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You were feeling a bit neglected by your boyfriend as of late. Well, maybe 'neglected’ wasn't the right word, as he did text you often. Being a high ranking Hero in a large city required him to work at odd times, keeping you apart more than either of you liked. You didn't necessarily mind. You understood what you were getting into when you agreed to date him and you were used to mostly being on your own before meeting him.

Your family was never really all that physically affectionate and you didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable with spontaneous hugs that you seemed to always crave, even if friends said they were fine with you doing it. It wasn't until you and your boyfriend started being intimate did you realize how truly touch starved you were. Lying there in bed, curled up to his side as he embraced you? You would argue that had been more euphoric than the act that initiated it.

But, Bakugou Katsuki was not a touchy-feely individual. That was a fact no one could deny. He hardly let anyone close enough to get to know and understand him, let alone share a friendly side hug. He was a prickly pear that refused to lower his defenses for anyone and you respected that. The two of you would give one another small touches here and there and you didn't ask for anything more, though you wanted nothing more than to wrap yourself around him and just hang off him, absorbing his love and warmth through his skin like a parasite.

However, you were a civilized individual. You controlled yourself. For the most part.

You were feeling lazy today, and since you didn't have anything planned, you indulged. Still in your sleepwear, you dozed in front of the TV, mindlessly flipping through channels. So lost in your haze of nothingness, you didn't register your door unlocking and opening. Nor the creak of that one floorboard in your front hallway. You did notice the feeling of being watched, however.

Looking up, you jolted in surprise to find someone hovering over you from behind the couch. It took a moment for your brain to register that it was Bakugou, cheekily smirking down at you. You hit him with a pillow.

“You ass!” You laughed. “Don't sneak up on me like that!”

“I wasn't sneaking,” he grabbed the pillow from you to retaliate. “You just weren't paying any attention!” You sat up, watching him meander into the kitchen.

“I thought you worked a double shift today,” you called out to him as you peeked at the clock. It was way too early for him to be off.

“Was told to take off the rest of the day. Something about being at our best for some investors coming in the next few days.” He sounded annoyed. You knew how to fix that.

“Well that's just silly,” you couldn't keep your grin hidden. “Being the best, you're already always at your best!”

“Damn straight, babe!” You could practically hear the arousal in his voice screaming 'fuck yes, stroke my ego!’ What you actually heard was the refrigerator opening, followed by his tongue clicking. “You really need to stop drinking this piss water.”

You rolled your eyes. “Then stop pilfering my fridge and bring your own. I'm starting to think you come over just to eat my food.” He appeared in the entryway, 'piss water’ in hand. There was a smoldering glint in his eyes as he made his way over to you.

“Of course I come here just to eat.” He leaned close, voice dropping. “My favorite meal lives here, after all.”

He got a quick peck in before you pushed him away, muttering about him being such a horn dog. He chuckled at your embarrassment, moving to sit in the recliner. He paused for a second, glancing back at you. You cocked your head with a question, already settling back down. He turned to you and started moving your feet. You whined in protest, nudging his hands away.

“What are you doing?”

“What's it fucking look like? I wanna sit! Now move over!”

“Nuh-uh!” You suddenly felt a bit playful. “Not only was I here first, but this is my couch, in my apartment! And you're drinking my beer!” He was scowling, a cute pout pulling at his bottom lip. You really wanted to nip it.

“Well, maybe the reason I fucking agreed to take today off was because I wanted to spend my fucking time with you!” Oh. Oh he was pouting! His cheeks were tinted red as he turned his head away.

While you were ecstatic that he had openly admitted that he wanted to be with you, you were also a little flustered. You weren't used to the whole relationship thing still, he being your first. You were pretty oblivious when it came to people dropping hints your way. Honestly, you blamed your time in customer service jobs for this, having to put on and be around others that constantly had a smiling, polite facade in the face of other smiling, polite facades that only dropped when they didn't get their way.

Granted, Bakugou hadn't exactly been blunt in flat out telling you he liked you. It was more of… aggressive flirting. A very roundabout way of dropping hints that, oddly enough, you picked up on. An emotionally stunted individual trying to confess feelings to an emotionally oblivious individual and actually ending up together without too much fuss was baffling to any outside observers. Emotions were such stupidly complicated things.

You smiled warmly at him, holding your arms out and making grabby hands.

He gave you a look. “... The hell are you doing?”

“Pulling you in. Cuddle with me.”

“I would if you moved your damn feet!”

“Side on side action with a draped arm isn't enough. I need more.”

“If you want to fuck then-”

“I don't want to fuck! I don't want to move from this spot! I don't even want to take my clothes off! I just want to be close to you!” That did it. His face went pink as he coughed to hide his own embarrassment. It took him a few seconds to right himself.

“Then move over-”

“Lay on me.” Well, that seemed to do it even more. He choked on his own spit, face blooming in a dark red.

