire hydrent on them?


Stormjet: That was what I was thinking exactly


TooOP: I think that'd just make them want to attack me but thanks for the idea.


Firejet: It was of no problem :)


TooOP: Where's Blurr and Jazz?


Americadream: Busy with a presentation to deal with this nonsense


TooOP: Longarm???


Americadream: Busy answering questions go figure.


TooOP: I'll figure something out.





Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

3 February, 10:15 pm



Ontheprowl: I heard screaming what's happening???


TooOP: ^


Ontheprowl: omw


TooOP: Oh thank Primus.


Beegonethot: I can hear you weeping in this chat


Beegonethot: Update me I want in on the drama


Onebigbulk: Blitzwing has Megatron in a choke-hold and Megatron's not surrendering.


Beegonethot: Thats nasty. But now we canonically know that Blitzwing is stronger than Megatron.


TooOP: I honestly thought I was going to have an okay day but I feel so upset right now.


Beegonethot: You make the meme sound worse OP no offense


TooOP: I didn't ask for the input but thanks.


Beegonethot: Yo why'd it all go quiet?


Onebigbulk: Prowl literally went up to the both of them and Blitzwing let him go.


Beegonethot: Does our man possess the power of god himself???


Onebigbulk: Now he's dragging them both to the principal's


Beegonethot: Are they getting suspended?


Onebigbulk: Don't think so, it'd probably be a chewing out


Beegonethot: Disappointed.


Beegonethot: This kid is so good at mario kart she made me crash my own kart.


Beegonethot: Is that even possible????


Beegonethot: She's a treasure and I'm keeping her.


Onebigbulk: Who is she?


Beegonethot: I'll introduce later.


TooOP: Sentinel's calling me, so I really need you to help hand out fliers.




TooOP: Thanks Bee.




Caller excerpt:

Sentinel -> Optimus Prime

February 3, 10:17pm



"Optimus? Did you stop the fight?"


"Asked a friend to help."


"Yeah yeah whatever. Listen. I need you to do something."


"Pray tell what is it?"


"I need you to stalk Megatron."




"I don't need to repeat myself twice. Ultra Magnus and I discussed and we came up with the idea that if we were to disassemble his gang, we need to find inside information on him and use it against him."


"Isn't that considered a crime?"


"No it won't."


"Why don't you do it? Or get Longarm he's the one good at gathering info not me."


"I assigned Longarm to another project so he's busy and so are everyone else. We're giving this task to you since you're the only free one amongst us and you're good at staying invisible so there's that."


"I have a chem and physics test coming up though-"


"Okay listen, you still owe us. And besides, this is just one small fucking favour. Spare us the complaints and just do it alright? If it weren't for Ultra Magnus and I, you wouldn't be here."




"So do it or don't."








"You and I both know I'm just trying to help you right?"




"Good that you know."


"Whatever Sentinel."


"And remember, don't get caught or you'll get pulverized by a certain enemy."


-call ended-

Chapter Text


Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

7 February, 6:15pm



Megaslut: I still can't feel my arm and school's starting tm, do I need to go to the hospital?


Blitzbraniac: It should go away in like a day or two you're fine.


Megaslut: Bold coming from the guy who almost choked me to death


Blitzbraniac: Insult me and my breakfast preferences and I will break your neck


Megaslut: Oh no im quaking in my knees :/


Arachnophobia: Alright you babies, drop it.


Shockinglyhandsome: Hey guyyyyssssss


Starringme: What's new pussycat?


Shockinglyhandsome: I found my sonnnnn


Megaslut: Who'd you fuck?


Shockinglyhandsome: No one >:(


Arachnophobia: Sure.


Shockinglyhandsome: I was just going around and this freshman kid bumps into me and his stuff drops. And he has Post Malone blasting in his headphones.


Shockinglyhandsome: Long story short we're friends and brothers from another mother and I'd like to add him in the chat :)))


Blitzbraniac: He's gonna get trauma if he joined


Shockinglyhandsome: Too late


(Shockinglyhandsome added Soundthealarm to the chat)


Shockinglyhandsome: Everyone meet Soundwave :))))))


Soundwave: Hi :)


Blitzbraniac: Welcome to hell kid


Arachnophobia: If Shockwave is going to bully you into doing his shit tell me I'll gladly punch him.


Shockinglyhandsome: :( I pay him


Starringme: Just don't fuck with us kid.


Soundwave: I probably won't I'd be too busy vandalising the school walls


Starringme:....I like him


Shockinglyhandsome: I already called dibs on him get ur own.


Starringme: I already have 5 brothers and sisters for that so no.


Shockinglyhandsome: So how's life treating you Arachnia?


Arachnophobia: Like always :/


Arachnophobia: Are you all coming to visit this Sat? They're having a small cake party for the residents and visiting folks in here.


Arachnophobia: Soundwave can come too idm


Soundthealarm: I'd like to meet you


Shockinglyhandsome: @Soundthealarm Bring your sickest tunes to blast and annoy people


Soundthealarm: I'll try my best


Arachnophobia: Horrible.


Luggingbaggage: Sorry Arachnia, I promised Strika a date and I already got tickets to see a movie.


Arachnophobia: That's so sweet it hurts.


Strikayoudown: Shape of water is looking pretty hot.


Arachnophobia: You're making me jealous already all they have in here is old die hard movies and lame romcoms.


Blitzbraniac: If there's red velvet cake I'm in!!!! :)


Arachnophobia: Yup.


Starringme: Can't make it, I also got a hot date


Megaslut: Starscream of all people??? I'm shocked


Starringme: Jealous much?


Megaslut: Not really


Starringme: Fuck you for that and ignoring your many chances of responding to my booty call.


Megaslut: Ew I didn't even want to


Starringme: I'm just cheating this guy off his money for fancy food anyway so it will be the best date night ever :)


Megaslut: This is why nobody stays with you long enough to fuck Starscream


Arachnophobia: Ouch


Starringme: Fuck off.


Starringme: Anyway, I filmed the whole fight because it was fucking hilarious, so here you go Arachnia




Soundthealarm: I wasn't even there to see it I was stuck in a talk by the Autobot Committee


Shockinglyhandsome: Dont you mean trashbags?


Arachnophobia: They look so stupid its hilarious. Nice choke hold Blitzbrain.


Blitzbraniac: Appreciated.


Arachnophobia: I wish I could've been there, I would've loved to rough house with you dweebs.


Megaslut: Your metal arm and leg would kill us


Arachnophobia: Oh no I still haven't really learnt how to do complicated stuff with them yet so its impossible.


Megaslut: "yet"


Arachnophobia: Don't do anything else stupid before I come back to school.




"Bros Before Hoes"

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

 7 February, 6:28pm


Soundthealarm: If its alright, what happened to Blackarachnia?


Soundthealarm: I didn't want to sound rude so I didn't ask in the chat. But if its also not really good to tell me its fine.


Shockinglyhandsome: Nah its fine. Its just a sensitive subject for her.


Shockinglyhandsome: It happened round last year, mid year I think. There were rumors about somebody going missing in school. And it was Blackarachnia. She sort of...never came to school for a week. We tolerate her so of course we were very concerned. 


Shockinglyhandsome: Then a week later the news comes on and they freaking found her body in a pretty deep canyon. Her body got crushed by some of the falling boulders and they managed to get her out.


Soundthealarm: I heard of it. I saw it on tv.


Shockinglyhandsome:No one knows how but she somehow survived. She fell into a coma when they found her and it took her a long month and more until she awoke, miraculously. So long story short, she ended up losing an arm and a leg and has sick robo prosthetics. She got stuck in rehab for the rest of that year till now. But I think she can come back to school after a week or two.


Soundthealarm: That's really rough...


Shockinglyhandsome: Which is why we try not to mess with her. She's too overpowered.


Shockinglyhandsome: She never told us what happened though so we assumed she just fell in. Don't tell her I told you this though. This is only limited to the Decepticunt members.


Soundthealarm: I technically am one so it should be fine....?


Shockinglyhandsome: I am so proud of you :')





Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

8 February 11:12am



Beegonthot: Alright I finally remembered to get Sari's number and I manged to get it. Mind if I add her?


TooOP: That freshman you played Mario Kart with?


Beegonethot: Yep


Ontheprowl: Why are we even chatting in here we're literally sitting right across each other


Beegonethot: Becos Optimus isn't here


TooOP: I'll be there soon I think


Bigbulkhead: Go ahead :)


(Beegonethot added Sariaboutthat to the chat)


Sariaboutthat: Soooo.....hi? Name's Sari.


TooOP: My name's Optimus, nice to meet you Sari.


Onebigbulk: My name's Bulkhead :)


Ontheprowl: Prowl


Beegonethot: It's actually cool cos Sari and I are neighbours!!! She lives in the same city street as me but like she lives in a huge tower and I'm totally not jealous :(


Sariaboutthat: My dad's a scientist and inventor so yeah.


Ontheprowl: Professor Sumdac?


Sariaboutthat: Yep. Am a Sumdac. I just moved to Detroit so probably dont know me.


TooOP: Not to be rude but is there a reason?


Sariaboutthat: Nah I was just home schooled. The only people who knew about me were the people working with my dad and kids who'd come on field trips. But now I'm here and ready to be an actual human being >:)


Beegonethot: Welcome to the real world Sari, its rough and it sucks u,,w,,u


Onebigbulk: You should join the art club we're short on members


Beegonethot: Don't go promoting your club to juniors like that. 


Onebigbulk: But its true


Sariaboutthat: As much as that would be cool, I think I'd pass. I don't think I can keep up with an after school activity and studies


Beegonethot: Finally someone gets me


TooOP: You never even study for your tests Bee.


Beegonethot: why u gotta expose me like that :((((


Ontheprowl: So far all I'm getting out of this is another Mario Kart player for me to defeat.


Sariaboutthat: Oh you are on Prowl 


Beegonethot: A beginning of a new era and time.


Onbigbulk: Where are you anyway OP? I still don't see you.


Prowl: Are you busy?


TooOP: Sorry, I got caught up in committee duties. I think I'll skip lunch.


Sariaboutthat: But isn't freshmen orientation like over? And what about you guys?


TooOP: We have other things to do. Bulkhead, Bee and Prowl aren't exactly official members they just volunteer.


Beegonethot: Nada I'm getting you a sandwich.


TooOP: You don't have to.


Beegonethot: I want to


TooOP: Fine.




"Untitled Group Chat"

8 February 1:03pm


(Megaslut added TooOP)


Megaslut: Hello Prime.


TooOP: How'd you get this number?


Megaslut: I have my ways.


Megaslut: But the better question is what were you doing to my bag during lunch break.


Megaslut: Because last I remembered no one touches my shit.


TooOP: I can explain

Chapter Text



Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

9 February, 11:20pm




Ontheprowl: What are you doing up so late????


Beegonethot: wdym? Its still early


Ontheprowl: oh my primus.


Beegonethot: Prowl quick whats math assignment??


Ontheprowl: Workbook A pg 24


Ontheprowl: Q1-12


Beegonethot: thanks uwu


Sariaboutthat: Why's my phone buzzing in the middle of the night????


Beegonethot: Its not in the middle of the night Sari


Ontheprowl: I can kill this man with both my hands but Master Yoketron would be disappointed in me


Beegonethot: Im going to pretend u never said that and we r best buds :)


TooOP: I can't believe you guys are still up.


Beegonethot: Last minute assignments keeps a man from his beauty sleep. A curse I must bear


Ontheprowl: Just do ur work early??? Is it that hard???


Sariaboutthat: It is a curse Prowl.


TooOP: If you fall asleep in class like the last time im not going to wake you up.


Beegonethot: What about you anyway nerd, shouldnt u be sleeping too instead of up?


TooOP: Stuff.


TooOP: And besides my mum fell sick again so I'm taking care of her for a while before I sleep.


Beegonethot: Not mama OP :((((


Ontheprowl: Help me tell her get well soon


Sariaboutthat: ^


TooOP: My mum says thanks :)


TooOP: And don't do drugs


Beegonethot: Assuming I did though-


Beegonethot: jk I would never do her dirty like that.


TooOP: Back to the topic, unlike you I can stay awake through a class long enough :/


Beegonethot: Now u did me dirty and it hurts :(


Ontheprowl: He's not wrong


Sariaboutthat: Speaking of, I was thinking we could all go and hang out on Friday if that's cool.


Sariaboutthat: There's a new ice cream place that opened near the school and I heard they have this sick ass ice cream flavour that'll make your taste buds explode.


Ontheprowl: You make it sound convincing


Sariaboutthat: Why thank you uwu


Beegonethot: @TooOP you coming? Bulkhead already said he'd join.


TooOP: I'm real sorry. I'm going to have to ditch.


Beegonethot: But ice creaammm :(((((


TooOP: Sentinel wants the whole committee to stay back and do some organization with the committee's filing systems. Some got messed up with other projects so we need to resettle that.


Sariaboutthat: Is Sentinel always like that??


TooOP: I guess.


Beegonethot: Shame, we'll tell you all about it tho. And make you jealous 


TooOP: Try me




"Something Fishy"

9 February 11:36pm

(Beegonethot added Sariaboutthat and Ontheprowl)


Sariaboutthat: What's this about?


Beegonethot: Okay so I've stuck with OP long enough to know that somethinge's off.


Sariaboutthat: ?????


Ontheprowl: Another conspiracy theory?


Beegonethot: Guys I'm serious.


Ontheprowl: Using actual diacritics and actual English in a text?


Ontheprowl: go on


Beegonethot: I think OP's not actually doing committee stuff. 


Sariaboutthat: Wouldn't that be possible. It's Sentinel afterall.


Ontheprowl: Sentinel's always asking things of him so I wouldn't be surprised.


Beegonethot: Yeah but here's the thing. Sentinel never does shit on a Friday because he keeps Fridays occupied with parties.


Beegonethot: because hes a hella rich kid. 


Beegonethot: And besides Optimus would never turn down an invitation to ice cream places. 


Ontheprowl: Don't get me wrong but as much as your concern for Optimus is also a concerm for me, I think ur overthinking it....


Sariaboutthat: Yeah


Beegonethot: Okay, how about we tail him and see about that


Sariaboutthat: Isn't that going to far???


Beegonethot: Hey I just wanna make sure, its what friends do >:(


Sariaboutthat:.....i guess we can always check on him...?


Sariaboutthat: I don't know. I've seen him walking past the hallways these days and he looks stressed.


Ontheprowl: I think Chem test and his sick ma got him stressed but I guess we can see....


Beegonethot: Operation Tail Optimus??


Ontheprowl: As long as we get our ice cream after


Sariaboutthat: I'm in


Beegonethot: thanks guys :)




“Something Fishy”

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

11 February, 2:26pm


(Beegonethot changed the group name to "Operation Tail Optimus")

(Beegonethot added Onebigbulk)


Onebigbulk: Is this our secret base of operations?


Beegonethot: Yep and today is the big day >:)


Beegonethot: @everyone meet me at the front gate of the school.




Beegonethot: frontgate.png




Onebigbulk: Wait so remind me why we're doing this again?


Ontheprowl: Because Bee is paranoid


Beegonethot: I just wanna make sure Bossbot is alrighty


Sariaboutthat: What kind of a nickname is that?


Beegonethot: came to me one day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Ontheprowl: Im omw and I see Optimus leaving through the east gate.


Beegonethot: KNEW IT


Ontheprowl: He looks like he's calling someone.






11 February, 3:23pm


Beegonethot: What'd OP doing in city central anyway??? He never goes here?


Sariaboutthat: How'd you know?


Beegonethot: He came once with us and he took one look at the price for a burger in one od the fastfood restaurants and he never ever came back ever again.


Ontheprowl: He scrimps and saves to get by.


Sariaboutthat: i c




Sariaboutthat:We should go in.


Ontheprowl: If we all go in and try to look, Optimus'll spot us. Maybe I can get a closer look. Hold on.


Onebigbulk: I'm fine with sitting here.


Beegonethot: Gd luck Prowl, don't die!!!!


Ontheprowl: This isn't a war we're fighting :/





Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

11 Februrary, 4:18pm


Beegonethot: Wtf.png




Onebigbulk: Optimus.


Sariaboutthat: That's you and Megatron.


Sariaboutthat: MEGATRON


Sariaboutthat: walking out of a burger place.




Ontheprowl: explain.


TooOP: oh boy





Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

11 February, 7:28pm


Arachnophobia: As much as you're guy with no fear, I still didn't like that you up and asked Optimus Prime on a burger date.


Megaslut: I just wanted to mess with him and have a little fun while I'm still sitting through hellschool. 


Megaslut: Besides it wasn't even a burger date. Even tho he offered


Shockinglyhandsome: wdym


Megaslut: He paid for my burger and everything but when I asked about him getting one, he said he wasn't hungry even though five seconds later his gut gave him away and it was hilarious. 


Megaslut: I told him I could just pay for our meals and he insisted I didn't or he would literally kill himself on the spot. Which was bold coming from a small guy.


Starringme: He's not even small ur just huge


Megaslut: thx.


Megaslut: Anyway, long story short we talked about school and stuff. Asked him why he agreed to coming there when he didn't want to eat a burger in the first place and he said it'd be rude if he suggested otherwise.


Megaslut: I might have teased him a bit. But his reaction was priceless.


Starringme: Fraternising with the enemy? My my 


Megaslut: Again, all in the name of good fun and boredom relieving.


Soundthealarm: What did he do?


Megaslut: Snoop around my personal shit.


Megaslut: Apparantly he lost something and wanted to see if anyone stole it, so he was checking the bags in our class. I found him and he offered a free lunch as an apology.


Megaslut: Though im inclined to disturb him again :)


Blitzbrainiac: Found yourself a guinea pig?


Megaslut: u could say that.


Strikayoudown: ur date sounds more depressing than Starscream's date with Wind Rider.


Starringme: FIY he wasn't even that good in bed


Megaslut: Aand im out




"Gucci Duo"

Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

11 February, 7:34pm


Blackarachnia: Look Megs I don't trust Optimus.


Megatron: I know you and him have some issues but I've seen the kid. If he does anything to me I can take him down.


Blackarachnia: not that you idiot.


Blackarachnia: As much as I hate it, he's smart.


Blackarachnia: You think he got into Cybetron high that easily with money? His family's struggling with money but he did the entrance exam and just went in like a step through a door. He's as smart as he is cunning. And I know he's up to something.


Megaslut: I know. 


Megaslut: But I'll be careful.


Megaslut: I also want to see what he's up to so I'm keeping this between us. And when I do, I'll make sure he gets it.


Arachnophobia: Just don't do anything stupid.


Megaslut: Trust me I won't


Chapter Text

"Untitled group chat"

Megatron – Megaslut

Optimus Prime – TooOP

12 February, 8:01am


(Megaslut changed the group name to "MegOP")


TooOP: Oh my primus you're not leaving me alone are you.


Megaslut: After the shit you pulled I don't think you're going to go that easy :)


TooOP: What do you want? I'm studying for math test


Megaslut: This early????


Megaslut: I just want you to humor me Prime


TooOP: ?


Megaslut: Tell me what your committee's up to these days hm?


TooOP: Not a chance :/


Megaslut: You know they just love to satisfy the rich kids who pay for their parties and wag their tails for them right? They never cared about the rest of the school. I'm surprised you'd be on their side


TooOP: That's none of your business.


TooOP: Besides aren't you a rich kid too?


Megaslut: Doesn't mean I like what they're doing.


Megaslut: You bite don't you?


TooOP: I might rip something if you try harder


Megaslut: Wow that's a turn on


TooOP: Ew.


Megaslut: I'm serious about what I said btw.


Megaslut: Lunch on Monday. They have this soul food restaurant near my home that sells amazing food and stuff.


Megaslut: my treat


Megaslut: and before you say I'll kill myself before I do that just consider it. 


TooOP:......I'll think about it.


Megaslut: Please do ;)





Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

12 February, 11:02am


Beegonethot: Srsly OP you could not be possibly thinking about going to another date with Megatron.


Beegonethot: As much as I love his meme page, its sort of weird that you're hanging out with him.


Beegonethot: Its like putting a twink and a guy that can crush you together.


Onebigbulk: I once saw him pin a guy down onto the cafeteria table and we never saw that table again.


TooOP: I'm a twink?


Sariaboutthat: Megatron has a meme page?


Beegonethot: He has one on Snapchat and Instagram, mostly for school, I'll link you through pm.


Sariaboutthat: sweet.


TooOP: I mean I might as well??? I'm getting free food out of it so....


TooOP: I have to entertain this guy so he gets off my nerves. Plus I'm also scared that he'll do something to me if I don't listen to him. Not like physically, but you know.


Sariaboutthat: Yikes OP.


Ontheprowl: If you want we can tag along in case anything happens


Onebigbulk: I'm pretty concerned as well.....


TooOP: I don't think he will. He never did anything to me at that restaurant. All he did was ask questions.


TooOP: I can protect myself


Ontheprowl: alright.


Beegonethot: In later Megameme news: Blurr fucks up by spilling his soup on a local freshman.


Beegonethot: soupspilledscreenshot.png


Sariaboutthat: I know her. She's in the same math class as me and we talked. Her name's Eula. But she prefers being called E.


Sariaboutthat: I like that I know her because she threatened to stab a guy's eye out during math class for catcalling her. And then her friend actually attempted it so it was wild.


TooOP: No wonder I didn't see Blurr in home econs class


Sariaboutthat: Im looking at Megatron's previous posts and I see that Blurr is his fave victim.


Beegonethot: That's because he's fast and clumsy. Put two together and you get quality shitposting content. Blurr doesn't mind though.


Beegonethot: i think


Beegonethot: My favourite meme of him is that one time he slammed into a pole and a bird nest fell on him. 


Beegonethot: We thought that mama crow wouldve gotten his eye if he werent so fast


Sariaboutthat: thats so unfortunate


Beegonethot: gd content though.


Ontheprowl: I saved him from that crow in the end. Thank primus those eggs didn't crack.


Beegonethot: I like how you were more concerned for the baby eggs rather than Blurr.


Ontheprowl: I mean if anything happened Dr Ratchet could take care of him. 


TooOP: He's busy with his own things


Sariaboutthat: He told a guy in my class who got a scab from a fall to "walk it off"


Beegonethot: An icon


Onebigbulk: Most of the teachers here are cool so this is pretty normal.


Beegonethot: Except for Perceptor and Ultra Magnus. Their lessons make u wanna sleep :/


Ontheprowl: I think its just you Bee


Beegonethot: No Im pretty sure its half the school.




"Ladies Night"

Eula - Euniverselycute

Velda - Velkyrie

Blazertrail - Blazingthroughhell

Sari - Sariaboutthat

12 February, 6:03pm


Euniverselycute: Guys I can still smell soup on myself.


Sariaboutthat: That was really tragic


Euniverselycute: I mean that guy kept apologising and kept trying to offer me a meal so like I'm not even mad in the first place.


Euniverselycute: He's kinda cute. And I accepted to offer btw but really Im going to treat him instead.


Velkyrie: I don't know maybe he's got something up his sleeves....


Velkyrie: Sry but I'm still not over the fact that that glitch catcalled you.


Euniversallycute: Eh you made him pee his pants so its all gd


Sariaboutthat: Also provided entertainment


Euniversallycute: Besides he doesn't even look like the kind of guy that'll harm a fly. He's really sweet.


