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Strange Addiction

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“You’re fast! And that’s coming from me!”

Anita chuckled as she stretched her arms over her head. When Octane invited her for a run around the compound, she had been prepared for a marathon sprint. For the first time in years, she could admit that a workout kicked her ass. 

As they reached their dorm, Anita wiped her hand on her shorts to clear off the sweat and held her finger to the scanner. 

Wraith was on the couch, again. Anita balled her fists at her side. Always asleep on the couch. Never training. Never preparing. Never in her own fucking room. Always taking up the whole couch. 

She moved to the kitchen to prepare a protein shake. It was uncanny that they couldn’t make the damn things taste good, no matter how many years went by. She reached into the pantry and grabbed a jar of peanut butter, adding a healthy glob to the shake. There was a fine line between adding too little and not getting the flavor through, and adding too much and making it too thick to drink. Of course, Anita made it perfectly every time. 

Octane had gone to use the shower, and while they each had their own bathroom, the water pressure was not great when two showers ran at once, so Anita would wait until Octane was finished. That gave her time to stare at Wraith, who was as still as a corpse on the couch, laid on her back, stomach barely moving up and down to indicate breathing. It took a minute before Anita realized that Wraith's eyes were actually open. 

She continued to drink her shake as she stared at the quiet woman. Finally, annoyance and curiosity got the better of her and she stood, walking over to the couch. Wraith's eyes stared straight ahead, drilling holes into the ceiling. "What are you doing?" Anita asked, disdain in her voice. Wraith's eyes flashed to her, just for a millisecond, then back to the ceiling. She didn't respond. Anita took another sip of her shake. "You know," she said with mock friendliness, "if you can't sleep, you could go shoot in the range." Anita smirked cruelly. "Have you seen your stats? Your accuracy is pitiful so far. Worse even than last season." 

Wraith's eyes shifted back to Anita, full of hatred. If looks could kill. She didn't back down from Wraith's stare, though. As she held her gaze, she noticed just how bloodshot Wraith's eyes were, and the dark bags that accompanied them. But another sip of her protein shake, and she was finished, and she could hear Octane getting out of the shower. "Sleep tight," she said mockingly as she turned and walked away from the couch. 


They were pinned down behind a large rock outcropping. The enemy team was across a large open space, holed up in a building. Bangalore popped up and unloaded a few shots from her G7 before ducking back into cover. "We gotta make a move here. We're sitting ducks!"

'I hear ya, chica! I'm ready to run." Octane looked at Wraith. "You ready to go?" 

Wraith nodded. Bangalore reloaded quickly. "Alright. I'll lay down some smoke." She pulled out her smoke launcher. "In 3...2...1…now!" She popped up from cover and shot two smoke canisters, one close and one further towards the building. Octane stuck himself with an injection of Stim and he and Bangalore were off to the races. 

Wraith, however, went around the other side of their cover. She watched as Bangalore and Octane drew the enemy's fire, watched them duck though the smoke. She saw Octane throw down a jump pad and both of them launch up onto the roof of the building. Wraith, however, stayed low and made it to the door at ground level undetected. She double checked that her Spitfire was fully loaded, took a breath, and kicked the door in. 

There was no one on the first floor, but Wraith could hear heavy gunfire coming from upstairs. Bangalore and Octane were likely trying to push in from the rooftop staircase. "I'm down!" Bangalore called out over comms. 

Time to end this fight. Wraith ascended the staircase, just peeking over the railing, and pulled the trigger. She knocked Bloodhound first, quickly moving to Gibraltar, and finally Lifeline, before all three disappeared and death boxes took their places. She pulled off the large box mag and snapped in a new one as she ascended the stairs to the room. Octane was administering himself with a med kit while Bangalore had moved just below the roofline to stay out of sight. Wraith smirked down at her. "Did your weapon malfunction?" She asked, voice as smug as she could muster. "Or did you?" 

Bangalore snarled at her. "Pick me up." 

Wraith let out an amused 'huh' and turned, choosing instead to begin looking through the loot of the dead enemies. She could hear Octane behind her giving Bangalore a syringe. 