“E-excuse me?!” He didn't bother to try to collect himself, voice jumping in pitch a little.

“Lay on me!” you repeated through a giggle. “I…” Your words died as you really started to take him in. He was rigid, eyes comically wide, and jaw tight. You were making him uncomfortable, weren't you? It was rare that he ever initiated touch, and when he did it often led to sex. You were putting him out of his comfort zone with such a bold request right out of the blue.

You dropped both your arms and eyes in shame. “S-sorry… I-I just…”

The sound of a bottle being set on the side table cut you off. Looking up, you found him avoiding your gaze, face still beet red and holding a scowl. He muttered something about not complaining about him squishing you as he lowered himself right on top of you, head resting on your chest.

This… this was happening. This was happening!

You couldn't quite believe it. He was still very stiff and wouldn't stop shifting around to get comfortable. You kept your arms away from him, afraid to push him too far since he was indulging you. Once he finally settled, he let out a sigh that released some tension, moving his arms to rest at your sides, like he wasn't sure what he should be doing with them. You both stayed that way for a while, tense, unsure, and mildly uncomfortable but not wanting to get up in fear of disappointing the other.

Hesitantly, you brought your arms up to rest on his back in a loose embrace. He let out a breath, feeling his muscles loosen a bit more. Ever so lightly, you began running your nails along his back. He didn't protest.

You found yourself smiling, a warmth flooding through you. He may not have been entirely enjoying this, but he was pushing through it for you. Humming in content and appreciation, you relaxed beneath him. The feeling of his weight pressing down on you was beyond comforting.

He huffed, shifting his head slightly, his hair tickling against your collarbone. Carefully, in case he wanted you to stop, you brought one hand to his head, gently running your fingers through his locks. Again, he let you. He actually relaxed farther into you, his arms curling more into your sides in a light embrace.

You both laid there for a while, basking in one another's presence as the television created soft background noise. You figured he might be watching it, but you? You were too preoccupied with watching him. Seeing his back moving ever so slightly with his even breathing. Reveling in the feel of his hair between your fingers, watching it bounce back into place with each stroke. Feeling his warmth, that was often too much for you to handle, mingle with yours, coaxing you into a pleasurable state of bliss.

A sound caught your attention. At first you ignored it, thinking it was just something on the TV, however, it continued to persist, a little too sporadically and a little too different volume consistency. It wasn't until you felt a small vibration along your belly did you realize it was coming from Bakugou.

He was snoring! A feeling the spread through your chest… you couldn't quite put words to it. It was just a monumentally joyous feeling that blossomed from him being comfortable enough around you in this position to fall asleep! Unbridled affection might be the closest description.

You brought a hand to your mouth in an attempt to stifle your giggles. It was in vain, however, as your chest movement woke him with a soft snort. He grumbled, lifting his head enough to peer at you. You supposed he was going for a stern glare, but his sleepy expression made him more cute than intimidating. Not that you'd ever tell him.

“I'm sorry,” you cooed quietly, running your hand through his hair again. “I didn't mean to wake you.”

He grunted, starting to pull himself up. Disappointment immediately thrummed through you. This was ending much too soon. But, if he was done, he was done. You were just happy that he had humored you for as long as he had.

He surprised you though when he resettled himself to where his head rested more on your shoulder, his forehead and nose pressing against your neck. His hands wiggled their way under you in the attempt to pull you closer. Heat rushed over you as he let out a long, warm breath against your throat, nuzzling you for a second before relaxing fully, causing a ripple of goosebumps to breakout over you.

Your smile came back full force. “If I didn't know any better, Katsuki, I'd say you were enjoying this.”

His voice was a bit gruff, muffled, and uncharacteristically quiet. “Good thing you don't know any better.”

“Right,” you lightly chuckled, bringing your hand up to play with the hair at the nape of his neck and turning your head to rest against his. “A very good thing…” Engulfed in, dare you say, your boyfriend's loving embrace, you began to doze off yourself. Until his groggy voice pulled you back.

“Hey, if you ever need to do this again… let me know.”

“Hmm… You're willing to take time out of your busy schedule to put up with me being clingy? 'Cause I think I might need this to be an everyday thing to keep my skin hunger at bay.” You felt him stiffen at that. Clearly, he had not heard that term before. You tried to keep from laughing too much.

He heaved a heavy sigh, as though all of this was just the biggest inconvenience. “Fuckin’ hell- don't make this weird. I'm putting up with it to keep you from moping around.”

“I do not mope!”

He nipped at the juncture of your neck and shoulder, causing you to jump a little. “Shut up before I get up…”

You honestly didn't think he would unless you really pushed him, but you really didn't want to test it. You were too comfortable and far too happy to now know that he was apparently as touch starved as you were.

But, just in case this was a rare occurrence that you would need to look fondly back on, you prepared the camera on your phone for when you were sure he was asleep. No one would believe you otherwise.