Blazingthroughhell: Did you guys see Dr Ratchet and Ms Arcee today? They are so wholesome


Euniversallycute: I would die for them


Euniversallycute: Maybe only for Ms Arcee. Dr Ratchet could walk through hell and be fine u know.


Velkyrie: I think I heard that he was a medic that served in the army and then retired and became the school's nurse


Velkyrie: And that he once poisoned an entire camp that was going to infiltrate their base.


Euniversallycute: Actually plausible.


Blazingthroughhell: So what clubs r u joining?


Euniversallycute: Drama looks fun so there's that.


Velkyrie: Maybe I'll join drama too. Or if not the occult club looks swell.


Sariaboutthat: Im probably not joining. Im already busy with school and stuff at home already.


Blazingthroughhell: Art club for me, a senior talked to me about it and it seems nice :) And they were short on memebers so why not.


Sariaboutthat: Big guy with the dirty blonde hair?


Blazingthroughhell: Yep.


Sariaboutthat: His name's Bulkhead. He's a pretty nice guy.


Blazingthroughhell: I've seen some of his works and its pretty cool. Might talk to him during club session.


Euniversallycute: gtg guys I got chem homework to weep over


Velkyrie: This is what happens when you work on it at the last minute


Euniversallycute: I can't help it hbo was running Marvel movies for free I had to spree u,,w,,u


Sariaboutthat: We can do a Marvel spree at my house I have the collection


Euniversallycute: #blessed


Velkyrie: My parents r fighting again and I think my parents would flip their shit if I said I was going to hang out in a tower so I'll pass :/


Euniversallycute: You really should move out.


Velkyrie: What do you think I've been doing with my job search?


Blazingthroughhell: U should try working at the dojo in the detroit city square. They have a pretty neat bird sanctuary for some meditation corner and they need caretakers. They're paying pretty neat cash for extremely good care.


Velkyrie: I'll go check it out tm. Thanks Blazer


Blazingthroughhell: anytime uwu





Ratchet - Ratchet

Optimus Prime - TooOP

12 February, 1:02am


TooOP: Ratchet? Are you awake?


TooOP: Sorry, its probably late and you're asleep just ignore this message.


Ratchet: I'm up kid. I was a bit busy.


TooOP: oh


TooOP: I'm so sorry to text you so late in the night maybe I should just talk about it another time.


Ratchet: Kid, you don't have to apologize and I'm not waiting till another day to hear it.


Ratchet: Did it happen again?


TooOP: yeah. 


TooOP: Samething.


Ratchet: The one that's pitch black or the recent one.


TooOP: recemt


TooOP: *recent


TooOP: I couldn't really sleep so Im outside on a walk.


Ratchet: Where are you kid?


TooOP: Under the bridge, the one near the river bank that's around the school.


Ratchet: Stay online, I'm on my way.


TooOP: You don't have to Ratchet it's just another nightmare. I can just cool myself down and maybe I'll be fine.


Ratchet: You and I both know that has never worked


Ratchet: I'm driving to where you are. Stay there.


TooOP: I'm so sorry I'm wasting your time


Ratchet: You're not. Don't worry about it


Ratchet: Just don't go anywhere else and wait for me.


TooOP: okay.

Chapter Text

“Operation Tail Optimus"

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

13 February, 10:23am


Beegonethot: Has anyone seen Optimus tday?


Ontheprowl: I can't believe ur texting in the middle of class


Beegonethot: Aren't you doing that right now 


Ontheprowl: Its currently self study for my class because the teacher had to go for a surgery tday. So I'm free basically.


Ontheprowl: Aren't you having a test now???


Beegonethot: we're going off topic


Ontheprowl: oh my primus


Beegonethot: youve been saying that alot


Ontheprowl: gee I wonder why


Beegonethot: Is OP sick?


Ontheprowl: I don't know. He was online till 2am last night so I'm guessing late night stuff??


Beegonethot: I just hope he's alright. You know with the whole Sentinel and Megatron stuff lately :/


Beegonethot: Shit teachers coming ttyl





Megatron – Megaslut

Optimus Prime – TooOP

13 February, 10:54am


Megaslut: Word has it that you're not in school today


Megaslut: Don't try to ignore me I know you read it.


TooOP: How did you know?


Megaslut: Word spreads fast around your little rag tag team. Also I could hear Sentinel yelling about your absence.


TooOP: what do you want


Megaslut: Just curious. I never took you for a guy to miss school.


TooOP: I just don't feel so good today its nothing


TooOP: Why would you care anyway? Besides aren't you still having lesson?


Megaslut: Its just sad to miss out on opportunities to tease you. And I'm hiding in the bathroom.


Megaslut: Ultra Magnus' classes are too boring.


TooOP: He teaches physics I think its supposed to be boring?


Megaslut: Optimus making jokes? Amusing.


TooOP: Just leave me alone


Megaslut: But I was hoping to maybe have a nice chat.


TooOP: Please.


Megaslut: Alright little Prime


Megaslut: You're no fun.


TooOP: I'm not little.


Megaslut: I beg to differ





Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

12 February, 1:32pm


Blitzbrainiac: Something bothering you Megatron?


Megaslut: what?


Blitzbrainiac: I can hear you hitting your pen against the table and honestly ITS GETTING ANNOYING.


Megaslut: I'm just bored.


Blitzbrainiac: Megatron bored during a literature lesson? That's a first. 


Megaslut: whatever.


Arachnophobia: Trust me when I get out of here you will no longer be free to get bored.


Megaslut: We'll see about that


Blitzbrainiac: I believe you'll be returning next Thursday right?


Blitzbrainiac: I'll be sure to get a cake that says "congratulations on not dying"!!!!


Arachnophobia: Eww no


Blitzbrainiac: Can't even appreciate fine art


Arachnophobia: Maybe in a long run I will learn to


Megaslut: Bitchscream literally struts in with a starbucks mocha frappe and a Coachella outfit and he's like 10 lessons too late.


Megaslut: Bitchscream.png


Arachnophobia: He really went all out huh?


Megaslut: You haven't seen his true form yet.


Blitzbrainiac: He looks like a Christmas tree but gay


Megaslut: Those were the exact words I was looking for.


Megaslut: The teacher just gave one look at him and went "Chapter 2 page 35"


Megaslut: Thats how long he keeps coming in late I can't even.


Arachnophobia: If that bitch somehow graduated from high school Im going to feed myself to the ducks


Megaslut: another 10 more months and I'm outta here





Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

13 February, 2:37pm


Beegonethot: @TooOP you alright?


Onebigbulk: yeah we were all worried. Are you sick?


TooOP: sorry guys I was sleeping.


TooOP: Yeah Im not feeling too good but I'll be okay by tommorrow


Sariaboutthat: Well don't worry about that because we're sending you a care package


TooOP: ??


Onebigbulk: I hope you don't mind but we wanted to drop by and see you. And your mum too.


Ontheprowl: Bee suggested we do that


TooOP:I guess you could come. But I have nothing to give you guys so....


Sariaboutthat: wdym? We're giving you the care package silly


TooOP: thanks guys.


Beegonethot: Hold on to your horses because we're gonna be there in 10 minutes. 


TooOP: pls don't tell me you're driving with ur car


Beegonethot: Thats exactly what Im doing


TooOP: Primus-


Sariaboutthat: What's so bad about the car? It's nice in here


TooOP: Are you already in the car????


TooOP: Ohhhh no.




12 Februrary, 2:48pm


Sariaboutthat: Never will I ever let Bee take me out for a ride ever again


Beegonethot: It wasn't that bad!!


Ontheprowl: this is why I took the train


Sariaboutthat: And you never thought to tell me???


Onebigbulk: sry Sari 




12 February, 3:45pm


Sariaboutthat: Ms Prime looking at Bee with a serious look on her face while she tells him to not do drugs is iconic


Beegonethot: guys im serious i almost got caught :(((((((


Ontheprowl: disappointing


Beegonethot: im weeping-




12 February, 4:23pm


TooOP: Thanks again. Really


Beeegonethot: Theres never Autosluts without Optimus


TooOP: And now the moment is ruined.


Sariaboutthat: You should lay back on the whole Megatron and Autobot committee thing. You look really tired.


TooOP: I will.


TooOP: Thanks :)


Beegonethot: Ride or Die but don't actually die


TooOP: I won't hopefully.


Sariaboutthat: Your mum's so cool btw


TooOP: Yeah, she is.


TooOP: Should probably sleep again and actually get better.




Onebigbulk: Get well soon OP




"Untitled group chat"

Prowl - Ontheprowl

Optimus Prime - TooOP

 12 February, 7:15pm


Ontheprowl: Are you okay?


TooOP: What do you mean?


Ontheprowl: You know what I mean.


Ontheprowl: You were online yesterday night at 2 am


TooOP: You don't have to worry about it I'm fine.


Ontheprowl: We all are.


Ontheprowl: As much as Bee and Sari and Bulkhead are happy that you're alright, as well as I, we know that there's more to you just "not feeling well".


Ontheprowl: And this isn't the first time


Ontheprowl: I know its not in my place to force it out of you, but we're really worried. 


Ontheprowl: We're your friends. We want to be able to help you as well. Life and Sentinel have never been kind to you.


TooOP: Thanks Prowl...


TooOP: I just keep having bad thoughts and nightmares, and one got to me that night.


TooOP: It's okay though. Ratchet helped me


Ontheprowl: Dr Ratchet?


TooOP: He's been helping me with my nightmares and things for some time.


Ontheprowl: Alright.... But if you get too stressed out, just take a break.


Ontheprowl: You don't owe anyone anything, espacially your already stressed out life.


Ontheprowl: And if you don't I'll tie you to your bed. Bee'll help me


TooOP: heh, thanks.


TooOP: I'll go and sleep now, good night Prowl


Ontheprowl: Good night





Megatron – Megaslut

Optimus Prime – TooOP

12 February, 7:20pm


TooOP: Okay.


Megaslut: ?


TooOP: Lunch on Monday. I'll go.


Megaslut: It's a date.

Chapter Text

"Autobot Committee"

Ultra Magnus - UltraM

Sentinel - Americandream

Optimus Prime - TooOP

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Longarm - LonginglyLong

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

15 February, 1:28pm


UltraM: I need someone to help me investigate on a vandalism case.


UltraM: Someone spray painted the walls near the back gate.


Longinglylong: How heavy was the damage?


UltraM: Grafitti.png


Smoothjazz: Oh Primus


Amerciandream: Why is my face on the wall and why do I have a mustache????


TooOP: It could use a beard too


Longinglylong: ^


Firejet: Was a joke just what you said? Or are you being of serious?


Stormjet: I feel it is a joke brother.


Americandream: If you make another joke like that I will end you


TooOP: Okay I guess


g2gBlurr: I don't know anyone who'd do that. Doesn't look like anyone from art club.


Americandream: It could be those Decepticon scums...


Americandream: But you can't be too sure. I'll question the art club members.


TooOP: I don't think that's a good idea, they're really busy with their art competition.


Americandream: Well I'm sorry your lack of moral compass is stopping you from this investigation, but I will question them today.


TooOP: What???


SmoothJazz: Just don't disturb them too much please


Americandream: I won't


g2gBlurr: I'll go and ask the guys in the Soccer club, they were staying up late last couple of days training.


Smoothjazz: I'll check with the security guards and get some footage with the Jettwins.


Firejet: Yes sir


Stormjet: Yes sir!


Americandream: @Longinglylong you should spy on the Decepticons and see if any of them are responsible


LonginglyLong: Will do.


Americandream: @TooOP You can help clean off the graffiti


TooOP: What


TooOP: Can't you have the perp clean it up???


Americandream: And have we caught the perp? No.


Americandream: Besides we can't have that on our school walls for too long, we need to get it down now.


TooOP: Can't you help?


Americandream: Sorry but being the leader of the Autobot Committee has a lot of responsibilities so I can't stay and help. Everyone else is also busy.


TooOP: But I'm busy as well. I have to meet someone after.


Americandream: Then tell them you can't make it.


Americandream: We need it clean as soon as possible.


Smoothjazz: I can help.


Americandreams: We need to catch the perp, so you and the Jettwins might be occupied.


Smoothjazz: Okay..?


Smoothjazz: @TooOP If you need help, just text me.


TooOP: Alright.





Megatron – Megaslut

Optimus Prime – TooOP

15 February, 1:46pm


TooOP: Sorry Megatron, but I'm going to have to cancel Lunch....


Megatron: Something the matter?


TooOP: Last minute things happened and I now have things to do.


TooOP: I'm so sorry we can go another day.


Megatron: How long will it take?


TooOP: I don't know


TooOP: I need to go. I'm so sorry. Just go home




"Chilling In A Hot Tub"

Eula - Euniversallycute

Blurr - g2gfast

15 February, 2:35pm


Euniversallycute: Tyranny.png


Euniversallycute: Explain????


Euniversallycute: My friend's fucking ready to throw a chair at Sentinel


g2gfast: I'M SO SORRY 




g2gfast: Apparantly Someone spray painted onthe school wallls with offensiventhings and Sentinel thought it could be from the art club IM SO SORRYYY-


Euniversallycute: Tell that to the art club guys they look like they about to snap


Euniversallycute: I can hear Sentinel screaming from here and the auditorium is supposed to block out sound.


Euniversallycute: my drama teach is not very happy


g2gfast:I honestly don't know what to do :((((


Euniversallycute: Wait do you have the graffiti picture?


g2gfast: graffiti.png


Euniversallycute: Hah u know what that's hilarious.


Euniversallycute: Maybe this'll get popular on Megatron's snapchat


g2gfast: I don't think Megatron knows about this yet :/


Euniversallycute: You'd be surprised how some people can get information.


Euniversallycute: I'll be sending my condolences to Blazertrail and the art club guys.


g2gfast: Tell them I sorry too :')




"Art bros"

Bulkhead - OneBigBulk

Blazertrail - Blazingthroughhell

15 February, 2:40pm


Blazingthroughhell: Graffiti.png


Blazingthroughhell: I guess some people like Sentinel just can't appreciate fine art


Onebigbulk: I'm surprised they pulled that off in one day


Blazingthroughhell: I especially like the mustache


Blazingthroughhell: Maybe if I sucker punch him right now


Onebigbulk: We try not to start a fight with Sentinel. He has surprisingly alot of power in this school.


Blazingthroughhell: In later news: Rich kids get privileges


Onebigbulk: I think it's just Sentinel being mean.






Blazingthroughhell: BECAUSE HE'S NOT NICE AND A MEANIE >:(




Onebigbulk: Please don't it'll just make the whole thing worse :(




Onebigbulk: Besides, if we tell Ms Arcee about it she'll do something about it...


Blazingthroughhell: Something better be done. 


Blazingthroughhell: Meanwhile I'll send the graffiti picture to the art chat to make everyone feel a lil' better


Onebigbulk: At least we found some inspiration :)


Blazingthroughhell: :)





Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

15 February, 2:40pm


Shockinglyhandsome: Graffiti.png


Shockinglyhandsome: @Soundthealarm I've taught you well :'))))


Soundthealarm: Thanks for the commission.


Starringme: So that was what the fuss was all about???


Arachnophobia: Oh wow


Shockinglyhandsome: Legend says that you could still hear Sentinel screaming till this day.




Blitzbrainiac: I was just having a lovely time discussing Stephen King novels with a new friend :(((((


Blitzbrainiac: And his screaming is killing the mood.


Shockinglyhandsome: Yeah the whole Autobot committee's on a investigating spree.


Shockinglyhandsome: Optimus got the short end of the stick though, too bad for him.


Megaslut: wdym?


Shockinglyhandsome: Sentinel told him to clean the walls. So he's gonna be stuck there for a while.


Soundthealarm: It'll probably take him like two days to clean that off. White paint won't fully cover the colours.


Megaslut: wtf


Arachnophobia: Wait Sentinel made him do that?


Arachnophobia: Was he always like that?


Shockinglyhandsome: It's been like that ever since Optimus joined their committee. 


Arachnophobia: Weren't they friends?


Shockinglyhandsome: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Blitzbrainiac: Just leave him be he can manage




(video transcript)

15 February, 3:10pm


"So this is what busy is to you Prime?"


"Megatron?....I thought you went back home. What are you doing here?"


"It's not very nice to just cancel our lunch plans for this stupid thing."


"Someone's gotta clean this I guess..."


"You love being pushed around don't you Optimus?"


"I don't. I willingly accepted to do this."




"What are you doing?"


"Getting rid of this. Although it's a shame such good art has to be taken down."


"You don't have to, I can do this myself."


"If we can't have lunch, we might as well have a dinner date. And if we want that, we might as well clean this up quick."




"Let me do it."




"Besides I don't want to go home yet. It always too quiet for me."




"What are you standing around for Little Prime? Get washing."


"Oh right."




"I guess going for dinner's okay. It'd be rude to turn it down after all of this."


"Good, and it'll still be my treat. No complains."


"(Sigh) Fine."




"And I'm not little"


"I beg to differ."





Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

15 February, 7:23pm




Shockinglyhandsome: So how was the date? :))))))


Megaslut: I will end you.



Chapter Text


Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

19 February, 2:12 pm


Beegonethot: Today I watched Ms Arcee break the chain padlock to the art room after Sentinel had locked the doors to it


Beegonethot: It was magical


Onebigbulk: It was that or never get to our works


Sariaboutthat: No one's caught them yet?


TooOP: Someone deleted the footage before we could get our hands on any evidence.


TooOP: And no one's really spilling anything.


Onebigbulk: At least we got the art room back...


Sariaboutthat: What did Ms Arcee say about the broken padlock?


Onebigbulk: Sentinel tried to reason that it was considered breaking and entering. But Ms Arcee countered and said it was a violation of free access and overstepping of boundaries for a room specially catered to art students and not to Sentinel.


Onebigbulk: Ultra Magnus didn't say anything so they let the situation go.


Sariaboutthat: I'm just more surprised at the fact that Sentinel can do stuff like that


Onebigbulk: I think he did that once to the Book club members as well last year


Onebigbulk: Blitzwing just broke it in half and Sentinel never tried it again.


Sariaboutthat: whoa


Beegonethot: Lunch at Mcdonald's?


Onebigbulk: Can't. After what Sentinel did we're on a time crunch so we need to stay back and get back on our progress


Beegonethot: Shame


Ontheprowl: I have to help out in the dojo so I'm good


TooOP: I can't I have to prep dinner.


Beegonethot: I guess its just me and you Sari u,,w,,u


Sariaboutthat: We can always play mario kart at my home


Beegonethot: Sweet.


Beegonethot: Well it was nice knowing you :)


Ontheprowl: alright




"Untitled group chat"

(Beegonethot added Sariaboutthat, Onebigbulk and TooOP into the group chat)

19 Februaru, 2:23pm


Beegonethot: So you might all be wondering what is going on


Sariaboutthat: yeah Bee Im literally standing rite next to you


Beegonethot: Okay so this is really weird, but


Beegonethot: I got to school early today and I was using the bathroom.


TooOP: You came early?


Beegonethot: thats not the point


Beegonethot: I hear two people walk in.


Beegonethot: And I freaking here Blitzwing and Prowl talking to each other.


Beegonethot: I had the door cracked a bit open and I was just perching on the toilet cover so I could see what was going on.


Beegonethot: Long story short they talked about things and I saw them kiss. And im panicking in the bathroom stall


Beegonethot: They said they were going to meet after school but i didnt want to like tail them because I dont like the idea of being caught by a trained martial artist and a large as guy who looks like he could snap me in half.


Beegonethot: I was honestly confused the whole day???


Sariaboutthat: oh my primus


TooOP: Maybe they were whispering to each other...?


Beegonethot: I saw their lips smash together OP.


Beegonethot: together.


Onebigbulk: Why didn't he tell us?


Beegonethot: Maybe because his supposed boyfriend is Blitzwing????


Sariaboutthat: This opens up so many doors


TooOP: I think we should keep this to ourselves....


Beegonethot: And not ask???


TooOP: If he didn't tell us, that means he's not ready to tell. So we should respect that. And I don't want Prowl to feel like him confessing is bad.


TooOP: I mean I'm kinda shocked but I want to let Prowl tell us that himself you know?


Beegonethot: I guess....


Sariaboutthat: Great how am I supposed to keep quiet about this???


Onebigbulk: I just didn't picture Prowl and Blitzwing to be close at all...


TooOP: I guess we're still learning more about each other.





Blitzwing – Blitzbrainiac

Prowl – Ontheprowl

19 February, 4:15pm


Blitzbrainiac: Hey Spatzi


Ontheprowl: yeah?


Blitzbrainiac: I made a new friend in Book Club and I was thinking if we could add her in.


Ontheprowl: And you didn't ask just now?


Blitzbrainiac: I was waiting for the right time.


Blitzbrainiac: And I felt that this would be the perfect time to introduce the gremlin!~


Ontheprowl: Gremlin?


Blitzbrainiac: Very endearing :)


(Blitzbrainiac added Velkarie)


Velkarie: I'm not a gremlin Blitzwing


Blitzbrainiac: how'd you know?


Velkarie: Telepathy~


Ontheprowl: Wait


Ontheprowl: Are you Velda?


Velkarie: Yeah...?


Velkarie: Oh wait, are you Prowl?


Blitzbrainiac: Wait you two know each other?


Ontheprowl: She works in the dojo I'm in


Velkarie: I work in the dojo I'm in


Velkarie: Jinx


Ontheprowl: Does it still work in this context?


Blitzbrainiac: Apparantly so


Ontheprowl: Then I suppose we don't really need introductions. 


Velkarie: Well, I don't think so. How long have you been together?


Blitzbrainiac: We just celebrated our 60th days of being together anniversary!!


Velkarie: Awww, congrats!


Ontheprowl: 5 months.


Ontheprowl: thanks


Blitzbrainiac: We should change the name of the chat to better fit with our newest member


Ontheprowl: oh primus


(Blitzbrainiac changed the group name to "Vrowlwing")


Blitzbrainiac: :D


Ontheprowl: Velda if its weird for u just change it


Velkarie: It's fine I just find it humorous and adorable


Velkarie: Its okay to say that right?


Blitzbrainiac: It's fine. I appreciate it


Ontheprowl: Will you be at the dojo tm?


Velkarie: Yeah I will be.


Blitzbrainiac: Can I come?


Ontheprowl: Only if you don't break anything this time


Blitzbrainiac: It was only because that leech tried to touch you


Ontheprowl: You know I could protect myself right?


Blitzbrainiac: Still.....


Blitzbrainiac: I'll be in the meditation room anyway I wish to finish Joyland.


Blitzbrainiac: It's getting juicy!


Ontheprowl: That would be fine. 


Velkarie: I finished that, it was really good :)


Blitzbrainiac: No spoilers please


Velkarie: You and I both know I'll never spoil a word


Blitzbrainiac: My hero :')





Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

20 February, 12:03am


Arachnophobia: walkhome.png


Longinglylong: No ride home?


Arachnophobia: I wanted to practice walking with the metal leg. Plus its only like a couple streets down, like 10 minutes.


Megaslut: Have you learnt how to do a chokehold with your arm?


Arachnophobia: im getting there


Luggingbaggage: Don't stress yourself out


Arachnophobia: I won't


Arachnophobia: Maybe I'll start stressing when school starts :/


Megaslut: We have like two days to worry about that its fine.