Behind you.

Wraith sidestepped just in time to avoid Bangalore shoving her. "You just couldn't be a team player, could you," Bangalore spit at her. "We had our plan, but you had to run off on your own."

Wraith gave her an incredulous look. "Maybe you didn't notice, but it worked. You were the bait. I got all three kills." 

Wraith took great satisfaction in watching Bangalore struggle with the truth. Still, she pushed through to continue her angry rant. "It worked this time. What if they weren't looking at us? What if they rotated. You set out on your own. It's gotten you killed multiple times already." She pressed closer to Wraith, shoving a finger into her shoulder. "You're holding us back."

Wraith smacked Bangalore's hand away, snarling. "I told you not to touch me." 

Bangalore curled her fists, and so did Wraith. Wraith grinned, itching for this fight. It's been almost a month since their last match against each other. She could see Bangalore was ready too. She never got revenge for Wraith stealing her missile strike. Just as they were about to come to blows, Octane stepped between the two.

“Chicas please, save this for the other Legends. We gotta go!” He pointed out the window of the building. “The ring is closing! Let’s run!”

Wraith and Bangalore shared a long, angry stare before Wraith broke away first, purposely knocking her shoulder into Bangalore as she walked by. 


They ended up coming in 8th. It was fucking embarrassing to have to deal with Wraith and her constant temper tantrums. The media's spotlight was constantly focused on them. Her phone was blowing up with articles about the fight in the match today. She couldn't sleep, which was only making her angrier. 

She slumped back in her chair. Get it together, Anita. You're a professional. You do your job. Doesn't matter the circumstances. Ain't no sea too rough. She sighed. Her motivation internal monologue wasn't helping her feel tired. 

Her thoughts were soon interrupted by an ear-piercing scream. There was no way Octane could make that sound, which left one suspect. Anita stormed out of her room, heading towards Wraith's bedroom. 

"What the fuck is yo-" she snarled as she doing open the door to Wraith's room, though the sight before her made her bite her tongue. Wraith was sitting up in her bed, sheets pooled on her waist as though she'd suddenly sat up in the middle of her sleep. She had no top on, and was covered in sweat, her hair matted to her shoulders. Her eyes had turned white, as Anita had noticed they sometimes do when she used her phasing technology. She had a real thousand yard stare going, and was breathing heavily. She was topless and -

Fuck, Anita, stop staring at her tits, not this again. Get yourself together. 

She wiped her hand over her face. Wraith had still not seemed to notice she was there. "What happened?" Anita demanded. 

As if a switch had been flipped, Wraith's eyes shot to Anita. She looked absolutely terrified. She was like a deer in the headlights. A twinge of pity struck Anita. After a moment of them staring at each other, Wraith scrambled out of her sheets and darted to her bathroom. Anita averted her eyes in at the appropriate time, and looked up again when the bathroom door slammed shut. She paused for a moment, unsure of what to do or say. 

"Get out of my room," Wraith growled from beyond the door. There was a pause. "Get out!" Her voice shook that time. 

Anita took a few steps backwards, out of the door. "I'm going," she called out. More gently, more caring than she intended. There was no response, and Anita didn't want to wait for one. She pulled the door closed behind her. 

Octane was standing in the common room in a cheetah print onesie. He looked concerned, but Anita shook her head. "Whatever is up with her, she doesn't want our help. Better to just leave her be." Octane looked dejected, but turned around and trudged back to his room. Anita couldn't believe he could ever move so slow. 

She headed back to her room as well. She flipped down on her bed, burying her face in her pillows. The image of Wraith looking so vulnerable and fragile came back to her. It was hard to believe that existed behind her usual cocky, callous demeanor. The image of her naked from the waste up also came to mind, which made Anita curse into her pillow. 

You are not developing a crush on Wraith, Anita. What is wrong with you?

She needed to clear her head. She slipped on her running shoes, grabbed her earbuds, and slipped out of the dorm to go for a long, hard run.