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My Soulmate Is A Killer

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Here is the exact format I need if you guys want to request.

Please please please write everything instead of idk or something.


Reader's gender: (Nonbinary, trans, male, female, etc)

Soulmate AU: strings, names, first words, etc (look up more)

Storyline/short description of what you would like to happen: (I will not write smut, don't ask. I'm sorry but I can't and it bothers me to write it.)

3rd person pov or 2nd person pov: (I won't do 1st person)

That's all I need from you guys. Please please please please use this and tell me exactly what you would like. I'll even do another to show you what I would like to see, it doesn't have to be exact but really close to it, please.

Character: Jason the Toymaker

Reader's Gender: Trans male

Soulmate AU: the date they meet is written on their wrist

Storyline: Reader bumps into Jason somewhere in a toy store and drops multiple different looking teddy bears they were gonna buy. Jason helps pick them up for Reader and locks eyes. Neither realizes they're soulmate them but about a day or two later, when both are pretty much long gone, Jason figures out where they live and goes to visit. Learns that Reader takes different teddy bears, rips them apart, then makes a new one out of parts from the old ones. So on so forth, Jason makes continuous visits, normally when they're asleep or occupied and watches them for a bit before making his own teddy bear to give them. At first, Reader didn't do anything before finally taking it apart and rearranging it with their own fucked up bear and setting it outside their back door. So on so forth until Reader gets a note with another one to meet Jason and other stuff happens.

3rd person pov


Thank you guys for your patience.

Update: Hey, so, every keeps skipping this extremely important part.

Character: Don't give me two and say 'character or character whichever you want to do' that doesn't help me.

Readers gender: male/female/nonbinary/trans


Soulmate Alternate Universe: Red strings/drawing on arm/clock countdown/up/eye colors/names/first words/etc, look up more!!!!

If you have a specific power/race/etc for the reader (i.e: they can fly/read minds/have a specific hobby you want to be shown/is already a killer/is in a world where there are elves, orcs, etc/they are an orc, elf, etc/whatever) TELL ME AND EXPLAIN IT TO ME, I'm not gonna sit here and try to figure out what you're talking about and then not be on the same page as you are.

I need these things to even put down your request. Please.