Chapter Text

"Gucci And Padra"

Starscream - Starringme

Digre - Digrading

Ramjet - Rammingjets

Skywarp - Skywitch

Slipstream - Slippingintodepression

Sunstorm - Sunnybich

Thundercracker - Itsbitchcracker

Thrust - Thrustnoone

22 February, 07:06am




Rammingjets: I threw it away


Starringme: Nice try bich but if you did your murder would've been on the news.




Itsbitchcracker: Excuse you but Dior perfume smells better than you.


Itsbitchcracker: I need your mascara it brings out my lashes without itching my eyes




Itsbitchcracker: I'm a broke college student fuck off.


Starringme: GET A JOB


Itsbitchcracker: Says the bitch who has sugar daddies


Sunstorm: oh my primus




Skywitch: *eating popcorn, sipping tea*




Ramjet: It's a good look on you


Starringme: FUCK YOU


Slippingintodepression: Just don't fucking take mine or else I'll stab you with my scissors


Digrading: Jokes on you I took em


Digrading: And don't bother trying to kill me I baby proofed your scissors


Slippingintodepression: I have another 1000 ways to kill people


Digrading: lol fight me


Skywitch: Guys please don't fight I don't want another broken vase


Slippingintodepression: They're dirt cheap anyway so fuck it.


Rammingjets: And I totally didn't break the last ones


Thrustnoone: For once I don't feel jealous about any of you.


Skywitch: I can see half of us going to jail in our near future


Slippingintodepression: Anything to get out of this fucking shithole




Itsbitchcracker: FUCK YOU


Itsbitchcracker: WHY'D YOU NEED IT ANYWAY????


Starringme: Blackarachnia's coming back to school and I NEED TO HAVE BETTER EYELASH GAME THAN HER


Itsbitchcracker: Bitch you'll never have better eyelash game than Sassy bitchrachnia ever









Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

22 February, 8:10am


Arachnophobia: I don't know about this. Maybe I should just take a rest at home and come to school nxt week.


Starringme: I fucking put on my best mascara to show off and you want to skip school today >:(


Arachnophobia: Fine.


Arachnophobia: If you show up in your fur coat I'll stay


Starringme: What do you think I'm strutting in now huh?


Arachnophobia: There's just some people I don't want to see.


Megaslut: If anything, I'd be more terrified of them around you


Arachnophobia: hah thanks


Arachnophobia: But that's not what I mean.


Arachnophobia: I just want to get my work and learn something and get out of here.


Strikayoudown: You missed like a whole semester I'm surprised they still let you move to the nxt grade.


Arachnophobia: Yeah Megatron and Lugnut kept sending me work and lessons and I did the exams in my room anyway so its all good.


Strikayoudown: If I were you I'd just quit the whole thing its killing me


Arachnophobia: I still need a future :)


Arachnophobia: I was thinking a part time job in starbucks. I want cash to splurge.


Arachnophobia: It's been so long since I actually went shopping that doesn't involve sitting on my bed and looking at online stores.


Starringme: I'm in need of new boots.


Arachnophobia: Weren't you complaining about how broke you were when you last came?


Shockinglyhandsome: He got himself a new sugar daddy.


Arachnophobia: ah.


Megaslut: If anything happens, just calls us.


Shockinglyhandsome: I haven't threatened anyone in a long ass while so pls do :)


Arachnophobia: Primus


Shockinglyhandsome: Which class are u in?


Arachnophobia: Same as Shockwave. I have English period first.


Shcokwave: Finally someone I can gossip to


Megaslut: And I'm not good enough huh?


Arachnophobia: weirdos





Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

22 February, 8:23am


Beegonethot: Guys im not ready for english test blease help me


Sariaboutthat: Sorry but I'm just a freshman I can't help you u,,w,,u


Ontheprowl: It would've helped if you actually studied


Beegonethot: What if i just skip the test :/


TooOP: You and I both know you can't and unfortunately for you I'll be acing this test.


Beegonethot: OP why :(((((


Ontheprowl: you seem cheerful this morning Optimus


Beegonethot: Feeling better?


TooOP: I had a good week honestly... After that graffiti incident and all that. I manged to sleep well and actually did my own things for once besides taking care of my mum.


TooOP: I guess I've just been stressed this whole time and I finally got to unwind for a while. I feel great today.


Ontheprowl: Good on you Optimus


Onebigbulk: ^


Beegonethot: That graffiti is still getting likes on Megatron's insta page.


TooOP: It was painful to get rid of it


Ontheprowl: Im surprised you took it down that quick.


TooOP: I had help


Beegonethot: 👀


Beegonethot: who?


TooOP: Someone


Sariaboutthat: Booo more context


TooOP: I'll tell you after school can we just get to class?


Beegonethot: im not ready to die though


Onetheprowl: You'll be fine


TooOP: Today's going to be a good day


Beegonethot: if u say so





22 February, 8:31am


TooOP: imngoing home


TooOP: sorryjust don't callme please


Ontheprowl: Optimus???


Beegonethot: What happened???





Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

22 February, 8:35am 


Arachnophobia: This was a fucking bad idea


Megaslut: What happened


Shockinglyhandsome: I'm seeing you walking down the hallway what's going on???


Arachnophobia: That fucker looked at me like I'm a monster and just ran. He did this to me in the first place. And he has to nerve to act like that.


Arachnophobia: Fucking shit


Megaslut: Calm down Arachnia


Arachnophobia: I am calm.


Megaslut: You should go to the med bay.


Arachnophobia: Fine.




(Caller transcript)

22 February, 9:15am

Megatron -> Blackarachnia


"Arachnia? You okay? What happened?"


"I don't know if I feel okay!


I don't want to talk about it."


"Maybe its time you actually did."


"Or what you'll come for me?"




"Don't fucking call me that."


"What happened."


".......It was Optimus."




"He and I used to be friends. And Sentinel too would you believe it. I just kept you guys and Sentinel and Optimus seperate. 


That day at the bridge Optimus and Sentinel were there. We were just hanging out. But Sentinel suggested we explore the canyon. (Dry laugh) In hindsight it was a fucking stupid idea. We went in and we honestly thought it would be just another memory for the books. And then all of a sudden it starts trembling and rocks just came down. 


I was just hanging onto my life. Optimus had me by the hand and he could've pulled me up. But he just let me go. He just let me die. Sentinel and Optimus managed to escape and they just fucking left me there. They LEFT ME THERE. I got fucking crushed you know how much that hurt?!


I wanted to die right there. I wanted the pain to stop. And Optimus and Sentinel were just living their fucking lives while I was dying. I didn't even know how long I was down there. I could see nothing. And I wake up one day and I'm told that I lost my arm and leg and I'm supposed to move on?! I didn't ask for this. Amd Sentinel and Optimus got to live a normal life!! And he had the nerve to look at me like-like I'm a fucking monster."




"Why am I even telling you this I just wanted to graduate without being reminded of how much my life turned to shit."


You should call Optimus"


"What- are you fucking crazy, did you not hear what I've been saying?"


"Look if you have so much to say about him you might as well bring it to him and move on."


"You're still going to see that guy in school anyway so just say whatever shit you have about him to him and get on with life."


"Fuck you Megs"


"Is that a yes?"


".....I don't know."


"I just need some time."




"You going home?"


"I think I will."


"Alright stay safe."




-call ended-

Chapter Text

(Caller excerpt)

Optimus Prime -> Sentinel

24 February, 11:43pm


"What the hell are you calling me for this late into the night? I have important things to-"


"Why didn't you tell me Elita's alive."


".....I thought you knew."


"....You thought I knew? (Dry chuckle) I was hoping 6 months of depression would've hinted at that. How on earth is she still alive- I SAW HER GET CRUSHED. I SAW HER GET CRUSHED UNDER THOSE ROCKS AND I WAKE UP STILL REMEMBERING HOW SHE LOOKED AT ME."


"Calm down Optimus-




".....They found her a week after that day. I don't know the details but she was in rehab for a long time. I visited her once and she said she didn't want to see me. So I don't really talk to her anymore. She's part of the decepticon's committee anyway so I just left her alone."


"....She's our friend Sentinel. And some friend you are."


"Look who's talking, remember that Ultra Magnus bailed you out only because I convinced him otherwise that you were a bright student worthy to represent the school. Don't think someone who's not a friend would do that.


You can still try talking to Elita but after everything that happened don't expect her to forgive you so easily. Just leave her be and forget that you were ever friends."




-call ended-




(Voicemail excerpt)

Bumblebee -> Optimus Prime

26 February, 10:03am


"Err....hey Bossbot. I'm just calling to check on you. I know you said not to call you, but you haven't come to school in 2 days..... Bulkhead and Sari are worried. Prowl to, but he says that we should let you be. But I know he's worried as well. 


I know this is about that day..... I saw Blackarachnia and all. It was stupid of me to think that after all these months you were getting okay but I guess you prove me wrong... (Nervous chuckle). Prowl told me about the nightmares.... It wasn't his fault, I pushed him to spill. I'm so sorry I didn't know.... us back okay? Call or visit or just come back to school. I can't believe I said that. And don't worry, Bulkhead's been keeping your homework for you so please come back and don't drop your grades.


.... Bye Optimus.."


-Voicemail ended-




“Operation Tail Optimus"

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

27 February, 10:23am


Beegonethot: What if I body slam my way into OP's house


Sariaboutthat: You and I both know Optimus and his mum won't like that.


Beegonethot: But I'm seriously concerned He hasn't come to school for 4 days and hasn't even replied to my voicemail. And I know he's listened to it


Ontheprowl: Doesn't mean we can just barge into his home and demand things


Beegonethot: I'm just worried. I need to know what's going on!!


Onebigbulk: I kinda have to agree with Bee....


Ontheprowl: When Optimus wants to tell us, he'll tell us. Give him space.


Beegonethot: Remember the last time "we gave him space"?!


Onebigbulk: Bee....


Beegonethot: You know what I'm talking about Prowl


Sariaboutthat: Er.....what?


Ontheprowl:.....I know and I'd rather we not talk about it.


Sariaboutthat: I take it that this is a sensitive subject...?


Onebigbulk: Sorry Sari....but Optimus has had a rough time these few months....since last year


Sariaboutthat: And I guess I shouldn't know???


Ontheprowl: I just rather you hear that from Optimus himself.....


Beegonethot: If we ever hear from him again.....


Beegonethot: I'm just worried he'd try it again.


Ontheprowl: he won't


Ontheprowl: I know he won't


Beegonethot:.....You better be right......


Ontheprowl: If Optimus needs time alone, he needs time alone. And I promise if this goes on for too long, I will most definitely help and check if he's okay.


Beegonethot: yeah sure....


Sariaboutthat: we can always help write notes for Optimus if that's alright....







Megatron – Megaslut

Optimus Prime – TooOP

27 February, 5:02pm


TooOP: Give me Elita's phone number.


Megaslut: You go silent for 3 whole school days without explanation and come to me demanding for an acquaintance's phone number?


TooOP: Don't give me that kind of shit I know you have her number.


Megaslut: Her name is Blackarachnia


TooOP: Look I'll explain myself. Do I even need to explain myself to you????


TooOP: Just give me her phone number


TooOP: Please I want to talk to her.


Megaslut: Only if you agree to explain.


TooOP: I hate you.


Megaslut: What's your answer Prime?




TooOP: The red bridge in the central park. Saturday at 10am.


TooOP: If you come a minute late I'll leave


Megaslut: Of course.


Megaslut: Phone contact: Blackarachnia


TooOP: thank you


Chapter Text

(Caller excerpt)

Optimus -> Blackarachnia

27 February, 4:03pm




"....what the fuck."




"Why are you calling me? To say sorry? Because if you are I'm not forgiving you."


"Elita I-"


"It's not. Elita. It's Blackarachnia"




"The nerve of you to call me after all these months."


"I didn't know-"




I-I thought that I was over it. That it would just be something in my past. And now you come back to haunt me and you look at me as if I was a monster! Something you caused! And I hate this and you. So if you want to explain yourself, get it over with so I can move on."


"(Deep sigh) Eli-...Blackarachnia, I didn't call expecting a forgiveness. I just-....You're alive. I needed to know. And I'm serious I- I didn't know you were alive. I thought you died."


"I don't-"


"I was in juvie."




"They saw camera footage and they caught me and Sentinel at the bridge. We had to go through trail. Sentinel he- he looked so scared. I didn't want his record ruined because of this so I.....I told them I pushed you down.


(Shaky laugh) It was true anyway....


They found me guilty and sent me to juvie. They made me go to therapy 24/7. I don't even know if that helped! I just....didn't feel like doing anything, I just slept and did therapy. So no, I didn't know. And I-I'm so sorry. I was supposed to serve 3 years. Then 5 months in I was bailed out....Sentinel bailed me out and I owe him. I thought things would go back to normal but it never happens. I- (sharp sniff) I just got worse, and Sentinel and I- I don't even know anymore!! I don't even know if we're friends anymore, I just know that I owe him and Ultra Magnus. If not I wouldn't be here.


I-I don't think you're a monster. If anything I did this to you, I made you suffer and I was a shit excuse of a friend. I just wanted to hear from you again. And say goodbye...."






"....(sighs) Primus...."


"....I guess I'll hang up now...."


"N-no- God why is this shit happening-"


"Blackarachnia I-"


"Forget the....Blackarachnia thing. I prefer being called Elita by you.... You make Blackarachnia sound so shit."




"(Frustrated groan).....You were in Juvie...."




"(Muffled sigh) fucking- and Sentinel didn't get shit huh....


Look, I think I need to....think some things through. I mean, I still hate you....for doing that. It doesn't change the fact that I still very much hate what happened."




"And stop making yourself sound so guilty and pathetic do that when we're not talking to each other, Primus."




".....but just keep my contact number....."




"I still don't know what to think about all....this....and Sentinel and I have some shit to talk about. I'll talk to you in school when I'm okay.... Or if not don't expect it."


"Y-yeah....I'm just glad that you're okay..... I-I mean it's a bit hard to accept that you'"


"I don't go down so easily Optimus."


"(Small laugh) I know, I-I'm so sorry I- (muffled crying and hiccups)"


"Oh my god I can't believe this-"


"Shit- I'm so sorry, I'll just leave you be."


"We need to just be alone."




"You cry out I guess....good bye Optimus"


"(Sniffle) Good night Elita..."


"Gross.... One more thing Optimus.


Go to school for fucks sake. I can't handle Megatron's stupid whining anymore. And some kid demanding us about why you're gone its annoying."


"Oh...?....Okay...(chuckling) thanks...."




-call ended-





Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

28 February, 07:22am


TooOP: hey guys...


TooOP: I'm sorry if I made any of you worry. I heard you were harrassing the decepticons.


TooOP: And no, it wasn't them that got me into....this. They don't really want anything to do with me to be honest.


TooOP: I just saw someone I didn't think I'd see and I had a minor breakdown.


TooOP: Yeah, but we talked it out.... So its good...I think.


TooOP: Sorry about everything but I want to tell you what happened in person. I really want you guys to know because you deserve to know after everything. Including Sari. So lunch at the same place? 


TooOP: thanks




28 February, 09:01am


Beegonethot: BOSSBOT'S BACK!!!!


TooOP: hi Bee :)

Chapter Text



Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

1 March, 3:02pm


Sariaboutthat: Sorry I still can't get over the fact that you and Sentinel were once friends


TooOP: Believe it or not he used to be cool :/


Sariaboutthat: Ewwwww


Beegonethot: I thought you'd be weeping over your assignment pile. That shit is as tall as Blitzbrain


TooOP: I mean, I have the weekend to finish it, its no big deal


Beegonethot: I would only do half of one of them and I'd be weeping on the floor


Ontheprowl: Bee I'd give you 100 dollars if you graduate


Beegonethot: I'll hold you to that. Everyone in here is a witness


TooOP: Don't drag me into this


Onebigbulk: If you can pass a drivers test I'm sure you can pass finals :)


Beegonethot: Awww thanks big guy!


Beegonethot: Hey wait


Sariaboutthat: If you graduate I'll hold a frat house party in your honor


Beegonethot: That's beautiful :')


TooOP: Primus I hope no one gets blackout drunk or dies during that


Beegonethot: That's only when its freshmen exclusive.


Beegonethot: Besides you haven't gotten to a single party in your high school life. I never see you in any of the parties I've been.


TooOP: Parties aren't my thing


Beegonethot: But Prowl goes to them anyway whats stopping you? :(((((((


Ontheprowl: I'm just there to humor myself of the stupidity drunk high school students get into


Sariaboutthat: That's perfectly reasonable


Onebigbulk: Those parties get intense and terrifying anyway....


Beegonethot: Come on we should all go to a party at least once as Autosluts!!!


TooOP: No way


Beegonethot: Yes waayyy :))))))


TooOP: When Primus strikes me and Sentinel becomes a god I will


Beegonethot: I missed talking with you Bossbot :')


TooOP: Yeah I didn't :///


TooOP: I'm kidding I missed talking to you all


Ontheprowl: Its good to have you back


TooOP: Its good to be back :)




"Ladies Night"

Eula - Euniverselycute

Velda - Velkerie

Blazertrail - Blazingthroughhell

Sari – Sariaboutthat

1 March, 5:46pm


Euniversallycute: What is the difference between "Oh my god" and "Oh my Primus"?


Euniversallycute: Blurr kept swearing to Primus during the track and field prac.


Sariaboutthat: "Oh my god" is when you want to curse at the gods while "Oh my Primus" Is when you want to curse at Cybertron High for its shit system and rules


Euniversallycute: I see i see


Blazingthroughhell: Me when I'm about to cry over my literature assignment


Velkarie: I cry over how good it is


Blazingthroughhell: Blease teach me ur ways


Velkarie: At the cost of your soul


Blazingthroughhell: Fuck yeah let's do this


Euniversallycute: Hey Sari how's Optimus? I heard he skipped school for a long time. 


Sariaboutthat: Yeah he's alright. He told me stuff


Euniversallycute: He's been looking like a skinny depressed twig that's about to snap in half. It makes me want to feed him rice.


Euniversallycute: Wait forget I said that it sounds creepier in text


Sariaboutthat: No I get what you're saying. OP's been through shit. But he's been talking it out so that's cool. But I'm not telling you guys if that's what you're asking :/


Euniversallycute: Nada never ever asking or prying.


Blazingthroughhell: If the man doesn't want to tell, we respect that


Velkarie: ^


Sariaboutthat: Thanks :)


Euniversallycute: I gotta ask though how does OP feel about dogs?


Sariaboutthat: idk he never says anything about animals why?


Euniversallycute: Oh okay.


Euniversallycute: Just wondering


Blazingthroughhell: suspicion? raised. Curiosity? Killing the cat. Hotel? Trivago.


Velkarie: What is Hotel Trivago?


Blazingthroughhell: Honestly I don't know either.





1 March, 4:15pm


Megaslut: After everything, you still letting Sentinel boss you around?


TooOP: what?


Megaslut: I literally saw Sentinel dump stacks of folders on you and told you to "get it sorted in two days"


TooOP: Its whatever


Megaslut: right.


Megaslut: Tommorrow 10am. Don't forget


TooOP: I never forget things.


Megaslut: Of course of course


TooOP: I'll see you tommorrow


Megaslut: Don't break your back carrying all those papers


TooOP: lay off

Chapter Text


Megatron – Megaslut

Optimus Prime – TooOP

 2 March, 2:01pm


TooOP: I don't understand your obsession with treating me to meals and buying food for me. I can still pay for food you know.


Megaslut: Don't take it personally, its a habit of mine. And don't worry about it, Shwarma was the cheapest thing there.


Megaslut: Besides I feel the need to make sure you eat and I give you food.


Megaslut: Wait oh my primus forget I said that


TooOP: Yeah that was too weird and creepy that's going out of my brain.


TooOP: But yeah, thanks for the food and everything, but I can buy my own things and feed myself. I still have thing I need to take care of and stay healthy for you know?


Megaslut: Right of course, but that's not going to stop me from treating you to lunch again


TooOP: I can only accept my fate then I guess :/


Megaslut: I can't decide whether I find your new sense of humor amusing or distraughting


TooOP: Doesn't concern you either way


Megaslut: Party pooper


TooOP: I wear that title like a crown


Megaslut: Speaking of parties... I was wondering if you'd like to come to one.


TooOP: There's a party?


Megaslut: I don't think most of your high class priority friends know about the party because its a secret amongst the decepticons and general students. Only a few of the Autobot committee members or supporters know because they couldn't care less or just want to have fun.


Megaslut: But I'd figured that you and your rag tag group might want to come. It's going to be the only party before midterms start. Everyone else is too busy playing koi tk their parents to hold parties.


TooOP: And you decided you shouldn't hold one in your own house?


Megaslut: And make my home unlivable? I still want a decent shelter over my head.


TooOP: Who's hosting the party?


Megaslut: Lockdown and Swindle


TooOP: You mean "the" Lockdown and Swindle?


Megaslut: I believe they are the only ones


TooOP: Aren't those parties like....huge???


TooOP: If they're holding a party I don't know how intense its going to be....


TooOP: Bluedice went to the hospital for a week because of one of their parties and no one even knows why.


Megaslut: Please I thought you could handle intense


TooOP: Intense tests and exams pooper


TooOP: Again, self proclaimed king of the title.


Megaslut: Besides, Blackarachnia was the one who suggested I invited you and your friends to come.


TooOP: Really?


Megaslut: If you don't, she's going to be a whiny bitch for a week and 4 days was already enough.


TooOP: Sorry


Megaslut: Stop being sorry Prime


Megaslut: Just come to the party. If talking to Arachnia becomes sour, you can just melt away into the crowd


TooOP: Thanks for the vote of confidence


TooOP: I don't know, I've never been to parties so this is like putting a baby on a bicycle


Megaslut: Then allow me to be the first to break you of your party virginity


TooOP: Eww


Megaslut: Its a Friday night, in mid March. I'll send you Lockdown's house address if you're coming.


TooOP: I'm not sure about mid March. Sentinel might want us doing stuff before studying for midterms.....


Megaslut: Sentinel again? You should just drop him entirely. 


TooOP: As much as things between me and Sentinel are... "Whack", I still need to do things.


TooOP: It's complicated


TooOP: And I also have things to take care of and do at home


Megaslut: Optimus. You literally had about two breakdowns in the past one month. 




Megaslut: Primus you need a break. And I know dropping friends isn't easy for sentimental fools like you but sooner or later he'll use you and it'd ruin you.


TooOP: know that how?


Megaslut: Had a friend once who took advantage of me. I'd rather I don't go in depth. But he got transferred to another school and I never saw him again


TooOP: I'm so sorry...


Megaslut: Don't need to be, that fuckers gone anyway. 


Megaslut: And back to the point, ditch Sentinel.


TooOP: Again, its complicated.


TooOP: Whatever, I'll see if I'm free to go to the party. I'll never hear the end of Bee if I tell him I'm going to one of the most hardcore and intense parties in the history of Cybertron high.....


Megaslut: You won't regret it, but you might witness a few people breaking bones and getting high


TooOP: There's pot too???


Megaslut: It's a Swinlock party. Expect that and so much more


TooOP: Primus




"Secret Ops"

Lockdown - Lockblock

Swindle - Swindleyogirl

2 March, 3:13pm


Lockblock: Do you have the goods?


Swindleyogirl: Bitch who do you think I am?


Lockblock: My beautiful slut of a boyfriend


Swindleyogirl: You're going to have to try harder than that handsome


Swindleyogirl: It's in the garage I rented. The one near the port. It was hard to hide and store those bags so you're going to have to pay extra


Lockblock: Aww, no discounts from your valued customer?


Swindleyogirl: You're not even close to "valued" as a customer


Lockblock: You hurt me


Swindleyogirl: Put a band aid over it.


Swindleyogirl: And don't think I've forgotten the Gameboy you stole the last time you came to my house.


Lockblock: Aw come on, it was just sitting there begging to be played


Swindleyogirl: It's a collector's edition you're NOT SUPPOSED TO PLAY WITH IT




Lockblock:Okay okay relax I haven't played with it yet.


Lockblock: But you're going to have to pay to get it back


Swindleyogirl: fuck you


Lockblock: That would be viable payment :)


Swindleyogirl: I hate you


Swindleyogirl:........5pm tommorrow. Don't be late or I'll raise the price of the damned goods for the party


Lockblock: Oh don't worry I won't be.

Chapter Text


Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

4 March, 9:13am


Ontheprowl: Just asking, any of you allergic to animals?


TooOP: no...?


Onebigbulk: ^


Sariaboutthat: not to my knowledge


Beegonethot: bugs gimme the creeps


Sariaboutthat: And here I thought you support bee lives


Ontheprowl: ok ok noted


Beegonethot: They just creep me out. The way they fly in your face or how their legs just crawl on you.


Beegonethot: @Ontheprowl Why u ask?


Ontheprowl: no reason


Beegonethot: Wait a min you can't just ask and ghost us without telling


Ontheprowl: I'm legally allowed to


Beegonethot: ok u got me there


TooOP: Prowl are you going to pull a Bee?


Beegonethot: I take offense with that


Ontheprowl: I would never stoop so low


Beegonethot: Now you just hurt me


Onebigbulk: I don't know I'm getting a weird feeling out of this


Ontheprowl: I think that's just you


Ontheprowl: Don't worry about it


Beegonethot: Now that even makes me more worried.


TooOP: Honestly Im kind of scared to enter Ultra Magnus' class becos I haven't completed my 4th assignment for history.


Onebigbulk: Its honestly a horrible move by him, I don't think he knows what's been happening with you :/


TooOP: I don't talk with the school counsellors they all suck. I only talk with Ratchet and he never says anything to anyone


Sariaboutthat: You've been to school counselling?


TooOP: It was some lady who kept telling me what I'm feeling right now will pass and I will eventually learn to let loose and let go and then I punched a hole in the wall the next day at school.


Sariaboutthat: Is that why there's a dent at the Physics lab?


TooOP: No that's from when Rodimus attempted to throw ball in class


TooOP: school counselling and outside counselling never really helped I guess. Ratchet has enough dry humor for me to feel okay with talking with him.


TooOP: I just pray that Ultra Magnus won't make me stand outside class or something


Sariaboutthat: if anything that'd be dumb of him.




4 March, 9:21am


Sariaboutthat: Ya'll hear that weird garble noise?


Beegonethot: What weird garble noise?


Sariaboutthat: maybe its just the teacher's stomach


Beegonethot: ewww




4 March, 9:28am


Onebigbulk: Anyone seen Prowl? He was supposed to be in science class with me and he hasn't showed up


Beegonethot:*bad vibes*




4 March, 9:32am


Beegonethot: chicken_army.png






"Ladies Night"

Eula - Euniverselycute

Velda - Velkerie

Blazertrail - Blazingthroughhell

Sari – Sariaboutthat

4 March, 9:33am


Sariaboutthat: Goat.png


Sariaboutthat: Is that a goat in our locker room????


Velkarie: Oh so that's where he went


Sariaboutthat: ????????


Euniversallycute: When I said one dog, I didn't mean an entire zoo. 


Euniversallycute: Ah shit the goat got to my homework, what am I supposed to tell Mr Perceptor???


Sariaboutthat: Im standing right next to you and you just gave your homework to the goat.


Euniversallycute: Don't expose me like that I'm weak at physics


Velkarie: It's easy though.


Euniversallycute: Blease guys I don't do well under intense scrutiny :'(


Blazingthroughhell: They're having everyone evacuate the school I'm crying-


Euniversallycute: Not even a month into high school and we're already committing crimes @Velkarie


Velkarie: Crimes!!!!!


Sariaboutthat: Can someone tell me what's going on????


Euniversallycute: It was an idea to cheer OP up. He did help me during the school orientation anyway and he's a nice guy who's been through shit.


Euniversallycute: It was just going to be a dog I swear-


Velkarie: I should probably round the animals up before someone gets hurt


Sariaboutthat: What are we gonna say???


Blazingthroughhell: I got this.


Blazingthrough: But first


Blazingthroughhell: Duckselfie.png


Blazingthroughhell: This funky lil' lady is such a fucking queen uwu


Sariaboutthat: Priorities set straight

Chapter Text


Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

4 May, 9:40am


Shockinglyhandsome: lizard.png


Shockinglyhandsome: Maybe if I wrestle the monitor lizard, it'll submit to me and I can rule the school with it


Blitzbrainiac: You touch Ms Keisha and I'll wrestle you instead


Megaslut: You own the lizard???


Blitzbrainiac: I just feed it on occasion but I'm surprised she found her way to the school.


Strikayoudown: So did a 100 other animals


Soundthealarm: Yeah you're gonna have to do something about it cause I heard Ultra Magnus calling animal control




Blitzbrainiac: ShIT-


Starringme: Yeah if anyone needs help, don't call me. I'm not touching stinky animals


Blitzbrainiac: I'll have you know that they all treat themselves to spa days and clean themselves!!


Strikayoudown: I just did my nails so no thanks :/


Luggingbaggage: Your problem, you fix it


Blitzbrainiac: Where's the friendship??? :((((


Shockinglyhandsome: I'm not missing out on a chance to take a selfie with a horse so FUCK YEAH I'M IN


Megaslut: Im not going to sit on a wet field listening to Ultra Magnus talk about rules and regulations so im coming


Blitzbrainiac: Thank you


Luggingbaggage: I'll make up an excuse


Blitzbrainiac: Aww you do care!! :)))


Luggingbaggage: It was that or let the teachers hound us for answers


Arachnophobia: Guys I just came to school what on earth are cows doing on our soccer field???


Arachnophobia: Not that I mind that field needed chopping anyway


Strikayoudown: ^


Soundthealarm: I suggest you go the the evac area.


Arachnaphobia: Cowchet.png


Arachnophobia: Not gonna lie this cow looks exactly like Dr Ratchet


Blitzbrainiac: Now I can never unsee


Megaslut: Can we please get on with what we were doing before someone sees us????


Shockinglyhandsome: Alright let's go lesbians!!!





Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

4 March, 9:56am


Sariaboutthat: Anyone seen Bee???


TooOP: I didn't see him on my way down...


Sariaboutthat: Optimus, I can't see you, everyone's too tall


TooOP: I'm waving my hand


Ontheprowl: This is a nightmare...


Onebigbulk: Where you are Prowl???


Ontheprowl: Diffusing the situation


TooOP: You were behind all this??


Ontheprowl: Yes and no


Ontheprowl: They're all from the sanctuary I made at the back of the school nearby


Sariaboutthat: There's a sanctuary near the school??? Since when?


TooOP: apparently now????


Ontheprowl: The forest behind the school was the only place I could set it up in secret without some authority poking their noses in so :/


Ontheprowl: Anyway, it was V and a friend who wanted to know if they could take one of the dogs so I let them. But I don't know how every animal got out.


Sariaboutthat: Hold on a sec


(Sariaboutthat added Euniversallycute)


TooOP: A friend?


Euniversallycute: E, and yeah I'm partially responsible for the whole thing


Euniversallycute: And by partially I mean I devised the idea of bringing a dog to school but I didn't think it'd get this intense.


Ontheprowl: Please tell me you at least got some of them out


Euniversallycute: Honestly its V doing the work not me, but yeah she's got some of the goats out.


Euniversallycute: It was terrifying and humorous when Ms Arcee attempted to square off against one of the goats but we convinced not to


TooOP: Primus


Sariaboutthat: I'll never ever underestimate Ms Arcee.


Euniversallycute: Now that I've explained everything, my work here is done


Onebigbulk: But you didn't do anything


Ontheprowl: And you better help out


Euniversallycute: Okay okay I know I'm with V now trying to herd the chickens.


Euniversallycute: But before I leave this godforsaken chat, I have words of wisdom and truth to pass on to you


TooOP: We're older than you


Euniversallycute: "Put naught the weak against a horde for they shall conquer and devour."


Onebigbulk: o...kay..?


Sraiaboutthat: I hate to break it to you but that was neither truth nor wisdom


Euniversallycute: Not to you


Euniversallycute: suffocated_bee.png



Sariaboutthat: So that's where he is


TooOP: Oh my god is he dead???


Euniversallycute: I poked him with a stick and safe to say he's still breathing.


Euniversallycute: Oh and I think Ratchet's trying to square off with the monitor lizard


TooOP: What?!


Ontheprowl: brb


(Euniversallycute left the group chat)





Blitzwing – Blitzbrainiac

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Velda - Velkerie

4 March, 10:09am

Velkarie: Guys I don't know what to do with the Bee corpse


Ontheprowl: Are you sure he's not dead


Velkarie: Relax the worse that could happen is that they scratch his eye out of something


Blitzbrainiac: They weren't harmed were they


Velkarie: Don't think they are, they look perfectly content


Blitzbrainiac: What if we just left them there on Bee?


Ontheprowl: Blitzwing




Velkarie: He pranked you?


Blitzbrainiac: It involved spray glue and a chair but I'd rather not talk about it.


Ontheprowl: You did steal his DS


Blitzbrainiac: And I gave it back to him with a complete pokedex, ungrateful.


Velkarie: Which game was it?


Blitzbrainiac: Alpha Ruby


Velkarie: Sweeeet


Ontheprowl: Quick will an oat bar convince Illy to follow me?


Blitzbrainiac: The sparrow , the lizard or the goat?


Ontheprowl: Lizard


Velkarie: Just wave it like its the snack of the lifetime and he'll come to you


Ontheprowl: Thanks, and just put Bee outside.


Velkarie: Alright. But I don't think E and I can moved Bee, even if he's small


Blitzbrainiac: Hold on, I'm asking Megatron to help


Velkarie: Oh he came?


Blitzbrainiac: He said he could help


Velkarie: Aww, he's a sweet guy


Blitzbrainiac: Careful you don't say that to Megatron or he'd make a meme out of you brutally


Velkarie: I past of the point of caring at this point so lay it on me




"Ladies Night"

Eula - Euniverselycute

Velda - Velkerie

Blazertrail - Blazingthroughhell

Sari – Sariaboutthat

4 March, 10: 15am


Euniversallycute: Thirsty.png



Euniversallycute: No lie, Megatron's hella hot


Sariaboutthat: ew ewe ew ew


Euniversallycute: Im kidding, but he's really big, but I think that might just be V


Euniversallycute: I'm sowwee V that hurt o,,w,,o


Velkarie: Never mess with the Crime Lord


Chapter Text


Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

4 March, 10:39am


Beegonethot: Guys I had a fever dream that Megatron was carrying me


Sariaboutthat: I think that actually happened


Sariaboutthat: Thirsty.png


Beegonethot: oh my primus


TooOP: Where are you????


Beegonethot: I think im in the school backyard? I dont know I just see trees


Onebigbulk: Just follow the sound of sirens


Beegonethot: Wait the police r here???


Sariaboutthat: So is animal control. It's wild.


TooOP:  If you count the juniors starting a wrestling match in a cult circle, sure.


Beegonethot: Okay guys I think I spot the crowd.


Beegonethot: Oh god that's alot of cars and trucks


Onebigbulk: I think Prowl and the others already evacuated the animals already so they'd find nothing :/


(TooOP added Ratchet to the group chat)


Beegonethot: Wait what's he doing here


TooOP: He told me to add him here


Ratchet: Okay which one of you did it?


Beegoenthot: I swear it wasnt me this time


Sariaboutthat: I honestly have no idea what you're talking about dr ratchet


TooOP: It's honestly a long complicated situation with no real main culprit...


Ratchet: In my fifty three years of living this is by far the worst situation I've ever had.


Beegonethot: This is a free swearing chat if that's what you're asking


Onebigbulk: I think the animals all went out of the building already


Ratchet: Primus forbid... Whatever, just stay out of trouble...


(Ratchet left the chat)

TooOP: Do we tell Ratchet?


Beegonethot: Snitches get stitches and r bitches


Sariaboutthat: We'll just pretend today never happened...?


Onebigbulk: This is definitely something I will never forget so probably not.


Ontheprowl: Have the cops come?


Beegonethot: Out local cryptic has finally arrived


TooOP: Yeah, they're searching the north side of the school


Ontheprowl: Okay good, I still have time.


Sariaboutthat: You might wanna show us that animal sanctuary you guys have going on


Beegonethot: there's a sanctuary in our school???


Onebigbulk: Read the earlier messages ^


Ontheprowl: Maybe after this whole thing is over.


TooOP: Honestly this is the best time of my life. Magnus can't kill me over my work now


Sariaboutthat: Blessed


Beegonethot: What's the deal with Magnus anyway he should loosen up


TooOP: He just expects alot from us, its fine


Beegonethot: Oh my primus I finally found you guys.


Beegonethot: It's like how John mulaney describes a sea of drunk toddlers


Onebigbulk: That sounds right.




4 March, 11:32am


Beegonethot: It's upsetting that they're making us continue class despite everything that happened.


Beegonethot: I'm still getting trauma from the chicken attack


Sariaboutthat: I almost forgot you got attacked by chickens because the very idea of it happening is dumb.


Sariaboutthat: But after everything that's happened im not surprised anymore.


Onebigbulk: You okay bee? 


Beegonethot: I just taste feathers in my mouth, nothing's bleeding surprisingly.


Ontheprowl: Sry about that


Beegonethot: If you take me to Denny's all is forgiven


Onetheprowl: mcdonalds chicken nuggets


Beegonethot: i hate you


Sariaboutthat: Whoa OP, what;s Megatron doing? He went all cryptic up at you


Beegonethot: Whoa do you actually like him???


TooOP: What no!!!!


Onebigbulk: You guys talk alot for guys in opposing committees....


TooOP: We're just... acquaintances?? I don't know but definitely not in love!! That's weird


TooOP: He just asked me if I'm going to Swindle and Lockdown's party...






TooOP: I really don't know if I'm up for it...


Sariaboutthat: I heard their parties get intense...


Sariaboutthat: Yeah I'm totally going.


Beegonethot: HELL YEAH


Onebigbulk: I could go if I'm free. I think some of my art club buddies are going as well...


Ontheprowl: I'm just going to make sure no one does anything stupid.


Beegonethot: Said the man who just let a 100 fucking animals loose in the school


TooOP: Bee you broke your nose the last party you went....


Beegonethot: Not my fault Ridget underestimated my ability to stair surf


Sariaboutthat: do you have clips of that?


Onebigbulk: I do




Beegonethot: I was crowned surf champion that day


Ontheprowl: No you weren't


Beegonethot: I have the scar to prove it >:(


TooOP: Primus


Beegonethot: Okay okay OP, how about


Beegonethot: If you go to the party and somehow, I break something in my body, I owe you 100 bucks


Sariaboutthat: oh wow


TooOP: That is the stupidest bet I've ever heard....


Beegonethot: so whats it gonna be


TooOP:....I'm in


Ontheprowl: Oh primus




Sariaboutthat: I'll bring a camera in case Bee actually does something stupid


Onebigbulk: I'm already getting bad feelings about this...


Ontheprowl: honestly its,like that for every situation that has happened




"Untitled group chat"

Prowl - Ontheprowl

Optimus - TooOP

4 March, 2:54pm


(Ontheprowl added Euniversallycute and Velkarie to the group chat)


Euniversallycute: psst Optimus


Euniversallycute: Meet us at the school gate at the back


Velkarie: I promise you its not a murder


TooOP: Cryptic but okay.




"Ladies Night"

Eula - Euniverselycute

Velda - Velkerie

Blazertrail - Blazingthroughhell

Sari – Sariaboutthat

4 March, 3:30pm


Euniversallycute: cute.png


Euniversallycute: Mission accomplished


Sariaboutthat: Whoa i didn't know OP worked out


Blazingthroughhell: What made u think that?


Sariaboutthat: He's a nerd!!!


Velkarie: Not a nerd


Velkarie: A twunk


Euniversallycute: Oh my god that makes so much more sense.

Chapter Text


Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

10 March, 6:23pm


Shockinglyhandsome: Oops they did it again :))))))


Soundthealarm: who did it again?


Arachnophobia: I'll do you one better, what did it again?


Blitzbrainiac: I'll do you one better, why did it again?


Shockinglyhandsome: screenshot.png


Shockinglyhandsome: After the whole thing with the animals went down, Sentinel decided to impose curfew and restriction to certain parts of the school so that students are strictly watched and don't go doing illegal shit or smh. Like the school forest at the back. And guess what.


Strikayoudown: The school agreed


Shockinglyhandsome: THE SCHOOL AGREED




Blitzbrainiac: The one that leads to the forest?






Megaslut: tsk tsk


Shockinglyhandsome: Did he just tsk-ed?


Luggingbaggage: oh my primus he tsk-ed


Strikayoudown: oh wow im quaking


Arachnaphobia: careful guys he's bringing out the big guns


Megaslut: Shockwave you're not seeing the potential.


Shockinglyhandsome: what potential


Megaslut: Its a chance for us to abuse our power as a petitioning council.


Strikayoudown: you know I forgot we could do that.


Megaslut: We petition that the move be dispelled along with the voices of those who don't like it. We can get more students to vote for us.


Soundthealarm: That'd work


Shockinglyhandsome: how'd you know?


Soundthealarm: I saw someone throw a chair at their council room door and yell "FUCK THE AUTOSCUMS"


Blitzbrainiac: I believe that was me


Blitzbrainiac: Oh wait that was a month ago!!


Megaslut: I just need help from everyone to rally some people to help spread the word. And also garner support. Can you guys do it by tonight?


Soundthealarm: There's a reason I'm Soundwave


Shockinglyhandsome: because ur parents are horrible at naming convention


Soundthealarm: I can kill you with my bass


Arachnophobia: kid went from a 0 to a 100 real quick


Starringme: I can help just this once. Only because they rules are fucking shit.


Strikayoudown: We're all helping because that's technically our job in this council


Megaslut: Good to know you'll are still loyal


Arachnophobia: we tolerate each other not serve you dipstick


Megaslut: I'm just kidding


Arachnophobia: just don't start a riot like last time.




"Autobot Committee"

Ultra Magnus - UltraM

Sentinel - Americandream

Optimus Prime - TooOP

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Longarm - LonginglyLong

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

11 March, 9:12am




Firejet: Brother where are you??? I can't be seeing you!!!




g2gfast: I can hear you guys slapping each others hands in this chat but I have to saythis is mot the tiem for jokes because theres no way we can go to class like thsi


Smoothjazz: I think its a riot against the new rule you're enforcing Sentinel


Smoothjazz: Admittedly this is less intense than the last one


TooOP: I don't think they're dispersing anytime soon.


Americandream: THEN MAKE THEM DISPERSE!!!!


TooOP: I don't know about you but trying to disperse a hundred thousand screaming people is like trying to get a chicken to cross a road


Firejet: I don't be getting the reference


TooOP: It's impossible.




Smoothjazz: I think we all know who and it rhymes with an "M" to a "tron"




TooOP: Oh wow he even had a speech and everything prepared.


Amerciandream: Don't go goo goo eye on him


Smoothjazz: Calm down SP, best we don't jump to conclusions.


g2gfast: I'm close to where the speech is happening want me to type out the demands?


TooOP: go ahead, I think we're all too far away




TooOP: Even if we find a solution for this, I don't think it'll work out like it did the last time. There were alot of students complaining.


Americandream: Whose side are you on Optimus??


TooOP: Do I really have a choice 


g2gfast: He wants all rules imposed on the school like curfews and restriction to disband. And in addition, to make sure students are not heavily monitored by both students in the council and teachers as it is an invasion of privacy. And I quote "We are here to be students, not prisoners to the system".


TooOP: I'm surprised that got applause


Smoothjazz: That just proves how badly they hate the rules.


Smoothjazz: Also you might want to tell your friend to not yell "F' the Autobots"


TooOP: Yeah, sorry about that.





Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

11 March, 9:15am


Sariaboutthat: Soundwave is blasting "Start A Riot" And there will never been a cooler school upstaging than this ever again.


Beegonethot: I yelled "Fuck the Autobots" and threw a sandwich in the air. Life is good


TooOP: You're part of the Autobot group Bee.


Beegonethot: "Autosluts". Not "Autobots" There's a syllable difference


Sariaboutthat: wholesome.png


Sariaboutthat: Bulkhead carrying Blazer on his shoulders is so wholesome.


Beegonethot: What makes it more wholesome is that she's also yelling "Fuck Sentidick"


TooOP: oh my primus spare me


Beegonethot: threebroschilling.png


Beegonethot: Prowl ditched us again for that Blitzbrain


Sariaboutthat: I gotta admit, that's wholesome too. Also terrifying that Blitzwing can carry V and Prowl on his shoulders at the same time.


Beegonethot: Makes you speculate what he's doing outside of school. I have a working theory that he's secretly working as a hitman for the Russians


Sariaboutthat: He's german.


Beegonethot: Anyway, if Prowl still ain't gonna tell us about Blitzwing and him I'm ready to throw hands


TooOP: Can we focus please? And stop yelling fuck the autobots.


Beegonethot: I'm a free spirit with a racecar u can't tell me what to do


Onebigbulk: Hey anyone know a way in? We need to get our art pieces


Beegonethot: Might wanna ask Prowl, he knows secret entrances


Sariaboutthat: Or you could just ask them to make way?


TooOP: Okay that's it I'm dispersing this fucking crowd.




Sariaboutthat: What's he doing I don't see him?!


Onebigbulk: oh no





Blitzwing – Blitzbrainiac

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Velda - Velkerie

11 March, 9:32am


Blitzbrainiac: I have to admit that Optimus friend of yours is quite bold, Prowl.


Velkerie: You mean 'he just snatched Megatron's megaphone like he snatched his wig' bold?


Ontheprowl: Its been a rollercoaster for him for the past few months so I can understand


Blitzbrainiac: Well, this has been fun!!




(Audio transcript)

11 March, 9:17am


"And so we'll not move until- Hey, what are you doing Prime-"


"(soft) Doing my job as a student council- (Crackling from the megaphone) Attention students of Cybertron High. Unfortunately, as school rules dictate, we can't have a riot in the school grounds concerning matters inside of the school so we're asking you to disperse immediately!" 


"Really Optimus-"


"I'm just as tired of this as I've been for every other day I have to deal with these kinds of bullshit so shut it and let me talk."




"(clears throat) I know the new rules the Autobot committee has set up is...frustrating. And I understand that this is a situation not everyone is in favor of. Please understand that because of the recent fiasco, we're concerned about the safety and well being of every student and how situations that we fail to contain because of the lack of such rules may affect our school hours. But that does not mean we'll turn a blind eye to your complaints.


As a member of the Autobot committee, and also in respect to the concerns the Decepticon committee has displayed because of the change in rules, I'll be sure to look into it and see if we can compromise, with the help of Megatron and his committee of course."


"(loud murmurs from the crowd)"


"....(crackle from the megaphone) I'll consider the offer. I suppose working with a competent student like you can help make things easier. (shuffling of feet) Don't think your voices will go unheard. I'll make sure things will change with the rules so stupidly imposed by a certain student I believe failed to think this through. Meanwhile, I suggest we return to our classes before the teachers start sending us to detention hm? Thank you for the support today."


"(Loud chattering as the loud shuffling of feet happen, slowly dispersing)"


"...not bad little Prime."


"Not bad yourself Megatron. Though a riot was really unnecessary."


"I'm quite disappointed at the turnout though. Everything was very much a last minute gig. Last year's was even more chaotic."


"...You're actually going to consider the offer right?"


"You've accepted and tolerated my every offer before. I might as well accept this one."


"(soft chuckle) Right.... Thanks."


"Anything better than that idiot 'friend' of yours. Text me when you're available to discuss."


-Audio recording end-

Chapter Text

"Untitled group chat"

Optimus - TooOP

Sentinel - Americandream

14 March, 02:34pm


Americandream: Still snuggling up to that Megaasshole huh?


TooOP: I'm not Sentinel. I thought you knew me better.


Americandream: Apparently, I don't


TooOP: I'm just meeting the Decepticon committee and finalizing the whole deal. I'm not 'snuggling up' to Megatron...


Americandream: Then can you tell me why I'm not involved??? I should be the one to deal with things like these!!


TooOP: You heard Megatron, he doesn't really want to discuss things with you.


Americandream: Well I'm the President of the Autobot Committee so I deserve to at least put my own input on this!!


TooOP: I'd rather not risk Megatron just completely trashing the whole deal because of a wrong input. No offence.


Americandream: Offence taken


TooOP: Look, I'll handle this alright? Then you can get a break....?


Americandream: Fine, whatever. At least if anything goes wrong I won't be blamed for it.


Americandream: Just remember to report whatever they're up to. Remember, you still are a member of the Autobot Committee. And if you turn your back, there's gonna be bad consequences.


TooOP: .....Thanks for the reminder.




"untitled group chat"

Optimus Prime – TooOP

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

Bumblebee - Beegonethot

Megatron – Megaslut

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

14 March, 4:20pm


Beegonethot: Remind me why I'm in this illegal group gathering again


Beegonethot: If this is an extortion im too young to die


Megaslut: Even I wouldn't murder you because that'd be a waste of my time.


Beegonethot: And I worshiped your meme accounts


TooOP: You were part of the meeting because you were the only 'Autobot' sided student that had very strong differing opinion to the rule Sentinel placed. And I think it's good to have at least your opinion on whatever we discussed since you know most of the students pretty well.


Beegonethot: If everyone from the committee is supposed to be here then where's Starscream?

Megatron: You honestly think I trust that bitch around rule making?


Strikayoudown: For context, he once slipped an order to erect a statue of him in the school until we caught him.


Blitzbrainiac: And frankly I don't want to see the face of Starscream every morning when I'm already going to hell


Firejet: Hell?


Stormjet: But he just said school


Beegonethot: Oh sweet summer children


g2gfast: so everythigns' good and we can levae it as it is?


Megaslut: Oh we still have a few issues to work out as a whole. Especially if the school is still stubborn about not changing things. This chat is to just have a means of contacting each other as easily as possible.


Luggingbaggage: But that does not mean that we won't be confrontational. We'll still get physical if any of you do something bad.


Smoothjazz: Easy there Lugnut, we don't want anything confrontational happening either.


g2gfast: Just checking before I tyep the whole letter and send it to the principal, MAke sure the south gate is locked earlier from 6pm, get rid of the previous rules made by Sentinel. But at the same time ensure all students get home by 5pm while doing a check around the school twice by gaurds, and restrciting areas of the school that are no longer used by the school or are in need of upgrading which are the odl greenhouse and teh pthaway goign to th south gate


TooOP: Yup


Blitzbrainiac: I still don't like that the south gate is being restricted... Where am I going to go to practice my dancing skills?!


Beegonethot: I'll kill to see you dance blitzbrain


Megaslut: Just make sure you don't type in those typos as well Zippy


g2gfast: It's not Zippy. And I'm not going to, I just type fast when I'm writing instant messagaes


Beegonethot: So now that's out of the way.... which of you are going to the SWINLOCK PARTAAYYY


TooOP: Bee


Strikayoudown: And we'll tell you why?


Beegonethot: Because now I've extended this bet to anyone else who knows of it!! Only OP's in it but where's the fun in that


Megaslut: Oh?


TooOP: It's really stupid but a 100 bucks sounds tempting.


Beegonethot: If I break a leg during the party, ya'll get a 100 bucks!! But if it gets too much, it'll be 5 bucks


Blitzbrainiac: That's a $95 decrease....


Strikayoudown: I'm not bothering myself with this useless bet. But yes, I'm going to the party.


Luggingbaggage: I'm going too, but joining a bet is not a thing I do.


Beegonethot: Boooo, party poopers


Strikayoudown: Say that again and I'll throw you on a pool table for a party experience


Beegonethot: im allergic to large fists blease don't


Firejet: Ooh! I'll be going at the party!


Stormjet: And we'll be going together and having fun!!


Smoothjazz: Then I must warn you that if anyone asks you to go to the back with them, don't. Just walk out of there fast.


Firejet: Why???


Megaslut: Just listen to him


Blitzbrainiac: I'm going to get cake and dance!! 


Beegonethot: All my dreams will come true on that day 


Smoothjazz: It'll depend on my mood. I'll go if they have a good DJ


Megaslut: I think they'll tell this Friday.


Smoothjazz: ah


g2gfast: Alright i tyedp out the letter and senrt it. jsuy have to wait for a few days.


Megaslut: Good.


Luggingbaggage: Now don't talk to us unless it's important.


Beegonethot: Ok jeez goodbye I guess.


Smoothjazz: I'll see ya'll at school tommorrow


Megaslut: Oh before I forget.


Megaslut: (Address number)


Megaslut: The location for the party. You're still going right Prime?


TooOP: Yeah. Thanks.


Megaslut: Wouldn't want you getting lost and missing out on you first party


TooOP: Right :/





Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

14 March, 6:01pm


Beegonethot: chatscreenshot.png


Beegonethot: u sure nothing's happening between you and Megatron?


TooOP: Bee we are literally just schoolmates. acquaintances. nothing more.


Onebigbulk: If anything, I think you two sound and look more than just acquaintances.


Ontheprowl: I believe it's called being friends


Beegonethot: Cryptic is not a good look on you prowl


Sariaboutthat: Do you even know what you two are? Like friends that sort of things?


TooOP: I don't know???


TooOP: Like just the idea of us knowing each other is already bad. I'm an Autobot council member and he's a decepticon council leader! Those two don't mix!!


TooOP: I already feel bad that I'm supposed to get something out of him to use against him but it's also bad that I don't want to because I see him as an okay persona I feel bad about it.


TooOP: God I hate school


Beegonethot: I don't think average schools get this kind of drama


Sariaboutthat: really bee


Beegonethot: I'm horrible at comforting friends I'm sorry.


Ontheprowl: Okay what if you think of it this way. 


Ontheprowl: Instead of thinking about 'autobot' and 'decepticon' and what others would think, what about you? 


Onebigbulk: We don't care who you make friends with, even if it's Megatron...sort of. As long as they don't hurt you.


Sariaboutthat: Side's I think Megatron's got a soft spot for you.


TooOP: What?


Sariaboutthat: He literally disbanded a riot he started for you OP. If that doesn't scream something similar to romantic I don't know what is




Ontheprowl: So? What do you see Megatron as?


TooOP: I mean...I guess he's ok to be around with? I don't feel like I have to be this nice guy who tolerates people's bullshit. 


TooOP: He doesn't ask too much if something bothers me that I don't want to tell.... And he helped me on occasion. And we make jokes sometimes


TooOP: Oh god that's what friends do.


Sariaboutthat: That took you long


TooOP: Hold on I'm gonna go for a while.


Beegonethot: They grow up so fast


Ontheprowl: He's older than us





Megatron – Megaslut

Optimus Prime – TooOP

14 March, 6:08pm


TooOP: Megatron?


Megaslut: Something wrong?


TooOP: This is really embarrassing to ask but we're.... friends right?


Megaslut: You only know that now??


TooOP: Oh my primus just kill me now


Megaslut: What were you thinking we were for a whole month???


TooOP: Some guy you could disturb once in a while?


Megaslut: I wouldn't buy some guy I'd disturb once in a while meals would I?


TooOP: You got me there.


Megaslut: I find it hilarious you didn't pick up on our friendship


TooOP: You know with the whole 'Autobots' and 'Decepticons' thing. its complicated...


Megaslut: I understand, but still very humorous.


TooOP: So..friends?


Megaslut: Friends.


Megaslut: And I've long forgiven about that little accident with you and my things. You've done nothing bad to me even with every chance you got to.


TooOP: Yeah, sorry about that whole thing again.


Megaslut: No need to little Prime


TooOP: That is not going to stop is it.


Megaslut: Never


TooOP: Darn, an unlucky curse.


Megaslut: Humorous


Chapter Text


Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

27 March, 4:21pm


Beegonethot: Who's ready for the partaayyy!!!!


Sariaboutthat: Should I wear a dress or a casual outift?


Sariaboutthat: I want something that says "lesbian"


Onebigbulk: It's going to be a long night and it gets cold so something long sleeved


Sariaboutthat: Dress it is


TooOP: Is anyone carpooling with Bee? Because I'm taking a bus there.


Beegonethot: NOOOOOO


Ontheprowl: I already have a ride.


Beegonethot: A date?


Ontheprowl: No, I have a motorcycle


Beegonethot: Since when were you this cool?!


Onebigbulk: Since when did you get a motorcycle??


Ontheprowl: I had it since last year. I just barely use it because it has special mods I don't want to exhuast


Beegonethot: Wait so that means you're using it to show off.....


Beegonethot: Which means you do have a date!!


Ontheprowl: I just want to use my motorcycle because I don't want to die sitting in your car.


Beegonethot: You're not denying it so I'm going to put it out there :)))))


Sariaboutthat: Where are you Bee???


Beegonethot: I'm in the car. Wanna stop by Burger bot to get smh?


Sariaboutthat: Yesssss




Beegonethot: Relax Boss bot nothings going to happen to me


Onebigbulk: That's not what you said the last time your car slammed into the pole


Beegonethot: Yeah and I made it out alive. God can't touch me :)


Sariaboutthat: now im scared


Onebigbulk: If you change your mind, you can always ride the bus with me and Blazer


Beegonethot: But burger bottt :(((


Ontheprowl: I don't know what is it with you two and Burger Bot but their burgers aren't really the best tasting.


Beegonethot: U take that back >:O


TooOP: What time are you guys gonna make it?


Onebigbulk: Probably around 5 plus.


Beegonethot: Me too


Ontheprowl: I'l be coming at 6


TooOP: I'm still not sure about the party....


Beegonethot: Come on OP don't chicken out now


Ontheprowl: If it gets too intense you can always go back home first.


TooOP: I guess you're right.


Onebigbulk: No need to pressure yourself over the party, these things make me nervous too.


TooOP: I'm also worried about seeing Elita..


Beegonethot: Blackarachnia? She's coming too?


TooOP: Megatron told me. He said she might wanna talk to me...


Sariaboutthat: If anything happens we'll go in!


Ontheprowl: You'll be fine Optimus, just come to us if things go bad


TooOP: I guess


Onebigbulk: It's a day for us to relax! You should as well!


TooOP: I'll try :)


Beegonethot: Sari Im at your house! where u at???


Sariaboutthat: I'm still changing gimme a sec


Beegonethot: I cant park anywhere blease hurry


Sariaboutthat: I KNOW I SAID WAIT


Beegonethot: HURRY UPPPP


TooOP: This is going to be a fun night.





Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm 

27 March, 4:30pm


Starringme: Purple or blue


Blitzbrainiac: Why not both


Starringme: Because it'd look ugly


Blitzbrainiac: ON YOU!!


Starringme: I'll fucking poison ur drink


Blitzbrainiac: bold of you to assume it already isn't spiked


Megaslut: Idiots


Starringme: Fuck you all


Arachnaphobia: How many of you already left?


Strikayoudown: Lugnut and I are at the deli near my house. Who wants food?


Shockinglyhandsome: I need some before I get wasted


Soundthealarm: me too please


Megaslut: My parents didn't bother to fucking make dinner so get me the largest thing they have.


Starringme: get me a salad my fucking sister gave all of ours to the damn horse


Shockinglyhandsome: You didn't tell us you had a horse all this time???


Starringme: It's my sister's not mine. no way im touching it


Strikayoudown: Blackarachnia?


Arachnophobia: I'm good.


Megaslut: I just left the house if you want I can carpool you arachnia


Arachnophobia: I'm good I'm taking the uber.


Megaslut: Alright


Shockinglyhandsome:@Soundthealarm u got the camera?


Soundthealarm: yep


Arachnaphobia: Why do you need the camera?


Shockinglyhandsome: I need to capture the stupid shit that happens on our last frat house party as Decepticunts.


Strikayoudown: I can't tell if that was sentimental or spiteful, but I don't like either


Starringme: I still can't fucking decide help me you afts


Blitzbrainiac: Unlike you, I'm at least decisive enough to figure out what to wear a week before already.


Shockinglyhandsome: You have never planned an outfit before. Its mostly been a mood things


Starringme: You once walked in to school looking like a fashion disaster that got dunked in glitter.


Blitzbrainiac: I was making a statement!!


Shockinglyhandsome: Wait is it a date???


Blitzbrainiac: I suppose you could say that


Shockinglyhandsome: Who's the lucky gal? Guy? Gender neutral pronoun?


Blitzbrainiac: Not telling


Megaslut: Is it silent type?


Blitzbrainiac: Yes




Blitzbrainiac: I can only trust 5 people in this chat to not spill anything.


Soundthealarm: who is the other one?


Blitzbrainiac: I best not say or I'll never hear the end of it


Arachnophobia: I think everyone knows


Strikayoudown: So that means you won't be with us around the party?


Blitzbrainiac: Oh I will be when something nasty or wild happens.


Megaslut: Have fun


Arachnaphobia: Get some ass


Soundthealarm: Those are two huge different moods




Arachnophobia: Primus just wear nothing


Starringme: AHHHH





Megatron – Megaslut

Optimus Prime – TooOP

27 March, 4:34pm


Megaslut: Hey Prime, you need anything to eat?


TooOP: ?


Megaslut: A friend of mine's getting food. She asked if quote ,"Does the twig want anything?"


TooOP: Rude :(


TooOP: Just a ham sandwhich please. Tell her I said thanks and I'll pay her back at the party.


Megaslut: Sure





Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

27 March, 5:07pm




Beegonethot: We didn't die Sari!!


TooOP: I don't even want to know what happened.


Sariaboutthat: Let's just say that there will forever be a dent in the hood of Bee's sad car


Beegonethot: Hey it was the other car not me!!!


Sariaboutthat: It's not even 6 and I already see a group of drunk jocks


Beegonethot: A rare sight in such habitats


TooOP: I'm inside the house in the living room.


Sariaboutthat: I think I see some of the cons.


TooOP: yeah Megatron's with me


Beegonethot: I know we probably persuaded you to be friends and all but you're sure sure you two are chill?


TooOP: He brought me a sandwich so there's that. I'm just waiting for you guys and Blackarachnia to show up


Beegonethot: While we wait I think it's time I showed you around the world of parties


TooOP: primus


Sariaboutthat: I mean what's the worse that could happen


TooOP: Oh you would not believe




27 March, 7:15pm


Sariaboutthat: We have a drunk Bee situation and its about to get wild


TooOP: oh my primus


Onebigbulk: oh my primus


Ontheprowl: oh my primus

Chapter Text

(1 hour ago)



Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

27 March, 6:15pm


Beegonethot: Only an hour in this shithole and somehow I learnt more about everyone than I initially thought


Beegonethot: Like who knew Smooth Jazz here is actually dating someone???


Ontheprowl: Everyone?


Beegonethot: But like, dating that kind of guy??


Ontheprowl: Is that a problem?


Beegonethot: No of course not, I'm just surprised its someone from another school. What's his name?


Onebigbulk: Gunmax I think. Jazz introduced him to me


Beegonethot: I honestly thought you'd be the one to date Jazz, Prowl


Ontheprowl: he's more like a brother to me.


Beegonethot: I see i see




"untitled group chat"

Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Sari – Sariaboutthat

27 March, 6:16pm


Beegonethot: still not spilling


TooOP: let it go Bee





Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

27 March, 6:16pm


Sariaboutthat: Seeing Swindle and Lockdown make out aggressively will forever scar my two eyes. Not even bleach can save me


TooOP: I've trained myself to just blurr and censor these things out from my sight and mind.


Beegonethot: virgin boi


Beegonethot: where r u OP? I sort of lost you in the crowd?


TooOP: at some corner. Crowds get overwhelming


TooOP: I think at the corner opposite of Prowl's corner


Ontheprowl: I own it


Beegonethot: gotcha, im gonna find the booze 


TooOP: isn't it a bit too early for that?


Beegonethot: We don't have school tommorrow its finneee


Onebigbulk: I sense alot of bad vibes in that sentence


Beegonethot: While you all are chilling in your corners, I'm going to actually have my own fun and party :)


Ontheprowl: sure sure


Sariaboutthat: Don't worry, I'll keep a look out for him.


Sariaboutthat: Hey wait where did Bee go


Sariaboutthat: @Beegonethot ???


Sariaboutthat: Crap I think he switched his phone to silent mode


Sariaboutthat: Im diving in the sea of drunk seniors


TooOP: by yourself?


Sariaboutthat: I have Soundwave and Blazer I should be fine


Sariaboutthat: Soundwave'll scream if something's wrong


TooOP: Alright, just be careful. I'll come and find you later


Sariaboutthat: Alrighty




"untitled group chat"

Optimus - TooOP

Blackarachnia - Arachnophobia

27 March, 6:20pm


Arachnophobia: Meet me in the balcony


TooOP: Now?


Arachnophobia: Of course now you twit


TooOP: where is it?


Arachnaphobia: Stairs on the left of the entrance, 2nd floor


TooOP: You sure its fine?


Arachnophobia: Swindle and Lockdown are too busy

eating each other out just come


TooOP: ok





Megatron – Megaslut

Optimus Prime – TooOP

27 March, 6:42pm


Megaslut: I saw you and Blackarachnia on the balcony? Everything alright?


TooOP: Yeah we just talked. Where'd you see us from?


Megaslut: I was watching Starscream getting annihilated at beer pong in the front lawn.


Megaslut: It was to Bee if you're wondering


TooOP: He's going to get into so much trouble


Megaslut: And you're not going to stop it?


TooOP: No, I'll let Sari do the whole keeping watch thing. I just want them to have fun. I mean after everything I've put them through last month


Megaslut: If it's uncomfortable for you, no need to explain


TooOP: No, I mean, I have nothing better to do than watch a bunch of idiots almost almost kill each other with darts so I might as well. It's over anyway.


TooOP: I know you remember about that talk. When I told you about that happened near the end of last month. 


Megaslut: I still remember, I'm sorry you had to go through that


TooOP: Again, it's alright


TooOP: I don't think I told you I also had nightmares. I still do, but it's less intense. And sometimes it turns into an episode. full blown panic and all. Dr Ratchet helps me sometimes with those. Sometimes I stay at home, other times I go to the bridge near the school. The one with a river and a steady grass slope. The time I wasn't around in school for a day or two, I really bothered my friends. And then the whole Blackarachnia thing happened and I really spooked them.


TooOP: And that wasn't the first time. I've really troubled them a lot and I feel like I should be a better friend. Make the most out of this year and just be a good friend while we're still in the same school.


Megaslut: I'm sorry to hear that you go through such things.


TooOP: Primus no need to be so formal. But yeah, I try to help myself and I think I'm getting better. I mean it's still sort of hard for me to get around the fact that Elita's still alive. And the fact that because of me she's gotta live with a metal arm and leg


Megaslut: Knowing Blackarachnia, she'd want you to stop blaming yourself or she'd "slap you"


Megaslut: And take it from me. You have good friends and they love you. However weird or idiotic some of them may be. If they did find you a 'bother', they'd long left you to be. So it's alright.


TooOP: Thanks...


TooOP: Maybe I should go to you for counselling


Megaslut: Don't be daft Little Prime, I am in no way experienced to do that


TooOP: I'm kidding


Megaslut: But if you'd like, you can always join me after school hours and chat out with me at my home. And if you have one of your episodes, you can come in the night as well.


TooOP: Really?


Megaslut: I don't say such things lightly


TooOP: What about your parents


Megaslut: They're barely at home, too busy being assholes


TooOP:...Care to tell? If it's uncomfortable for you, no need to explain


Megaslut:...if my friends know, I don't see why I shouldn't tell you.


Megaslut: When I started high school, both of them basically left me to my own devices without a care in a world where their money was going. I was only rich and able to spend that money because they couldn't give two shits about what I was doing. 


Megaslut: And before you say it couldn't be that bad, I once had to carry my stupidly drunk mother after a 'party' to her room while she kept yelling at me about how I could be better and smashed whatever bottle she had with her at me. I only got a few scabs. I told my father this and he told me 'to stop disturbing him with something stupid'.


Megaslut: The house I live in now is just another house my parents own and I moved in there 'out of convenience' but I just wanted to get my ass out of that shit hole.


Megaslut: Long story short, I absolutely hate my parents, and the moment I'm able to, I'll move out and stop relying on my parents.


TooOP: Oh....


TooOP: I'm so sorry.


TooOP: Wow I mean they're complete assholes


Megaslut: You're the first ever person to say that about my parents when I first told them my story. They usually say it's nothing.


TooOP: It's not nothing!! Primus


Megaslut: You always surprise me


TooOP: Nothing about that is humorous


Megaslut: I know


Megaslut: If you'd like to ask more, I'd be okay with answering as long as it's not sensitive.


TooOP: Maybe not. You know what. Maybe we can talk about these things some other time. Let's just enjoy ourselves tonight.


Megaslut: That'd be much more appreciated


TooOP: Meet you in the front lawn?


Megaslut: Please do, while Bee has since gone off to who knows where, Lugnut is about to trash someone for calling me a 'Hulking piece of shit'


TooOP: For once I'm down for that.


(Present time)



Megatron – Megaslut

Optimus Prime – TooOP

27 March, 7:16pm


Megaslut: When I said I was hoping this party would get better, I didn't think it'd get this intense




Megaslut: I'm well aware


Megaslut: At least you'll get your 100 bucks worth

Chapter Text

"Ladies night"

27 March, 7:16pm


Euniversallycute: do you guys hear that


Blazingthroughhell: I'm at the scene of the crime and yes, it's as chaotic as it sounds


Velkarie: You should come out and see


Euniversallycute: gonna have to pm me the situation im watching Godzilla with Blurr in the screening room.


Velkarie: Which version?


Euniversallycute: Original version


Velkarie: niceeee


Blazingthroughhell: Bee's on the roof and yelling that he can fly. It's wild. Optimus is panicking.


Euniversallycute: yiikes


Sariaboutthat: Does anyone know how to climb a roof???


Euniversallycute: ok im coming over


Velkarie: Blazer and I can but I don't think Bee'll stay still enough.....


Sariaboutthat: Errr we'll figure something out-


Euniversallycute: where it at again?


Blazingthroughhell: Backyard. I don't think Swindle and Lockdown know yet.


Euniversallycute: Oh nope, Swindle's coming out. Lockdown can't deal with that shit


Velkarie: might wanna bring Blurr along


Euniversallycute: I got the bitch with me


Euniversallycute: He saw that I called him a bitch and he went "mood"


Velkarie: He's transcended




(Video excerpt)

27 March, 7:18pm






"YOU CAN'T MAKE ME PRIME- *urp*" (Bee)


"JUMP JUMP JUMP!!" (Crowd)


"NO ONE'S JUMPING!!" (Optimus)


"I'm betting zhat he'll break a leg" (Blitzwing)


"Don't curse it- help me up there." (Prowl)


"Wait! I don't want him jumping because someone's appraoching him" (Optimus)


"If things go south I can write up a will" (Blackarachnia)


"Elita no-" (Optimus)


*camera shakes as it turns to face Shockwave, who is filiming*


"This is the wildest fucking party ever" (Shockwave)


*camera pans back to the chaos*


"Err anyone have a blanket that's big??? This is a disaster-" (Optimus)


"Relax Prime, the worse that'll happen is he breaks a bone." (Megatron)




"I'll go get ze blankets." (Blitzwing)


"They said man can't fly..... BUT TODAY, I SHALL PROVE THEM WRROONNNGGG *glass smashing*" (Bee)


"YEAAHHHHH!!!" (Crowd)


"Oh my primus GET IT QUICK-" (Optimus)


"Wait, I want to see where this goes." (Megatron)


"Megatron-" (Optimus)


"Oh wow this was wilder than I thought this to be" (E)


"The gucci gang's here" (V)


"There can only be one gucci gang." (Starscream)


"One's honestly hotter and slays better than the other." (E)


"She said it not me." (Blazer)


"Focus please." (Prowl)


"Okay. E, V and I'll climb up with the blanket and try to roll him in it. If all goes according to plan he'll roll to the ground safely with at least a broken nose" (Blazer)


"Isn't that a bit risky...???" (Optimus)


"That or we let him jump and break more than just one bone" (V)


"I got ze blankets!!! Zhey're so fluffy!!~" (Blitzwing)


"Thanks Blitzwing*grabs the blanket and tosses each side for the girls to hold* Okay, there's an easy slope we can climb on behind Bee. We'll surprise him from there." (Prowl)


"Be careful!" (Bulkhead)


"I need someone tall to boost us up." (Prowl)


"I guess that's my cue. Strika, I need your help as well." (Megatron)


"*sighs and grumbles* I didn't want to get involved but sure" (Strika)


"Thanks Strika!" (V)


"Do not strain yourself love!" (Lugnut)


"I won't sweetheart." (Strika)


"Everyone's flirting and im here like-" (E)


"Shut up and move." (Strika)


"Yes mam'." (E)


-Video ended-




(Video excerpt)

March 27, 7:35pm


"As we see the four beasts crouching and waiting to strike, it is notable that Bee has failed to keep awareness of his surroundings for the booze has rendered him unable to do the most simplest shit and instead has opted to throw all logic out of the window." (Shockwave)




"NEVERRRRR!!!" (Bee)


"After all this time I thought you'd make better friends Optimus." (Blackarachnia)


"To be fair, years of depression has downgraded my standards. But I like them." (Optimus)


"Rude." (Megatron)


"JUMPING IN 3-" (Bee)


"oh no" (Optimus)


"2-" (Bee)


"*quickly runs to where Bee could land* BEE NO-" (Optimus)


"1-AAHAHHHHH *Muffled screaming*" (Bee)




"BOOOOO!!!" (Crowd)




"NO-" (Optimus)


(Sudden silence as Bee rolls over the roof, falling and supposedly landing without so much as a thud)


"...." (Everyone)


(Blurr walks out from the back, carrying Bee rolled up in a burrito bridal style)


"I got him!" (Blurr)




"Good job zippy!!*gives a thumbs up*" (E)


"Shame, there goes a hundred dollars." (Megatron)


"Oh quit it Megatron." (Optimus)


(Offscreen) "something's not right-" (Jazz)


(Offscreen) "Wait who's that? I've never seen him earlier." (Gunmax)


(Offscreen) "Hold on-" (Jazz)


-Video ended-




"untitled group chat"

Optimus Prime – TooOP

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

Bumblebee - Beegonethot

Megatron – Megaslut

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

27 March, 7:40pm


(TooOP added Sariaboutthat, Ontheprowl and Onebigbulk to the group chat)


(Megaslut added Shockinglyhandsome, Soundthealarm and Arachnaphobia into the group chat)




Megaslut: SCATTER

Chapter Text

"untitled group chat"

Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

27 March, 7:40pm


(Sariaboutthat added Euniversallycute, Velkarie and Blazingthroughhell into the chat)


Euniversallycute: this will be the most excercise I'll ever get in the 80 years I'll exist on this accursed planet


Strikayoudown: agreed




(Euniversallycute changed the group chat to "Ride Or Die)


Sariaboutthat: And a legend was born


Blazingthroughhell: sjhjlsahhf dnlldkklsnsl adsnl


TooOP: If Bee was sober, he'd be proud


Megaslut: Where is everyone???


TooOP: On your left!!


Onebigbulk: Right behind, I almost got mobbed


Luggingbaggage: All cons present and accounted for


TooOP: Then where's Starscream


Luggingbaggage: All except for Starscream


Soundthealarm: I can't find him I think he ran off or smh


Shockinglyhandsome: Crypticscream.png


Soundthealarm: When did he get up that tree?


Shockinglyhandsome: He did that once when he had to hide in the vents before he got caught smoking pot in school


Euniversallycute: wild


Firejet: Is this how parties are to go?


Smoothjazz: Mostly, no


Euniversallycute: They don't normally entail the three or four cop cars coming to a frat party while someone smashes a 40 and yells "Scatter"


Sariaboutthat: How are u typing liek that????


Euniversallycute: I like ran for 30 seconds and I got too tired so Blurr's currently carrying me bridal style and running.


Euniversallycute: He says to go faster.


Valkerie: photo.png


Valkerie: join the cult


Blazingthroughhell: Again, I'm absolutely fascinated and terrified that Blitzwing and carry both you and Prowl


TooOP: Wait if Blurr's carrying you where's Bee






Strikayoudown: He's more of an idiot than I thought he was.


Arachnophobia: Leave the bug be, he'll handle his problem himself we have ourselves to worry about!!




TooOP: I'm going back just keep running




Arachnophobia: I'm coming you absolutely nut


Euniversallycute: I think he hoped away when everyone was caught in the confusion.


Sariaboutthat: I'm picturing it mentally and you know what thats funny








Arachnaphobia: We have Bee


Euniversallycute: Is he blackout drunk?


Arachnophobia: Not unless I hit him in the head which Optimus didnt want


Arachnophobia: Wuss


Velkarie: Hold on I have an idea.


(Velkarie added Swindleyogirl)


Megaslut: What's he going to do? Bury us under a pile of weed to hide us?


Swindleyogirl: very charming Megatron


Swindleyogirl: what do you want im busy hiding under the house


Luggingbaggage: YOU CALLED THE COPS


Swindleyogirl: Why would I call the cops to my own party????


Velkarie: I know you have storage places to store whatever weird stuff you want to hide. And I know it has to be close by. Anyway we can use those???


Swindleyogirl: Tough luck I don't give out shit like that to kids like you. You and I both know why and it took Lockdown and I to fucking hide that shit of months.


Shockinglyhandsome: wait


Swindleyogirl: and why should I?


Shockinglyhandsome: OH MY GOD ITS A WEED ROOM AHHHHH


Megaslut: primus


Shockinglyhandsome: oh my god blease let us hide in there


Megaslut: I have the questions of this mid terms science exam papers you can use, I'll give it to you


Swindleyogirl: which year?


Megaslut: Year 3


Swindleyogirl: Find a tall crooked tree and turn to it's left and you should find a large containment unit. It's unlocked but you can lock it from the inside.


Shockinglyhandsome: YES


Swindleyogirl: But you better not say a single word or talk in there. It's not sound proof and it's close to my house and I can't have the damned cops know I've been having this jig


Velkarie: Thank you!


Swindleyogirl: Now stop disturbing me


(Swindleyogirl left the group chat)


Luggingbaggage: I am not hiding in that kind of place


Megaslut: Either that or the looney bin, let's go!!


Strikayoudown: Is it big enough for everyone


Ontheprowl: We can always shove Bee out


Onebigbulk: good one Prowl


Onebigbulk: wait r u srs


TooOP: We're all hiding and if not I'll distract them.


Megaslut: Stop being a self sacrificing idiot and just run!!!




27 March, 7:49pm


TooOP: Can they really fit all of us?


Megaslut: I guess as long as everyone stands


Shockinglyhandsome: Dibs on the purple container


Smoothjazz: And GM's comin with me


Sariaboutthat: Why'd you bring him??


Smoothjazz: It was either that or let the police find out one of their interning students attended an frat party that possibly involved illegal drugs


Euniversallycute: Maybe if you spoon him we can fit


Smoothjazz: im not complaining




27 March, 7:53pm


Blazingthroughhell: Sorry Strika, but you'll have to move to the other container. I don't think Soundwave's gonna breathe


Strikayoudown: Of course, just make sure not to spite Lugnut


Blazingthroughhell: 👌


Luggingbaggage: If you get caught, I'll make sure to protect you


Euniversallycute: guys we're hiding from the police not performing a Shakespearean tale


Strikayoudown: shut it kid


TooOP: Quiet!!!




27 March, 7:53pm


Shockinglyhandsome: I can now die in fucking peace knowing that my last year in this accursed hell hole of a school year involved hiding in a weed containment storage.


Shockinglyhandsome: It's gotta be like a shit ton of weed in here!!!


Euniversallycute: Don't steal anything


TooOP: Do I...know you?


Shockinglyhandsome: I'm just here to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling it.


Firejet: I can't be seeing who I touched, I'm so sorry!


Blazingthroughhell: That was me my boob hurts


Firejet: I'M SORRY


Euniversallycute: Ladies in the chat can relate


Sariaboutthat: not me


Blazingthroughhell: im gd just stay still


Strikayoudown: Might want to stop squirming Shockwave or I'll crush you


Shockinglyhandsome: Kinky


Shockinglyhandsome: OW FUCKING


Megaslut: CAn you guys just stay quiet for a few minutes??? I can hear you guys from in here!!!


TooOP: Sorry Megatron is there anyway you could move? My arm's a bit squished


Megaslut: I don't think I can.


Megaslut: Hold on


Megaslut: Is it okay if I put my arm over you


TooOP: I don't mind


Blitzbrainiac: Now kiss!!!


TooOP: Blitzwing!!!


Blitzbrainiac: Its how it always happens in movies


TooOP: Primus I wouldn't even do that in front of people!!


Euniversallycute: I think the cops are here I see lights in the cracks


Velkarie: Ok everyone shut up


Blazingthroughhell: Bee's slurring, someone keep him quiet!!


Onetheprowl: I'm trying my best to keep Bee quiet but he talks in his unconsciousness and I don't want his saliva on my hands


Blitzbrainiac: you didn't mind mine on your lips


Euniversallycute: #Prowlwingcanon


Ontheprowl: Those are two entirely different things Blitzwing


Sariaboutthat: i knew it!!!


G2gfast: Back to the problem at hand please!!!!


Arachnophobia: give me the bug


Onetheprowl: ok


Euniversallycute: OH MY GOD WHAT DID YOU DO???


Stromjet: She killed him!!!!


Firejet: I don't feel so good brother


TooOP: What happened???


Arachnophobia: Relax I just gave him a jab to make him unconscious. Since Optimus ain't even in the same room as me to nag


TooOP: Ouch Elita


Arachnophobia: Grow a pair Optimus


Megaslut: Switch your phones off the cops may see the damn lights


Euniversallycute: ok ok




27 March, 8:01pm


Euniversallycute: guys im scared


Euniversallycute: If we don't make it out alive, tell my dog I love him


Euniversallycute: and my sister i guess




27 March, 8:15 pm


Smoothjazz: Well that was close


Euniversallycute: I almost died holding my breath


TooOP: Is the coast clear?


Shockinglyhandsome: Look clear i dont see shit


Soundthealarm: I don't see anymore lights


Sariaboutthat: NOW MOVE


Stormjet: I can't be feeling my arms!


Onebigbulk: I think someone stepped on my foot


g2gfast: that was me sorz


Velkarie: Sorry Blitzy, I think I stepped on you as well


Blitzbrainiac: Really? I felt nothing.


TooOP: Anyone not feeling okay?


Megaslut: I think we're good


Arachnophobia: Good cause I'm not carrying Bee


Euniversallycute: guys i dont think we can go home...


Smoothjazz: damn those clouds look heavy


Megaslut: We still can't get to the cars, the police would still be swarming the place.


Strikayoudown: No way I'm staying in this weed room from the rain


Shockinglyhandsome: I would


TooOP: I think you guys can take shelter at my house for the night


Sariaboutthat: Really???


TooOP: It's not that far. I recognize a pathway to my house. Like a twenty minute walk I think. Besides, I think we can't carry Bee all the way home.


Shockinglyhandsome: Who would win, a group of frat house losers or a tiny house


TooOP: It's not that small. Besides, it's just to take shelter from the rain. And I think we're all exhausted. I don't mind.


Ontheprowl: Well we better hurry because I think I feel a drizzle


Strikayoudown: Your parents don't mind?


TooOP: It's just my mum and she doesn't mind guests as long as they're not suspicious people.


Shockinglyhandsome: I think I fall into that category




27 March, 8:20pm


Sariaboutthat: Blitzwing won't stop singing Umbrella blease send help


Blazingthroughhell: Oh got he roped in the Jettwins


Euniversallycute: this is fun

Chapter Text

"Ride Or Die"

Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

Eula - Euniverselycute

Velda - Velkerie

Blazertrail - Blazingthroughhell

27 March, 8:37 pm


Strikayoudown: Your mum's nice


TooOP: It's part of her charm


Megaslut: She's the nicest woman I'll ever know in my life 


Megaslut: Weirdly it intimidates me


TooOP: Oh yeah she does that too


Shockinglyhandsome: Cute house, real homey.


TooOP: I suggest you don't touch that


Shockinglyhandsome: What's it going to do kill me?


TooOP: Essentially yeah


Onebigbulk: I overheard your mum shaking her head and muttering something about bee smoking weed


Blazingthroughhell: Bless her


TooOP: Err just make yourselves comfortable. I don't have any snacks so I can go out and get something before the rain starts getting heavier.


Shockinglyhandsome: GET US CHEETOS


Sariaboutthat: Potato chips please!


Euniversallycute: Anything's fine


Blitzbrainiac: If you don't mind I can make scrambled eggs


TooOP: Sure, there's some in the fridge


Megaslut: I'll come with you hold on


Arachnophobia: don't get sick from the rain you twits


Megaslut: Love you too Blackarachnia


Shockinglyhandsome: Omg does anyone have marker?


Strikayoudown: I'll make sure none of our dumbasses do anything dumb


TooOP: thank you :)




(Video excerpt)

Mama's Mart, Security Feed 02

27 March, 8:47 pm


"A wrap with candy and chocolate is still considered a burrito."


"Oh my god Megatron you're unbelievably gross."


"Only because I haven't tried it and one of these days I'll somehow, one way or another, make you eat one."


"I swear if you do that we're no longer friends."


"Tough luck, I don't let go of friends I can bully easily."


"(amused laugh) Lay off Megatron."


"...Sorry bout tonight." 




"I didn't think it'd turn out like this."


"You mean the whole cops thing and hiding in a weed room? That was an experience."


"I'm serious. I was hoping tonight would just be a casual night for you to talk things out with Arachnia and relax. If I've known this would happen I wouldn't have forced you to come along."


"What? Megs- You definitely couldn't have known this would happen. Look, I went to this party on my own accord. And you know what, I actually had fun."


"You mean getting chased down by cops and almost getting in a pit deep trouble?"


"I mean- just... I've been having a bad month- No. A whole half a year bad bad. And I've never ever done a thing outside of being nice because I didn't want to get into trouble or ruin myself any farther. Sour scream or cheese?"


"Sour cream."


"Wise choice. But then tonight happened and I had a blast. I've never ever felt so thrilled ever. I was honestly thinking we were going to get caught! And I could be myself. Just for this party without Sentinel looking at me to judge me or Ultra Magnus. I had fun. And I don't think I'll ever have fun like this ever again."


"What about now? We've literally crowded your home-"


"(stops and turns to Megatron, cocking a brow) You kidding me? it couldn't be helped the weather's turning bad. I think it might be for the whole night. Besides, my mother loves company over. I think she just thinks that it's nice to know I have friends after...everything. (gently pats Megatron's arm) Don't worry about it.... And...adding on. You made it happen. You gave me one of the best days ever. Inviting me, talking and just having fun together. I almost choked on my drink watching you and your friends do stupid things too. It was great. (smiles) Thank you."




"We still have tonight to have fun. Let's make the most of it while Bee's still sleeping and not causing any damage. And we have tonight to talk if you want."


"....Yeah. Sounds great."


"Do you think Lugnut would like Doritos or Lays? I can never tell."




"Gucci Duo"

Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

27 March, 8:56 pm


Megaslut: hey


Blackarachnia: What is it this time?


Megaslut: I think I have a crush.


Blackarachnia: Fucking finally




"Ride Or Die"

Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

Eula - Euniverselycute

Velda - Velkerie

Blazertrail - Blazingthroughhell

27 March, 9:00 pm


Shockinglyhandsome: absolutebitch.png


Shockinglyhandsome: I've done it. My best piece yet.


Strikayoudown: I could not stop him


Ontheprowl: Actually, I'm liking that touch up you did to his eyebrows


Blitzbrainiac: Time to add a Bee tattoo on the Bee!!



Chapter Text


"Ride Or Die"

Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

Eula - Euniverselycute

Velda - Velkerie

Blazertrail - Blazingthroughhell

27 March, 9:23pm


Blitzbrainiac: So now what?


Stormjet: The eggs are of deliciousness!


Blitzbrainiac: The secret is rosemary!


g2gfast: whyr we typng in the chat?


TooOP: My mum's sleeping and I told her we'd be as quiet as possible.


Megaslut: With the way the weather is now I don't think we can go home


Luggingbaggage: Is there nothing that can keep us warm? Strika's freezing!!


Strikayoudown: relax the cold won't kill me


TooOP: Sorry, my heater's not working. I'll go get some blankets but i don't think those'll be enough.


Valkerie: Don't need one, the darkness shall be my blanket.


Euniversallycute: honey i thought your edgy phase was over


Valkerie: I'm always edgy


Ontheprowl: marshmallow anyone?


Valkerie: Yes please :)


Shockinglyhandsome: What can we do that's 'silent' :\


Sariaboutthat: Oh! How about a scary story! I know plenty of good ghost stories :))


Blazingthroughhell: That is the opposite of silent


Blitzbrainiac: Barely even an hour in and I hate to say that I miss Bee's stupidity.


Blitzbrainiac: They crack me up!!


Sariaboutthat: Same :(


TooOP: I think we have 5 blankets, so if needed, we have to huddle.


Arachnophobia: Bitch i need two


TooOP: And no, we're not telling spooky stories. I don't want anyone screaming please


Shockinglyhandsome: Bold of you to assume we'd be the least bit scared of a horror story


Shockinglyhandsome: AKS DJWNEEW JWNJLLK


Blazingthroughhell: AAAHHHHHH HAHHHH-




Sariaboutthat: Oh my primus soundwave slap my hand


Soundthelalarm: Scaring successful




Megaslut: I think that's unfixable


TooOP: Im weeping and laughing is this possible???


Euniversallycute: Should we hold a funeral


Euniversallycute: for the board


Shockinglyhandsome: i'M HuRT-


TooOP: I'll give it a proper funeral


TooOP: Flowers and all


TooOP: Maybe a memorial service if my mum's up for it


Megaslut: why are we friends


TooOP: You were the one that hounded me >:V


Arachnophobia: Stop flirting, now cuddle me Optimus


TooOP: Romantic Elita, and we're not flirting.


Arachnophobia: You too Megaslut, I need all the warmth I can get and my arms are not helping


Megaslut: I don't want to get into Optimus' space


TooOP: It's fine Blitzwing, Prowl and V are doing it too


Blitzbrainiac: We're doing it with context.


Megaslut: primus fine just don't start complaining little prime


TooOP: I won't


Sariaboutthat: How long were the two of you dating???


Ontheprowl: Around the last semester last year.


Blitzbrainiac: It involved a stick, a couple of kittens and a group of thugs and that's how we started talking


Sariaboutthat: And that's a story for another day?


Blitzbrainiac: Smart for a junior


Sariaboutthat: I can't tell if that was a compliment or an offence.


Strikayoudown: Alright, what stuff can we do in here until we pass out


Euniversallycute: can i just say you and lugnut are wholesome


Euniversallycute: It's Lugnut right?


Strikaboutthat: Thank you


Euniversallycute: u//w//u


Blazingthroughhell: Got anything on your tv?


TooOP: Just local channels. They only host movies in afternoons


g2gfast: Doesyour cd player wrk?


TooOP: I haven't used it in a long time but I think it still works


g2gfast: oh good cause i took their studioghibli series whle i was atthe frat house


g2gfast: beforre the wholething happeend


Euniversallycute: oh my gosh i love you


g2gfast: what 


Stormjet: Blurr must be turning into a rebel


Smoothjazz: And you don't think either Swindle or Lockdown will be mad????


Firejet: They'll have our heads on a platter!!!


Stormjet: Brother we are to be doomed!!


Euniversallycute: dont worry is all gd


Euniversallycute: I think


Euniversallycute: might wanna snapchat this to swindle l8r


Strikaaboutthat: We'll just make the most of it, this should last us for a while


Onebigbulk: I'll set up the movie


Sariaboutthat: Who gets first pick?


TooOP: Ponyo please


TooOP: I watched it as a kid


Shockinglyhandsome: Guess I'm stuck with some stupid kid's cartoon


TooOP: im ready to throw hands




27 March, 10:41pm


Soundthealarm: are you crying?




TooOP: no shame, no shame


Shockinglyhandsome: SHUT UP


Arachnophobia: baby need a tissue? :(((


Shockinglyhandsome: FUCK YOU




27 March, 11:55pm


Shockinglyhandsome: wait i don't get it whats happening


TooOP: She has to eat only the food the boy gives her or else she'll disappear


Shockinglyhandsome: this movie's weird


Euniversallycute: it about to get weirder so hold on to your butts





Megatron – Megaslut

Optimus Prime – TooOP

27 March, 1: 15am


Megaslut: tired?


TooOP: not really


TooOP: I think I successfully converted one of your minions into a ghibli fan


Megaslut: I believe so


TooOP: what about you? tired?


Megaslut: Not in the slightest.


TooOP: Want hot chocolate? I have some packs in my pantry


Megaslut: sure


Megaslut: I suppose we could talk while we're still up


TooOP: I'd like that




27 March, 1: 34am


TooOP: My ma got ill when I was around 7 I think. I guess my dad thought it was up to him to support the family, so he left home to work overseas. Somewhere in Florida I think. That's why you don't see him around. You should have seen my mum before she got sick. She was an activist for women's rights since she was 20 and she always told me that's how she met my dad. She could lift me and Dad if she wanted to and no one messed with her, according to my dad.


Megaslut: She sounds amazing.


TooOP: Yeah, she really is


TooOP: I wish I could just be more help.


Megaslut: You're studying well aren't you. Your grades make teachers sing


TooOP: But the only reason I'm still in this school is because Of Sentinel and Ultra Magnus. To make it short, they pay for my student fees and everything as long as I act and support the Autobot Committee. And yes, I've known from the beginning how shit it was. They are bias in social standing and class. It's honestly stupid. And they literally raise money to support trips only rich kids could afford. Can you imagine???


Megaslut: Honestly its the reason I decided to run.


TooOP: No offence but you don't strike me as someone who'd do that


Megaslut: very funny


Megaslut: Strika's been a long time friend of mine. And while she lives the average lifestyle, she still needed some financial support. She did get into school first because of her good grades, but somewhere in the middle of our school year, they suddenly wanted her out. We both fucking knew what it was about. So I started the Decepticon Committee just to make sure Strika stayed. She didn't deserve to go. And then Lugnut joined, and then Blitzwing and later on the rest. And so far we've garnered the favour of alot of the students. Don't mean there are some who're either stuck up spoiled bitches or just scared. 


Megaslut: I think you know that elections start next month right?


TooOP: yeah


Megaslut: I'm not forcing you to change your mind or switch. I know why you want to stay with the Autobots, and I understand. But if you could, I'd be honored if you support us.




Megaslut: again, i'm not forcing you


TooOP: I know, I just. I mean it's complicated. And yeah. I'm scared of what they could do. I want to do what's right, but I don't want my mum to worry and I don't want to jeopardize this chance to support my family with this education. I'm sorry.


Megaslut: No need to be.


TooOP: thanks


Megaslut: If you need help, you can always ask me


TooOP: Primus if you're talking about money, I'm not taking a cent.


Megaslut: Ok ok, but besides that, anything else, you can talk to me about it


TooOP: Alright enough about me, now time to spill some things bout you.


Megaslut: Oh wow, that's a whole 'nother baggage


TooOP: We have all night




"Ride Or Die"

Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

Eula - Euniverselycute

Velda - Velkerie

Blazertrail - Blazingthroughhell

28 March, 8:12am


Beegonethot: What the fuck hapend

Chapter Text

“Operation Tail Optimus"

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

28 March, 11:12am


Sariaboutthat: Yesterday night was wild


Beegonethot: again what the shit happened




Beegonethot: Also I was terrified to see the con boys just sleeping in the living room


Sariaboutthat: Strika and Lugnut were cute though


Ontheprowl: Either that or I listen to you spazz out about it


Beegonethot: prowl i saw you two kiss each other wtf


Ontheprowl: you know what I mean you make a big deal out of something like this everytime


Beegonethot: Well I'm sorry I gravitate towards drama


Onebigbulk: Any of you home?


Sariaboutthat: I'm at the arcade with Bee why didn't you come? :(


Onebigbulk: don't want my ma to worry


Sariaboutthat: Aww :)


Onebigbulk: shouldnt you be resting after a hangover


Beegonethot: I'm queen of hangovers I can handle this bitch.


Beegonethot: Prowl I need you to come over blease we need to win a plush


Beegonethot: superbplush.png


Ontheprowl: Get Optimus or something I'm busy


Beegonethot: Making out with Blitzwing?


Ontheprowl: No I'm walking V home


Beegonethot: Come on Prowl just come over after


Sariaboutthat: And Optimus is busy having a date


Onebigbulk: Is that why we're chatting in here and not autosluts?


Beegonethot: Wait with who??? What??? 


Ontheprowl: I suppose we should let him be




Ontheprowl: For a chatty guy you are very oblivious


Beegonethot: HeY I HavE EmOtIOnS


Sariaboutthat: It's not really a date per say....


Onebigbulk: It's more of a confusing friendship that might become one....I think


Beegonethot: Wait.


Beegonethot: do you mean him and Megatron


Beegonethot: SHUT UP


Ontheprowl: I don't know about you Bee but if Optimus is okay being with Megatron, we should respect that


Beegonethot: It's not that!!! It's just big guy and small guy that have very different personalities altogether!!!


Sariaboutthat: Doesn't mean they can't be friends.


Onebigbulk: And bossbot's been happier with Megatron. He's actually getting better....


Beegonethot: I guess I cant dispute that...


Onebigbulk: And Prowl's right if Optimus likes being with Megatron, we shouldn't stop him.


Sariaboutthat: I'm honestly thinking this'll go further than just being friends.


Beegonethot: No way


Beegonethot: heelllll no


Sariaboutthat: what's wrong with Optimus in a relationship?


Beegonethot: it's just weird!!


Ontheprowl: It's Optimus' life, if anything, whether he gets into a much more intimate relationship with Megatron or whoever, we should support him.


Beegonethot: I just have bad feelings about everything. Like a nagging in my head!!


Sariaboutthat: I think it's just your hangover


Beegonethot: rude :/





Megatron – Megaslut

Optimus Prime – TooOP

28 March, 11:12am


Megaslut: What was that sneezing fest about


TooOP: It must've been the weather or something.


Megaslut: Drink something warm, don't catch a cold


TooOP: I have faced the shittiest of days in cold weather for 10 days straight, nothing can get me.


Megaslut: Right right tiny prime


TooOP: Careful I'll run to the ends of the earth to smack you.


Megaslut: Can't I'm too tall for you to try


TooOP: I didn't say it'd be your head.


TooOP: Say goodbye to your kneecaps.


Megaslut: oh no my poor knees


Megaslut: By the way, Strika and Lugnut just asked me to thank you for them by the way, they'll owe you one


TooOP: Primus they don't have to, it was just a bag of chips.


Megaslut: I think they meant it more than just chips.


TooOP: Then safe to assume I probably won't ask of them of any favours.


Megaslut: Whatever you decide


TooOP: know about yesterday


Megaslut: What of it?


Megaslut: I think that came off too harsh


TooOP: I know you don't mean it. I mean that you can always come over to my house. if you want.


TooOP: You know when you feel that your house is too empty.


TooOP: my ma and I won't mind


Megaslut: really?


TooOP: Then again, you can always raise houseplants, I hear they help 


Megaslut: That sounds peachy


TooOP: Oh I can feel the sarcasm dripping off of that, but it really helps.


Megaslut: Oh you don't understand, if I get obsessed with it, I WILL get obsessed and I'll be terrified.


Megaslut: But yes, I'll take up on your offer. I'd love to talk with your mum again too


TooOP: You have no idea how much my mum likes you


Megaslut: Well I'm honored


TooOP: But yeah, come over anytime as long as you tell me


Megaslut: You mean a date?


TooOP: Primus no


Megaslut: I'm kidding 


Megaslut: But not this weekend, I think I've had enough 'fun' for one whole week. I'd like to


TooOP: Then I'll see you on Monday?


Megaslut: yes


Megaslut: Speaking of, elections coming this Thursday. Still haven't decided?


TooOP: I mean. no.. I don't think I want to participate.


Megaslut: Tragic, I was hoping to best you in speech


TooOP: u wish >:O


Megaslut: Joking aside, we can always practice together and see who is the better speaker


TooOP: I'm up for that


Megaslut: Then Monday it is


TooOP: Yeah monday


Megaslut: yeah


TooOP: ok bye


Megaslut: bye




"Padra Gang But Cooler"

Optimus Prime – TooOP

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

28 March, 11:12am


TooOP: Elita kill me please


Arachnophobia: Take me out to dinner first


TooOP: screenshot.png


TooOP: I really dont know what happened


Arachnophobia: You two are absolute disasters


TooOP: shh


Arachnophobia: You know there's always Strika or Lugnut to talk to


TooOP: Primus forbid I ever ask Lugnut about it


Arachnophobia: The nerve of you Optimus I'm telling


TooOP: pls no im just a regular optimus prime


Arachnophobia: Good lord




(Caller excerpt)

Unknown -> Starscream

28 March, 2:32pm


"Do you have it?"


"Of course I have it, I'm sending it to you in a thumbdrive."


"Good, just don't mess up."


"Bold of you to assume I would.


Now fuck off."


"No one tells me to fuck off and certainly not you! A traitor to your own group!"


"I'll tell whoever I want to fuck off even if it's your pathetic ass. And I'm not."


"Whatever, see you never."


"We have better not."


(call ended)

Chapter Text

"untitled group chat"

Megatron – Megaslut

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

31 March, 10:03pm


Megaslut: Shockwave, I need you to do smh for me


Shockinglyhandsome: Whuzzit? Bury a body?


Megaslut: im serious i dont have time


Megaslut: (link)


Megaslut: Everythings in there just dont tell anyone


Shockinglyhandsome: What's wrong? Did you really kill someone?


Shockinglyhandsome: Megs?


Shockinglyhandsome: Now you're kinda freaking me out


Shockinglyhandsome: Megatron please reply


Shockinglyhandsome: MEGATRON




"Autobot Committee"

Ultra Magnus - UltraM

Sentinel - Americandream

Optimus Prime - TooOP

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Longarm - LonginglyLong

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

1 April, 9:45am


Americandream: Everyone put up the posters already?


Firejet: Yes sir!!


Stormjet: In every little inch of the school!


Smoothjazz: Its true. I fear what will happen to the paint on the walls if we take em down


TooOP: Isn't that a little...too much? 


Americandream: Its not too much Prime, we're days away from election


TooOP: Have you considered that maybe...because today's April Fool's day something might happen?


Americandream: Anyone touch the damn posters and they're off to the principal's office


Smoothjazz: Tone it down a little Sentinel, dont need to be aggressive about these things.


Smoothjazz: I don't think anyone would wanna take down that many posters in one day anyway


Americandream: Right right


TooOP: I guess. 


TooOP: By the way, the script I sent you, have you checked it?


Americandream: yeah yeah I should've sent you the vetted one by now or something


TooOP: Oh


Stormjet: You're speaking Optimus?


TooOP: Yeah, it's just a short one. Neutral parties.


g2gfast: i was suppoed to speak but i talkd too fast :(


TooOP: It's alright, if anything, you help with the poularity


TooOP: Wait that's alot of changes


Americandream: Well duh


Americandream: Whatever, just talk it out with Ultra Magnus or something






"untitled group chat"

Sentinel - Americandream

Optimus Prime – TooOP


TooOP: script-altered.png


TooOP: Look Sentinel, isn't this absurd? There's a 90% change to the whole script!


Amerciandream: Didn't have to see it twice. And I'm aware


TooOP: Why?? I thought it was already okay.


Americandream: Hoping that both sides cooperate with each other? Talking about all the negative things about this school? Its these things that demoralize us Prime. I thought you were smarter than that.


TooOP: It's things that the students know and I mentioned how we could fix them! What's wrong with that??


Americandream: Look, there are some things we can't promise the school on? Changing big things? That's alot of work and we can't always fulfill them. 


TooOP: But that's what we're supposed to do!!


Americandream: You're not in charge here Prime, just do as you're told. It's that fucking simple, can't you follow?? 


Americandream: Besides, it's not as important as my winning speech. 


TooOP: I'm just asking as a member of the Autobot committee and the one who'll be saying the speech.


Americandream: And since you're not a president, or even a vice president of this committee, you'll do as you're told or primus forbid, Ultra Magnus'll tell you off


TooOP: I'm just asking.


TooOP: And how would you know we'll win?


Americandream: Oh I can assure you we will.




"Bros Before Hoes"

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

1 April, 11:30am


Shockinglyhandsome: Hey, I might have a commission in mind that'll kill two birds in one stone.


Soundthealarm: What inspiration hit you this time?


Shockinglyhandsome: You saw the posters hanging round the damn walls right?


Soundthealarm: The poster designs were tragic


Shockinglyhandsome: Wanna make a sick April Fool's day prank? :)


Soundthealarm:... I'm listening.




"Autobot Committee"

Ultra Magnus - UltraM

Sentinel - Americandream

Optimus Prime - TooOP

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Longarm - LonginglyLong

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

 1 April, 3:01pm




TooOP: To be fair they didn't remove the posters


Americandream: SHUT UP





Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

1 April, 3:52pm


Shockinglyhandsome: If a bunch of papers about school and stuff handled by students were to be kept away somewhere, where would it be?


Strikayoudown: The student office, lv 3. why


Shockinglyhandsome: no reason\


Strikayoudown: Shockwave.


Shockinglyhandsome: I lost some records of something and I think someone must've mistook it for a student log or smh idk just checking. bye






"Autobot Committee"

Ultra Magnus - UltraM

Sentinel - Americandream

Optimus Prime - TooOP

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Longarm - LonginglyLong

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

1 April, 4:45pm


TooOP: I called the painters, they should get the walls covered up by tommorrow


Smoothjazz: Means we got to go and print more posters...


g2gfast: the memes are already popping up onthe schol pages


Stormjet: Be that good or bad?


Smoothjazz: Depends


Stormfire: Than it shall be good!


Amerciandream: I'm going to find the damn poster design in our room. That means you guys have to put up the extra effort and the posters up again!!


Stormjet: Wouldn't that be a late too little?


Americandream: No excuses! I'm putting my aft into this so you guys better too!!


TooOP: Ok ok





Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

1 April, 4:56pm


Shockinglyhandsome: YO IS ANYONE STILL IN SCHOOL??


Blitzbrainiac: I was about to leave, why? 


Blitzbrainiac: Izzit a party???


Shockinglyhandsome: WORSE, I NEED A RIDE


Blitzbrainiac: I'm getting Prowl


Strikayoudown: Explanation. NOW


Shockinglyhandsome: LATER IM RUNING GOR MY LIFE




"Autobot Committee"

Ultra Magnus - UltraM

Sentinel - Americandream

Optimus Prime - TooOP

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Longarm - LonginglyLong

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

1 April, 5:01pm


(Americandream removed Longinglylong from the group chat)


Americandream: It seems that I've found a bug


Smericandream: A dirty one


TooOP: primus

Chapter Text


Megatron – Megaslut

Optimus Prime – TooOP

3 April, 3:21pm


TooOP: Hey Megs?


TooOP: Are you coming today? I haven't seen you for like a few days.


TooOP: You still haven't listened to my speech and tomorrow's like the big day.


TooOP: So if you're sick or something you better get your ass up and come to at least see who the better talker is.


TooOP: please


TooOP: Excuse the language.


TooOP: Erm good bye.





Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

3 April, 3:21pm


Arachnophobia: I don't think he's in the house


Strikayoudown: You sure?


Arachnophobia: Went round the damn building 5 times and tried to climb the tree.


Blitzbrainiac: 'fraid I didn't see anything either


Arachnophobia: And Blitzwing's normally one to see things


Blitzbrainiac: Like fluffy unicorns!!


Shockinglyhandsome: I swear I don't know anything else! Its all he sent me!!!




Shockinglyhandsome: I'm also wondering why he never bothered to send in the script to us...


Arachnophobia: I can think of one place he could be if he's not at his house


Strikayoudown: you dont mean that place?


Strikayoudown: shit shit shit


Soundthealarm: What place?


Shockinglyhandsome: His parent's. Let's just say they aren't the best.


Blitzbrainiac: I don't believe any of us have any clue as to where the house is...




Arachnophobia: I don't think tracking him is an option.


Strikayoudown: Okay shit, Shockwave can you narrow down the possible places Megatron could be at?


Shockinglyhandsome: Yeah I'm on it.


Shockinglyhandsome: Should we tell that Prime about this?


Arachnophobia: Optimus?


Strikayoudown: No. Not now. Even if he's a friend of Megatron, or if he thinks of us as friends, he's still part of the autobot committee. we can't let him abuse that information.


Luggingbaggage: Agreed!!


Strikayoudown: Let's just worry about the speech for now while Shockwave figures this out.


Starringme: I heard my calling


Strikayoudown: Where were you


Starringme: Sister's recital. Believe me it was drab as hell


Strikayoudown: Can you make up a convincing speech by tomorrow?


Starringme: Darling make that in 2 hours


Strikayoudown: Sure, do that


Arachnophobia: This is too fucking much I need a drink


Strikayoudown: After this





Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

3 April, 3:40pm


Sariaboutthat: Ready for your big speech Optimus? :)))))


TooOP: A bit nervous, but yeah, I'm prepared


Onebigbulk: You'll do great! 


Beegonethot: You've basically got it ingrained in your head, and it's not as boring as your previous ones so it's good!


TooOP: ...


Beegonethot: sowwee


TooOP: It's okay, the humor was appreciated.


Sariaboutthat: Is it Megatron?


TooOP: I mean I was supposed to practice with him and I haven't seen him at all since the party...


Sariaboutthat: Wait are you worried for him? That's romantic ~


TooOP: As a friend AS A FRIEND


Beegonethot: Look, won't that mean the competition's down?


TooOP: I was honestly hoping for a fair fight. If he doesn't show up tomorrow, it'd be...disappointing


Onebigbulk: It'll be fine, he seems like the kind of guy to just show up even though he's not well.


Ontheprowl: Hey Optimus...


TooOP: Prowl, you're back?


Ontheprowl: You'd be surprised how much of a limit the motorcycle can take when three people are piling on it


Ontheprowl: But more to the point...


Ontheprowl: poster.png


Ontheprowl: i'm sorry Optimus


Beegonethot: W H A T


TooOP:...I'll be back


Sariaboutthat: oh no




"untitled group chat"

Sentinel - Americandream

Optimus Prime – TooOP

3 April, 3:40pm


TooOP: Sentinel


Americandream: Something the matter?






Americandream: Perceptor's a senior and I feel that since this is his last year he should get the chance to speak


TooOP:...You and I both know what's really going on


Americandream: Fine! It's because you and I both know that even with the corrected script, you'd still go about preaching the old one so I'd rather Perceptor do the talking!


TooOP: You know half the students won't be convinced. I've read his script and half doesn't even make sense! We won't win!


Amerciandream: We will win! I made sure of it!!




TooOP: What did you do.


Amerciandream: Did what I had to


TooOP: What did you do Sentinel


Amerciandream: I made sure Megatron wouldn't come on the day.


TooOP: The party.


Americandream: You wouldn't believe how many convincing shots of Megatron fucking himself over there could be


TooOP: You were there???


Americandream: Oh no, I merely passed by to...check what the fuss is about. I've got someone inside to help me with the photo part.




Americandream: Curse me all you want Prime but I made sure the Autobots will win!


TooOP: After everything why are you like this


Americandream: So we can come up on top! So I can let you see just how leaders should be!!


TooOP: Not that.


TooOP: Why are we like this?


TooOP: We used to be friends. We used to go hang out at quarries and streets and eat together with Elita. We used to talk about things and what we could do together and what we wanted to be. We used to just be okay.


TooOP: Now you're just horrible


Americandream: I'm sorry life isn't a fairytale Optimus.


Amerciandream: It was decided that I would lead. And it was decided that you follow. It's just how it works.


Americandream: And all of that was in the past. Before...before Elita.


Americandream: Elita's different. And so is life. We change because we have to and I've already decided what I want to do. To lead and impress these teachers to get myself the easy road. You clearly haven't figured out the right path when it's just right in front of you.


Americandream: So just listen while you're still deciding and do as we say. Before you hurt your damn self.


Americandream: OH and don't think you can just show it off to people. Our conversation.


Amerciandream: It never happened.


Amerciandream: Good bye.


(All messages pertaining to this day has been eradicated)





Ratchet - Ratchet

Optimus Prime – TooOP

3 April, 10:50pm


TooOP: Hey Ratchet?


TooOP: You busy?


Ratchet: No, while I hope reading a book is not considered as one


TooOP: Good one Ratchet


Ratchet: Something the matter kid?


TooOP: Yeah, I need...opinions.


Ratchet: And what sort of situation would require and opinion from an old geezer such as I?


TooOP: Primus Ratchet you're not old


Ratchet: Already having bad backs kid


TooOP: Not that old.


TooOP: I tried to think myself out of the situation. But it ended up with me throwing unused lamps from a dumpster at walls and ending up at the bridge.


Ratchet: Need me to get you?


TooOP: Nah it's fine. It's not that bad. I just don't want to disturb my mum


Ratchet: Alright. Spill it


TooOP: I'm sort of having the dilemma now. I guess I don't know what to do.


TooOP: After everything, I only followed Ultra magnus and Sentinel because it was my only choice but now, I don't know. They did something I'm particularly not fond of... or think it's right


TooOP: I don't want my mum to worry about me if there are consequences for me denying them


TooOP: And I don't know what to tell my friends. And I guess I just don't know what to do...


TooOP: So I've been moping about and the election is tomorrow. I really hate this.


Ratchet:...What about you?


TooOP: what


Ratchet: Why do you want to quit yourself? And do you want to quit?


TooOP: I


TooOP: I no longer believe in what they do.


TooOP: It's now just become Sentinel abusing his power. I don't like that. But I just want to believe maybe there's some good in him.


Ratchet: But now he's not anymore. He's degrading you. He's putting you down.


Ratchet: Friends don't do that, no matter the past. Now, he's not worth you friendship Optimus. You deserve a friendship that is stable. Like Bumblebee and the others. Like MEgatron


TooOP: You know?


Ratchet: I've seen you two banter like lovebirds don't give me that


TooOP: we're not lovebirds


Ratchet: Sure. 


Ratchet: So what do you want to do?


TooOP:.... I want to do the right thing.


TooOP: I want to feel that what I'm doing is finally worth something and helping someone.


TooOP: I want to feel like I'm worth something. I don't want to feel like shit every time I see him. I want to say what I want to say.


TooOP: Thanks Ratchet. I got to do something.


Ratchet: Anytime kid.




"untitled group chat"

Optimus Prime – TooOP

5 April, 06:02am


(TooOP added Strikayoudown to the group chat)


TooOP: Remember that time you said you'd owe me one? I think I might need that now.

Chapter Text


Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

5 April, 10:30am


Starringme: You guys are fucking idiots for doing this


Strikayoudown: It was the idea of Optimus, and we still owe him


Shockinglyhandsome: If its about the sleepover, I think this is too big of a risk. How'd you know he won't go backstab us?


Soundthealarm: I agree


Arachnophobia: Because he's Optimus


Strikayoudown: And he's too much of a good guy.


Luggingbaggage: If you believe it's alright, I'll also trust Optimus


Blitzbrainiac: Are we still doing the confetti??


Starringme: Whatever


Strikayoudown: Don't worry, confetti is still allowed. And Optimus made sure to include some of your into his speech. Besides, he's smarter than you when it comes to swaying an audience


Starringme: Fuck you >:(


Luggingbaggage: HOW DARE YOU


Arachnophobia: Calm yours tits down guys, we still got work to do.


Strikayoudown: Shockwave, got the coordinates?


Shockinglyhandsome: Took me two sleepless nights and a ton of monster energy drinks, but yes. And it's pretty accurate.


Strikayoudown: Good. Now we pray shit'll turn out alright.




(video transcript)

5 April, 11:30am


(Sentinel is on stage, finished with his speech and has a large grin plastered on his face, taking a bow)


"Choose me- The Autobot committee! We can help make this school and your experience greater than ever!!"


(There's a couple loud applause scattered through the room, many clapping out of sheer nervousness when Sentinel glares. Someone behind the camera scoffs)


"Yeah yeah, greater my ass! How did he make his speech much more boring than Perceptor's???"


"Hey where's Optimus? I don't see him..."


"Don't worry Sari! I'm sure he's...taking a break.."


"But it's not like him to just...not show up! Even if he's not speaking..."


"Shh Sari, they're moving on."


( Alpha Trion steps up and looks around, albeit confused)


"And up next, we have the Decepticon Committee... Megatron was supposed to speak but..."


(hushed murmurs start as people look around, Alpha Trion hums, worriedly)


"Has something happened?"


(Sentinel gets up just as quickly and waves his hand)


"Please, if the leader himself couldn't even come to his own speech, you think he can handle being a student leader, am I right?"


(Scattered laughter can be heard, some still nervous)


"Well...what about the others.."


"They aren't even here as well! Pathetic! Might as well pack it up and go home!"


"It wouldn't be fair, you know that Sentinel. I'm sure-"


"With all due respect sir, if they can't come to do their own speech, we can't waste anymore time because they don't want to-"


(Suddenly, the door to the auditorium bursts open, and there stands Optimus, the sun perfectly glaring from his back to create a visually majestic scene)


"That's because they'll be busy."


(The crowd erupts in hushed murmurs as Optimus makes his way to the stage. Sentinel is very confused and so are the Autosluts)


"Wait what's happening-"


"(a soft hum from Prowl) Something he should've done long ago."


"Ohhhh this is gonna be gooood."


(Alpha Trion seems to smile a bit, but it goes very much unnoticed as he hands the microphone to Optimus, Optimus nodding back in respect)


"O-Optimus buddy! Speaking on behalf of the Autobots?"


(Sentinel manages a smile, but it's very fake. More of threatening, but Optimus is not phased, he only stands much taller as he faces the crowd)


"While I am up here to speak... It's not for the Autobots. I speak in place of Megatron."


(Much more louder murmurs ensue, Bee making a noise behind the camera)


"Hoooollyyy shiiittttt-"


"As a student of Cybertron High, I couldn't be more prouder to be part of a school that prides itself in students with good academic results and even growing leaders in each and every one of us.... However. It doesn't mean it is without flaw. I know many of us are struggling to stay. Be it problems financially, or because of people."


(Sentinel looks nervously across the room, making a signal to cut the microphone)


"We have students who don't have enough financial help to go on trips that could provide an enriching experience, or even have enough to participate in events. Megatron believes that every student here deserves a chance-"


(The microphone suddenly cuts. Leaving Optimus confused. Sentinel can be noticed smirking in the background)


"What happened-"


(Optimus is trying to signal to the AV team to switch the mic back on)


"Shit shit shit"


"Optimus just yell it out!!!"




(In the crowd, Jazz has moved his way through the crowd, holding a megaphone. He does not notice Sentinel glaring at him. Optimus looks albeit surprise but nevertheless, takes the megaphone and smiles, mouthing what seems to be a thank you. He continues to speak)


"As I was saying... Megatron believes every student should have a chance to learn, experience and nurture themselves, and be provided opportunities outside of school. Schools are meant to support and help, and now, there is a lacking support for students who need financial help. We have discriminated. And we have not properly lived up to the motto of Cybertron High. So while the opportunity still stands, and with the right people, we can provide every student, no matter who or where they come from, the chance to be better."


(A scattered group of students start to applaud, while nervous as they glance at Sentinel who is just as shocked and angry)


"To provide financial help and chances for paid trips without having to worry about money. I can't promise you that it will happen. But I promise you that we'll do our best and give our all into making it happen"


(Now the applause because louder, and there are people cheering)






"And most of all. We don't make our promises empty."


(The crowd collectively gasps, now with massive cheering and clapping)




(Optimus seems to take a nervous breath in, and he faces Sentinel)


"Oh and Sentinel."


(Sentinel's face is red. Not sure if that's even possible, but he definitely looks fuming.)


"You've hurt, used and mistreated every good intention from me and I'm tired of feeling sorry and angry at myself. So here's my speech to you."


(The crowd suddenly goes silent, silent enough to here Bee breathe, everyone 'Autoslut' leaning in, knowing what he might say)


"Fuck you."






"And consider me relieved of my position in the Autobot Committee."




(Everyone in the room goes absolutely nuts as Optimus drops the megaphone and walks off stage, while Sentinel glares, absolutely fuming. This is not going to end well.)


-Video ended-




"untitled group chat"

Sentinel - Americandream

Optimus Prime – TooOP

5 April, 11:50am


Americandream: You'll regret ever stepping on that fucking stage. You have made one hell of a fucking mistake.


(Americandream left the group chat)




"Ride Or Die"

Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

Eula - Euniverselycute

Velda - Velkerie

Blazertrail - Blazingthroughhell

5 April, 12:00pm


TooOP: If anyone can make it to the school gate in the front in five minutes, do come


Beegonethot: Wait you have no explained to us what all that was about you literally told Sentinel Fuck you!!


Strikayoudown: That can wait, now we focus on the task at hand


Ontheprowl: And what would the task be?


TooOP: We're gonna find Megatron

Chapter Text

"Untitled group chat"

Jazz - Smoothjazz

5 April, 12:10pm


(Smoothjazz added TooOP, Blurr, Stormjet and Stormfire to the group chat)


Smoothjazz: Hey OP, sorry I couldn't do more just now. 


Smoothjazz: Don't think everyone in the autobot crew can join in on the mission. We're going to be busy listening to Sentinel whine the whole afternoon!


TooOP: It's alright Jazz, I'm just glad you gave me a chance to talk.


Smoothjazz: Don't think it'd be easy, but we'll try to distract Sentinel if he's going to find your sudden disappearance suspicious after that.


Stormjet: But speaking off...what will be happening to you


Stormfire: Sentinel is really not happy about what happened


TooOP: I really don't know.


TooOP: But I don't regret it one bit.


Smoothjazz: Whatever happens after, we're here to help.


TooOP: Thank you. Really. I needed that.


Smoothjazz: Now go save your prince!


TooOP: Primus, not you too Jazz


Firejet: Be giving you good luck Optimus!


Stormjet: Me too!




"Ride Or Die"

Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

Eula - Euniverselycute

Velda - Velkerie

Blazertrail - Blazingthroughhell

5 April, 12:23pm


Beegonethot: @Shockinglyhandsome So you got found huh?


Shockinglyhandsome: on the contrary, I revealed myself because I was sick and tired of big chined bastard and made a tactical retreat


Strikayoudown: Tactical retreat my foot


Ontheprowl: You owe me and my bike.


Shockinglyhandsome: Your bike and you are two different things.


Ontheprowl: There was emotional damage


Valkerie: Gonna have to agree with Prowl


Shockinglyhandsome: I'll give you two bagels


Blitzbrainiac: You never give me two bagels :(


Arachnaphobia: Stop typing and drive you idiot you almost hit a truck


Blitzbrainiac: The truck was going to hit me! IT's not MY fault!!!




TooOP: Shockwave, you sure it's the correct location?


Shockinglyhandsome: Look, don't underestimate someone who can stalk and weed out your embarrassing social media stories from 5 years ago in ten minutes.


Shockinglyhandsome: And it took me long nights to pinpoint an estimated location. Had to look at Meg's old accounts and even the deleted ones. those were hard to get.


TooOP: I just didn't think it'd be this far...


Shockinglyhandsome: If I were Megatron, I wouldn't want to be near my parents either.


TooOP: oh...




Euniversallycute: ya'll im gonna puke blease save me


Blazingthroughhell: Should've hoped in with us when you had the chance


Euniversallycute: We were all in a hurry


Shockinglyhandsome: Tell Blitzwing to take the left turn, don't know why that crazy madman went after us when we're supposed to do the leading


TooOP: Are we close?


Shockinglyhandsome: It's just a few blocks down. Supposed to be in some rich ass neighbourhood


Beegonethot: Might blind Bossbot's eyes


TooOP: No, but it'll bring out my inner anarchy


Beegonethot: Aashjfhibwjk


Euniversallycute: Optimus gone feral


Onebigbulk: You sure you're okay doing this Optimus? It's been a long week


TooOP: My life has been a long week, but I've handled worse. And its the first time I've ever felt better since forever. I'm good.


Shockinglyhandsome: Alright, that grey house at the corner


Euniversallycute: That doesn't look homey


Strikayoudown: that's the point


Valkerie: Looks very very locked. Gate wise.


Beegonethot: Anyone have any bright ideas? Or has thought of any???


TooOP: It's the first time I'm seeing it, so not now...


Shockinglyhandsome: It's the first for all of us


Arachnophobia: We've been through Swinlock's party, we can handle this


Beegonethot: Oh primus




5 April, 12:34pm


TooOP: Are you sure they're leaving at this time?


Shockinglyhandsome: These hacker hands don't lie


Euniversallycute: Don't ever say that again


TooOP: Okay, let's focus. So far what do we know?


Shockinglyhandsome: This place doesn't have that much security. Only has that dumb gate and a couple of security cameras. Those I can get through, but I can only give us ten minutes.


Beegonethot: And there's those nasty dogs....


TooOP: This feels like a typical spy mission....


Euniversallycute: That's probably because we're the spies and this is the mission


Ontheprowl: V and I can manage the dogs. Though I might need to borrow Blitzwing as bait


Blitzbrainiac: Well that's cruel


Blitzbrainiac: Oooo! I've never tried being bait before! 


Blazingthroughhell: Maybe except when you're around Prowl


Arachnophobia: Oh my primus


Blitzbrainiac: clever


Ontheprowl: Can you not??


Blazingthroughhell: I pride myself in positive observations


Strikayoudown: Can we please get back to our discussion at hand?


Luggingbaggage: Shut up and listen!!


Strikayoudown: Thank you dear but I think they got the message


Beegonethot: What's with all the romantics???


Onebigbulk: I think it's cute


Blazingthroughhell: agreed


Shockinglyhandsome: AS I WAS SAYING.


Shockinglyhandsome: I can only do this once to avoid anything suspicious in case they check on it. You only have time to talk for a good minute and get out. But other than that, get creative on how you wanna talk to him after.


Valkerie: Oh he can use my old phone.


TooOP: Really?


Valkerie: Yeah, I mean it's got a crack and a few games, but it should be good to use. Toss it to him and it should be fine


TooOP: Thank you.....


Beegonethot: Okay, we got that part down but what about where that big guy is?


Strikayoudown: I scouted the place myself a few days ago. He should be in that building. One with the slanted roof.


TooOP: I'm going


Sariaboutthat: I hate to be that guy, but Bee would be faster...


Beegonethot: Finally someone validates me.


TooOP: I just want to say a couple of things to him. Even if it's for a minute


Arachnophobia: Hopeless romantics


TooOP: We're not!!


Strikayoudown: You sure you can make the run?


TooOP: I go to the public gyms once in a while if that helps


Valkerie: Just tell Megs not to mess with my games, I made lots of progress on them


TooOP: I will.


Strikayoudown: Lugnut will go with you, haul you up to the balcony.


Luggingbaggage: Anything for you:




Euniversallycute: Oh hush it


TooOP: Alright. Hopefully this plan works.


Strikayoudown: Then operation Get Megatron Back is a go.


Shockinglyhandsome: LET'S GO




5 April, 12:40pm


Shockinglyhandsome: Okay ready


Onetheprowl: We're in position.


Shockinglyhandsome: You sure Lugnut can catch up to Optimus?


TooOP: I mean he is the tallest of any of us besides you and Blitzwing.


Beegonethot: I mean Strika is one tall lady


Strikayoudown: We're on watchout.


Shockinglyhandsome: OKAY GO




Shockinglyhandsome: GOOO


Euniversallycute: Where's the warning???




5 April, 12:41pm




Sariaboutthat: Could've been meme worthy :'))))


Euniversallycute: Dogs comin' in on your left you two!!




5 April, 12:43pm


Sariaboutthat: Rest in peace, Blitzwing's arm


Strikayoudown: It'll heal


Arachnophobia: he's been through worse


Euniversallycute: What if he contracts something doe


TooOP: We can ask Ratchet






5 April, 12:45pm


Euniversallycute: He got in!!!!


Blazinghtorughhell: I can't see Megatron tho


Strikayoudown: Doesn't matter as long as Optimus gets to him




5 April, 12:46pm


(TooOP added Val.1704 to the group chat)


Val.1704: You all are idiots


Strikayoudown: Miss you too Megatron


Valkerie: I should really change the name when I get it back




"Autobot Committee"

Ultra Magnus - UltraM

Sentinel - Americandream

Optimus Prime - TooOP

Jazz - Smoothjazz

Jetstorm - Stormjet

Jetfire - Firejet

Blurr - g2gfast

5 April, 12:50pm


(UltraM removed TooOP from the chat)


UltraM: Due to reasons and events that occurred today, we have every reason to believe Optimus is no longer part of the committee.


Amerciandream: And he better stay out of it and I say we act on what we've discussed now


Smoothjazz: Come on, please think it through. Optimus is still a student of this school.


Americandream: Oh but he promised us things and he broke it. Afterall, he said so himself. Don't make promises you can't keep. If he can't keep it, then we won't keep ours.

Chapter Text




Optimus Prime – TooOP

Bumblebee – Beegonethot

Bulkhead – Onebigbulk

Prowl – Ontheprowl

Sari – Sariaboutthat

10 April, 4:45pm


Beegonethot: You okay Bossbot?


TooOP: ?


Onebigbulk: We hate to be so straightforward...but we kinda gotta address the elephant in the room


Beegonethot: Besides Bulkhead


Onebigbulk: Bee.


Beegonethot: I make jokes in awkward situations you know that


Sariaboutthat: Now's not really the time for that


TooOP: What is it?


Ontheprowl: We heard


Beegonethot: Think everyone in the school knows


Sariaboutthat: Not everyone, there's still Megatron


Ontheprowl: I think that's beside the point


TooOP: oh


Ontheprowl: Word like that tends to spread fast.


Beegonethot: Didnt really have to rub the salt in his wound Prowl


TooOP: No its alright. 


Onebigbulk: I know you're not one for accepting...things, but we can help you


TooOP: No Bulkhead, I don't need any of that.


Beegonethot: Yeah I dont think you get it this is BIG. REALLY BIG TROUBLE. You need all the help you can get


Ontheprowl: I have to agree with Bee, you can't be afraid to accept help.


TooOP: And I mean what I said Prowl. But I can't rely on you guys to help me. In the long run, it'll lead to a dead end. And when I need a scholarship, it's gonna be even harder if they don't accept me given the current situation.


Sariaboutthat: I guess you're right...




Ontheprowl: Bee




TooOP: Bee.


TooOP: I'll be frank with you guys, I'm...a little scared.


Beegonethot: Duh you have every right to be!!!


Ontheprowl: Let Optimus say what he wants to say first


Beegonethot: right. sorry


TooOP: It's okay


TooOP: I'm worried about what's going to happen from here on out. I know if I want things to work out, things have to change with the school, and for things to change we have to wait. And its maddening. But I can say in earnest this is much better than listening and following people who don't care about you. 


TooOP: I don't feel one bit sorry for everything I've done that day. Nothing. And now I can't look back. So if anything, I'm just glad you guys stuck with me and I hope you guys stick with me till the end.


Beegonethot: Of course we would Bossbot! We're Autosluts for a reason!!


Ontheprowl: Primus Bee


TooOP: It's alright I've said what I said


Sariaboutthat: But if you really need help just ask us alright? I asked my Dad and he says he's okay with providing on whatever support he can


TooOP: Thanks Sari :)


Onebigbulk: I have a question


Onebigbulk: Does that mean we can no longer call ourselves the Autosluts?


Beegonethot: holy shit O-O


Ontheprowl: -_-


TooOP: We're Autosluts out of spite


Sariaboutthat: Hoooolllyyyy shiiitttt






Onebigbulk: Autosluts out of spite :)


Ontheprowl: You all are absolute idiots


TooOP: I'm afraid you're friends with us


Beegonethot: No take backs :)))


Sariaboutthat: Come on Prowl :)))))))




Ontheprowl: Autosluts out of spite


TooOP: :)




"Untitled group chat"

Velda - MegaslutTheReckoning

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

10 April, 5:30pm


Arachnophobia: So how many more days till you get out of baby jail


MegaslutTheReckoning: Give or take 5 more days.


MegaslutTheReckoning: And how's Blitzwing's arm?


Arachnophobia: Still in a bandage but he's being properly coddled by his boyfriend, so he's not complaining.


Arachnophobia: As much as I hate to admit it, it's been absolutely tiring with you absence of common sense in the group. The Decepticunts are lucky to have two competent ones still functioning


MegaslutTheReckoning: Probably not as much as Strika. I never considered a trap set upon me at the party...


Arachnophobia: To be fair, you were busy trying to kiss up to Optimus


MegaslutTheReckoning: Shut up


Arachnophobia: Don't worry, Shockwave's working on who's behind the pictures. You should stop leaving cryptic messages for us to decipher. We're busy with our own shit


MegaslutTheReckoning: I know, but it was either that or loose the phone and data.


Arachnophobia: You're right


MegaslutTheReckoning: Yeah


Arachnophobia:...Spit it out Megs you're worried for pretty boy aren't you


MegaslutTheReckoning: After pulling that shit in front of them? I'd be....concerned


Arachnophobia: He hasn't told you?


MegaslutTheReckoning: By your message I'd assume he didn't tell me what he should be telling me


Arachnophobia: Primus you two are absolutely hopeless what did you even talk about back there anyway???


MegaslutTheReckoning: We said Hi. 




MegaslutTheReckoning: I asked about the speech. And he told me he was on our side. And I shook him really hard out of confusion and excitement. But now that I'm typing that out I highly regret doing that. That was bloody embarrassing.


Arachnophobia: Right right, and after??


MegaslutTheReckoning:....Nothing really. Just asking each other about school and work I'm missing out on.


Arachnophobia: Ask the dummy, you absolute Bin head.


MegaslutTheReckoning: I'm not gonna butt in! I'm not stupid Arachnia


Arachnophobia: But you are. An absolute. Bumbling, humongous, Big Oaf of an idiot. 


Arachnophobia: Pester him, and if he really does not want to, just leave it. But I only apply this logic to Optimus because he's an idiot as well.


MegaslutTheReckoning: Why are we still friends


Arachnophobia: Because I push you in the correct direction and I don't coddle you like Lugnut does.




"Untitled group chat"

Optimus Prime – TooOP

Velda - MegaslutTheReckoning

10 April, 5:30pm


MegaslutTheReckoning: hey Optimus


TooOP: Hey, is everything alright?


MegaslutTheReckoning: Everything's fine. They haven't found out about the phone yet


MegaslutTheReckoning: In fact, I should be asking you the question. Is everything alright?


TooOP: wydm


MegaslutTheReckoning: I remember clearly and word for word what you told me you did that day. and I've only realized till now there should've been implications for that kind of stunt.


TooOP: It's not that big. I can deal with it.


MegaslutTheReckoning: Optimus. It's not about you dealing with this. It's about telling a friend.


MegaslutTheReckoning: I want to know what's going on, especially since you've helped me. A bunch. I might as well be a friend and listen, and help in anyway I can. And don't say you don't need it. I've heard enough about you from Blackarachnia about your stubborn ass.


TooOP: Charmed :)


MegaslutTheReckoning: So what's been going on? I heard its been causing a huge stir in the school. 


TooOP: 'Fraid it hasn't gotten to the gossip pages yet


MegaslutTheReckoning: Don't curse it Prime


TooOP: I might as well tell you rather than you just hear it from a bunch of students who couldn't give a shit about doing anything about it.


MegaslutTheReckoning: I'm listening.


TooOP: Remember when I told you about the deal? As long as I help them, I stay in school. I'm free of my charges. And I get funded for my education. they didn't go back on their word


MegaslutTheReckoning: Shit you don't mean


TooOP: And I haven't even gotten to the part yet.


MegaslutTheReckoning: Didn't have to explain it to know where the fuck it was going.


TooOP: Yeah


TooOP: It's dumb because I only heard it from Jazz himself. Not Sentinel. Not Ultra Magnus. I just know that when May rolls around, I won't be able to go back to school anymore.


MegaslutTheReckoning: Shit


TooOP: Before Ultra Magnus funded my education, I was on the verge of also losing my chance to move on to the next sem. My mum relapsed and ended up in hospital so we had to push the money to pay bills and stuff. SHe insisted we didn't but my Dad and I were stubborn.


MegaslutTheReckoning: Fuck


TooOP: Don't think swearing will change anything Megs


MegaslutTheReckoning: It won't but I enjoy cursing as shitty people when I have to think.


TooOP: Helping me?


MegaslutTheReckoning: Obviously. Why are you so calm about this???


TooOP: Because we're texting. And no


TooOP: I'm scared. I'm worried about what to do. And what's gonna happen when May rolls around...


MegaslutTheReckoning: Sorry just


MegaslutTheReckoning: Damnit if I weren't stuck in this cursed fucking house


TooOP: It's fine


MegaslutTheReckoning: We need to find a way around this


TooOP: If what you're thinking is money, no.


MegaslutTheReckoning: I was thinking of it as a short term problem, but no. I was thinking of a long term solution


TooOP: And what would the long term solution be? Don't think that can happen unless Decepticons win.


MegaslutTheReckoning: If you talked on that stage for the cons, I am willing to bet my life we will win.


TooOP: Confident much?


MegaslutTheReckoning: I know so.


MegaslutTheReckoning: It needs to be something not even the students or teachers would put down...


TooOP: You're actually suggesting something that is implemented on the school...


MegaslutTheReckoning: Might as well kill two birds with one stone. I know many who also face similar financial issues.


TooOP: What about opening donations to school?


MegaslutTheReckoning: This is Cybertron High. They pride themselves of prestigious students. No fucking way they'll start opening donations from the public.


MegaslutTheReckoning: unless....


MegaslutTheReckoning: Shit


TooOP: you gotta stop saying shit for every revelation you make


MegaslutTheReckoning: Shut I'm having a moment


MegaslutTheReckoning: shit shit shit shit


TooOP: What????


MegaslutTheReckoning: I'll come back to you about it but first I gotta clarify some things


TooOP: What????


TooOP: Hey.


TooOP: Megs??


TooOP: For a drama king, you sure do leave suspiciously dramatic cliffhangers at moments when you shouldn't....





Megatron – Megaslut

Blackarachnia – Arachnophobia

Starscream – Starringme

Lugnut – Luggingbaggage

Strika- Strikayoudown

Blitzwing - Blitzbrainiac

Shockwave – Shockinglyhandsome

Soundwave – Soundthealarm

Velda - MegaslutTheReckoning

10 April, 9:30pm


MegaslutTheReckoning: You think this could work?


Arachnophobia: You seriously came up with that in a span of 3 hours?


MegaslutTheReckoning: needs a bit of work around the edges but its just the jist of it


Shockinglyhandsome: As an aspiring lawyer of Anonymous, I can say that this is actually legit.


Strikayoudown: It obviously needs work, but I think this might work.




MegaslutTheReckoning: Then we have to wait.